Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1929

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia

Mfm# 4026 & 4027, NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, B.A., B. Ed., G.R.S.(C) from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; mfm #4026 / 7 ; placed on the Internet by Philip Vogler; given to Kentville and Middleton Family History centres (including births) for their use only. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don't quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site: ; NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4; E-mail:

NOTE: Because I have had some computer problems and have had to retype 1.5 years I am going to use abbreviations through to 1930; e.g. S for South; E for East As in East Dalhousie and where reasonable marriage names and death names may be in bold in one entry and not typed again as in previous listings; it was this or stop. Consequently you may have to look a little closer! For example, if you are looking for Eaton check all Eaton’s’.

Please check Inserts as well – these are notices, 100 birthdays, etc. that don’t fit format easily.

** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Acker, John, died at Waterville, 68 years, drowned. [5 June 1929 see p.1].

Allen, Capt. C. O., Halifax, died at Halifax, Thurs last, 69 years, native of Grand Pre. [25 Dec 1929 obit].

Anthony, Dr. X. L., s/o Thomas & Keziah Anthony, now of Vancouver, died at Spokane, Wash., 29 Nov, 59 years, b. Ogilvie’s Wharf, Kings Co. [4 Dec 1929 obit].

Armstrong, Lucy see Eaton, Mayhew Emerson.

Arnold, Boyd Edward, s/o Brenton Arnold, Woodville, died at Berwick, 26 Feb., 5 years. [27 Feb 1929 obit 13 Mar records age as 6 years].

Avery, Dr. William Augustus, died 24 June 1929 at Ulysses, Neb., age 82 years, 2 months 12 days, s/o Richard & Mary Avery, b. 12 April 1847, Berwick, NS; m. 1876 Ida Walker. [Ulysses, Nebraska Despatch- Register 17 July 1929 long obituary].

Balcom, Dr. Paul, s/o Dr. P. N., Balcom & Annie Young, died at Berwick, 19 Dec, m. Ruth Dennison. [25 Dec 1929 obituary].

Banks, Alma Florence, Aylesford, married at Fredericton, NB, 7 Sept to Edward Preston Wheaton. [11 Sept 1929].

Banks, Fitch Burton see Lightizer, Myra Victoria.

Banks, Frank M., died 14 Dec 1928, at Marlboro?, Mass., age 58 years, native of Anna. Co. but lived in Canning, Waterville, and Berwick. [9 Jan 1929 obituary].

Barkhouse, Bertha Mae, d/o Guy Barkhouse, married at Nicholsville, 28 Aug., to Wofford Kingsley Ewing, s/o James Ewing. [4 Sept 1929 write up].

Barkhouse, Flora, S. Tremont, married at Digby, NS, 1 May, to Ralph MacKenzie, Berwick. [8 May 1929].

Barnes, Sarah Annetta see Hutchison, Mrs. Sarah Annetta.

Baxter, Wm. Alexander see Pineo, Helen A.

Bayne, Ralph A. & Andrew see White, Hazel May.

Beck, Aubrey, s/o Harold Beck, died at S. Berwick, 27 Oct, 5 years. [30 Oct 1929 obit].

Best, Laura Gwendolyn, inf/d/o Joseph Best, died at Prospect, 13 Nov., 4 months.[11 Dec 1929].

Bezanson, John, born to at Garland, 27 Mar., a daughter.[3 Apr 1929].

Bezanson, Mrs. W. O., d/o John & Sarah Davis, LaHave, died at Berwick, Sat,. [18 Dec 1929 obit].

Bezanson, Winnie, w/o Stephen Bezanson, d/o George Rafuse, New Ross, Lun. Co., died at Berwick, 18 May. [22 May 1929 obit].

Bligh, Celestia see Woodward, Everett Bligh.

Boehner, George W. see Hockin, Mrs. Arthur.

Borden, Rev. Dr. B. C., died at Annapolis, 17 July, b. 27 Nov. 1850, Avonport, Hants Co., NS.[24 July 1929 p.1 obituary].

Borden, Perry see Sanford, Edna.

Bowlby, Caroline Elizabeth see Howell, Caroline Elizabeth.

Bowlby, Thomas & Elizabeth see Howell, Caroline Elizabeth.

Bowles, Elizabeth Chesley, d/o Washington Chesley, Bridgetown, died at Grafton, 30 Apr, 58 years. [8 May 1929 obit].

Brew, Chester, married at Butte, Montana, 19 Jan to Helen McLean, d/o Mrs. Mamie Mclean, Lewistown, MT., late J. Eaton McLean, gr.dau/o Mrs. Daniel McLean, Weston, NS. [6 Mar 1929 write up].

Brown, Charles E. s/o Albert Brown, died at Welsford, 19 Jan, 49 years; m1. Dera? Sanford; m2. Eva Turner, New Ross. [23 Jan 1929 obituary].

Bryden, Elvira M., w/o E. T. Withers, died at Calgary, 17 July. [31 July 1929 obituary].

Bryden, Margaret Edna, d/o James Bryden, married at Burlington, Kings Co., 25 Dec 1928, to Harold Pineo, Grafton.[9 Jan 1929 write up].

Burbidge, Frank D. & Boardman J. see Powers, Mildred.

Burgess, Angeline see Calkin, A. E.

Caldwell, James Albert, died at Beaconsfield, abt 9 Mar. 1929. [20 Mar 1929 obituary see Body Found].

Calkin, A. E., s/o Edmond & Maria Palmer Calkin, died at Kentville, Sat, b. Welsford, 11 Mar 1855, m. Angeline Burgess, Cambridge, Mass, 1913. [18 Dec 1929 obit].

Calkin, Marie, d/o Mrs. Laura E. Calkin, Base Line Rd., married at Waterville, 24 Aug to Everett Hamilton, Grafton. [4 Sept 1929 write up].

Carey, Mrs. Matilda see Stark, Kathryn Charlotte.

Carter, Kathleen see Graves, Robert C.

Charlton, Mrs. Nancy J., died at Burlington, 29 July, 81 years.[7 Aug 1929 obit].

Chesley, Washington see Bowles, Elizabeth Chesley.

Chipman, Mary Eliza, d/o Samuel Lord Chipman, Nictaux, wid/o Arthur J. Parker, died at Berwick, 18 Mar 1929, 90 years. [20 March 1929 obituary].

Chipman, Samuel Lord see Chipman, Mary Eliza.

Chisholm, Frances Audrey, d/o Percy Chisholm, died at Boston, Mass., 30 Mar 2 years. [3 Apr 1929 obit].

Chute, Essie see Roscoe, Everett.

Chute, Lottia see Rood, Judson G.

Chute, Mina M., d/o Ainsley & Margaret Skinner Chute, died at S. Berwick, 6 May 1929. [8 May 1929 obituary].

Clark, John see Kilcup, Sadie.

Clarke, Mrs. Ella F., w/o Harry W. Clarke, died at Beverly, Mass. 19 April. [Beverly, Mass. Paper – Register 8 May 1929 obituary].

Clem, Percy Thomas, s/o David H. & Rose (Ryley) Clem, Barre, Mass., died at Worchester, Mass., 28 July, 28 years, m. Nettie Neaves d/o Ethel Neaves, Aylesford. [21 Aug 1929 obit].

Cogswell, Carrie see Nichols, Carrie.

Cogswell, Maynard se Nichols, Carrie.

Cole, Simeon, died at Tremont, Kings Co., 2 Feb., 69 years.[13 Feb 1929 obit].

Congdon, Ethel Sanford, died at Haines City, FL., 1 May, w/o Frank W. Congdon, d/o W. N. Sanford, Rockland, NS, 39 years. [8 May 1929 obituary].

Cook, Capt. John see Douglas, Mrs. Sophia.

Cook, Sophia see Douglas, Mrs. Sophia.

Coombs, Mrs. Lemmie, died at Middleton, 2 Feb 44 years.[13 Feb 1929].

Corkum, Reta Mae, d/o Brenton Corkum, Berwick, married at Wolfville, 24 Oct, to Harold Rogers, Kentville. [6 Nov 1929].

Coulter, Elsie Marguerite d/o George Coulter, died at Berwick, 8 Jan 1929, 17 years. [16 Jan 1929 obit].

Craig, Annie M. see Marchant, J. Norman.

Cox, Agnes L. see Wright, George L.

Davis, John & Sarah see Bezanson, Mrs. W. O.

Dempsey, Charles see Stark, Kathryn Charlotte.

Dempsey, Percy see Stark, Kathryn Charlotte.

Dennison, Ruth see Balcom, Dr. Paul.

Dennison, Fred E. see Ward, Blanche M.

Deviny, Carrie Edith, d/o Howard Douglas, Berwick, married at Tremont, 4 July, to Austin Garfield Durham, both of Allston, Mass. [10 July 1929].

Dickie, Pansy Cora, formerly of Canady Creek, Kings Co., married at New York City, 14 Jan 1929, to John Collin McAndrew, Aberdeen, Scotland. [23 Jan 1929].

Douglas, Howard see Deviny, Carrie Edith.

Douglas, Mrs. Sophia, d/o Capt. John Cook, Harborville, to L. L. Montague, at Arlington, Oregon, 15 Dec 1928.[2 Jan 1929 write up].

Dunn, Harlan P., s/o Rev. Norman Dunn, died at Sydney, 3 Jan 1929. [9 Jan 1929 obituary].

Dunn, Jack, Boston, Mass., married at Kentville, 21 Oct to Blanche Reeves, Cambridge, NS. [30 Oct 1929].

Durham, Austin Garfield see Deviny, Carrie Edith.

Eaton, N. W. see Wright, C. H. et al.

Eaton, Rachel see Robinson, Mrs. Margaret.

Eastward, Anna Louise d/o James L. Eastward, married at Everett, Mass., 22 Dec 1922, to Everett F. Roscoe, s/o Everett A. Roscoe, Canning, NS.[9 Jan 1929 write up + notice].

Eaton, Mrs. C. C. H., died at Wolfville, Sunday, 89 years.[24 July 1929 obit].

Eaton, Mayhew Emerson, s/o Elisha Eaton, died at Somerset, 5 Jan 1929, age 88 years, m1. Theresa Kilcup, Wolfville; m2. Lucy Armstrong. [9 Jan 1929 obituary].

Eisner, Kenneth Gordon see Ward, Edna Grace.

Elliott, Phyllis Rosamond, d/o Clarence S. Elliott, formerly of Aylesford, married at Groveland, Mass., "today", to Thorton Emery Pike. [ Reg.18 Sept 1929 write up; Haverhill, Mass. Gazette].

Ewing, James see Barkhouse, Bertha Mae.

Ewing, Wofford Kingsley see Barkhouse, Bertha Mae.

Faltentine : John Henry & W. H. see Hiltz, Gertrude Pauline.

Foote, Luther, s/o J. H. Pope Foote, Grafton, died at Michichi, Alberta, 37 years, b. Grafton, 21 Feb 1893 m. Kate Rowe, Michichi. [11 Dec 1929].

Frederick, Mrs. Josephine, wid/o John Frederick, died at White’s Corner, Kings Co., 10 Jan. [16 Jan 1929].

Fredericks, Mrs. Alonzo, died at S. Waterville, 6 Dec, 68 years. [18 Dec 1929 obit].

Godfrey, John & Nancy see Illsley, Ella Louise.

Gould, Edward, died at Harborville, b. Harborville, 14 June 1864, s/o John & Ellen Gould, in his 65th year. [6 Feb 1929 obit].

Gould, Hazel P. see Loomer, James B.

Graves, Robert C., died at Waltham, Mass., 4 Oct., age 63 years, b. Aylesford, m. Kathleen Carter, formerly of Bridgewater, NS.[ 16 Oct 1929 Register; Waltham, Mass News-Tribune].

Greenough, Mrs. Eva, d/o Charles Rand, died at Bricton, Anna. Co., 15 Mar., 89 years.[27 Mar 1929 obituary].

Hamilton, Everett see Calkin, Marie.

Harding, Olive Gwendoline, d/o Commandant Harding, Montreal, married at Cambridge, 25 Sept to Eugene Ulmont Hirtle, s/o P. L. Hirtle. [2 Oct 1929 write up].

Harris, Ralph Arthur & W. W. see Pelton, Bernice Maybelle.

Hatt, Freeman LeRoy see Lightizer, Myra Victoria.

Hepburn, John, native of Orkney, Scotland, age 64 years died at Grafton, 14 Oct. 1929. [23 Oct 1929 obit].

Hiltz, Gertrude Pauline, d/o Cyril Hiltz, married at Berwick, 7 Sept., to John Henry Faltenhine s/o W. H. Faltenhine, Truro. [11 Sept 1929 write up].

Hirtle, Eugene Ulmont see Harding, Olive Gewndoline.

Hirtle, P. L. see Harding, Olive Gwendoline.

Hockin, Mrs. Arthur, w/o Rev. Arthur Hockin, d/o George W. Boehner, die at Berwick, "yesterday", b. Liverpool, NS, age 77 years, m. 1877. [13 Nov 1929 obit].

Howell, Caroline Elizabeth, w/o Wm. Howell, m. 11 May 1867, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Bowlby, died at N. Kingston, 23 July, age 82 years. [31 July 1929 obituary].

Howell, Edward, died at N. Kingston, 22 Sept, 84 years, s/o Wm. & Betsey Howell, Aylesford. [6 Nov 1929 obituary].

Howell, Lottie see Ward, Bruce E.

Huntington, Almee see Woodworth, John Elishu.

Huston, Mrs. Frank see Wright, C. N. et al.

Hutchison, George E., s/o John & Susan Hutchison, Morristown, died at Berwick, Sunday, 54 years m. Adella Rainforth.[11 Dec 1929 obit].

Hutchison, George E. see Nichols, Lalia Rebecca.

Hutchison, Hartley Louis see Nichols, Lalia Rebecca.

Hutchison, Mrs. Sarah Annetta, died at New Ross, Lun. Co., abt. 20th Mar., 86 years, b. Halifax as Miss Barnes [Sarah Annetta]. [27 March 1929 obituary].

Illsley, Brenton see Spinney, Ferna.

Illsley, Ella Louise, w/o F. N. Illsley, d/o John & Nancy Godfrey, of Windsor, died at Somerset, 25 Jan. [30 Jan 1929 obituary].

Illsley, Keith see Spinney, Ferna.

Jackson, Eva B. see Woodbury, H. D.

Jackson, Gertrude d/o J. H. Jackson, married at Harborville, 2 Sept., to Horace Stronach, Ewest Peabody, Mass., s/o Ruth Stronach [sic], and late Lamont Stronach, Melvern Sq., Anna. Co.[4 Sept 1929 write up].

Johnson, Albert, died at San Diego, CA., 8 July, 67 years.[17 July 1929 obit].

Kilcup, Sadie, died at Grafton, 11 Jan, 79 years at home of nephew John Clark.[16 Jan 1929]

Kilcup, Theresa see Eaton, Mayhew Emerson.

Killam, Everett Scott, s/o H. E. Killam, Weston, NS, married at Saskatoon, Sask., 12 Oct to Dorothy Peters, Saskatoon. [23 Oct 1929].

Killam, Mrs. Rupert W., (Abigail North), died at Somerset, 15 Nov, 81 years, d/o Daniel North, Middleton, NS.[27th Nov 1929 & 20th Nov 1929 obit].

Knowles, Emma May see Morris, Mrs. I. B.

Knowles, Robert see Morris, Mrs. I. B.

Lamont, J. Manning see Skinner, Alfred.

Lamont, Violet see Skinner, Alfred.

Lee, Walter see McCuish, Agnes Rennie.

Lightizer, Myra Victoria & Thelma Marguerite Pierce in double wedding, at Kingston Sta., 11 July to Freeman LeRoy Hatt & Fitch Burton Banks.[24 July 1929 p.1 write up].

Longmire, Charles see Lyons, Norma.

Longmire, Wm. See Lyons, Norma.

Loomer, Ebenezer, died at Aylesford Mtn., 2 Feb., 89 years.[13 Feb 1929 obit].

Loomer, James B., Burlington, married at Berwick, 4 July, to Hazel P. Gould, Berwick. [10 July 1929].

Loomer, Ralph Marsters & H. Loomer see Neaves, Cloyda Hope.

Lyons, Norma, d/o T. R. Lyons, Waterville, married at Kingston, 17 Aug to Charles Longmire s/o Wm. Longmire, Bridgetown. [28 Aug 1929].

MacAndrew, John Collin see Dickie, Pansy Cora.

MacDonald, Maria wid/o George A. MacDonald, died at Berwick, 15 Jan age 75 years. [16 Jan 1929 obituary in 23 Jan issue].

MacKenzie, Ralph see Barkhouse, Flora.

Marchant, J. Norman, died at Wollaston, Mass., 27 June, b. Brooklyn Corner, s/o Henry & Annie Kinsman Marchant ; m. Annie M. Craig.[24 July 1929 obituary].

Margeson, Noble B., s/o Wm. & Susan Margeson, resided Harborville, died at Young’s Cove, Anna. Co., 24 June, 84 years, b. Black Rock, Kings Co.; m1. Amanda Wilson, Aylesford; m2. Alanva VanBlanc, N. Young’s Cove. [ 31 July 1929 obituary].

McBride, Capt. Charles I., died at Halifax, 13 Jan 1929, 66 years.[16 Jan 1929 obit].

McCallion, Daniel see Redgate, Mrs. John.

McCallion , Ellen see Redgate, Mrs. John.

McConnell, Martha see Rood, Judson G.

McCuish, Agnes Rennie, Newton, Mass., married at Newton Centre, Mass., 29 Aug., to Walter Lee, Somerville, Mass. Formerly of Aylesford. [18 Sept 1929].

McFall, Dr. Thomas, died at Somerset, 14 Jan, 80 years.[16 Jan 1929 obit].

McLay, Archibald see Swindell, Howard.

McLay, Sadie see Swindell, Howard.

McLean, J. Eaton see Brew, Chester.

McLean, Mrs. Mamie see Brew, Chester.

McMahon, Albert E., died at Kentville, Friday, 68 years b. Aylesford, 1881.[4 Dec 1929 obit].

Mentzel, Francis L. see Saunders, Mabel J.

Misner, Mildred, w/o Roy Misner, died at Chipman Brook, 1 Feb.1929, 11 years 15 days. [13 Feb 1929 obituary].

Montague, L. L. see Douglas, Mrs. Sophia.

Moody, Mrs. Amanda, w/o John Moody, Welsford, died at Welsford, d/o Nathan Schofield, Pleasant Valley, 9 Apr 1929, m. 1870,n.age.[17 Apr 1929 obit].

Morris, Mrs. I. B., (Emma May), w/o Capt. I. Bloomfield Morris, Harborville, died at Melvern Sq., 80 years, d/o Robert Knowles, Advocate.[18 Dec 1929 obit].

Morse, Horace see Tracey, Annie.

Neaves, Cloyda Hope, d/o Mrs. Ethel Neaves, Aylesford, married at Waterville, 16 Sept to Ralph Marsters Loomer, s/o H. Loomer, Falmouth. [23 Oct 1929 write up].

Neaves, Ethel see Clem, Percy Thomas.

Neaves, Nettie see Clem, Percy Thomas.

Neily, Dorothy E., d/o Henry L. Neily, married at Kingston, 22 Apr., to Elvin I. Poole, St. Croix, Anna. Co. [1 May 1929 write up].

Neily, Ida see Woodbury, H. D.

Neily, Mrs. Lucy, (Lucy Sanford), w/o L. O. Neily, died at Aylesford, 26 Jan, 73 years. [30 Jan 1929 obituary].

Newcomb, L. E., Los Gatos, CA., died at Los Gatos, CA., 6 Aug., 93 years, b. Grand Manan, NB, 4 Oct 1836, s/o Lemuel Morton Newcomb, Cornwallis, NS, m. Matilda (d. 1897)Palmer, d/o Jacob & Lavinia Palmer. [21 Aug 1929 obituary].

Newcomb, Mary, wid/o Jonathan Newcomb, died at Berwick, 17 June, 80 years.[19 June 1929 obituary in 26 June Register].

Nichols, Carrie, wid/o Otis H. Nichols, d/o Maynard Cogswell, died at Morristown, 19 Jan, 56 years.[23 Jan 1929 obituary].

Nichols, Lalia Rebecca, d/o Otis Nichols, married at Morristown, 21 June, to Hartley Louis Hutchison, s/o George E. Hutchison. [26 June 1929 write up].

Nickerson, George Allan see Pearson, Evelyn Gertrude

Nickerson, F. A. see Pearson, Evelyn Gertrude.

Norman, Mary Elizabeth see Rand, Victor Welton.

North, Abigail see Killam, Mrs. Rupert W.

North, Daniel see Killam, Mrs. Rupert W.

Orde, Mildred L., Graywood, NS, married at Berwick, 11 July, to James R. Russell, Sheet Harbour.[24 July 1929].

Orpin, Fairfield Owen, s/o John Edwin Orpin, died at Cambridge, Mass., 7 March 1929. [ 27 March 1929 obituary].

Palmer, Evelyn M., d/o Newcombe Palmer, married at Nicholsville, 5 Sept., to Kingsley S. Spinney, Harmony. [11 Sept 1929 write up].

Palmer, Evelyn, w/o Benjamin Palmer, died at Kentville, 26 Jan, 92 years, d/o Richard Woodworth, Rockland.[30 Jan 1929 see obit 6 Feb, 1929].

Palmer, Jacob & Lavinia see Newcomb, L. E.

Palmer, Maria see Calkin, A. E.

Palmer, Matilda see Newcomb, L. E.

Parker, Arthur J. see Chipman, Mary Eliza.

Parker, William Ross, s/o Ralph L. Parker, died at Woodville, 7 Dec, 13 years. [18 Dec 1929 obituary].

Patterson, Isabel see Skinner, Alfred.

Patterson, Percy Garfield, married at Berwick 4 Nov to Angie Sapulding.[13 Nov 1929].

Patterson, Phebe see Sturk, John Wentworth.

Patterson, Rebecca Jane, d/o Johnson & Mary Kinsman Patterson, died at Aylesford, 8 Aug., 86 years. [14 Aug 1929 obit].

Pearson, Evelyn Gertrude, d/o W. R. Pearson, married at Brooklyn St., 21 Mar, to George Allan Nickerson, s/o F. A. Nickerson, Barrington, NS. [27 Mar 1929 ].

Pelton, Bernice Maybelle d/o Mayor Pelton, married at Kentville, 12 Sept to Ralph Arthur Harris, Brooklyn, NY, s/o W. W. Harris, Sheffield Mill. [18 Sept 1929 write up].

Peters, Dorothy see Killam, Everett Scott.

Pierce, Richard see Saber, Mrs. Katherine.

Pierce, Thelma Marguerite see Lightizer, Myra Victoria.

Pike, Thorton Emery see Elliott, Phyllis Rosamond.

Pineo, Albert, died at Huntington Point, Kings Co., 10 Jan, 52 years. [16 Jan 1929].

Pineo, Harold see Bryden, Margaret Edna.

Pineo, Helen A., Cambridge, NS, married at Hartford, CT., 1 Aug to Wm. Alexander Baxter, Annapolis Royal, NS. [4 Sept 1929].

Pineo, Shirley, d/o Ralph Pineo, died at Waterville, 19 Nov, 6 years.[27 Nov 1929 obit].

Poole, Elvin I. see Neily, Dorothy E.

Porter, Kinsman see Robinson, Mars. Margaret.

Porter, Margaret see Robinson, Mrs. Margaret.

Porter, Pearl, d/o Owen Porter, died at Welsford, 3 June. [5 June 1929 obit].

Potter, Clifford, s/o Milton Potter, died at Kentville, 17 June. [26 June 1929 obit].

Power, Audrey Louise, d/o Daniel G. Power, died at Newtonville, Mass., 2 Apr., 4 years 11 days.[10 April 1929].

Powers, Mildred, d/o John B. Powers, Berwick, married at Sudbury, Mass., 24 Aug., to Frank D. Burbidge, s/o Boardman J. Birbidge, Natick, Mass. [11 Sept 1929 write up].

Rafuse, George see Bezanson, Winnie.

Rafuse, Horatio, died at Burlington, 5 Dec, 66 years.[18 Dec 1929 obit].

Rainforth, Adella see Hutchison, George E.

Rainforth, Greta Lillian d/o Frank Rainforth, married at Berwick West, 28 June 1929 to Edward Ryerson, Ohio, Yarmouth Co., NS.[3 July 1929 write up].

Ramsey, James, died , Lawrencetown, Wed last. [31 July 1929 see Car Accident].

Rand, Charles see Greenough, Mrs. Eva.

Rand, Victor Welton, s/o Clifford A. Rand, Brooklyn St., married at Medford, NS, 5 June, to Mary Elizabeth Norman. [12 June 1929 write up].

Rawding, Mrs. Melissa, died at Millville, 3 Feb, 79 years.[13 Feb 1929 obit].

Redgate, Mrs. John, (Ellen McCallion), died "last week", 92 years, b. Clairmont, near Morden, b. 12 May 1837, d/o Daniel McCallion m. 1855. [7 Aug 1929 obit].

Reeves, Blanche see Dunn, Jack.

Reeves, Ethel May, d/o John Reeves, Cambridge, 19 years died 19 May , Kentville. [29 May 1929 obit].

Robinson, Lorenzo D., died at Regina, Sask., 6 Feb, b. Morristown, NS.[13 Feb 1929 obit].

Robinson, Margaret, wid/o James E. Robinson, Billtown, died at Brooklyn St., 3 Mar., d/o Kinsman Porter & Rachel Eaton, 88 years. [13 Mar 1929 obit].

Robinson, Samuel, s/o James Robinson, died at Black Rock, 15 Jan, 56 years.[16 Jan 1929 obit].

Rogers, Harold see Corkum, Reta Mae.

Rood, Judson G., s/o James Hewett Rood & Martha McConnell, Port Hilford, Guys Co., died at Berwick, 31 Aug., 63 years, m. Lottia Chute. [4 Sept 1929 obit].

Roscoe, Everett, s/o Everett Roscoe, Sheffield Mills, died at Delhaven, 1 Dec 1929, m. Essie Chute, Berwick. [11 Dec 1929 see obit 18 Dec].

Roscoe, Everett F. see Eastward, Anna Louise.

Roscoe, Everett, A. see Eastward, Anna Louise.

Rowe, Kate see Foote, Luther.

Russell, James R. see Orde, Mildred L.

Ryerson, Edward see Rainforth, Greta Lillian.

Ryley, Rose see Clem, Percy Thomas.

Saber, Mrs. Katherine, w/o George Saber, died at Berwick, 28 May, 67 years, d/o Matthew & Cassandra Sherridan, New Germany, Lun. Co.; m1. Richard Pierce, Lawrencetown. [12 June 1929 obituary].

Sanford, Dera? See Brown, Charles E.

Sanford, Edna, Medford, married at Charlottetown, PEI, 16 Jan to Perry Borden, Canning. [23 Jan1929].

Sanford, Lucy see Neily, Mrs. Lucy.

Sanford, W. N. see Congdon, Ethel Sanford.

Saunders, Charles Edward see Wilson, Vivian Ethel.

Saunders, Helen Louise, d/o Harry Saunders, Weston, died at Weston, 2 Aug., 15 years 11 months.[14 Aug 1929 obit].

Saunders, Mabel J., d/o H. W. Saunders, Berwick, married at Plymouth, Mass., 2 June, to Francis L. Mentzel, Plymouth, Mass. [5 June 1929 write up].

Schnare, Edgar & Ernest Schnare see Steadman, Eugenie.

Schofield, Amanda see Moody, Mrs. Amanda.

Schofield, Nathan see Moody, Mrs. Amanda.

Sellers, Blanche see Strong, Arthur C.

Shaw, Allan see Thomas, Ella Edith.

Shaw, Isaac see Thomas, Ella Edith.

Shaw, Victor B., s/o Dr. H. M. & Mattie B. Shaw, died 27 May at Ashland?, Oregon, b. 5 July 1902 at Fossil, Ore., age 27 years 10 months 22 days. [12 June 1929 Register obituary ; [Ashland, Ore., Daily Tidings]].

Sherridan, Matthew & Cassandra see Saber, Mrs. Katherine.

Skinner, Alfred, s/o George & Isabel Patterson Skinner, Brooklyn St., died near Lakelands, NS, 12 Feb, ; m. 1904, Violet Lamont, d/o J. Manning Lamont, Lakeville. [20 Feb 1926 obit].

Skinner, Charles see Wotton, Teressa A.

Skinner, Margaret see Chute, Mina M.

Slauenwhite, Edward E. see Veinott, Mary Ann.

Smith, Hampton, Windsor, died at Bentville, abt. Monday. [4 Sept 1929 ].

Spaulding, Angie see Patterson, Percy Garfield.

Spinney, Ferna, d/o Caleb Spinney, married at Nicholsville, 12 Nov, to Keith Illsley, s/o Brenton Illsley, Woodworth Rd, Aylesford. [20 Nov 1929].

Spinney, inf/d/o Loring Spinney, (m. Cora Jacques),died at Berwick, 10 May. [15 May 1929].

Spinney, Kingsley S. see Palmer, Evelyn M.

Stark, Kathryn Charlotte, d/o Mrs. Matilda Carey, Auburn, married at Woodrow, Sask., 30 July, to Charles Dempsey, s/o Percy Dempsey. [21 Aug 1929 write up].

Steadman, Eugenie d/o Harry Steadman, married at Shaw Rd., Berwick, 2 Oct to Edgar Schnare s/o Ernest Schnare, Canada Creek. [9 Oct 1929 write up].

Stronach, Lamont & Ruth see Jackson, Gertrude.

Strong, Arthur C., s/o John E. & Cornelia Bishop Strong, m. Blanche Sellers, Dartmouth, died at Halifax, 18 June, age 61 years. [19 June 1929 obituary].

Sturk, John Wentworth, died at Victoria Harbor, 31 Mar., 90 years; m. Phebe Patterson. [24 April 1929 obit].

Swindell, Howard, Jamaica Plains, s/o Lorne Swindell, Burlington, Kings Co., married at Everett, Mass., 5 Oct, to Sadie McLay d/o Archibald McLay, Everett Mass. [6 Nov 1929 write up].

Thomas, Blake Irving, s/o Starr P. Thomas, died at Aylesford?, 28 Apr, 2 years.[8 May 1929 obituary ; int. Aylesford].

Thomas, Ella Edith, d/o Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Tweed, Nottingham, England, married at Aylesford, 29 Aug to Alan Shaw s/o Isaac Shaw, Nottingham, England. [4 Sept 1929 write up].

Tracey, Annie d/o Charles Tracey, died at Auburn, 29 Dec 1928, w/o Horace Morse, Parrsboro, age 31 years. [9 Jan 1929 obituary].

Truesdell, Mrs. Zerriah, form. of Berwick, died at Grand Bay, NB, 94 years.[25 Dec1929 obit]

Turner, Eva see Brown, Charles E.

Tweed, Mrs. See Thomas Ella Edith.

VanBlanc, Alanva see Margeson, Noble B.

Veinot, Leona May, died at Worchester, Mass., 17 Apr., b. Maitland, Lun. Co. 21 June 1906 d/o Enos Veinot. [1 May 1929 obituary].

Veinott, Mary Ann, wid/o Wm. Veinott, married at Nicholsville, 27 Apr to Edward E. Slauenwhite, Inglisville, Anna. Co. [ 1 May 1929].

Walker, Ida see Avery, Dr. William Augustus.

Wagner, James, died at Millville, 30 Apr, 49 years.[22 May 1922].

Ward, Blanche M., Coldbrook, married at Berwick, 10 July, to Fred E. Dennison.[24 July 1929].

Ward, Bruce E., s/o Elias & Mary Ward, died at Weston, 3 Apr., 49 years, b. Kentville, m. Lottie Howell. [10 April 1929].

Ward, Edna Grace, d/o S. H. Ward, Kingston, married at Montreal, 20 July, to Kenneth Gordon Eisner, formerly of Bear River, now Lawrencetown. [31 July 1929 write up].

Ward, Thelma Florence d/o Bruce Ward, Weston, married at Weston, 25 Sept to Kenneth Franklin Woodworth s/o Philemon Woodworth, Somerset. [2 Oct 1929 write up].

Wheaton, Edward Preston see Banks, Alma Florence.

White, Hazel May, d/o Mrs. Almee White, Welsford, married at Woodville, 19 Sept to Ralph A. Bayne s/o Andrew Bayne, Halifax. [25 Sept 1929 write up].

Wilson, Amanda see Margeson, Noble B.

Wilson, Vivian Ethel, d/o N. A. Wilson, married at Waterville, 3 June, to Charles Edward Saunders, Harborville. [12 June 1929 write up].

Withers, E. T. see Bryden, Elvira M.

Woodbury, H. D., died at Kingston, 21 Apr, 69 years, m1. Ida Neily m2. Eva B. Jackson, Clarence, NS. [1 May 1929 obituary].

Woodworth, John Elishu, died 17 Aug 1929, Brooklyn, Yar. Co., former ed. & owner of the Register b. Buckley’s Corner, Kings Co., 10 May 1849 s/o Solomon & Margaret Newcombe Woodworth, m. Almee Huntington,. [21 Aug 1929 obit + notice].

Woodward, Everett Bligh, s/o Benjamin & Celestia Bligh Woodward, died at Lakeville, 5 Apr., 62 years. [17 Apr 1929 obituary].

Woodworth, Kenneth Franklin see Ward, Thelma Florence.

Woodworth, Philemon see Ward, Thelma Florence.

Woodworth, Richard see Palmer, Evelyn.

Wotton, George A. see Wotton, Teressa A.

Wotton, Teressa A., w/o George A. Wotton, d/o Charles Skinner, Weston, died at Wilmot, 18 May, 73 years.[5 June 1929 obituary].

Wright, George L., Clinton, Mich., died 8 Nov at Clinton, Mich., b. 18 Sept 1868, Medina Township, m. Agnes L. Cox, Aylesford. [27 Nov 1929 Reg. Obit- from Clinton, Mich. Local].

Wright, C. H., Wright, Jean, Wright, Graham died at Falmouth, "last evening"; accident. [17 July 1929 see Tragedy & see Harborville col.].

Young, Annie see Balcom, Dr. Paul.


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