Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1918

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia

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*Please note: June 26, 1918 is before 29 May 1918 on microfilm.*#4021, NSARM, also please note that the microfilm is out of order between 22 May 1918 and 26 June 1918. There were no vital statistics given in the 28 August 1918 issue. From the end of this microfilm [1918] the reel skips to 4 January 1922.

Adams, James, born to at Garland, 6 Oct 1918, a son. [16 Oct 1918].

Algee, Charles Renwick, married at Halifax, 17 July 1918 to Nora Rowe, Halifax. [24 July 1918].

Algee, Gertrude, married at Waterville, 13 July 1918, to Shirley A. Wood, Woodville. [17 July 1918 write up + notice].

Allan, William Dyce see Graves, Eva Maude.

Anthony, David, born to at Scotts Bay, 17 Nov 1918, a daughter. [4 Nov 1918].

Appleby, Mildred see Johnson, Lloyd Clayton.

Armstrong, Hallet see Armstrong, Zeffie[?].

Armstrong, Zeffie[?], w/o Hallet Armstrong, d/o Edward Eaton, of North Kingston, died 23 Feb 1918. [20 Mar 1918 obituary with additional information].

Arnold, Clara, w/o Noble Arnold, d/o Stephen Brown, of East Hall=s Harbor, died at Woodville, 11 Feb 1918.[13 Feb 1918 see Memoriam 20 Feb Register]. Arnold, Noble see Arnold, Clara.

Austin, Joseph see Fulmer, Isabella G.

Balsar, Arch, born to at Canady Creek, 19 May 1918, a son. [5 June 1918].

Baltzer, Charles M., Waterville, married at Kentville, 14 Sept 1918 to Lavinia Carey, Aylesford. [23 Sept 1918].

Baltzer, Eldie D., born to at Aylesford, 16 June 1918, a daughter.[19 June 1918].

Banks, Pte. David M. see Kesner, Victoria Virginia.

Banks, Henry P., born to at Waterville, 11 Sept 1918, a son. [23 Sept 1918].

Barney, Lucy Victoria, inf/d/o Obie Barney, died 5 Nov 1918, South Berwick, 5 months 21 days. [20 Nov 1918].

Barney, Obie see Barney, Lucy Victoria.

Baroni, James see Hines, Lydia.

Beals, Alan Welton see Beals, J. Leslie.

Beals, J. Leslie, born to at Wilmot, 5 Sept 1918, a son (Alan Welton).[11 Sept 1918].

Beckwith, James Edward see Beckwith, Mayhew N.

Beckwith, Mary A. see Beckwith, Mayhew N.

Beckwith, Mayhew N., died at Steam Mill, s/o James Edward and Mary A. Beckwith, age 57 years, 9 March 1918.[27 March 1918].

Beckwith, Percy W., married at Berwick, 28 May 1918 to Gladys Crawford.[5 June 1918].

Beeler, Arthur, born to at Berwick, a on, 28 Aug 1918. [4 Sept 1918].

Bent, David William, s/o Martin Bent, died at Aylesford Mtn., 23 Oct 1918, 25 years 6 months. [6 Nov 1918].

Bent, Martin see Bent, David William.

Bennett, Wellsley, married at Auburn, 28 Sept 1917 to Lily Graves, Middleton. [12 June 1918].

Berteaux, John N., married at Paradise, 14 Feb 1918, to Mrs. Margaret E. Outhouse. [6 March 1918].

Best, Burpee R., died at Waterville, 15 Jan 1918, age 72 years.[16 Jan 1918 obit Jan 30th ].

Best, G. L. see Best, James Rupert.

Best, James Rupert, died at Prospect, Kings Co., 20 Jan 1918, s/o G. L. Best, 58 years; m. Mamie Kinsman d/o Joseph Kinsman who d. 11 years ago.[30 Jan 1918 obituary].

Best, Nathan, died at Waterville, 5 Jan 1918, age 78 years.[16 Jan 1918].

Bezanson, Charles E., Garland, married at Somerset, 24 Aug 1918 to Nellie Richardson, Lowell, Mass. [11 Sept 1918].

Bezanson, Stephen, born to at Berwick, 1 Dec 1918, a son. [18 Dec 1918].

Bishop, Carrie see Stroback, R. L.

Bishop, G. Ainsley, died at New Minas, 17 Mar 1918, 74 years.[27 Mar 1918].

Blenus, Annie see Morton, Annie.

Blenus, T, H. see Morton, Annie.

Bligh, Lindsay see Wickwire, Emily Lovett.

Blomberg, Petrus Frederick Martin married at Ayer, Mass., 16 Nov 1918, to Laura Belle Van Buskirk, Aylesford. [11 Dec 1918].

Bowlby, Edson see Bryden, Max Earle.

Bowlby, Stella Augusta see Bryden, Max Earle.

Bradley, William, died at Greenfield, Mass., formerly of Black Rock, age 89 years 6 months; b. Farnham, England. [2 Jan 1918 obituary p.3 + notice].

Brown, Clara see Arnold, Clara.

Brown, Frances L., d/o William Brown, died at Waterville, 12 Sept 1918, 5 years 9 months 10 days. [18 Sept 1918].

Brown, Stephen see Arnold, Clara.

Brown, William see Brown, Frances L.

Bryden, Max Earle, married 25 April 1918, to Stella Augusta Bowlby, d/o Edson Bowlby, of White's Corner, Cornwallis. [1 May 1918 - place of m. not given].

Bryden, Stanley, born to at Base Line Rd., 9 Mar 1918, a son.[13 Mar 1918].

Burgess, Mary Ann see Kinsman, Benjamin.

Burns, John see Burns, Mrs. John.

Burns, Mrs. John, (Amelia Sullivan), w/o John Burns, b. Granville, Annapolis Co., died 19 October 1918, 54 years. [30 Oct 1918 obituary].

Burrill, Private William Edward, a Winthrop boy, joined the Canadian Expeditionary Forces about 1916; missing in France, 15 Aug 1917, now reported died in service, 28 years, nephew of the chief of police and a brother of Mrs. Edwin L. Fisher of Somerset.[Boston papers- see Register 5 June 1918 - obituary/write up].

Calder, John Hector see Chute, Dorothy Vivian.(Mrs. Perry J. Chute).

Calkin, Mrs. Charles R., (Georgie), died 4 Sept 1918, Welsford St., d/o Leander Fuller, 36 [?] years. [11 Sept 1918 obituary + notice].

Cameron, J. C., born to at Windsor, 19 Sept 1918, a daughter (Lena Emma).[30 Oct 1918].

Cameron, Lena Emma see Cameron, J. C.

Carey, Lavinia see Baltzer, Charles M.

Chambers, Bessie, d/o Collingwood Chambers, Berwick, formerly of Sackville, NB, died at Halifax, NS, 17 April 1918. [1 May 1918 obituary + notice].

Chambers, Collingwood see Chambers, Bessie.

Charlton, Hilda May see Chipman, David Augustus.

Chase, Charles C., born to at Woodville, 25 July 1918, a son.[21 Aug 1918].

Chase, Joshua, died at Sheffield Mills, 26 June 1918, 82 years.[3 July 1918].

Chipman, Rev. Alfred, died at Berwick, 24 April 1918, in his 84th year; m. Alice Shaw in 1862 d/o Isaiah Shaw; b. 11 Aug 1834, Pleasant Valley, s/o Rev. William Chipman. [27 April 1918 see obituary 1 May 1918 Register ].

Chipman, David Augustus, ,married at Middleton, 6 Aug 1918, to Hilda May Charlton, both of Millville, NS. [21 Aug 1918].

Chipman, Major Leverett deVeber, died Camp Hill, Halifax, 16 Dec 1918, s/o Wilfred H. Chipman, Kentville. [25 Dec 1918 obituary].

Chipman, Wilfred H. see Chipman, Major Leverett deVeber.

Chipman, Rev William see Chipman, Rev Alfred.

Chute, Mrs. Ainsley, South Berwick, died 30 Oct 1918, d/o Patrick Doucette, Norwood, Yarmouth Co.; burial Salmon River, Digby Co. [13 Nov 1918 obituary].

Chute, Annie E. see Chute, Mrs. Ainsley.

Chute, Dorothy Vivian, d/o P. J. Chute, married at South Berwick, 12 June to John Hector Calder, Somerset. [19 June 1918 write up].

Chute, P. J. see Chute, Dorothy Vivian.(Mrs. Perry J. Chute).

Clark, Arthur see Clark, Marchie.

Clark, Edward Blake see Pollard, Ethel Marie.

Clark, Marchie, inf/d/o Arthur Clark, died at Centreville, 27 Aug 1918, 14 months. [11 Sept 1918].

Cleveland, Frank, s/o George Cleveland, died at South Berwick, 27 Oct 1918, 19 years. [20 Nov 1918].

Cleveland, George see Cleveland, Frank.

Clinton, Mercy Jane, w/o Thomas Clinton, d/o William Margeson, formerly of Black Rock, died at Millville, Penn., 22 Feb 1918.

Clinton, Thomas see Clinton, Mercy Jane.

Clowry, Isaac, died at Weston, 3 June 1918, 76 years.[19 June 1918]

Cogswell, Frank see MacLean, Edward Daniel.

Cogswell, Reta Bell see MacLean, Edward Daniel.

Corbett, H. O., born to at Waterville, 30 July 1918, a son.(Harold Byron).[14 Aug 1918].

Corbett, Harold Byron see Corbett, H. O.

Corey, Mrs. C. W. see Lyons, Mrs. John.

Corkum, William see Corkum, Sarah.

Corkum, Sarah, wid/o William Corkum, d/o Michael Legge, Martin's River, died at East Hall's Harbor, 20 May 1918, age 92 years.[22 May 1918].

Cornwall, George Beverly, died at Brighton, Digby Co., 30 Oct 1918, 36 years, s/o G. W. Cornwall, formerly of Berwick. [6 Nov 1918].

Cornwall, G. W. see Cornwall, George Beverly.

Coulter, C. S., born to at West Berwick, 30 Sept 1918, a son (Floyd Garfield).[9 Oct 1918].

Coulter, Floyd Garfield see Coulter, C. S. [also see 6 Nov 1918: died 10 Oct 1918, 21 days].

Cox, John Edwin see Cox, W. Spurgeon.

Cox, W. Spurgeon, born to at Weston, 5 Sept 1918, a son (John Edwin).[18 Sept 1918].

Craig, Margaret, wid/o William A. Craig, d/o Enoch Parker, died at Bridgetown, 25 June 1918, age 72 years [26 June 1918 see 17 July for obituary].

Craig, William A. see Craig, Margaret.

Crawford, Gladys see Beckwith, Percy W.

Crispo, Francis see Shaw, Francis Crispo.

Crocker, Edward W., Weston, married at Windermere, 12 Sept 1918, to Amy Kinnie, d/o Asael Kinnie. [18 Sept 1918].

Croft, Leigh, born to at Berwick, a daughter (Evelyn Frances).[21 Aug. 1918].

Crowe, George Albert, died at Medford, Kings Co., 28 Feb 1918, 75 years.[13 Mar 1918].

Currie, Abbie F., d/o J. D. Currie, Hants Co., married at Windsor, 29 June 1918 to C. H. Bradshaw Paulin, s/o Robert Paulin. [10 July 1918].

Currie, J. D. see Currie, Abbie F.

Davidson, B. O. see Thompson, Edith Evelyn.

Davidson, Paul Welrose see Thompson, Edith Evelyn.

DeWolfe, James Burbridge, died at New Minas, 24 Oct 1918, 74 years.[20 Nov 1918].

Dodge, George see Foote, Lindsey.

Dodge, Mrs. Margaret, died at Somerset, 12 Jan 1918, age 79 years. [16 Jan 1918].

Dodge, Myra Gladys see Foote, Lindsey.

Doucette, Annie E. see Chute, Mrs. Ainsley.

Doucette, Patrick, see Chute, Mrs. Ainsley.

Dudman, Mrs. Susan Martha, died at Westfield, Mass., 17 May 1918, age 89 years, wid/o W. K. Dudman, d/o James Starr, Yarmouth, NS.[22 May 1918].

Dudman, W. K., see Dudman, Mrs. Susan Martha.

Duncanson, Lilly, died at Cambridge, 24 Dec 1917, 45 years. [2 Jan 1918].

Eagles, Miss, died , Kentville, ‘Monday’. [18 Dec 1918].

Eaton, Edward see Armstrong, Zeffie[?].

Eaton, Ernest M. see Eaton, Laurie W.

Eaton, Howard, born to at Berwick, 24 Oct 1918, a son. [30 Oct 1918].

Eaton, Laurie W. s/o Ernest M. Eaton, died at Brooklyn St., 28 Sept 1918, 2 years.[9 Oct 1918].

Eaton, Zeffie[?] see Armstrong, Zeffie[?].

Elliott, F. R., born to at Middleton, 13 (18?) Dec 1917, a daughter.[2 Jan 1918].

Elliott, John, died at Berwick, 17 Jan 1918, age 85 years.[23 Jan 1918].

Evans, Matilda Anna see Palmer, Frank Hamilton.

Fahnert, Martin, died at Halifax, 12 Mar 1918, 68 years, formerly of Berwick.[3 April 1918 obituary + notice].

Fairn, Mrs. Leslie R., died, Aylesford, 17 Dec 1918. [18 Dec 1918].

Fancy, Henry D., born to at Morristown, 4 June 1918, a son. [5 June 1918].

Fearon, James, died at Wolfville, 29 June 1918, a native of Portadow, Ireland, age 52 years, Principal of the School for the Deaf, Halifax.[3 July 1918].

Fearn, Agnes, died at Grafton, 14 Feb 1918, 77 years w/o Thomas Lawson.[20 Feb 1918 obituary + notice].

Felch, Vera Soloan, married at Aylesford, 18 June 1918 to William Edward Veinott, both of Morristown. [19 June 1918].

Fisher, Emma see White, Bruce W.

Fisher, George see White, Bruce W.

Foote, Lindsey, Lakeville, married at Berwick, 28 Dec 1917 to Myra Gladys Dodge d/o George Dodge, Berwick. [16 Jan 1918].

Foster, Edward see Foster, Roger Gilbert.

Foster, James P., died at Dartmouth, 6 July 1918, 41 years, of Kingston. [10 July 1918].

Foster, John, of North Kingston, died 22 Feb 1918 age 87 years.[20 Mar 1918 obituary].

Foster, Joshua C., of Berwick, died at Halifax, 18 April 1918.[27 April 1918].

Foster, Roger Gilbert, s/o Edward Foster, died at Aylesford, 12 Jan 1918, 4 years10 months 10 days. [20 Mar 1918].

Fox, Annie Olivia, died at Morristown, 6 Aug 1918, in 71st year.[4 Sept 1918 obituary].

Fox, Charles James see Spicer, Della.

Fraser, Edwin L., born to at Somerset, 10 Oct 1918, a daughter.[16 Oct 1918].

Fuller, Leander see Calkin, Mrs. Charles R.

Fulmer, Harris, see Fulmer, Isabella G.

Fulmer, Isabella G., wid/o Harris Fulmer, Waterville, died at Berwick West, 27 Mar 1918, age 76 years, step-daughter of Joseph Austin, Dartmouth.[3 April 1918].

Gage, Charles, died at Cambridge, 4 June 1918, age 87 years.[12 June 1918 obituary].

Gates, Elva Pauline see Newton H. Keddy.

Gates, Fred Lorimer, Millville, married t Auburn, 17 July 1918 to Madeline M. Keddy, Millville. [24 July 1918].

Gates, Velma Ermina, married at Harmony, Kings Co., NS, 4 May 1918, to Frank Lewis Wentzell. [15 May 1918].

Gaul, Ford, died at Dalhousie East, 4 June 1918, age 16 years.[12 June 1918].

Givan, Alexander, s/o John Givan, died at Harborville, 28 Sept 1918, 84 years, b. 1835; mother was Fannie [ unknown] and children at time of his death all lived in Somerville, Mass. [2 Oct 1918 obituary see 23 Oct 1918].

Gould, Edward, born to at Harborville, 9 Nov 1918, a son. [13 Nov 1918].

Graves, Capt. E. F. see Graves, Eva Maude.

Graves, Eva Maude, High River [Alberta], d/o Capt. E. F. Graves, Kentville, married 3 Jan 1918, to William Dyce Allan, of Vulcan. [from The Morning Albertan, Calgary, 5 Jan 1918 The Register, 27 Feb 1918 write up].

Graves, Lily see Bennett, Wellsley.

Grierson, Jean, d/o William Grierson, Kentville, died at Yarmouth, NS, 17 June 1918, age 55 years. [19 June 1918].

Grierson, William see Grierson, Jean.

Hale, Frank A., born to at Brooklyn St., 9 Dec 1917, a son (Kenneth David).[9 Jan 1918].

Hale, Kenneth David see Hale, Frank A.

Hall, George, South Berwick, married at Waterville, 23 April 918, to Helen Lacey, of Windermere. [26 April 1918].

Haines, Edwin see Mappleback, Idella.

Haines, Percy Emerson see Mappleback, Idella.

Hanson, John E. died at Kentville, 21 April 1918, age 85 years.[15 May 1918].

Haycock, Ernest, Acadia University, died at Wolfville, 6 Apr 1918, 41 years.[17 April 1918].

Hayden, Rev. P. R., born to at Oxford, 21 Nov 1918, a daughter. [4 Dec 1918].

Hines, Lydia, Port Williams, married at North Kingston, 10 April 1918, to James Baroni, North Kingston.[27 April 1918 write up 1 May 1918 Register].

Hinshaw, Henry Hamilton, Woodville, Kings Co., died at Liverpool, England, 26 Oct 1918. [6 Nov 1918].

Humphrey, George Professor , St. Francis Xavier University, married at Berwick, [20?] June 1918, to Muriel Miller, of Halifax. [26 June 1918].

Huntington, Ebenezer see Killam, Lydia Ann.

Huntington, Lydia Ann see Killam, Lydia Ann.

Illsley, Dorothy Mildred see Illsley, Philip S.

Illsley, Philip S., born to at Somerset, 15 Aug 1918, a daughter (Dorothy Mildred). [21 Aug 1918].

Jacques, Mrs. Amanda, died at Melvern Square, 21 June 1918, 81 years.[3 July 1918].

Joudrey, Ingram, died at Harborville, 30 Nov 1918, 76 years. [4 Dec 1918].

Jodrey, Rupert, born to at Lake Paul, Kings Co., 25 Sept 1918, a son.[16 Oct 1918].

Johnson, Lloyd Clayton, Factorydale, married at Factorydale, 15 May 1918, to Mildred Appleby, Somerville, Mass. [22 May 1918].

Kane, Matthew see Mahaney, Margaret.

Keddy, Amos, born to at Millville, 23 Oct 1918, a son.[30 Oct 1918].

Keddy, Gordon, died at Berwick, 9 Nov 1918, 29 years, s/o N. W. Keddy. [13 Nov 1918 see 20 Nov 1918 Register for obituary].

Keddy, Holmes M., born to at Berwick, 26 Jan 1918, a daughter.[27 Feb 1918].

Keddy, Madeline M. see Gates, Fred Lorimer.

Keddy, Newton H., married at Aylesford, 12 June 1918, to Elva Pauline Gates, both of Harmony. [19 June 1918].

Keddy, N. W. see Keddy, Gordon.

Kempton, Rev. Samuel Bradford, died at Dartmouth, NS, 29 Oct 1918.[6 Nov 1918 obit].

Kenyon, Lillian May see Smith, Duncan Wilmot.

Kesner, Victoria Virginia, w/o Pte. David M. Banks ( now in France), a native of Virginia, died at Aylesford, 13 Feb 1918; m. Virginia, about 1903.[20 Feb 1918 obit- more info.].

King, Kathleen see Young, Kathleen.

King, _ M. see Young, Kathleen.

Killam, John I. See Killam, Lydia Ann.

Killam, Lydia Ann, d/o Ebenezer Huntington, w/o John I. Killam, died at Weston, Kings Co. NS, 5 May 1918. [8 May 1918].

Kinney, Everett J., died at Bridgetown, 4 Feb 1918, formerly of Somerset.[13 Feb 1918].

Kinnie, Amy see Crocker, Edward W.

Kinnie, Asael see Crocker, Edward W.

Kinsman, Benjamin see Kinsman, F. B.

Kinsman, Charles E., s/o Joseph / Hannah Kinsman, died at Rochester, Minnesota, 28 Dec 1917, int. in Alberta. [9 Jan 1918 obituary p.3 + notice].

Kinsman, F. B., died at San Francisco, California, 3 Dec 1917, b. 60 years ago Cornwallis, father, Benjamin Kinsman, b. 1820 Cornwallis ; mother, Mary Ann Burgess; removed to Oakland, CA. ; m. Donella MacIntosh; 3 sons.[2 Jan 1918 p.3 obituary + notice].

Kinsman, Hibbert H., died at Welsford St., 9 Oct 1918, 58 years 10 months, s/o George W. Kinsman. [16 Oct 1918 obituary see 30 Oct 1918 Register].

Kinsman, Joseph see Best, James Rupert.

Kinsman, Joseph see Kinsman, Charles E.

Kinsman, Mamie see Best, James Rupert.

Kinsman, Olivia A., see Newcomb, Robert.

Kinsman, William N., born to at Grafton, 18 Feb 1918, a daughter.[27 Feb 1918].

Kirk, Jennie, Berwick, married at Berwick to James E. Murphy, Aylesford, 6 Nov 1918. [13 Nov 1918].

Lacey, C. H., born to at Windermere, 25 Nov 1918, a daughter. [11 Dec 1918].

Lacey, Helen see Hall, George.

Lacey, Viola Glen see Silver, Asaph Claud.

Lamb, Annie V., Morristown, married at Auburn, 26 Mar 1918, to George O. Lutz, Lake Paul. [27 April 1918].

Landella, Mrs. Anna, former Anna Morris, d/o George A. Morris, Berwick, died "Tuesday". [Sackville Tribune ; Berwick Register 30 October 1918 obituary].

Lawson, Thomas, see Fearn, Agnes.

Layton, Mrs. George, w/o George Layton, died at Ainsley Hospital, Monday, d/o William Eaton, Kentville. [d. Truro??]. [29 May 1918 obituary].

Lee, Mary Elizabeth, wid/o William Lee, died at South Berwick, 1 June 1918, 77 years. [26 June 1918].

Lee, William see Lee, Mary Elizabeth.

Legge, Benjamin see Legge, Effie Laurentine.

Legge, David see Legge, Earle Gordon.

Legge, Earle Gordon, s/o David Legge, died at Scotts Bay, 10 Jan 1918, 24 years. [23 Jan 1918 notice + obituary p.2].

Legge, Effie Laurentine, d/o Benjamin Legge, married at Scotts Bay, 29 Aug 1918, to Edward D. Whitten. [11 Sept 1918 write-up].

Legge, Michael see Corkum, Sarah.

Legge, Sarah see Corkum, Sarah.

Lloyd, C. H., born to at Waterville, 3 Sept 1918 a son. [11 Sept 1918].

Lloyd, Gertrude, married at Berwick, 8 Feb 1918 to Charles Simeon Ramey, both of South Waterville. [13 Feb 1918].

Lockett, Maria Longley, d/o R. F. Lockett, died at Kirkwood, GA., age 77 years b. Paradise, NS. [11 Sept 1918 obituary].

Lovelace, Robert M., died at Welsford St., 10 Oct 1918, 89 years. [30 Oct 1918 and obituary 27 Oct 1918 records birth as Canaan, 1829, died as 19 Oct].

Lovelace, Sadie Viola, Berwick, married at Berwick, 22 Dec 1917, to J. Wallace, Jordan Falls, Shelburne Co. [16 Jan 1918].

Lutz, George O. see Lamb, Annie V.

Lowe, Norman, s/o Stephen/Mary Lowe, Dalhousie, died at Halifax, 25 Jan 1918, 31 years. [6 Feb 1918].

Lowe, Stephen/Mary see Lowe, Norman.

Lowell, Ernest L., (L. A. Rowe, formerly of Burlington, NS),born to at Reading, Mass., 30 April 1918, a daughter. [8 May 1918].

Lutz, George, born to at Morristown, 19 Oct 1918, a daughter. [30 Oct 1918].

Lyall, Sophia, w/o Rev. Dr. Lyall, d/o Rev Charles Norwood, formerly of Berwick, died at Presbyterian Mission, Swatow, China, 29th ult.[Hong Kong, (China) Press, 7 Feb 1918; Register 27 Mar 1918 p.2 obituary + notice].

Lydiard, George E. see Lydiard, Gertrude.

Lydiard, Gertrude, d/o George E. Lydiard, Berwick, died at Moose Jaw, Sask., 19 Oct 1918, 40 years. [6 Nov 1918 obituary].

Lyons, Mrs. John, formerly of Berwick, died at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 3 May 1918 ; at home of her daughter, Mrs. C. W. Corey; burial, Berwick.[15 May 1918 obituary + notice].

MacDonald, George A., died at Rockland, 10 Feb 1918, age 66 years.

MacGregor, Rev. P. S., died at Chester Basin, 17 May1918, 66 years.[22 May 1918].

MacIntosh, Donella see Kinsman, F. B.

MacKay, Mrs. Amanda, d/o George Weathers, died at Cambridge, 26 April 1918, 70 years. [8 May 1918].

MacKinnon, Archibald, died at Port Morien, CB, 11 Dec 1918. [18 Dec 1918].

MacLean, Edward Daniel, Woodville, married at Berwick, 15 June 1918, to Reta Bell Cogswell, d/o Frank Cogswell, Lakeville. [26 June 1918].

Magee, Bella w/o Harris F. Magee, formerly of Auburn, NS, died at Lerry, Sask., 14 Sept 1918, 30 years. [2 Oct 1918].

Magee, Harris F. see Magee, Bella.

Mahaney, Margaret, wid/o Matthew Kane, Baxterss Harbor, died at Waterville, 15 May 1918 age 74 years. [29 May 1918].

Mahar, Joseph, born to at Waterville, 1 Oct 1918, a son. [16 Oct 1918].

Mappleback, Idella, d/o Capt. T. H. Mappleback, Victoria Harbor, married to Percy Emerson Haines, Aylesford, formerly of Freeport s/o Edwin Haines. [28 Aug 1918 write-up + notice].

Mappleback, Capt. T. H. see Mappleback, Idella.

Marchant, John A., born to at Pleasant Valley, 17 Jan 1918, a son. [23 Jan 1918].

Margeson, Herbert, born to at South Berwick, 2 Mar 1918, a daughter. [6 Mar 1918].

Margeson, Mercy, see Clinton, Mercy Jane.

Margeson, Sarah see Ward, Sarah.

Margeson, T. A. see Ward, Sarah.

Margeson, William see Clinton, Mercy Jane.

Marshall, Chester Sleeper see Smith, Duncan Wilmot.

Marshall, Nina May see Messinger, R. L.

Marshall, Roy, born to at Burlington, 10 Sept 1918 a son. [16 Oct 1918].

Marsters, Emelyn Morse, d/o H. C. Marsters, of Berwick, married at Foam Lake, Sask., 1 June 1918, to Frederick J. Simpson. [12 June 1918].

Marsters, H. C. see Marsters, Emelyn Morse.

Matthews, Harry, born to at Dalhousie Rd., 28 April 1918, a daughter.[5 June 1918].

McAuley, Ambrose, formerly of Waterville, died at Wrentham, Mass., 4 Oct 1918. [20 Nov 1918].

McFall, Dr. Robert J., born to at Ottawa, 6 Nov 1918, a daughter. [13 Nov 1918].

McGill, Arthur Kendall see Pierce, Gladys Ardellis.

McGowan, Charles, born to at Dalhousie East, 10 Sept 1918, a daughter.[23 Sept 1918].

McIntyre, Catherine, wid/o William McIntyre, died at Aylesford, 10[?] Mar 1918, age 76 years. [27 Mar 1918].

McIntyre, William see McIntyre, Catherine.

McLellan, Oscar, born to at Millville, 11 Oct 1918, a son. [30 Oct 1918].

McMahon, A. E. see Skinner, Kenneth, McCabe.

McMahon, Ruth Louise see Skinner, Kenneth McCabe.

Messinger, R. L., (Nina May Marshall, Burlington, NS) born to at Wartime, Sask., 17 May 1918, a daughter. [5 June 1918].

Miller, Ernest I., died at Waterville, 6 Jan 1918. [16 Jan 1918].

Miller, Muriel see Humphrey, George Professor.

Moodie, Janet Cassolla see Ruffee, George Henry Terry.

Moore, Daniel see Moore, John D.

Moore, John D., s/o Daniel Moore, died at Kentville, 9 April 1918.[17 April 1918].

Morris, Anna see Landella, Mrs. Anna.

Morris, George A. see Landella, Mrs. Anna.

Morrow, Mildred see Tupper, Holmes M.

Morton, Allan see Morton, Annie.

Morton, Annie, wid/o Allan Morton, formerly of Woodville, d/o T. H. Blenus, Church St., Cornwallis, died at Halifax, 4 April 1918.[10 April 1918 notice + obituary].

Murphy, James E. see Kirk, Jennie.

Munroe, Cleveland, born to at Scotts bay, 8 Mar 1918, a daughter.[13 Mar 1918].

Newcomb, Isaac see Newcomb, Robert.

Newcomb, Robert, died at Church St. Cornwallis, 27 Jan 1918, age 72 years s/o Isaac Newcomb & Olivia A. Kinsman, West Cornwallis. [13 Feb 1918].

Nichols, Clyde, born to at Nicholsville, 13 Sept 1918, a daughter. [18 Sept 1918].

Nichols, Evander, died at Berwick, 3 Mar 1918, s/o George Nichols.[13 march 1918 obit].

Nichols, George see Nichols, Evander.

Nichols, May see Pinkerton, May.

Nichols, S. J. see Pinkerton, May.

Norwood, Rev Charles see Lyall, Sophia.

Norwood, Sophia see Lyall, Sophia.

Ogilvie, Elbridge, married at Berwick, 7 May 1918 to Etta Wagstaff, both of Harborville. [8 May 1918].

Ogilvie, Jacob LeRoy, born to at Burlington, 3 Apr 1918, a son. [26 April 1918].

Outhit, Annie S., w/o Daniel Outhit, died at Melvern Square, 5 Sept 1918.[11 Sept 1918].

Outhit, Daniel see Outhit, Annie.

Outhit, Ellen see Outhit, Marian H.

Outhit, Marian H., d/o Thomas & Ellen Outhit, Melvern Square, died at Halifax, 20 Dec 1917. [2 Jan 1918 ].

Outhit, Thomas see Outhit, Maj. William E.

Outhit, Thomas see Outhit, Marian H.

Outhit, Maj. William E., s/o Thomas Outhit, Melvern Square, died at Kentville, age 45 years. [6 March 1918].

Outhouse, Mrs. Margaret E. see Berteaux, John N.

Palmer, Boardman see Palmer, Mrs. Carol.

Palmer, Mrs. Carol, Calgary, Alberta, died at Morristown, at the home of her parents, Boardman Palmer, 2 Oct 1918, 30 years. [16 Oct 1918 obituary].

Palmer, Pte. Frank Hamilton, Berwick, married at London, England, 27 Dec 1917, to Matilda Anna Evans, Tottenham, London, England. [16 Jan 1917].

Palmer, Handley, Kentville, died 10 Dec 1918, s/o Thomas R. Palmer b. Rockland m. Martha Sanford, d/o William Sanford. [25 Dec 1918 obituary + notice].

Palmer, Loran, born to at Auburn, 23 Oct 1918, a daughter.[6 Nov 1918].

Palmer, Martha see Palmer, Handley.

Palmer, Thomas R. see Palmer, Handley.

Parker, Ella, w/o George Wallace Parker, died at Chelmsford, Mass., 15 Feb 1918, formerly of West Cornwallis. [20 Feb 1918].

Parker, Edwin see Parker, Mary, Mrs.

Parker, Enoch see Craig, Margaret.

Parker, George Wallace see Parker, Ella.

Parker, Harry G., born to at Canning, 24 Oct 1918, a daughter. [6 Nov 1918].

Parker, Margaret see Craig, Margaret.

Parker, Mary, Mrs., wid/o Edwin Parker, 84 years, died at Weston, Mass., 24 July 1918 ; sons Elmer, Holmes, daughter Mrs. J. G. Peck, Mass.[21 Aug 1918 obituary].

Parker, Ralph L., born to at Brooklyn St., 27 Jan 1918, a daughter (Waitte Margaret). [20 Feb 1918].

Parker, Waitte Margaret see Parker, Ralph L.

Parks, James see Wotton, Mrs. Hannah.

Parks, Hannah see Wotton, Mrs. Hannah.

Patterson, Mrs. Lucy A., w/o Andrew B. Patterson, Aylesford, died at Waterville, 27 Oct 1918, 80 years. [6 Nov 1918].

Pattillo, John Lewis, born to at Truro, 20 Jan 1918, a son.[23 Jan 1918].

Paulin, C. H. Bradshaw, see Currie, Abbie F.

Paulin, Robert see Currie, Abbie F.

Pearl, Amos, died 14 Aug 1918; enlisted 9 Dec 1915, in 112 Reg.[4 Sept 1918 obituary].

Pearse, born to at Waterville, 29 Mar 1918, a daughter.[17 Apr 1918].

Pearson, Blake, born to at Grafton, 14 Mar 1918, a son.[20 Mar 1918].

Pierce, Edwin see Pierce, Gladys Ardellis.

Pierce, Gladys Ardellis, d/o Edwin Pierce, Berwick, married at Kentville, 20 April 1918 to Arthur Kendall McGill, Cambridge. [12 June 1918].

Pineo, Alice Marie, d/o Rev Charles E. Pineo, Buctouche, NB, died at Sydney, CB, 25 June 1918, formerly of Grafton, NS. [3 July 1918 obituary + notice].

Pineo, Pte. Marshall W., s/o George E. Pineo, formerly of Berwick, died at Etaples, France. [12 June 1918 obituary].

Pinkerton, May, w/o W. E. Pinkerton, d/o S. J. Nichols, died at Yorkton, Sask., 21 Jan 1918, age 36 years, formerly of Berwick.[20 Feb 1918].

Pinkerton, W. E. see Pinkerton, May.

Pollard, Ethel Marie, d/o George W. Pollard, married at Portsmouth, NH, 20th Nov. 1918, To Edward Blake Clark, Rosebury, BC. No date. [4 Dec 1918 write-up].

Pollard, George W. see Pollard, Ethel Marie.

Porter, Lemuel, born to at Grafton, 12 Mar 1918, a son. [13 Mar 1918].

Powers, Charles D. see Powers, Edgar Waldo.

Powers, Edgar Waldo, formerly of Windermere, s/o Charles D. Powers, died at Boston, Mass. age 14 years 10 months. [1 May 1918 obituary].

Ramey, Charles Simeon see Lloyd, Gertrude.

Rand, Frederick Clarence, died at Kentville, 27 June 1918, 58 years.[3 July 1918 see also 10 July In Memoriam].

Rand, J. L., born to at Kinsman Corner, 22 Mar 1918, a daughter.[26 April 1918].

Rawding, Charles V., Black Rock, married at Hall's Harbor, 7 Apr 1918, to Mary Ethel Thorpe, d/o Rufus Thorpe, Hall's Harbor.[10 April 1918].

Redden, Mrs. Barbara, died at Somerset, 10 April 1918, 91 years.[17 Apr 1918 obit + notice].

Reece, Alfred see Strong, Grace Mildred.

Reece, Grace Mildred see Strong, Grace Mildred.

Reese, Reginald, born to at Waterville, 1 Oct 1918, a son. [16 Oct 1918].

Reid, Reuben F., died at Wolfville, 2 May 1918, 85 years.[22 May 1918].

Richardson, Nellie see Bezanson, Charles E.

Ritchie, M. L. (Nellie Woodworth), born to at Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, a son (Robert Moore). [20 Feb 1918].

Ritchie, Nellie see Ritchie, M. L.

Ritchie, Robert Moore see Ritchie, M. L.

Robinson, Dorothy Zelma, South Berwick, inf/d/o Edmund W. Robinson, died 22 Nov 1918, 5 months 16 days. [27 Nov 1918].

Robinson, Edmund W., born to at So. Berwick, 6 June 1918, a daughter.[19 June 1918 see also Robinson, Dorothy Zelma].

Robinson, Mrs. Lester, Waterville, died 23 Nov 1918 (Florence).[27 Nov 1918 obituary].

Roscoe, Colin W., died at Wolfville, 25 Jan 1918.[6 Feb 1918 n.age ; obituary more info].

Rowe, L. A. see Lowell, Ernest L.

Rowe, Nora see Algee, Charles Renwick.

Ruffee, George Henry Terry, married at Birmingham, England, 29 May 1918, s/o George L. Ruffee, formerly of Bridgetown, to Janet Cassolla Moodie d/o George H. Whitman, Birmingham, England. [10 July 1918].

Ruffee, George L. see Ruffee, George Henry Terry.

Salsman, Cecil, born to at Grafton, 11 Apr 1918, a son. [26 April 1918].

Saltzman, Joseph, born to at Somerset, 6 Apr 1918, a son.[26 April 1918].

Salzman, Eva see Salzman, Percy.

Salzman, Harry, died at Grafton, 21 Sept 1918, 96 years. [2 Oct 1918].

Salzman, Percy, Berwick, married at Berwick, 30 Nov 1918, to Eva Salzman, Burlington. [4 Dec 1918]

Sanford, Martha see Palmer, Handley.

Sanford, Starratt, born to at Brooklyn St., 21 Jan 1918, a son. [30 Jan 1918].

Sanford, William see Palmer, Handley.

Sarty, W. E., born to at Berwick, 2 June 1918, a daughter.[19 June 1918].

Saunders, C. K., born to at Berwick, 26 Oct 1918, a son (Edmund Ralph).[6 Nov 1918].

Saunders, Edmund Ralph see Saunders, C. K.

Saunders, Harry Douglas see Saunders, Harry.

Saunders, Harry, born to at Weston, 2 Nov 1918, a son. (Harry Douglas).[13 Nov 1918].

Sawler, Alfred Warren see Sawler, Ezra.

Sawler, Ezra, born to at Cambridge, 11 Sept 1918, a son (Alfred Warren).[18 Sept 1918].

Sawlor, Lieut. Ray H., (M.I.A. in August),, n.time, s/o W. H. Sawlor, Amherst.[9 Jan 1918 obituary p.3].

Sawlor, W. H. see Sawlor, Lieut. Ray H.

Seaman, William Henry, died at Kentville, 12 April 1918, 90 years.[1 May 1918].

Shaw, Alice see Chipman, Rev Alfred.

Shaw, Clara see Shaw, Francis Crispo.

Shaw, Francis Crispo, died at Brockville, Ontario, 11th inst., age 14, s/o Dr. S. E. & Clara Shaw of Biggar, Sask., grandson of Francis Crispo, Waterville.[20 Feb 1918].

Shaw, Sarah A., died at Windsor, 6 July 1918, 82 years.[10 July 1918].

Shaw, Dr. S. E. see Shaw, Francis Crispo.

Sheffield, Mary A., wid/o, Dr. Mason Sheffield, formerly of Berwick, died at Southern Pines, North Carolina, 26 Dec 1917. [2 Jan 1917].

Sheffield, Dr. Mason see Sheffield, Mary A.

Shepard, Harriet see Small, Lester.

Shepherd, John see Shepherd, Neil William.

Shepherd, Neil William, s/o John Shepherd, died at Yorkton, Sask., 4 June 1918, age 6 years. [26 June 1918].

Silver, Asaph Claud, Rockland, NS, married at Aylesford, 6 April 1918 to Viola Glen Lacey, of Windermere. [27 April 1918].

Silver, Wilson L., born to at Berwick, 14 April 1918, a son. [1 May 1918].

Simpson, Frederick J. see Marsters, Emelyn Morse.

Skinner, Kenneth McCabe, died at Digby, 7 Dec 1918, m. Berwick, 10 Feb 1917 to Ruth Louise McMahon, d/o A. E. McMahon. [11 Dec 1918 obituary].

Small, Fred L. see Small, Lester.

Small, Lester, s/o Fred L. Small, formerly of Greenwood, married at Brooklyn, New York, to Harriet Shepard, Brooklyn. [27 Mar 1918].

Smith, B. T., born to at Windsor, 24 Nov 1918, a daughter. [4 Dec 1918].

Smith, Duncan Wilmot, s/o Wm. M. Smith, married at Boston, Mass., to Lillian May Kenyon, d/o Chester Sleeper Marshall. [20 Feb 1918 write up].

Smith, W. J., West Black Rock, born to at Middleboro, Mass., 16 Jan 1918, a son. [30 January 1918].

Smith, Wm. M. see Smith, Duncan Wilmot.

Smyth, Arthur DruDrury [as written]see Smyth, W. V.

Smyth, W. V., born to at Waterville, 11 July 1918, a son.(Arthur DruDrury [as written]). 24 July 1918].

Spicer, Albert Edward, born to at Harborville, 9 Jan 1918, a daughter.[23 Jan 1918].

Spicer, Della, Harborville, married at Harborville, 4 Feb 1918 to Charles James Fox, Pubnico. [13 Feb 1918 see write up 20 Feb Register].

Stackhouse, Elizabeth Maud see Stillman, Harold Wilfred.

Starr, James see Dudman, Mrs. Susan Martha.

Starr, Mrs. Susan Martha see Dudman, Mrs. Susan Martha.

Stillman, Harold Wilfred, formerly of Waterville, married at Halifax, 23 July 1918 to Elizabeth Maud Stackhouse, Halifax. [31 July 1918].

Stroback, Edgar Bishop see Stroback, R. L.

Stroback, R. L., born to at Cazenovia, New York, 30 April 1918, a son (Edgar Bishop). [8 May 1918].

Strong, Frank Carrol, South Waterville, married at Berwick, 7 Aug 1918 to Della Mary Taylor, Rockland. [14 August 1918].

Strong, Grace Mildred, w/o Manning Strong, d/o Alfred Reece, died at So. Waterville, 6 May 1918, age 20 years m. Oct 1917.[22 May 1918 obituary].

Strong, Manning see Strong, Grace Manning.

Sullivan, Amelia see Burns, Mrs. John

Swindell, Clarence, died at Burlington, 8 June 1918, 29 years.[26 June 1918].

Swindell, Harvey E., married at Berwick, 1 May 1918, to Ina J. Swindell, Burlington. [8 May 1918].

Swindell, Ina J., see Swindell, Harvey E.

Taylor, Asabel, died at South Berwick, 26 Sept 1918, 71 years. [2 Oct 1918].

Taylor, Della Mary see Strong, Frank Carrol.

Taylor, Melbourne, born to at Millville, 15 Sept 1918, a son. [30 Oct 1918].

Thomas, William B., died at Natick, Mass., 31 Mar 1918, 65 years.[10 April 1918 obituary + notice].

Thompson, David see Thompson, Edith Evelyn.

Thompson, Edith Evelyn, d/o David Thompson, married at Wolfville, 3 July 1918 to Paul Melrose Davidson, s/o B. O. Davidson, Wolfville. [17 July 1918 write up].

Thompson, George, born to at Berwick, 25 Jan 1918, a son.[30 Jan 1918].

Thorpe, Mary Ethel see Rawding, Charles V.

Thorpe, Rufus see Rawding, Charles V.

Thorpe, Warren R., born to at Scotts bay, 15 Nov 1918, a son. [4 Dec 1918].

Tinkham, Mrs. Charles T., died at Harborville, 26 July 1918, 72 years.[31 July 1918].

Titus, Rev George B., died at Bridgewater, Mass., 16 May 1918, age 68 years b. Westport, NS, 4 Dec 1849; grad. Acadia Un, ordained 1874.[29 May 1918 obituary].

Tupper, Holmes M., Lake Paul, married at Berwick, 26 Dec 1917 to Mildred Morrow of Berwick. [16 Jan 1918].

VanBuskirk, Laura Belle see Blomberg, Petrus Frederick Martin.

Vaughan, George N., died on Monday, 59 years, Melrose, Mass. ; lived 31 years in Melrose but was b. in Harborville, NS. [Melrose (mass) Free Press 30 Aug- Register 22 Sept 1918 obituary].

Vaughan, Isaiah H. see Vaughan, Mrs. Jessie A.

Vaughan, Mrs. Jessie A., w/o Isaiah H. Vaughan, formerly of Berwick, died at Lynn, Mass., 8 April 1918, 66 years.[27 April 1918].

Veinott, Rupert, born to at Welsford, 22 Oct 1918, a son. [30 Oct 1918].

Veinott, Sgt. Herbert O., s/o William Veinotte, Aylesford, died 8 Aug 1918 at Amiens. [4 Dec 1918 obituary].

Veinotte, William see Veinotte, Sgt. Herbert O.

Veinott, William Edward see Vera Soloan Felch.

Wagstaff, Etta see Ogilvie, Elbridge.

Wallace, J. see Lovelace, Sadie Viola.

Ward, Capt. James C., born to at Washington, DC, 12 Dec 1917, a daughter. [9 Jan 1918].

Ward, Sarah, w/o J. B. Ward, d/o T. A. Margeson, died at Berwick, 14 June 1918, age 69 years. [26 June 1918].

Ward, J. B. see Ward, Sarah.

Ward, H. C., born to at Weston, Kings Co., 1 June 1918, a son.[5 June 1918].

Watts, H. Edward, born to at Waterville, 7 June 1918, a daughter.[26 June 1918].

Weathers, Amanda see MacKay, Mrs. Amanda.

Weathers, George see MacKay, Mrs. Amanda.

Webb, C. E. see Webb, Sadie Viola.

Webb, Sadie Viola, w/o C. E. Webb, died at Kingsport, 12 Mar 1918, age 32 years. [27 March 1918].

Webster, Earl Freeman see Webster, George McB.

Webster, George McB., born to at Charles River, Mass., a son. (Earl Freeman). [3 July 1918].

Weir, Dr. A. F., born to at Berwick, 23 July 1918, a daughter. [31 July 1918].

Weir, Margaret Anne, died at Berwick, 27 July 1918, w/o Dr. A. F. Weir, age 25 years. [31 July 1918].

Weldon, Thomas A., born to at Brooklyn St., 7 Apr 1918, a son.[1 May 1918].

Wentzell, Frank Lewis see Gates, Velma Ermina.

White, Bruce W., died at Somerset, 27 Sept 1918, 54 years, b. 1864, West Cornwallis, s/o George White m. Emma Fisher d/o George Fisher.[2 Oct 1918 obituary + notice].

White, George see White Bruce W.

Whitman, George H. see Ruffee, George Henry Terry.

Whitman, George T., born to at Waterville, 14 Sept 1918, a son (Lloyd George).[18 Sept 1918].

Whitman, Lloyd George see Whitman, George T.

Whitman, Russell J., born to at Waterville, 7 Sept 1918, a son (Thomas Victor).[18 Sept 1918].

Whitman, Thomas Victor see Whitman, Russell J.

Whitten, Edward D. see Legge, Effie Laurentine.

Wickwire, Emily Lovett, d/o H. H. Wickwire, married at Wolfville 26 July 1918, to Lindsay Bligh, Kentville. [7 August 1918].

Wickwire, H. H. see Wickwire, Emily Lovett.

Wilson, Don C., Waterville, killed in France, 16 Oct 1918 (KIA), 25 years.[13 Nov 1918].

Wood, Daniel see Wood, Henry S.

Wood, Shirley A. [male, as printed] see Algee, Gertrude.

Wood, Henry S. s/o Daniel/Elinor Wood, died at Woodville, 4 Jan 1918.[23 Jan 1918 obituary p.2 + notice].

Woodworth, Edward, Berwick, married at Aylesford, 4 Sept 1918 to Mrs. Alice A. Davidson, Aylesford. [11 Sept 1918].

Woodworth, Lieut. Kenneth Douglas, married at London, England, 20 Feb 1918, of Vancouver, formerly of Gowganda, Ontario, to Violet May Woolnar, military hospital Portsmouth, England d/o I. N. Woolner [sic], Toronto. [10 Apr 1918].

Woodworth, Nellie see Ritchie, M. L.

Woolnar, Violet May see Woodworth, Lieut. Kenneth Douglas.

Woolner [sic], I. N. see Woodworth, Lieut. Kenneth Douglas.

Wotton, Mrs. Anna Baltzer Wotton see Wotton, Mrs. John N.

Wotton, Mrs. Hannah, w/o Jesse C. Wotton, Aylesford Mtn., died 15 Oct 1918, d/o James Parks. [13 Nov 1918 obituary].

Wotton, Mrs. Jesse, Victoria, Kings Co., died 15 Oct 1918, 37 years. [25 Dec 1918 obituary].

Wotton, Mrs. John N., died at Aylesford, 28 Oct 1918, 74 years (Mrs. Anna Baltzer Wotton). [13 Nov 1918 obituary].

Wotton, Jesse C. see Wotton, Mrs. Hannah

Wright, M. H. M., born to at Berwick, 29 May 1918, a daughter.[19 June 1918].

Young, Kathleen, w/o W. Von Young, d/o _ M. King, Annapolis Royal, died at Middleton, 4 Nov 1918, 28 years. [6 Nov 1918].

Young, W. Von see Young, Kathleen.

Young, W. V. T., born to at Middleton, 6 Aug 1918, a son. [7 Aug 1918].


1.K.I.A. L.C. Woodworth, Canning

2.Gassed, H. E. Bigelow, Kingsport

3.Gassed, Sapper N. Dorey, Auburn.