Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1912

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics 1912 mfm# 4019 to 26 September,1912

NOTE: Then mfm# 4020 for the rest of 1912. All of the issues for 1912 were published on THURSDAY. Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.( C ) ; posted on the internet by Phillip Vogler. For personal use only. These vital statistics, actually all we post are courtesy of the Register and were extracted from mfm at NSARM, Halifax, NS [Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management], 6016 University Ave., Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 . Telephone: (902) 424-6060 ; Fax: (902) 4240628 ; URL: ; E-mail: ; copies can be made of the obituary or marriage or birth by NSARM for a small fee. Please contact them. Please contact us for corrections - we try to be careful but errors will likely occur. INSERTS see last page; these items don’t really fit elsewhere.

Acker, Alice T. see Shipman, Mrs. Seffie L.

Acker, John H. see Shipman, Mrs. Seffie L.

Acker, Seffie L. see Shipman, Mrs. Seffie L.

Adams, Charles, born to at Berwick, 18 Mar 1912, a daughter.[21 Mar 1912].

Ainslie, Austin, Shubenacadie, married at Halifax, 11 Sept 1912 to Sadie E. Taylor, of Waterville. [19 Sept 1912].

Alcorn, A. S., born to at Berwick, 29 Mar 1912, a daughter. [4 April 1912].

Allison, Caroline see Payzant, Caroline Allison. [Allison could be a middle name].

Anderson, David Smith see Moody, Mary Lillian.[name may be Sanderson spelling]

Anderson, John H., (E. M. Elliott), born to at Ottawa, 6th Jan 1912, a daughter.[18 Jan 1912].

Andrews, Henry J., died at Middleton, 10 April 1912, age 74 years.[18 April 1912].

Andrews, Henry W., died at Berwick, Friday, age 68 years.[7 March 1912 obituary + notice ].

Arenburg, Phoebe, died at New Germany, 19 Oct 1912. [24 Oct 1912].

Armstrong, Flora B. d/o William Armstrong, Burlington, married at Burlington, 25 Sept 1912, to Louis F. Best, Somerset. [26 Sept 1912 write up 3 Oct 1912].

Armstrong, William see Armstrong, Flora B.

Atkinson, R. D., (Gertrude Pineo), born to at Advocate, NS, 9th Jan 1912, a son. [18 Jan 1912].

Baker, Everett Otis see Baker, Vernon W.

Baker, Vernon W., born to at Tremont, 27 Sept 1912, a son (Everett Otis).[17 Oct 1912].

Ballou, Archibald, died at Morden, 30 Oct 1912, 77 years. [7 Nov 1912].

Balmer, Alice Adelia, married at Arlington Heights, Mas., 14 Oct 1912 to William Starr Ramsey, Melrose. [24 Oct 1912 write up + notice].

Balser, Arch, born to at Canada Creek, 23 Aug 1912, a son. [29 Aug 1912].

Balser, Vinton see Currier, Sophia Florence.

Baltzer, Austin A., born to at Aylesford, 25 Dec 1911, a daughter (Love).[4 Jan 1912].

Baltzer, Love see Baltzer, Austin A.

Barkhouse, Guy, born to at Nicholsville, 5 May 1912, a son. [23 May 1912].

Barnaby, William H., died Chipman Brook, 29 Jan 1912, age 76 years.[1 Feb 1912].

Barnes, Haliburton, died at Llano Station, Mexico, 14 June 1912, a native of Sackville, NB, m. a d/o Benjamin Woodward, Lakeville.[ 27 June 1912 see Died in Mexico- obituary].

Barteaux, Myrtle, d/o J. Willoughby Barteaux, Morristown, married at Dorchester, Mass., To Aubrey Morse, Berwick. [25 Apr 1912].

Barteaux, J. Willoughby see Barteaux, Myrtle.

Benjamin, Annie Marion, d/o W. A. Benjamin, Truro & Berwick, married at Jersey City, 26 June 1912, to Grant Edwin Elwell, Weehawkeen, New Jersey. [25 July 1912 write up].

Benjamin, W. A. see Benjamin, Annie Marion.

Bennett, Pearl Verna d/o W. T. Bennett, married at Parker Rd., 24 Sept 1912 to John Chester N. Lawrence, Maitland. [26 Sept 1912 write up + notice].

Bennett, Elsie May see Bennett, William H.

Bennett, W. T. see Bennett, Pearl Verna.

Bennett, William H., born to at Woodworth Rd., Aylesford, 3 Jan 1912, a daughter ( Elsie May ). [11 April 1912].

Bentley, Percy R., born to at Truro, 6 May 1912, a daughter. [23 May 1912].

Beals, Elizabeth, d/o Lewis H. Beals, married at Auburn, 4 Sept 1912, to Winfield Scott Patterson,, Boston, Mass. [12 Sept 1912 write up + notice].

Beals, Lewis H. see Beals, Elizabeth.

Best, Louis F. see Armstrong, Flora B.

Best, Henry, died at Prospect, 31 July 1912. [15 Aug 1912 see Prospect col.].

Best, Homer, G., see Shepard, Emma.

Bezanson, George R. see Sanford, Mattie Boyce.

Bill, Effie, w/o Frank H. Bill, Billtown, died at Halifax, 10 Feb 1912, age 35 years.[15 Feb 1912].

Bill, Frank see Bill, Effie.

Bishop, Elsie May, d/o Fred N. Bishop, of Mass., married at Kentville, 24 Sept 1912, to Kenneth Thorne Fleming. [3 Oct 1912 write up].

Bishop, Fred N. see Bishop, Elsie May.

Bishop, George L., born to at Greenwich, 25 July 1912, a daughter, (Nellie May). [15 August 1912].

Bishop, Nellie May see Bishop, George L.

Bishop, Susan, died at Morristown, 9 Feb 1912, age 90 years.[15 Feb 1912].

Boudreau, Abbie w/o William Boudreau, d/o Mrs. James Spicer, Harborville, died at Lower East Pubnico, Yarmouth Co., NS, 10 Mar 1912, age 38 years.[21 Mar 1912].

Boudreau, William see Boudreau, Abbie.

Bowlby, Edson see Bowlby, Lorimer.

Bowlby, Lorimer, s/o Edson Bowlby, died at Black Rock, 9 Mar 1912, age 3 years. [14 March 1912].

Bowlby, Neil Ross see Wotton, Jennie Raymond.

Bowles, Dr. Edward Perry, died at Wolfville, 19th, age 67 years.[28 Nov 1912 see Sudden Deaths + notice].

Bradshaw, MacNevin Devitt, Binsearth, Man., married at Saltcoats, Sask., 1 Jan 1912, to Ruby Reagh Neily, d/o Wallace Neily, of Saltcoats, formerly of Berwick.[18 Jan 1912 see 1 Feb 1912 for family information- obituary].

Brennan, Julia P. see Oakley, A. E.

Brennan, Maud Alice, d/o William Brennan married at Lake George, 25 Sept 1912, to Wallace Herbert Young, Worchester, Mass. [3 Oct 1912 write up].

Brennan, Wm. see Oakley, A. E.

Brennan, William see Brennan, Maud Alice .

Bronnan, Edward M., see Parker, Annie.

Brown, Charles see Brown, Dora.

Brown, Dora, w/o Charles Brown, Boston, died at Grafton 20 Aug 1912, d/o Charles Sanford, Grafton. [22 August 1912].

Brown, Guilford, formerly of Meadow Vale, died at Boston, mass; burial Tremont. [12 December 1912 see Died Abroad].

Brown, Rev. J. Lemuel, died at Roxbury, Mass., formerly of Somerset, NS, burial at Middleton. [4 Jan 1912 obituary p.2] [Outlook 29 Dec 1911].

Brown, Robert Burns, Kentville, married at Kentville, 5 June 1912 to Mabel Dow d/o Robert Dow, Kentville. [13 June 1912 write up].

Brown, Susannah see Ryan, William Henry.

Bryden, C. Gordon see Hunt, Martin L.

Bryden, Henrietta see Hunt, Martin L.

Buchanan, Arthur, of Grand Pre, died 3 July 1912. [11 July 1912 see Fatal Accidents].

Burgess, Benjamin see Calkin, Edmund.

Burgess, Mercy see Calkin, Edmund.

Burgess, Pearl Bernice, formerly of Somerset, married at North Cambridge, Mass., 5 Nov 1912 to James A. Stinson. [21 Nov 1912].

Burgoine, Gilbert, born to at Dalhousie, 9 Jan 1912, a daughter.[25 Jan 1912].

Burke, Ambrose, died at Grafton, 20 May 1912, age 57 years.[23 May 1912].

Burns, Gertrude Elizabeth see Glinas, A. C.

Butler, James Crosby, died at Hebron, Yar. Co., NS, ‘last night’, 89 years.[21 Nov 1912 see A Good Old Age].

Caie, Robert, died at Yarmouth, 7 Nov 1912, 71 years, a native of Chatham, NB. [14 Nov 1912 paragraph [obit] under Centreville column].

Caldwell, Cassie see Illsley, Randal B.

Caldwell, Reginald Tucker see Newcombe, Winnifred May.

Calkin, Edmund, b. 1823, s/o Elias Calkin & Mercy Burgess, who was the d/o Benjamin Burgess, died at Welsford, Wed past, ; Edmund m. Maria Palmeter, d/o Sanford Palmeter, Edmund d. age 89 years.[7 Mar 1912 obituary + notice add. family information].

Calkin, Elias see Calkin, Edmund.

Calkins, Edmund see Newcombe, Mrs. Rebecca.

Calkins, Rebecca see Newcombe, Mrs. Rebecca.

Calvert, Ernest E., born to at Needham Heights, Mass., 24 July 1912, a son. [1 Aug 1912].

Chipman, George F., born to at Winnipeg, 28 Apr 1912, a son (Robert Avery).[9 May 1912].

Chipman, Robert Avery see Chipman, George F.

Chute, Mrs. Sarah, died at Woodville.[27 June 1912 see Personals column].

Chute, Vernon E., formerly of Somerset, born to at South Vancouver, BC, 7 Aug 1912, a son. [29 Aug 1912].

Clark, Collingwood S. see Story, Sybil Edna.

Clark, F. A. see Clark, Laura H.

Clark, Laura H., d/o F. A. Clark, formerly of Berwick, married at Mill Village, 7 Aug 1912, to Rev. Percy R. Hayden. [15 Aug 1912 write up].

Clements, Annie see Hatt, Annie.

Clements, C. H. see Hatt, Annie.

Clements, Mary Bruce see Duncan, Clifford Orson.

Clowry, Iona Jane see Parks, Thomas William.

Cochran, Mary Ann, died at Woodville, 31 Aug 1912, age 64 years.[5 Sept 1912].

Cochran, Sarah, wid/o Hugh Cochran, died at Woodville, 2 July 1912, 99 years, 10 days. [18 July 1912].

Cogswell, Clayton C. see Mosher, Margaret E.

Colbath, Ianthe see Preston, Stella Gray.

Coleman, F. B., born to at Grafton, 13 June 1912, a daughter. [20 June 1912].

Collins, Adeline, wid/o Robert Collins, d/o Matthew Fisher, died at Berwick, 17 Dec 1912, age 86 years. [19 December 1912].

Collins, Robert see Collins, Adeline.

Congdon, Frank R. see Congdon, Margaret Lillian.

Congdon, Margaret Lillian, d/o Frank R. Congdon, died at Berwick, 7 May 1912, age 6 months 22 days. [23 May 1912].

Congdon, W. Henry, died at Port Williams, s/o Samuel Congdon & Ruth Fisher, m. in 1854 Letitia Newcomb, d/o, I. H. Newcomb.[21 Nov 1912 obituary + notice].

Congdon, Samuel see Congdon, W. Henry.

Corkum, Edmund, Grafton, married at Waterville, 28 Aug 1912, to Prudence Parker, of Centreville. [29 Aug 1912 for write up see 5 Sept Register].

Corkum, Selden see Corkum, Viola Vincent.

Corkum, Selden, born to at Berwick, 31 Jan 1912, a son.[1 Feb 1912].

Corkum, Viola Vincent, d/o Selden Corkum, died at Berwick, 20 Jan 1912, age 5 years 4 months. [25 Jan 1912].

Cotters, May Louise, d/o William Cotters, Berwick, married at Kentville, 6 Aug 1912, to James Edward Pineo, Lakeville. [8 Aug 1912 write up + notice].

Cotters, William see Cotters, May Louise.

Craig, O. A., (Mollie Young), born to at Sever Persons, Alberta, 18 Nov 1912, a daughter. 19 December 1912].

Craig, Owen Albert see Young, Mollie Clare.

Craig, Susan Jane see Webster, Susan Jane.

Craig, William see Webster, Susan Jane.

Crandell, Burton see Rockwell, Mrs. Susan.

Creemer, Anne, Nicholsville, married at Berwick, 27 Dec 1911, to Seward Foster, Aylesford. [4 Jan 1912].

Creemer, Lewis, s/o George Creemer, died at Nicholsville, 1 Apr 1912, age 16 years. [11 April 1912].

Creighton, Bessie see Sanders, H. W.

Crocker, Harriet Beatrice, d/o John Crocker, Harmony, married at Nicholsville, 5 June 1912 to Percy Berwell Ewing s/o Albert E. Ewing, Factorydale. [13 June 1912 write up].

Crocker, John see Crocker, Harriet Beatrice.

Crossley, Capt. Lemuel see Crossley, Lennie Evelyn.

Crossley, Lennie Evelyn, d/o Capt. Lemuel Crossley, married at Hantsport, 7 Nov 1912 to Rev. William MacPherson. [14 Nov 1912 write up + notice].

Crowe, Bell N. see Rogers, Fales N.

Currier, Sophia Florence, w/o Vinton Balser, died at Grafton, 25 Oct 1912, age 41 years. [31 October 1912].

DeEll, Frank F., Berwick, married at Auburn, 1 Aug 1912, to Theresa V. Neaves, Victoria Harbor. [8 Aug 1912 notice + write up].

DeEll, Mary Jane w/o Alexander DeEll, died at South Berwick, 13 Feb 1912, age 75 years. 15 Feb 1912].

Dennison, Albert F., born to at Berwick, 12 July 1912, a son (James Albert). [18 July 1912].

Dennison, James Albert see Dennison, Albert F.

Donnellan, Elizabeth, married at St. Peter’s Church, ‘yesterday’, to Bartlett Alonzo Tupper, both of Aylesford. [31 Oct 1912 write up - only church mentioned].

Dougherty, Charles see Neddo, Laura.

Dougherty, Laura see Neddo, Laura.

Dow, Mabel see Brown, Robert Burns.

Dow, Robert see Brown, Robert Burns.

Drew, Elias, born to at Millville, 23 Apr 1912, a daughter.[2 May 1912].

Duncan, Clifford Orson, Lawrencetown, married at Bridgetown, 14 Feb 1912, to Mary Bruce Clements. [29 Feb 1912].

Durno, Alex., born to at Cambridge, 28 May 1912, a son. [30 May 1912].

Eaton, J. Stanley see Eaton, Janet.

Eaton, Janet, w/o J. Stanley Eaton, d/o Peter Nicholson, died at Upper Canard, 23 Sept 1912 age 74 years. [26 Sept 1912].

Eisenhauer, David Edward, New Germany, married at Waterville, 17 July 1912, to Delilah Hirtle, Weston. [12 Sept 1912].

Elliott, Clarence, born to at Aylesford, 19 May 1912, a son. [30 may 1912].

Elliott, E. M. see Anderson, John H.

Elliott, Frank R., born to at Middleton, 21 Apr 1912, a daughter.[2 May 1912].

Elwell, Grant Edwin see Benjamin, Annie Marion.

Ewing, Albert E. see Crocker, Harriet Beatrice.

Ewing, Percy Berwell see Crocker, Harriet Beatrice.

Fairn, L. R., born to at Aylesford, 24 Aug 1912, a daughter.

Felch, James, born to at Morristown, 3 Feb 1912, a daughter.[15 Feb 1912].

Ferry, Charles Arthur, married at Oak Park, Illinois, 12 Aug 1912 to Ethel Augusta Newcombe d/o Holmes M. Newcombe, formerly of Grafton. [29 Aug 1912].

Fisher, Adeline see Collins, Adeline.

Fisher, Matthew see Collins, Adeline.

Fisher, Ruth see Congdon, W. Henry.

Fleming, Kenneth Thorne see Bishop, Elsie May.

Foote, Charles Henry see Foote, Rev. W. R.

Foote, Edna Louise see Foote, Ina.

Foote, George B., died at Canady Creek, 8 Mar 1912, age 37 years.[14 Mar 1912].

Foote, Ina, wid/o George B. Foote, born to at West Black Rock, 5 June 1912, a daughter (Edna Louise). [27 June 1912].

Foote, Lydia see Illsley, Lydia.

Foote, Rebecca see Foote, Sylvanus Whitney.

Foote, Sylvanus Whitney, s/o Wm. & Rebecca Foote, died at Lakeville, 2 April 1912, age 67 years. [4 April 1912].

Foote, Rev. W. R., born to at Wonsan, Korea, 20 May 1912, a son (Charles Henry). [20 June 1912].

Foote, Wm. see Illsley, Lydia.

Foote, Wm see Foote, Sylvanus Whitney.

Forrest, John Lattimer, Vancouver, formerly of Berwick, married at North Vancouver, 26 June 1912, to Emma Menech Thomas, d/o Wm. C. Thomas, North Vancouver. [25 July 1912 notice].

Foshay, Rev. Fred Fuller, Aylesford, married at Marlboro, Mass., to Cassie May Whitman, Marlboro, Mass. [17 Oct 1912 see also 31 Oct 1912 register A Homecoming].

Foster, Arthur Dewitt, married at Hantsport, 11 Jan 1912, to Charlotte Phyllis Lawrence, d/o Capt. Albert Lawrence, Hantsport. [18 Jan 1912].

Foster, Charley G., born to at Waterville, 11 Aug 1912, a son. [22 Aug 1912].

Foster, Elias, died at Hampton, Anna. Co., 28 Dec 1911, age 74 years.[4 Jan 1912].

Frizzle, J. R., born to at Berwick, 21 Oct 1912, a son. [31 Oct 1912].

Fry, William James, married at Kentville, 1 Nov 1912 to Elsie? Mary Hodgkinson, formerly of Hampstead Hospital, London, England.[28 Nov 1912].

Fuller, D. B., born to at Welsford, 13 Jan 1912, a son (Warren Metcalf). [18 Jan 1912].

Fuller, Warren Metcalf see Fuller, D. B.

Gates, J. Spurlen, Harmony, married at Berwick, 3 April 1912 to Alalia May Morse, Millville. [ 11 April 1912 ].

Gaul, Douglas, born to at Dalhousie East, 21 May 1912, a son. [30 May 1912].

Gidney, Samuel see McLean, Katherine A.

Gilliam, Oscar see Selfridge, Althea O.

Glinas, A. C., New Bedford, Mass., married at Berwick, 3? Dec 1912, to Elizabeth Gertrude Burns, Berwick. [5 Dec 1912].

Glover, John G., born to at South Berwick, 17 Oct 1912, a daughter.[31 Oct 1912].

Gordon, Joseph, born to at Tremont, 25 Mar 1912, a son. [4 April 1912].

Gould, Capt. James Edward, died at Canady Creek, 28 May 1912, 78 years.[6 June 1912].

Graves [sic Groves], Jean Hope see McBride, George Arthur.

Graves, Lillian S. see Woodbury, Harold C.

Graves, Wesley, born to at Morden, 26 Aug 1912, a son. [3 Oct 1912].

Griffin, Arthur Inglis see Small, Gladys Gertrude.

Hale, Elias see Sullivan, Clara.

Hale, Forrest DeC., Woodville, married at Noel, Hants Co., to Ellie Grace Hamilton, Noel. [29 August 1912 write up + notice].

Hale, Mrs. Margaret see Sullivan, Clara.

Hamilton, Annie see Topp, Capt. Alexander.

Hamilton, Ellie Grace see Hale, Forrest DeC.

Hamilton, James T. see Topp, Capt. Alexander.

Harris, Fred L., born to at Rockland, 16 Apr 1912, a son. [25 Apr 1912 Thurs.].

Harris, John, born to at Aylesford, 17 Jan 1912, a daughter.[1 Feb 1912].

Harris, Manfred, born to at Morristown, 12 Sept 1912, a son. [26 Sept 1912].

Harris, Smith P., died at Gaspereaux 27 May 1912, age 70 years.[6 June 1912].

Hatt, Annie, w/o Rev. D. E. Hatt, Wolfville, Sabbath last, d/o C. H. Clements, formerly of Aylesford, now Port Medway. [9 May 1912 obituary].

Hatt, Rev. D. E. see Hatt, Annie.

Haverstock, Rev. C. H., died at Wolfville, 5th , burial Nictaux.[18 Jan 1912 see Torbrook].

Hayden, Rev. Percy R. see Clark, Laura H.

Hayes, Robert O., born to at Pleasant Valley, 23 Aug 1912, a son. [29 Aug 1912].

Healy, Jeremiah, died at Aylesford, 18 Aug 1912, 68 years.[22 Aug 1912].

Hiltz, Arthur, born to at Pleasant Valley, 29 Oct 1912, twin boys.[31 Oct 1912].

Hines, Asa see Macdonald, Mrs. Mercy Anne.

Hird, Colin A., born to at Grafton, 7 Feb 1912, a daughter.[14 Mar 1912].

Hirtle, Delilah see Eisenhauer, David Edward.

Hodges, Ernest, born to at Millville, 16 Mar 1912, a daughter.[21 Mar 1912].

Hodgkinson, Elsie? Mary see Fry, William James.

Holmes, Elisha see Macdonald, Mrs. Mercy Anne.

Holmes, Mercy Anne see Macdonald, Mrs. Mercy Anne.

Hudgins, Burpee M., Kingston, married at Auburn, 2 Jan 1912, to Ena B. Lee, d/o Joseph Lee.[4 Jan 1912 see 18 Jan 1912 for write up].

Hudgins, Charles, died at Kingston, 7 Feb 1912, 70 years.[22 Feb 1912 notice].

Hunt, Martin L., Everett, Mass., married at Somerville, Mass., 20 Aug 1912, to Henrietta Bryden, d/o C. Gordon Bryden, formerly of Berwick.[29 Aug 1912 write up see 5 Sept 1912].

Huntley, Leonard W., died at Prospect, 10 Nov 1912, age 82 years.[14 Nov 1912].

Hyson, James see Hyson, Margaret Katherine.

Hyson, Margaret Katherine see Reeves, Margaret Katherine.

Illsley, Amy L., d/o Emerson Illsley, died at Berwick, 15 Feb 1912, age 55 years. [22 Feb 1912 obituary + notice].

Illsley, Annie M., d/o Embree Illsley, married at Weston, 18th inst., to Percy Alton Smith, of North Kingston. [26 Sept 1912 write up].

Illsley, Brenton H., died at Waterville, 28 Mar 1912, age 73 years.[4 April 1912 obituary see 11 April 1912 Register].

Illsley, Embree see Illsley, Ruth / and see Illsley, Annie M.

Illsley, Emerson see Illsley, Amy L.

Illsley, Lydia, w/o Preston Illsley d/o Wm. Foote & Rebecca Kinsman died at Berwick, 31 March 1912, formerly of Chipman Brook, later Grafton, age 83 years. [4 April 1912 obituary and notice p.2].

Illsley, James E. see Illsley, Randal B.

Illsley, Preston see Illsley, Lydia.

Illsley, Randal B., s/o James E. Illsley, formerly of Berwick, died at Somerset, Sat, m. Cassie Caldwell, Cambridge, age 43 years.[7 Mar 1912 obituary + notice].

Illsley, Ruth, d/o Embree Illsley, married at Weston, 10 July 1912, to Charles R. Thomas, Weston. [18 July 1912 write up + notice].

Innes, Mary Isabel, d/o Peter Innes, married at Coldbrook, 26 Oct 1912, to Charles B. G. Lowe, Kentville. [7 Nov 1912].

Innes, Peter see Innes Mary Isabel.

Irving, Harmon, born to at Scotts Bay, 8 June 1912, a daughter. [13 June 1912].

Johnson, Rosetta see Messinger, Milledge.

Kapple, E. W. see Kapple, Hattie E.

Kapple, Hattie E., w/o E. W. Kapple, died at Harborville [?], 5 Nov 1912, born Barnstyle House, London, England. [7 Nov 1912 see 14 November 1912, obituary see also 14 Nov 1912 obituary ].

Kaulback, Freeman, born to at East Dalhousie, 9 Dec 1912, a daughter.[19 Dec 1912].

Kay, Leonard, born to at Berwick, 1 July 1912, a daughter.[11 July 1912].

Keddy, Gladys see Spinney, Horace.

Kelley, Thomas L., Grafton, died at Halifax, 19 August 1912. [22 Aug 1912].

Kennedy, William, Halifax, died at Wilmot Sta., Thursday.[10 Oct 1912 see Killed on Track]

Kilcup, Arno see Trenholm, Daisy.

Kinney, Harold Paul, Summerland, BC, married at Somerset, Kings Co., NS, 12 Aug 1912 to Ruby Grace Magee d/o George H. Magee.[15 Aug 1912 see write up 22 Aug 1912].

Kinsman, Lewis Abner, married at Warrenton, Sat, to Mabel Inez Blanche Quindley. [Middleboro, Mass. Gazette- Register, 25 April 1912 Thurs. write up].

Kinsman, Rebecca see Illsley, Lydia.

Kinsman, Ruth Esther, d/o Theodorus Kinsman, married at Union Square, 28 Dec 1911, to Thomas Addy Welton, Brooklyn St. [4 Jan 1911 write up].

Kinsman, Theodorus see Kinsman, Ruth Esther.

Lacey, E. A., born to at South Berwick, 15 Sept 1912, a daughter. [19 Sept 1912].

Lawrence, Charlotte Phyllis see Foster, Arthur Dewitt.

Lawrence, Capt. Albert see Foster, Arthur Dewitt.

Lawrence, D. Wylie see Smith, Emma Frame.

Lawrence, John Chester N. see Bennett, Pearl Verna.

Lawson, David A., born to at Chicago, 29 Nov 1912, a son.[5 Dec 1912].

Lawson, Margaret wid/o Rev. James R. Lawson, died at Barnesville, NB, 3 Dec 1912, age 80 years. [12 Dec 1912].

Leach, Eva Mabel, d/o John N. Leach, Melrose, Mass., married at Melrose, Mass., ‘last evening’, to Benjamin Roy Vaughn, s/o George N. Vaughn, formerly of Harborville. [Melrose, Mass., Evening News 20th June ; Register 4 July 1912 write up].

Leach, John N. see Leach, Eva Mabel.

Lee, Ena B. see Hudgins, Burpee M.

Lee, Joseph see Hudgins, Burpee M.

Lenhard, Louise see Nichols, Paul W.

Lewis, Harriet, married at Kentville, 26 Sept 1912, to Guy Senesac. [3 Oct 1912 write up].

Lewis, Walter Manning, of Pereau, married at Church St., Cornwallis, to Clara Alena Magee d/o George P. Magee. [19 Sept 1912 see write up 26 Sept Register].

Lightfoot, Walter J., born to at Waterville, 16 June 1912, a daughter.[20 June 1912].

Livermore, Herbert, born to at Berwick, 23 Aug 1912, a daughter.[12 Sept 1912].

Lloyd, Perez M. see Lloyd, Selina Emma.

Lloyd, Selina Emma, d/o Perez M. Lloyd, Kentville, married at Kentville, 5 June 1912, to John Franklin MacMahon. [13 June 1912 write up].

Lombard, Capt. James C., of Medford, died at New Orleans, LA. ; burial Canning. [12 December 1912 see Died Abroad].

Londergan, D., born to at Dalhousie East, 23 Sept 1912, a son. [3 Oct 1912].

Lowe, Charles B. G. see Innes, Mary Isabel.

Loomer, Offie, w/o Preston Loomer, died at Aylesford, 20 Jan 1912, 85 years.[25 Jan 1912].

Loomer, Preston see Loomer, Offie.

Lingley, Charlotte, w/o John Lynch, died at Kentville, 23 Feb 1912, age 74 years. [14 Mar 1912].

Lutz, Spurgeon, born to at Parker Rd., 21 Apr 1912, a son. [2 May 1912].

Lynch, John see Lingley, Charlotte.

Macdonald, inf/s/o Hiram & Flo Macdonald, died at Albuquerque, New Mexico, 6 Apr 1912, age 8 months. [23 May 1912 also 20 June 1912 see Bereaved].

Macdonald, Capt. Joseph Frederick Macdonald see Macdonald, Mrs. Mercy Anne.

MacDonald, Mary A., w/o Benjamin Palmer, died at Auburn, 21 Feb 1912, age 33 years. 29 Feb 1912].

Macdonald, Mrs. Mercy Anne, w/o Capt. Joseph Frederick Macdonald, d/o Elisha Holmes, died at Billtown, Fri last, b. Yarmouth, age 84 years ; m1. Asa Hines ; m2. Capt. Joseph Frederick Macdonald ; int. Hantsport. [6 June 1912 Thurs obituary & notice].

MacMahon, John Franklin see Lloyd, Selina Emma.

MacNeill, Alfred see MacNeil, Eleanor.

MacNeill, Eleanor wid/o Alfred MacNeill, died at Berwick, 7 Mar 1912, age 78 years. [14 March 1912].

MacPherson, Rev. William see Crossley, Lennie Evelyn.

Macumber, Everett, born to at Arlington, 9 Sept 1912, a daughter.[3 Oct 1912].

Magee, Clara Alena see Lewis, Walter Manning.

Magee, George H. see Kinney, Harold Pearl.

Magee, George P. see Lewis, Walter Manning.

Magee, John E. see Morton, Mary Caroline.

Magee, Ruby Grace see Kinney, Harold Pearl.

March, John Harold, married at Somerset, 26 Dec 1911, to Ella Bertha Pearl d/o James Pearl, Somerset.[4 Jan 1912 write up and notice].

March, John Harold, born to at Dorchester, Mass., 9 Oct 1912, a son.[24 Oct 1912].

Margeson, Gilbert R., died at Kingston, 12 Oct 1912, 89 years. 24 Oct 1912 obit & notice].

McBride, Andrew, died at Aylesford, [Sat],3 Feb 1912, age 72 years.[15 Feb 1912 obituary].

McBride, Jennie Laura see Parker, Daniel Boyd.

McBride, George Arthur, formerly of Harborville, married at New Orleans, LA., 15 Oct 1912, to Jean Hope Graves [sic[Groves]], Granville Ferry. [28 Nov 1912].

McBride, Capt. Samuel see Parker, Daniel Boyd.

McConnell, Andrew, died at Gardner, Mass., 29 Nov 1912, 86 years 8 months. [12 December 1912].

McConnell, Margaret see McMahon, Margaret.

McGarvie, Anthony, died at Bishop Mtn., 20 April 1912, 84 years.[9 May 1912 notice + obit].

McKenna, Horace W., s/o Joseph L. McKenna, formerly of Kingston, died at Parrsboro, NS, 13 Mar 1912, age 51 years. [21 Mar 1912 obituary].

McLean, Katherine A., d/o Mrs. Daniel McLean, married at Aylesford, 11 Dec 1912, to Samuel Gidney, Mink Cove, Digby Co., NS. [19 Dec 1912 write up].

McLean, Mrs. Daniel see McLean, Katherine A.

McNeill, Alfred see Nichols, Sponagle H.

McNeill, Otto S., born to at Berwick, 29 Oct 1912, a son. [31 Oct 1912].

McKenna, Joseph L. see McKenna, Horace.

McMahon, George see McMahon, Margaret.

McMahon, Margaret (McConnell), wid/o George McMahon, died at Aylesford, 16 Sept 1912 age 82 years. [26 Sept 1912].

McNeill, Carrie see Nichols, Sponagle H.

Meister, Freeman E. see Meister, Mabel Gertrude.

Meister, Mabel Gertrude, d/o Freeman E. Meister, Auburn, married at Auburn, 28 Aug 1912 to Frank Caldwell Murphy, Aylesford. [29 Aug 1912 write up 5 Sept Register].

Messinger, Milledge, South Farmington, Anna Co., married at Glace Bay, CB, 5 Nov 1912 to Rosetta Johnson, Lakeville. [28 Nov 1912].

Middlemas, R. Earl, born to at Berwick, 19 Aug 1912, a son. [22 Aug 1912].

Mills, Thomas William, died at Lakeville, 31 Aug [sic] 1912, 70 years.[22 Aug 1912].

Moody, John B., died at Portland, Maine, 38 Dec 1911, 31 years.[4 Jan 1912].

Moody, James see Moody, Mary Lillian.

Moody, James see Moody, Love.

Moody, Love, wid/o James Moody, died at Harborville, 15 Aug 1912, age 74 years. [22 August 1912 obituary 29 Aug 1912 Register].

Moody, Mary see Sanderson, D. S.

Moody, Mary Lillian, d/o James Moody, married at Grafton, 26 Dec 1911, to David Smith Anderson, Truro.[4 Jan 1912 write up see also Sanderson also may be error in paper spelling].

Moore, George Thomas, s/o Stephen H. Moore, died at Brookline, Mass., 22 Nov 1912, 68 years, formerly of Kentville.[5 Dec 1912].

Moore, Stephen H. see Moore, George Thomas.

Morrow, Andrew, died at Berwick, 10 Oct 1912, 79 years.[17 Oct 1912].

Morse, Alalia May see Gates, J. Spurlen.

Morse, Aubrey see Barteaux, Myrtle.

Morton, Mary Caroline, w/o John E. Magee, died at Lower Church St., 14 Jan 1912, age 72 years. [18 Jan 1912].

Mosher, Annie Jean, wid/o Peter Mosher, d/o John Shaw, formerly of Black Rock, died at Waterville, 9 May 1912, age 74 years. [16 May 1912].

Mosher, Margaret E., d/o Peter Mosher, married at Steam Mill, 18 Dec 1912, to Clayton C. Cogswell, Church St. [19 Dec 1912].

Mosher, Peter see Mosher, Annie Jean see also Mosher, Margaret E.

Munro, Cyril DeLoris see Munro, Judson.

Munro, Judson, born to at Millville, 12 Aug 1912, a son (Cyril DeLoris). [12 Sept 1912].

Munro, Mary Lavinia, w/o S. D. Munro,, died at Digby, 9 Jan 1912, age 71 years 6 months. [18 Jan 1912].

Munro, S. D. see Munro, Mary Lavinia.

Murphy, Frank Caldwell see Meister, Mabel Gertrude.

Neary, Joseph Bernard, Waverly, married at Windsor Jct., 28 Oct 1912 to Kathleen Elizabeth Woodworth, d/o H. D. Woodworth, Windermere.[7 Nov 1912].

Neaves, Theresa V. see DeEll, Frank F.

Neddo, John see Neddo, Laura.

Neddo, Laura, w/o John Neddo, Hartford, CT., d/o Charles Dougherty, White’s Corner. [21 Nov 1912 see Burned to Death -n.d., n. pl.].

Neily, Ruby Reagh see Bradshaw, MacNevin Devitt.

Neily, Wallace see Bradshaw, MacNevin Devitt.

Neily, William Wallace, died at Saltcoats, Sask.; b. North Kingston, 7 Aug 1851, moved to Berwick 1900 and removed to the West, 1904, 7 miles NE of Saltcoats; survived by widow, 3 sons, 2 daughters.[Saltcoats, Sask., Herald, 11 Jan 1912][Register 1 Feb 1912 obituary - children named].

Newcomb, I. H. see Congdon, W. Henry.

Newcomb, Letitia see Congdon, W. Henry.

Newcombe, Daniel see Newcombe, Mrs. Rebecca.

Newcombe, Ethel Augusta see Ferry, Charles Arthur.

Newcombe, H. A. see Newcombe, Winnifred May.

Newcombe, Holmes M. see Ferry, Charles Arthur.

Newcombe, Mrs. Rebecca, d/o Daniel Newcombe, died at Berwick, 4 Oct 1912, age 86 years, born in West Cornwallis, d/o Edmund Calkins & Hannah Rand m. 1859 Daniel Newcombe; he died in 1886; she removed to Berwick in 1893.[10 Oct 1912 obituary + notice].

Newcombe, Wilbert, Dartmouth, died New Years Day. [11 Jan 1911 see Fatal Accident].

Newcombe, Winnifred May, d/o H. A. Newcombe, married at Centreville [?], 11 Sept 1912, to Reginald Tucker Caldwell, Kentville. [26 Sept 1912 write up + notice].

Nichols, Edwin see Nichols, Sponagle H.

Nichols, Henry E., born to at West Berwick, 4 Jan 1912, a daughter.[1 Feb 1912].

Nichols, Paul W., married at Vancouver [?], 26 June 1912, to Louise Lenhard ; will reside Vancouver. [Vancouver World- ; Register 18 July 1912 write up].

Nichols, Sponagle H., s/o Edwin Nichols, died at Berwick, Thurs past, b. Cambridge, 1855 married 1888, Carrie McNeill d/o Alfred McNeill. [16 May 1912 Thurs obit + notice].

Nichols, William Lamert see Parker, Aletta Gertrude.

Nicholson, Janet see Eaton, Janet.

Nicholson, Peter see Eaton, Janet.

North, Isaac W., of Berwick, died at Greenwich, Kings Co., 20th , 83 years.[ 28 Nov 1912 see Sudden deaths + notice].

Norwood, C. H., died at Berwick, 12 Feb 1912, age 59 years.[15 Feb 1912 obituary + notice].

Oakley, A. E., Prince Rupert, married at Prince Rupert, 8 July 1912, to Julia P. Brennan, d/o Wm. Brennan, Lake George, Kings Co. [1 Aug 1912 notice + write up].

Ogilvie, Jacob Leroy, Burlington, married at Berwick, 24 June 1912, to Viola Bertha Ogilvie, Harborville. [27 June 1912 notice].

Ogilvie, Viola Bertha see Ogilvie, Jacob Leroy.

Oikle, Eva see Widden, Charles.

Oxley, George Pervost see Tuttle, Mary Elizabeth.

Oxley, Mary Elizabeth see Tuttle, Mary Elizabeth.

O’Neil, George H., born to at Berwick, 11 May 1912, a son. [16 May 1912].

Palmer, Benjamin see MacDonald, Mary A.

Palmer, Rupert, born to at Morristown, 26 Mar 1912, a son. [4 April 1912].

Palmeter, Maria see Calkin, Edmund.

Palmeter, Sanford see Calkin, Edmund.

Parker, Annie, Aylesford, married at Middleton, 20 June 1912 to Edward M. Bronnan, Lake George. [4 July 1912].

Parker, Mrs. Albert, see Parker, Ruby Hazel.

Parker, Aletta Gertrude, d/o Israel J. Parker, married at Belleisle , 26 Dec 1911, to William Lamert Nichols, Nicholsville. [4 Jan 1912 write up].

Parker, Andrew see Parker, Catherine.

Parker, Catherine, w/o Andrew Parker, died at Aylesford, 15 Feb 1912, 65 years, leaving 5 sons 3 daughters. [29 Feb 1912].

Parker, Daniel B. see Parker, Frances.

Parker, Daniel Boyd, Harborville, married at Harborville, 27 Dec 1911, to Jennie Laura McBride, d/o Capt. Samuel McBride. [4 Jan 1912 write up].

Parker, Frances, w/o Daniel B. Parker, d/o C. Smith, Port George, died at Harborville, 19 August 1912, age 76 years. [22 Aug 1912 ; obituary 29 August Register and records 72 years].

Parker, Harry, born to at Berwick, 6 May 1912, a son. [16 May 1912].

Parker, Israel J. see Parker, Aletta Gertrude.

Parker, Ruby Hazel, d/o Mrs. Albert Parker, Upper Newport, died at Upper Newport, 29 Feb 1912. [21 Mar 1912 paragraph].

Parker, S. C., born to at Berwick, 26 July 1912, a daughter. [1 Aug 1912].

Parks, Annie, w/o William Parks, died at Woodlawn, 11 Jan 1912, age 60 years 9 months. [25 Jan 1912].

Parks, Thomas William, married at Berwick, 3 July 1912, to Iona Jane Clowry, both of Burlington, Kings Co. [4 July 1912 ].

Parks, William see Parks, Annie.

Parrish, Samuel Judson, died at Ludlow, Maine, 5 Jan 1912, age 81 years, a native of Kings Co., NS. [18 Jan 1912].

Patterson, Rev. H. P., born to at Centre Burlington, Hants Co., 24 Nov 1912, a son. [12 December 1912].

Patterson, Winfield Scott see Beals, Elizabeth.

Payson, Annie L. see Rockwell, Annie L.

Payson, Holland E. see Rockwell, Annie L.

Payzant, Caroline Allison, died at Wolfville, 10 April 1912 w/o Dr. E. N. Payzant, 83 years. [18 April 1912 - the name Allison could be a surname].

Payzant, Dr. E. N. see Payzant, Caroline Allison.

Payzant, Lewis K., born to at Dartmouth, 9 June 1912, a daughter. [20 June 1912].

Pearl, Ella Bertha see March, John Harold.

Pearl, James see March, John Harold.

Pearson, W. R., born to at Grafton, 12 May 1912, a daughter. [16 May 1912].

Pelton, Miner F., born to at Berwick, 28 May 1912, a daughter. [30 may 1912].

Pineo, Gertrude see Atkinson, R. D.

Pineo, James Edward see Cotters, May Louise.

Preston, Stella Gray, d/o William A. & Ianthe ( Colbath) Preston, Woburn, Mass., married at Woburn, Mass., ‘this afternoon’, to Frederick William Trombly, Lowell, Mass., s/o Charles W. Trombly. [Woburn,(Mass.) Times 12 Aug 1912- Register 22 Aug 1912 write up]. Preston, William A. see Preston, Stella Gray.

Preston, Ianthe see Preston, Stella Gray.

Quindley, Mabel Inez Blanche see Kinsman, Lewis Abner.

Ramsey, William Starr see Balmer, Alice Adelia.

Rand, Hannah see Calkins, Mrs. Rebecca.

Rawding, John, Millville, died at Dartmouth, age 59 years. [2 May 1912].

Raymond, Rev. G. P., born to at Annapolis Royal, 11 Feb 1912, a son. [22 Feb 1912].

Reagh, Mrs. Cassie, died 21 Oct 1912, at home of her son, G. N. Reagh, age 78 years.[24 Oct 1912 see Middleton column- children mentioned].

Redden, James, Millville, died at Wolfville, 21st, age 82 years. [28 Nov 1912 see Sudden Deaths + notice].

Reeves, John E. see Reeves, Margaret Katherine.

Reeves, Margaret Katherine w/o John E. Reeves d/o James Hyson, New Ross, died at Berwick, 25 Sept 1912 age 33 years. [26 Sept 1912].

Rockwell, Annie L., wid/o Leander V. Rockwell, Cornwallis, d/o Holland E. Payson, Westport, died at Providence, RI, 17 May 1912, in her 83rd year. [Digby Courier -Register, 6 June 1912 obituary].

Rockwell, Charlotte, wid/o George N. Rockwell, died at Billtown, 27 Oct 1912, age 96 years. [31 Oct 1912].

Rockwell, George N. see Rockwell, Charlotte.

Rockwell, Lawson, see Rockwell, Mrs. Rebecca.

Rockwell, Leander V., see Rockwell, Annie L.

Rockwell, Mrs. Rebecca, wid/o Lawson Rockwell, Lakeville, died at Prospect [Kings Co.], 25 Jan 1912, age 87 years.[1 Feb 1912 obituary + notice].

Rockwell, Mrs. Susan, married at Berwick, 7 Sept 1912 to Burton Crandell.[19 Sept 1912].

Rogers, Fales N., Scotts Bay, married at Upper Pereaux, 3 Sept 1912 Bell N. Crowe. [26 September 1912].

Rogers, James M. see Rogers, Julia Anne.

Rogers, Julia Anne w/o James M. Rogers, died at Scotts Bay, 5 June 1912, 88 years 5 months. [13 June 1912].

Roy, Gaspard F., died at Kentville, 29 May 1912, 48 years.[6 June 1912].

Ryan, William Henry, died at Woodside, 14 Jan 1912, age 76 years, married Susannah Brown. [18 Jan 1912 see also 25 January 1912 obituary].

Rutledge, W. J., born to at Berwick, 2 Mar 1912, a son. [7 Mar 1912].

Sabeans, Frank, born to at North Grafton, 27 Feb 1912, a daughter.[14 Mar 1912].

Sanders, H. W., (Bessie Creighton), born to at Halifax, 2 Aug 1912, a son. [15 Aug 1912].

Sanderson, D. S., (Mary Moody), born to at Truro, 9 Nov 1912, a son. [14 Nov 1912].

Sanford, Alice, w/o Charles E. Sanford, d/o Wm. H. Skinner, died at Weston, 24 Sept 1912 age 73 years. [26 Sept 1912].

Sanford, Charles see Brown, Dora.

Sanford, Charles E. see Sanford, Alice.

Sanford, Dora see Brown, Dora.

Sanford, Edville E.., died at Roxbury, Mass., 26 Dec 1911, in 52nd year.[11 Jan 1912].

Saunders, Fred, born to at Millville, 6 May 1912, a daughter.[23 May 1912].

Sanford, Mattie Boyce, d/o William Sanford, married at Rockland, 26 Nov 1912, to George R. Bezanson, Berwick. [5 Dec 1912 write up + notice].

Sanford, William see Sanford, Mattie Boyce.

Sawyer, Mrs., wid/o William Temple Sawyer, formerly of Steam Mill, died at New York, 3 May 1912, 84 years. [9 May 1912 obituary p.2].

Sawyer, William Temple see Sawyer, Mrs.

Selfridge, Althea O., formerly of Aylesford, married at Los Angeles, California, 14 Feb 1912, to Oscar Gilliam, El Centro, California.[14 Mar 1912 write up + notice].

Senesac, Guy see Lewis, Harriet.

Shaw, Annie Jean see Mosher, Annie Jean.

Shaw, John see Mosher, Annie Jean.

Shaw, Moses, died at Waterville, 6th inst., age 82 years.[18 Jan 1912 obituary].

Shaw, Ross M., born to at Waterville, 14th , a son.[15 Aug 1912].

Shaw, Wyman, born to at Scotts Bay, 2 Dec 1912, a son. [5 Dec 1912].

Shepard, Emma w/o, Homer G. Best, formerly of Grafton, died at Faribault, MN., 7 Jan 1912.[1 Feb 1912].

Shipman, Mrs. Sheffie L., d/o John H. & Alice T. Acker, formerly of Harborville, died at Boston, 8 May 1912, age 85 years[?]. [23 May 1912 p.2 obituary age possibly 35 not clear].

Simpson, Rev. D. H., died at Middleton, 31 May 1912, age 62 years. [6 June 1912 notice & brief paragraph see also Tribute from Middleboro newspaper 18 July Register ].

Skinner, Alice see Sanford, Alice.

Skinner, William H. see Sanford, Alice.

Small, Gladys Gertrude, Greenwood, d/o J. W. Small, married at Greenwood, 6 Nov 1912 to Arthur Inglis Griffin. [14 Nov 1912 write up].

Small, J. W. see Small, Gladys Gertrude.

Smith, C. see Parker, Frances.

Smith, Emma Frame, d/o William Bowden Smith, married at Maitland, Hants Co., NS, 6 Mar 1912 to D. Wylie Lawrence, Cornwallis. [14 Mar 1912 write up].

Smith, Frances see Parker, Frances.

Smith, Percy Alton see Illsley, Annie M.

Smith, William Bowden see Smith, Emma Frame.

Spicer, Annie see Boudreau, Abbie.

Spicer, Clarence T. see Wayland, Bertie Elaine.

Spicer, Mrs. James see Boudreau, Abbie.

Spicer, Wilbur A., born to at Charlestown, Mass., 10 Feb 1912, a daughter. [22 Feb 1912].

Spinney, Burpee, born to at Greenwood Square, 18 Aug 1912, a daughter.[12 Sept 1912].

Spinney, Horace, (Gladys Keddy), born to at Kentville, 25 Jan 1912, a son.[8 Feb 1912].

Spurr, William Voorhies see Woodward, Lola Montez.

Steele, Joseph see Steele, Wealthy Anna.

Steele, Wealthy Anna, d/o Joseph Steele, died at Scotts Bay, 24 Feb 1912, age 15 years 4 months.[29 Feb 1912].

Stingle, Frank see Stingle, John.

Stingle, John, s/o Frank & Minnie Stingle, died at Factorydale, 21 May 1912, age 4 years. [23 May 1912].

Stingle, Minnie see Stingle, John.

Stinson, James A. see Burgess, Pearl Bernice.

Story, D. A. see Story, Sybil Edna.

Story, Sybil Edna d/o D. A. Story, married at Toronto, 26 Aug 1912 to Collingwood S. Clark, all of Moncton. [5 Sept 1912].

Sturges, George, Halifax, married at Berwick West, ‘last evening’, to Katie M. Turner, d/o J. G. Turner. [8 Aug 1912 write up + notice].

Sturk, Charles see Sturk, Margaret.

Sturk, Margaret, w/o Charles Sturk, died at Morristown, 4 Feb 1912, age 61 years. [15 Feb 1912].

Sullivan, Clara, w/o Whitney Sullivan, d/o Mrs. Margaret & late Elias Hale, Woodville, died at Somerville, Mas., 23 Oct 1912. [21 Nov 1912].

Sullivan, Whitney see Sullivan, Clara.

Sweet, W. Stubbart, died at Billtown, 28 Oct 1912, 74 years.[31 Oct 1912 ].

Swindell, Edna P., d/o Everett Swindell, Burlington,, died at Berwick, age 21 years, n.d. [8 Aug 1912 obituary + notice].

Swindell, Everett see Swindell, Edna P.

Taylor, Mrs. G. A., died at East Dalhousie, 18th . [28 Nov 1912 obituary].

Taylor, Sadie E. see Ainslie, Austin.

Thomas, Caroline, w/o Charles Thomas, died at Berwick, 3 July 1912, age 80 years. [11 July 1912].

Thomas, Charles see Thomas, Caroline.

Thomas, Emma Menech see Forrest, John Lattimer.

Thomas, Wm. C. see Forrest, John Lattimer.

Thorpe, Timothy, died at Scotts Bay, 29 Jan 1912, age 88 years.[1 Feb 1912].

Topp, Capt. Alexander, died at New York, ‘a few days ago’, wife was Annie Hamilton, d/o James T. Hamilton, Somerset. [9 May 1912 obituary].

Trenholm, Catherine wid/o Robert Trenholm, died at Grand Per, 17 Sept 1912, 77 years. [17 Oct 1912].

Trenholm, Daisy d/o W. C. Trenholm, Grand Pre married at Hantsport, 15 Aug 1912 to Arno Kilcup, Long Island (Grand Pre, kings Co., NS). [22 Aug 1912 write up].

Trenholm, Robert see Trenholm, Catherine.

Trenholm, W. C. see Trenholm, Daisy.

Tufts, Ernest Balcom see Tufts, G. R.

Tufts, G. R., born to at Aylesford, 28 May 1912, a son (Ernest Balcom).[6 June 1912].

Tupper, Bartlett Alonzo see Donnellan, Elizabeth.

Tupper, Grace see Tupper, Lester A.

Tupper, Lester A., (Grace Tupper, Weston), born to at Perham, Maine, 31 Mar 1912, a daughter. [9 May 1912].

Turner, Katie M. see Sturges, George.

Turner, J. G. see Sturges, George.

Turner, John M. see Turner, Mrs.

Turner, John M., died at Lakeville, 9 April 1912, age 83 years. [18 April 1912].

Turner, Mrs., wid/o John M. Turner, Lakeville, died at Brooklyn St., 9 March 1912. [14 March 1912].

Tuttle, A. S. see Tuttle, Mary Elizabeth.

Tuttle, Mrs. Mary Elizabeth., d/o George Prevost Oxley, w/o Rev. A. S. Tuttle, died at Vancouver, BC, 30 Oct 1912, formerly ‘of this place’, b. Londonderry, Col. Co., NS, in 1848 m. 1874 age 69 years 6 months. [7 Nov 1912 obituary + notice].

Trombly, Charles W. see Preston, Stella Gray.

Trombly, Frederick William see Preston, Stella Gray.

Vaughn, Benjamin Roy see Leach, Eva Mabel.

Vaughn, George N. see Leach, Eva Mabel.

Veinot, Arthur, died at Waterville, 21 Dec 1912 age 48 years. [26 December 1912].

Veinot, Rupert, born to at Nicholsville, 26 May 1912, a son. [30 May 1912].

Ward, James, born to at Nicholsville, 7 May 1912, a son. [23 May 1912].

Ward, William, born to at Nicholsville, 25 Mar 1912, a son. [4 April 1912].

Wayland, Bertie Elaine d/o Manley Wayland, Canning, NS, married at Somerville, Mass., to Clarence T. Spicer, Somerville, Mass. [31 Oct 1912 write up].

Wayland, Manley see Wayland, Bertie Elaine.

Watts, H. Edward, born to at Waterville, 31 Jan 1912, a daughter.[1 Feb 1912].

Webster, Frances Olivia see Webster, F. W.

Webster, F. W., born to at Cambridge, 11 June 1912, a daughter (Frances Olivia). [13 June 1912].

Webster, John H. see Webster, Susan Jane.

Webster, Susan Jane, wid/o John H. Webster, d/o Deacon William Craig, died at Cambridge, 30 June 1911[sic??], age 74 years.[1 Feb 1912 see obituary 8 Feb 1912].

Weldon, Thomas, born to at Brooklyn St., 23 Sept 1912, a son.[26 Sept 1912].

Welton, Thomas Addy see Kinsman, Ruth Esther.

White, Hazen, died at So. Waterville, 3 Aug 1912. [8 Aug 1912 and see 15 Aug Prospect col.].

Whitman, Cassie May see Foshay, Rev. Fred Fuller.

Whitman, George H., born to at Berwick, 6 June 1912, a son. [20 June 1912].

Widden, Charles, Springfield, married at Berwick, 2 Sept 1912 to Eva Oikle, Dalhousie. [5 Sept 1912].

Wixtead, T. E., born to at Yarmouth, 30 Aug 1912, a son. [19 Sept 1912].

Woodbury, Harold C., Kingston, married at Kentville, 31 Mar 1909[sic?], to Lillian S. Graves, Aylesford.[4 Jan 1912].

Woodward, Benjamin see Barnes, Benjamin.

Woodroffe, James see Woodroffe, Lida.

Woodroffe, Lida d/o James Woodroffe, married at Waterville, 16 Oct 1912, to Dr. William Cook. [24 Oct 1912 write up + notice].

Wotton, George A. see Wotton, Jennie Raymond.

Woodward, Lola Montez d/o R. I. Woodward, married at Granville, 14 Aug 1912, to William Voorhies Spurr, Torbrook Mines. [22 Aug 1912 write up].

Woodward, R. I. See Woodward, Lola Montez.

Woodworth, H. D. see Neary, Joseph Bernard.

Woodworth, Kathleen Elizabeth see Neary, Joseph Bernard.

Wotton, Jennie Raymond, d/o George A. Wotton, married at Wilmot, 27 Dec 1911, to Neil Ross Bowlby. [11 Jan 1912 write up].

Wynn, Charles, formerly of Berwick, late of Port Williams, died at Truro, 4 July 1912. 11 July 1912 see Fatal Accidents].

Yeadon, Frank, Melrose Highlands, Mass., s/o Fred A. Yeadon, died at Revere, Mass., 1 August 1912. [29 Aug 1912 obituary].

Yeadon, Fred A. see Frank Yeadon.

Young, Allen Garfield, Somerset, married at Waterville, 25 Sept 1912, to Jessie Shaw Young, d/o W. V. T. Young.[26 Sept 1912 write up + notice].

Young, Jessie Shaw see Young, Allen Garfield.

Young, Mollie Clare d/o W. V. T. Young, married at Waterville, 14 Feb 1912, to Owen Albert Craig, Bridgetown.[15 Feb 1912 write up 22 Feb 1912].

Young, Mollie see Craig, O. A.

Young, W. V. T. see Young, Mollie Clare and see Young, Allen, Garfield.

Young, Wallace Herbert see Brennan, Maud Alice.


1. Tribute to J. N. Chute [5 Sept 1912].

2. Celebrates 93rd Birthday Mrs. Hannah Ward. [3 Oct 1912 write up].