Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1909

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics 1909

Vital Statistics 1909 -mfm#4018. Compiled and indexed by John Parker B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S ( C ) . Posted by Philip Vogler for personal use only. Thanks to the Register and NSARM, Halifax, NS. A copy is available from NSARM for a small fee - Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, 6016 University Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 1W4 ; 902-424-6060;

Please use only as a guide and for your own use. Please inform us of errors so they can be corrected. We hope this information will help many of you in your genealogical research. Please note that some names will have only a small amount of data - which can be for several reasons i.e. the information available is unclear and the researcher needs to make the decisions or it just isn’t there. Also with places named as d. in Medford unless Mass. or Kings Co. is added or another location it goes in as Medford, and continues. You need to decide.

Adler, Mrs. Annie, d/o Leander Fuller, Welsford, married at Somerville, Mass., 14 Oct 1909, to Walter Learned Gleason.[from a Somerville Mass., newspaper -28 Oct 1909 Register write up].

Akerly, Mrs. Havelock, Port Greville, d/o A. P. Saunders, died at Port Greville, Sat last, age 28 years; int. Aylesford. [12 Aug 1909].

Alcorn, Stewart A., born to at Berwick, 16 Feb 1909, a daughter. [18 Feb 1909].

Anderson, John, Ottawa, married at Middleton, 3 Aug 1909, to Elizabeth Mildred Elliott, d/o Ansley Elliott, Port George, Anna. Co., NS. [5 Aug 1909].

Andrew, Hazel Beatrice see Eaton, Ernest Scott.

Andrews, Joseph, died at Berwick, 27 Jan 1909, age 58 years. [28 Jan 1909 obituary + notice].

Anslow, Mrs. Katherine Sutherland, died at Windsor, 7 May 1909. [13 May 1909, obituary].

Anthony, Hazen, born to at Vancouver, BC, 17 Mar 1909, a daughter.[1 April 1909].

Armstrong, Wilbert, born to at North Kingston, 13 Jan 1909, a son. [21 Jan 1909].

Baker, George C. see Saunders, Leda L.

Baker, Henry Lambert, died at North Kingston, 26 Nov 1909, age 76 years.[23 Dec 1909].

Balcom, Silas see Fleet, Susannah.

Balcom, Susannah see Fleet, Susannah.

Balkam, Percy Gordon, Yarmouth, married at Digby, 27 Nov 1909 to Eva Grace Hurlburt, Auburn, NS. [9 Dec 1909].

Balsar, Clara Adelia, w/o G. W. Balsar, d/o Thomas Hanley Chute, died at Harborville, 5 Sept 1909, age 52 years. [9 Sept 1909].

Balsar, G. W. see Balsar, Clara Adelia.

Balsar, John, born to at Brooklyn St., 13 Nov 1909, a daughter. [18 Nov 1909].

Balser, Fred, married at Billtown, 3 Nov 1909, to Rebecca May Brewster, both of Grafton. [18 Nov 1909].

Baltzer, Eugenia E. see Connors, Vinton C.

Baltzer, G. W. see Connors, Vinton C.

Banks, Gladys, w/o David Salzman, died at Pleasant Valley Corner, [Kings Co.], Sun, age 24 years.[25 Mar 1909 see also p.3 Accident].

Banks, Henry, died at Union Square, 24 Apr 1909, age 95 years ; m1. Miss Durling of Anna. Co.; m2. Wilhelmina Condon d/o Samuel Congdon.[ 29 April 1909 notice & obituary ; the obituary is in 6 May Register and above information combined; sp. as was].

Banks, R. H., born to at Waterville, 10 Apr 1909, a daughter.(Vivian Jean).

Banks, Vivian Jean see Banks, R. H.

Bennett, Joseph, born to at Arlington[NS?], 1 Oct 1909, a daughter.[11 Nov 1909].

Bentley, Asachel see Bentley, Stephen M.

Bentley, Mary Bradshaw, d/o R. D. Bentley, married at Northville, 24 Dec 1908, to Ralph L. Parker, s/o Owen H. Parker, Brooklyn St. [7 Jan 1909 write up].

Bentley, R. D. see Bentley, Mary Bradshaw.

Bentley, Stephen M., s/o Asachel Bentley, died at Truro, Sun last, formerly of Sheffield Mills. [4 Nov 1909 paragraph].

Best, Aubrey, born to at Waterville, 10 Dec 1909, a daughter. [16 Dec 1909].

Best, Charles see Best, Ella May.

Best, Ella May, d/o Charles Best, Victoria Harbor, married at Grafton, 24 Nov 1909, to William Sutton, Church St. [2 Dec 1909 write up + notice].

Betton, Miss Viola M., former teacher in Berwick, died at Clarence, Anna. Co., NS, Sun last, age 24 years. [28 Jan 1909 see Local Register].

Betts, Annie J. see Meekins, James O. Blessing, Edith married to Dr. Frank B. Thomas, Sand Coulee, Col. [no place, no date]. [1 July 1909 brief write up].

Bezanson, J. D. see Bezanson, Kempton B.

Bezanson, Kempton B., s/o J. D. Bezanson, Port Williams, married at Look Off, Kings Co., NS, [no date], to Kathleen Blenkhorn d/o James E. Blenkhorn. [11 Nov 1909 write up].

Bill, Mary, see Power, James A.

Bishop, Elizabeth, wid/o William H. Bishop, died at Salem, Mass., 25 Oct 1909, d/o Stephen & Ruby (Thorpe) Porter, age 70 years.[25 Nov 1909].

Bishop, Sophia, died at South Berwick, 24 July 1909, age 85 years. [29 July 1909 notice plus obituary].

Bishop, William H. see Bishop, Elizabeth.

Blenknorn, James E. see Bezanson, Kempton B.

Blenkhorn, Kathleen see Bezanson, Kempton B.

Bligh, Lorne, born to at Berwick, 10 Jan 1909, a son. [14 Jan 1909].

Bond, J. Blackburne, (Jennie Robinson), born to at Brooklyn, NY, 24 Jan 1909, a son. [11 Feb 1909].

Bourne, Susan see Crispo, Mrs. Susan.

Bowen, Rev. T. A. see Brundige, Ethel Blanche.

Bowlby, Edson, born to at Canady Creek, 20 Jan 1909, a son. [4 Feb 1909].

Boyle, A. S. see Boyle, Mamie.

Boyle, Mamie, d/o A. S. Boyle, Church St., Kings Co., died at Boston, Mass.. 15 July 1909 obituary ].

Bradley, Sarah, w/o William Bradley, died at West Black Rock, 28 Oct 1909, in her 83rd year. [4 Nov 1909 obituary + notice].

Bradley, William see Bradley, Sarah.

Brewster, Rebecca May see Balser, Fred.

Brooks, Joseph see Gorman, Rachel.

Brooks, Rachel see Gorman, Rachel.

Brown, Agnes Churchill see Smith, Burpee T.

Brown, Wilbur Frederick see Wood, Bertha Maud.

Brown, W. V. see Smith Burpee T.

Brundige, Ethel Blanche, d/o Richard Brundige, Sheet Harbor, Halifax Co., NS, , married at Calgary, Alberta, 25 Oct 1909 to Rev. T. A. Bowen, Langdon, Alberta. [2 Dec 1909].

Brundige, Richard see Brundige, Ethel Blanche.

Bryden, Isaac, died at Burlington, 4 Sept 1909, age 79 years.[9 Sep 1909].

Burbridge, Chas., born to at Welton Corner, 17 Jan 1909, a son. [28 Jan 1909].

Burgess, Olie see Daniels, Bradford K.

Burgoine, Gilbert, born to at East Dalhousie, 8 July 1909, a daughter. [22 July 1909].

Burrill, Ida Edna see Fisher, Edwin L.

Burrill, Winfield Scott see Fisher, Edwin L.

Butler, George W., born to at Berwick, 26 Nov 1909, a daughter.[9 Dec 1909].

Caldwell, J. Craig, born to at Cambridge, Sta., 1 Dec 1909, a son. [2 Dec 1909].

Calkin, Mrs. H. B. see Cann, Mrs. Sarah McL.

Calkin, C. R., born to at Welsford, 8 Jan 1909, a daughter.

Calvin, O. W., (Mary MacKenzie), born to at Manilla, Philippine Islands, 11 June 1909, a son. [5 August 1909].

Cameron, J. C., born to at Woodstock, NH, 7 Jan 1909, a son.[4 Feb 1909].

Cann, Lyman, see Cann, Mrs. Sarah McL.

Cann, Mrs. Sarah McL., wid/o Lyman Cann, of Yarmouth, died at New York City, 6 Feb 1909, age 83 years. [11 Feb 1909 - at residence of her daughter Mrs. B. H. Calkin].

Capella, Engvor, of Denmark, married at Aylesford, 27 Jan 1909, to Florence May Tupper, of Lake Paul. [4 Feb 1909].

Carey, Charles see McNally, Catherine.

Charlton, Elvida M., d/o William Charlton, married at Lake Pleasant, 26 Sept 1909, to James E. Conrad. [14 Oct 1909 write up].

Charlton, William see Charlton, Elvida M.

Chase, Adelia R. see Neville, Harry W.

Chase, Arch., born to at Union Square, 11 Nov 1909, a son.[18 Nov 1909].

Chipman, Annie see Parker, Theodore Harding.

Chipman, Samuel see Parker, Theodore Harding.

Chute, Clara Adelia see Balsar, Clara Adelia.

Chute, Gilford Dudley , formerly of Berwick, married at Chailey, Alberta, 3 Nov 1909, to Alice Elizabeth Croft, of London, England. [9 Dec 1909 write up].

Chute, Thomas Hanley see Balsar, Clara Adelia.

Clark, R. L., born to at Panama Park, Jacksonville, Florida, 31 May 1909, a daughter. [1 July 1909].

Clarke, Christina, w/o Fred Clarke, d/o Edward G. Newcombe, Upper Dyke, died at Hillaton, 28 Feb 1909, age 45 years. [4 Mar 1909].

Clarke, Edward K., born to at Woodville, Kings Co., 19 Mar 1909, a son. [25 Mar 1909].

Clarke, Fred see Clarke, Christina.

Clarke, Jennie Mildred see Rowe, William H.

Clarke, Ross see Rowe, William H.

Clemm, W. H., born to at Somerset, 12 July 1909, a daughter.[22 July 1909].

Cleveland, Agnes, d/o George Cleveland, died of diphtheria, South Berwick, 10 Jan 1909, age 16 years. [28 Jan 1909].

Cleveland, Carrie, died at South Berwick of diphtheria, 16th Jan 1909, d/o George Cleveland, age 15 years. [28 Jan 1909].

Cleveland, Dollie, died of diphtheria, South Berwick, 12th Jan 1909, d/o George Cleveland, age 10 years. [28 Jan 1909].

Cleveland, George see Cleveland, Agnes, Dollie, Carrie, Mamie, John, Harry. [28 Jan 1909].

Cleveland, Harry, died at South Berwick of diphtheria, 23rd Jan 1909, s/o George Cleveland, age 14 years. [28 Jan 1909].

Cleveland, John, died at South Berwick, of diphtheria, 22nd Jan 1909, s/o George Cleveland, age 17 years. [28 Jan 1909].

Cleveland, Mamie, died at South Berwick of diphtheria, 17th Jan 1909, d/o George Cleveland, age 7 years. [28 Jan 1909].

Cofill, Asa, died at Scotts Bay, 24 Jan 1909, age 92 years. [28 Jan 1909].

Cogswell, Charles A. see Cogswell, Daisey.

Cogswell, Charles Earle see Rand, Daisey Irene.

Cogswell, Daniel see McCloskey, Susan Rebecca.

Cogswell, Daisey, w/o Charles A. Cogswell, d/o S. R. Rand, died at Canning, 13 Nov 1909. [18 Nov 1909].

Cogswell, Susan Rebecca see McCloskey, Susan Rebecca.

Coleman, Frederick B. see Kinsman, Alice Rebecca.

Congdon, Frank Roy, Grafton, married at Rockland, 31 Dec 1908, to Ethyl Blanche Sanford d/o Willard Sanford. [7 Jan 1909 write up].

Congdon, Samuel see Banks, Henry.

Congdon [Condon], Wilhelmina see Banks, Henry.

Conn, Wallace, born to at Cherryfield, 22 Mar 1909, a daughter.[1 April 1909].

Connors, Vinton C., married at Harborville, 13 Oct 1909, to Eugenia E. d/o G. W. Baltzer, all of Harborville. [28 Oct 1909 write up + notice].

Conrad, James E. see Charlton, Elvida M.

Cook, Lewis C., died at North Range, Digby Co., 15 Mar 1909, age 75 years 6 months. [20 May 1909].

Corkum, Freeman, born to at Berwick, 9 Nov 1909, a daughter. [11 Nov 19091].

Cotters, Stella see Nichols, Arthur C.

Cotters, William see Nichols, Arthur C.

Craig, William A., Bridgetown, s/o William Craig, West Cornwallis, died at Boston, Mass., 18 Feb 1909, age 61 years. [25 Feb 1909 see obituary Register 4 Mar. 1909].

Craig, William see Craig, William A.

Crispo, Francis see Crispo, Mrs. Susan.

Crispo, Mrs. Susan, wid/o Francis Crispo, Waterville, died at Berwick, Tues. Quebec, 75 years, maiden name, Bourne. [4 Feb 1909 obituary + notice].

Croft, Alice Elizabeth see Chute, Gilford Dudley.

Crowe, Margaret Alexandra see Hammett, Capt. John Lambton.

Daniels, Bradford K., (Olie Burgess), born to at Tacoma, Wash., 15 Oct 1909, a daughter. [28 Oct 1909].

Daniels, Edwin C., born to at Lawrencetown, 21 Dec 1908, a son (Murray Budd). [14 Jan 1909].

Daniels, Murray Budd see Daniels, Edwin C.

Davidson, Vernon see Margaret Maud Magee.

DeEll, Wallace, born to at Caledonia, CB, 1 Nov 1909, a daughter.[18 Nov 1909].

Dempsey, Mrs. Florence M. see Hamilton, Henry Whitfield.

Dempsey, Norman, born to at Morden, 11 Jan 1909, a son. [28 Jan 1909].

DeWinter, Allison Ira, South Alton, married at Berwick, 17 Nov 1909 to Emily Mary Robar, Lake George.[25 Nov 1909 write up Register Dec 2, 1909].

Dewitt, Mrs. George, died at Blomidon, Thurs last. [28 Jan 1909 see Canning col].

DeWitt, Walter Sydney, see Pineo, Laura DeW.

DeWolfe, Annie Maria see Killam, Annie Maria.

DeWolfe, Elisha see Killam, Annie Maria.

Dickie, Charles see Murray, Sarah.

Dickie, Sarah see Murray, Sarah.

Dikens, Annie see Pelton, Annie.

Dikens, Thomas see Pelton, Annie.

Donnellan, John, died 21 Dec 1908, at Ogilvie, Kings Co., NS, age 70 years. [7 Jan 1909 obituary + notice].

Dukeshar, T. E., born to at South Berwick, 14 Feb 1909, a son.[25 Feb 1909].

Durham, Elizabeth see Jacques, Arthur H.

Durling, Miss see Banks, Henry.

Durno, James, died at Cambridge, NS, 27 Oct 1909, age 65 years.[4 Nov 1909 obituary + notice].

Eaton, Alice M. d/o Leander & Pauline Eaton, Canard, died at Hillaton, Kings Co., NS, 15th age 43 years. [28 Oct 1909 obituary ].

Eaton, Charles see Rawding, Prudence.

Eaton, Ernest Scott, Edmonton, Alberta, married at Summerside, PEI, 13 July 1909, formerly of Auburn, NS, to Hazel Beatrice Andrew, St. Eleanor’s, PEI. [29 July 1909].

Eaton, Howard, born to at Somerset, 11 July 1909, a son.[15 July 1909].

Eaton, Leander see Eaton, Alice M.

Eaton, Pauline see Eaton, Alice M.

Eaton, Prudence see Rawding, Prudence.

Elliott, Ansley see Anderson, John.

Elliott, Elizabeth Mildred see Anderson, John.

Ellis, Dr. J. E., of Guysboro, NS, born to at Halifax, a daughter. [11 Mar 1909].

Ellis, Mabel Bernice see McKay, Mabel Bernice.

Ellis, W. W. see McKay, Mabel Bernice.

Farnsworth, Jerusha A., wid/o Major M. Powers, d/o Nelson Farnsworth, formerly of Aylesford, died at Roxbury, 19 Feb 1909. [25 Feb 1909 notice + add. information].

Farnsworth, Nelson see Farnsworth, Jerusha A.

Fancy, George F., Morristown, married at Windermere, 1 Sept 1909, to Gertrude Rainforth d/o Miles Rainforth, Windermere. [9 Sept 1909 see Register 23 Sept for write up].

Fancy, Johnson N., Chicago, formerly of Berwick, married at Chicago, 10 Sept 1908, to Mary L. Purcell, d/o J. J. Purcell, Kilbourne, Wisconsin. [11 Feb 1909].

Felch, David W., Morristown, married at Aylesford, 25 Apr 1909, to Wilhelmina Keddy, of Millville. [29 Apr 1909].

Felch, James, born to at Morristown, 2 Aug a daughter. [12 Aug 1909].

Fisher, Edwin L., s/o W. W. Fisher, of Shubenacadie, married at Somerset, 17 Dec 1909, to Ida Edna Burrill, d/o Winfield Scott Burrill, of Winthrop, Mass. [23 Dec 1909 write up + notice].

Fisher, W. W. see Fisher, Edwin L.

Fleet, John see Fleet, Susannah.

Fleet, Susannah, wid/o John Fleet, Bear River, d/o Silas Balcom, Morden, died at Bear River, 24 June 1909. [8 July 1909 ].

Foote, Edith see Foote, John Sprott.

Foote, Sprott John, s/o Rev. W. R. & Edith Foote, of Wonsan, Korea, 28 Aug 1909, died at Middle Musquodobit, age 7 years. [2 Sept 1909 obituary + notice].

Foote, Stuart R., Lakeville, married at Woodville, 14 Apr 1909, to Augusta V. d/o Maynard Porter. [29 Apr 1909].

Foote, Rev. W. R. see Foote, John Sprott.

Foster, George William, s/o Phillip Foster, died at Berwick East, Sat last, age 78 years. [21 Jan 1909 obituary and see 28 Jan 1909].

Foster, Phillip see Foster, George William.

Franey, Martin, died at East Dalhousie, 13 Nov 1909, age 78 [?], years. [18 Nov 1909].

Fraser, William C. see Tufts, Mary.

Freeman, Zenas, married at Aylesford, 18 Mar 1909, to Mabel Neily, both of North Kingston. [15 April 1909].

Fuller, Annie see Adler, Mrs. Annie.

Fuller, Leander see Adler, Mrs. Annie.

Fuller, R. F., born to at Somerville, Mass., 8 Apr 1909, a son.[29 Apr 1909].

Gannett, Shelley S., (Lottie Hazelwood) born to at Medford, Mass., 3 Jan 1909, a son. 14 Jan 1909].

Gaul, C. E., born to at East Dalhousie, 30 Oct 1909, a son. [11 Nov 1909].

George, Wallace W. see Woodworth, Prudence Wisdom.

Gleason, Walter Learned see Adler, Mrs. Annie.

Gorman, Rachel, w/o Stephen Gorman, d/o Joseph Brooks, Stillwater, died at South Berwick, 27 Dec 1909, age 34 years. [30 Dec 1909].

Gorman, Stephen see Gorman, Rachel.

Goucher, Ernest, Millville, married at Waterville, 18 Sept 1909, to Elizabeth Guild, of Middle Musquodobit. [23 Sept 1909].

Goucher, Sydney, died at Millville, 26 Apr 1909, age 78 years.[29 Apr 1909].

Gould, Mrs. Ellen, w/o John Gould, died at Harborville, 13 Aug 1909, age 72 years; int. Burlington Cemetery.[19 Aug 1909 see Seaside park, obituary 26 Aug 1909 Register].

Gould, George, born to at East Black Rock, 7 Jan 1909, a daughter.[14 Jan 1909].

Gould, John see Gould, Mrs. Ellen.

Graham, Frederick A., Windsor, married at Digby, 25 Oct 1909, to Mary Eleanor Snow d/o Capt. Joseph E. Snow, Digby, NS. [4 Nov 1909].

Graves, E. F., born to at Morden, 7 June 1909, a son. [24 June 1909].

Griffin, Ethel, w/o Harry Griffin, died at Woodville, 31 Jan 1909, age 42 years. [4 Feb 1909].

Griffin, Harry see Griffin, Ethel.

Guild, Elizabeth see Goucher, Ernest.

Hadley, Mrs. Anna B. see Middlemas, William B.

Hammett, Capt. John Lambton, Lunenburg, married at Halifax, 1 July 1909, to Margaret Alexandra Crowe, Berwick. [8 July 1909 write up + notice].

Hammett, Capt. John Lampton, died at Lunenburg, 15 Nov 1909, age 63 years.[18 Nov 1909 -see marriage spelling Lambton].

Hamilton, Henry Whitfield, Cambridge, Mass., married at Brighton, Mass., 30 Dec 1908, to Mrs. Florence M. Dempsey. [7 Jan 1909 write up in 14 Jan 1909 issue].

Harvey, Dr. F. C., born to at Spokane, Washington, a son. (Frederic Charles, Jr.) [25 March 1909].

Harvey, Frederic Charles, Jr. see Harvey, Dr. F. C.

Hayes, Mary A. see Hayes, Capt. William Sommerville.

Hayes, William see Hayes, Capt. William Sommerville.

Hayes, Capt. William Sommerville, Maitland, married at Somerset, 14 April 1909, to Mary A. Hayes, d/o late William Hayes, Canada Creek. [29 Apr 1909].

Hazel, Gertrude w/o Patrick Hazel, d/o Thomas Rogers, Baxter harbor, died at Arlington, 8 Nov 1909, in 25th year. [23 Dec 1909].

Hazel, Patrick, see Hazel, Gertrude.

Hazelwood, Lottie, see Gannett, Shelley S.

Hicks, William, died at Berwick, 25 Dec 1909, age 69 years.[30 Dec 1909 notice + write up].

Hodges, Mary Amanda, w/o Henry A. Hodges, died at Aylesford, 7 Oct 1909, age 66 years. [14 Oct 1909].

Hodges, Henry A. see Hodges, Mary Amanda.

Hudgins, Alexander Provost, died at Lake George, Aylesford, 16 Dec 1908.[7 Jan 1909 for obituary see 14 Jan Register].

Hudson, Fred see Hudson, Laura Mabel.

Hudson, Laura Mabel, inf/d/o Fred Hudson, died at Greenwood, 11 Apr 1909, age 6 months. [15 April 1909].

Huntley, Perley R., born to at South Berwick, 15 April 1909, a son. [22 April 1909].

Hutchison, Cerinthia w/o Joshua Hutchison, d/o Alexander Patterson, died at Morristown, 30 Oct 1909, in her 77th year. [4 Nov 1909 obituary + notice].

Hutchison, Joshua see Hutchison, Cerinthia.

Hurlburt, Eva Grace see Balkam, Percy Gordon.

Irving, Harmon, born to at Scotts Bay, 8 July 1909, a son. [15 July 1909].

Illsley, Amanda, w/o Isaac L. Illsley, d/o Benjamin L. Palmer, Auburn, died at Berwick, 8 Oct 1909, age 58 years. [14 Oct 1909].

Illsley, Isaac L. see Illsley, Amanda.

Jacques, Agnes E. see Jacques, Winnie B.

Jacques, Arthur H., South Boston, married at Roslindale, Mass., 19 Sept 1909 to Minerva Durham, Stillwater, New York. [23 Sept 1909].

Jacques, Charles W. see Jacques, Winnie B.

Jacques, Winnie B., d/o Agnes E. & late Charles W. Jacques, died at South Boston, Mass., 7 March 1909, age 27 years 7 months; interment Danvers, Mass.[11 Mar 1909].

Jarvis, Charlie, died at Dartmouth, 16 July 1909, of New Ross Rd., age 63 years. [23 July 1909 obituary; see 29 July also (above combined information)].

Johnston, Harry, born to at Lakeville, 17 Apr 1909, a daughter.[6 May 1909]

Keddy, Amos, born to at Millville, 3 Feb 1909. [11 Feb 1909].

Keddy, Wilhelmina see Felch, David W.

Kidston, Harry Alexander see Ward, Mary Olivia.

Killam, Annie Maria, wid/o Joseph A. Killam, d/o Elisha DeWolfe, formerly of Scotts Bay, died at Somerset, 29 June 1909, age 86 years. [8 July 1909 obituary + notice].

Killam, Joseph A. see Killam, Annie Maria.

Killam, George D., born to at Lynn, Mass., 16 Jan 1909, a daughter. [21 Jan 1909].

Killam, Percival see Parker, Iva.

Kinsman, Alice Rebecca, d/o Theodorus Kinsman, married at Grafton, 11 May to Frederick B. Coleman, Grafton. [13 May 1909 write up + notice].

Kinsman, Theodorus see Kinsman, Alice Rebecca.

Kinsman, W. A., born to at Welsford, 1 May 1909, a son. [13 may 1909].

Kirkpatrick, Annie, w/o Fairfield Orpin, formerly of Aylesford, died at Somerville, Mass., 12 Jan 1909, age 53 years. [4 Feb 1909].

Lamb, Brenton H., Stafford, Vermont, married at Sharon, Vermont, 12 Apr 1909, to Josephine A. Orpin, Victoria Harbor, NS. [22 April 1909].

Lawrence, Capt. Charles W. see Lawrence, Joy.

Lawrence, Joy, d/o Capt. Charles W. Lawrence, married at Hantsport, 28 Dec 1909 to John R. Redden. Halifax. [30 Dec 1909].

Lawson, Walter, died at Halifax, 21st .[29 July 1909 obituary].

Lightizer, Jennie Mac., d/o K. Lightizer, married at Kingston, Tues, June ?, to Rev. J. Norman Ritcey, of Riverport. [1 July 1909 write up , very faint].

Lightizer, K. see Lightizer, Jennie Mac.

Lohnes, Orbin, born to at East Dalhousie, 5 Apr 1909, a daughter.[15 Apr 1909].

Lutz, Charles, born to at Lake Paul, Aylesford, 18 Mar 1909, a son. [25 Mar 1909].

Lutz, William, born to at Lake Paul, Aylesford, 14 Mar 1909, a daughter. [25 Mar 1909].

Macdonald, John W., died at Somerville, Mass., 18 Feb 1909, age 55 years. [4 Mar 1909].

MacKenzie, Mary see Calvin, O. W.

MacKinnon, Mr. & Mrs., born to at Waterville, 13 Nov 1909, a daughter. [18 Nov 1909].

Magee, Heber see Magee, Margaret Maud.

Magee, Margaret Maud, d/o Heber Magee, Kingston, married at Kingston, 28 Apr 1909, to Vernon Davidson, Aylesford. [6 May 1909].

Marchant, S. A., born to at Oxford, 18 Feb 1909, a daughter. [4 Mar 1909].

Margeson, Amanda, w/o Noble B. Margeson, d/o Peter Wilson, Aylesford, died at Berwick, 3 Dec 1909, age 65 years 7 months. [9 Dec 1909 obituary + notice].

Margeson, Emerton see Margeson, Prudence Pauline.

Margeson, J. S., born to at Rockland, 20 Apr 1909, a daughter.(stillborn).[22 Apr 1909]

Margseon, Maud see Margeson, Prudence Pauline.

Margeson, Noble B. see Margeson, Amanda.

Margeson, Prudence Pauline, inf/d/o Emerton & Maud Margeson, Melrose, Mass., died at Boston, 21 Jan 1909, age 9 months.[11 Feb 1909].

Martin, Hattie see Martin, Robert.

Martin, John, died, Lower Gaspereaux, 27th . [4 Nov 1909 paragraph].

Martin, Perry see Martin, Robert.

Martin, Robert, wife and son Perry, age 14, daughter Hattie, age 16, of Melanson (or Lower Gaspereaux), drowned Sunday past, Minas Basin, near Boute Island. [7 Oct 1909 see Drowning Accident].

McLellan, Stanley A., of Atlin, BC, married at Atlin, BC, to Annie L. Sterling, formerly of Berwick, NS. [22 July 1909 no date].

McCloskey, James see McCloskey, Susan Rebecca.

McCloskey, Susan Rebecca, wid/o James McCloskey, d/o Daniel Cogswell, formerly of West Cornwallis, died at Dorchester, Mass., 28 Jan 1909, in 85th year. [11 Feb 1909].

McDonald, George A. see McDonald, Ruby L.

McDonald, Jotham, born to at Scotts Bay, 22 May 1909, a daughter. [27 May 1909].

McDonald, Ruby L., d/o George A. McDonald, married at Halifax, 8 Dec 1909, to Rev. G. P. Raymond, Annapolis. [16 Dec 1909 write up + notice].

McKay, Hugh see McKay, Mabel Bernice.

McKay, Mabel Bernice, w/o Hugh McKay, d/o W. W. Ellis, Berwick, died at Victoria Square, Truro, 1 July 1909, age 33 years. [8 July 1909 obituary + notice].

McKenna, J. Lovett see Whymers, Mrs. Mary.

McKenna, Mary see Whymers, Mrs. Mary.

McLean, George W. F. see McLean, Rebecca.

McLean, Rebecca, w/o George W. F. McLean, d/o Edmund Skinner, died at Woodville, 27 July 1909, age 37 years. [5 Aug 1909].

McMahon, Francis A. see McMahon, Mrs. Selina.

McMahon, Mrs. Selina, w/o Francis A. McMahon, died , age 78 years; funeral 10 Oct 1909? [21 Oct 1909 see obituary (Funeral)]

McNally, Catherine, Morden, married at Sanbornville, NH, 3 Aug 1909 to Charles Carey, Lynn, Mass. [12 Aug 1909 write up + notice].

McNeil, Arch. see McNeil, John

McNeil, John, s/o Arch. McNeil, died at Millville, 25 Nov 1909, age 17 years. [23 Dec 1909].

Meekins, James O., formerly of Somerset, married at Providence, RI, 17 Feb 1909, to Annie J. Betts, Malagash, NS. [4 Mar 1909].

Middlemas, Ethel, d/o Dr. F. & Rachel Middlemas, married at [Berwick?], 15 Dec 1909, to frank H. Morse. [23 Dec 1909].

Middlemas, Dr. F., died . [7 Jan 1909 obituary + notice].

Middlemas, Dr. F. see Middlemas, Ethel.

Middlemas, Dr. F. see Middlemas, Rachel Arabella.

Middlemas, Rachel Arabella, wid/o Dr. F. Middlemas, d/o Rev. William Sommerville, died at Berwick, 4 Feb 1909. [11 Feb 1909 obituary + notice].

Middlemas, Rachel see Middlemas, Ethel.

Middlemas, William B., Berwick, married 24 Dec 1909, to Mrs. Anna B. Hadley, Boston, Mass. [30 Dec 1909 write up + notice].

Miller, Ada Blanche see Mulhall, Stephen C.

Miller, Alexander M. see West, Leah Allison.

Moody, Amanda see Moody, James Harvey.

Moody, Clayton Reid, s/o James & Maggie Moody, died at Grafton, 23 Nov 1909, age 5 years. [25 Nov 1909].

Moody, James see Moody, Clayton Reid.

Moody, James Harvey, s/o Amanda & late John Moody, died at Welsford St., 7 May 1909, age 22 years. [13 May 1909 brief obituary + notice].

Moody, John see Moody, James Harvey.

Moody, Maggie see Moody, Clayton Reid.

Moody, Perry, died at Harborville, 19 July 1909, age 40 years.[23 July 1909 notice + see Canady Creek and obituary in Register 29, 1909].

Moody, Samuel, born to at Grafton, 10 Dec 1909, a son. [16 Dec 1909].

Morris, Aubrey see Saunders, Emelie.

Morse, Albert see Smith, Alice Gray.

Morse, Eugene S., died at Millville, 2 Oct 1909, inf/s/o Smallwood Morse, age 4 months, 11 days. [14 Oct 1909].

Morse, Frank H. see Middlemas, Ethel.

Morse, Dr. Ralph Prescott, Saranac Lake, New York, formerly of Berwick, married at Birmingham, Alabama, 26 Oct 1909 to Lena Bell Zwald, Birmingham.[ 30 Dec 1909 write up + notice].

Morse, Reuben, born to at South Berwick, 14 Feb 1909, a daughter. [25 Feb 1909].

Morse, Smallwood see Morse, Eugene.

Morse, Susan see Parker, Theodore Harding.

Morton, Downey, born to at Billtown, 9 Dec 1909, a daughter. [16 Dec 1909].

Mulhall, Stephen C., Digby, married at Newport, 11 Dec 1909, to Ada Blanche Miller,

Newport. [16 Dec 1909].

Murray, Sarah, wid/o Rev. William Murray, d/o Charles Dickie, died at Kingston, Ontario 26 Feb 1909, formerly of East Cornwallis. [27 May 1909].

Murray, Rev. William see Murray, Sarah.

Neily, Joseph see Neily, Robert L.

Neily, Leon M., s/o W. W. Neily, North Kingston, married at Port George, 13 Jan 1909, to Ada E. Woodworth, d/o Mrs. Mary A. Woodworth, Port George. [21 Jan 1909 write up].

Neily, Leon, born to at North Kingston, 12 Nov 1909, a son. [2 Dec 1909].

Neily, Mabel see Freeman, Zenas.

Neily, Robert L., s/o Joseph & Susan Neily, Kingston, died at Kenora, Ontario, 25 June 1909, age 30 years. [8 July 1909 obituary Kenora , Ont. Despatch 25 June see Notice as well].

Neily, Susan see Neily, Robert L.

Neily, W. W. see Neily, Leon M.

Neville, Harry W., married at St. John, NB, 21 Dec 1909, to Adelia R. Chase, both of South Alton, NS. [30 Dec 1909].

Newcombe, Christina see Clarke, Christina.

Newcombe, Cyrus see Tupper, Mary Elizabeth.

Newcombe, Edward G. see Clarke, Christina.

Newcombe, Ezekiel, died at Carlton, St. John, 17 Apr 1909, b. Wilmot, age 83 years s/o Ezekiel Newcombe. [22 April 1909 obituary p.2 additional information].

Newcombe, Mary Elizabeth see Tupper, Mary Elizabeth.

Newcomb, Simon, died at Washington, D.C., Sun last, b. Wallace, Cum. Co., NS, 12 Mar 1812. [15 July 1909 obituary add. family information].

Nichols, Arthur C., Berwick, married at Kentville, NS, 6 Sept 1909 to Stella Cotters, d/o William Cotters, Rockland. [16 Sept 1909].

Nichols, Charlotte see Wilson, Charlotte.

Nichols, Ernest A., born to at Welsford St., 8 May a son. [13 May 1909].

Nichols, George P. see Wilson, Charlotte.

Noble, Rev. Joseph, died at Woodstock, NB, 4 Mar 1909, age 93 years 7 months. [11 March 1909 obituary].

Norwood, Leslie G. see Selfridge, Cora Blanche.

Ogilvie, Wallace, born to at Harborville, 25 July 1909, a daughter. [29 July 1909].

Orpin, Annie see Kirkpatrick, Annie.

Orpin, Fairfield see Kirkpatrick, Annie.

Oulton, Mrs. Catherine, formerly of Berwick, died at West Somerville, Mass., 30 July 1909,age 70 years. [12 Aug 1909 obituary + notice].

Palmer, Amanda see Illsley, Amanda.

Palmer, Benjamin L. see Illsley, Amanda.

Palmer, Edgar B., born to at Morristown, 12 July 1909, a daughter.[12 Aug 1909].

Palmer, Edward see Thulin, Louise Albertina.

Palmer, Margaret, wid/o Thomas Palmer, died at Rockland, Kings Co., NS, 26 Dec 1909, age 77 years. [30 Dec 1909].

Palmer, Thomas see Palmer, Margaret.

Parker, Abel see Parker, Theodore Harding.

Parker, Benjamin, s/o George Parker, Grafton, died at Berwick, 28 July 1909, age 64 years. [5 Aug 1909].

Parker, George see Parker, Benjamin.

Parker, Harry, born to at North Kingston, 26 Nov 1909, a daughter.[2 Dec 1909].

Parker, Holmes, born to at Weston, 24 Oct 1909, a son.[11 Nov 1909].

Parker, Howard E., born to at Waterville, 25 Oct 1909, a daughter. [25 Nov 1909].

Parker, Iva, d/o Owen H. Parker, married at Brooklyn St., 5 Aug 1909, to Percival Killam, of Woodville. 12 Aug 1909 write up + notice].

Parker, Owen H. see Bentley, Mary Bradshaw.

Parker, Owen H. see Parker, Iva.

Parker, Ralph L. see Bentley, Mary Bradshaw.

Parker, Selina see Scott, James.

Parker, S. H., born to at Berwick, 21 June 1909, a son. [24 June 1909].

Parker, Theodore Harding, died at Berwick 25 Oct 1909, age 82 years, b. Aylesford, 1826 s/o Deacon Abel Parker & Susan Morse; removed to Berwick 4 April 1827; married Annie d/o Deacon Samuel Chipman, Nictaux; she d. 10 Dec 1906.[ 28 Oct 1909 obituary + notice].

Patillo, T. S., born to at Truro, NS, 21 Oct 1909, a daughter.[28 Oct 1909].

Patterson, Alexander see Hutchison, Cerinthia.

Patterson, A. LeRoy see Selfridge, Edna Jean.

Patterson, Cerinthia see Hutchison, Cerinthia.

Patterson, Stanley, born to at Millville, 15 Aug 1909, a son. [26 Aug 1909].

Patterson, W. E., born to at North Kingston, 21 Nov 1909, a daughter. [9 Dec 1909].

Pelton, Annie, w/o Rupert Pelton, d/o Thomas Dikens, died at South Berwick, 9 Oct 1909, age 24 years. [14 Oct 1909].

Pelton, Rupert see Pelton, Annie.

Pierce, Frank, born to at Greenwood, 13 Mar 1909. [18 Mar 1909].

Pierce, Howard died at Greenwood, 30 Nov 1909, age 36 years. [9 Dec 1909 obituary].

Pierce, John, died at Grafton, 27 Apr 1909, in 59th year. [29 Apr 1909 notice and obit].

Pineo, Georgia A. see Pineo, Holmes D.

Pineo, George E. see Pineo, Holmes D.

Pineo, Holmes D., of Atlin, BC, married at Skagway, Alaska, 24 June 1909, to Georgia A. Pineo d/o George E. Pineo, Berwick, NS. 15 July 1909 write up see also 22 July Register].

Pineo, Laura DeW., married at Dorchester, Mass., 27 Oct 1909, to Walter Sydney DeWitt. [11 Nov 1909 write up + notice].

Pearsons, William R., born to at Grafton, 13 Feb 1909, a daughter. [18 Feb 1909].

Petersen, Peter, born to at Berwick, 24 Mar 1909, a daughter. [1 April 1909].

Poor, Walter Francis, Highland Park, California, married at Los Angeles, California, 6 Feb 1909, to Fannie Silver d/o Silar R. Tupper, formerly of Canning. [4 Mar 1909- assuming Silver is middle name?].

Porter, Augusta V. see Foote, Stuart R.

Porter, Charles see Porter, Myrtle Maud.

Porter, Charles Henry see Wood, Ola Fay.

Porter, Elizabeth see Bishop, Elizabeth.

Porter, Frank, born to at Grafton, 27 Feb 1909, a daughter. [11 Mar 1909].

Porter, George, born to at Arlington, 30 Jan 1909, a son. [18 Feb 1909].

Porter, Maynard see Foote, Stuart R.

Porter, Myrtle Maud, d/o Charles Porter, married at Hall’s Harbor, 5 May 1909, to Mark Simpson, all of Hall’s Harbor. [27 May 1909].

Porter, Stephen see Bishop, Elizabeth.

Power, James A., died at Whitman, Mass., [no date], native of Canard; married Mary Bill. [15 July 1909 obituary].

Powers, Jerusha A., see Farnsworth, Jerusha A.

Powers, Major M. see Farnsworth, Jerusha A.

Purcell, J. J. see Fancy, Johnson N.

Purcell, Mary L. see Fancy, Johnson N.

Rainforth, George, died at Berwick, 2 Sept 1909, age 64 years. [9 Sept 1909 obituary p.2].

Rainforth, Gertrude see Fancy, George F.

Rainforth, Miles see Fancy, George F.

Rand, Daisey se Cogswell, Daisey.

Rand, Daisey Irene, d/o Silas R. Rand, Brooklyn St., married at Brooklyn St., Cornwallis, 20 May 1909 to Charles Earle Cogswell, Canning.[27 May 1909 write up + notice].

Rand, Silas R. see Rand, Daisey Irene.

Rand, S. R. see Cogswell, Daisey.

Rawding, Joseph H. see Rawding, Prudence.

Rawding, Lavinia, died at NS Hospital, two weeks ago, age 36 years. [12 August 1909 see Canady Creek col].

Rawding, Prudence, w/o Joseph H. Rawding, d/o Charles Eaton, Canady Creek, died at Black Rock, 31 Mar 1909, in 78th year.[8 April 1909 notice + see Canady Creek col.].

Ray, W. H., died at Clementsport, 7 May 1909, age abt. 84 years.[13 May 1909].

Raymond, Rev. G. P. see McDonald, Ruby Blanche.

Redden, John R. see Lawrence, Joy.

Redgate, Clara E. see Stark, Robert.

Redgate, Thomas, born to at Morden, 4 Aug 1909, a son. [12 Aug 1909].

Redgate, William, born to at Morden, 20 Jan 1909, a son. [28 Jan 1909].

Reed, Granville B. see Reed, Sophia.

Reed, Sophia, wid/o Granville B. Reed, died at Wolfville, 12 Dec 1909, age 78 years.

Reid, David, of Isaac’s Harbor, near County Harbor, died 17 Oct 1909.[21 Oct 1909 see Drowned].

Reid, Melbourne, born to at Welsford, 27 July 1909, a son.[29 July 1909].

Reynolds, Rev. A. R., born to at North East Harbor, Shelburne Co., NS, 2 Dec 1909, a son. [23 Dec 1909].

Reynolds, James Allison, inf/s/o Rev. A. R. Reynolds, died at North East Harbor, 10 Dec 1909, aged 1 week. [23 Dec 1909].

Ritchie, Charles Hennigar, died at Morden, 48 years.[8 July 1909 notice + see Morden + obit].

Ritcey, Rev. J. Norman see Lightizer, Jennie Mac.

Roach, H. W., born to at North Kingston, 14 Jan 1909, a son. [21 Jan 1909].

Robar, Emily Mary see DeWinter, Allison Ira.

Robinson, Jennie see Bond, J. Blackburne.

Rogers, Gertrude see Hazel, Gertrude.

Rogers, Thomas see Hazel, Gertrude.

Rogers, Maud see Usher, John U.

Rowe, William H., Prince Albert, Sask., married at Woodville, NS, 1 Sept 1909, to Jennie Mildred Clarke d/o Ross Clarke. 9 Sept 1909 write up + notice].

Salzman, David see Banks, Gladys.

Sanford, Dawson, s/o J. Wesley Sanford, Waterville, died at Red Indian Lake, Newfoundland, 28 Mar 1909, age 27 years.[15 Apr 1909 see p.3 Killed in Newfoundland].

Sanford, J. Wesley see Sanford, Dawson.

Sanford, Ethyl Blanche see Congdon, Frank Roy.

Sanford, Frank see Sanford, Maud.

Sanford, Maud, d/o Frank Sanford, married , 1 Jan 1909, to Albert Ebbitt.[Winnipeg Free Press Jan 2, 1909 - Register 21 Jan 1909 write up].

Sanford, Willard see Congdon, Frank Roy.

Saunders, A. P. see Akerly, Mrs. Havelock.

Saunders, C. E. see Saunders, C. E.

Saunders, Emelie, d/o C. E. Saunders, married at Forest Glade, 5 May 1909, to Aubrey Morris, Roxbury, Mass. [27 May 1909 write up].

Saunders, Harry, born to at Weston, 5 Mar 1909, a daughter.[11 Mar 1909].

Saunders, Leda L., Springfield, NS, married at Middleton, 7 Dec 1909, to George C. Baker, Tremont. [9 Dec 1909].

Saunders, Will, born to at North Kingston, 1 Jan 1909, a son. [21 Jan 1909].

Sarty, two brothers, killed at Torbrook Mines, 15 Feb 1909.[25 Feb 1909 see Killed at Torbrook].

Savage, Harvey, s/o James Savage, died at Lynnfield, Mass., 16 Mar 1909, age 15 years. [1 April 1909 notice + obituary; add. information].

Savage, James see Savage, Harvey.

Sawler, W. C. B., died at Bombay, India, age 36 years. [25 Feb 1909 obituary see Tribute 4 March 1909 Register].

Saxon, Avon, died at Berwick, 24 Mar 1909, age 52 years; b. Windsor, NS. [1 Apr 1909].

Schnare, Ainsley, born to at White’s Corner, Kings Co., 21 Mar 1909, a son. [25 Mar 1909].

Scott, James, Somerset, died at Allston, Mass., 4 Feb 1909, age 72 years; b. Gourock, Scotland, 21 Oct 1886 [sic] arrived Boston, 1865;widow, Selina Parker.[18 Mar 1909 obit].

Selfridge, Cora Blanche , d/o George L Selfridge, married at Aylesford, 4 Aug 1909 to Leslie G. Norwood. [12 Aug 1909 this was a double wedding; write up + notice]. Selfrdige, Edna Jean, d/o George L. Selfridge, married at Aylesford, 4 Aug 1909, to A. LeRoy Patterson. [12 Aug 1909 write up + notice ; double wedding].

Selfridge, George L. see Selfridge, Cora Blanche and Selfirdge, Edna Jean.

Sellon, Hector B., died at Harborville, Easter Sun, age 34 years, int. Berwick.[22 Apr 1909].

Shaw, Annie, d/o Archibald M. Shaw, married at Lower Stewiacke, NS, 22 Sept 1909, to Rowland Sharples. [30 Sept 1909].

Shaw, Archibald see Shaw, Annie.

Shaw, Christine see Stevens, F. G.

Shaw, Mrs. Orin T., born to at New Glasgow, 26 Jan 1909, a daughter. [18 Feb 1909].

Shaw, W. M., born to at Berwick, 16 Feb 1909, a daughter. [18 Feb 1909].

Sharples, Rowland see Shaw, Annie.

Shepherd, Frank see Shepherd, Ralph Edwin.

Shepherd, Katherine see Shepherd, Ralph Edwin.

Shepherd, Ralph Edwin, s/o Frank & Katherine Shepherd, died at Kentville, 27 Nov 1909, age 3 years 5 months. [2 Dec 1909].

Shepherd, William, born to at Berwick, 7 Dec 1909, twins (son & daughter).[9 Dec 1909].

Siggins, Nancy Morris, wid/o Joseph Siggins, died at North Grafton, 18 Mar 1909, age 70 years. [25 Mar 1909].

Siggins, Joseph see Siggins, Nancy Morris.

Simpson, Mark see Porter, Myrtle Maud.

Skinner, Edward see McLean, Rebecca.

Skinner, Rebecca see McLean, Rebecca.

Smick, Charles Otis, married at Marlboro, Mass., 7 Apr 1909, to Lucy Wiles, ; will reside in Westborn, Mass. [22 Apr 1909].

Smith, Alice Gray, d/o John Smith, Windsor, NS, married at Clementsport, Anna Co., 8 June 1909, to Albert Morse, Bridgetown. [24 June 1909 write up + notice].

Smith, Augusta W. see Spicer, Allan.

Smith, Burpee T., Windsor, married at Berwick, 23 June 1909, to Agnes Churchill d/o W. V. Brown, Berwick. [23 June 1909 write up + notice].

Smith, John see Smith, Alice Gray.

Snow, Capt. Joseph E. see Graham, Frederick A.

Snow, Mary Eleanor see Graham, Frederick A.

Sommerville, Rachel Arabella see Middlemas, Rachel Arabella.

Sommerville, Rev. William see Middlemas, Rachel Arabella.

Spencer, Harry T. see Whitman, Mamie Grace.

Spicer, Allan, Harborville, married at Berwick, 22 May 1909, to Augusta W. Smith, of Phinney’s Cove, Annapolis Co. [27 May 1909].

Spicer, Edward, born to at Harborville, a son. [22 April 1909].

Stark, Robert, Auburn, married at Morden, 30 June 1909, to Clara E. Redgate, Morden. [8 July 1909 write up + notice].

Sterling, Annie L. see McLellan, Stanley A.

Sterling, James M., died at Newport, Tues last, age 72 years. [25 Feb 1909 see Death of...].

Stevens, F. G., (Christine Shaw), born to at Etzatlan, Jalisco, Mexico, 13 Aug 1909, a son. 19 Aug 1909].

Sullivan, G. F., born to at South Berwick, 17 Jan 1909, a son.[28 Jan 1909].

Sutton, William see Best, Ella May.

Sweeney, John T., born to at Garland, 19 Mar 1909, a son. [8 Apr 1909].

Taylor, Andrew, born to at Cambridge, 6 Dec 1909, a daughter. [9 Dec 1909].

Taylor, David, died at East Dalhousie, 15 Apr 1909, age 89 years. [6 May 1909].

Taylor, Elijah see Taylor, Matilda.

Taylor, H. S., born to at East Dalhousie, 8 Jan 1909, a son. [28 Jan 1909].

Taylor, Matilda, wid/o Elijah Taylor, died at Berwick, 6 May 1909, age 85 years. [13 May 1909].

Thomas, Hiram C. see Thomas, Lydia A.

Thomas, Lydia A., d/o Mrs. Rebecca & late Hiram C. Thomas, died at Belmont, Mass., 10 May 1909, age 52 years, formerly of Black Rock, Kings Co., NS.[20 May 1909 obituary & notice].

Thomas, Mrs. Rebecca see Thomas, Lydia A.

Thorpe, Harry, born to at Neepawa, Manitoba, 11 Mar 1909, a son. [25 Mar 1909].

Thorpe, Ruby ses Bishop, Elizabeth.

Thulin, Hans see Thulin, Louise Albertina.

Thulin, Louise Albertina, d/o Hans Thulin, Medford [Mass.?], married to Edward Palmer, Somerville, [Mass.?], s/o Mrs. Emma L. Whitman, Torbrook Mines, NS; will reside in West Somerville [Mass.?]. [13 May 1909 write up].

Tufts, Mary, wid/o William C. Fraser, died at Grafton, 20 Nov 1909, in her 99th year. 25 Nov 1909].

Tupper, Cyrus see Newcombe, Mary Elizabeth.

Tupper, Fanny Silver see Poor, Walter Francis

Tupper, Florence May see Capella, Engvor.

Tupper, Harmon, born to at Scotts Bay, 23 Jan 1909, twin daughters. [28 Jan 1909].

Tupper, Mary Elizabeth, wid/o James Tupper, d/o Cyrus Newcombe, died at Berwick, 11 Sept. 1909, age 89 years. [16 Sept 1909 obituary + notice].

Tupper, Silar R. see Poor, Walter Francis.

Usher, John U., Waterville, married at Waterville, 25 Sept 1909, to Maud Rogers, Wolfville. [7 Oct 1909].

Ward, Elias C. see Ward, Mary Olivia.

Ward, Harold C., born to at Weston, 3 Jan 1909, a son. [14 Jan 1909].

Ward, Mary Olivia, d/o Elias C. Ward, married at Centreville, 5 May 1909, to Harry Alexander Kidston, Billtown. [27 May 1909].

West, Caldwell J., died at Aylesford, Fri last, [12th ], age 56 years.[18 Mar 1909 notice + obituary].

West, Leah Allison, Victoria Harbor, NS, married at Intervale, NH, 24 Nov 1909, to Alexander M. Miller, Intervale, NH. [2 Dec 1909].

Whitman, Mrs. Emma see Thulin, Louise Albertina.

Whitman, Mamie Grace, d/o Whitfield Whitman, formerly of Nictaux, married at Pasadena, California, 6 Jan 1909, to Harry T. Spencer, Los Angeles. [21 Jan 1909].

Whitman, Whitfield see Whitman, Mamie Grace.

Whymers, Capt. see Whymers, Mrs. Mary.

Whymers, Mrs. Mary, wid/o Capt. Whymers, d/o J. Lovett McKenna, Kingston, died at Wilmot, 14 Feb 1909. [18 Feb 1909].

Winchester, Lovitt, born to at Jersey City, NJ, 6 Sept 1909, a daughter. [16 Sept 1909].

Wile, Harris A., born to at Waterville, 13 July 1909, a son. [5 Aug 1909].

Wiles, Lucy see Smick, Charles Otis.

Wilson, Amanda see Margeson, Amanda.

Wilson, Charlotte w/o Christopher Wilson, died at Brockton, Mass., 2 Nov 1909, d/o George P. Nichols, Berwick, ; b. July 1842.[11 Nov 1909 obituary].

Wilson, Christopher see Wilson, Charlotte.

Wilson, Myrtle E., died at East Dalhousie, 21 June 1909, age 38 years.[24 June 1909].

Wilson, Norman, born to at Morristown, 27 Nov 1909, a daughter.[23 Dec 1909].

Wilson, Peter see Margeson, Amanda.

Withers, W. A., born to at Medicine Hat, Alberta, 17 Mar 1909, a daughter.[1 Apr 1909].

Wixstead, T. E., born to at Yarmouth, NS, 19 Sept 1909, a daughter. [7 Oct 1909].

Wood, Bertha Maud, d/o Charles R. Wood, Woodville, married at Woodville, 21 April 1909, to Wilbur Frederick Brown, Canning. [29 April 1909].

Wood, Charles R. see Wood, Bertha Maud.

Wood, Charles R. see Wood, Ola Fay.

Wood, Ola Fay, d/o Charles R. Wood, married at Woodville, 14 Sept 1909, to Charles Henry Porter, Wolfville. [23 Sept 1909 write up].

Woodworth, Ada E. see Neily, Leon M.

Woodworth, Belina, d/o Charles Woodworth, died at South Berwick, 24 Dec 1909, age 63 years. [30 Dec 1909 obituary + notice].

Woodworth, Charles see Woodworth, Belina.

Woodworth, Mrs. Mary A. see Neily, Leon M.

Woodworth, G. W. see Woodworth, Prudence Wisdom.

Woodworth, Prudence Wisdom, d/o G. W. Woodworth, Kentville, married at London, England, to Wallace W. George, of Fargo, North Dakota.[5 Aug 1909 write up].

Wright, M. H. N., born to at Berwick, 25 June 1909, a son. [1 July 1909].

Zwald, Lena Bell see Morse, Dr. Ralph Prescott.

Inserts - where b.m.d. don’t fit but may have some significance:

1.Golden Wedding Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Abner Woodworth. [21 Jan 1909].

2.Tribute to late W. C. B. Sawler [see 25 Register Feb for additional information].

3.Silver Wedding, Embree W. Illsley [15 April 1909].

4.Coldwell Celebration; good family information; long write up.[23 July 1909].

5.Silver Wedding, Capt. A. H. & Mrs. Gibson.[26 Aug 1909].

6.Golden Wedding: Mr. & Mrs. James M. Hird [16 Dec 1909].