The Advertiser, 1917

The Advertiser, Kentville, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
& the Outlook, Middleton, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia
NSARM, Halifax, NS

To Date: Outlook 30th March; Advertiser 4th May inclusive.

There is no single day of publication; there are some Friday and Tuesday editions. Considerable information left out of the vital statistics i.e. date, age place of death in some cases. The Advertiser begins 2 Feb 1917 on this reel and no vitals for 16 Feb. KA. Words are spelled as in announcement, dates are as given and the geography is yours to discover. Also please be aware that the surname may not always be repeated and that there may be several surnames if the same in one listing; further the wife’s given name may be omitted – i.e. d/o John and Hannah Copeland; Hannah may be omitted because of time, space, etc. and it is not a surname; if the surname is given it will be used. If you notice errors please let us know.

Please go to the source for a copy- NSARM will make one for you for a small fee. The mfm# is given. NSARM, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4; Tel (902) 424-6060 Fax: (902) 424- 0628; E-mail; URL: These vital statistics are for personal use only. Extractions by John Parker G.R.S.( C )and placed on the Internet by Phil Vogler . For personal use only.

** If looking for Phinney please check ALL Phinneys. The name may be in the vitals information. Some information may be separated where it doesn’t "fit" – see Inserts at the end.

KA = Kentville Advertiser mfm# 4049 - MO = Middleton Outlook. Mfm# 1110

Note: Private So and So is shown as Pvt. and Pte. in various listings.

Acker, Elsie, d/o William Acker, Cherryfield, died at Kentville, 20 years, Sat.[9 Feb 1917 MO write up].

Anderson, George Walter, Minneapolis, Minn., married at Bear River, 20 Dec 1916 to Ethel Rice, d/o Thelbert Rice. [5 Jan 1917 write up MO].

Anderson, James, died at Avonport, 25 Dec 1916. [5 Jan 1917 MO].

Archibald, Erskine E., died at Wolfville, Sat., 75 years b. Col. Co., NS removed to Yarmouth. [23 Feb 1917 obituary KA & 23 Feb 1917 MO-age as 73 ].

Atwill, inf/s/o Osborn, died at Gaspereaux. [2 Feb 1917 KA].

Bailey, Annie see Morgan William Obed.

Baltzer, L. D., Grafton, married at Berwick, 25 Apr, to Clara A. L. Marshall, Aylesford.[4 May 1917 KA].

Bancroft, Joseph A., died at Round Hill, Tues., about 70 years.[26 Jan 1917 MO obit].

Barteaux, Mrs. Judson, Nictaux West, died 13 Jan. 1917.[19 Jan 1917 obit MO].

Batton, Mrs. Ann, died at Clarence, Sunday , 89 years.[9 Feb 1917 & see Clarence col. MO].

Bennett, Arthur see Doyle, Mrs. J.

Bennett, Fred Morton, Canning, married at Kentville, 1 May to Elizabeth Melvin, Woodside. [4 May 1917 KA].

Bennett, Ward, died 13 Feb , Canning, burial Pereaux. [2 March 1917 obituary KA].

Bishop, Fred see Fairn, Henrietta Marie.

Brooke, Pvt. William, s/o C. J. Brooke, Ottawa died in German prison age 23 years.[4 May 1917 KA].

Borden, Sir Frederick W., died Sat., Canning.[12 Jan 1917].

Brown, Miss see West, Mrs. William.

Burgess, John Earle, Sheffield Mills, married to Henrietta May Masters, Church St., 5 Apr at Halifax. [13 April 1917 KA].

Burgess, Stephen E., died at Canning, 23 Feb, 77 years 7 months, s/o John Burgess m. Caroline Stevens, she d.1903. [2 March 1917 obit KA].

Caldwell, Craig, born to at Aylesford, 20 Mar 1917 a dau (Elizabeth Craig). [3 Apr 1917 KA].

Carter, Stanley, died at Worcester, Mass., 44 years, s/o Michael A. Carter. [27 Mar 1917 KA].

Clarke, John, born to at Canard, 13 mar a son. [16 Mar 1917 KA].

Cleveland, Capt. Joseph see Cook, James.

Cook, James, Margaretville, died 20th Tues, 75 years married a d/o Capt Joseph Cleveland. [2 Mar 1917 - MO –obit].

Conrad, Lela L. d/o Samuel Conrad, married at New Germany, Sat week, to Stanley Gunn, Berwick. 17 April 1917 see Berwick col. KA].

Crawley, Dr. E. A. see Sawyer, Emma.

Crawley, Emma see Sawyer, Emma.

Croscup, George E., died at New York, last week, formerly of Karsdale, Anna Co.[9 Feb 1917 MO].

Crisp, Mrs. Ada E., wid/o William Crisp, died at Bridgetown, 16 Feb, 69 years 11 months. [23 Feb 1917 MO].

Crosby, Waldo S., born to at Kentville, 11 mar, a son (John Clifton).[16 Mar 1917 KA].

Crouse, Fred, died at Cherryfield, 15 Mar., 18 years s/o Ephraim Crouse, New Canada.[23 Mar 1917 MO].

Crowe, Mrs. Lucy Jane, w/o J. C. Crowe, Debert, NS, died Port Williams, 10 Apr, in 89th year, burial in Debert. [24 Apr 1917 KA obit].

Crowell, Mrs. Nathan, died at Lockport, Tues. [13 Apr 1917 KA].

Curry, Ralph Irvine, s/o Mrs. F. W. Curry, died at Hortonville, 5 Feb, 19 years.[20 Feb 1917 obit KA].

Doran, John, owner of Windsor Hotel, died 5 Jan, 71 years.[12 Jan 1917 MO].

Doyle, Mrs. J., wid/o James Doyle, died at South Alton, 14 March, 85 years, d/o Arthur Bennett, Halifax. [16 Mar 1917 & 6 April obit KA ].

Duncanson, Andrew, died at Grand Pre, 17 Feb age 84 years.[2 Mar 1917 KA].

Dunnigan, Mabel Eleanor Louise, d/o William Dunnigan, married 24th Jan., at Alameda, Sask., to Allen Weaver, Regina, Sask., formerly of Medford, NS.[6 Feb 1917 Tues. KA].

Fairn, Henrietta Marie, d/o Adolphus B. Fairn, married at South Albany, 11 Feb, to Fred Bishop, Lawrencetown. [23 Feb 1917 MO].

Farris, Jessie, died at Wolfville, 30 Jan., 14 years. [2 Feb 1917 KA].

Fash, Joseph, died at Hampton, 4 Feb, 78 years[9 Feb 1917 MO].

Feindel, Andrew died at Kentville, Tuesday. [9 Feb 1917 Fri. KA].

Filiseth, Nellie M., wid/o Charles H. Filiseth, died 21 April, Roxbury . [4 May 1917 KA].

Fisher, Edwin L., died at Bridgetown, 14 Feb 1917.[16 Feb 1917 MO].

Fisher, Mrs. Henry died at Somerset, maiden name Franklyn, Grand Pre.[4 May 1917 KA].

Foote, Jeremiah see Lawrence, Annie.

Foster, Aubrey Lester, s/o William Foster, White Rock, KIA, 9 Apr. [4 May 1917 KA].

Fraser, Rev. D. Stiles, Londonderry, died 24 Jan 1917.[26 Jan 1917 –obit -MO].

Fritz, Mrs. John, died at Port George, 18 Feb., 44 years.[23 Feb 1917 see obit-2 Mar. Port George MO].

Garrison, Vera G. see Porter, Otto H.

Gates, Ambrose C., formerly of Middleton, died at Dorchester, Mass., 22 Feb. [2 mar. 1917 MO].

Gates, Susie, died at Dorchester, Mass., 12 Feb 1917. [16 Feb 1917 obit; also 2 Mar & 11th Mar, MO].

Gayton, Helen, wid/o Albert Gayton, Yarmouth, died 4 Feb, 74 years.[9 Feb 1917 MO]

Goucher, Ethel May w/o Arthur Baker Goucher, Brighton, Mass, died 22 Dec 1916.[obit Jan 1917 MO]. Hamilton, James, died at Port George, 6th Feb., in 90th years m. Mary Ann Kilpatrick. [9 Feb 1917 see also Port George col. 9 MO].

Grant, Mrs. Sophia, wid/o Arod Grant, died at Port Lorne, 6 Feb, 81 years.[16 Feb 1917 MO].

Gunn, Stanley see Conrad, Lela L.

Hanley, Mrs. see Woodworth, Prudence Adelia.

Hanley, Prudence Adelia see Woodworth, Prudence Adelia.

Harris, Maria M., wid/o Ezekiel B. Harris, d/o B. B. Woodworth, died at Canning, 21 Dec 1916. [19 Jan 1917 MO].

Harris, Reuben, died 28 Feb, East Margaretville. [16 Mar 1917 obit-MO].

Hayden, William Ensley, KIA, 8th inst. [27 Mar 1917 Tues KA].

Henderson, Porter, Cambridge, NS, died 7 Mar , 66 years m. Ida Tupper.[16 Mar 1917 obit KA].

Hennigar, David, formerly of Chester, died at Noel, Hants Co., 7 Feb, in 80th year.[16 Feb 1917 MO].

Hiltz, Lindsay, born to at Kentville, 6 mar., a son. [16 Mar 1917 KA].

Hoffman, Mrs. William, died at Nictaux South, 16th Mar. [23 March 1917 MO].

Holloway, W. J., born to 19 March, a daughter.[20 Mar 1917 KA].

Horton, Mrs. Joseph, Mattapan, Mass., died Feb 14, formerly of West Cornwallis (Minnie Thorpe). [27 Mar 1917 KA obit].

How, Rev. Henry, Annapolis Royal, died 22 Mar., b. 28 Feb 1853 m. a dau/of Canon Maynard. [23 Mar 1917 obit-MO & see 20 Mar 1917 KA].

Hussey, Mrs. Annie d/o Dennis O’Leary, died, 12 Feb 1917, b. Clairmont, age 59 years. [27 Feb 1917 – obit KA].

Illsley, Margaret E., w/o Frank N. Illsley, Weston, died Sat. [obit- 2 Feb 1917 KA].

Jefferson, George, died Thurs last, at West Roxbury, Mass, 73 years.[20 Apr 1917 KA].

Jessop, Allie, d/o Fred Jessop, died at Gaspereaux, 9 months.[2 Feb 1917 KA].

Johnson, Daisey Eleanor Dorothie see Ritchie, Wylie A.

Johnson, Sgt. See Ritchie, Wylie A.

Jones, Pte. Rev. A. T., KIA, s/o C. L. Jones, 26 Mar 1917. [20 Apr 1917].

Kaiser, Ruby Jane d/o J. B. Kaiser, married at Billtown, 18 Apr, to Edward Ward Silver, Berwick. [24 April 1917 KA].

Keddy, Harry C. see parker, Fannie Alberta.

Kelly, William, born to at Garland, 22 Mar, a son. [3 April 1917 KA].

Killam, Percival V., born to at Kinsman’s Corner, 22 Mar, a son. [3 Apr 1917].

Kilpatrick, Mary Ann see Hamilton, James.

Lawrence, Annie, w/o Jeremiah Foote, Jr., died at New Ross, 14th Feb., 46 years.[27 Feb 1917 KA].

Lawrence, Elvira, see Marchant, J. Melbourne.

Lemon, Charles, died 5 Apr at Kentville, 67 years s/o Thomas Lemon, Horton.[13 April 1917 KA obit].

Lewis, Geanie, d/o Purdy Lewis, died at Aylesford, age 13 ? years.[20 Apr 1917 ].

Lloyd, Perez E., died at Kentville, 17 Jan 1917.[26 Jan 1917].

Lyons, Reid J., died at Boston, 20 Mar, 57 years, formerly of Berwick. [27 Apr 1917 KA].

Macdonald, Gladys M. see Phinney, Roy B.

Marchant, J. Melbourne, died 16 Dec 1916, Brooklyn St., Kings Co., s/o William Marchant, m. Elvira Lawrence, Lakeville. [12 Jan 1917 obit MO].

Marshall, Clara A. L. see Baltzer, L. D.

Marshall, Raleigh, Clarence, died at Meredith, N. H., 3 Feb, 27 years.[9 Feb 1917 MO].

Marshall, Richard, died at Hill Grove, Digby Co., Mon., 76 years.[6 Feb 1917 Tues Edit. .KA].

Marten, Mrs. Hamilton, of St. John, died, m. Grover Martin. [13 Feb 1917 see Tremont col. KA].

Masters, Henrietta May see Burgess, John Earle.

Masters, Sadie, d/o Isaac Masters, died at Port Williams, 30 Jan. 1917, 57 years. [2 Feb 1917 KA & 9 Feb 1917, MO].

Maynard, Canon see How, Rev. Henry.

McBride, Capt. Samuel, died at Harborville, 25 April 1917, age 83 years.[4 May 1917 obit KA].

McCall, Harold, merchant, died at Cambridge Sta, 24th inst, s/o Rex D. McCall, 2 years 1 months. [30 March 1917 Tues KA].

McColl, Neil, died at Kinsman’s Corner, 8th Feb, 75 years. [27 Feb 1917].

McLean, G. W. T., born to at Woodville, 28 Apr, a son (Frederick Haines).[4 May 1917 KA].

McLean, Peter Moore, Kentville, died 14 Apr, born, North Sydney, 57 years.[20 Apr 1917 KA].

McMahon, Ruth Louise d/o Albert E. McMahon, married at Berwick, 12 Feb to Kenneth McCabe Skinner, Digby. [20 Feb 1917 write up KA & see 23 Feb 1917 MO].

McNutt, Edward, died at Yarmouth, about 45 years.[20 Mar 1917 p.7 KA].

McPherson, Margaret, died at Hortonville, 13 Feb, age 88 years.[2 Mar 1917 KA].

Meister, Mrs. Mary A., w/o Benjamin Meister, Port Williams, died; funeral 22 Apr.[1 May 1917 KA].

Meister [?], Mrs. Benjamin Sydney, died at New Ross, Lun. Co., 14 Feb., 56 years.[6 Mar.1917 obit KA].

Meister, [?], Edgar St. Clair, s/o Benjamin Meister [?] died Feb 11, New Ross, 24 years. [6 Mar 1917 KA].

Melvin, Elizabeth see Bennett, Fred Morton.

Merson, Ethel, d/o Thomas Merson, died at New Minas, Sunday. [13 Apr 1917 Fri KA obit].

Milberry, Flora, died at Cherryfield, 18 Mar, 21 years 5 months.[23 Mar 1917 MO].

Mills, Elizabeth (Miss), died at Woodville. [4 May 1917 KA].

Mills, Libbie d/o John Mills, married at Woodville, 9 Apr, 83 years. [13 Apr 1917 KA].

Morgan, William Obed, Bear River, married at Kentville, to Annie Bailey, NFL. [27 Mar 1917 write up KA].

Morse, E. J., Windsor, died at Halifax, 62 years, m. Jessie Parsons d/o Henry Munro Parsons, Kingston, NS, burial Middleton. [6 Feb 1917 obit & see 27 Feb KA; see MO 9 Feb 1917 obit].

Morse, Mrs., wid/o Dr. L. R. Morse, died at Lawrencetown, 17 Mar 1917.[23 Mar 1917 MO].

Morse, Libbie w/o Zeber Morse, d/o J. Wesley Sanford, died at Nictaux West, 1 Jan 1917. [5 Jan 1917 MO].

Neiforth, Ervin, Avonport, died Tues, at Crompton, R. I. [5 Jan 1917 MO].

Neily, Margaret E., w/o Frank N. Neily, died at Weston, 27 Jan 1917.[9 Feb 1917 MO].

Newcombe, Fred B., s/o D. H. Newcombe, died at Kentville, Friday, b. 28 July 1856.[3 Apr 1917 obit KA].

Nolan, William, died at Boston, Mass., 6 Feb, 56 years.[9 Mar 1917 KA].

O’Leary, Annie see Hussey, Mrs. Annie.

O’Leary, Dennis see Hussey, Mrs. Annie.

Outhit, Sophia, died at Aylesford, 27 Feb. [2 March 1917 MO].

Parker, Fannie Alberta, d/o Arthur W. Parker, married at Billtown, 14 Mar to Harry C. Keddy, Billtown. [20 Mar 1917 KA write up].

Parsons, Henry Munro see Morse, E. J.

Parsons, Jessie see Morse, E. J.

Pelton, Mrs. Roy, (Allie Gertrude) died at Berwick, Sat. [2 Feb 1917 – obit KA ; see Feb 1917 MO].

Parrish, Clementine, died at Church St., 9 Apr, 82 years.[20 Apr 1917 KA].

Patterson, Charles Henry, married at Kentville, 1 May, to Mrs. Glennie Olive Patterson, South Alton. [4 May 1917].

Phinney, Roy B. married at Halifax, 26 Jan 1917, to Gladys M. Macdonald, Middleton, formerly of Port Hastings, CB. [2 Feb 1917 MO].

Pineo, John L., born to 24 march, a daughter (Vera Marie) n.d.[23 March 1917 KA].

Porter, Frank, s/o Rev. I. W. Porter, Wolfville, KIA, deom wounds.[27 Apr 1917 KA].

Porter, Otto H., Black River, married at Wolfville, 20 Feb, to Vera G. Garrison, Indian Harbour, Halifax Co., NS. [2 March 1917 KA].

Porter, Rev. R. D. died at Truro, 1 Jan 1917, 87 years.[12 Jan 1917 MO].

Ramey, Blanche see Roach, Roy.

Randall, George E., died at Harmony, 11 Jan 1917, 63 years.[26 Jan 1917 MO].

Reid, Charles H., Avonport, died 28 Mar , 87 years.[10 April 1917 obit KA].

Rice, Eva Albert [a?] see Smith, Raymond Douglas.

Rice, Ethel, see Anderson, George Walter.

Rice, Thelbert see Anderson , George Walter and Smith, Raymond Douglas.

Ritchie, Marion L. see Woodworth, Nellie B.

Ritchie, Wylie A., s/o W. C. Ritchie, Middleton, married at Woolwich, 18 Jan 1917, to Daisey Eleanor Dorothie Johnson, d/o Sgt. Johnson, Plumstead, . [23 Feb 1917 write up see 2 Mar 1917 MO].

Roach, Roy, married at Kingston, 20 Dec 1916 to Blanche Ramey, Tremont.[5 Jan 1917 MO].

Rockwell, Leslie R., died Fri, Hopewell, Mass, 63 years, burial Hopewell.[Tues 16 Mar 1917 KA obit].

Roney, John, died at Granville Centre, 20 Feb, 84 years.[2 Mar 1917 MO].

Roop, Sadie, d/o William Roop, died Tuesday, Halifax. [2 Mar 1917 see Springfield col. –MO].

Ruffee, Olive F., died at Bridgetown, 8 Jan 1916[sic], 75 years.[12 Jan 1917 MO].

Ruggles, Capt. Ronald Taylor, s/o Harry Ruggles, Bridgetown, died at Halifax, Friday last, 22 years 2 days. [23 Feb [1917 obituary KA].

Ruggles, Mrs. W., died at Deep Brook, 19 Mar, 96 years 9 mos. [30 Mar 1917 MO].

Rumsey, Sophia, died at Kingsport, Friday last, in 93rd year.[26 Jan 1917 MO].

Sanford, Libbie see Morse, Libbie.

Sanford, J. Wesley see Morse, Libbie.

Sawyer, Emma, w/o Dr. Everett W. Sawyer, d/o Dr. E. A. Crawley, died at Summerland, BC, 21 Dec 1916. [12 Jan 1917 MO].

Schofield, Robert, died at Wolfville, 30 Jan., 82 years.[2 Feb 1917 KA see 9 Feb 1917 MO].

Shaffner, John H., died at Kerrisdale [sic], 29 Jan age 96 years.[9 Feb 1917 MO].

Shaw, Henry, formerly of Waterville, died at Lawrencetown, Tuesday.[19 Jan 1917 obit MO].

Shaw, L. B., born to at Halifax, 27 Apr, a son. [4 May 1917 KA].

Silver, Edward Ward see Kaiser, Ruby Jane.

Skinner, Kenneth McCabe see McMahon, Ruth Louise.

Smith, Edith, wid/o John F. Smith, died at Aylesford, 17 Jan 1917.[19 Jan 1917 MO].

Smith, Raymond Douglas, Boston, Mass., married at Bear River, 20th Dec 1916, to Eva Albert[a?] Rice d/o Thelbert Rice, residence Aliston, Mass.[5 Jan 1916 write up –double wedding MO].

Spurr, Arthur, died at Lequille, 12 Feb.50 years.[16 Feb 1917 MO].

Starratt, Alvina, died at Paradise, 4 Jan 1916[sic], 81 years.[12 Jan 1917 MO]..

Stevens, Caroline see Burgess, Stephen E.

Taylor, W. H., born to at Sheffield Mills, a son, n.d. (William Maynard). [16 Mar 1917 KA].

Thorpe, Minnie see Horton, Mrs. Joseph.

Thorston, B. B., wife/of , Halifax, died at Wilmot, 25 years.[9 Feb 1917 MO].

Tonie, Joseph Noel, died 3 Feb, 8 years 1month.. [9 Mar 1917 -obit- MO].

Troop, Florence W. d/o F. H. Troop, Granville Centre, 2 Mar. [9 Mar 1917 – MO].

Tupper, Arden Calvin, died at Scotts Bay, 5 Jan 1917, 74 years.[12 Jan 1917].

Tupper, Ida see Henderson, Porter.

Tupper, Jeremiah see Webster, Mrs. Sarah Jane.

Tupper, Jane, w/o Amos Webster, died at Cambridge, Kings Co., 11 Mar, 88 years.[30 Mar 1917 MO].

Webster, Amos see Tupper, Jane. [see Webster, Mrs. Sarah Jane].

Webster, George E., born to at Cambridge, 18 Apr, a dau (Greta Louise).[27 Apr 1917 & 4 May KA].

Webster, Mrs. Sarah Jane, died at Cambridge, NS, 14 mar, 85 years 1 month 1 day d/o Jeremiah Tupper m. 1858 Amon Kinsman Webster. [10 April 1917 KA].

Welton, Mrs. Louisa wid/o Wallace Welton, died at Torbrook, 24 Mar, 72 years.[30 Mar 1917-MO].

West, Mrs. William, died 5 Apr, about 79 years, formerly, Miss Brown.[17 Apr 1917 KA obit].

West, Howard A., s/o Zacharias West, Halls Harbour, died in training, 23 Jan 1916 [sic?] . [4 May 1917 KA].

Whitman, Joel, died at Brickton, 26 Feb, 60 years.[2 Mar 1917 obit 9 Mar-MO].

Whitman, Rufus G., died at Round Hill, 49 years, n.d.[30 Mar 1917 MO].

Whitman, Sarah wid/o Isaac Whitman, died at Torbrook, 28 Feb, 81 years.[23 Mar 1917 MO-obit].

Woodworth, B.B. see Harris, Maria M.

Woodworth, Maria see Harris, Maria M.

Woodworth, Nellie B., d/o F. E. Woodworth, Berwick, married at Wilmington, Del., 21 March 1917, to Marion L. Ritchie, Chadd’s Ford, Penn. [3 Apr 1917 KA].

Woodworth, Prudence Adelia, w/o Henry A. Woodworth, Steam Mill, d/o Mrs. Hanley, died Lakeville, n.d., but m. Aug 1916. [27 Mar 1917 obit KA].

Weaver, Allen see Dunnigan, Mabel Eleanor Louise.

Yates, Mrs. Paul, died at Digby, 18 Feb, 32 years.[2 Mar 1917 MO].

Young, Dr. Fred W., s/o Hamilton Young, died 10 Feb 1917 b. Paradise.[23 Feb 1917 KA &16 Feb MO].

Young, Obadiah F., died at Worcester, Mass, 27 Dec 1916, in 79th year, b. New Germany, s/o George & Caroline (Durling) Young, formerly of Lake Paul, NS. [2 Feb 1917 obit MO].


Kings Co. Honor Roll [13 March 1917 KA] mfm#4049 NSARM, Halifax, NS *** Please note that this

Information is only for the date(s) given. IT IS NOT ALL INCLUSIVE !!

Alcorn, Carl, s/o A. S. Alcorn, Berwick, KIA, August 1916.

Best, Harold James, s/o R. D. Best, Coldbrook, KIA, July 1916.

Bishop, Ernest s/o Edson Bishop, Alton, died of wounds, Oct 1916.

Brown, John Crawley, s/o C. C. Brown, Greenwich, KIA, 22 June 1916.

Chase, J. B., s/o William Chase, Lakeville, died of illness overseas, Oct 1916.

Dickey, Harry B. s/o H. S. Dickey, Canard, KIA, 15 June 1916.

Doherty, Wilfred, s/o W. H. Doherty, Kentville, KIA, 19 April 1916.

Elderkin, William Arthur s/o J. A. Elderkin, Wolfville, KIA, June 1916.

Ells, Glen, s/o Alf Ells, Sheffield Mills, KIA, Oct 1916.

Fielding, Clyde, grandson of Dr. E. N. Payzant, Wolfville, 1 Oct 1916.

Hiltz, Lance Corpl. Clifton, s/o E. Hiltz, Kingsport, KIA, 3 June 1916.

James, Enoch, won DSO, formerly of Kentville, KIA.

Mahar, Harry B., s/o Wesley Mahar, Kentville, KIA, 5 Jan 1917].

March, Cyril, Berwick, s/o Dr. March, KIA, June 1916.

Mason, Lieut. Vere K., Acadia Rhodes Scholar, KIA, 8 August 1916.

Mellor, Lieut. F. C., Kentville, s/o T. C. Mellor, KIA, 1 July 1916.

McGarry, Co. Sergt. Maj. H. L., new Ross Road, KIA, 14 Sept 1916.

Parker, William O. s/o O. W. Parker, Avonport, KIA, 25 Dec 1916.

Pineo, Capt. Henry H., s/o W. W. Pineo, Waterville, KIA, 21 July 1916.

Rafuse, Roy B., s/o Fred Rafuse, Kentville, KIA, 7 June 1916.

Schofield, Ralph, s/o H. Schofield, Kentville, KIA, June 1916.

Spencer, Hugh, s/o Clarence Spencer, Kentville, KIA, 6 June 1916.

Swift, Otis s/o W. A. Swift, Waterville, KIA, France, 3 July 1916.

Tupper, Carey, s/o Flebert Tupper, Scotts Bay, KIA, June 1916.

Additions from 3 April 1917 Tues. Advertiser mfm#4049 . For this edition there are also lists for Canning, Hillaton, Canard, Canning, Kingsport, Scotts Bay as individual communities.

Gould, Norman H., s/o Ephraim Gould, Harborville, died in training, 2 Feb 1916.

Herbert, Harold R., s/o Conductor Herbert, Kentville, KIA, 20 Dec 1916.

Illsley, Sapper Preston, Berwick, NS, KIA, 11 April 1916.

Jones, Maj. Stanley, died a German prisoner 8 June 1916, b. Wolfville, removed to Calgary.

Magee, L-Corpl Grant E., s/o J. A. Magee, Port Williams, died in training, Kentville, 2 Feb 1916.