Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1922

The Register, Berwick, Kings County, Nova Scotia

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Abbott, Frank W. s/o Rev. John Abbott, died at Liverpool, NS, formerly of Berwick. [1 Nov 1922 p.5 obituary].

Abbott, Rev. John see Abbott, Frank, W.

Addy, Rev. John S. see Sponagle, Mrs. Mary.

Addy, Mary see Sponagle, Mrs. Mary.

Alcorn, Jean, w/o Edward Hart, d/o Stewart Alcorn, and Hattie Eaton, died at Berwick, ‘Sat past, age 22 years ; m. 1920; granddaughter Rev. Wm. Alcorn.[13 Sept 1922 obituary].

Alcorn, Stewart see Alcorn, Jean.

Alcorn, Rev. William see Alcorn, Jean.

Anderson, Ruby M., died at Lakeville, 9 Jan 1922, age 87 years.[11 Jan 1922].

Armstrong, Sutton, died at Burlington, Kings Co., 3 Apr 1922,.[26 Apr 1922 obituary].

Baltzer, Charles McRae see Nixon, Flossie Helena.

Banks, Floyd C. see MacNeill, Sadie R.

Barkhouse, George see Barkhouse, Mrs. Sophia.

Barkhouse, Mrs. Sophia, wid/o George Barkhouse, died at Lakeview, Kings Co., 1 June 1922, age 80 years. [14 June 1922 obituary].

Barkhouse, Pearlie, born to at Dalhousie East, 9 Apr 1922, a son.[19 April 1922].

Barkhouse, William Emerson, died at Kinsman’s Corner, 27 Mar 1922, 17 years. [29 March 19122].

Barteaux, David see Barteaux, James E.

Barteaux, James E., s/o David Barteaux, Somerset, died at Roxbury, Mass., 2 Aug 1922. [16 August 1922].

Beardsley, Roy Havelock, Berwick, married at Halifax [?], to Elizabeth Margaret McLeod, d/o J. S. McLeod, Preston St. [Halifax Evening Mail 2 Jan 1922 Register 11 Jan 1922 write up p.1].

Beals, Frances Pauline see Beals, Milton.

Beals, Milton, born to at Factorydale, Kings Co., 5 Feb 1922, a daughter (Frances Pauline).

Bennett, Clyde Arthur, married at Scotts Bay, 15 July 1922, to Frances E. Ward, of St. John, NB. [19 July 1922].

Bennett, Eliza see Outram, Lydia Farnsworth.

Bennett, John see Outram, Lydia Farnsworth.

Bennett, Lydia Farnsworth see Outram, Lydia Farnsworth.

Bent, Martin, died at Harborville, 23 May 1922, 80 years.[31 May 1922 obituary].

Bent, Oscar, born to at Kentville, 10 Jan 1922, a son (Percy Oscar). [18 Jan 1922].

Bent, Percy Oscar see Bent, Oscar.

Best, Aubrey see Best, Clyde Burpee.

Best, Carrie Louisa, married at Wollaston, Mass., 29 Dec 1921, to Dr. Ernest Ustick Buckman. [4 Jan 1922 write up].

Best, Clyde Burpee, inf/s/o Aubrey Best, died at Waterville, 26 Sept 1922, 2 years 10 months. [4 Oct 1922 obituary].

Best, C. Milton, born to at Cambridge, 4 Dec 1921, a son. (stillborn). [11 Jan 1922].

Best, Edna see Best, Flora Adella.

Best, Flora Adella, d/o Dr. Fred & Edna Best, Somerset, married at Somerset, 8 Feb 1922 to John Hector Calder. [15 Feb 1922 write up].

Best, Dr. Fred see Best, Flora Adella.

Bezanson, George see Bezanson, Gilford.

Bezanson, Leona d/o Thomas Bezanson, married at Cambridge, 28 Dec 1921, to Henry A. _____, of Walton, Hants Co., NS [torn corner page].[11 Jan 1922].

Bezanson, Gilford, died the 12th , at Garland, s/o George Bezanson, about 60 years, m. Bertha Parker. [17 May 1922 obituary].

Bezanson, Thomas see Bezanson, Leona.

Bezanson, Pansy Gertrude see Bezanson, Stephen.

Bezanson, Stephen, born to at Berwick, 22 Dec 1921, a daughter (Pansy Gertrude). [4 Jan 1921].

Bishop, Miss Adelaide, died at Somerville, Mass., 21 May 1922, b. Aylesford, d/o David Bishop & Jane Graves. [21 June 1922 long obituary].

Bishop, David see Bishop, Miss Adelaide.

Borden, Gladys R. see Gardner, John D.

Brechin, Cassie Lillian see Pelton, Roy Elmore.

Brown, George Craft, died at Burlington, 28 Dec 1921, age 79 years.[25 Jan 1922 obit].

Brown, Leland Wesley S., married at Rockland, 16 Dec 1922, to Irene Idella Hiltz, Aylesford. [27 Dec 1922].

Brown, Lemuel, born to at Harborville, 22 Jan 1922, a daughter.[8 Jan 1922].

Bryden, F. A., born to at Somerset, 8 Apr 1922, a son (Francis Samuel).[10 May 1922].

Bryden, Francis Samuel see Bryden, F. A.

Buckman, Dr. Ernest Ustick see Best, Carrie Louisa.

Burbidge, Harry R., of Bickerton, married at Auburn, 19 Apr 1922, to Beatrice May Phinney d/o Eugene Phinney, Melvern Square, Annapolis Co., NS.[3 May 1922].

Burgess, Roland, s/o Scott Burgess, died at Lakeville, 1 July 1922, 24 years. [12 July 1922 obituary].

Burgess, Scott see Burgess, Roland.

Calder, John Hector see Best, Flora Adella.

Cann, Edward B., see Cann, Elizabeth.

Cann, Elizabeth w/o Edward B. Cann, died at Yarmouth [?], ‘yesterday.[11 Jan 1922 Register from Yarmouth Herald 2 Jan 1922 write up ].

Charlton, Mrs. Delia see Neily, Eri W.

Chisholm, Perley, born to at Berwick, 25 Oct 1922, a daughter.[25 Oct 1922].

Chute, C. Earl, born to at Waterville, 14 Nov 1922, a daughter.[22 Nov 1922].

Chute, F. M. see Chute, Laura B.

Chute, Laura B., w/o F. M. Chute, died at Waterville, 5 Sept 1922, 62 years.[13 Sept 1922 see also 20 Sept 1922 obituary].

Chute, Robert Elmer see Chute, Vernon E.

Chute, Vernon E., born to at Toronto, Ont., 10 Mar 1922, a son. [Robert Elmer). [15 March 1922].

Clark, Adelaide LaMoreaux, wid/o F. A. Clark, died at home of her daughter, Mrs. (Rev.) P. R. Hayden, age 83 years b. St. john, NB, 29 July 1829.[29 Oct 1922 obituary].

Clark, Edward Blake, Roseberry, BC, born to at Nelson, BC, 1 July 1922, a daughter ( Janet Burrill). [26 July 1922]. Clark, F. A. see Clark, Adelaide LaMoreaux.

Clark, Janet Burrill see Clark, Edward Blake.

Clark, John H., born to at Grafton, 20 May 1922, a daughter.[31 May 1922].

Clem, Allen see Clem, William Henry.

Clem, William Henry, died at Petersham, [Mass.?], 22 Mar 1922, age 74 years, 8 months 10 days ; b. Harborville, NS, s/o Allen Clem and Mary A. Gould [Athol (Mass) Transcript [Register 19 April 1922]

Cochrane, Hilda Grace see Parker, Hilda Grace.

Cochrane, James see Parker, Hilda Grace.

Cogswell, Abner see Cogswell, Mrs. Louisa.

Cogswell, Clayton C. see Cogswell, Jennie Muriel.

Cogswell, Jennie Muriel, d/o Clayton C. Cogswell, married at Kentville, 16 Aug 1922, to Robert FitzRandolph Newcombe, s/o Newton Newcombe, Belcher St. [23 Aug 1922 write up].

Cogswell, Mrs. Louisa, w/o Abner Cogswell, died at Morristown, 23 Sept 1922, 88 years. [4 Oct 1922 obituary].

Coleman, Mary Grace, w/o James Coleman, Waterville, died at Yarmouth Hospital, 20 May 1922, age 43 years. [24 May 1922].

Coleman, Lewis, born to at Grafton, 4 Apr 1922, a daughter.[12 April 1922].

Collins, Caleb Milton see Collins, James.

Collins, Donald St. Clair see Collins, Millage.

Collins, James, born to at Nicholsville, Kings Co., 15 Apr 1922, a son.(Caleb Milton). [26 April 19122].

Collins, Millage, born to at Nicholsville, 17 Jan 1922, a son (Donald St. Clair). [15 Feb 1922].

Connors, G. H., born to at South Berwick, 31 Dec 1921, a daughter. [25 Jan 1922].

Cook, Kenneth Sutherland, married at Greenwood, 8 Nov 1922, to Bessie Vonette Spinney, d/o Chipman L. Spinney, Greenwood. [15 Nov 1922 write up + notice].

Corkum, Brenton, born to at Berwick, 3 Mar 1922, a son.[15 Mar 1922].

Corkum, Perley E., born to at North River, Kings Co., 1 Nov 1922, a daughter (Selena Viola). [15 Nov 1922].

Corkum, Selena Viola see Corkum, Perley E.

Cox, Edwin see Cox, Henry.

Cox, Eunice E. d/o James & Susan Eaton, w/o Joseph Cox, formerly of Medford, Kings Co., died at Aylesford, 30 Jan 1922. [22 Feb 1922 obituary].

Cox, Henry, Waltham, Mass., died at Kings Memorial Hospital, Sunday morning, s/o Edwin Cox, Aylesford, about 45 years. [4 Oct 1922 obituary].

Cox, Joseph see Cox, Eunice E.

Craig, Mary Z., d/o Wm. A. Craig, of Bridgetown, died at Calgary, 14 Dec 1921, age 33 years. [18 Jan 1922 obituary ].

Craig, Wm. A. see Craig, Mary Z.

Creighton, Roy H. see Spinney, Ora Louise.

Croft, James Whitman, Falmouth, NS, married at Millville, 28 June 1922, to Ellen Albina Palmer, d/o George Palmer, Millville.[5 July 1922 write up p.4].

Crouse, Twining see Sarty, Alice.

Crossland, Stanley, born to at Dalhousie East, 11 Mar 1922, a daughter.[15 Mar 1922].

DeAdder, Nancy Mary, married at Berwick, 13 Jan 1922, to Robert Ralph McDow, both of Waterville. [18 Jan 1922].

DeEll, Alexander see Kelly, Mrs. Harriett Alexandria.

Demspey, George, died at Billtown, 1 Aug 1922, 59 years.[9 Aug 1922 obituary].

Dempsey, Verna Evelyn, d/o Wallace Dempsey, Auburn, NS, married at St John, NB, 25 May 1922, to Thomas Benjamin Wilson, s/o Charlotte Wilson.[31 May 1922 write up].

Dempsey, Wallace see Dempsey, Verna Evelyn.

Dennison, Wilton Langille, married at South Berwick, 28 June 19122, to Eloise Minnie Rood, d/o Capt. E. C. Rood.[5 July 1922 write up].

Dewis, Antionette see Shaw, Mark Bailey

Dodge, Harold Ruggles see Rockefeller, Vera Frances.

Dodge, J. L. see Rockefeller, Vera Frances.

Dunham, O. S., died at Bridgetown, 3 Feb 1922. [8 Feb 1922 obituary].

Durling, Lloyd, born to at South Berwick, 8 Jan 1922, a son. [11 Jan 1922].

Durno, John, born to at Cambridge Sta., NS, 19 Feb 1922, a daughter.[22 Feb 19122].

Eaton, Edward, died at Kingston, 21st , age 86 years s/o Elisha Eaton.[31 May 1922 obit].

Eaton, Elisha see Eaton, Edward.

Eaton, Eunice E. see Cox, Eunice E.

Eaton, Hattie see Alcorn, Jean.

Eaton, James see Cox, Eunice E.

Eaton, Leander see Wright, Charles H.

Eaton, Mary S. see Wright, Charles H.

Eaton, Susan see Cox, Eunice E.

Eisner, Robie L., born to at Grafton, 26 May 1922, a daughter. [31 May 1922].

Elliott, E. Stewart, (Lavinia Webster) born to at Clarence, Anna. Co., NS, 11 Apr 1922, a daughter (Rosella Marie).[26 April 1922].

Elliott, Rosella Marie see Elliott, E. Stewart.

England, Rev. Eben E., died at Digby, Wed last, ;int. Wolfville.[31 May 1922 obituary].

Ewing, Warren P., Millville, married at Auburn, 20 Dec 1922, to Lottie Mae Potter, d/o Milton Potter.[27 Dec 1922].

Fancy, Alma see Oicle, Fred.

Fancy, Eldred, died at Berwick, 3 Mar 1922 age 68 years.[8 Mar 1922 obituary].

Fancy, George, born to at Morristown, 24 July 1922, a daughter (Georgie Pauline).

Fancy, Georgie Pauline see Fancy, George.

Feener, Benjamin see Pearl, Emma N.

Feener, Emma N. see Pearl, Emma N.

Finch, Edward see Rand, Silas R.

Fluck, Henry Palmeter see Fluck, George.

Fluck, George, born to at Medford, 28 Jan 1922, a son.[Frederick Palmeter].

Foote, C. Perry, born to at Woodville, 4 Jan 1912, a son (Frank Perry).[18 Jan 1922].

Foote, Frank Perry see Foote, C. Perry.

Foster, Agatha Mae, d/o Henry L. Foster, married at Aylesford, 1 Feb 1922, to J. Donald McKay, Roseway, Shelburne Co., NS. [8 Feb 1922 write up].

Foster, Henry L. see Foster, Agatha Mae.

Foster, James, North Kingston, born to at Greenwood Square, 20 Aug 1922, a son. [23 Aug 1922].

Foster, Zebina, Greenwood Square, died 2 May 1922, m. Maude Woodbury. [10 May 1922 obituary + notice].

Franey, Melbourne, born to at Weston, Kings Co., 24 Feb 1922, a son.[8 Mar 1922].

Fraser, James, born to at Clinton, Mass., 2 June 1922, a son (James Perry).[21 June 1922].

Fraser, James Perry see Fraser, James.

Fraser, L. O., died at Kamloops, BC, 30 July 1922, native of Canady Creek ; drowned along with a son and daughter. [23 Aug 1922 see Canady Creek column + obituary].

Freeman, Lottie B. see Lyons, Maxwell T.

Gardner, John D., Malden, Mass., married at West Medford, Mass., 4 Sept 19122, to Gladys R. Borden, Berwick. [13 Sept 1922].

Gates, George H. see Gates, John Emery.

Gates, John Emery, s/o George H. Gates, died at Port Williams, 26 Jan 1922, age 13 years 3 months.[8 Feb 1922 obituary].

Gaul, A. L., born to at Dalhousie East, 20 May 1922, a daughter.[31 May 1922].

Gaul, Cecelia, w/o Lawrence Gaul, died Dalhousie East, 8 Aug 1922, 72 years.[16 Aug 1922]

Gaul, Lawrence see Matthews, Cecelia.

Gilbert, A. G., born to at Berwick, 16 Dec 1922, a daughter.[20 Dec 1922].

Gould, George E., born to at Lakeville, n.d., a daughter (Vera Madeline).[8 Mar 1922].

Gould, Mary A. see Clem, William Henry.

Gould, Vera Madeline see Gould, George E.

Graves, Jane see Bishop, Miss Adelaide.

Gray, Flora, died North Kemptville, fire, 30 miles north of Yarmouth, age 19 years. [6 September 1922 p.1].

Griffin, Grace Lillian, d/o C. W. Tupper, married at Coldbrook, 31 Aug 1922, to Kenneth William MacLeod, of Sydney.[6 Sept 1922 write up].

Hale, Mrs. Margaret, died at Brooklyn St., 29 Aug 1922, 93 years 9 months. [6 Sept 1922 obituary].

Hale, Stanley, born to at Brooklyn St., 27 Sept 1922, a daughter.[4 Oct 1922].

Hannifan, Josephine, d/o Thomas Hannifan, Rockland, died at Halifax, 22 Feb 1922, age 15 years. [1 Mar 1922 obituary].

Hannifan, Thomas see Hannifan, Josephine.

Harris, F. E. see Outhit, Richard W.

Harris, Richard W. see Outhit, Helen M.

Hart, Edward see Alcorn, Jean.

Hart, E. G., born to at Berwick, 13 April 1922, a daughter. [19 April 1922].

Hartling, George, died at Claremont Corner, (near Auburn), 6 Aug 1922, ; b. Hartling’s Island, Mitchell Mitchell Bay, Halifax Co., 6 Aug 1842, age 80 years; m1. Sarah Elizabeth Smith, Neaum Teueh, Halifax Co., NS who d. 1877; m2. Mary Salisbury, River John, Picton [sic] Co., NS. [16 Aug 1922 obituary].

Hawkins, Merton E. see Margeson, Dorothy.

Hayden, Catherine Barris see Hayden, Rev. P. R.

Hayden, Rev. P. R., born to at Berwick, 12 Apr 1922, a daughter (Catherine Barris). [26 April 1922].

Hayden, Rev. P. R. see Clark, Adelaide LaMoreaux.

Hazelwood, Carmen Lewis see Hazelwood, Roy P.

Hazelwood, Roy P., born to at Somerset, 13 Nov 1922, a son (Carmen Lewis). [6 Dec 1922].

Hepburn, Robert B. see Pineo, Gertrude.

Hoyt, Laura see Pineo, W. W.

Hoyt, Neil see Pineo, W. W.

Hudgins, Celia A. see Stephenson, Celia A.

Hudgins, Ezekiel see Stephenson, Celia A.

Huntley, Myrtle Olevia, d/o Thomas P. Huntley, married at Berwick, 4 May 1922, to Levi R. Owen. [10 May 1922 write up].

Hutt, Lester, born to at Grafton, 5 Nov 1922, a son. [15 Nov 1922].

Illsley, Alice Lamont see Illlsey, Eyre V.

Illsley, Emerson, born to at Billtown, 1 June 1922, a son (Glen Jackson).[14 June 1922].

Illsley, Eyre V., born to at Kinsman’s Corner, 5 July 1922, a daughter (Alice Lamont). [26 July 1926].

Illsley, Glen Jackson see Illsley, Emerson.

Isherwood, Thomas, (Leota Foster), born to at Saskatoon, Sask., 16 May 1922, a son. [31 May 1922].

Jackson, Martha see Rand, Arthur Bruce.

James, Mabel Marie see James, Norman.

James, Norman, Auburndale, Mass., born to at Newton, Mass., 17 Aug 1922, a daughter (Mabel Marie). [[13 Sept 1922].

Jefferson, May V. see Lowe, Clarence R.

Jones, Hallett, born to at Windermere, a daughter. [n. date. 8 Feb 1922].

Jutres, Mrs. Arthur, (formerly Mrs. Leonard Carty, Grafton), died at Danvers, Mass., 28 Feb 1922.[29 Mar 1922 obituary].

Kaulback, Fred, born to at Lakeview, Kings Co., 2 Mar 9122, a son. [8 Mar 1922].

Kelly, Lemuel G. see Kelly, Mary.

Keddy, Aubrey, Millville, died 31 July 1922, 57 years.[30 Aug 1922 obituary + notice].

Kelly, Mary, w/o Lemuel G. Kelly, d/o David Woodworth, died at Berwick, 12 July 1922 age 35 years. [19 July 1922 obituary].

Kelly, Mrs. Harriett Alexandria, d/o Alexander DeEll, Berwick, married at Somerville, Mass., 11 July 1922, to George Franklin Stanwood.[19 July 1922].

Kelly, L. G., born to at South Berwick, 16 June 1922, a daughter.[21 June 1922].

Kennedy, Dorothy May see Kennedy, James L.

Kennedy, James L., born to at Berwick, 11 May 1922, a daughter.(Dorothy May). [17 May 1922].

Kinsman, George see Kinsman, Marion E.

Kinsman, Marion E., d/o George Kinsman, Billtown, married at Melfort, Sask., 6 Dec 1922, to G. M. Landeen, formerly of Oregon, now of Melford. [20 Dec 1922].

Kinsman, William N., born to at Grafton, 27 Nov 1922, a daughter.[29 Nov 1922].

Kirkpatrick, George see Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Rebecca.

Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Rebecca, w/o George Kirkpatrick, Morden, died at Morden, 9th inst., about 68 years, b. Sackville, NB. [15 Mar 1922 obituary].

Landeen, G. M. see Kinsman, Marion E.

Lawson, Thomas see Pineo, Gertrude.

Lee, Joseph A., Woodworth Road, died; funeral 24 April 1922.[3 May 1922 obituary].

Legge, Annie, w/o A. Judson Legge, died at New Ross, 28 Jan 1922, in 63rd year. [22 Feb 1922 obituary].

Legge, A. Judson see Legge, Annie.

Lloyd, Thelma Geneva see Ray, Harold E.

Lonergan, Douglas, born to at Dalhousie East, 24 May 1922, a daughter.[31 May 1922].

Loomer, Charles ( & Hannah), see Loomer, Rupert.

Loomer, Rupert, died at East Elmhurst, Long Island, New York, s/o Charles ( & Hannah) Loomer, 59 years.[Easter Sunday ; Register 31 May 1922 obituary].

Lowe, Clarence R., Millville, married at Auburn, 12 Jan 1922, to May V. Jefferson, of Grafton. [25 Jan 1922].

Lutz, Manford Vernon, Millville, married at Auburn 9 Feb 1922 to Jennie Lenora Orpin, Millville. [15 Feb 1922].

Lyons, Anna Martha see McFall, Anna Martha (Lyons).

Lyons, Allen, born to at Berwick, 8 Jan 1922, a son. [11 Jan 1922].

Lyons, Maxwell T., Waterville, married at North Kingston, 22 Feb 1922 to Lottie B. Freeman, North Kingston. [1 March 1922].

MacLeod, Kenneth William see Griffin, Grace Lillian.

MacMahon, Bettie Jean see MacMahon, H. Keith.

MacMahon, Francis, born to at Windermere, 10 Jan 1922, a son. [11 Jan 1922].

MacMahon, H. Keith, born to at Waterville, 10 Sept 1922, a daughter (Bettie Jean). [13 September 1922].

MacNeill, C. B. see MacNeill, Sadie R.

MacNeill, Sadie R., d/o C. B. MacNeill, married at North Range, Digby Co., 2 Aug 1922 to Floyd C. Banks, of Paradise. [16 Aug 1922 write up].

Magee, Allsion E., born to at Auburn, 1 Feb 1922, a son (Willis? Robert).[8 Fen 1922].

Magee, Archibald S., see Spinney, Daisy P.

Magee, Willis? Robert see Magee, Allison F.

Mahar, E. K., born to at Mount Denson, Hants Co., a son (Kenneth LeRoy).[11 Oct 1922].

Mahar, Kenneth LeRoy see Mahar, E. K.

Margeson, Dorothy, d/o LeBaron Margeson, now of Gilmanto, NH, formerly of Grafton, married at Lanconia, NH, 27 Dec 1921, to Merton E. Hawkins, Lanconia, NH. [Lanconia (NH) News- The Register, 1 Feb 1922].

Margeson, Isaac Reagh, a native of Tremont, died at New York City, 17 Feb 1922, age 80 years; wife , Mary Price of St. John, NB.[8 Mar 1922 obituary].

Margeson, LeBaron see Margeson, Dorothy.

Margeson, Mary Evelyn see Margeson, M. W.

Margeson, M. W., born to at Port Hood, CB, 4 Feb 1922, a daughter (Mary Evelyn). [22 February 1922].

Matthews, Carl, born to at Berwick, a daughter, 27 Aug 1922.[13 Sept 1922].

Matthews, Cecelia, w/o Lawrence Gaul, died at Dalhousie East, 8 Aug 1922, 72 years. [30 August 1922 obituary].

McAlpine, Robert see McKee, Mrs. Ethel.

McClare, Annie Sophia relict of Josiah McClare, Arlington, Mass., died at Auburn, Kings Co., NS 18 Mar 1922, age 81 years.[5 April 1922 obituary].

McClare, Josiah see McClare Annie Sophia.

McDonald, Mrs. Donald, w/o ‘Sandy’ McDonald, died at Harbor View, Inverness, fire. [13 Dec 1922].

McDougall, Charles Peter see McDougall, Peter.

McDougall, Peter, born to at Morristown, 10 Nov 1922, a son (Charles Peter). [29 Nov 1922].

McDow, Robert Ralph see DeAdder, Nancy Mary.

McFall, Anna Martha (Lyons), w/o Rev. Thomas McFall, died at Somerset, 28 Nov 1922. [29 Nov 1922].

McFall, Rev. Thomas see McFall, Anna Martha (Lyons).

McKay, J. Donald see Foster, Agatha Mae.

McKee, Mrs. Ethel, d/o J. Shannon Morse, Mount Denson, married at Mount Denson, 3 Sept. 1922, to Robert McAlpine, Halifax. [20 Sept 1922 *see 8 Nov. p.1 name is R.T. LePine for McAlpine write up in 8 Nov issue].

McKinley, George see Raney [Ramey?], Bessie Ellen.

McLeod, Elizabeth Margaret see Beardsley, Roy Havelock.

McLeod, J. S. see Beardsley, Roy Havelock.

Meldrum, Alda, w/o W. O. Meldrum, in 38th year, d/o Thomas Wagner.[13 Dec 1922 obit].

Meldrum, W. O. see Meldrum, Alda.

Merry, James M. see Parker, Lottie.

Miller, George G., died at Berwick, 2 Apr 1922, age 65 years.[5 April 1922 obituary].

Miner, Harold C. see Wallace, Della Eloise.

Morrisey, Mary see Ross, William C.

Morse, Ethel see McKee, Mrs. Ethel.

Morse, J. Shannon see McKee, Mrs. Ethel.

Murphy, Arthur, born to at Berwick, 25 Oct 1922, a daughter (Hester Victoria). [15 Nov 1922.

Murphy, Hester Victoria see Murphy, Arthur.

Murphy, James, born to at Berwick, 21 June 1922, a son. [28 June 1922].

Nash, Frederick Miller, born to at Rockland, Kings Co., 7 Mar 1922, a daughter.[8 Mar 1922].

Neily, Eri W., married at Torbrook Mines, 9 Dec 1922, at home of Spurgeon R. Neily, to Mrs. Delia Charlton, both of Torbrook Mines. [20 Dec 1922 notice + ].

Neily, L. O., died at Aylesford, 10 July 1922, age 73 years.[12 July 1922 obit 19 July].

Nesbitt, Hugh McK., born to at Tompkins, Sask., 14 May 1922, a son. [17 May 1922]

Newcombe, Newton see Cogswell, Jennie Muriel.

Newcombe, Robert FitzRandolph see Cogswell, Jennie Muriel.

Nixon, Flossie Helena, Weston, married at Waterville, 16 Oct 1922, to Charles McRae Baltzer, Berwick. [18 Oct 1922 notice].

Nixon, John George, of Garland, died at Berwick, Sat last, 85 years.[18 Oct 1922 obituary]

Ogilvie, Isaiah, died at Burlington, 10 Jan 1922. [1 Feb 1922 obituary].

Oicle, Fred, married at New Ross, 1 Feb 1922 to Alma Fancy, both of Dalhousie East. [8 Feb 1922].

O’Neill, Frederick C., born to at Harborville, 3 Dec 1922, a daughter.[6 Dec 1922].

Orr, Mary see Savage, Mrs. J. Harvey.

Osborne, Mrs. Lydia, died at Waterville, 10 Feb 1922, wid/o Sydney Osborne, b. Bridgetown 18 May 1833 m. 1871. [15 Feb 1922 obituary].

Osborne, Sydney see Osborne, Mrs. Lydia.

Orpin, Jennie Lenora see Lutz, Manford Vernon.

Outhit, Helen M., d/o J. F. Outhit, married at Aylesford, 24 Oct 1922, to Richard W. Harris s/o F. E. Harris, Aylesford. [1 Nov 1922 write up p.2].

Outhit, J. F. see Outhit, Helen M.

Outram, Mrs. Lydia Farnsworth, d/o John & Eliza Bennett, Morden, died at Aylesford, 31 Jan 1922, 42 years, 8 months.[15 Feb 1922 obituary].

Owen, William G. see Phinney, Georgina.

Ozias, Helen Harley, of Quakertown, Pennsylvania, married to George A. Saxon. [30 August 1922 ; half brother in Berwick, L. H. Benjamin + others; write up].

Palmer, Ellen Albina see Croft, James Whitman.

Palmer, George see Croft, James Whitman.

Palmer, George see Pierce, William Edwin.

Palmer, Gerald Neilson see Palmer, Miles S.

Palmer, Miles S., born to at Somerset, 11 July 1922, a son.(Gerald Neilson).[26 July 1922]

Palmer, Minetta see Parrish, Minetta.

Palmer, Sadie Katherine, d/o George Palmer, Millville, married at Millville, 8 Nov 1922, to William Edwin Pierce, Pleasant Valley.[15 Nov 1922 write up see Register 22 Nov].

Palmer, Thomas R. see Parrish, Minetta.

Parker, Ada see Parker, Frank.

Parker, Frank, died at New Glasgow, 26 Jan 1922, s/o late Dr. Fred & Ada Parker, New Glasgow, age 28 years. [8 Feb 1922 see Harborville column].

Parker, Dr. Fred see Parker, Frank.

Parker, Frederick John see Parker, Hilda Grace.

Parker, Hilda Grace, w/o Frederick John Parker, d/o James Cochrane, died at Aylesford, 21 Jan 1922, age under 24 years. [1 Feb 1922 obituary].

Parker, Lottie, Wilmot, married at Greenwood Square, 12 July 1922 to James M. Merry. [19 July 1922].

Parks, Albert James, married at Auburn, 12 Apr 1922, to Rossie M. Warner, both of Victoria Harbor. [19 April 1922].

Parrish, Foster see Parrish, Minetta.

Parrish, Minetta, wid/o Foster Parrish, d/o Thomas R. Palmer, died at Rockland, Kings Co., 16 April 1922, age 69 years.[26 April 1922 obituary].

Pearl, Emma N., w/o James E,. Pearl, died at Berwick, 15 Jan 1922, d/o Benjamin Feener, Bridgetown, age 63 years. [25 Jan 1922 obituary].

Pearl, James E. see Pearl, Emma N.

Pelton, Roy Elmore, Berwick, married at Kentville, 21 June 1922 to Cassie Lillian Brechin, Upper Canard.[28 June 1922 write up see also 5 July 1922].

Phinney, Beatrice May see Burbidge, Harry R.

Phinney, Eugene see Burbidge, Harry R.

Phinney, Georgina, d/o Robert I. Phinney, married at Middleton, 22 Nov 1922, to William G. Owen, Berwick. [29 Nov 1922 write up].

Phinney, Robert I. see Phinney, Georgina.

Pierce, William Edwin see Palmer, Sadie Katherine.

Pineo, Gertrude, d/o Thomas Lawson, married at Grafton, 14 Dec 1922 to Robert B. Hepburn, Orkney, Scotland. [20 Dec 1922].

Pineo, Henry Herbert Vaughan see Pineo, Kenneth L.

Pineo, Kenneth L., born to at Kentville, 24 May 1922, a son (Henry Herbert Vaughan). [31 May 1922].

Pineo, Mrs. Isaiah S., died at Waterville, 18th inst, age 90 years.[15 Mar 1922 obituary].

Pineo, Wm. Welsford, died at Waterville, 10 Nov 1922, 64 years.[15 Nov 1922].

Pineo, W. W., died at Waterville, Friday last, b. Waterville, Sept 1858, m. Oct 1884, Laura Hoyt, d/o Neil Hoyt, St. John, NB. [15 Nov 922 long write up , obituary].

Porter, John see Porter, Mrs. Mary.

Porter, Mrs. Mary, wid/o John Porter, died at Auburn, 2 May 1922, 93 years. [17 May 1922 obituary].

Potter, Bessie E., d/o J. Milton Potter, 18 years, died at Aylesford, 1 Oct 1922.[18 Oct 1922 obituary].

Potter, Lottie Mae see Ewing, Warren P.

Potter, Milton see Ewing, Warren P.

Potter, J. Milton see Potter, Bessie E.

Power, Grant see Stewart, Annie Carmichael.

Power, Howard, born to at Waterville, 26 Feb 1922, a daughter. [1 Mar 1922].

Price, Mary see Margeson, Isaac Reagh.

Prime, Albert, born to at Harmony, Kings Co., 30 Mar 1922, a son.[5 Apr 1922].

Rafuse, Gladys Mary see Rafuse, Rupert.

Rafuse, Rupert, born to at Grafton, Kings Co., 15 Sept 1922, a daughter (Gladys Mary). [11 Oct 1922].

Rand, Arthur Bruce, Lr. Church St., died 25 Apr 1922, 71 years; m. Martha Jackson. [24 May 1922 obituary].

Rand, Dr. Frederick A., Parrsboro, died Tues last week, at Parrsboro, s/o William Rand, of Canning; m. a Miss Rice, of Bear River.[3 May 1922 obituary].

Rand, Silas R., died at Cambridge, Kings Co., NS, 16 Sept 1922, 79 years ; his widow was the d/o Edward Finch. [4 Oct 1922 obituary].

Rand, William see Rand, Dr. Frederick A.

Raney [Ramey?], Bessie Ellen, d/o Mr. & Mrs. Raney [Ramey?], married at Berwick, 27 Dec 1921, to George McKinley. [11 Jan 1922 write up].

Rawding, Alta Pearl see Rawding, Charles.

Rawding, Charles, born to at Black Rock, 24 Dec 1922, a daughter. (Alta Pearl).[27 Dec 1922]

Rawding, Thomas P., born to at Waterville, 18 Apr 1922, a son. [10 May 1922].

Ray, Harold E., Berwick, married at Kentville, 4 Aug 1922, to Thelma Geneva Lloyd, Waterville. [16 Aug 1922].

Reid, Mrs. Augusta, wid/o Henry S. Reid, Canaan, Kings Co., NS, died at Somerset, 15 Dec 1922, 82 years. [20 Dec 1922 obituary see Register 27 Dec 1922].

Reid, Henry S. see Reid, Mrs. Augusta.

Rice, Miss see Rand, Dr. Frederick A.

Rippey, James Rex see Sullis, Alice May.

Rockefeller, Vera Frances, d/o F. E. Rockefeller, Halifax, married at Hantsport, 23 Jan 1922, to Harold Ruggles Dodge, s/o J. L. Dodge, Aylesford. [1 Feb 1922 write up].

Rockefeller, F. E. see Rockefeller, Vera Frances.

Rood, Eloise Minnie see Dennison, Wilton Langille.

Rood, Capt. E. C. see Dennison, Wilton Langille.

Rood, J. G., born to at Berwick, 25 Mar 19122, a daughter. [29 Mar 19122].

Ross, William C., Weston, married at Aylesford, 9 Sept 1922, to Mary Morrisey, of Bristol, England. [13 Sept 1922 write up].

Russell, Frances Margaret see Russell, Henry A.

Russell, Henry A., born to at Amherst Pte., 3 Oct 1922, a daughter (Frances Margaret). [11 October 1922].

Ryan, Lt. Col. J. W. died at Kentville. [27 Dec 1922].

Salisbury, Mary see Hartling, George.

Salter, Murray Earle see Salter, P. R.

Salter, P. R., born to at Berwick, 19 Apr 1922, a son (Murray Earle).[17 May 1922].

Sanford, E. A., Weston, born to at Berwick, 4 Aug 1922, a daughter ( Marion Elizabeth). [30 Aug 1922]

Sanford, Marion Elizabeth see Sanford, E. A.

Sanford, Mrs. Wilson, died at Billtown, 19 Nov 1922, 64 years.[29 Nov 1922].

Sarty, Alice, North River, Lun. Co., NS, married at Bridgewater, 17 July 1922 to Twining Crouse, Cherryfield. [30 Aug 1922].

Saunders, Charles, born to at Berwick, 19 Mar 1922, a son. (Douglas LaMont).[5 Apr 1922].

Saunders, Douglas LaMont, see Saunders, Charles.

Saunders, May Elizabeth see Saunders, Vernon L.

Saunders, Vernon L., born to at Banff, Alberta, 13 Apr 1922, a daughter.(May Elizabeth). [26 April 1922]

Saunders, William S., died at Canady Creek, 12 Jan 1922. [25 Jan 1922 obituary].

Savage, F. A., born to at Berwick, 25 Dec 1921, a son. [4 Jan 1922].

Savage, Fitch A. see Savage, James Harvey.

Savage, Mrs. J. Harvey, (former Mary Orr), died at Steam Mill, 7 Nov 1922, 75 years. [29 Nov 1922 obituary].

Savage, Mrs. James H., died at Steam Mill, 7 Nov 1922, 75 years.[8 Nov 1922].

Savage, James Harvey, died at Berwick, 23 Apr 1922, b. Horton, age 81 years died at residence of son Fitch A. Savage. [3 May 1922 obituary].

Saxon, George A. see Ozias, Helen Harley.

Scotney, Albert see Weagle, Frank.

Scotney, Eileen see Weagle, Frank Shaw, Isaac see Shaw, Rev. M. B..

Shaw, Rev. Mark Bailey, s/o Isaac Shaw, Berwick, died at San Bernardino, California, 60, 25 July 1922, m. Antionette Dewis. [1 August 1922 * note this is under "born" but is a death see p.1, 6 Sept issue Register].

Sherwood, Mrs. Ada see Spicer, Andrew H.

Sibbald, John, Heathdale, Alberta, born to at Collholme, Alberta, 26 Aug 1922, a daughter. [20 Sept 1922].

Silver, Edward W., born to at Billtown, 24 July 1922, a son. [26 July 1922].

Skinner, E. C., born to at South Berwick, 20 Aug 1922, a son. [23 Aug 1922].

Skinner, Rev. Joseph D., died at Yarmouth South, Thurs, a native of Weston, Kings Co., NS [from Yarmouth Telegram ; Berwick Register 3 May 1922 obituary].

Skinner, Rev. Samuel Knowles, native of Weston, died at San Francisco, California, 4 June 1922, age 69 years. [1 August 1922 obituary].

Small, Edward W. see Smith, Edith.

Small, Frederick see Smith, Edith.

Smeasdon, Mrs. William, died at Halifax, fire.[31 May 1922 see p.4].

Smith, Edith, d/o James Smith, married at Brooklyn, NY, 23 Sept 1922 to Edward W. Small s/o Frederick Small, all of Brooklyn.[11 Oct 1922 notice].

Smith, Fanny, w/o James S. Smith, North Kingston, died at North Kingston, 29 Sept 1922. [11 Oct 1922 obituary].

Smith, Dr. George S. see Smith, Mrs. Margaret.

Smith, James see Smith, Edith.

Smith, Mrs. Margaret, wid/o Dr. George S. Smith, Truro, died at Berwick, Thurs., d/o Rev. William Somerville. [19 July 1922 obituary].

Smith, J. Edgar, died at Kingston Sta., 30 Apr 1922.[10 May 1922 ].

Smith, James S. see Smith, Fanny.

Smith, L. A.,, born to at Dalhousie East, 7 Nov 1922, a daughter.[15 Nov 1922].

Smith, L. A., born to at Berwick, 4 Dec 1922, a son. [13 Dec 1922].

Smith, Sarah Elizabeth see Hartling, George.

Somerville, Margaret see Smith, Mrs. Margaret.

Somerville, Rev. William see Smith, Mrs. Margaret.

Spicer, Andrew H., married at Berwick, 7 June 1922 to Mrs. Ada Sherwood, of Sackville, NB. [14 June 1922 write up].

Spinney, Belle, w/o W. G. Spinney, died at Greenwood, 1 Aug 1922, 61 years.[16 Aug 1922].

Spinney, Bessie Vonette see Cook, Kenneth Sutherland.

Spinney, Chipman L. see Cook, Kenneth Sutherland.

Spinney, C. S. see Spinney, Ora Louise.

Spinney, Daisy P., Kingston, married at Auburn, 28 June 1922, to Archibald S. Magee, Greenwood. [5 July 1922 ].

Spinney, Ora Louise, d/o C. S. Spinney, Harmony, Kings Co., married at Berwick, 4 Oct 1922, to Roy H. Creighton, Berwick. [4 Oct 1922 write up].

Spinney, Mrs. Phoebe, died at Harmony, Kings Co., 10 Nov 1922, 77 years.[15 Nov 1922 obit see 13 December 1922 Register].

Spinney, W. G. see Spinney, Belle.

Sponagle, Rev. John see Sponagle, Mrs. Mary.

Sponagle, Mrs. Mary, wid/o Rev. John Sponagle, d/o Rev. John S. Addy, died 15 Apr 1922 at Middleton, age 84 years. [3 May 1922 obituary].

Stanwood, George Franklin see Kelly, Mrs. Harriett Alexandria.

Stephenson, Mrs. Celia A., wid/o Joseph Stephenson, Maplewood, Mass., died 15 May 1922, Boston, Mass., b. North Kingston, NS, 1865 d/o Ezekiel Hudgins.[5 July 1922 obituary].

Stephenson, Joseph see Stephenson, Mrs. Celia A.

Stewart, Annie Carmichael, married at Westville, Pictou Co., 11 Oct 1922, to Grant Power, of Dartmouth. [18 Oct 1922 write up].

Strong, Frank C., born to at South Waterville, Kings Co., 14 Nov 1922, a son (Harold Adelbert). [6 Dec 1922].

Strong, Harold Adelbert see Strong, Manning F.

Strong, Manning F., born to at Waterville, 28 Jan 1922 a son (Stuart Manning Havelock). [22 Feb 1922].

Strong, Stuart Manning Havelock see Strong, Manning F.

Sullis, Alice May, married at home of W. Sullis, to James Rex Rippey, of Annapolis Royal. 29 March 1922 write up; n. pl.].

Swindell, Joseph H., died at Burlington, 8 May 1922, 75 years.[17 May 1922 obit 7 June].

Swindell, Rachel A., died 16 Apr 1922, Burlington, age 88 years.[10 May 1922 obit].

Taylor, Kenneth W., born to at Waterville, 29 Aug 1914, a daughter (Muriel Jean). [20 Sept 19122].

Taylor, Muriel Jean see Taylor, Kenneth W.

Taylor, S. Bennett, died at Waterville, 4 Dec 1922. [13 Dec 1922 obituary].

Taylor, Victor, born to at Little River, Digby Co., 13 Mar 1922, a son. [15 Mar 1922].

Taylor, Winnifred E. see Wright, Clifton E.

Thomas, Alton, died at Farmington, Mass., age 59 years, resident of Ashland, Mass., 24 Sept 1922, b. Grafton, NS, 25 Mar 1863.[13 Dec 1922 obituary].

Thomas, Flora Lella see Thomas, W. E.

Thomas, W. E., born to at Somerset, 22 Nov 1922, a daughter (Flora Lella).[29 Nov 1922].

Tucker, Rev. H., born to at Port Williams, 6 May 1922, a son.[10 May 1922].

Tufts, Major T., died at Aylesford, 27 Mar 1922, b. New Germany, 24 Dec 1840. [12 April 1922 obituary].

Tupper, C. W. see Griffin, Grace Lillian.

Tupper, Grace Lillian see Griffin, Grace Lillian.

Turner, A. J., born to at Berwick, 7 June 1922, a daughter.(Lydia Elizabeth).[14 June 1922].

Turner, Lydia Elizabeth see Turner, A. J.

VanBuskirk, Harold Burton see VanBuskirk, Paul M.

VanBuskirk, Paul M., born to at Millville, Kings Co., 6 Aug 1922, a son (Harold Burton). [23 August 1922].

Veinotte, Wesley, born to at Greenwood, Kings Co., 27 Feb 1922, a son. [15 Mar 1922].

Vernon, Rev. W. Roy, born to at Odessa, NY, 30 Dec 1921, a daughter. [4 Jan 1922].

Wagner, Charles, Rumford, Maine, s/o Thomas Wagner, Aylesford, died, 30 years. [6 Sept 1922 obituary p.1].

Wagner, Thomas see Wagner, Charles.

Wallace, Della Eloise, d/o J. Burton Wallace, Shubeacadie, married at Truro, 14 June 1922, to Harold C. Miner, Billtown.[21 June 1922 write up].

Wallace, J. Burton see Wallace, Della Eloise.

Walsh, Charles, born to at Waterville, NS, 10 Mar 1922, twin sons.[29 mar 19122].

Wambolt, John see Zwicker, Sophia.

Ward, Frances E. see Bennett, Clyde Arthur.

Warner, Rossie M. see Parke, Albert James.

Warren, Ethel May see Warren, John.

Warren, John, born to at Berwick, 11 Sept 1922, a daughter (Ethel May).[20 Sept 1922].

Weagle, Frank, s/o John Weagle, Aylesford, married at Kentville, 9 May 1922, to Eileen Scotney, d/o Albert Scotney, of Burlington.[7 June 1922 write up].

Weagle, John see Weagle, Frank.

Webster, John Leverett, died at Coldbrook, 5 Sept 1922, 86 years 11 months, married Mary Rebecca West.[13 Sept 1922 p.2 obituary].

Webster, Lavinia see Elliott, E. Stewart.

Wellner, Mrs. Eliza, wid/o John Wellner, died at Aylesford, 12 July 1922, age 71 years. [19 July 1922 obituary].

Wellner, John see Wellner, Mrs. Eliza.

West, Mary Rebecca see Webster, John Leverett.

Wheeler, Thomas, born to at Taunton, Mass., 5 Dec 1912, a son.[4 Jan 1922].

White, Miss Jennie, died at Church St., last week.[21 June 1922 obituary].

Wilson, Carl Wellington see Wilson, Lloyd.

Wilson, Charlotte see Dempsey, Verna Evelyn.

Wilson, Lester, born to at Canton, Mass., 20 Mar 19122, a daughter.(Muriel Louise). [5 Apr 1922]

Wilson, Lloyd, born to at Berwick, 19 Oct 1922, a son (Carl Wellington).[25 Oct 1922].

Wilson, Muriel Louise see Wilson, Lester.

Wilson, Oscar R., died at Modesto, California, 6 Nov 1922, 64 years.[15 Nov 1922 obit 29th]

Wilson, Stanley E. see Wilson, Wilfred.

Wilson, Thomas Benjamin see Dempsey, Verna Evelyn.

Wilson, Wilfred, born to at Mader, California, 19 Oct 1922, a son.(Stanley E.).[25 Oct 1922].

Woodbury, Maude see Foster, Zebina.

Woodbury, Mrs. Phoebe, died at Middleton, 17 Aug 1922. [23 Aug 1922].

Woodworth, David see Kelly, Mary.

Woodworth, Fred see Woodworth, Hazel G.

Woodworth, Harold, born to at Waterville, 25 Feb 1922, a son (James ).

Woodworth, Hazel G., d/o Fred Woodworth, died at Berwick, 3 June 1922, 17 years. [7 June 1922 obituary].

Woodworth, James see Woodworth, Harold.

Woodworth, Mary see Kelly, Mary.

Wright, Charles H., Sr., died at Brooklyn. Annapolis Co., 17th inst., age 72 years, m. Mary S. Eaton, d/o Leander Eaton, Canard.[26 July 1922 obituary].

Wright, Clifton E., married at Springfield, Annapolis Co., 11 Aug 1922, to Winnifred E. Taylor, both of Dalhousie East.[16 Aug 1922].

Wright, V. L., born to at Dalhousie East, 20 May 1922, a daughter.[31 May 1922].

Zwicker, Mrs. J. E., of Kingston, died at Windermere, 14 Mar 1922, age 64 years. [15 Mar 1922 obituary].

Zwicker, Sophia, relict of John Wambolt, died at New Ross, Lun. Co., NS, 8 Aug 1922, age 80 years one month.[16 August 1922].