Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1913

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
1913 Vital Statistics Published on Thursday

Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S. (C) ; many thanks are in order for Phillip Vogler who checks the list and places it on the Internet for your personal use only. All information thus far is from microfilm at Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4; Tel: (902) 424-6060; fax: (902) 424-0628; URL: ; E-mail: ; the archives will provide a photocopy for a small fee of an obituary or write-up. If you find an error please contact us so a correction can be made. The mfm number was #4020 at NSARM.

The date of the issue is in brackets. Some abbreviations are used, i.e., s/o for son of, wid/o, widow (er) of, the months, and births record surname of father, if alive, to save typing time. Locations - your puzzle if not known; typed as given in paper, as are dates - sometime paper will only record ‘last Tuesday’.

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Ackman, Emma Jane, wid/o Rev. S. R. Ackman, died at Truro, 10 May 1913, age 73 years and 3 months.[15 May 1913].

Ackman, Rev. S. R. see Ackman, Emma Jane.

Adams, Albert E., married at Berwick, 26 Dec 1912, to Elizabeth Jane (Betty) Williams. [2 Jan 1913 write up + notice].

Adler, Jennie Henrietta, d/o Walter L. Gleason, married at Somerville, Mass., ‘last Sat’, to William Harold Graves s/o George B. Graves, Wilmington, Mass.[24 July 1913 write up].

Alcorn, Walter Sterling see Forrest, Isabel Frances.

Alcorn, Rev William see Forrest, Isabel Frances.

Algee, Della, Grafton, married at Waterville, 23 Dec 1912, to Malcolm L. McLean, Lakeville. [2 Jan 1913].

Anderson, Eunice, wid/o Charles E. Parker, died at Halifax, 4 Feb 1913, 61 years. [6 Feb 1913].

Anthony, Kezia see Anthony, Rev. John P.

Anthony, Rev. John P., died at Truro, 1 Jan 1913, s/o Thomas & Kezia Anthony ; b. Berwick, August 1872 m. Gertrude Borden d/o Benjamin Borden, Berwick; 40 years 4 months. [9 Jan 1913 obituary + notice].

Anthony, Thomas see Anthony, Rev. John P.

Armstrong, Emma Jane, d/o John Armstrong, Burlington, Kings Co., NS, wid/o Silas Thomas, Black Rock Mtn., died at Ashland, Mass., 23 Sept 1913, age 79 years.[2 Oct 1913].

Armstrong, E. W., born to at North Kingston, 11 Oct 1913, a son. [16 Oct 1913].

Armstrong, James, died at North Kingston, 4 Oct 1913, 94 years.[16 Oct 1913 see 30 Oct ].

Armstrong, John see Armstrong, Emma Jane.

Arseneau, Alphonsus, died at Waterville, 9 Oct 1913, 15 years 6 months.[16 Oct 1913].

Ashton, Barbara see Ashton, F. H.

Ashton, F. H., (Flo. Messinger) born to at West Medford, Mass., 11 Apr 1913, a daughter ( Barbara). [17 April 1913].

Bailey, Charles F. see Bailey, David.

Bailey, David, inf/s/o Charles F. Bailey, died at Toronto, 9 Feb 1913, 9 days.[13 Feb 1913].

Balcom, Lucy see Chute, Silas P.

Balcom, Samuel see Chute, Silas P.

Balsar, Arch, born to at Canady Creek, 19 Sept 1913, a son.[25 Sept 1913].

Baltzer, Benjamin E., s/o G. W. Baltzer, Canady Creek, married at Kingsport, Kings Co., NS, 15 Aug 1913, to Grace Althea Coffill, d/o Capt W. D. Coffill, Blomidon.[28 Aug 1913].

Baltzer, Fred, born to at Grafton, 14 July 1913, a son. [17 July 1913].

Baltzer, G. W. see Baltzer, Benjamin E.

Banks, Mabel Bernice see Patterson, Herman.

Banks, Israel see Patterson, Herman.

Barkhouse, Benjamin, born to at Deep Hollow Mtn., 7 Feb 1913, a son.[6 Mar 1913].

Barlow, Horace, born to at Harborville, 27 Apr 1913, a son.[8 May 1913].

Barnaby, Jesse F., died at Morden, 25 Feb 1913, age 79 years.[24 Apr 1913].

Barnes, Payson, died 27 Jan 1913, Llano, Sonora, Mexico.[13 Feb 1913 see Died in Mexico obituary].

Beckwith, Alice see Scott, Capt. James.

Beckwith, Asa see Scott, Capt. James.

Benjamin, Clarence L., Cambridge, married at Waterville, 24 Oct 1913, to Eva U. Morine, Melanson, NS.[6 Nov 1913].

Benjamin, James, born to at Scotts Bay, 15 Dec 1913, a daughter.[25 Dec 1913].

Benjamin, Luther, born to at Berwick, 28 Jan 1913, a son.[6 Feb 1913].

Bennett, Mabel see Parrish, Harry.

Bent, William Howard, Berwick, married at Berwick, 5 Nov 1913, to Marion Farris, Waterville. [20 Nov 1913].

Best, Aubrey G., born to at Waterville, 3 Dec 1913, a son.[11 Dec 1913].

Best, Eugene Roscoe married at Waterville, 5 Nov 1913, to Ina Faustina Power.[13 Nov 1913 write up + notice].

Best, Henry see Best, Vera.

Best, Louis F., born to at Somerset, 19 Sept 1913, a daughter.[25 Sept 1913].

Best, Vera, d/o Henry Best, Prospect, Kings Co., NS, married at Framingham, Mass., [9 June paper], married 7 June 1913, to Vernon Ward, Leominster, Mass.[19 June 1913 write up + notice].

Bezanson, Edwin J. see Crouse, Carrie Myrtle.

Bill, Harry Clement [ notice records Bell] see Mahoney, Edna Grace.

Bishop, B. G. see Nye, Mrs. Glover C.

Bishop, Eunice S., wid/o John F. Bishop, died at Auburn, 22 Dec 1913, 77 years. [31 Dec 1913].

Bishop, Evelyn see Nye, Mrs. Glover C.

Bishop, John F. see Bishop, Eunice S.

Black, Elizabeth see Glendenning, Mrs. John

Bolser, Theresa see McAuley, Lottie.

Bond, Henry, died at Waterville, 9 Oct 1913, in 79th year.[16 Oct 1913 obituary + notice].

Bond, J. Blackburne, (Jennie Robinson), born to at Brooklyn, New York, 28 June 1913, a son. [17 July 1913].

Borden, Benjamin see Anthony, Rev. John P.

Borden, Edward see Newcombe, Lucilla.

Borden, Gertrude see Anthony, Rev. John P.

Bowles, Sarah, wid/o Leonard Bowles, died 28 Oct 1913, 78 years, n. pl. [30 Oct 1913].

Breechin, Arthur, born to at Berwick, 29 Dec 1913, a son. [31 Dec 1913].

Brennan, Edward P., died at Lake George, Kings Co., NS, 14 Apr 1913, age 78 years. [22 May 1913 notice + obituary].

Brennan, E. M., born to at Lake George, Kings Co., 3 June 1913, a daughter.[5 June 1913].

Brennan, Florence A., married at Prince Rupert, BC, 14 Feb 1913, to W. J. Jefferson. [27 March 1913 write up].

Brennan, Mrs. James, died at Clermont, 27 Dec 1912. [2 Jan 1913 see Morden column].

Britain, Elisabeth Benney see Robinson, J. Milton.

Britain, John see Robinson, J. Milton.

Brown, Agnes see Smith, Burpee.

Brown, Ida Maud see Hird, Ida Maud.

Brown, Kenneth M., married at Welsford, 17 Dec 1913, to Sadie Amanda Kinsman, d/o H. H. Kinsman. [25 Dec 1913 write up + notice].

Brown, K. N. see Loomer, Charles Norwood.

Brown, Stephen, s/o Stephen Brown, of St. Martin’s, NB, died at East Halls Harbor, 82 years, married 3 times. [23 Oct 1913 obituary + notice].

Bruce, Robert, born to at Greenwood, 23 Nov 1913, a daughter.[11 Dec 1913].

Bryden, Hannah A., d/o James Bryden, Berwick, died at South Rawdon, 7th inst. [24 April 1913].

Bryden, James see Bryden, Hannah A.

Buchanan, John, born to at South Berwick, 17 Jan 1913, a son (John Rupert).[23 Jan 1913].

Buchanan, John Rupert see Buchanan, John.

Buckley, Abigail, wid/o Rev James Buckley, died at Halifax, 1 Aug 1913, in 93rd year. [7 August 1913]

Buckley, Rev James, see Abigail Buckley.

Burd, Garret T., (Jean Morton), born to at Pottsville, Pennysylvania, 18 Jan 1913, a daughter. [23 Jan 1913].

Burgess, Lillie see White, Herbert C.

Burgess, W. J. see White, Herbert C.

Burke, Susan see Coombs, Chester G. C. [*this could be Susan Burke Reed].

Caldwell, Jane E. see Sommerville, Mrs. Jane E.

Caldwell, Joseph C. see Sommerville, Mrs. Jane E.

Carey, Charles, born to at Welton Corner, 8 Feb 1913, a son. [27 Feb 1913].

Charlton, Mrs. Cynthia, Torbrook, formerly of Springfield, NS, died at North Kingston, 11 March 1913, age 64 years. [27 Mar 1913].

Charlton, Daniel M., North Williamson, Anna Co., married at Auburn, 3 Sept 1913 to Angeline E. Locke, Auburn. [2 Oct 1913].

Chase, Charles see Chase, Clifford Omer.

Chase, Clifford Omer, inf/s/o Charles Chase, died at Cambridge, 19 May 1913, 2 months 6 days. [29 May 1913].

Church, E. C. see Church, Frances Aleda.

Church, Frances Aleda, d/o E. C. Church, married at Falmouth, Wed, to Earle Saunders Illsley, Somerset. [21 Aug 1913; write up 28 Aug 1913].

Chute, Benjamin Foster see Chute, Silas P.

Chute, Freeman, died at St. Thomas, Ontario, 29 May 1913, 82 years. [Dispatch] [5 June 1913 Thurs see Found dead].

Chute, Silas P., died at South Berwick, 30 Dec 1913, b. 23 July 1834, Somerset, only child of Benjamin Foster Chute and Miriam Parker, granddaughter Major Parker, m.1.Mehitable Morse who d. 1862, d/o Luther Morse; m2. Lucy Balcom d/o Samuel Balcom, she d. 1907. [31 December 1913 obituary + notice].

Clark, Allan Raymond, s/o John G. Clark, of Dorchester, Mass., died at Dorchester, Mass., 23rd , formerly of Berwick, 23 years. [27 Nov 1913 obituary + notice].

Clark, Charles, born to at Somerset, 25 Apr 1913, a daughter.[8 May 1913].

Clark, Edward C., born to at Woodville, 10 May 1913, a daughter.[15 May 1913].

Clark, H. Marshall, Bridgewater, married at Milton, Queens Co., 10 Sept 1913, to Grace D. Freeman, Milton. [18 Sept 1913].

Clark, John G. see Clark, Allan Raymond.

Clarke, Frederick Augustus, died 10 April 1913, at Mill Village, Queens Co., a native of Yarmouth, in his 79th years.[17 April 1913 obituary + notice].

Clem, William Henry, married at Somerville, Mass., 13 Jan 1913, to Nancy Lorinda Kelly. [20 Feb 1913].

Coffill, Grace Althea see Baltzer, Benjamin E.

Coffill, Capt. W. D. see Baltzer, Benjamin E.

Cogswell, Edmund J. see Cogswell, Mrs. Bessie Randall.

Cogswell, Mrs. Bessie Randall, d/o Charles D. Randall, wid/o Edmund J. Cogswell, died at Wolfville, 23 March 1913, age 64 years. [3 Apr 1913 obituary + notice].

Cole, Millard O., married at Millville, 18 Sept 1913 to Flossie May Turner.[25 Sept 1913].

Coleman, Lewis, born to at Grafton, 7 Sept 1913, a daughter.[11 Sept 1913].

Collins, Enoch L. see Collins, John.

Collins, John, Port Williams, s/o Enoch L. Collins, Wolfville, died near New Ross, Tuesday. [27 Feb 1913 see Killed on the Ice].

Collins, Marion Ruth see Collins, Melbourne.

Collins, Melbourne, born to at Nicholsville, 9 Dec 1913, a daughter (Marion Ruth). [25 Dec 1913].

Congdon, Alice, see Nye, Mrs. Glover C.

Congdon, Kempton W., born to at Grafton, 12 May 1913, a daughter.[15 May 1913].

Coombs, Chester G. C., Wolfville, married at Berwick 23 July 1913, to Susan Burke, d/o W. A. Reed. [ 24 July 1913 write up also notice 31 July 1913 edition].

Coonan, James, died at Harborville, 30 Dec 1913, 80 years.[31 Dec 1913].

Cotters, Agnes E. see Wilson, Rupert E.

Cotters, Mary see Wilson, Rupert E.

Cotters, William E. see Wilson, Rupert E.

Cox, Lyman W., died at Truro, 5 Sept 1913, 38 years 10 months.[11 Sept 1913].

Cragg, C. J. see Cragg, Louis Hatfield.

Cragg, Louis Hatfield, s/o C. J. Cragg, died at Bridgewater, 10 Feb 1913, 26 years. [20 Feb 1913].

Crossman, Martin L. see Findlay, Margaret May.

Crouse, Carrie Myrtle married at Waterville, 29 Oct 1913 to Edwin J. Bezanson, New Germany, Lun. Co., NS. [13 Nov 1913 write up + notice].

Crowe, George see Rogers, Mary Belle.

Crowe, James E., died at Annapolis Royal, 23 Sept 1913, 62 years.[2 Oct 1913].

Crowe, Mary Bell see Rogers, Mary Belle.

Cruikshank, John Angus, married at Kentville, 2 July 1913 to Araminta Elzora Hodges, Milltown. [10 July 1913 ].

Currell, Athaliah, wid/o Capt. John L. Nicholson, died at Canning, 20 June 1913, age 74 years. [26 June 1913].

Dargie, John Douglas see Lyons, Maria Alberta.

Davison, B. D. see Davison, Roy Douglas.

Davison, Roy Douglas, s/o B. D. Davison, died at Wolfville, 23 Oct 1913, 19 years 4 months [30 Oct 1913].

DeEll, John, died at Waterville, 7 Nov 1913, 93 years.[13 Nov 1913 w33 27 Nov obit].

Deveney, Charles F., married at Berwick, 28 Jan 1913, to Edith Carrie Douglas, d/o Howard J. Douglas. [30 Jan 1913 write up + notice].

Dewis, C. S., (Grace Pineo) born to at Edmonton, Alberta, 8th Sept 1913, a daughter. [18 Sept 1913].

DeWolfe, A. A. see Moore, Mabel.

DeWolfe, Mabel see Moore, Mabel.

Dickey, James F. see Hayes, Mrs. Alice.

Dodge, S. Burgess, died at Middleton, 20 Oct 1913, age 61 years.[30 Oct 1913].

Dorey, Ella see Frisbee, Arthur.

Douglas, Edith Carrie see Deveney, Charles F.

Douglas, Howard J. see Deveney, Charles F.

Drew, Elias see Drew, May.

Drew, May, inf/d/o Elias Drew, died at Millville, 26 Apr 1913, age 1 year.[8 May 1913].

Dukeshar, T. E., born to at Berwick, 4 Dec 1913, a son. [18 Dec 1913].

Duncan, Mrs. Mary C. see Masters, Frederick Alfred.

Eaton, Abigail see Newcombe, Lucilla.

Eaton, Annie Louise, d/o N. W. Eaton, married at Canning, 7 Jan 1913, to Charles H. Wright, Middleton. [16 Jan 1913].

Eaton, Lucilla see Newcombe, Lucilla.

Eaton, N. W. see Eaton, Annie Louise.

Elliott, Rev Ritchie, born to at Pereaux, 17 Oct 1913, a daughter.[13 Nov 1913].

Ellis, Dr. J. F., Sherbrook, Guys Co., NS, born to at Restholm, 13 Jan 1913, a daughter. 16 Jan 1913].

Ells, Delancey V., Delhaven, formerly of Brookfield Col. Co., NS, married at Upper Pereaux, 26 Nov 1913, to Alice Sarah Fluck, Blomidon. [11 Dec 1913].

Fancy, Enos, born to at Diver, NH, 17 Aug 1913, a son. [28 Aug 1913].

Farris, Marion see Bent, William Howard.

Finch, Edward, died at Brooklyn St., Kings Co., 14 Apr 1913, 89 years 6 months. [24 April 1913].

Findlay, Margaret May, d/o William Findlay, married at Morden, 17 Sept 1913, to Martin L. Crossman, Salmon River, NB.[2 Oct 1913 write up].

Findlay, William see Findlay, Margaret May.

Fisher, Eben see Pineo, Edith Allison.

Fitch, James Nutting, M. D., died at Lakeville, 8 Dec 1913, 72 years.[11 Dec 1913].

Fluck, Alice Sarah see Ells, Delancey V.

Foley, Alice see Wheaton, Charles.

Ford, A. A. see Ford, Martha.

Ford, Martha, w/o A. A. Ford, died at Berwick, 23 July 1913. [31 July 1913]

Ford, Murdoch William, died on passage from Boston to Yarmouth, 18 July 1913, 43 years. [31 July 1913].

Forrest, Isabel Frances, d/o L. A. Forrest, married at Berwick, 22 Oct 1913, to Walter Sterling Alcorn, s/o Rev. William Alcorn.[23 Oct 1913 write up + notice].

Forrest, L. A. see Forrest, Isabel Frances.

Forrest, John Lattimer, died at Gardenia, California, b. Berwick, m. Emma Thomas, 17 June 1912. [23 Oct 1913 obituary].

Forrestall, Bridget, wid/o James Forrestall, died at Lakeview, 19 June 1913, age 78 years. [19 June 1913].

Forrestall, James see Forrestall, Bridget.

Forrestall, John, died at Dalhousie East, 25 June 1913, age 78 years. [3 July 1913].

Forsyth, Margaret, d/o W. G. Forsyth, died at Waterville, 5 May 1913, 7 years 8 months. [15 May 1913 obituary see Bereaved].

Forsyth, Ora B., d/o William Forsyth, died at Wolfville, 5 May 1913, age 7 years 8 months. [8 May 1913].

Forsyth, W. H., s/o William Forsyth, died at Aylesford, 5 Dec 1913; m. a Miss George. [18 Dec 1913 obituary].

Forsyth, William see Forsyth, W. H.

Forsyth, William see Forsyth, Ora B.

Foshay, Rev. J. H. see Foshay, Myrtle Irene.

Foshay, Myrtle Irene, married at Berwick, 24 Mar 1913, d/o Rev. J. H. Foshay, to Orland B. Kitchen, Fredericton, NB. [27 March 1913].

Foster, Edgar L. see Woodbury, Mabel M.

Foster, John VanBuren, died at Karsdale, Annapolis Co., 5 June 1913, 102 years. [12 June 1913].

Foster, Rev. J. L. S., born to at Hubbards 4 Dec 1913, a daughter.[11 Dec 1913].

Fox, Marietta, married to Perry Gilbert McNeil, 6 June 1913 at Morristown, . [7 Aug 1913 write up].

Fullerton, John W., Port Williams, died at Halifax, 11 Mar 1913, 71 years.[20 Mar 1913].

Freeman, Grace D. see Clark, H. Marshall.

Frisbee, Arthur, (Ella Dorey), born to at Westfield, Mass., 20 Sept 1913, a daughter.(Grace Elizabeth). [25 Sept 1913).

Frisbee, Grace Elizabeth see Frisbee, Arthur.

Gates, Arthur, Truro, married at Upper Clements, 17 Sept 1913, to Edna Williams, d/o James Williams. [2 Oct 1913].

Gates, Austin see Gates, Leonard C.

Gates, Mrs. Ella S. see Spicer, Andrew H.

Gates, Leonard C., s/o Austin Gates, died at Aylesford, 17 Mar 1913, age 39 years. [3 Apr 1913 obituary].

Gaul, Douglas, born to at Dalhousie East, 20 June 1913, a daughter.[26 June 1913].

Gelinas, Arthur, born to at South Berwick, 8 June 1913, a daughter.[26 June 1913].

Gleason, Walter L. see Adler, Jennie Henrietta.

Glendenning, Blanche Elizabeth, d/o Rev. G. W. F. Glendenning, married at Halifax, 18 December 1912, to Amos J. Lawrence, Munson, Alberta. [2 Jan 1912].

Glendenning, Rev. G. W. F. see Glendenning, Blanche Elizabeth.

Glendenning, Mrs. John (Elizabeth Black), died at Amherst, "this morning", 87 years. [ 8 May 1913 Thurs. obituary ].

George, Prudence R., w/o William Wallace George, New England Conservatory of Music, died at Kentville, Sat last, d/o George W. Woodworth, 31 years.[27 Nov 1913].

George, William Wallace see George, Prudence R.

Goucher, Edna Roberta see Goucher, Ernest.

Goucher, Ernest, born to at Millville, 7 Dec 1913, a daughter (Edna Roberta).[31 Dec 1913].

Gould, Clarence see Olson, Theoline.

Gould, Edward, born to at Harborville, 5 Mar 1913, a son.[13 Mar 1913].

Gould, George, born to at White’s Corner, 18 Jan 1913, a daughter.[23 Jan 1913].

Graves, George B. see Adler, Jennie Henrietta.

Graves, William Harold see Adler, Jennie Henrietta.

Green, George, s/o Malcolm Green, died at Dorchester, Mass., 12 Jan 1913, age 1 year 2 months. [16 January 1913].

Green, Malcolm see Green, George.

Gross, Wilfred see Spinney, Edith Adelaide.

Haley, Thomas Blaine, married at Middleton, 15 Oct 1913, to Grace Belle McGowan, Bridgetown. [23 Oct 1913].

Hall, Arthur S., married at Lynn, Mass., 5 June 1913, to Jennie B. Lockhart, d/o Aaron H. Lockhart, Sheffield Mills. [3 July 1913].

Hamilton, Mrs. Isabella, wid/o James T. Hamilton, d/o George Harvey, Grand Pre, died at Halifax, 22 Feb 1913, b. Grand Pre, in her 89th year. [27 Feb 1913 obituary].

Hamilton, James see Morris, Sarah Jane.

Hamilton, James T. see Hamilton, Mrs. Isabella.

Hamilton, Sarah Jane see Morris, Sarah Jane.

Hannifan [?], Thos., born to at Rockland, 29 Mar 1913, a son.[8 May 1913].

Harriott, F. E., born to at Windsor, 6 Jan 1913, a daughter. [16 Jan 1913].

Harvey, Blanchard see Parker, Laura A.

Harvey, George see Hamilton, Mrs. Isabella.

Harvey, Isabella see Hamilton, Mrs. Isabella.

Havelock, Avard L., married at Berwick, 29 Oct 1913, to Elizabeth G. Morse.[13 Nov 1913].

Hawley, Rev. J., died at Marshfield, PEI, 14 Feb 1913, age 58 years.[27 Feb 1913 obituary + notice and see 6 Mar 1913].

Hayden, Newton Clark see Hayden, Rev. P. R.

Hayden, Rev. P. R., born to at Oxford, NS, 29 July 1913, a son (Newton Clark).[7 Aug 1913].

Hayes, Mrs. Alice married at Pleasant Valley, Wed past, to James F. Dickey.[25 Sept 1913 write up + notice].

Hayes, Dorothy see Hayes, Trueman W.

Hayes, Trueman W., born to at Vernon, BC, 17 Jan 1913, a daughter (Dorothy).

Hiltz, Alfonso, died at Dalhousie Rd., 18 Sept 1913, 30 years.[9 Oct 1913].

Hiltz, Allan W., Berwick, married at Martin’s River, Lun. Co., 25 June 1913, to Nellie A. Hiltz, d/o Capt Nathan Hiltz. [3 July 1913].

Hiltz, Capt Nathan see Hiltz, Allan W.

Hiltz, James, died at Kentville, 20 Apr 1913, 78 years. [24 April 1913].

Hiltz, Nellie A. see Hiltz, Allan W.

Hiltz, Nettie, married at Auburn, 30 June 1913 to Wilfred Newcombe.[17 July 1913].

Hiltz, William, born to at Factorydale, Aylesford, 15 Apr 1913, a son.[8 May 1913].

Hird, Ida Maud, d/o K. N. Brown, married at Berwick West, 24 Dec 1913, to Charles Norwood Loomer, Aylesford. [25 Dec 1913].

Hodges, Araminta Elzora see Cruickshank, John Angus.

Holland, James Seymour see Sanford, Sophie Beryl.

Howe, David Perley, married at Marblehead, Mass., 4 Feb 1913, to Stella Maud Tupper, d/o Ezra Tupper, formerly of Scotts Bay. [6 March 1913 write up + notice].

Howell, Mrs. C. B. see Warner, Maurice L.

Howell, C. W. see Sanford, Blanche M.

Howell, Robert Alton see Sanford, Blanche M.

Howell, William, formerly of Burlington, died at Dorchester, Mass., 19 Jan 1913, 67 years. [6 February 1913].

Hudson, John, died at Greenwood Square, 25 Mar 1913, age 88 years.[3 April 1913 obit].

Hudgins, A. P. see Hudgins, Mrs. Matilda.

Hudgins, Olive see McMahon, John.

Hudgins, Mrs.. Matilda, died at Edgeworth, Mass., recently, wid/o A. P. Hudgins, inter. in Auburn. [13 Feb 1913].

Hughes, Gertrude Blanche see Robinson, George Ernest.

Huntley, Everett, born to at Scotts Bay, 19 Nov 1913, a son. [27 Nov 1913].

Hutchison, David see Hutchison, Frances.

Hutchison, Frances, d/o David ( & Abby) Hutchison, died at Lochartville, 20 Feb 1913, age 24 years, 11 months, 8 days. [13 Mar 1913].

Hutchison, H. D., born to at Berwick West, 11 June 1913, a daughter. [19 June 1913].

Illsley, Charles E., born to at Somerset, 27 June 1913, a son. [3 July 1913].

Illsley, Earle Saunders see Church, Frances Aleda.

Illsley, Ruth see Thomas, Charles.

Jacques, John M., died at Auburn, 12 Sept 1913, formerly of Harborville. [18 Sept 1913].

Jarvis, Douglas, Forest Home, Kings Co., NS, married at Windsor, 5 Mar 1913, to Mary Vance Nicholson, Newport, Hants Co., NS.[20 March 1913].

Jefferson, W. J. see Brennan, Florence A.

Jess, George L. see Jess, Mary E.

Jess, Mary E., wid/o George L. Jess, died at Scotts Bay, 26 Feb 1913, age 66 years. [6 Mar 1913].

Johnson, Borden, Middleton, married at Rockland, 3 Dec 1913 to Ethel Mildred Parrish d/o Arthur H. Parrish. [11 Dec 1913].

Johnson, Kempton, born to at Brooklyn St., Cornwallis, 27 Apr 1913, a daughter. [22 May 1913].

Jones, Edward Clark, inf/s/o O. C. Jones, died at Digby, 8th inst., age 4 days.[20 Feb 1913].

Jones, O. C., born to at Digby, 5th inst., a son.[13 Feb 1913].

Jones, O. C. see Jones, Edward Clark.

Kaulback, J. A. Venerable Archdeacon, native of Lunenburg, died at Truro, Tues past, age 75 years. [6 March 1913 obituary].

Keddy, Amos see Keddy, Thelma.

Keddy, Grant H., born to at Berwick, 9 Mar 1913, a son. [20 Mar 1913].

Keddy, Robert, born to at Aylesford, 17 April 1913, a daughter. [8 May 1913].

Keddy, Thelma, d/o Amos Keddy, died at Millville, 5 Jan 1913, 9 years 10 months. [9 January 1913].

Kelley, Ralph Kent, married at Truro, 25 Dec 1913, to Eva Jane Morrison, both of Halifax. [31 Dec 1913]

Kelley, William James, died at Brooklyn, NY, b. 1840, Northern Ireland, m. Lizatta Sanford, d/o William Sanford, formerly of Harborville. [13 Feb 1913 obituary].

Kelly, Joseph see Kelly, Margaret.

Kelly, Margaret, wid/o Joseph Kelly, formerly of Berwick, died at Burlington, 20 Feb 1913, d/o Enoch L. Palmer, 98 years. [27 Feb 1913].

Kelly, Nancy Lorinda see Clem, William Henry.

Kidder, Lorenzo, b. Lewiston, New York, 68 years ago, died at Fair Oaks?, California, Friday, m.1903, Zamon M. Savage d/o J. H. Savage, now of Aylesford, then of Billtown.[17 April 1913 Register, obituary ( Fair Oaks, (CA), Citizen of 3 April 1913)].

Killam, Elizabeth see Loomer, George.

Kilcup, Nelson see Kilcup, Sarah.

Kilcup, Sarah, wid/o Nelson Kilcup, died at West Alton, 8 April 1913, age 96 years. [10 April 1913 notice].

King, Mrs. George see Thomas, Dr. Frank H.

Kinney, Anna see Morse, Dr. W. K.

Kinsman, H. H. see Brown, Kenneth M.

Kinsman, Sadie Amanda see Brown, Kenneth M.

Kitchen, Orland B. see Foshay, Myrtle Irene.

Landry, R. Wilfred E. see Ronnan, Winnifred.

Lange, Fred Arthur see Withers, Nora Evelyn.

Lawrence, Amos J. see Glendenning, Blanche Elizabeth.

Lawrence, D. Wylie, born to at Coldbrook, 4 Mar 1913, a daughter.[20 Mar 1913].

Lawson, D. A., born to at Chicago, 16 Dec 1913, a son. [18 Dec 1913].

Lee, Minnie Mabel see Parrish, Harry.

Legge, John, Scotts Bay, 26 May 1913, 84 years. [29 May 1913].

Legge, Roland, born to at Scotts Bay, 30 Nov 1913, a daughter.[11 Dec 1913].

Lewek, Rev. J. R. see Lewek, Mrs. (Rev) J. R.

Lewek, Mrs. (Rev) J. R., (Sarah D. Morton), d/o Isaac Morton, and Rachel Woodworth, died at Chicago, 17 May 1913; b. Somerset, 1861 ; m. Boston, James Semple, Wilmot; m2. Rev. Lewek.[29 May 1913 obituary + notice].

Lewis, Lavinia Adora, d/o Dr. W. J. Lewis, married at Hillsboro, NB, to Rupert Uniacke Parker, Kentville, NS. [23 Oct 1913 write up].

Lewis, Dr. W. J. see Lewis, Lavinia Adora.

Lightfoot, Chester, born to at Sheffield Mills, 9 Oct 1913, a daughter. [13 Nov 1913].

Lightfoot, Rose Agnes see Saltzman, Richard.

Lightizer, Grace see Pierce, Mrs. Lyford.

Lightizer, Kelvington see Pierce, Mrs. Lyford.

Locke, Angeline E. see Charlton, Daniel M.

Lockhart, Aaron H. see Hall, Arthur S.

Lockhart, Jennie B. see Hall, Arthur S.

Long, Edward, born to at Dalhousie East, 24 Sept 1913, a daughter.[9 Oct 1913].

Loomer, Charles Norwood see Hird, Ida Maud.

Loomer, George, died at Penticton, BC, 29 Mar 1913, b. Hillsborough, NB, 1838, m. Elizabeth Killam, 1867, age 74 years, formerly of Coldbrook. [17 Apr 1913 obituary + notice ; Penticton, BC, [Herald] 5 April 1913].

Lonergan, Daniel see Lonergan, Dorothy Celia.

Lonergan, Dorothy Celia, d/o Daniel & Loretta Lonergan, died at Dalhousie East, 12 March 1913, age 5 years. [27 Mar 1913].

Lydiard, Edward M., born to at Roxbury, Mass., 19 Sept 1913, a daughter.[2 Oct 1913].

Lyons, Abbie see Newcombe, Lemuel George.

Lyons, John see Newcombe, Lemuel George.

Lyons, Maria Alberta, d/o Robert Lyons, formerly of Waterville, married at West Paradise, 4 June 1913, to John Douglas Dargie. [26 June 1913 write up + notice].

Lyons, Robert see Lyons, Maria Alberta.

MacAlpine, Harry Douglas see Severance, Annie Love.

MacAlpine, Henry see Severance, Annie Love.

MacDonald, Cecil G., s/o W. David MacDonald, died at Crossburn, 29 Aug 1913, age 3 months. [4 Sept 1913].

MacDonald, W. David see MacDonald, Cecil G.

Mack, Theophilus, died at Everett, Mass., 30th May 1913, formerly of East Dalhousie. 4 Sept 1913 obituary].

MacPherson, Rev. W., born to at Waterville, 30 Sept 1913, a son. [2 Oct 1913].

Mahoney, Annie see Mahoney, Edna Grace.

Mahoney, Edna Grace, d/o Annie Mahoney, Cambridge, married at Truro, 28 [23?] Sept 1913 to Harry Clement Bill, Amherst.[9 Oct 1913 write up + notice ; notice records Bell ].

Mailot, Arthur L., born to at Thetford Mines, P.Q., 4 Sept 1913, a daughter (Mary Anne Irene). [2 October 1913].

Mailot, Mary Anne Irene see Mailot, Arthur L.

Masters, Abram C., died at Wolfville, ‘Thurs’, in 90th year. [20 Mar 1913 obituary].

Masters, Charles A. see Masters, Charlotte G.

Masters, Charlotte G., wid/o Charles A. Masters, d/o Beniah Morse, formerly of Berwick, died at Kentville, 22 Sept 1913, age 80 years.[2 Oct 1913].

Margeson, A. Herbert, born to at South Berwick, 16 June 1913, a son. [24 July 1913].

Margeson, Christopher see Margeson, Margaret.

Margeson, Margaret, wid/o Christopher Margeson, died at South Berwick, 13 May 1913, d/o John Reagh, 91 years [see obituary 12 June ; 15 May 1913].

Martin, C. L., born to at Amherst, 16 Aug 1913, a son.[21 Aug 1913].

Masters, Frederick Alfred, Kentville, married at Halifax, 19 Nov 1913, to Mrs. Mary C. Duncan, Wolfville. [4 Dec 1913].

McAuley, Lottie, d/o Wm. McAuley and Theresa Bolser, died at VG Hospital, Halifax, NS, 28 June 1913, 28 years 7 months 9 days.[10 July 1913 obituary].

McAuley, Wm see McAuley, Lottie.

McCall, Frank, born to at Grafton, 18 Dec 1913, a daughter. [31 Dec 1913].

McConnell, Albro see McConnell, Rebecca.

McConnell, Rebecca, wid/o Albro McConnell, Gardner, Mass., died at Gardner, Mass., 18 May 1913, d/o Alfred S. Rand & Ruth Tupper, Weston, age 68 years 5 months ; b. 27 Dec 1844 m. 2 August 1872 [22 May 1913 see obituary 29 May 1913 Register].

McGowan, Grace Belle see Haley, Thomas Blaine.

McGregor, Manning, died at Middleton, 20 Oct 1913, 91 years. [30 Oct 1913].

McIntosh, Finley see McIntosh, J. J.

McIntosh, J. J. s/o Finley McIntosh, Waterville, died at Everett, Mass., Wed past, age 37 years. [3 April 1913 obituary].

McLean, Malcolm L. see Algee, Della.

McMahon, John, married at Berwick, 24 Sept 1913, to Olive Hudgins, Lakeville.[9 Oct 1913].

McNeill, Donald Holdsworth see McNeill, Rev. H.

McNeil, Perry Gilbert see Fox, Marietta.

McNeill, Rev. H., born to at Upper Port LaTour, Shelburne Co., NS, 19 July 1913, a son (Donald Holdsworth). [31 July 1913].

Meekins, Henry, living near Kingston, died Mon last.[21 Aug 1913 see Tragic Death].

Megeney, Richard B., died at Halifax, 11 Dec 1913, 77 years.[18 Dec 1913].

Messinger, Flo. see Ashton, F. H.

Meisner, Harry Harrington, died at Arlington, 9 Sept 1913, 80 years 8 days.[25 Sept 1913].

Moore, Mabel, w/o Dr. W. B. Moore, d/o A. A. DeWolfe, died at Kentville, 7 Nov 1913. [13 Nov 1913].

Moore, Dr. W. B. see Moore, Mabel.

Morine, Eva U. see Benjamin, Clarence L.

Morris, Joseph see Morris, Sarah Jane.

Morris, Sarah Jane, wid/o Joseph Morris, d/o James Hamilton, Formerly of Harborville, died at Canard, 4 Sept 1913, in 91st year.[18 Sept 1913].

Morrison, Eva Jane see Kelley, Ralph Kent.

Morse, Albert see Morse, Mrs. Alice Gray.

Morse, Mrs. Alice Gray, died at Hantsport, 28 Mar 1913, w/o Albert Morse, Bridgetown, d/o William Smith, Windsor. [10 April 1913 obituary + notice].

Morse, A. D. see Morse, Doris Shirley.

Morse, A. D., born to at Morristown, 17 Feb 1913, a daughter. [20 Feb 1913].

Morse, Beniah see Masters, Charlotte G.

Morse, Charlotte G. see Masters, Charlotte G.

Morse, Doris Shirley, inf/d/o A. D. Morse, died at Morristown, 17 Feb 1913.[20 Feb 1913].

Morse, Dr. John Alline W., died at Port Williams, Sat last, m. a d/o Dr. H. C. Marsters. [24 Apr 1913obituary + notice].

Morse, Elizabeth G. see Havelock, Avard L.

Morse, Luther see Chute, Silas P.

Morse, Mehitable see Chute, Silas P.

Morse, T. Bernard, born to at Berwick, 6 May 1913, a son. [8 May 1913].

Morse, Dr. W. K. (Anna Kinney of Yarmouth), born to at Suifu, West China, 25 Feb 1913, a daughter. [3 April 1913].

Morton, Isaac see Lewek, Mrs. (Rev) J. R.

Morton, Jean, see Burd, Garret T.

Morton, Sarah D. see Lewek, Mrs. (Rev) J. R.

Mosher, Charles, born to at Kingston, 4 Nov 1913, a daughter. [13 Nov 1913].

Murray, W. W., (Ermine Rainforth), born to at Vancouver, BC, 7th Feb 1913 a daughter. [20 Feb 1913].

Neily, Eri, born to at Torbrook Mines, 23 Oct 1913, a daughter. [13 Nov 1913].

Newcomb, Mrs. Nancy R., wid/o D. Harris Newcomb, formerly of Blomidon, died at Avary, Wisconsin, 19 June 1913. [24 July 1913].

Newcomb, D. Harris see Newcomb, Mrs. Nancy R.

Newcombe, David Barnaby see Newcombe, Lucilla.

Newcombe, Edward Borden, Kentville, married at Nappan, 20 Nov 1913, to Mabel Louise Outerbridge, d/o Rev W. A. Outerbridge. [4 Dec 1913].

Newcombe, Hugh R. see Newcombe, Lemuel George.

Newcombe, Lemuel George, died at Brookline, Mass., 12 Oct 1913, age 64 years, s/o Hugh R. Newcombe, b. Grafton, NS, 5 Nov 1848, removed to Mass. in 1870; m.1. Josephine Shattuck, Roxbury, Mass., 1873; she d. 1883 ; m2. Abbie Lyons, 1885, d/o John Lyons, Berwick, ; she d. 1895; m.3. March 1912, not named. [23 Oct 1913 obituary + notice].

Newcombe, Lucilla, wid/o David Barnaby Newcombe, Sheffield Mills, d/o Edward &

Abigail (Eaton) Borden, died at Kentville, 10 Feb 1913, age 80 years 4 months.[20 Feb 1913].

Newcombe, Wilfred see Hiltz, Nettie.

Nichols, Arthur, born to at Rockland, 29 Dec 1913, a daughter.[31 Dec 1913].

Nichols, Greta Margaret Jean see Nichols, W. L.

Nichols, Ruloff, died at Harborville, 13 Dec 1918, 86 years.[18 Dec 1913].

Nichols, W. L. , born to at Nicholsville, 27 Nov 1913, a daughter (Greta Margaret Jean). [25 Dec 1913].

Nicholson, Capt. John L. see Currell, Athaliah.

Nicholson, Mary Vance see Jarvis, Douglas.

Nixon, J. Henry, born to at Weston, 10 Nov 1913, a son. [20 Nov 1913].

Nye, Mrs. Glover C., formerly Evelyn Bishop, Wolfville, d/o B. G. Bishop and Alice Congdon, died at Laredo, Texas, Tues past week,. [22 May 1913 obituary + notice].

Olson, Theoline, married at Los Angeles, California, 13 July 1913 to Clarence Gould. [31 July 1913 write up].

O’Neill, George H., born to at Berwick, 30 Dec 1913, a daughter.[31 Dec 1913].

Orde, Evelyn see Sommerville, Evelyn.

Orde, William see Sommerville, Evelyn.

Osborne, Sydney, died at Waterville,2 July 1913, age 76 years. [3 July 1913].

Outerbridge, Mabel Louise see Newcombe, Edward Borden.

Outerbridge, Rev W. A. see Newcombe, Edward Borden.

Outhit, Ellen, w/o Thomas W. Outhit, died at Melvern Square, 23 May 1913, 78 years. [ 29 May 1913].

Outhit, Thomas W. see Outhit, Ellen.

Owen, Elizabeth, w/o L. R. Owen, died at South Berwick, 10 Feb 1913, age 49 years. [13 February 1913].

Owen, L. R. see Owen, Elizabeth.

Palmer, C. A., Morristown, married at Calgary, 14 May 1913, to Nora Robinson, d/o Rev T. C. Robinson, Owen Sound, Ontario.[29 May 1913].

Palmer, Edgar P., died at Auburn, 25 Nov 1913, 67 years.[11 Dec 1913].

Palmer, Enoch L. see Kelly, Margaret.

Palmer, Margaret see Kelly, Margaret.

Parker, Alfred, born to at Sheffield Mills, 19 Feb 1913, a son. [6 Mar 1913].

Parker, Anderson C., born to at Burton, NB, 9 April 1913, a son. [17 Apr 1913].

Parker, Charles E. see Anderson, Eunice.

Parker, Clarence, inf/s/o Harry G. Parker, died at Berwick, 4 Sept 1913, 16 months. [11 Sept 1913].

Parker, D. Boyd, born to at Harborville, 14 Dec 1913, a son. [18 Dec 1913].

Parker, Gerald Anderson, inf/s/o Anderson C. Parker, died at Burton, NB, 12 May 1913 age 5 weeks. [22 May 1913].

Parker, Handley M. see Parker, Laura A.

Parker, Harry G. see Parker, Clarence.

Parker, Laura A., d/o Handley M. Parker, Millville, married at Millville, 4 June 1913 to Blanchard Harvey, Aylesford. [12 June 1913].

Parker, Major see Chute, Silas P.

Parker, Miriam see Chute, Silas P.

Parker, Ralph, born to at Brooklyn St., Grafton, 6 Sept 1913, a daughter.[11 Sept 1913].

Parker, Rupert Uniacke se Lewis, Lavinia Adora.

Parrish, Arthur H. see Johnson, Borden.

Parrish, Ethel Mildred see Johnson, Borden.

Parrish, Harry, Brooklyn, Anna Co., married at Auburn, 19 Feb 1913, to Mabel Bennett, Auburn. [27 Feb 1913 - please note 6 Mar 1913 has a notice of Harry Parrish m. Minnie Mabel Lee on the 19th Feb. at Auburn ].

Parrish, L. S., born to at West Brookfield, Annapolis Co., NS, 29 Oct 1913, a daughter. [13 Nov 1913].

Patterson, A. R. see Pierce, A. G.

Patterson, Herman, married at Greenwood, 1 Jan 1913, to Mabel Bernice Banks, d/o Israel Banks. [16 Jan 1913 write up + notice].

Patterson, Joan see Pierce, A. G.

Pearson, Blake, born to at Union Square, 21 Jan 1913, a daughter.[23 Jan 1913].

Pelton, George, died at Berwick West, 17th , 70 years. [9 Jan 1913].

Perry, W. H., born to at Harborville, 14 Jan 1913, a daughter.

Petersen, Elsie Marguerite see Petersen, Owen.

Petersen, Owen, born to at Cambridge, 11 Jan 1913, a daughter (Elsie Marguerite). [16 Jan 1912].

Pierce, A. G., Richibucto, NB, married at Truro, 10 Sept 1913, to Joan Patterson, d/o A. R. Patterson. [18 Sept 1913].

Pierce, Charles died at Kingston, 26 Aug 1913.[4 Sept 1913].

Pierce, Grace see Pierce, Mrs. Lyford.

Pierce, Mrs. Lyford, (Grace), died at Kingston, 25 Feb 1913, d/o Kelvington Lightizer, Kingston, age 30 years.[6 Mar 1913 obituary + notice].

Pineo, Edith Allison, d/o James C. Pineo, married at Hyde Park, Mass., 29 June 1913 to Eben Fisher. [10 July 1913 write up].

Pineo, Edward, born to at Rockland, 6 Sept 1913, a son (Lloyd William).[2 Oct 1913].

Pineo, Grace see Dewis, C. S.

Pineo, James C. see Pineo, Edith Allison.

Pineo, Lloyd William see Pineo, Edward.

Power, Ina Faustina see Best, Eugene Roscoe.

Rainforth, O. A., born to at Windermere, 25 Sept 1913, a son. [2 Oct 1913].

Rand, Alfred S. see McConnell, Rebecca.

Rand, Rebecca see McConnell, Rebecca.

Rawding, Alvah see Rawding, Byron.

Rawding, Byron, s/o Alvah Rawding, died at Garland, 28 Dec 1913, 27 years.[31 Dec 1913].

Rawding, Cornelius see Rawding, Lavinia.

Rawding, Lavinia, wid/o Cornelius Rawding, died 18 Oct 1913, age 79 years.[6 Nov 1913].

Ray, Charles C., died at Boston, Mass., 7 Dec 1913, formerly of Berwick, 67 years. [9 Oct 1913].

Reid, Samuel, died at Centreville, Kings Co., 15 July 1913, 82 years. [24 July 1913].

Robinson, James, died at Billtown, 28 July 1913, age 79 years.[31 July 1913].

Robinson, Jennie see Bond, J. Blackburne.

Robinson, Nora see Palmer, C. A.

Robinson, Rev T. C. see Palmer, C. A.

Rockwell, Benjamin, died at Lakeville, 27 July 1913, age 62 years.[31 July 1913].

Rockwell, George, s/o Lawson Rockwell, formerly of Lakeville, died at Berwick, 20 Aug 1913, age 57 years.[28 Aug 1913].

Rockwell, Lawson see Rockwell, George.

Rogers, Fales N. see Rogers, Mary Belle.

Rogers, Mary Belle, w/o Fales N. Rogers, d/o George Crowe, West Medford, died at Scotts Bay, 11 Feb 1913, age 45 years. [20 Feb 1913].

Porter, Annie Hale see Porter, Owen B.

Porter, Harry, born to at Lakeville, 15 Jan 1913, a son.[6 Jan 1913].

Porter, Owen B., born to at Welsford, 9 May 1913, a daughter (Annie Hale).[5 June 1913].

Powers, J. B., born to at Berwick, 28 Feb 1913, a daughter. [20 Mar 1913].

Rainforth, Ermine see Murray, W. D.

Rand, Alfred S. see Rand, William.

Rand, William, died at Berwick, 17 Jan 1913, age 69 years, b. 1843, s/o Alfred S. Rand ; married Ruth Tupper. [23 Jan 1913 obituary + notice].

Randall, Bessie Randall see Cogswell, Mrs. Bessie Randall.

Randall, Charles D. see Cogswell, Mrs. Bessie Randall.

Rawding, Fred, born to at Factorydale, 1 June 1913, a son. [5 June 1913].

Redden, Rufus, died at Kentville, 21 Mar 1913, 72 years. [27 Mar 1913].

Reed, W. A. see Coombs, Chester G. C.

Robinson, E. W., born to at Berwick, 31 Mar 1913, a daughter. [3 April 1913].

Robinson, George Ernest, Roxbury, Mass., married at Somerville, Mass., 18 June 1913, to Gertrude, Blanche Hughes, Somerville, Mass. [19 June 1913 for write up see 26 June].

Robinson, J. Milton, Kentville, married at Ste. Anne de Belleuve, Quebec, 8 Jan 1913, to Elisabeth Benney Britain, d/o John Britain. [16 Jan 1913].

Ronnan,[?] Frank A. see Ronnan[?], Winnifred.

Ronnan,[?] Winnifred, d/o Frank A. Ronnan, Bedford, NS, married at Bedford, 15 May 1913 to R. Wilfred E. Landry, Yarmouth, NS.

Saltzman, Richard, married at Berwick, 24 June 1913, to Rose Agnes Lightfoot, Waterville. [3 July 1913].

Sanford, Blanche M., step-daughter of C. B. Howell, married at Weston, Kings Co., 27 Mar 1913, to Robert Alton Howell, Somerset. [3 April 1913 write up + notice].

Sanford, Ethel Emma see Warner, Maurice L.

Sanford, F. B. see Sanford, Sophie Beryl.

Sanford, George W. see Sanford, Henry Raymond.

Sanford, Henry Raymond, s/o George W. Sanford, Berwick, died at Malden, Mass. [27 Feb 1913].

Sanford, Hibbert, born to at Scotts Bay, 23 May 1913, a son. [29 May 1913].

Sanford, J. Wesley, died at Waterville, 6 Oct 1913, 78 years.[9 Oct 1913].

Sanford, Lizetta see Kelley, William James.

Sanford, Sophie Beryl, d/o F. B. Sanford, married at Aylesford, d/o James Seymour Holland, Aylesford, n.d. [2 Oct 1913 write up].

Sanford, Wade G., born to at Pleasant Valley, 8 Dec 1913, a daughter.[18 Dec 1913].

Sanford, William see Kelley, William James.

Saunders, Harry, born to at Weston, 15 Sept 1913, a daughter. [18 Sept 1913].

Savage, J. H. see Kidder, Lorenzo.

Savage, Zamon M. see Kidder, Lorenzo.

Schofield, Eliza, w/o James Schofield, died at Kingston, 24 May 1913, age 74 years. [26 June 1913].

Schofield, James see Schofield, Eliza.

Schurman, L. H., born to at Mt. Denson, 25 Mar 1913, a son. [3 Apr 1913].

Scott, David see Scott, Capt. James.

Scott, Capt. James, s/o David Scott, Windsor, died at Lower Falmouth, 21 May 1913, age 88 years, m. Alice Beckwith d/o Asa Beckwith.[29 May 1913 obituary; Hants Journal 28 May].

Shaw, Christina see Stevens, Frank G.

Shaw, Irene, died at Tanquille Sanitorium, BC, 29 Dec 1912, formerly of Berwick , 48 years. [9 January 1913].

Semple, James see Lewek, Mrs. (Rev) J. R.

Severance, Annie Love, d/o Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth Severance married at Melrose, Mass., 19 April 1913, to Harry Douglas MacAlpine, Somerville, Mass., s/o Henry MacAlpine. [8 May 1913 write up].

Severance, Mrs. Margaret Elizabeth see Severance, Annie Love.

Shaw, Alfred, formerly of Waterville, died at Victoria, BC, 2 May 1913, in 69th year. [8 May 1913].

Shirley, Rev. C. W. Porter, born to at Annapolis, 11 Mar 1913, a son. [20 Mar 1913].

Siggins, Thomas A., died at Somerville, 5 June 1913.[12 June 1913 see Died in Somerville].

Slauenwhite, Solomon see Slauenwhite, Steadman LeRoy.

Slauenwhite, Steadman LeRoy, s/o Solomon Slauenwhite, died at South Berwick, 8 Sept 1913 age 8 years. [18 Sept 1913 obituary + notice see Bereaved].

Smith, Alice, see Morse, Mrs. Alice Gray.

Smith, Burpee, (Agnes Brown), born to at Vancouver, 31 Jan 1913, a son. [13 Feb 1913].

Smith, Leo, born to at Dalhousie East, 13 June 1913, a son.[19 June 1913].

Smith, William see Morse, Mrs. Alice Gray.

Sommerville, William A. see Sommerville, Evelyn.

Sommerville, Evelyn, w/o William A. Sommerville, d/o Wm. Orde, Westville, Digby Co., died at Berwick, 16 May 1913 age 26 years.[22 May 1913 obituary + notice].

Sommerville, Rev. William see Sommerville, Mrs. Jane E.

Sommerville, Mrs. Jane E., wid/o Rev. Wm. Sommerville [d.1878] , d/o Joseph C. Caldwell, Grand Pre, died at Berwick, ‘Tues last’, in 96th year, m1. John Woodworth, 1854, s/o Elishu Woodworth ; m2. Rev. Wm. Sommerville, 1854. [10 April 1913 obituary + notice].

Spicer, Andrew H., Welsford, married at Auburn, 12 Mar 1913, to Mrs. Ella S. Gates, Waterville. [20 March 1913].

Spicer, Capt Edward see Spicer, Mary Jane.

Spicer, Judson N., married at Canning, 6 Aug 1913, to Cora Evelyn Woodworth d/o Harvey Woodworth, Canning. [14 Aug 1913 write up see 21 Aug 1913].

Spicer, Mary Jane, w/o Capt Edward Spicer, died at Harborville, 17 April 1913, age 89 years. [24 April 1913].

Spinney, Edith Adelaide, d/o E. R. Spinney, married at Greenwood, 27 Aug 1913, to Wilfred Gross, Beach Meadows, Queens Co., NS.[ 4 Sept 1913 write up].

Spinney, E. R. see Spinney, Edith Adelaide.

Stark, Mrs. Anne, died at Auburn, 3 Feb 1913, age 79 years.[27 Feb 1913 obituary + notice].

Steadman, Eliza, wid/o Ingersoll Steadman, died at Base Line Rd., Kings Co., 22 May 1913 age 75 years. [29 May 1913].

Steele, William, died at Scotts Bay, 8 Aug 1913, 81 years.[14 Aug 1913].

Stevens, Frank G., (Christina Shaw), born to at Halifax, 27 June 1913, a son. [3 July 1913].

Stingel, Frank see Stingel, Minnie.

Stingel, Minnie, w/o Frank Stingel, died at Parker Rd., Aylesford, 12 Apr 1913, age 26 years. [8 May 1913].

Strayborn, Wm. E., born to at Moncton, NB, 12 Apr 1913, a daughter.[24 Apr 1913].

Sullivan, William P., died at Brooklyn St., Cornwallis, 3 July 1913, 52 ? years. [10 July 1913].

Sweeney, John T., born to at Garland, 8 Sept 1913, a daughter. [2 Oct 1913].

Sweeney, William, Aylesford, died at VG Halifax, 11 May 1913, 45 years.[15 May 1913].

Sweet, Kinsman, died at Antigonish, ‘last Sat’, native of Billtown.[22 May 1913 obituary].

Swindell, Charles, born to at Burlington, 27? May 1913, a daughter. [5 June 1913].

Swindell, Ezra, died at Burlington, 17th inst., 72 years.[27 Mar 1913 obituary].

Taylor, Ainsley see Taylor, Rebecca.

Taylor, Frederick see Taylor, Rebecca.

Taylor, Rebecca, w/o Ainsley Taylor, d/o Frederick Taylor, died at South Berwick, 12 December 1913, 70 years. [18 Dec 1913].

Thomas, Alberta Edith see Thomas, C. Howard.

Thomas, Charles, (Ruth Illsley), born to at Belmont, Mass., 8 Oct 1913, a son. [23 Oct 1913].

Thomas, C. Howard, born to at Berwick, 15 Dec 1913, a daughter (Alberta Edith). [18 December 1913].

Thomas, Emma see Forrest, John Lattimer.

Thomas, Emma Jane see Armstrong, Emma Jane.

Thomas, Dr. Frank H., s/o J. Burpee Thomas (who d. 1899), formerly of Somerset, died at Sand Coulee, Montana, 19th,, b. 1879, Somerset, ; his mother now Mrs. George King, Annapolis Royal. [27 Feb 1913 obituary and see 13 March 1913 obituary, burial at White Sulphur Springs, Montana].

Thomas, J. Burpee see Thomas, Dr. Frank H.

Thomas, Silas see Armstrong, Emma Jane.

Tupper, Clifford A., s/o J. W. Tupper, died at Weston, 28 Dec 1912, age 6 months. [9 January 1913].

Tupper, Ezra see Howe, David Perley.

Tupper, J. W. see Tupper, Clifford A.

Tupper, Ruth see Rand, William.

Tupper, Ruth see McConnell, Rebecca.

Tupper, Stella Maud see Howe, David Perley.

Thurlow, Edith Georgina, w/o Rev. L. F. Thurlow, died at Athens, Ohio, 27 Feb 1913, age 72 years. [20 Mar 1913].

Tupper, Bessie, w/o Stephen Tupper, died at Scotts Bay, 17 Nov 1913, 23 years. [27 Nov 1913].

Tupper, Carey, born to at Scotts Bay, 22 Nov 1913, a daughter. [27 Nov 1913].

Tupper, Stephen see Tupper, Bessie.

Turner, Flossie May see Cole, Millard O.

VanBuskirk, Amos C., died at Kentville, 15 Sept 1913, age 66 years.[2 Oct 1913].

Veinott, Stewart, born to at Dalhousie East, 20 June 1913, a daughter.[26 June 1913].

Ward, A. T., born to at Coldbrook, 8 July 1913, a daughter.[31 July 1913].

Ward, Vernon see Best, Vera.

Warner, Mauruce L., North Kingston, married at Weston, 6 Feb 1913, to Ethel Emma Sanford, d/o Mrs. C. B. Howell, Weston. [13 Feb 1913].

Warner, Morse, born to at Kingston, 15 Feb 1913, a daughter. [20 Feb 1913].

Warner, Perley, born to at North Kingston, 31 Oct 1913, a son. [13 Nov 1913].

West, Claude L., born to at Newark, NJ, 24 Dec 1912, a daughter.[2 Jan 1913].

Wheaton, Charles, Base Line Rd., Kings Co., married at Grafton, 26 June 1913 to Alice Foley, East Hall’s Harbor. [3 July 1913].

Wheaton, Jacob N., died at Centreville, 5 April 1913, 89 years. [10 April 1913 notice].

White, Herbert C., Woodstock, NB, died at Fort George, BC, in his 55th year, 29 Aug 1913, b. 1858 Nov., Black Rock Mtn., Kings Co., NS, s/o George White; m. Lillie Burgess, d/o W. J. Burgess. [4 Sept 1913 Obituary + notice].

White, George see White, Herbert C.

Williams, Edna see Gates, Arthur.

Williams, Elizabeth Jane see Adams, Albert E.

Williams, James see Gates, Arthur.

Williamson, Charles A., died at Aylesford, 26 Mar 1913, age 75 years.[27 Mar 1913].

Wilson, Rupert E., Bridgetown, married at Kentville, 24 Dec 1912, to Agnes E. Cotters, d/o William E. & Mary Cotters, Rockland. [9 Jan 1912].

Winchester, Charles Douglas, died at Amherst, 23 Oct 1913, 42 years. [30 Oct 1913 obit + notice].

Winchester, Lovett Raymond see Winchester, L. Y.

Winchester, L. Y., born to at Smith’s Cove, Digby Co., 30 July 1913, a son.(Lovett Raymond). [7 Aug 1913].

Withers, E. T. see Withers, Nora Evelyn.

Withers, Nora Evelyn, d/o E. T. Withers, formerly of Somerset, married at Medicine Valley, Alberta, 25 Mar 1913 to Fred Arthur Lange. [10 April 1913 write up].

Wolfe, John, died at Berwick, 28 Dec 1913, 74 years.[31 Dec 1913].

Wood, Matthew Patton, died at Port Williams, 12 June 1913, age 87 years.[26 June 1913].

Woodbury, Mabel M., d/o James Woodbury, married at Spa Springs, 8 Jan 1913, to Edgar L. Foster. [30 Jan 1913 write up + notice].

Woodworth, Cora Evelyn see Spicer, Judson N.

Woodworth, Elishu see Sommerville, Mrs. Jane E.

Woodworth, Harvey see Spicer, Judson N.

Woodbury, James see Woodbury, Mabel M.

Woodworth, Bruce E., born to at Berwick, 26 Feb 1913, a daughter.[27 Feb 1913].

Woodworth, George W. see George, Prudence R.

Woodworth, John see Sommerville, Mrs. Jane E.

Woodworth, Prudence R. see George, Prudence R.

Woodworth, Rachel see Lewek, Mrs. (Rev) J. R.

Wright, Charles H. see Eaton, Annie Louise.

Wright, Rev H. G., born to at Milton, Queens Co., 19 Sept 1913, a daughter.[2 Oct 1913].

Young, A. G., born to at Swampscott, Mass., 4 Dec 1913, a daughter.(Eleanor Marion). [11 Dec 1913].

Young, Eleanor Marion see Young, A. G.


1.Golden Wedding Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Best 50th [6 Feb 1913].

2.Golden Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Wilson, Clarence. [31 Dec 1913]