Newspaper - Vital Staistics, 1914

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia

1914 [missing 30 Sept 1914]

Please note the Register was published on Wednesday in 1914

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*** NOTE The Register was published on Wednesday in 1914 *** Also, after 29 April 1914 film 4020 skips to 23 Sept 1914 but then recovers to May 6, 1914. It appears to be all there if not broken up somewhat.

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Alcorn, Walter S., born to at Winthrop, Mass., 22 Oct 1914, a daughter. [4 Nov 1914].

Allen, Mrs. Harvey (Mary), died at New Cape, Westmoreland Co., NB, 20 June 1914, 68 years, d/o Enoch Parker, Brooklyn St., Kings Co., NS, m. 1870 Samuel Congdon (he d. 1897) m2. Harvey Allen, (bro. Owen H. Parker; sis: Mrs. Craig, Bridgetown, Mrs. Pearson). [24 June 1914 obituary + notice].

Allen, Mary see Allen, Mrs. Harvey.

Anderson, Mrs. Harriet L., formerly of Waterville & Burlington, died at Hyde Park, Mass. 16 June 1914; sister of Mrs. Susie McBride, Aylesford.[1 July 1914 more in obituary].

Anderson, J. C., born to at Port George, 26 June 1914, twin daughters.[15 July 1914].

Archibald, G. Grassie, born to 28 Feb 1914, at Aberdeen, Scotland, a son (John Caldwell). [4 March 1914].

Archibald, John Caldwell see Archibald, G. Grassie.

Astbury, John S., Montreal, s/o Rev. John Astbury, Port Hawkesbury, married at Pinecroft[?] 1 July 1914, to Effie d/o Nelson H. Patterson. [8 July 1914 write up + notice].

Astbury, Rev. John see Astbury, John S.

Avery, Arthur, born to at Waterville, 9 Feb 1914, a son. [11 Feb 1914].

Bailey, Edna M. see Chute, Henry M.

Baker, Margaret N., Somerset, married at Somerset, 2 Sept 1914 to W. H. J. Chute, Montreal. [9 Sept 1914 notice + write up].

Baltzer, William, born to at Brooklyn St., 17 Jan 1914, a son. [28 Jan 1914].

Balsar, Asaph, died at Centreville, 22 Feb 1914, 52 years.[25 Feb 1914].

Banks, Alden see Banks, Maria.

Banks, Maria wid/o Alden Banks, died at Harmony, 20 June 1914.[1 July 1914].

Banks, Julia see Ewing, Mrs. John

Banks, William see Ewing, Mrs. John

Barteaux, Mrs. Frances, wid/o Harvey Barteaux, died at Nicholsville, 10 April 1914, age 79 years; Harvey died c. 17 years ago.[22 Apr 1914 obituary].

Barteaux, Harvey see Barteaux, Mrs. Frances.

Batchelor, Mrs. Elizabeth see Coonan, James E.

Beals, Philip S., Morristown, married 30 June 1914 to Mabel B. Easson, d/o William Eason, Factorydale. [1 July 1914 write up see 8 July issue].

Beardsley, Viola May, Berwick, married at Malden, Mass., 9 Sept 1914, to Hanson L. Gates, Malden, Mass. [16 Sept 1914].

Beckwith, A. A., age 34 years, died "recently", Marmato, Colombia, s/o Dr. Burpee Beckwith, who was a s/o Mayhew Beckwith ; his mother resides in Kingston, Jamaica a d/o Rev. Burnthorn Musgrave. [2 Dec 1914 obituary].

Beckwith, Burpee, Dr. see Beckwith, A. A.

Beckwith, Horace L., s/o R. N. Beckwith, died at Halifax, VG, 26 Jan 1914, 56 years. [4 Feb 1914 obituary].

Beckwith, James Edward see Beckwith, Mary Anne.

Beckwith, James E., see Beckwith, Matilda.

Beckwith, James E., died at Berwick, 27 June 1914, at the home of his daughter Mrs. Ella Parker, 84 years, s/o Samuel Beckwith.[1 July 1914 obituary + notice].

Beckwith, Mary Anne, wid/o James Edward Beckwith, d/o Charles Morton, died at Steam Mill, 25 Nov 1914, 94 years. [9 Dec 1914].

Beckwith, Matilda, w/o James E. Beckwith, died at Berwick, 12 Feb 1914, 79 years. [18 Feb 1914].

Beckwith, Mayhew see Beckwith, A. A.

Beckwith, R. N. see Beckwith, Horace L.

Belcher, Amanda, wid./o John S. Belcher, Church St., died at South Berwick, 5 Jan 1914, d/o John N. Bowles, Waterville. [7 Jan 1914].

Belcher, John S. see Belcher, Amanda.

Benjamin, Luther, born to at Berwick, 21 Oct 1914, a son. [28 Oct 1914].

Bentley, Edgar see Bentley, Maud.

Bennett, Mrs. Rosanna, died at Melvern Square, 28 Jan 1914, 78 years.[18 Feb 1914].

Bentley, Maud, d/o Edgar Bentley, married at Dilgent River, Cumberland Co., 4 Sept 1914, To Gordon Irving, Sheffield Mills. [23 Sept 1914].

Bezanson, Alfred Herman, married at The Forties, 29 Jan 1914, to Mary Elizabeth Hiltz, d/o James Hiltz. [4 Feb 1914 write up The Forties = New Ross].

Bezanson, George, born to at Berwick, 21 June 1914, a son. [24 June 1914].

Bezanson, Mrs. Margaret, died at Garland, 13 Feb 1914, 96 years.[18 Feb 1914].

Bishop, George L., born to at Greenwich, 9 July 1914, twins, boy & girl.[15 July 1914].

Blackburn, Fred, born to at Aylesford, 23 April 1914, a son. [29 Apr 1914].

Blackburn, James, born to at Waterville, 10 May 1914, a son. [27 May 1914].

Blake, Eben N. see Blake, Mrs. Mary M.

Blake, Mrs. Mary M., d/o Joseph B. Killam, Somerset, 67 years, wid/o Eben N. Blake, died at Somerville, Mass., 11 Aug 1914, b. Somerset, Kings Co., [Somerville (Mass) Journal 14 Aug 1914 – Berwick Register 26 August 1914 obituary + notice].

Bowlby, Millege, born to at Spa Springs, 1 July 1914, a daughter. [15 July 1914].

Bowles, Amanda see Belcher, Amanda.

Bowles, Aubrey L., born to at Waterville, 6 Apr 1914, a son.[8 Apr 1914].

Bowles, John N. see Belcher, Amanda.

Bowles, Murray Leonard, s/o Aubrey L. Bowles, died at Waterville, 9 Apr 1914, 2 days. [15 April 1914].

Brown, Daniel see Brown, Hannah.

Brown, Edna w/o William V. Brown, died at Beaver River, Digby Co., 21 May 1914, age 70 years. [3 June 1914 obituary + notice].

Brown, Gertie see Pyne, Holland.

Brown, Hannah, w/o Daniel Brown, died at Upper Pereau, 6 Jan 1914.[28 Jan 1914].

Brown, Lemuel, born to at Harborville, 20 July 1914, a son.[22 July 1914].

Brown, Robert B., born to at Kentville, 25 Feb 1914, a son. [11 Mar 1914].

Brown, William V. see Brown, Edna.

Bryden, Charles see Bryden, Elizabeth.

Bryden, Elizabeth, w/o Charles Bryden, died at Berwick West, d/o Robert Osborne, Waterville, a native of Scotland, age 90 years.[5 Aug 1914 obituary 12 Aug 1914].

Butcher, Fred R., died at Middleton, 3 may 1914, 60 years.[6 May 1914].

Carey, Thomas C. see Coonan, James E.

Cashman, Ellen, w/o William Cashman, died at Aylesford, 58 years, 28 Mar 1914. [22 April 1914 obituary + notice].

Cassidy, Mrs. Mercy, Kingston, married at Kingston, 27 Jan 1914, A. A. Ford, Berwick. [18 Feb 1914 write up].

Charlton, L. W., born to at Burlington, 29 Dec 1913, a son.(Lloyd Wilson).[14 Jan 1914].

Charlton, Lloyd Wilson see Charlton, L. W.

Chesley, John Hanley, married 10 Mar 1914 North Kingston, to Mrs. M. L. Rudolph [18 March 1914 write up + notice].

Chipman, Andrew see Chipman, Mrs. (Mary) A. F.

Chipman, Mrs. (Mary) A. F., wid/ Andrew Chipman, d/o Isaac Hiram Newcomb, formerly of Union Square, did at Brookline, Mass., formerly of Berwick, age 74 years, b. 31 Jan 1840, m. 28 Jan 1862. [4 April 1914, obituary].

Chipman, W. Henry see Chipman, Col. Leveret DeVeber.

Chipman, Col. Leveret DeVeber, died 7 Jan 1914, age 82 years; m. Nancy L. Moore, d/o Stephen Moore ; b. Chipman Corner, 1831, s/o W. Henry Chipman and Sophia Araminta Cogswell .[14 Jan 1914 obituary + notice].

Chambers, Samuel see Parker, Charlotte.

Chute, Henry M., Somerville, Mass., married at Somerville, Mass., 11 Dec 1913, to Edna M. Bailey, d/o W. M. Bailey, formerly of Berwick.[14 Jan 1914].

Chute, Leander see Palmer, Ambrose.

Chute, Sarah see Palmer, Ambrose.

Chute, W. H. J. see Baker, Margaret N.

Clark, Joseph A., married at Halifax, 19 Feb 1914, to Helen Maunsell Richardson, d/o Kiemen Richardson, all of Halifax. [25 Feb 1914 - Maunsell may be a surname?].

Clark, Margaret, wid/o Albert A. Webster, formerly of Cambridge, Kings Co., died at Inverness, CB, 2 March 1914.[4 march 1914].

Clem, James see Swindell, Mrs.

Cloury, Caroline, wid/o Isaac Cloury, Weston, died 8 May 1914, 65 years.[3 June 1914 obit].

Cloury, Isaac see Cloury, Caroline.

Cochrane, David R. see Hayes, Jennie.

Cochrane, Jennie see Hayes, Jennie.

Cogswell, Caleb, Centreville, died at Hantsport, 17 Jan 1914, age 80 years.[28 Jan 1914].

Cogswell, Sophia Araminta see Chipman, Col. Leveret DeVeber.

Collins, James LeRoy, Nicholsville, married at Harmony, 23 Dec 1914, to Sadie A. Spinney, d/o Caleb S. Spinney. [30 Dec 1914 write-up + notice].

Comstock, F. L., born to at Berwick, 31 July 1914, a son. [5 Aug 1914].

Congdon, Samuel see Allen, Mrs. Harvey.

Connor, Vinton C. see Coonan, James E.

Connors, William, born to at Welsford St., 1 Nov 1914, a daughter.[25 Nov 1914].

Cook, Phoebe, formerly of Sambro, Halifax Co., married at Sydney, CB, 30 June 1914 to Rev. Alfred J. Reynolds, Mulgrave, NS.[22 July 1914].

Coonan, James E., died at Harborville, 30 Dec 1913, 80 years ; b. Moncton, 1833 ; m. Mrs. Elizabeth Batchelor, d/o Luther Durling, Steam Mill; raised to children, Thomas Carey and Vinton C. Connor.[ 21 Jan 1914 obituary].

Corkum, David A., died at Scott=s Bay, 2 May 1914, 58 years.[20 May 1914].

Cox, Alice A. see Whyte, Frank H.

Craig, Mrs. see Allen, Mrs. Harvey.

Creighton, Alice Hazel, married at Berwick, 1 Jan 1914, to Louis McKenna Robinson, s/o L. D. Robinson, Berwick.[7 Jan 1914 write up + notice].

Daniels, Frank, born to at Berwick, 19 Sept 1914, a son. [23 Sept 1914].

Dickey, J. F., born to at Canady Creek, 29 Sept 1914, a son. [21 Oct 1914].

Dimock, Mary see Hawkesworth, George A.

Dorey, Minie Viola see Veino, Henry J.

Durling, Elizabeth see Coonan, James E.

During, Luther see Coonan, James E.

Easson, Mabel see Beals, Philip S.

Easson, William A. see Beals, Philip S.

Ewing, Mrs. John, died at Norwood, Mass., 5 Aug 1914, 68 years; former Julia Banks d/o William Banks, Nicholsville.[12 Aug 1914 obituary].

Elliott, Jacob, Berwick, married at Berwick, 21 Feb 1914, to Margaret Warner, Aylesford. [11 Mar 1914].

Fancy, Eldred see Fancy, Rose Adelia.

Fancy, Louise, Dalhousie East, married at Springfield, 24 Jan 1914, to Norman Lowe. [4 Feb 1914].

Fancy, Rose Adelia, d/o Eldred Fancy, married at Morristown, 1 Jan 1914, to Gilford L. Palmer. [ 7 Jan 1914 write up + notice].

Fisher, Abel Stanley, died 10 Jan 1914, at Somerset ; b. Somerset, 1845, s/o George W. Fisher, 68 years. [14 Jan 1914 obituary].

Fisher, George W. see Fisher, Abel Stanley.

Ford, A. A. see Cassidy, Mrs. Mercy.

Forrestal, Miss Bridget, died at East Dalhousie, 13 Apr 1914, 82 years.[29 April 1914].

Foshay, Beatrice Jeanette see Foshay, Otto H.

Foshay, Otto H., born to at Wolfville, 11 Dec 1914, a daughter (Beatrice Jeanette). [23 Dec 1914].

Foster, Arthur see Foster, A. DeWitt.

Foster, A. DeWitt, born to at Ottawa, 4 May 1914, a son (Arthur).[13 May 1914].

Fraser, David, died at Grafton, 2 Jan 1914, 67 years.[7 Jan 1914 obituary].

Fuller, John A., died at New Minas, 17 Feb 1914, 88 years.[25 Feb 1914].

Fuller, Leander, died at Welsford St., 11 Nov 1914, 73 years. [18 Nov 1914 see 25 Nov. obit].

Fultz, Jane, died at Berwick, 13 Feb 1914, 73 years.[18 Feb 1914].

Gates, Dorothy, wid/o Leonard Gates, died at Millville, 25 Dec 1913, age 32 years. [4 Feb 1914].

Gates, Hanson L. see Beardsley, Viola May.

Gates, James see Roache, W. H.

Gates, Leonard see Gates, Dorothy.

Gaul, C. E., born to at Dalhousie East, 26 April 1914, a daughter.[6 May 1914].

Gaul, Susie Etta, married at Berwick, 8 Apr 1914 to Don C. Wilson, both of Waterville. [15 April 1914].

Gillingham, R. L., born to at Bridgewater, 22 Oct 1914, a son. [11 Nov 1914].

Gordon, Joseph see Gordon, Neil.

Gordon, Neil, s/o Joseph Gordon, died at Greenwood, 24 Jan 1914, 3 years 7 months. [4 Feb 1914].

Gould, Edward, born to at Harborville, 8 Mar 1914, a son. [11 Mar 1914].

Graves, E. F. see Graves, Ralph.

Graves, Ralph, s/o E. F. Graves, died at Morden, 31 Mar 1914, 7 years.[8 Apr 1914].

Gresh, John P., Chicago, Ill., married at Baltimore, MD., Edna Beatrice Scott, d/o Mrs. Martha Scott. [14 Oct 1914 write-up].

Grevatt, Arthur see Grevatt, Elizabeth.

Grevatt, Elizabeth, w/o Arthur Grevatt, died at Berwick, 10 July 1914, 37? or 87? years. [15 July 1914 the year was creased and unclear but 37 would be a guess].

Griffiths, Thomas Arthur, married at Boston, Mass., 12 Dec 1913, to Eva Martha Morrow. [7 Jan 1914].

Haley, Louis H., born to at Dorchester, Mass., 17 Oct 1914, a son. [28 Oct 1914].

Haley, T. Blaine, born to at Middleton, 25 June 1914, a son. [15 July 1914].

Hamilton, Charles W., s/o James T. Hamilton, Somerset, died at Huntington, PQ, 6 Dec 1914, age 62 years. [9 Dec 1914].

Hamilton, James T. see Hamilton, Charles W.

Harlow, Avard Longley see Harlow, A. L.

Harlow, A. L. born to at Berwick, 3 Oct 1914, a son (Avard Longley). [7 Oct 1914].

Harris, Alden, married at Weston, 11 Nov 1914 to Lila Bernice Illsley d/o F. N. Illsley.[18 Nov 1914 write-up + notice].

Harris, G. Manfred, born to at Morristown, 27 Jan 1914, a daughter.(Laura Vale). [11 Feb 1914].

Harris, Laura Vale see Harris, G. Manfred.

Hawkesworth, George A., Annapolis Royal, married at Halifax, 18 Feb 1914, to Mary Dimock. [25 Feb 1914].

Hayes, Jennie, w/o Robert D. Hayes, d/o David R. Cochrane, died at Pleasant Valley, 15 June 1914, 41 years 8 months.[17 June 1914].

Hayes, Robert D. see Hayes, Jennie.

Hennigar, James E., s/o Rev. James G. Hennigar, died at Canning, 20 June 1914, 68 years. [24 June 1914 obituary + notice].

Hennigar, Rev. James G. see Hennigar, James E.

Hiltz, Allan, born to at Berwick, 3 May 1914, a son. [6 May 1914].

Hiltz, Cora E., Dalhousie Rd., married at Berwick, 28 Oct 1914, to Judson R. Russell, New Ross. [18 Nov 1914].

Hiltz, James see Bezanson, Alfred Herman.

Hiltz, Mary Elizabeth see Bezanson, Alfred Herman.

Hird, Thomas, born to at Factorydale, 5 Aug 1914, a daughter.[12 Aug 1914].

Howell, Alton, born to at Weston, 26 Feb 1914, a daughter (Bessie Aileen).[18 Mar 1914].

Howell, Bessie Aileen see Howell, Alton.

Howell, Clara Leora, d/o C. B. Howell, died at Weston, 12 years.[17 June 1914 obituary].

Howell, C. B., born to at Weston, 22 Dec 1914, a daughter (Hazel Nadine).[11 Feb 1914].

Howell, Hazel Nadine see Howell, C. B.

Hubley, J. S., Halifax, married at Hantsport, 28 June 1914, to Elinor May Marchant, of Waterville. [5 August 1914].

Hudson, James Spencer, born to at Sheffield Mills, 30 Nov 1913, a daughter . ( Violet Marguerite) [11 Feb 1914].

Hudson, John see Hudson, Mary.

Hudson, Mary, w/o John Hudson, died at Greenwood, about 80 years.[4 Nov 1914].

Hudson, Violet Marguerite see Hudson, James Spencer.

Huntley, Flora Virginia see Thorpe, James Harris.

Huntley, Joshua see Thorpe, James Harris.

Hutchison, Joshua, died at Morristown, 8 Jan 1914, age 82 years.[28 Jan 1914 obit 11 Feb].

Illsley, Earle S., born to at Falmouth 4 June 1914, a daughter.[10 June 1914].

Illsley, Emerson, died at Berwick >last Friday=, formerly of Billtown, 80 years.[18 March 1914 obituary + notice].

Illsley, F. N. see Harris, Alden.

Illsley, Fred Alston, Somerset, married at South Berwick, 3 June 1914, to Laura Myrick Woodworth d/o W. H. Woodworth. [3 June 1914].

Illsley, Lila Bernice see Harris, Alden.

Illsley, William Clark, Weston, died at Dartmouth, 21 Aug 1914, in 18th year. [29 Aug 1914].

Irving, Gordon see Bentley, Maud.

Irving, Harmon, born to at Scott=s Bay, 22 Apr 1914, a daughter.[20 May 1914].

Jacques, Edwin M., Melvern Square, married at Swift Current, Saskatchewan, 22 Dec 1913, to Lula May [as written but may not be surname] Swift Current.[28 Jan 1914 ].

Jefferson, Henry E., native of Annapolis Co., died at Berwick, >Sunday last=, age 79 years, ; m1. Amanda Nichols, d/o Stephen J. Nichols, Somerset, she d. 1902; m2. 1903, Alice McInnes, d/o Alex. McInnes, Kentville. [4 April 1914 obituary + notice].

Jewett, Harry Allen see Parker, Ida Allen.

Johnson, James W. see Jordan, Josephine.

Johnson, Josephine see Jordan, Josephine.

Jones, Alexander William see Lyons, Lillian Agatha.

Jones, Jean Emily, d/o J. Matthew Jones, Kings Co., married at South Fort George, BC, 15 Sept 1914 to Rev. R. T. Sadler. [21 Oct 1914 write-up + notice].

Jones, J. Matthew see Jones, Jean Emily.

Jordan, Cyrus J. see Jordan, Josephine.

Jordan, Josephine, w/o Cyrus J. Jordan, d/o James W. Johnson, died at Presque Isle, Maine, 6 March 1914, 71 years, burial Grafton, NS.[18 Mar 1914 obituary + notice].

Jury, James, born to at Waterville, 2 Jan 1914, a daughter.[7 Jan 1914 Wed].

Kapple, George, died at Toronto, 22 May 1914.[27 May 1914].

Keneally, Henry Brady, s/o James Kennealy, died at Harborville, 9 Jan 1914, 37 years, burial Kingston, 12 Jan. [21 Jan 1914 obituary + notice].

Kennealy, James see Keneally, Henry Brady.

Kenyon, E. W. Rev., Spencer, Mass., married at Billtown, NS, 25 Nov 1914, to Alice Maud Whitney d/o George W. Whitney, Northville. [2 Dec 1914].

Killam, Joseph B. see Blake, Mrs. Mary M.

Killam, Mary M. see Blake, Mrs. Mary M.

Kinsman, Abby see Magee, Abby.

Kinsman, Melatiah see Kinsman, Mrs. Margaret.

Kinsman, Mrs. Margaret, died at Billtown, 29 Apr 1914, 91 years, wid/o Melatiah Kinsman. [13 May 1914].

Kinsman, Nathaniel see Kinsman, Rufus E.

Kinsman, Rufus E., died at Centreville, 2 Jan 1914, 69 years, s/o Nathaniel Kinsman. [28 Jan 1914].

Kinsman, W. A., born to at Welsford, 3 Apr 1914, a son. [8 Apr 1914].

Kinsman, William N. see White, Bernice C.

Kinsman, William see Magee, Abby.

Kirk, Angus see Taylor, Margaret.

Kirk, Margaret see Taylor, Margaret.

Knowlton, Mrs. Rebecca, died at Amherst, 16 Feb 1918, 78 years.[18 Feb 1914 obit 25 Feb].

Landry, R. W. E., born to at Yarmouth, 2 May 1914, a daughter.[13 May 1914].

Lange, Fred A., (Nora Withers), born to at Lacombe, Alberta, 13 April 1914, a daughter (Ruth Evangeline). [29 April 1914].

Lange, Ruth Evangeline see Lange, Fred A.

Langille, Charles Edwin, Yarmouth, married at Kentville, 14 April 1914 to Carrie MacNamara, of Windsor. [6 May 1914].

Lantz, Silas R., died at Kingston, 23 Nov 1914, 70 years. [16 Dec 1914].

Lawrence, David see Robinson, Ellen N.

Lawrence, Ellen N. see Robinson, Ellen N.

Lawrence, Ethel Augusta, d/o W. R. Lawrence, Lakeville, married at Lakeville, 30 Sept 1914, to Nicholas Robert Tarr, South Maitland, Hants Co., NS.[7 Oct 1914 write-up + notice].

Lawrence, W. R. see Lawrence, Ethel Augusta.

Layton, B. A., born to at New Glasgow, 8 May 1914, a daughter (Margaret Newcombe). [13 May 1914].

Layton, Margaret Newcombe see Layton, B. A.

Lewis, Albert D., died at NS Hospital, 19 Jan 1914, 67 years.[25 Feb 1914].

Livermore, Herbert, born to at Berwick, 6 Apr 1914, a daughter.[8 Apr 1914].

Loomer, C. N., born to at Weston, 30 Sept 1914, a son.[14 Oct 1914].

Loomer, Reuben H., died at Weston, 30 Nov 1914, in 79th year. [23 Dec 1914].

Lowe, Arthur, s/o William Lowe, died at Cherryfield, 13 Jan 1914, 7 years.[4 Feb 1914].

Lowe, Norman see Fancy, Louise.

Lowe, William see Lowe, Arthur.

Lutz, Roy Stanley, married at Berwick 7 Nov 1914 to Annie May Young, both of Lake Paul, Kings Co., NS. [11 Nov 1914].

Lyons, Joseph R. see Lyons, Lillian Agatha.

Lyons, Lillian Agatha , d/o Joseph R. Lyons, married at Kentville, 30 May 1914, to Alexander William Jones, Halifax.

MacDonald, Jotham, born to at Scotts bay, 15 Dec 1913, a son. [28 Jan 1914].

MacGregor, Mrs. Adelaide, died at North Range, Digby Co., 5 Apr 1914, 87 years. [15 April 1914].

MacIntosh, James, died at Kentville, Sat last.[1 July 1914 obituary].

MacKinnon, Allister Morris see MacKinnon, Rev. Archibald.

MacKinnon, Rev. Archibald, born to at Inverness, NS, 22 Nov 1914, a son (Allister Morris). [2 Dec 1914].

MacMillan, Charles Gordon, s/o James MacMillan, died at Aylesford, 11 Aug 1914, 23 years. [19 August 1914].

MacMillan, James see MacMillan, Charles Gordon.

MacMillan, James, died at Welton Corner, 18 May 1914, 67 years.[3 June 1914].

MacNamara, Carrie see Langille, Charles Edwin.

MacPherson, William, Rev., died at the VGH, Halifax, NS, 29 Aug 1914, 32 years. [ 2 Sept 1914].

Magee, Abby, wid/o James T. Magee, Welsford Street , died at Boston, Mass., 12 Sept 1914, d/o William Kinsman. [23 Sept 1914].

Magee, H., see Magee, Harris F.

Magee, Harris F., s/o H. Magee, Auburn, married at Vancouver, BC, 7 [?] August 1914, to Isabella West, Vancouver. [29 August 1914].

Magee, James T., see Magee, Abby.

Manthorn, Jessie Elfreda, inf/d/o M. A. Manthorn, died at Berwick, 1 Sept 1914.[2 Sept 1914].

Manthorn, Bessie Eileen, inf/d/o M. A. Manthorn, died at Berwick, 29 August 1914. [2 Sept 1914].

Manthorn, M. A., born to at Berwick, 27 Aug 1914, twin daughters. [2 Sept 1914].

Mappleback, Stanley, born to at Victoria Harbor, 12 Nov 1914, a son. [18 Nov 1914].

Marchant, Elinor May see Hubley, J. S.

Marchant, John H. see Pierce, Millisun L.

Margeson, J. S., born to at Rockland, 2 March 1914, a daughter. [4 Mar 1914].

Martin, Clifford L. see Martin, Kenneth.

Martin, Kenneth, s/o Clifford L. & Lena Martin, died at Amherst, 20 Dec 1914, 11 years. [23 Dec 1914 obituary see 30 Dec. 1914 Register].

May, Lula see Jacques, Edwin M.

McBride, Mrs. Susie see Anderson, Mrs. Harriet L.

McDonald, Daisy Magdalene see Spurr, Daisy Magdalene.

McDonald, George A. see Spurr, Daisy Magdalene.

McInnes, Alice see Jefferson, Henry E.

McInnes, Alex. see Jefferson, Henry E.

McIntyre, John, born to at Aylesford, 14 Nov 1914, a daughter. [18 Nov 1914].

McKittrick, John, died at Kentville, 7 Dec 1914, 95 years. [9 Dec 1914].

McLean, Irving, Margaretville, age 19 years, died at Ottawa. [Sat Ottawa Free Press –obituary Berwick Register 26 August 1914]

McNeil, Charles Herbert see McNeil, Perry G.

McNeil, Perry G., born to at Morristown, 11 April 1914, a son (Charles Herbert). [20 May 1914].

Mealey, John, formerly of Somerset, a native of Ireland, died at Yarmouth, 1 May 1914, age 79 years . [6 May 1914 obituary + notice].

Meldrum, Saul, born to at Cherryfield, 8 Dec 1914, a son. [16 Dec 1914].

Middlemas, Peter, died 21 April 1914, Berwick, b. Queens Co. age 72 years; removed to Berwick 1867. [29 April 1914 notice + obituary].

Miller, E. I., born to at Waterville, 4 Nov 1914, a daughter. [2 Dec 1914].

Miller, Mrs. Effie C. see Ross, Clarke R.

Moody, Margaret, d/o Robert Moody, Harborville, died at Dartmouth, 5 July 1914, 43 years. [8 July 1914 notice].

Moody, Robert see Moody, Margaret.

Moore, Nancy L. see Chipman, Col. Leveret DeVeber.

Moore, Stephen see Chipman, Col. Leveret DeVeber.

Moore, Nellie Hazel, Antrim, Halifax Co., married at Shubenacadie, 10 June 1914 to Edgar William Sanford, Waterville. [1 July 1914].

Morrow, Eva Martha see Griffiths, Thomas Arthur.

Morris, Alta Geneva see Reynolds, Jas. J.

Morris, Henry see Reynolds, Jas. J.

Morris, Lucy, died at Middleton, 3 Feb 1914, in 93rd year. [4 Feb 1914].

Morris, Mary Ellen see Nichols, Mary Ellen, Mrs.

Morris, Lewis see Nichols, Mary Ellen, Mrs.

Mosher, C. Fleetwood see Mosher, Emily.

Mosher, Emily, w/o C. Fleetwood Mosher, d/o Mark Rathun, Hantsport, died at Weston, Mass., 14 Oct 1914, age 26 [?] years. [21 Oct 1914].

Morton, Charles see Beckwith, Mary Anne.

Morton, Mary Anne see Beckwith, Mary Anne.

Mulloney, Laura Young, Kentville, married at Kentville, 20 Apr 1914, to Henry Bentley Webster. [6 May 1914].

Murphy, Charles, born to at Berwick, 17 June 1914, a son. [8 July 1914].

Murray, James B. see Porter, Phoebe R.

Musgrave, Rev. Burnthorn see Beckwith, A. A.

Newcombe, Asaph Wallace, died at Worchester, Mass., 25 Oct 1914, 84 years. [2 Dec 1914].

Newcomb, Holmes Morton, died at Oak Park, Ill., 19 May 1914, 67 years.[20 May 1914 see obituary 3 June 1914 issue].

Newcomb, Isaac Hiram see Chipman Mrs. (Mary) A. F.

Newcomb, Mary see Chipman, Mrs. (Mary) A. F.

Newcombe, W. A., born to at Greenwood Square, 26 Sept 1914, a daughter.[4 Nov 1914].

Nichols, Amanda see Jefferson, Henry E.

Nichols, Henry, born to at Berwick, 14 Mar 1914, a son. [18 Mar 1914].

Nichols, Mary Ellen, Mrs., d/o Lewis Morris, died at Berwick, 1 Dec 1914, 68 years. [2 Dec 1914 obituary see 9 Dec 1914].

Nichols, Stephen J,. see Jefferson, Henry E.

Norwood, Abi see Norwood, Beryl.

Norwood, Chas. H. see Norwood, Beryl.

Norwood, Beryl, d/o Abi & Chas. H. Norwood, Berwick [sic], died, age 15 years 9 months at Amherst, 5 Aug 1914.[26 August 1914 obituary].

Oickle, Samuel see Oickle, Sophia.

Oickle, Sophia, wid/o Samuel Oickle, age 87 years, died at Aylesford, 29 Aug 1914. [2 Sept 1914].

Ogilvie, Robert, died at Harborville, 19 Jan 1914, 80 years.[21 Jan 1914].

Osborne, Elizabeth see Bryden, Elizabeth.

Osborne, Robert see Bryden, Elizabeth.

Outhit, Thomas W., died at Melvern Square, 30 Oct 1914, 90 years 7 months.[4 Nov 1914].

Palmer, Ambrose, s/o Thomas R. Palmer, died at Berwick, 6 Sept 1914, age 59 years; b. Shubenacadie, 5 Mar 1855; m. Sarah Chute, d/o Leander Chute in Lowell, Mass., 25 Feb 1882. [16 Sept 1914 obituary].

Palmer, Beatrice Eloora see Palmer, Rupert.

Palmer, Gilford L. see Fancy, Rose Adelia.

Palmer, Handley see Palmer, Harry A.

Palmer, Lilia May Palmer see Silver, Kenneth Nathan.

Palmer, Harry A., 22 years, raised by Handley Palmer, Mosherville, Hants Co., formerly of Rockland, NS, died at Westfield, NB, 4 Feb 1914.[11 Feb 1914 see Killed on the Track].

Palmer, Minetta see Parrish, Foster.

Palmer, Rupert, born to at Morristown, 26 June 1914, a daughter (Beatrice Eloora). [29 July 1914].

Palmer, Thomas R. see Palmer, Ambrose.

Palmer, Thomas see Parrish, Foster.

Palmer, Thomas see Silver, Kenneth Nathan.

Palmer, Thomas, born to at Rockland, 10 April 1914, a daughter.[29 April 1914].

Parker, Charlotte, d/o Thomas Parker, Newport, married at Newport, 4 Nov 1914 to Samuel Chambers, Brooklyn. [18 Nov 1914 write-up + notice].

Parker, C. E. see Parker, Ida Allen.

Parker, Mrs. Ella see Beckwith, James E.

Parker, Enoch see Allen, Mrs. Harvey.

Parker, Howard E., born to at Waterville, 13 May 1914, a son. [20 May 1914].

Parker, Ida Allen, formerly of Berwick, d/o C. E. Parker, married at Calgary, Alta., 23 Sept 1914, to Harry Allen Jewett, Calgary. [ 7 Oct 1914 write-up + notice].

Parker, Mary see Allen, Mrs. Harvey

Parker, Owen H. see Allen, Mrs. Harvey.

Parker, Thomas see Parker, Charlotte.

Parrish, Foster, died at Waterville, 4 March 1914, 76 years, s/o Joel Parrish ; m. Minetta Palmer d/o Thomas Palmer [4 Mar 1914 obit 25 Mar obit says d. Rockland].

Parrish, Joel see Parrish Foster.

Patillo, T. S., born to at Truro, 7 Mar 1914, a son.[11 Mar 1914].

Patterson, Effie see Astbury, John S.

Patterson, Nelson H. see Astbury, John S.

Pearman, J., born to at Berwick West, 5 Apr 1914, a daughter. [8 Apr 1914].

Pearson, Mrs. A. see Allen, Mrs. Harvey.

Pearson, W. R., born to at Brooklyn St., 7 Mar 1914, a daughter.[18 Mar 1914].

Petersen, Mrs. Ida, Waterville, married at Wolfville, 2 July 1914, to Burgess N. Wallace, Aylesford. [8 July 1914 write up + notice].

Pierce, Abner, died at Kingston, 1 Feb 1914. [4 Feb 1914].

Pierce, Mrs. Catherine see Saber, George Adolphus.

Pierce, Edwin P. see Pierce, Millisun L.

Pierce, Millisun L., d/o Edwin P. Pierce, married at Pleasant Valley, 9 Dec 1914 to John H. Marchant, Grafton. [16 Dec 1914 write-up + notice].

Pineo, Mrs. Anne E., wid/o George D. Pineo, Waterville, died at Westport, Connecticut, 29 May 1914, 86 years. [10 June 1914 obit + notice].

Pineo, George D. see Pineo, Anne E.

Plummer, Charles Arthur, Dorchester, Mass., married at Paradise, 2 Sept 1914, to Myrtle Grace Starratt, d/o Alvin Starratt, Paradise.[16 Sept 1914].

Porter, Bishop H. see Porter, Clara Louise.

Porter, Clara Louise, w/o Bishop H. Porter, Bridgewater, died at Bridgewater, 27 Nov 1914, 61 years 5 months. [9 Dec 1914].

Porter, Frank Earle see Prestwood, Marion Lewis.

Porter, Rev. I. W. see Prestwood, Marion Lewis.

Porter, Phoebe R., died at Waterville, 5 Mar 1914, wid/o James B. Murray, 75 years. 11 March 1914].

Power, Gideon see Power, Sarah L.

Power, Sarah L., wid/o Gideon Power, age 77 years 6 months, died at Portland, Maine, 21 Aug 1914, formerly of West Cornwallis. [2 Sept 1914].

Powers, John B., born to at Berwick West, 18 June 1914, a son.[1 July 1914].

Prestwood, Rev. J. W. see Prestwood, Marion Lewis.

Prestwood, Marion Lewis, d/o Rev. J. W. Prestwood, married at Southampton, Cum. Co., NS, to Frank Earle Porter, s/o Rev. I. W. Porter, Wolfville, 10 June 1814.[17 June 1914 write-up].

Pyne, Holland, (Gertie Brown), born to at Grafton, 3 [?] Nov 1914, a daughter.[11 Nov 1914].

Rand, Aubrey B., born to, at Port Williams, 17 Oct 1914, a son. [28 Oct 1914].

Rathun, Emily see Mosher, Emily.

Rathun, Mark see Mosher, Emily.

Rawding, Minnie see Walker, H. C.

Reynolds, Rev. Alfred J. see Cook, Phoebe.

Reynolds, Jas. F. see Reynolds, Jas J.

Reynolds, Jas. J., married at Cambridge, Mass., 8 Aug 1914, s/o Jas. F. Reynolds, Somerville, Mass., to Alta Geneva Morris, d/o Henry Morris, Harborville. [19 August 1914].

Richardson, Helen Maunsell see Clark, Joseph A.

Richardson, Kiemen, see Clark, Joseph A.

Ritchie, William, born to at Somerset, 28 Nov 1914, a daughter.[2 Dec 1914].

Roach, W. H., died at Kingston, 7 Jan 1914, widow was a daughter of James Gates. [4 Feb 1914 obit the notice records Hebron W. Roache age 47 years ].

Robinson, Ellen N., died at Lakeville, 11 Feb 1914, w/o Fred L. Robinson, d/o David Lawrence, Lakeville. [25 Feb 1914 obituary].

Robinson, Fred L. see Robinson, Ellen N.

Robinson, L. D. see Creighton, Alice Hazel.

Robinson, Louis McKenna see Creighton, Alice Hazel.

Ross, Clarke R., married at Canning, 4 Nov 1914 to Mrs. Effie C. Miller d/o B. B. Woodworth. [4 Nov 1914 write up + notes].

Rudolph, Mrs. M. L. see Chesley, John Hanley.

Russell, Judson R. see Hiltz, Cora E.

Sabeans, Harry D., ,married at Port Lorne, 18 Nov 1914, to Ida Viola Whitman, d/o Rev. Asaph Whitman. [2 Dec 1914].

Saber, George Adolphus, married at Auburn, 24 Dec 1913, to Mrs. Catherine Pierce. [7 Jan 1914].

Sadler, Rev. R. T. see Jones, Jean Emily.

Sanford, Edgar William see Moore, Nellie Hazel.

Sanford, Willard N., born to at Rockland, 2 Mar 1914, a daughter. [11 Mar 1914].

Sargent, Minnie see Sullivan, Walter.

Sarty, Willis, born to at Aylesford, 8 Nov 1914, a son. [18 Nov 1914].

Savage, F. A., born to at Berwick, 19 Nov 1914, a son. [25 Nov 1914].

Schurman, L. N., born to at Mt. Denson, [Hants Co.] 16 Oct 1914 a daughter.[21 Oct 1914].

Scott, Edna Beatrice see Gresh, John P.

Scott, Mrs. Martha see Gresh, John P.

Shaw, Edward, s/o Moses Shaw, died at Quincy, Mass., 4 June 1914, 55 years.[10 June 1914].

Shaw, Moses see Shaw, Edward.

Shaw, William, died at Windsor, 3 Mar 1914, 80 years.[11 Mar 1914].

Sherrard, Wilbur, born to at Crossburn, 17 Jan 1914, a daughter.[28 Jan 1914].

Silver, Kenneth Nathan, married at Gaspereau, 30 Apr 1914, to Lilia May Palmer d/o Thomas Palmer, all of Rockland. [20 May 1914].

Smith, Irvin, died at Dalhousie East, 1 Oct 1914, 66 years. [14 Oct 1914].

Sommerville, Arthur Murdock, died at Truro, 8 Mar 1914, age 66 years, s/o Rev. William Sommerville, formerly of Cornwallis. [11 Mar 1914].

Sommerville, Rev. William see Sommerville, Arthur Murdock.

Spicer, Allen see Spicer, Wilbur A.

Spicer, Floyd R., born to at Welsford, 8 June 1914, a daughter.[10 June 1914].

Spicer, Wilbur A., died at Somerville, Mass., 2 Dec 1913, ; b. Harborville, 26 July 1878 s/o Allen Spicer, Harborville. [28 Jan 1914 obituary].

Spinney, Caleb S. see Collins, James LeRoy.

Spinney, Sadie A. see Collins, James LeRoy.

Spurr, Daisy Magdalene, w/o R. H. Spurr, Dartmouth, died at Halifax, 6 June 1914, d/o George A. McDonald, Halifax. [10 June 1914].

Spurr, R. H. see Spurr, Daisy Magdalene.

Stanish, John, Dr., died at Georgetown, Ontario, 15 Aug 1914. [2 Sept 1914].

Starratt, Alvin see Plummer, Charles Arthur.

Starratt, Myrtle Grace see Plummer, Charles Arthur.

Strong, Julietta, d/o Nelson Strong, died at Wolfville, 17 June 1914, 67 years.[24 June 1914].

Strong, Nelson see Strong, Julietta.

Sturges, George, born to at Berwick West, 2 Apr 1914, a son.[8 Apr 1914].

Sullivan, G. F., born to at South Berwick, 29 Sept 1914, a son.[14 Oct 1914].

Sullivan, Walter, Grafton, married at Watertown, Mas., 11 Nov 1914, to Minnie Sargent, Glasgow, Scotland. [2 Dec 1914].

Sweetzer, Clarence Hutchins, Revere, Mass., married 7 Oct 1914 at Malden, Mass., to Laura Louise Winthrop, d/o James Leslie Winthrop. [4 Nov 1914 write up].

Swift, W. A., born to at Waterville, 12 April 1914, a daughter.[22 April 1914].

Swindell, Mrs., d/o James Clem, died at Burlington, Oct. last,[1913], 94 years 4 months. [25 Feb 1914 obituary].

Tarr, Nicholas Robert see Lawrence, Ethel Augusta.

Taylor, Asahel see Taylor, Margaret.

Taylor, Dolly, d/o Henry Taylor, died at South Berwick, 6 Sept 1914, 24 years. [9 Sept 1914].

Taylor, G. E., born to at Berwick, 11 Dec 1914, a son. [ 23 Dec 1914 ].

Taylor, Henry see Taylor, Dolly.

Taylor, Howard, born to at Aylesford, 14 Nov 1914, a daughter. [18 Nov 1914].

Taylor, Margaret w/o Asahel Taylor, d/o Angus Kirk, of Guysboro, died at South Berwick, 20 April 1914, 69 years.[22 Mar 1914].

Thomas, Charles, died at Berwick, 15 Sept 1914, age 87 years. [16 Sept 1914].

Thomas, Ida see Thomas, Joseph R.

Thomas, Joseph R., s/o William & Ida Thomas, formerly of Black Rock, died at Natick, Mass., 8 April 1914, 19 years.[15 April 1914].

Thomas, William see Thomas, Joseph R.

Thorpe, James Harris married at Scotts Bay, 6 Aug 1914, to Flora Virginia Huntley, d/o Joshua Huntley.[12 Aug 1914].

Tupper, Hilda Irene, d/o J. W. Tupper, died at Walton, 2 Mar 1914, 4 months.[11 Mar 1914].

Tupper, J. W. see Tupper, Hilda Irene.

Turner, Albert H. see Turner, Eva F.

Turner, Eva F., w/o Albert H. Turner, died at Welsford St., 8 Feb 1914, 49 years.[4 Feb 1914].

Veino, Henry J., formerly of New Germany, married at Livermore Falls, Maine, 18 Jan 1914, to Minnie Viola Dorey, Auburn. [28 Jan 1914].

Veinott, A. A., born to at Millville, 14 Nov 1914, a son. [18 Nov 1914].

Wagner, Mabel see Woodworth, Boyd E.

Wagstaff, Fred, born to at Harborville, 13 July 1914, a daughter. [22 July 1914].

Walker, C. E., born to at Digby, 6 Jan 1914, a daughter.[14 Jan 1914].

Walker, H. C. (Minnie Rawding), born to at Detroit, Mich., 4 mar 1914, a daughter (Nellie Adelaide). [18 Mar 1914].

Walker, Nellie Adelaide see Walker, H. C.

Warner, Margaret see Elliott, Jacob.

Wallace, Burgess N. see Petersen, Mrs. Ida.

Ward Lenley, born to at South Berwick, 25 Nov 1914, a son. [23 Dec 1914].

Ward, Vernon P., born to at Nicholsville, 12 Nov 1914, a daughter. [18 Nov 1914].

Ward, William, born to at Nicholsville, 12 Nov 1914, a son. [18 Nov 1914].

Warde, Charles see Warde, Hannah.

Warde, Hannah, wid/o Charles Warde, formerly of Advocate Harbor, died at Arlington, [Kings Co. ??], age 96 years. [28 Oct 1914 obituary].

Webster, Albert A. see Clark, Margaret.

Webster, Henry Bentley see Mulloney, Laura Young.

Weldon, Ralph Thomas see Weldon, Thomas.

Weldon, Thomas, born to at Brooklyn St., 17 Oct 1914, a son (Ralph Thomas).[4 Nov 1914].

West, Isabella see Magee, Harris F.

White, Bernice Clara., d/o John White, Nicholsville, married at Nicholsville (Aylesford), 12 Aug 1914 to William N. Kinsman, Grafton.[29 Aug 1914 - (write-up see 2 Sept) + notice].

White, Henry, died at New York, 30 Dec 1913, 85? years.[21 Jan 1914 obit see 28 Jan].

White, John see White, Bernice C.

White, William E., died age 71 years, a native of Cornwallis. [Digby Courier (20th ) Berwick Register 25 Mar 1914 obituary].

Whitman, Annie see Whitman, Lambert S.

Whitman, Asaph Rev. see Sabeans, Harry D.

Whitman, Ida Viola see Sabeans, Harry D.

Whitman, Lambert S., died at Ipswich, Mass., Sunday, s/o Lathrop & Annie Whitman, b. Cornwallis, 10 Apr 1879; removed to Ipswich 1893, age 35 years. [6 May 1914 obituary + notice].

Whitman, Lathrop see Whitman, Lambert S.

Whitney, Alice Maud see Kenyon, E. W. Rev.

Whitney, George W. see Kenyon, E. W. Rev.

Whyte, Frank H., Moose Jaw, married at Regina, Sask., 30 June 1914, to Alice A. Cox, of Weston. [8 July 1914 write up see 15 July issue].

Wile, H. A., born to at Scotch Village, 21 Jan 1914, a son. [4 Feb 1914].

Wilson, Don C. see Gaul, Susie Etta.

Wilson, Rupert E., born to at Berwick, 24 Mar 1914, a son. [4 April 1914].

Winthrop, James Leslie see Sweetzer, Clarence Hutchins.

Winthrop, Laura Louise see Sweetzer, Clarence Hutchins.

Withers, Nora see Lange, Fred A.

Woodroffe, James, died at Waterville, 20 Jan 1914, 78 years.[21 Jan 1914 obit see 28 Jan].

Woodworth, B. B. see Ross, Clarke R.

Woodworth, Boyd E., married at Berwick, Thurs last, to Mabel Wagner of Providence, RI., 25 June 1914.[1 July 1914 write up].

Woodworth, Effie C. see Ross, Clarke, R.

Woodworth, Laura Myrick see Illsley, Fred Alston.

Woodworth, W. H. see Illsley, Fred Alston.

Wotton, Harry, inf/s/o J. C. Wotton, died Aylesford, 7 Aug 1914.[19 August 1914].

Wotton, J. C. see Wotton, Harry.

Wright, M. H. N., born to at South Berwick, 30 Apr 1914, a son. [6 May 1914].

Young, Annie May see Lutz, Roy Stanley.


1.Diamond Wedding write up Mr. & Mrs. John I. Killam, 60th .[6 May 1914]

2.Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Howard Eaton, 25 May 1914, 10th .[27 May 1914].

3.Golden Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. J. Harvey Savage. [2 Sept 1914].

4.Silver Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. B. O. Davidson [28 Oct 1914].