Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1925

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co. Nova Scotia
1925 - Mfm# 4024, NSARM, Halifax, NS

Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.(C) from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia; mfm #4024. ; Placed on the Internet by Philip Vogler; given to Kentville and Middleton Family History centers (including births) for their use only. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don't quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site: NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 E-mail: nsarm@gov.ns.

Please note that his year opens with 11 February issue; January issues and 4 February are not available at NSARM. Published on Wednesday.

NOTE: Because I have had some computer problems and have had to retype 1.5 years I am going to use abbreviations through to 1930 ; e.g. S for South ; E for East as in East Dalhousie and where reasonable marriage names and death names may be in bold in one entry and not typed again as in previous listings; it was this or stop. Consequently you may have to look a little closer!

** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Baird, Reginald, Clementsvale, died at Lake Mulgrave, Wed. drowned.[16 Sept 1925 p.1].

Balcom, Reta Bell, d/o A. V. Vroom Balcom, died at Claremont Corner, Kingston, 6 Dec, 23 years. [16 Dec 1925 obit].

Banks, Abram & Jane see Hiltz, Nora.

Banks, Alexander, died at Harmony, 31 Oct, 74 years, s/o Alden & Seraphina (Patterson) Banks, b. Harmony, 31 May 1851. [11 Nov 1925 obituary].

Banks, Clyde Raymond, Waterville, married at Berwick, 4 Mar to Hazel Rebecca Robinson, Berwick. [15 Apr 1925 see also 22 Apr 1925].

Banks, Israel, died at Greenwood, 13 July age 72 years.[22 July 1925 obit].

Barteaux, John N., died at Nictaux, 18 Mar 1925, 71 years.[1 Apr 1925] obit].

Basil, Frederick, Grafton, died at Berwick, 11 June, 60 years. [15 July 1925].

Beardsley, Blanche M., d/o Charles Beardsley, Berwick, died at St. John, NB, 23 June. [24 June 1925].

Beals, Mabel see Durling, Walter.

Benjamin, Emily see Schofield, Joseph Lemuel.

Bennett, Chester Lewis see Gould, Anna.

Bird, Elizabeth see Weagle, John Edmund.

Bird, Madeline, w/o Frederick W. Bird, d/o T.W. Messinger, died at Everett, Mass., 2 May 1925.[20 May 1925 obituary].

Bishop, Alfred E. see Bishop, Louise Clare.

Bishop, Louise Clare, d/o Alfred E. Bishop, Kentville, married at Berwick, 4 July to Whitney North Parker, Wolfville. [8 July 1925 write up].

Bligh, Anne Dorothy d/o Rupert Bligh, Lakeville, married at Youngstown, Ohio, 29 Apr., to Archibald D. Kent s/o David Kent, Tatamagouche, NS.[27 May 1925 write up].

Borden, Margaret see Killam, Rupert W.

Bryden, Carl W., s/o Samuel Bryden, Harborville, married at Malden, Mass., 3 Oct to Mary C. MacInnis d/o Mrs. Christie & late Allen MacInnis, Glendale, Cape Breton. [14 Oct 1925 write up].

Bryden, James and Mary Ann see Wood, Mrs. Rachel R.

Brydon, Franklin A. see Brydon, Hilda Reid.

Brydon, Hilda Reid w/o Franklin, A. Brydon, d/o Arthur Reid, died at Berwick, 4 April. [8 April 1925 obituary].

Brydon, Narroway J., died at Berwick, 25 July age 61 years.[29 July 1925 obit].

Buchanan, Samuel, died at Halifax, 6 Sept., 87 years (one son Wm. S. Blanchard? of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and wife survive).[16 Sept 1925].

Bullerwell, Blake O. see Nixon, Laura Maud.

Burgess, Charles Henry, Caribo, Maine, married at Grafton, 2 Dec to Christina McLean Lawson, only d/o Thomas Lawson. [9 Dec 1925].

Cahill, Jessie see Margeson, Judge Joseph Willis.

Calkin, Mrs. Margaret, died at Berwick, 19 Apr. 92 years.[22 Apr & 29 Apr for obit].

Card, Judson, M., died at Woodville, 2 Feb., age 73. [11 Feb 1925 obituary].

Cashman, William, died at Fairview, Kings Co., 16 June, b. St. John, N.B., b. 29 August 1855 removed to Morden as a youth. [15 July 1925 obituary].

Chute, Edward F., died at – 22 Oct s/o David & Alice Spicer Chute; b. near Harborville, 1869, m. 1892, Ellen Moody. [28 Oct 1925 obituary].

Clark, John G., died at Berwick West, 6 Aug, 88 years, m. March 1864, Margaret Durkee, Yarmouth m2. Mrs. Laleah Coggins (nee Peters), Westport. [12 Aug 1925 obit].

Coggins, Mrs. Laleah see Clark, John G.

Cogswell, Horace M., Baxter’s Harbor, married at Berwick, 8 Sept to Hilda K. Graham, Centreville, Digby Co., NS. [9 Sept 1925].

Coleman, Beresford Thomas, died at Black Rock, 18 Oct, 28 years, s/o Patrick A. Coleman; mother was Emelline Foote. [4 Nov 1925 obituary].

Coleman, Frank William, Aylesford, married at Auburn, 29 July, to Theresa Ann Spicer, Garland, Kings Co. [ 11 Nov 1925].

Coleman, Jennie Maude, Burlington, married at Berwick, ?, 2 Sept to Calude Dourning Faulkenham. [9 Sept 1925].

Coleman, Mrs. John, (Mary Agnes), wid/o John Coleman, died at White’s Corner, 14 Sept. [30 Sept 1925 obituary].

Cook, Sophia see Douglas, Fred H.

Connell, Harriet Elizabeth (Bess) see Thompson, John Vincent.

Corser, Lena Elaine, d/o Mrs. Iona F. Corser, married 26 June at Concord, NH?, to Arthur Vivian Perkins, s/o Arthur W. Perkins, Concord, NH. [Concord Evening Monitor [ Register 15 July 1925].

Crocker, Mrs. John (Adelaide),died at Harmony, Kings Co., May, 79 years.[13 May 1925 obit].

Crowe, J. C., inf/d/o , (Ruth Lillian) died at Berwick, 21 May, age 1 day.[27 May 1925].

Cunningham, Albert Venson, married at Berwick ?, 2 Sept to Alva Scotney, Burlington, kings Co. [9 Sept 1925]

Day, Ethel Grace, died at London Ont.?, 17 Apr, 28 years d/o Gordon Day, Waterville. [29 Apr 1925 obit - from London Ont. Free Press].

Dempsey, Catherine, d/o John & Amarilla Dempsey, w/o William Finlay, died at St. John, NB, Thurs past, 65 years, b. Morden.[6 May 1925 obit].

Dimock, Emma P. see Morse, Thomas Handley.

Douglas, Fred H., died at Arlington, Oregon, 7 Dec, 65 years, b. Port George, NS, 2 Oct 1860, m. Sophia Cook, of Harborville. [Arlington, Ore., Bulletin – Register 23 Dec 1925 obituary].

Durkee, Margaret see Clark, John G.

Durling, Walter, Cambridge, married at Kentville, 17 Oct to Mabel Beals, Waterville. [28 Oct 1925].

Durno, Keith inf/s/o Alex Durno, died at Cambridge, 21 May , 19 days.[27 May 1925 obit].

Eaton, Lavinia, died at Weston, 31 May, 86 years.[3 June 1925].

Ellis, Dr. C. C., at East Lake, Chattanoga, TN., 25 Oct, 63 years, native of Berwick. [11 Nov 1925 long obituary p.2 ; Chattanooga, Tenn. Paper].

Faulkenham, Claude Dourning see Coleman, Jennie Maude.

Finlay, Mrs., died at Harborville, last week; mother of Fred Wagstaff.[3 June 1925].

Finlay, Wm. see Dempsey, Catherine.

Fisher, Emma Alberta see Morris, Bernard Harold.

Fisher, Fred S. see Morris, Bernard Harold.

Foote, Emelline see Coleman, Beresford Thomas.

Forsythe, Annie K. see Wilson, LeRoy A.

Forsythe, Mildred, died at Waterville, drowned, 17 years d/o W. G. Forsythe. [5 Aug 1925 obit].

Freeman, Fred Russell, N. Kingston, married at Auburn, 8 Nov, to Maria Margaret Greenlun?, Bridgetown. [11 Nov 1925; write see Register 18 Nov 1925].

Gates, Judson see Vienotte, Mrs. Sydney W.

Gould, Anna, d/o Edward Gould married at Black Rock, 16 Sept to Chester Lewis Bennett, E. Hall’s harbor. [23 Sept 1925 write up].

Gould, Edward see Gould, Anna.

Graham, Hilda K. see Cogswell, Horace M.

Guild Afred Dickey, Great Village, Col. Co., married at Aylesford, 3 June to Evelyn Louise Patterson d/o Melbourne Patterson, Aylesford. [10 June 1925].

Harris, Clayton Edward see Wood, Mildred Lorenza.

Haron, Florence (Morton), died at Boston, 23 June ,62 years.[1 July 1925].

Harvey, Morly Dimock, married at Newport, Hants Co., 10 June to Lily Maynard, Newport.[17 June 1925].

Hayward, Earl Eliphet, Meyrone, Sask., married at Grafton, n.d., to Annie Viola Sanford, Grafton. [4 Mar 1925 write up].

Henday, Mrs. Lucy, died at Dalhousie East., 26 Mar 1925, 84 years.[8 Apr 1925].

Hicks, John, died at Bridgetown, 30 Nov, 82 years. [9 Dec 1925].

Hiltz, Nora, w/o Fred L. Hiltz, d/o Abram & Jane Banks, died at Morristown, 8 July. [29 July 1925 obit].

Hines, Andrew Collins. see Murphy, Olive Marguerite.

Horton, Frederick William see Veinott, Elsie Maude.

Illsley, Lillian Winifred d/o Randal P. Illsley married at Kentville, 18 Aug, to George MacMichael, s/o Alexander MacMichael, Rexton, NB.[26 Aug 1925 write up].

Illsley, Nathan Wallace s/o B. H. Illsley & Amanda (Wallace) Illsley, died at Weston, 7 May, b. Coldbrook, 9 April 1865 m. 1890 Emma J. West. [20 May 1925 obituary].

Illsley, Randal P. see Illsley, Lillian Winifred.

Jackson, Irene see Kelley, Lemuel G.

Jewers, Clifton, Waterville, died at Lake George, Kings Co., Sunday, native of Harrigan Cove, Halifax Co., 26 years, drowned, m. Lulu Marchant, d/o John Marchant, Pleasant Valley.[15 July 1925 write up].

Kay, Arthur Henry, Brooklyn, Hants Co., (formerly of Berwick), married at Yarmouth 29 Feb 1925, to Grace Selvage d/o James Selvage, Yarmouth.[18 Feb 1925].

Kay, Leonard Redvers, formerly of Berwick, died at Yarmouth, 13 Dec, 25 years. [16 Dec 1925 obituary + notice].

Kearney, Frances see Pearl, Leland J.

Kelley, Lemuel G., Berwick, married at Middleton, 1 Dec., to Irene Jackson, Clarence, Annapolis Co. [2 Dec 1925].

Kent, Archibald D. see Bligh, Anne Dororthy.

Kent, David see Bligh, Anne Dororthy.

Killam, Amy see White, Jean.

Killam, Rupert, died near Danvers, Mass., accident, 31 Mar 1925. [8 April 1925 obit ] [Lynn, Mass. Daily].

Kinnie, Asael William, died at Windermere, 29 Oct, age 64 years, moved to Berwick from Germantown, NB. [4 Nov 1925 obituary].

Kinsman, Cecil see White, Jean.

Kinsman, Horace S., Lakewood, Cleveland, Ohio, died at Cleveland, Ohio, 14 Sept, s/o Robert N. & Elizabeth Kinsman. [23 Sept 1925 obituary].

Lavers, Dr. Beverly DeWolfe, see Shears, Mabel Ballantyne.

Killam, Rupert W., died at Somerset, NS, 24 Nov., age 77 years, b. Somerset, m1. Margaret Borden, Canning; m2. Abbie North, Middleton. [25 Nov 1925 obit].

Lawson, Christina McLean [& Thomas Lawson] see Burgess, Charles Henry.

Lightizer, Joseph, died at Greenwood, 29 Apr, 91 years.[6 May 1925 obit].

Lightizer, Kelvington, Kingston, died at Kingston, 18 Oct, 77 years m. Annie L. Neily, Greenwood. [28 Oct 1925 obituary].

Lonergan, St. Clair P. see Lutz, Hazel C.

Long, George, Clementsvale, died at Lake Mulgrave, Wed., drowned.[16 Sept 1925].

Lutz, Arthur DeWitt, inf/s/o Doran Lutz, died at Lake Paul, 21 Nov. [25 Nov 1925].

Lutz, Hazel C., Lake Paul, married at Chester, Lun. Co., 29 Oct, St. Clair P. Lonergan, Dalhousie, NS. [2 Dec 1925].

MacInnis, Mary C. (d/o Mrs. Christie & late Allen MacInnis see Bryden, Carl W.

MacKenzie, Kenneth C. see MacKenzie, Mildred E.

MacKenzie, Mildred E., (nee Roach), wid/o Kenneth C. MacKenzie, formerly of Welsford, died at Margaretville, 14 Feb., age 37 years.[25 Feb 1925 obituary].

McDonald, Harold, s/o James McDonald, died at Scott’s Bay, Thurs., 5 years. [18 Nov 1925 obit].

MacMichael, Alexander see Illsley, Lillian Winifred.

MacMichael, George see Illsley, Lillian Winifred.

McIntosh, Mary Gertrude (& for Duncan McIntosh) see Margeson, Judge Joseph Willis.

Magee, Everett s/o Henry Magee, died at Auburn, 31 years, burial Aylesford, n.d. [1 April 1925 obituary].

Magee, Henry see Magee, Everett.

Mapplebeck, William Clair, Victoria Harbor, married at Waterville, 6 Oct 1925 to Phyllis Marguerite Pelton, Aylesford Mtn. [14 Oct 1925].

Marchant, John see Jewers, Clifton.

Marchant, Lulu see Jewers, Clifton.

Margeson, Judge Joseph Willis, Bridgewater, died at Halifax, 2 Oct , b. Harborville, 2 Apr 1880, s/o Otis A. & Jessie ( Cahill) Margeson m. Mary Gertrude McIntosh d/o Duncan McIntosh, Truro, 16 Sept 1908. [7 Oct 1925 obituary p.1].

Marks, John, died at Ogilvie Wharf, 13 Dec, 73 years. [23 Dec 1925].

Maynard, Lily see Harvey, Morly Dimock.

McMahon, Jennie see Stoddard, Mrs. Charles.

Messinger, T. W. see Bird, Madeline.

Moody, Ellen see Chute, Edward F.

Morton, Florence see Haron, Florence.

Morris, Bernard Harold, Harborville, married at Annapolis, Sat last, [15 Aug], to Emma Alberta Fisher d/o Fred S. Fisher, Somerset. [19 Aug 1925 write up].

Morse, Dorothy Helen, Kingston, married at Harmony, 9 Sept., to G. Henry Munroe, Harmony. [16 Sept 1925].

Morse, Mrs. Louisa Church, died at Mt. Denson, Hants Co., 75 years, 3 June 1925, wid/o J. Shannon Morse, formerly of Berwick. [10 June 1925].

Morse, J. Shannon see Morse, Mrs. Louisa Church.

Morse, Thomas Handley, Somerset, s/o James C. & Lucy Elizabeth Morse, died at Kentville, 15 Dec. , b. 1850 m1. Emma P. Dimock ; m2. Mary F. Rand.[16 Dec 1925 see 23 Dec obit].

Mosher, James Arthur, married at Berwick, 2 Nov., to Myrtle Manetta Swinimer, both of Western Shore, NS. [ 4 Nov 1925 write up].

Munroe, G. Henry see Morse, Dorothy Helen.

Murphy, Olive Marguerite, Aylesford, married at Everett, Mass., 18 Mar. 1925, to Andrew Collins Hines, Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS. [13 May 1925 notice].

Neily, Annie L. see Lightizer, Kelvington.

Newcombe, Leonard, died at Bridgetown, 29 June, age 88 years m. Annie Taylor, Avonport. [15 July 1925 obituary].

Nichols, Lindley, Nicholsville, died at Nicholsville, 80 years s/o Robert & Maria Nichols, 18 June. [24 June 1925 obit].

Nichols, Hilda Margaret see Rainforth, Lorimer Barteaux.

Nichols, Otis see Rainforth, Lorimer Barteaux.

Nixon, Laura Maud, Berwick, married at Berwick, 1 Dec to Blake O. Bullerwell, Brooklyn, Yarmouth Co. [9 Dec 1925].

North, Abbie see Killam, Rupert W.

Palmer, Adella Elsie see Saunders, Frank W.

Palmer, Cecil P. see Spinney, Vera.

Parker, Lydia Jane, wid/o Capt. John H. Robinson, d/o Edward Parker, Somerset, died at Dunellen, NJ, 27 July 1925. [5 Aug 1925 obit & see Harborville col.].

Parker, Whitney North see Bishop, Louise Clare.

Parks, Andrew, died at Aylesford Mtn., 24 Sept . [30 Sept 1925 obit].

Patterson, Seraphina see Banks, Alexander.

Pearl, Leland J, Weston, Mass., married at Mass., 16 June to Frances Kearney, Waltham, Mass. [22 July 1925 write up you’ll have to check this one out ; a little confusing re place].

Pelton, J. Wesley see Vidito, Edward.

Perkins, Arthur Vivian see Corser, Lena Elaine.

Perkins, Arthur W. see Corser, Lena Elaine.

Pelton, Phyllis Marguerite see Mapplebeck, William Clair.

Peters, Laleah see Clark, John G.

Peveril, Mrs. C. E., died at Waltham, Mass, 12 July age 53 formerly of Berwick. [22 July 1925 obit].

Phelps, Eva Mae, d/o Albert Gunn Phelps, married at Cambridge, Mass., 15 Oct to Roscoe Henry Wood, Concord, Mass, formerly of Woodville.[4 Nov 1925 write up].

Prime, John, died at Harmony, Kings Co., 25 Oct, 66 years, b. New Tusket, Digby Co., 1859. [11 Nov 1925see Reg. 9 Dec obit].

Rainforth, Lorimer Barteaux, married at Morristown, 30 June to Hilda Margaret Nichols, d/o Otis Nichols. [15 July 1925 write up].

Rand, Margaret A., d/o Harding Thomas, died at Aylesford, 9 Mar., 79 years.[1 April 1925 obit].

Rand, Mary F. see Morse, Thomas Handley.

Reid, Arthur see Brydon, Hilda Reid.

Reid, Hilda see Brydon, Hilda Reid.

Rice, Amy J., d/o Joseph F. Rice, died at Malden [Mass.?], 6 Aug 1925, 59 years b. Baddeck, NS. [26 Aug 1925 obituary].

Roach, Mildred E. see MacKenzie, Mildred E.

Roach, Mrs. Myrtle B, (Miss Gates), died at Dorchester, Mass., 30 May, wid/o Hebron Roach, N. Kingston, NS.[22 July 1925 obit].

Robinson, Capt. John H. see Parker, Lydia Jane.

Robinson, Hazel Rebecca see Banks, Clyde Raymond.

Ross, Miss Bella, died at Winthrop, Mass., 6 June. [24 June 1925].

Ruggles, Annie Barrow, Bear River, married at Bear River, NS 3 Nov to Robie Lamont Skinner, Weston, Kings Co. [11 Nov 1925 write up].

Russell, Alice Maud, died at Auburn, 14 May b. Auburn, 29 May 1877. [20 May 1925 obit].

Sanford, Annie Viola see Hayward, Earl Eliphet.

Sanford, Gutherie see Tregellus, Muriel Clair.

Sanford, J. Watson. see Tregellus, Muriel Clair.

Sanford, Lillian Gladys, d/o Sanford, Starrett, married at Kentville, 24 June, to Stanley Turner, New Ross, Lun. Co. [1 July 1925].

Sanford, Starrett see Starrett, Lillian Gladys.

Saunders, Frank W., married at Aylesford, 20 Feb., to Adella Elsie Palmer, both of Windsor. [1 April 1925].

Saunders, Mrs. Rachel, died at Dalhousie E., 2 July, age 99 years.[15 July 1925].

Saunders, Robie Clare, died at Halifax, 16 June, 32 years. [24 June 1925].

Sawler, Joseph E. see Whalen, Frederick.

Sawler, Melsora[?] E. see Whalen, Frederick.

Schofield, Clarence J. see West, Norma V.

Schofield, Joseph Lemuel, died at Aylesford, 29 Oct ., 79 years, s/o Aaron & Emily (Benjamin) Schofield, b. 16 mar 1846, North Alton, kings Co. [2 Dec 1925 obit].

Selvage, Grace see Kay, Arthur Henry.

Selvage, James see Kay, Arthur Henry.

Shaw, Mrs. Ellen, died Spokane, Wash., 5? June, burial Berwick.[10 June 1925 obit].

Shears, Mabel Ballantyne, Ayr, Scotland, married at Auburn, 12 Nov to Dr. Beverly DeWolfe Lavers, Kingston, NS. [18 Nov 1925 write up].

Skinner, Robir Lamont see Ruggles, Annie Barrow.

Scotney, Alva see Cunningham, Albert Venson.

Spicer, Alice see Chute, Edward F.

Spicer, Theresa Ann see Coleman, Frank William.

Spinney, Beatrice Mae d/o E. B. Spinney married at Greenwood, 7 Apr to Leslie Manning Spinney. [15 April 1925 write up].

Spinney, Laura Blanche, married at Greenwood, 9 June to C. Maynard Spinney. [17 June 1925 write up].

Spinney, Vera, married at South Greenwood, 16 Dec to Cecil P. Palmer, Nicholsville. [30 Dec 1925 write up].

Stailing, George Frederick, s/o Mrs. Gladys Stailing, formerly of Windsor, NS, died at Brookline, Mass., Sept -, 7 years. [16 Oct 1925 obituary p.1].
Starratt, Charles , s/o, died at Waterville, Thurs., 2 years.[30 Sept 1925 p.1].

Stoddard, Mrs. Charles (Jennie McMahon), died at Stoddardville, 1 July, d/o G. W. & Margaret McConnell McMahon, Lake George and Aylesford. [15 July 1925 obituary].

Swindell, Isaiah, Topsfield, Mass., died at Beverly, Mass., 17 Dec 1924, 69 years, s/o Joseph and Basheba? Swindell, Burlington, NS.[11 Feb 1925 Obituary].

Stevens, Jacob see Ward, Mrs. Charles A.

Swinimer, Myrtle Manetta see Mosher, James Arthur.

Taylor, Annie see Newcombe, Leonard.

Thomas, Harding see Rand, Margaret A.

Thompson, John Vincent, Waterville, married at Waterville?, 10 June to Elizabeth Harriet (Bess) Connell, Halifax, d/o R. F. Connell, Bridgetown. [17 June 1925 write up].

Tobin, Mrs. Margaret, died at Factorydale, 25 Oct age 87 years.[4 Nov 1925 obituary].

Toney, inf/s/o James, died at South Berwick, 11 Apr. [15 Apr 1925].

Tregellus, Muriel Clare, d/o L. J. Tregellus, Calgary, Alta., married at Chicago, Ill., 25 Apr to Gutherie Sanford s/o J. Watson Sanford, Coldbrook, NS. Reside: St. Paul, Minn. [3 June 1925 write up].

Turner, Stanley see Sanford, Lillian Gladys.

VanBuskirk, Mrs. Rebecca, died at Norwood, Mass., 5 Dec, 91 years.[23 Dec 1925 obit].

Veinott, Elsie Maude d/o Enos Veinott, New Ross, married at Dedham, Mass., 9 Sept to Frederick William Horton, Musquodoboit, NS. [23 Sept 1925 write up].

Veinott, Mrs. Sydney W., (Flossie Pearl), died at Tremont, 27 July w/o Stanley W. Veinotte, 36 years 4 months, d/o Judson Gates. [5 Aug 1925 obit].

Vidito, Edward, died at Waterville?, 11 years, step/s/o J. Wesley Pelton, Berwick, drowned; missing 9 Sept p.1.[23 Sept 1925].

Wagstaff, Fred see Finlay, Mrs.

Ward, Avery F., died at Coldbrook, NS, 17 July age 58 years.[22 July 1925 obit p.2].

Ward, Mrs. Charles A., d/o Jacob Stevens, died at North Alton, 19 Feb 1925, 77 years. 25 Sept., 1925 .[25 Feb 1925 obituary].

Whatmore, Sarah, Fredericton, NB, formerly of England, married at Digby, 6 Oct 1925 to Robert E. Wheaton, Aylesford.[14 Oct 1925].

Weagle, John Edmund, died at Aylesford, Christmas Day, 55 years, a native of Denmark, Lun. Co., m. 1903 Elizabeth Bird of Rose Blanche, Nfld. [30 Dec 1925 obit + notice].

West, Emma J. see Illsley, Nathan Wallace.

Whalen, Frederick, Newfoundland, married at Lynn, Mass., to Melsora [?]. E. Sawler, d/o Joseph E. Sawler, Cambridge, NS.[18 Feb 1925].

Wheaton, Robert E. see Whatmore, Sarah.

White, James see White, Jean.

White, Jean d/o James White and Amy Killam, w/o Cecil Kinsman, age 23 years, died at Welsford, 1 April 1925. [8 April 1925 obituary].

Wilson, LeRoy A., died at Broskton, Mass., Sat, b. Berwick, 2 Mar 1885, age about 40 years, m. Annie K. Forsythe s/o Mrs. Martha Wilson, Waterville. [Brockton, Mass. Times- 11 Feb 1925 Register].

West, C. H., s/o W. H. West, Cambridge, died at Plymouth [NZ?] [from a New Zealand newspaper- Register 11 Feb 1925 Obituary].

West, Norma V., married at Regina, Sask., to Clarence J. Schofield, both formerly of Aylesford. [4 Nov 1925 write up ; n.d.].

West, W. H. see West, C. H.

Wilson, Mrs. Martha see Wilson, LeRoy A.

Wood, Mildred Lorenza, married at Woodville, 5 Aug to Clayton Edward Harris s/o Edward Harris, Hillaton. [19 Aug 1925 write up].

Wood, Mrs. Rachel R., w/o Henry Wood, died at Charlestown, Mass., 11 Sept 81 years d/o James & Mary Ann Bryden, b. Black Rock, NS. [23 Sept 1925 obituary].

Wood, Roscoe Henry see Phelps, Eva Mae.

Zwicker, Dr. F. G., Port Williams, died at Windsor, Friday,. [30 Sept 1925].


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