Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1910

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia Thursday
1910 Vital Statistics mfm #4019

Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.(C), Thanks to Philip Vogler for the work of placing all of these years on the internet for your personal use only. We hope this information will be of considerable help in your research. Please inform us of errors so corrections can be made, and as always, see the source for yourself to make your own determination. Thanks to NSARM and The Register, Berwick. The mfm# is given for the records at Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, 6016 University Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 ; (902) 424-6060; ; fax:(902)424-0628 URL

*Note: 7 April 1910 issue missing pages; no vitals for that week. For some information that doesn’t quite ‘fit’ bmd’s, see last page under Inserts.

Alcorn, Stuart, born to at Berwick, 11 Nov 1910, a daughter. [17 Nov. 1910].

Allen, Ella, Halifax, formerly of Berwick, married at Pleasantville, Lun. Co., 13 June 1910, to Bennet T. Hubley. [28 July 1910].

Annis, Stella see Wilson, Victor L.

Anslow, Harold A. see McElbiney, Dorothy.

Anthony, Francis see James, Mrs. William.

Archer, Tracey Harley see Congdon, Mary Ruth.

Armstrong, Beatrice L., d/o W. B. Armstrong, died at Cambridge, 31 July 1910, age 1 year 10 months ; child of W. B. & late Mrs. Georgia Neily Armstrong ( mother d. 22 April). [4 August 1910 obituary + notice].

Armstrong, Mrs. W. B., died at Cambridge, 22 Apr 1910, age 26 years.[28 Apr 1910 obituary + notice p.2 (Georgia Neily)].

Armstrong, W. B. see Armstrong, Beatrice L. & Armstrong, Mrs. W. B.

Balcom, Alonzo, see Balcom, Nellie Laura.

Balcom, Nellie Laura, d/o Alonzo Balcom, Nictaux, NS, married at Middleton, 12 March 1910, to Charles William North. [17 Mar 1910].

Balsar, Fred, born to at North Grafton, 25 Aug 1910, a daughter. [1 Sept 1910].

Balser, William, born to at Grafton, 18 Dec 1910, a son. [22 Dec 1910].

Baltzer, A. A., born to at Aylesford, 10 Dec 1910, a son. [15 Dec 1910].

Baltzer, Thomas P., born to at Dempsey Corner, 25 Oct 1910, a daughter.[3 Nov 1910].

Banks, Alexander see Spinney, George Lamert.

Banks, R. H., born to at Waterville, 20 Sept 1910, a daughter(Laura Lillian).[6 Oct 1910].

Banks, Rupert E. see Rafuse, Emma Burdette.

Banks, Zina May see Spinney, George Lamert.

Barnaby, Elsie M. see Dempsey, Acel V.

Barteaux, Robert Dickey, died at Berwick, 13 Sept 1910, age 74 years.[15 Sept 1910].

Beckwith, Mrs. C. F., died at Fitchburg, Mass., 11 Jan 1910, formerly of Cornwallis. [20 Jan 1910 obituary p.3].

Beckwith, Ora Isabel, married at Elmsview, 8 June 1910, to Charles Edward Jost, of Guysboro. [9 June 1910 write up].

Beldon, H. A., died at Middleton, Mon last, b. Sheffield, England, age 72 years. [8 Dec 1910 obituary].

Bell, C. W. see Bell, Gretchen.

Bell, Gretchen, d/o C. W. Bell, married at Halifax, [no date], to James Bryden, late of Hawick, Scotland. [8 Sept 1910 write up p.3 see also 22 Sept issue].

Belle, Eva McMahon see Belle, Frank & Eva McMahon.

Belle, Frank & Eva McMahon, born to at Somerville, Mass., a daughter, Lilla Edna.

Belle, Lilla Edna see Belle, Frank & Eva McMahon.

Best, Charles A. see Faris, James Fenwick.

Best, Grace Anna see Faris, James Fenwick.

Best, John see Johnston, Mary.

Best, Lillian se Hallam, Rev. W. T.

Best, Mary see Johnston, Mary.

Bezanson, Jennie A., d/o John Bezanson, Garland, Kings CO., NS, married at Buffalo, NY, 1 Jan 1910, to Herman Foster, New York. [10 Feb 1910]

Bezanson, John see Bezanson, Jennie A.

Bishop, Cornelia see Clarke, Blake Lemert. [Cornelai Bishop may be a Rockwell]

Blenkhorn, Scott see Pelton, Georgie.

Blackburn, Ernest, born to at Scotch Village, 6 Feb 1910, twin sons. [17 Feb 1910].

Bligh, W. E. see Calkin, Hugh E.

Bond, Melbourne, born to at Waterville, 8 May 1910, a daughter. [12 May 1910].

Bowlby, Ernest, s/o Samuel Bowlby, died at Aylesford, 21 Oct 1910, age 22 years. [27 Oct 1910].

Bowlby, Samuel see Bowlby, Ernest.

Bowles, Aubrey L. see Marchant, Abbie.

Bowles, Mrs. Blanche E., married at Boston, Mass., 9 Mar 1910, to Mark M. Sink. [19 May 1910].

Bowles, Graham see Bowles, Mary.

Bowles, Mary see Forsythe, Mary.

Bowles, Nellie Candlish, d/o George Bowles, married at Grafton, 10 Aug 1910, to Kenneth Owen Parker s/o Owen H. Parker, Brooklyn St.[18 Aug 1910 write up p.3].

Bowles, George see Bowles, Nellie Candlish.

Brown, Lila Sanford see Palmer, Jesse Havelock.

Browne, Mrs. Hattie see Browne, Muriel.

Browne, J. Wayland see Browne, Muriel.

Browne, Muriel, died at Bridgetown, 9 Apr 1910, d/o Mrs. Hattie & J. Wayland Browne, age 20 years. [ 14 April 1910].

Bryden, James see Bell, Gretchen.

Bryenton, John, died at Amherst, 27 Oct 1910, age 50 years, native of NS.[obituary p.3 plus notice p.3].

Buchanan, John, married at Waterville, 1 Nov 1910, to Eunice Watts, d/o Henry Watts. [3 Nov 1910 write up + notice].

Buckler, John see Neily, Ethel.

Buckler, Thomas Harrington, Middleton, married at Annapolis Royal, 5 Oct 1910, to Janet Irene Edwards, d/o Joseph P. Edwards. [13 Oct 1910 write up & notice].

Burke, John, died at Grafton, 20 Jan 1910, in 89th year. [27 Jan 1910 obituary p.2].

Burgess, Freeman, s/o Seth Burgess, died at Woodville, 31 Oct 1910, age 85 years. [17 Nov 1910].

Burgess, Seth see Burgess, Freeman.

Burgess, W. B., born to at Woodville, 29 Aug 1910, a son. [1 Sept 1910].

Caldwell, Arthur, drowned East River, New York, mother lives in Berwick.[1 Sept 1910 see p.2 col. 1 ; no date obituary 8 Sept. 1910 issue].

Calkin, Herbert L., born to at West Black Rock, 3 Dec 1910, a daughter.[15 Dec 1910].

Calkin, Hugh E., Londonderry, married at Truro, 16 Nov 1910, to Mrs. Winnifred Murray, d/o, W. E. Bligh. [24 Nov 1910 write up + notice].

Calkin, Dr. J. B. see Russell, Sara Barry.

Calkin, Martha see Russell, Sara Barry.

Calkin, Sara Barry see Russell, Sara Barry.

Cameron, C. B., born to at Waterville, 10 Aug 1910, a daughter. [18 Aug 1910].

Card, Marcy, wid/o Thomas Card, died at Woodville, 5 Nov 1910, age 83 years. [10 Nov 1910].

Card, Thomas see Card, Marcy.

Chase, Rev. Charles E., born to at Lakeville, 15 Dec 1910, a daughter.[22 Dec 1910].

Chase, Rev. David see Loomer, Mrs. Reuben.

Chase, Eleanora, died at Auburn, 5 June 1910, age 57 years, d/o Robert West; obit records "of Bridgewater" but resided Auburn since 15 April. [16 June 1910 obituary + notice].

Clark, Ethel L. see Wilson, Wilfrid L.

Cassidy, James, died at North Kingston, 23 Jan 1910. [27 Jan 1910].

Chute, Mrs. Ella see Parrish, Rupert S.

Clarke, Blake Lemert, Woodville, married at Brooklyn St., 10 Aug 1910, to Cornelia Bishop d/o Mrs. Clara O. Rockwell. [18 Aug 1910 write up p.3].

Clements, Benjamin, died at Bridgetown, 29 Dec 1909, fire.[6 Jan 1910 see Local Register].

Cleveland, Will, born to at South Berwick, 14 Feb 1910, a daughter. [24 Feb 1910].

Cochrane, David see Cochrane, Rachel.

Cochrane, Rachel, wid/o David Cochrane, Pleasant Valley, d/o Israel Moody, Black Rock Mtn., died at Dartmouth, NS, 17 Feb 1910, age 78 years.[24 Feb 1910].

Comstock, Dr. Frank Leslie, married at Berwick, 28 Dec 1910, to Laura Maie Rainforth, d/o Mrs. Sara & late George Rainforth, all of Berwick.[28 Dec 1910 write up + notice].

Congdon, Mrs. Idella, formerly of Somerset, married at Bridgetown, 16 Nov 1910, to J. Kenneth Craig, Bridgetown. [24 Nov 1910 write + notice].

Congdon, Mary Ruth, d/o Samuel G. Congdon, Somerset, married at Regina, 28 Dec 1909, to Tracey Harley Archer, formerly of London, England.[24 Mar 1910 write up +notice p.2].

Congdon, Samuel G. see Congdon, Mary Ruth.

Connell, Arthur, s/o James K. Connell, Kentville, died at Cochituate, Mass., 1 Nov 1910, age 26 years. [10 Nov 1910].

Connell, James K. see Connell, Arthur.

Cook, Capt. see Mosher, Ephraim.

Cook, Annie see Mosher, Ephraim.

Cook, C. O. see Cook, Margaret A.

Cook, Margaret A., d/o C. O. Cook, died at Waterville, 15 Oct 1910, age 27 years. [20 Oct 1910].

Corkum, Eleda May, d/o Newton Corkum, married at Canning, 3 Mar 1910, to David Wynman Shaw, all of Scotts Bay.[24 Mar 1910].

Corkum, Newton see Corkum, Eleda May.

Craig, J. Kenneth see Congdon, Mrs. Idella.

Creemer, Robert H. Nicholsville, married at Aylesford, 9 Feb 1910, to Nora L. Lowe, of Lake George, Kings Co., NS. [17 Feb 1910].

Cronk, Horace Walter, Metuchen, NJ., married at Auburn, 7 Dec 1910, to Louise Hortense Parlee d/o, Rev. H. T. Parlee, Auburn.[15 Dec 1910 write up + notice].

Cross, Mabel Annie, Bath, England, married at Waterville, 1 Nov 1910, to Henry Edward Watts, Waterville. [10 Nov 1910].

Curry, Capt. E. L., born to at Morristown, 18 Feb 1910, a daughter. [24 Feb 1910].

Curry, Capt. L. D., died at Harborville, 1 Sept 1910, age 65 years.[8 Sept 1910 obit].

Davidson, Eola B. see Harrington, Enoch S.

Day, John H., born to at South Waterville, 17Feb 1910, a son. [24 Feb 1910].

Delancey, Uniacke see Delancey, Dr. William Wheelock.

Delancey, Dr. William Wheelock, s/o Uniacke Delancey, died at Phoenix, Arizona, 16 Mar 1910, age 27 years. Burial, Pine Grove, Middleton.[28 Apr 1910 obituary p.2].

Demone, Simon, of Ohio, Lun. Co., died at Kennectcook Corner, ‘Thursday’. [6 Jan 1910 see Burned to Death].

Dempsey, Acel V., Morden, married at Aylesford, 5 Jan 1910, to Elsie M. Barnaby, Kentville. [10 Feb 1910].

Douglas, Howard see Douglas, Mrs.

Douglas, Mrs., wid/o Howard Douglas, formerly of Waterville, died at Woodville, {22] June 1910. [23 June 1910 see p.2col.3].

Duncan, Robert R., native of St. John, died at Grand Pre, Fri last, age 94 years; m. Miss Stewart, Grand Pre. Mother was a d/o Elishu Woodworth, Grand Pre.[5 May 1910 write up].

Coleman, Mrs. Sophia, died at Truro, ‘a few days ago’. [13 Jan 1910 see A Legacy p.2].

Eaton, Leander, Canard, married at Canning, 29 Dec 1909, to Stella E. Eaton, d/o N. W. Eaton. [6 Jan 1910].

Eaton, Mrs. Emeline, wid/o Watson Eaton, Halifax, died at Halifax, 27 Jan 1910, d/o John Schaffner, Williamston, Anna. Co., NS. [3 Feb 1910 see p.2].

Eaton, Ernest M., born to at Brooklyn St., 31 Jan 1910, a daughter. [10 Feb 1910].

Eaton, N. W. see Eaton, Leander.

Eaton, Stella E. see Eaton, Leander.

Eaton, Watson, see Mrs. Emeline Eaton.

Edwards, Janet Irene see Buckler, Thomas Harrington.

Edwards, Joseph P. see Buckler, Thomas Harrington.

Elliott, Clarence, born to at Aylesford, 23 Feb 1910, a daughter.[3 Mar 1910].

Elliott, F. R., born to at Middleton, 7 Mar 1910, a son. [17 Mar 1910].

Ells, Lemuel see Ells, Morton E.

Ells, Morton E., s/o Lemuel Ells, Scotts Bay, died at Zion City, Illinois, 14 may 1910, age 53 years. [26 May 1910].

England, Augusta see England, Frances Lillian.

England, Rev. E. E. see England, Frances Lillian.

England, Frances Lillian d/o Rev. E. E. & Augusta England, died at Port Greville, 17 Aug 1910. [25 August 1910].

Erekson, Ernest see Stephenson, Eva H.

Ewing, Mrs. James, wid/o James Ewing, died at Nicholsville, 10 Dec 1909, age 87 years. [6 Jan 1910 obituary].

Falls, Rev. Oswald B., Baltimore, Maryland, married at Marlborough, Mass., 12 Oct 1910, to Glennie A. Parker, d/o late John M. Parker, formerly of Berwick.[20 Oct 1910 write up plus notice].

Fancy, James, Northfield, married at Dalhousie Rd., Lun. Co., 2 July 1910, to Bessie Robin. [21 July 1910].

Faris, James Renwick, West Barnet, Vermont, married at Boston, Mass., to Grace Anna Best d/o Charles A. Best, formerly of Burlington, NS.[27 Oct 1910 write up + notice].

Farnsworth, John, native of Aylesford, died at Norwood, Mass., 17 Sept 1910, age 55 years. [6 Oct 1910 see Fatal Accident p.2].

Felch, Dana, born to at Morristown, 3 Oct 1910, a daughter. [6 Oct 1910].

Fitch, Frederick, born to at Greenwood, 20 Nov 1910, a daughter.[24 Nov 1910].

Foote, Stuart F., born to at Billtown, 12 July 1910, a daughter.[28 July 1910].

Foote, Rev. W. R., born to at Wonsan, Korea, 9 July 1910, a daughter. [18 Aug 1910].

Foster, George H., Port George, married at Dorchester, Mass., [possibly 26 ] 1909, to Mary F. Lee, Harborville. [6 Jan 1910 write up + notice].

Forsythe, Annie see Wilson, Leroy A.

Forsythe, Jason see Forsythe, Mary.

Forsythe, Mary, wid/o, Jason Forsythe, d/o Graham Bowles, died at Waterville, 18 Oct 1910, age 87 years 11 months.[27 Oct 1910].

Forsythe, Sarah A., w/o William A. Forsythe, died at South Waterville, 2 Feb 1910, age 78 years, d/o Richard Moore, formerly of North Alton. [24 Feb 1910 obituary p.2 + notice]

Forsythe, William A. se Forsythe, Sarah A.

Foster, Herman see Bezanson, Jennie A.

Foster, Wesley, died at North Kingston, 16 Feb 1910, in 85th year. [24 Feb 1910].

Freeman, Annie M., married at Berwick, 29th , to Isaac L. Illsley.[30 June 1910 write up].

Freeman, Bessie Randall see Pancott, Sydney.

Freeman, Rev. M. P. see Pancott, Sydney.

Freeman, Rev. S. C., born to at Parlakimedi, India, 10 Sept 1910, a daughter.[20 Oct 1910].

Fultz, J. C., born to at Cambridge, 2 Oct 1910, a son. [17 Nov 1910].

Gaul, Douglas, born to at East Dalhousie, 8 Jan 1910, a daughter. [20 Jan 1910].

Gates, Henry G. see gates, Mary E.

Gates, Mary E., wid/o Henry G. Gates, died at Millville, Aylesford, 2 June 1910. [16 June 1910].

Geldert, G. M.(Mac), Windsor, married at Halifax, 15 June 1910, to Helen Pullen, Dartmouth. [23 June 1910].

Gilliatt, Mary A. see Halliday, James A.

Gould, Celia Althena see Gould, Edward V.

Gould, Edward V., born to at White’s Corner, 7 July 1910, a daughter (Celia Althena). [28 July 1910].

Gravatt, Elizabeth, Melvern Square, married at Auburn, 1 Mar 1910, to James W. Seaman. [10 March 1910].

Graves, Archibald McD., see Palmer, Jessie G.

Graves, Harold, born to at Waterville, 23 Jan 1910, a daughter. [10 Feb 1910].

Grenfell, Dr. Wilfred T., born to at St. Anthony’s, Newfoundland, 25 Sept 1910, a son. [6 Oct 1910].

Griffin, J. E., born to at Greenwood, 13 Mar 1910, a son.[24 Mar 1910].

Hale, Perry Edward, died at Kinsman’s Corner, 26 Sept 1910, age 39 years.[29 Sept 1910 obituary 6 Oct 1910 see 6 Oct Register obituary p.2].

Hallam, Rev. W. T, (Lillian best), born to at Collinsville, Connecticut, 11 July 1910, a daughter. [28 July 1910].

Halliday, James A., formerly of Berwick, died at Saugas, Mass., 3 Feb 1910, formerly of Berwick, age 73 years 1 month 6 days; m. 1860 Mary A. Gilliatt, Annapolis Co., NS; first newspaper the Berwick Star.[Obituary from Saugus Herald] [10 Feb 1910 Register obituary p. 2, additional information].

Hamilton, Annie, wid/o Henry B. Hamilton, formerly of Welsford, Cornwallis, NS, died at Winthrop, Mass., 17 Feb 1910, d/o W. Boyd Magee, Melvern Square, age 52 years.[ 3 Mar 1910].

Hamilton, Henry B. see Hamilton, Annie.

Ha[nnfn??][possibly Hannah?], Thomas, born to at Rockland, 8 Mar 1910, a daughter.[ 10 March 1910 - sorry but you will need to figure this one].

Harrington, Enoch, Kentville, married at Aylesford, 26 Oct 1910, to Eola B. Davidson, of Aylesford. [3 Nov 1910 write up + notice].

Harriott, Florentines Frith, died at Bermuda, 23 July 1910, of Paget West. [11 Aug 1910 obituary p.2].

Harris, Herbert Owen, died at Canning, 13 Nov 1910, age 44 years. [24 Nov 1910].

Hayes, Walter L., died at White’s Corner, 14 Oct 1910, age 39 years.[20 Oct 1910].

Hazelwood, Fred, s/o William Hazelwood, died at Scotts Bay, 5 June 1910, age 23 years. 9 June 1910].

Hazelwood, William see Hazelwood, Fred.

Healy, Sarah E. see Lyons, Sarah E.

Healy, Wm. see Lyons, Sarah E.

Hirtle, Percy, born to at Cambridge, 30 June 1910, a daughter.[30 June 1910].

Holland, Mrs. Minnie E. see Hutchison, George Stafford.

Hubley, Bennet T. see Allen, Ella.

Hueppolsheuser, O. W., (Nellie Withers), born to at Lockhart, Alberta, 6 April 1910, a daughter. [21 April 1910].

Hume, A. G., born to at East Dalhousie, 10 Oct 1910, a son. [20 Oct 1910].

Hussey, Mary E., died 24 July 1910. [28 July 1910 some additional information p.2].

Hutchison, George Stafford, Ottawa, married at Boston, Holy Trinity Church, 1 Sept 1910, to Mrs. Minnie E. Holland, Westfield, Mass. [15 Sept 1910].

Hutchison, William Lewis see Pierce, Eunice Eliza.

Illsley, Charles D., born to at Kingston, 25 Apr 1910, a daughter. [5 May 1910].

Illsley, Isaac L. see Freeman, Annie M.

Illsley, Stephen, died at Berwick, 4 Sept 1910, age 76 years.[8 Sept 1910 obituary + notice].

James, Mrs. William, former resident of Scotts Bay, died at Wilson’s Beach, Campobello, 14 Oct 1910, age 80 years 4 months; m1. Francis Anthony, Hants Co., NS; int. Scotts Bay. [10 Nov 1910 obituary].

James, William see James, Mrs. William.

Johnston, J. W. O. see Johnston, Mary.

Johnston, Mary, wid/o J W. O. Johnston, d/o John Best, died at Waterville, 27 Apr 1910, aged 80 years.[28 Apr 1910].

Jolly, Frank, born to at Torbrook, 24 July 1910, a daughter.[4 Aug 1910].

Jones, John Matthew see Whitworth, Herbert.

Jones, Winnifred Hilda Bland see Whitworth, Herbert.

Jost, Charles Edward see Beckwith, Ora Isabel.

Killam, Rev. H. B., born to at Edmeston, New York, 29 July 1910, a son. [18 Aug 1910].

Killam, Percy, born to at Woodville, 25 Aug 1910, a daughter. [1 Sept 1910].

Kinsman, Dwight P., born to at Middleboro, Mass., 10 July 1910, a son.(Richard McLearn Kinsman). [21 July 1910].

Kinsman, Richard Mclearn, see Kinsman, Dwight P.

Kirby, John C. see Parker, Mrs. Nora.

Kuhn, Eva May, w/o John Kuhn, d/o Benjamin Zwicker, of Mahone Bay, died at Windsor, 16 June 1910, age 28 years. [23 June 1910].

Kuhn, John see Kuhn, Eva May.

Lamont, Albernia, d/o George Lamont, died at North Billtown, 8 March, age 26 years. 10 March 1910 notice + see p.3].

Lamont, George see Lamont, Albernia.

Lawson, P. E., born to at Galesburg, Illinois, 8 Apr 1910, a daughter.[21 Apr 1910].

Lee, Mary F. see Foster, George H.

Lightfoot, Martin S. see MacKenzie, Fanny.

Lightfoot, Walter, born to at Waterville, 2 May 1910, a daughter.[12 May 1910].

Lloyd, Adelaide, d/o Henry Lloyd, died at Prospect, 9 Oct 1910, age 61 years.[13 Oct 1910].

Loomer, Joseph S. see Smith, Ida L.

Loomer, Mrs. Reuben, d/o Rev. David Chase, died at Weston 14 Nov 1910.[1 Dec 1910 obituary with add. information].

Loomer, Robert see Loomer, Seraphina.

Loomer, Seraphina, w/o Robert Loomer, died at Weston, 14 Nov 1910, age 71 years 6 months. [17 Nov 1910].

Lovelace, Mrs. Cora, died at Somerset, 18 Feb 1910, age 27 years, d/o James Pearl. [24 Feb 1910].

Lovitt, wid/o Senator, died at Yarmouth, Sun last. [28 Apr 1910 small note p.2].

Lowe, Nora L. see Creemer, Robert H.

Lydiard, Clifford McNair see Lydiard, Edward M.

Lydiard, Edward M., born to at Roxbury, Mass., 4 mar 1910, a son, Clifford McNair Lydiard. [17 Mar 1910].

Lyons, Miss see Shaw, Isaiah.

Lyons, R. D. see Lyons, Sarah E.

Lyons, Sarah E., w/o R. D. Lyons, d/o Wm. Healy, died at Waterville, 17 Nov 1910, age 52 years 11 months.[ 24 Nov 1910].

MacDonald, Frank A., Scotts Bay, died at Wilson’s Beach, Campobello, NB, 15 Sept 1910, age 29 years. [20 Oct 1910 obituary].

MacKenzie, Fannie, Middleton, married at Aylesford, 23 Dec 1909, to Martin S. Lightfoot, Aylesford. [6 Jan 1910].

MacKenzie, Sutherland, died at Windermere, 8 Mar 1910, age 85 years.[17 Mar 1910].

MacLachlan, James, ( Van...? Shaw), born to at Victoria, BC, 19 April 1910, a son.[14 April 1910].

MacMahon, George W., died at Aylesford, 2 July 1910, in 82nd year.[7 July 1910 obituary 14 July].

Magee, Annie see Hamilton, Annie.

Magee, Elizabeth see Troop, Elizabeth.

Magee, Henry see Troop, Elizabeth.

Magee, W. Boyd see Hamilton, Annie.

Mahaney, Michael, died at Cambridge, 9 July 1910, age 72 years.[14 July 1910 obituary in 21 July issue].

Mallon, George see Mallon, George Henry.

Mallon, George Henry, s/o George Mallon, died at Welsford, 22 Oct 1910, age 15 months. [27 Oct 1910].

Marchant, Abbie d/o Mrs. R. A. Marchant, Waterville, married at Waterville[?], 30 June 1910, to Aubrey L. Bowles, Waterville.[14 July 1910 write up]. Marchant, Mrs. R. A. see Marchant, Abbie.

Margeson, Eva see Margeson, Lottie.

Margeson, Ernest W., born to at Berwick, 19 July 1910, a son. 21 July 1910].

Margeson, H. Harding see Margeson, Lottie.

Margeson, J. S., born to at Rockland, 23 May 1910, a son. [26 May 1910].

Margeson, J. Willis, born to at Truro, 26 Sept 1910, a daughter. [29 Sept 1910].

Margeson, Lottie, wid/o H. Harding Margeson, formerly of NS, died at East Oakland, California, 12 April 1910; daughter Eva Margeson. [21 April 1910 ].

Marshall, Clara, d/o Stephen Marshall, died at Harborville, 20 Sept 1910, age 49 years. [22 Sept 1910].

Marshall, Stephen see Marshall, Clara.

Maxwell, A. R., born to at Fitchburg, Mass., 13 Apr 1910, a daughter.[28 Apr 1910].

McCallum, Rev. Donald C., missionary to the Philippines, married at Everett, Mass., 1 June 1910, to Georgia Edwards, d/o Jennie A. & T. W. Messenger, formerly of Berwick. [9 June 1910 notice + write up].

McDormand, Alister, born to at Aylesford, 25 Mar 1910, a son.[21 April 1910].

McElbiney, Dorothy, d/o George McElbiney, married at Windsor, 5 Oct 1910, to Harold A. Anslow. [13 Oct 1910 write up].

McElbiney, George see McElbiney, Dorothy.

McGregor, Ruperta d/o Walter McGregor, married at Kingston, 1 Sept 1910 to Clarence S. Parrish, Berwick. [15 Sept 1910 write up see 22 Sept 1910 also].

McGregor, Walter see McGregor, Ruperta.

McIver, Hugh, of Edinburgh, Scotland married at Auburn, 28 Sept 1910, to Mrs. Lucinda Taylor, Waterville, Kings Co., NS.[6 Oct 1910].

McLean, Daniel, died at Weston, 17 Oct 1910, age 76 years.[20 Oct 1910 obit + notice].

McNeil, Alfred, died at Berwick, 16 Apr 1910, age 77 years.[21 Apr 1910, obituary + notice].

McNeil, Nancy L. see Patterson, Douglas A.

McNeil, O. S., born to at Berwick, 10 Apr 1910, a son.[14 April 1910].

Meister, Margaret F. see Parks, Roger R.

Meldrum, Saul, born to at Cambridge, 22 Apr 1910, a son. [28 Apr 1910].

Messenger, Jennie A. see McCallum, Rev. Donald C.

Messenger, T. W. see McCallum, Rev. Donald C.

Messenger, Miss see Shaw, Isaiah.

Minniss, DeForest, born to at Morden, 1 Feb 1910, a daughter.[10 Feb 1910].

Minnis, James see Minniss, Sarah.

Minniss, Sarah, wid/o James Minniss, died at Morden, 20 Jan 1910, age 75 years. [27 Jan 1910].

Moffatt, Isaac M., died at Mayfield, PEI, 18 Dec 1909, brother of J. L. Moffatt, Berwick. [6 Jan 1910 see p.3, Local Register].

Moffatt, J. L. see Moffatt, Isaac M.

Monaghan, Mrs. E., died at North Kingston, 5 July 1910, w/o Wm. Monaghan, North Kingston, age 53 years b. Omagh, County Tyrone, Ireland. [14 July 1910 obituary].

Monaghan, Wm. see Mrs. E.

Montgomery, W. R., born to at Middleton, 3 June 1910, a daughter. [9 June 1910].

Moody, Israel see Cochrane, Rachel.

Moody, Rachel see Cochrane, Rachel.

Moore, Richard see Forsythe, Sarah A.

Moore, Richard see Forsythe, Sarah A.

Morris, Charlotte, wid/o John VanBuskirk, died at Woodville, 29 July 1910, age 77 years. [4 Aug 1910].

Morse, Elihu C., Aylesford, married at Aylesford, 23 Nov 1910, to Mrs. Annie E. Ross, Halifax, d/o Samuel Simpson, Halifax.[1 Dec 1910 write up + notice].

Morris, Eva Viola, d/o W. Henry Morris, Harborville, married at Harborville, 26 Oct 1910, to Wilbur A. Spicer, Boston.[3 Nov 1910 write up + notice].

Morris, W. Henry see Morris, Eva Viola.

Morris, Jane, died at North Grafton, 18 Sept 1910, age 82 years.[22 Sept 1910].

Morrison, Jonathan see Morrison, Verna.

Morrison, Verna, d/o Jonathan Morrison, died at Springfield, 13 Feb 1910, age 21 years. [24 Feb 1910].

Morrow, Agnes E. see Senecal, Agnes E.

Morrow, Andrew see Nichols, Mary Effie.

Morrow, Andrew see Senecal, Agnes E.

Morrow, Mary Effie see Nichols, Mary Effie

Morton, Holmes Renwick, married at Berwick, 20 Aug 1910, to Mary Mullins, both of Aylesford. [25 Aug 1910].

Mosher, Ephraim, died at Grafton, native of Lun. Co., m2. Annie Cook, d/o Capt. Cook, Harborville. 7 Nov 1910, age 82 years. [10 Nov 1910 obituary see 24 Nov 1910].

Mullins, Mary see Moeron, Holmes Renwick.

Murray, Mrs. Winnifred see Calkin, Hugh E.

Murray, Dr. W. D. see Rainforth, Ermine E.

Murphy, Eleanor, wid/o James Murphy, died at Kentville, 22 May 1910, age 92 years. [2 June 1910].

Murphy, James see Murphy, Eleanor.

Neaves, J. F., born to at Victoria Harbor, 8 Feb 1910, a son. [24 Mar 1910].

Neily, Ethel, married at North Kingston, 19 Feb 1910, to John Buckler.[24 Feb 1910].

Neily, E. Alvin, see Neily, Georgia.

Neily, Eri, died at Greenwood Square, 29 Oct 1910, age 75 years.[3 Nov 1910 obituary plus notice p.3].

Neily, Georgia, w/o W. B. Armstrong, died at Cambridge, 22 April 1910 d/o E. Alvin Neily, Cambridge. [28 Apr 1910 see Armstrong, W. B.].

Neily, Helen M., wid/o John Neily, 23 Dec 1909, died at North Kingston, age 85 years. [6 Jan 1910, notice; see obituary in Register, 27 Jan, 1910].

Neily, John see Neily, Helen.

Neily, Johnson A., Meadow Vale, married at Middleton, 28 Feb 1910, to Maud M., d/o John Ruggles, Tremont.

Neily, Love S., Medford, formerly of North Kingston, married at Medford, Mass., 9 Mar 1910, to Ernest Wood, Medford. [26 May 1910].

Neily, W. W. see Saunders, Zenas.

Newcombe, Grizle, see White, Rebecca.

Newcombe, Jonathan see White, Rebecca.

Newcombe, Rebecca see White, Rebecca.

Nichols, C. O. see Nichols, Edna Rosa.

Nichols, Edna Rosa, d/o C. O. Nichols, married at Hantsport, 22nd inst., to Lee H. Schurman, of Mt. Denson. [30 June 1910 write up p.2].

Nichols, James see Nichols, Mary Effie.

Nichols, Mary Effie w/o James Nichols, died at South Berwick, 22 Sept 1910, d/o Andrew Morrow, Berwick, age 23 years. [29 Sept 1910].

Nichols, Sylvester, see Nichols, William Richards.

Nichols, William Richards, s/o Sylvester Nichols, Aylesford, died at Franklin, Mass., 8 Jan 1910, age 41[?] years. [20 Jan 1910].

North, Charles William see Balcom, Nellie Laura.

Nowlin, Howard Leslie s/o W. H. Nowlin, died at Digby, 1 mar 1910, age 27 years. [10 Mar 1910 obituary + notice].

Nowlin, Mary A. see Parrish, Mary A.

Nowlin, W. H. see Nowlin, Howard Leslie.

Ogilvie, Beatrice Lillian, Burlington, married at Grafton, 12 Sept 1910, to Claude Noyes White, Aylesford. [15 Sept 1910 write up + notice].

Palmer, Jesse Havelock, married at Waterville, 10th inst., to Lila Sanford Brown, d/o Wesley Sanford.[17 Nov 1910 write up in 24 Nov issue].

Palmer, Jessie G., Auburn, married at Auburn, 29 Dec 1909, to Archibald McD. Graves, Aylesford. [6 Jan 1910].

Pancott, Sydney, Toronto, married at Toronto, 15 July 1910, to Bessie Randall Freeman d/o Rev. M. P. Freeman, Wolfville. [28 July 1910].

Parker, Charles E., see Parker, Eliza.

Parker, Eliza, wid/o George Parker, Grafton, died at residence of her son, Charles E. Parker, 8 May 1910, age 94 years. [12 May 1910].

Parker, Fred A., born to at Berwick, 3 Dec 1910, a son. [29 Dec 1910].

Parker, George see Parker, Eliza.

Parker, Glennie A. see Falls, Rev. Oswald B.

Parker, Howard E. born to at Waterville, 26 Nov 1910, twin daughters.[1 Dec 1910].

Parker, John M. see Falls, Rev. Oswald B.

Parker, Kenneth Owen see Bowles, Nellie Candlish.

Parker, Mrs. Nora, married at Waterville, 29 Dec 1909, to John C. Kirby, both of Canada Creek. [Thurs 6 Jan 1910].

Parker, Owen H. see Bowles, Nellie Candlish.

Parker, W. Scott see Wood, Apha Maie.

Parks, Roger R., North Kingston, married at Greenwood, 29 Dec 1909, to Margaret F. Meister, Greenwood, NS. [6 Jan 1910 see write up 13 Jan Register].

Parlee, Rev. H. T. see Cronk, Horace Walter.

Parlee, Louise Hortense see Cronk, Horace Walter.

Parrish, Cassie May, d/o R. S. Parrish, married at Woodville, 2 Mar 1910, to Jasper Wood, Woodside, kings Co., NS. [10 Mar 1910 write up].

Parrish, Clarence S. see McGregor, Ruperta.

Parrish, George, born to at Rockland, 4 Feb 1910, a son. [10 Feb 1910].

Parrish, Mary A., wid/o Samuel Parrish, maiden name Mary A. Nowlin, m1. John E. Vaughn, resided until 1860 Black Rock Mtn., near "Fall Brook", ; 1860 purchased Walbrook; m2. Samuel Parrish, Woodville; removed to Avonport. [17 Feb 1910 obituary p.2].

Parrish, Rupert S., Woodville, married at Brooklyn Corner, 4 Aug 1910, Mrs. Ella Chute, d/o Late Joseph Potter. [11 Aug 1910].

Parrish, R. S. see Parrish, Cassie May.

Parrish, Samuel see Parrish, Mary A.

Patterson, Arthur McNutt, died at Acacia Villa, Hortonville, 28 Oct 1910, age 81 years. [3 Nov 1910].

Patterson, Douglas A., Imboden, VA, formerly of Truro, married at Bristol, Virginia, 5 Jan 1910 to Nancy L. McNeil. [27 Jan 1910].

Patterson, Fred B., born to at Berwick, 19 Jan 1910, a daughter.[27 Jan 1910].

Patterson, Ruth, inf/d/o W. E. Patterson, died at North Kingston, 15 Jan 1910. [27 Jan 1910].

Patterson, W. E. see Patterson, Ruth.

Pearl, Cora see Lovelace, Mrs. Cora.

Pearl, James see Lovelace, Mrs. Cora.

Pelton, Georgie E. d/o Noble Pelton, Coldbrook, married at Coldbrook, 1 Jan 1910, to Scott Blenkhorn, Deloro, Ontario, formerly of Canning.[6 Jan 1910 write up + notice].

Pelton, Noble see Pelton, Georgie.

Pelton, Miner F. see Pelton, Norris Margeson.

Pelton, Norris Margeson, s/o Miner F. Pelton, died at Berwick, 17 Apr 1910, age 14 years 3 months.[21 April 1910 obituary + notice].

Peterson, Peter, born to at Waterville, 25 Oct 1910, a son.[10 Nov 1910 -sen/son].

Pierce, Edwin P. see Pierce, Eunice Eliza.

Pierce, Eunice Eliza, d/o Edwin P. Pierce, married at Pleasant Valley, 23 Feb 1910, to William Lewis Hutchison. [24 Feb 1910 write up + notice].

Pierce, Will, born to at North Kingston, 15 July 1910, a daughter.[28 July 1910].

Pineo, Allan, born to at Chipman Brook, 3 Dec 1910, a daughter.[15 Dec 1910].

Pineo, Albert, Jr., born to at Chipman’s Brook, 17 July 1910, a daughter.[28 July 1910].

Pineo, George E. see Pineo, Georgia A.

Pineo, Georgia A., w/o, Holmes D. Pineo, d/o George E. Pineo, Hood River, Oregon, formerly of Berwick. [17 Nov 1910 obituary].

Pineo, Holmes D., see Pineo, Georgia A.

Potter, Ella see Parrish, Rupert S.

Potter, Joseph see Parrish, Rupert S.

Power, Mrs. Harriet see Power, John Stanley.

Power, John C. see John Stanley Power.

Power, John Stanley, s/o Mrs. Harriet & John C. Power, died at Somerset, 17 May 1910, age 26 years. [19 May 1910 obituary + notice].

Prestwood, Mrs. Miriam, wid/o Rev. Paul Prestwood, died Sun last, in her 86th years; b. Bardney, Lincolnshire, England, 1821; husband b. same place; married Newfoundland. [14 April 1910 obituary + notice].

Prestwood. Rev. Paul see Prestwood, Mrs. Miriam.

Pullen, Helen see Geldert, G. M.(Mac).

Rafuse, Emma Burdette, Waterville, married at Waterville, 30 Nov 1910, to Rupert E. Banks, Wolfville. [1 Dec 1910 see 8 Dec issue for write up].

Rainforth, Ermine E., d/o Mrs. Sara J. & George Rainforth, Berwick, married at Berwick, 8 June 1910, to Dr. W. D. Murray, Dartmouth.

Rainforth, George see Comstock, Dr. Frank Leslie.

Rainforth, George see Rainforth, Ermine E.

Rainforth, Laua Maie see Comstock, Dr. Frank Leslie.

Rainforth, Mrs. Sara J. see Comstock, Dr. Frank Leslie.

Rainforth, Mrs. Sara see Rainforth, Ermine E.

Rawding, Cornelius see Rawding, Joseph H.

Rawding, Joseph H., s/o Cornelius Rawding, died at Waterville, 19 Apr 1910, age 83 years. [21 April 1910 obituary + notice].

Rawding, Capt. W. S., born to at Waterville, 21 Nov 1910, a daughter.[24 Nov 1910].

Rhynard, Willis G., Kingston Sta., married at Aylesford, 31 Oct 1910, to Jennie E. Ward, North Kingston. [10 Nov 1910].

Ritcey, Norma Pauline, inf/d/o Rev. Norman Ritcey, died at Mulgrave, Guys Co., NS, age 4 months.[24 Nov 1910].

Ritcey, Rev. Norman see Ritcey, Norma Pauline.

Robin, Bessie see Fancy, James.

Robinson, Mabel L., Nicholsville, married at Nicholsville, 28 Dec 1909, to George A. Roland, Morristown. [6 Jan 1910].

Rockwell, Mrs. Clara O. see Clarke, Blake Lemert.

Roland, George A., born to at Morristown, 20 Nov 1910, a son. [1 Dec 1910].

Roland, George A. see Robinson, Mabel L.

Ross, Mrs. Annie E see Morse, Elihu C.

Rudolph, David, died at Burlington, 17 Jan 1910, 75 years 5 months.[3 Feb 1910 obit].

Ruggles, Maud M. see Neily, Johnston A.

Russell, Rev. Alexander G. see Russell, Sara Barry.

Russell, Sara Barry, w/o Rev. Alexander G. Russell, of Oyster Bay, NY, d/o Dr. J. B. & Martha Calkin, Truro, died at Fernbank, Truro, 25 Oct 1910.[27 Oct 1910].

Sanford, Augustus see Sanford, Etta Ruth.

Sanford, Etta Ruth d/o Augustus Sanford, married at Delhaven, 29 Apr 1910, all of Scotts Bay. [12 May 1910].

Sanford, Lila, see Palmer, Jesse Havelock.

Sanford, W. B., born to at Halifax, 9 July 1910, a daughter.[28 July 1910].

Sanford, Wade G., born to at Grafton, a son.[15 Sept 1910].

Sanford, Wesley see Palmer, Jesse Havelock.

Saunders, Mary Jane d/o Henry Saunders, died at Auburn [?], 25 June 1910. [28 July 1910 obituary p.3].

Saunders, Harry, born to at Weston, 24 Dec 1910, a son. [29 Dec 1910].

Saunders, Henry see Saunders, Mary Jane.

Saunders, W. E., born to at North Kingston, 23 July 1910, a daughter.[28 July 1910].

Saunders, Zenas, died at North Kingston, 27 July 1910, age 24 years; widow a dau. of W. W. Neily and 1 small child. [4 Aug 1910 obituary + notice].

Seaman, James W. see Gravatt, Elizabeth.

Schaffner, Emeline see Eaton, Mrs. Emeline.

Schaffner, John see Eaton, Mrs. Emeline.

Schnare, Ernest, born to at Canady Creek, 7 Sept 1910, a daughter. [15 Sept 1910].

Schofield, Benjamin, died at North Kingston, 1 Oct 1910, age 82 years. [20 Oct 1910].

Schofield, Stephen, died at Lakeville, 7 June 1910, age 77 years.[9 June 1910].

Schurman, Lee H. see Nichols, Edna Rosa.

Senecal, Agnes E., w/o Fred Senecal, d/o Andrew Morrow, Berwick, died at Cincinnati, Ohio, age 30 years. [29 Sept 1910].

Senecal, Fred see Senecal, Agnes E.

Shaw, Bernard, s/o A. M. Shaw, Stewiacke, died in California, 17th [?]. [10 Mar 1910 p.2].

Shaw, Daniel F. see Shaw, Emma.

Shaw, Daniel, born to at Scotts Bay, 1 Dec 1910, a son.[8 Dec 1910].

Shaw, David see Shaw, Isaiah.

Shaw, David Wyman see Corkum, Eleda May.

Shaw, Emma, w/o Daniel F. Shaw, died at Scotts Bay, 12 Dec 1910, age 31 years. [15 Dec 1910].

Shaw, Isaiah J., s/o Isaiah Shaw, who was a s/o David Shaw, Loyalist, died at Berwick, age 71, Fri last; m. a Miss Messenger; mother was Miss Lyons of Pereaux. [14 April 1910 obituary + notice].

Shaw, Van...? see MacLachlan, James.

Shepherd, John see Thompson, Margaret.

Simpson, Samuel see Morse, Elihu C.

Sink, Mark M. see Bowles, Mrs. Blanche E.

Skerry, Charles V. see Skerry, May.

Skerry, May, d/o Charles V. Skerry, died at Lakeville, 25 Sept 1910, age 5 years. [29 September 1910].

Smith, Amos, born to at Aylesford, 29 Aug 1910, a son. [1 Sept 1910].

Smith, Ida L., Falmouth, married at Aylesford, 7 Apr 1910, to Joseph S. Loomer, Aylesford. [14 April 1910].

Sommerville, Bessie see Sommerville, Roy Fern.

Sommerville, J. D. see Sommerville, Roy Fern.

Sommerville, Roy Fern, died at Berwick, Fri last, s/o Bessie & late J. D. Sommerville, b. Berwick, 21 April 1883. [17 Mar 1910 obituary + notice [info from both].

Spicer, Wilbur A. see Morris, Eva Viola.

Spinney, George Lamert, South Greenwood, married at Harmony, Aylesford, 8 Nov 1910, to Zina May Bank, d/o Alexander Banks, Harmony. [17 Nov 1910 write up + notice].

Starratt, Alvin see Starratt, Ethel.

Starratt, Ethel d/o Alvin Starratt, married at Paradise, 21 Sept 1910, to Roland Taylor, of Aylesford. [29 Sept 1910 write up p.3 see Notice 6 Oct Register].

Steadman, Fred, born to at South Berwick, 21 Nov 1910, a daughter.[1 Dec 1910].

Steele, Bessie Alice, d/o Gilbert Steele, died at Scotts Bay, 8 Jan 1910. [13 Jan 1910].

Steele, Gilbert see Steele, Bessie Alice.

Stephenson, Mrs. Celia see Stephenson, Eva H.

Stephenson, Eva H., d/o Mrs. Celia A. & late Joseph Stephenson, Malden, Mass., married at Lynn, Mass., 12 Jan 1910, to Ernest Erekson, Lynn. [27 Jan 1910 write up p.2].

Stephenson, Joseph see Stephenson, Eva H.

Stewart, Miss see Duncan, Robert R.

Sweet, Fred, born to at Lakeville, 19 July 1910, twin sons.[28 July 1910].

Taylor, Mrs. Annie M., married at Aylesford, 16 Nov 1910 to Henry A. Hodges, both of Aylesford, NS.[24 Nov 1910].

Taylor, James, born to at Coldbrook, 11 Apr 1910, a son. [14 Apr 1910].

Taylor, Mrs. Lucinda see McIver, Hugh.

Taylor, Roland see Starratt, Ethel.

Taylor, W. L. D., born to at Berwick, 24 Nov 1910, a son.[1 Dec 1910].

Thomas, Dr. Frank H., born to at Sand Coulee, Montana, 15 Oct 1910, a son. [27 Oct 1910].

Thomas, William, Weston, married at Garland, 23 Nov 1910, to Laura Gladys Vaughan, of Garland. [1 Dec 1910 write up + notice].

Thompson, David Cleveland see West, Jennie Maud.

Thompson, Margaret, d/o J. C. Thompson, Waterville, married at Winnipeg, Man., 26 Jan 1910, to John Shepherd, Newcastle, NB. [24 Feb 1910].

Thompson, J. C. see Thompson, Margaret.

Thorpe, Henry see Thorpe, Irena Alma.

Thorpe, Irena Alma, d/o Henry Thorpe, died at Scotts bay, 5 June 1910, age 18 years. [9 June 1910].

Troop, Elizabeth, wid/o W. B. Troop, Granville Ferry, d/o Henry Magee, Cornwallis, died at Halifax, 16 Jan 1910, age 67 years. [20 Jan 1910 notice + see p.3 ].

Troop, W. B. see troop, Elizabeth.

Tupper, Benjamin see Sanford, Etta Ruth.

Tupper, E. G., born to at Scotts Bay, 7 June 1910, a son. [16 June 1910].

Tupper, Grace A., Weston, married at Caribou, Maine, 6 Sept 1910 to Lester A. Tupper, Perham, Mass. [22 Sept 1910].

Tupper, Jacob W., born to at Weston, 24 Jan 1910, a daughter. [10 Feb 1910].

Tupper, Lester A. see Tupper, Grace A.

VanBuskirk, Charlotte see Morris, Charlotte.

VanBuskirk, John see Morris, Charlotte.

Vaughan, Laura Gladys see Thomas, William E.

Vaughn, John E. see Parrish, Mary A.

Vaughn, Mary A. see Parrish, Mary A.

Wagner, Alexander see Wagner, Bertha Adeline.

Wagner, Bertha Adeline, d/o Alexander Wagner, Providence, married at Providence, RI, 26 Oct 1910 to Bruce Eldon Woodworth, Berwick. [3 Nov 1910].

Wagner, Wilfred, born to at Pleasant Valley, 2 Feb 1910, a son. [10 Feb 1910].

Wagstaff, Robert, born to at Aylesford, 15 Oct 1910, a son. [17 Nov 1910].

Walker, John see Walker, Lucinda.

Walker, Lucinda, wid/o John Walker, died at Waterville, 22 Apr 1910, 68 years. [28 April 1910].

Ward, Jennie E. see Rhynard, Willis G.

Watts, Eunice see Buchanan, John.

Watts, Henry Edward see Cross, Mabel Annie.

Watts, Henry se Buchanan, John.

West, Eleanora see Chase, Eleanora.

West, George F see West, Jennie Maud.

West, Jennie Maud, d/o Martha & George F. West, Aylesford, married at Roxbury, Mass., 7 Sept 1910 to David Cleveland Thompson.[15 Sept 1910 write up & see 22 Sept. issue].

West, Martha see West, Jennie Maud.

White, Claude Noyes see Ogilvie, Beatrice Lillian.

White, David see White, Rebecca.

White, James H., died at Grafton, 26 Apr 1910, age 68 years.[28 Apr 1910].

White, Rebecca, d/o David White, died at Payette, Idaho, 24 Jan 1910, ; mother was Grizel d/o Jonathan Newcombe, West Cornwallis; removed to Halifax, then Minnesota, age 68 years. [24 Feb 1910 obituary p.2 + notice additional information].

Whitman, Rev. A. H., born to at Mulgrave, 8 July 1910, a daughter. [28 July 1910].

Whitman, Alfred, died at Waterville, 18 May 1910, 66 years.[19 May 1910].

Whitworth, Herbert, s/o Samuel Whitworth, of Rivton, Lincolnshire, England, married at Roxbury, Mass., 25 Apr 1910, to Winnifred Hilda Bland Jones, d/o John Matthew Jones, of Montgomeryshire, North Wales.

Whitworth, Samuel see Whitworth, Herbert.

Whitworth, Winnifred Hilda Bland see Whitworth, Herbert.

Wilson, Leroy A., (Annie Forsythe), born to at Whitman, Mass., 3 Apr 1910, a son.[14 April 1910].

Wilson, Victor L., married at Springfield, 24 Jan 1910, to Stella Annis, both of Kingston, NS. [3 Feb 1910].

Wilson, Wilfrid L., formerly of Waterville, married at Johannesburg, California, 14 Apr 1910, to Ethel L. Clark, Johannesburg.[19 May 1910].

Withers, Nellie see Hueppolsheuser, O. W.

Wood, Apha Maie, d/o Charles E. Wood, married at Woodville, 31 Aug 1910, to W. Scott Parker, Woodville. [15 Sept 1910 write up & see 22 Sept Register notice].

Wood, Charles E. see Wood, Apha Maie.

Wood, Ernest see Neily, Love S.

Wood, Jasper see Parrish, Cassie May.

Woodworth, Bruce Eldon see Wagner, Bertha Adeline.

Woodworth, Elishu see Duncan, Robert R.

Woodworth, Laurie G. see Woodworth, Susie Annabel.

Woodworth, Sarah Jane, wid/o Shubel M. Woodworth, died at Billtown, 12 June 1910, in her 81st year. [7 July 1910].

Woodworth, Shubel M. see Woodworth, Sarah Jane.

Woodworth, Susie Annabel, d/o Laurie G. Woodworth, died at West Summerland, BC, 21 Aug 1910, age 3 years 3 months. [15 Sept 1910].

Zwicker, Benjamin see Kuhn, Eva May.

Zwicker, Eva May see Kuhn, Eva May.


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