Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1924

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co. Nova Scotia
1924 - Mfm# 4023, NSARM, Halifax, NS

NSARM, Halifax, NS mfm# 4023. Extracted from microfilm by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.(C) from NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia, mfm# 4023. Placed on the Internet by Philip Vogler; given to Kentville and Middleton Family History centers (including births) for their use only. No photocopying or downloading please. For personal use only. NSARM will for a small fee copy an obituary or a marriage write up or other event. See Inserts at end of listing for those items that don't quite fit alphabetical listing i.e. anniversaries. NSARM web site: NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 E-mail:

** Please note: Births have been extracted from 1923 onward for privacy reasons. **

Adams, Iva Davis, d/o George Adams, married at Liverpool, 17 Sept 1924 to Grant Llewelyn Lloyd s/o T. N. Lloyd, Waterville. [24 Sept 1924].

Adams, George see Adams, Iva Davis.

Alders, George see Ward, Mrs. Aaron.

Allison, Joseph, died at Rothesay, NB, 27 Feb 1924, b. Woodside, Newport, Hants Co., NS, age 83 years m. Helen Scammell, St. John, NB. [5 March 1924 obituary].

Allison, Mrs. W. S., in79th year, died at Truro, (Friday past), b. Newport, Hants Co. d/o Samuel & Frances Chambers; m. Winthrop Sargent Allison. [30 Jan 1924 obituary].

Allison, Winthrop Sargent see Allison, Mrs. W. S.

Ander, Reginald Gouldbourne see Harris, Blance, Ronnie?

Anthony, Bradford see McLaughlin, Harry F.

Anthony, Dora Inez see McLaughlin, Harry F.

Arenburg, John see Arenburg, Maria Jane.

Arenburg, Maria Jane w/o John Arenburg, died at Waterville, Sat., 55 years. [22 Oct 1924 obit.]

Arnold, Noble, died at Union Station, 7 Jan 1924, in 69th year m. Clara Brown. [6 Feb 1924 obit].

Banks, Abram, died at Berwick, 29 Aug 1924, 86 years. [10 Sept 1924 p.1 obituary].

Banks, Mrs. Abram see Banks, George L.

Banks, Alice Pineo, w/o A. S. Banks, died at Waterville, 20 Apr 1924, 59 years. [23 April 1924 obituary].

Banks, A. S. see banks, Alice Pineo.

Banks, George L., s/o William L. Banks, Philadelphia, died at Lowelltown, Ohio, 26 Jan 1924, 21 years, grandson of Mrs. Abram Banks, Morristown. [20 Feb 1924 obituary].

Banks, Jonathan, died at Vernon Mines, Kings Co., 5 Feb 1924, 62 years. [20 Feb 1924 obituary].

Banks, William L. see Banks, George L.

Barss, Dr. Andrew DeWolf, died at Wolfville, 23 Aug 1924, 82 years. [3 Sept 1924 obituary].

Barteaux, Edward S. see Barteaux, Majorie Louise.

Barteaux, Guilford Raymond, married at Weston, 30 June 1924, to Marion Beatrice Hird, Weston. [2 July 1924].

Barteaux, Majorie Louise, d/o Edward S. Barteaux, married at Weston, 6 Aug 1924, to Perry Dean Pineo, s/o R. D. Pineo, Waterville. [13 Aug 1924 write up].

Bent, James V. see Bent, John Owen.

Bent, John Owen, 75 years, s/o James V. Bent, Woodville, died at Waltham, Mass., 17 July 1924. [27 July 1924 obituary p.1].

Best, Charles Herbert, s/o Dr. H. H. Best, Pembrooke, Maine, married at Toronto, 4 Sept 1924, to Margaret H. Mahon, Toronto, d/o Rev. A. Wylie Mahon. [17 Sept 1924 write up 15 Oct p.1].

Best, Charles see Best, Elizabeth.

Best, Elizabeth, w/o Charles Best, formerly of Burlington, died at West Barnet, VT., 29 Mar 1924, burial Grafton, VT. [23 April 1924 obituary].

Best, Dr. Herbert H. see Best, Hilda.

Best, Hilda, d/o Dr. Herbert H. Best, married at Pembrooke, Maine, n.d. to Wilbur Ralph Salter, Toronto; resid. Toronto.[12 Nov 1924 write up].

Best, Dr. H. H. see Best, Charles Herbert.

Bezanson, George see White, Hannah.

Bezanson, Hannah see White, Hannah.

Blakeley, Mrs. Bella, Bible Hill, died "Sunday". [13 Aug 1924 see Truro Woman Killed p.5]

Blenus, Walter, Canning, married at Dorchester, Mass., 21 May 1924, to Jean R. Foster, North Kingston. [18 June 1924 write up].

Bligh, Mary, married at Berwick, 2 Aug 1924, to Rec. S. C. Ingersoll, Stamford, CT. [6 Aug 1924 write up].

Boliver, Helen F. see Comeau, Herbert J.

Borden, Benjamin see Gardner, John D.

Borden, Gladys see Gardner, John D.

Boutilier, Florence Annie see Hartlong, Eden Clarence.

Bowser, Dorothy Madeline see Cook, Hugh Ashton.

Brokenshire, W. E., died at Berwick, 20 May 1924. [28 May 1924 obituary].

Brown, Charles Cowley, died at Dartmouth, 15 Oct., 75 years, b. Havenfordwest, Wales, arr. NS 1892, m. 1. Alice Cook, Welshire, England m2. E. Davis. [5 Nov 1924 obituary].

Brown, Clara see Arnold, Noble.

Bruce, Emery George, Kingston, married at Greenwood Square, 11 June 1924, to Mildred Jessie Foster, Auburn. [2 July 1924].

Bryden, Charles see Bryden, Walter Osborne.

Bryden, Walter Osborne, died at Berwick, 13 May 1924, 63 years s/o Charles Bryden. [21 May 1924 obituary].

Burgess, J. Edwin, died at Lakeville, 5 Oct 1924, 94 years, s/o Stephen & Elizabeth ( Nesbitt) Burgess, ; m. Devilla Rhuland (she d. abt 1912).[15 Oct 1924 obituary].

Burgess, Stephen see Burgess, J. Edwin.

Caldwell, Lorimer L., born to at Somerset, 11 June 1924, a daughter (Mildred Marie). [18 June 1924].

Cameron, Almeda Mildred, Lockport, NS, married at Berwick, 27 Nov., to Bertram Havelock Malone, Woods Harbor, NS. [3 Dec 1924].

Chambers, Samuel see Allison, Mrs. W. S.

Chase, Sarah see Sanford, Jonathan D.

Chipman, Elizabeth, wid/o Rev. R. M. Sommerville, New York, died at Maplehurst, Kings Co., 12 March 1924, 86 years.[19 Mar 1924 for obituary see 26 Mar 1924 Register].

Church, Mrs. Eleanor, died at Coldbrook, Kings Co., 9 Jan 1924, 81 years.[16 Jan 1924].

Clarke, Ada May see Reid, Mrs. Edwin C.

Clarke, Harry see Reid, Mrs. Edwin C.

Clem, Nathan Byard, died at Viewmount, Kings Co., 18 Jan 1924, 69 years and 6days. [30 Jan 1924 obituary].

Comeau, Herbert J., New Edinburgh, Digby Co., married at Berwick 2 Sept 1924 to Helen F. Boliver, Grafton, NS. [17 Sept 1924].

Congdon, Ernest see Congdon, Florence Jennie.

Congdon, Florence Jennie d/o Ernest Congdon, Lake Eloise, married 26 Dec 1923 at Haines City, to Edward Victor Lundburg, Winter Haven, Florida.[9 Jan 1924 write up].

Cook, Alice see Brown, Charles Cowley.

Cook, Hugh Ashton, North Abrington?, Mass., married at Berwick, 23 Aug 1924 to Dorothy Madeline Bowser, Rockland, Mass. [27 Aug 1924]

Corbin, Harry see Pineo, Katherine E.

Creamer, Margaret Madeline see McSmall, Harry.

Crocker, Frank B., died at Nahant, Mass. [28 May 1924 see Canady Creek].

Davidson, Mrs. Charlotte, (formerly Miss McIntyre), died at Aylesford, 29 Feb 1924, b. Round Hill, April 1845, about 79 years. [5 March 1924 obituary].

Davis, E., see Brown, Charles Cowley.

DeLong, Mrs. A. D. see Smeltzer, Evelyn.

Dempsey, James, died at Victoria Harbour, 13 Feb 1924, 68 years b. Morden s/o William & Christina Dempsey. [20 Feb 1924 obituary].

Dempsey, John & Amanilla see Dempsey, William Wallace.

Dempsey, William see Dempsey, James.

Dempsey, William Wallace, s/o John & Amanilla Dempsey, died at Morden, Wed last, age 71 years, b. Morden, 17 June 1853. [5 March 1924 obituary].

Dodge, Cutler Lewis, Kentville, s/o Thomas L. Dodge, died at Halifax, 15 March 1924, b. Kentville, 17 Nov 1857 ; m. L. Jean Landers, of Harborville, 1895 .[19 Mar 1924 obituary].

Dodge, C. W. & Rachel see Dodge, Mrs. Rachel.

Dodge, James E. see Dodge, Mrs. Rachel.

Dodge, Mrs. Jane F., Kingston, married at Kingston, 25 June 1924, to Adolphus G. Knowles, Kingston. [16 July 1924].

Dodge, Mrs. Rachel, d/o C. W. & Rachel Rand, w/o James E. Dodge, died at Cambridge, 12 Feb 1924, age 77 years. [27 Feb 1924 obituary].

Dodge, Thomas L. see Dodge, Cutler Lewis.

Donnellen, Mrs. Sophia, died at Dalhousie East, 16 Nov., 85 years.[3 Dec 1924].

Drew, Aubrey Stewart, married at Berwick, to Hope Maretta Stephens, both of Berwick, 9 Feb 1924. [13 Feb 1924].

Easson, Thomas C. see Parker, Mary Muriel Giles.

Eaton, Frank M. see Eaton, Stewart C.

Eaton, Irene, d/o Otis Eaton, Centreville, married at Upper Canard, 12 Nov ., to J. Frank McMahon ;resid. Aylesford.[19 Nov 1924 write up].

Eaton, Otis see Eaton, Irene.

Eaton, Stewart C, s/o Frank M. Eaton, Lower Canard, married at Woodville, 1 July 1924 to Emily D. Leslie d/o Robert J. Leslie. [23 July 1924 write up].

Elliott, Isaac A. see Elliott, Mrs. Rebecca.

Elliott, Mrs. Rebecca, wid/o Isaac A. Elliott, died at Aylesford, 11 Apr 1924, 83 years. [30 April 1924 obituary].

Ellis, John see Small, Mrs. Ellen J.

Ellis, Mrs. Dr. Frank see Slocomb, Mrs. Annie.

Fancy, Mrs. Asaph, (Zilpha Spinney), died at Harmony, Kings Co., 24 Oct., 71 years, b. harmony. [29 Oct 1924 obituary].

Flanagan, Mrs. Thomas, w/o Thomas Flanagan, Halifax, died at Waterville, 7 Feb 1924. [13 Feb 1924 obituary].

Flanagan, Thomas see Flanagan, Mrs. Thomas.

Foote, Edwin, died at Halifax, 8 Oct , 15 years, s/o C. Perry Foote, Lakeville. [15 Oct 1924 p.1].

Foote, Perry see Foote, Edwin.

Forsyth, Creighton H. see Pineo, Louise.

Forsyth, W. G. see Pineo, Louise.

Foster, Jean R. see Blenus, Walter.

Foster, Mildred Jessie see Bruce, Emery George.

Frost, William L. see Moody, Eva L.

Galley, John, died at Woodworth Road, Aylesford, 80 years, Tues. last.[4 June 1924 obituary]

Galley, Mary, died at Aylesford, 28 April 1924, 77 years 11 months 2 days; funeral May 1, 1924. [14 May 1924 obituary].

Gates, Mrs. Hattie, died at Berwick, 30 July 1924, 76 years, former –Margeson. [11 June 1924 obituary].

Gardner, John D., died at Thompsonville, CT., 50 years, b. Maine, m. Gladys Borden, d/o Benjamin Borden. n.d.[2 July 1924 obituary].

Gaul, Lawrence, Dalhousie, died at Halifax, 12 June 1924, 80 years.[18 June 1924 obit].

Gesner, Gladys May, d/o Charles K. Morris, Wallace, NS, married at Halifax, 17 Jan 1914 to Adam Lind Sellar, Huntingdon, Quebec. [23 Jan 1914].

Goldsmith, Earl, s/o Henry Goldsmith, Middleton, died at Queens Co. near Northfield, Wed past, 29 years. [10 Sept 1924 see Double Drowning].

Gould, Aneita M., formerly of Aylesford, married at Waltham, Mass., 26 Nov ., to Lewis M. Morrison, Waterbury, CT (resid.).[10 Dec 1924 write up].

Griffin, John Newman see Spinney, Helen Lucy.

Grimm, Vivian May see Palmer, Lloyd C.

Halliday, Isaac Newton, died at Brooklyn, NY, [15 Jan – Sagus, Mass] b. Nova Scotia, former owner and editor Berwick "Star" James Halliday.[rather confused write up 23 Jan 1924 Reg.]

Harris, Mrs. Anna see Harris, Blance Ronnie?

Harris, Blance Ronnie?, d/o Mrs. Anna Harris & late Edwin Harris, Aylesford, married at Aylesford, 26 Dec 1923, to Reginald Gouldbourne Ander, Lethbridge, Alberta. [2 Jan 1924 write up].

Harris, Edwin see Harris, Blance Ronnie?

Hartlong, Eden Clarence, married at Waterville, 5 July 1924, to Florence Annie Boutilier, Waterville. [16 July 1924].

Hawkesworth, Alfred Randy see Hird, Velma Leora.

Herget, Stella Gertrude, New Ross, NS, married at Quincy, Mass., 21 Feb 1924, to David Andrew Turner, Aylesford. [5 March 1924 write up].

Hiltz, Arthur Frank, s/o William I. Hiltz, Factorydale, died at Berwick, 1 April 1924, age 10 years 11 months. [9 April 1924 obituary].

Hiltz, Evelyn Mae see Taylor, Spurgeon Joseph.

Hiltz, William I. see Hiltz, Arthur Frank.

Hird, Marion Beatrice see Barteaux, Guilford Raymond.

Hird, Velma Leora d/o C. N. Loomer, married at Weston, 1 Oct., to Alfred Randy Hawkesworth, Revere, Mass. [15 Oct 1924 write up + notice].

Hudgins, Mrs. John, died at Aylesford, 28 Aug 1924. [3 Sept 1924 obituary p.1].

Illsley, Alma, w/o George Illsley, d/o Dr. Masters, Berwick, died at Port Williams, 26 Feb 1924. [5 March 1924 obituary].

Illsley, George see Illsley, Alma.

Ingersoll, Rev. S. C., died at Berwick, 5 Sept 1924, 80 years, formerly of Stamford, CT., burial Stamford. [10 Sept 1924 obituary].

Ingersoll, Rev. S. C. see Bligh, Mary.

Jacques, Ella see Taylor, Milton E.

Jefferson, Elias W., died at Newburgh, NY, 30 Oct., 85 years.[3 Dec 1924 obit].

Jordan, Cyrus J., s/o Edward Jordan, age 75 years, died at New Minas 27 Jan 1924. [6 Feb 1924 obituary].

Jordan, Edward see Jordan, Cyrus J.

Joudrey, Annie V. see Keddy, Norman E.

Joudrey, Ella Lavinia , Lake George, NS, married at Berwick, 30 April 1924, to Thomas Murray Tupper, Lake Paul. [7 May 1924].

Keddy, Norman, Millville, married at Berwick, 22 Sept 1924, to Annie V. Joudrey, Lake Paul. [24 Sept 1924].

Kinsman, Dorothy Ardellis, married at Needham, Mass., d/o William A. Kinsman, Berwick, to Roy Corbett McDougall s/o George MacDougall, Kentville; residence Toronto. [2 Jan 1924 write up ; no date].

Kinsman, Everett, s/o Theodorus & Roxanna Kinsman, died at Cambridge, Wed., age 69 years, b. Centreville, NS, m1. Clara Rand d/o Leander Rand m2. Lulu Webster d/o Albert Webster. [27 Feb 1924 obituary].

Kinsman, Theodorus & Roxanna see Kinsman, Everett.

Kinsman, William A. see Kinsman, Dorothy Ardellis.

Kirk, Gladys, d/o John W. & Laura D. Kirk, died at Boston, Mass., 9 Feb 1924, 22 years b. Berwick.[ 2 April 1924 obituary].

Kirk, John W. & Laura D. see Kirk, Gladys.

Kirkpatrick, Percy B., married at Somerset, 30 June, to Pearl Sawler.[2 July 1924 write up].

Knowles, Adolphus G. see Dodge, Mrs. Jane F.

Landers, L. Jean see Dodge, C. L.

Lane, John Thomas, Newport, married at Berwick, 28 June 1924 to Queenie Margaret Steadman.[2 July 1924].

Langille, Mabel Irene, Centreville, married at Waterville, 30 June 1924 to Austin Gilbert Pineo. [9 July 1924].

Lawson, Annie, Black Rock, died at Waterville, 20 Oct., 36 years.[22 Oct 1924 obit].

Lawrence, Brenton Dodge, died at Lakeville, 26th ult., s/o W. R. Lawrence. [4 June 1924 obituary].

Lawrence, W. L. see Lawrence, Brenton Dodge.

Leslie, Emily D. see Eaton, Stewart C.

Leslie, Robert J. see Eaton, Stewart C.

Lloyd, Grant Llewelyn see Adams, Iva Davis.

Lloyd, T. N. see Adams, Iva Davis.

Loomer, C. N. Loomer see Hird, Velma Leora Hird.

Lutz, Albert see Sweeney, Mrs. John.

Lutz, Albert, died Wed., at Burlington, 79 years.[12 Nov 1924 obituary].

Lyman, George, died at Waterville, 28 Mar 1924, formerly of Melanson.[9 April 1924 obit]

Lundburg, Edward Victor see Congdon, Florence Jennie.

MacDonald, Hilda Maud, d/o Jotham MacDonald, Halls Harbor, married at Woodville, 17 Dec., to Isaac Grant Barkhouse.[24 Dec 1924 write up + notice].

MacDonald, Jotham see MacDonald, Hilda Maud.

MacDougall, George see Kinsman, Dorothy Ardellis.

MacDougall, Roy Corbett see Kinsman, Dorothy Ardellis.

MacNeil, Anna Willard, d/o Rev. John MacNeil, Baddeck, married at Conquest, Sask., 29 Oct., to Rev. Frank Yates. [19 Nov 1924].

MacNeil, Rev. John see MacNeil, Anna Willard.

.Magee, Henry B., s/o John Magee & Mary Nichols, died at Auburn, 31 Jan 1924, 75 years, m. 1887, Odessa Margeson, d/o Thomas Margeson. [13 Feb 1924 obituary].

Magee, John see Magee, Henry.

Mahon, Rev. A. Wylie see Best, Charles Herbert.

Mahon, Margaret H. see Best, Charles Herbert.

Malone, Bertram Havelock see Cameron, Almeda Mildred.

Margeson, Odessa see Magee, Henry.

Margeson, Thomas see Magee, Henry.

Masters, Alma see Illsley, Alma.

Masters, Dr. see Illsley, Alma.

McConnell, Abbie Kathlee, d/o Frank McConnell, married at Welsford, 17 Dec., to Lionel Roy Whitman, Paradise, NS. [24 Dec 1924 write up + notice].

McConnell, Frank see McConnell, Abbie Kathleen.

McIntrye, Miss see Davidson, Mrs. Charlotte.

McKennon, Margaret see Palmer, George.

McKenzie, Kenneth Castleton, s/o Thomas W. & Famischa McKenzie, died at Boston, Mass., 19 Sept., b. Welsford, NS, 14 Oct 1884, m. Mildred Roach, Margaretville.[1 Oct 1924 obituary].

McKenzie, Thomas W. & Famischa see McKenzie, Kenneth Castleton.

McLaughlin, Harry F., Mill Village, Queens Co., married at Auburn, 28 June 1924, to Dora Inez Anthony d/o Bradford Anthony, Charleston, Queens Co. [2 July 1924].

McMahon, J. Frank see Eaton, Irene.

McMasters, Mrs. Mary Louise, wid/o Robert McMasters, (Mary Louise Witherell), died at Rockville Notch, NS, 31 March 1924, age 73 years 10 months, b. Syracuse, NY, 26 May 1850. [9 April 1924 obituary].

McMasters, Robert see McMasters, Mrs. Mary Louise.

McSmall, Harry, Greenwood, married at Berwick, 3 Sept 1924, to Margaret Madeline Creamer, Aylesford. [17 Sept 1924].

Margeson, Annie see Pierce, Edwin Parker.

Margeson, L. R. see Margeson, Susie M.

Margeson, Susie M., d/o L. R. Margeson, Berwick, married at Calgary, Alta., 30 June 1924 to C. Wilbert Oxley, Calgary. [23 July 1924 write up].

Meekins, Annie, s/o James Owen Meekins, 38 years, died at Findlater, Sask., 11 July 1924. [13 Aug 1924].

Meekins, James Owen see Meekins, Annie.

Moody, Cecil Harry see Simpson, Mildred.

Moody, Eva L., d/o S. P. Moody, Berwick, married at New York City, 27 Dec 1923, to William L. Frost, Boston, Mass. [12 March 1924].

Moody, S. P. see Moody, Eva L.

Morris, Charles K. see Gesner, Gladys May.

Morse, Mrs. Lois, died at Harmony, Kings Co., 26 Sept, 80 years.[8 Oct 1924].

Morrsion, Lewis M. see Gould, Aneita M.

Morton, Rufus see Mrs. Edith Rockwell.

Norwood, Robert, s/o Rev. Dr. Robert Norwood, Philadelphia, died at Lake Rossignal, Queens Co., Thurs. [5 Nov 1924 obituary].

Murphy, Blanche see Veinotte, Alfred.

Neily, Mrs. S. E., died at North Kingston, 4 June 1924.[11 June 1924 obituary].

Nesbitt, Elizabeth see Burgess, J. Edwin.

Nichols, Isaac died at Nicholsville, 23 Feb 1924, 82 years.[5 Mar 1924 & 9 April obit].

Nichols, Mary see Magee, Henry.

Nichols, Miss see Taylor, Milton E.

Nichols, Frederick Percy, Millville, Kings Co., married at Kentville, 26 June 1924 to Sadie Wambolt, Port Medway, Queens Co. [2 July 1924 NOTE: in with death notices].

Osborne, Alex. B. see Osborne, Lawrence.

Osborne, Lawrence, s/o Alex. B. Osborne, St. John, died at St. John, NB, 3 Oct , b. Berwick, 38 years. [15 Oct 1924 obituary p.1

Outhit, John see Outhit, Mrs. Nancy.

Outhit, Mrs. Nancy, wid/o John Outhit, died at Aylesford, 16 Feb 1924, b. Bridgetown, 1836. [27 Feb 1924 obituary].

Oxley, C.. Wilbert see Margeson, Susie M.

Palmer, George s/o Thomas Palmer, died at Pleasant Valley 26 Sept 1924, b. Rockland, m.1. Margaret McKennon, Antigonish (d. 22 years ago); m2. Sophia Patterson d/o Samuel Patterson, Millville. [8 Oct 1924 obituary].

Palmer, Lloyd C., married at Aylesford, 1 Jan 1924, to Vivian May Grimm, both of Berwick. [16 Jan 1924].

Palmer, Mrs. Leander, Sarah Roop, d/o Elijah Roop, Springfield, died at Auburn, 5 Mar 1924, 81 years. [19 March 1924 obituary].

Palmer, Thomas see Palmer, George.

Parker, D. Boyd see Slocomb, Mrs. Annie.

Parker, Eunice, wid/o Abijah Pearson, died at Grafton, 17 May 1924, 70 years. [21 May 1924 obituary].

Parker, I. J. see Parker, Mary Murial Giles.

Parker, Isaac W., Somerset, died at Waterville, 3 Mar 1924, 70 years. [5 Mar 1924].

Parker, James Edward, died at Berwick, n.d., 70 (79?) years, removed from Halifax about 7 years ago. [19 Nov 1924 obituary].

Parker, Mary Muriel Giles, d/o I. J. Parker, married at Belleisle, Anna. Co., 19 Sept 1924, to Thomas Easson, Morristown. [1 Oct 1924 write up- may have been m. 1st to a Giles?].

Patterson, Charles E., Aylesford, died at Kentville, 10 Sept 1924, in 31st year. [17 September 1924 obituary].

Patterson, Samuel see Palmer, George.

Patterson, Sophia see Palmer, George.

Pearson, Abijah see Parker, Eunice.

Pettigrew, Charles, died at Springhill, 47 years, 4 Aug 1924, cave-in.[6 Aug 1924].

Pierce, Benjamin see Pierce, Edwin Parker.

Pierce, Edwin Parker, 76 years, died at Pleasant Valley, 6 Aug 1924, s/o Benjamin Pierce ; m. Annie Margeson. [13 Aug 1924 obituary].

Pineo, John E., died at Waterville, 2 Nov., 72 years.[12 Nov 1924 valuable obituary]

Pineo, Katherine E., w/o Harry Corbin, d/o R. D. Pineo, died at Waterville, 3 April 1924. [16 April 1924 obituary].

Pineo, Gilbert see Langille, Mabel Irene.

Pineo, Louise, d/o R. D. Pineo, married at Waterville, 28 Aug 1924 to Creighton H. Forsyth s/o W. G. Forsyth, Waterville. [3 Sept 1924 write up].

Pineo, Perry Dean see Barteaux, Majorie Louise.

Pineo, R. D. see Pineo, Katherine E. ; see Barteaux, Majorie Louise; see also Pineo, Louise.

Porter, Joshua see Porter, Mary Jane.

Porter, Levi A., died at Aylesford, 8 Mar 1924, 82 years. [19 Mar 1924].

Porter, Mary Jane w/o Joshua Porter, formerly of Waterville, died at Weston, 30 Dec 1923, in75th year. [16 Jan 1924 obituary].

Porter, Reuben, died at Berwick, 11st inst., 67 years.[18 June 1924 obituary].

Rafuse, Mrs. Anthony, Waterville, died at Berwick, 3 July 1924.[9 July 1924 obituary].

Rand, Albert see Kinsman, Everett.

Rand, Clara see Kinsman, Everett.

Rand, C. W. & Rachel see Dodge, Mrs. Rachel.

Rand, Rachel see Dodge, Mrs. Rachel.

Reid, Ada May see Reid, Mrs. Edwin.

Reid, Mrs. Edwin C., ( Ada May Clarke d/o Harry Clarke), died at Berwick, 30 June 1924, 37 years.[2 July 1924 see obit 9 July].

Reid, James W., died at Needham Heights, Mass., 17 Jan 1924.[30 Jan 1924 obituary].

Reid, William A. see Shaw, Mary DeWolf.

Roach, Mildred see McKenzie, Kenneth Castleton.

Robar, Cornelius s/o Zenas & Caroline Robar, died at Greenwood, 29 July 1924, 58 years, b. Lahave, Lun. Co., 13 June 1866 m. 22 June 1898 Alice Emily Tobin, Chester. [6 Aug 1924 obit].

Robar, Zenas & Caroline see Robar, Cornelius.

Robinson, William H. see Rouse, Eliza.

Rockwell, Benjamin O. see Rockwell. Mrs. Edith

Rockwell, Mrs. Edith, wid/o Benjamin O. Rockwell, d/o Rufus Morton, died at Lakeville, 3 Nov., [26 Nov 1924 obituary]

Roop, Elijah see Palmer, Mrs. Leander.

Roop, Sarah see Palmer, Mrs. Leander.

Rouse, Eliza, d/o John Rouse, w/o William H. Robinson, died at Aylesford, 11 Mar 1924, 85 years, b. Canaan, Kings Co., NS. [19 Mar 1924 obituary].

Rouse, John see Rouse, Eliza.

Rowe, Elizabeth, w/o John Rowe, died at Kingston Sta., 1 July 1924, b. England 15 Jan 1851. [9 July 1924 obituary].

Rowe, John see Rowe, Elizabeth.

Salter, Wilbur Ralph see Best, Dr. Herbert H.

Sanford, Jonathan & Melinda Woodworth Sanford see Sanford, Jonathan D.

Sanford, Jonathan D., s/o Jonathan & Melinda Woodworth Sanford, died at Kentville, 13 Jan 1924, age 89 years, b. Weston, m. Sarah Chase. [23 Jan 1924 obituary].

Saunders, Charlotte Elizabeth, d/o Stephen G. Saunders, married at Nicholsville, to Alton Roy Sturk, Morristown. [1 Oct 1924 write up].

Saunders, Stephen G. see Saunders, Charlotte Elizabeth.

Saveann, Edgar, died at Queens Co. near Northfield, Wed last, canoe overturned. [10 Sept 1924 see Double Drowning].

Sawler, Pearl see Kirkpatrick, Percy B.

Sawyer, Dr. E. W., Wolfville, died at Woodstock, Ont. [1 Oct 1924 obituary].

Scamell, Helen see Allison, Joseph.

Schurman, Mrs. Rev. Walter see Slocomb, Mrs. Annie.

Sellar, Adam Lind see Gesner, Gladys May.

Shadwell, Elizabeth see Rowe, Elizabeth.

Shaw, Dr. Carl, died at St. Kitts, BWI., 9 Aug 1924, s/o Isaac Shaw, Berwick. [27 Aug 1924 obituary].

Shaw, Isaac see Shaw, Dr. Carl.

Shaw, Mary DeWolf, d/o William M. Shaw, married at Berwick, 3 Sept 1924 to William SA. Reid, Wolfville. [10 Sept 1924 write up].

Shaw, William M. see Shaw, Mary DeWolf.

Shreve, Rev. Charles J. see Shreve, Very Rev. Richard.

Shreve, Very Rev. Richard, died at Montreal 12 Nov., b. Guysboro, s/o Rev. Charles J. Shreve. [26 Nov 1924 obituary].

Simpson, Mildred, Carr’s Brook, Col. Co., NS, married at Berwick, 12 Nov., to Cecil Harry Moody, Harborville. [19 Nov 1924].

Silver, Olive see Taylor, Everett.

Skinner, Mrs. William, (-Welsh, maiden name), died at South Berwick, Sunday, b. Lincoln, Mass., 1861 m. 1886 at South Framingham, Mass. [3 Dec 1924 obituary].

Slocomb, Mrs. Annie, died at New Bedford, Mass., Sunday past [27th ] b. Harborville, 64 years, brother, D. Boyd Parker, son, Dr. Parker Slocomb, daughter, Mrs. Dr. Frank Ellis, sister, Mrs. Rev. Walter Schurman. [30 July 1924 obituary].

Slocomb, Dr. Parker see Slocomb, Mrs. Annie.

Sly, Dr. George Johnston McNally, died at Halifax, 8 Aug 1924, b. NB, removed to Berwick 1908 m. d/o Rev. J. Edward Flewelling, Canterbury, NB. [13 Aug 1924 p.2 obituary, burial see 20 August 1924].

Sly, Victor Barret, died at Springhill, 4 Aug 1924, cave-in.[6 Aug 1924].

Small, Mrs. Ellen J., w/o William M. Small, d/o John Ellis, Sackville, Halifax Co. died at Greenwood, 15 July 1924, 95 years. [30 July 1924 see 6 August 1924 obituary].

Small, William M. see Small, Mrs. Ellen J.

Smeltzer, Evelyn, Berwick, married at Berwick, 21 Aug 1924, to Horace Yates, South Braintree, Mass., d/o Mrs. A. D. DeLong. [27 August 1924 write up].

Sommerville, Rev. R. M. see Chipman, Elizabeth.

Spinney, Almira see Spinney, Mrs. Jonathan.

Spinney, George E., died at Harmony, Kings Co., 6 May 1924, 55 years. [28 May 1924].

Spinney, Helen Lucy, married at South Greenwood, 18 June 1924, to John Newman Griffin. [25 June 1924 write up].

Spinney, Mrs. Jonathan (Almira), died at Torbrook Mines, 18 July 1924, 54 years 10 months. [20 August 1924 obituary p.1].

Spinney, Zilpha see Fancy, Mrs. Asaph.

Spicer, Capt. Edward, died at Harborville, 15 Nov., 83 years.[19 Nov 1924 obituary].

Steadman, Queenie Margaret see Lane, John Thomas.

Stephens, Hope Maretta see Drew, Aubrey Stewart.

Stevens, Mrs. Esther, died at Reidvale, Anna Co., 13th inst., 81 years. [24 Dec 1924 obit].

Sturk, Alton Roy see Saunders, Charlotte Elizabeth.

Sweeney, Mrs. John, died at Garland, 18 Nov., d/o Albert Lutz. [3 Dec 1924 obit].

Swindell, Elden A., died at Salem Hospital, 21 Nov., wid/o Susan J. Swindell s/o James A. Swindell, Burlington, NS, 51 years. [Danvers, Mass. Paper- 31 Dec 1924 Register obituary].

Swindell, James A. see Swindell, Elden A.

Swindell, Susan J. see Swindell, Elden A.

Taylor, Everett married at Waterville, 1 April 1924, to Olive Silver. [21 May 1924].

Taylor, Milton E., died at Auburn, 23 Aug 1924, 63 years, m1. Miss Nichols m2. Ella Jacques, Auburn. [27 Aug 1924 obituary].

Taylor, Spurgeon Joseph, Millville, married at Berwick, 31 Oct ., to Evelyn Mae Hiltz, Aylesford. [19 Nov 1924]

Tobin, Alice Emily see Robar, Cornelius.

Tufts, Evelyn Blanche, died at Aylesford?, 17 May 1924, d/o Gordon Tufts, Aylesford, age 9 months. [28 May 1924 obituary].

Tufts, Gordon see Tufts, Evelyn Blanche.

Tupper, Thomas Murray see Joudrey, Ella Lavinia.

Turner, David Andrew see Herget, Stella Gertrude.

Usher, William, died at Waterville, Wed past, 94 years. [3 Dec 1924 p.1 obit].

Veinotte, Alfred, Grafton, married at Berwick, 10 June 1924 to Blanche Murphy, Aylesford. [25 June 1924].

Wambolt, Sadie see Nichols, Frederick Percy.

Ward, Mrs. Aaron, died at North Alton, d/o George Alders, Lunenburg, 63 years. [30 April 1924 obituary].

Weathers, Melbourne, Welsford, died at Berwick, 16 Oct., 66 years s/o Thomas Weathers. [22 Oct 1924 obituary].

Weather, Thomas see Weathers, Melbourne.

Webster, Albert see Kinsman, Everett.

Webster, C. W. F. see Webster, Fred W.

Webster, Fred W., died at Cambridge, Monday, 52 years s/o C. W. F. Webster, Cambridge. [17 Dec 1924 obituary].

Webster, Lulu see Kinsman, Everett.

West, Asaph, died at Black Rock, 11 Dec 1923, in 96th year. [2 Jan 1923].

White, Hannah, w/o John H. White, d/o George Bezanson, Garland, died at Garland, 29 Jan 1924. [6 Feb 1924 obituary].

White, J. Foreman, died at Dartmouth, 18 May 1924, formerly of Canady Creek, 65 years.[21 May 1924 see also 4 June 1924].

White, John H. see White, Hannah.

Whitman, Lionel Roy see McConnell, Abbie Kathleen.

Witherell, Mary Louise see McMasters, Mrs. Mary Louise.

Woodworth, Burpee, s/o Richard & Susan Woodworth, b. 11 Mar 1846, died at Berwick, 3 Mar 1924, 78 years. [5 March 1924 obituary see 12 March 1924 Register].

Woodworth, Melinda see Sanford, Jonathan D.

Woollard, Elsie Lilah see Young, William Vaughan.

Yates, Rev. Frank see MacNeil, Anna Willard.

Yates, Horace see Smeltzer, Evelyn.

Young, William Vaughan, Waterville, married at Yarmouth, 2 Oct., to Elsie Lilah Woollard, South Ohio, NS.[22 Oct 1924 p.1 write up].


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