Newspaper - Vital Statistics, 1906

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
Vital Statistics 1906

Compiled and indexed by John Parker B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.(C) and posted through the kindness of Phillip Vogler with permission of the Berwick Register. Thanks to NSARM for their help and mfm #4018. Odds and Ends inserted on last page. Skips from 29 March 1906 to 26 April 1906; then skips again 3 May 1906 to 5 July 1906. For personal use only. Published on Thursday; film is out of order. (26 July 1906 skips to 30 August 1906). 2 August 1906 no vitals.

Allen, Mrs. Arthur (Nettie King) d/o George G. king, died at Bridgewater, age 23 years. [Annapolis Spectator 26th; Register 1 Nov 1906 obituary].

Allen, George W. see Allen, Mabel E.

Allen, Hennigar J. see Robart, Elva Belle.

Allen, Mabel E., d/o George W. Allen, Yarmouth, married at Providence Church, Yarmouth, 9 Aug 1906, to Rev. Douglas G. Guest, Est Burke, Vermont. [23 Aug 1906].

Algee, Burton, born to at White’s Corner, 25 Dec 1905, a son. [11 Jan 1906].

Anderson, Mrs. Harriet L. see Anderson, Susie May.

Anderson, Susie May, d/o Mrs. Harriet L. Anderson, Boston, married on Thursday, to Woodford Busknell Hart. [from Los Angeles Sunday Times 1 Oct 1906; Register 20 Dec 1906 - no place recorded nor date except "Thursday" write up].

Armstrong, Lewis see Palmeter, Arthur Emmerson.

Armstrong, Maud Cadella see Palmeter, Arthur Emmerson.

Baltzer, Aubrey, married at Aylesford, 18 July 1906, to Adelia Craig, both of Spa Springs. 9 August 1906].

Barnaby, Parker, died Wed/Thurs., employed by N.S. Carriage Co., Kentville, drowned. [25 Oct 1906 see p.3 col.2].

Beals, Arthur Clifford s/o G. F. Beals, died at Factorydale, 13 July 1906, 26 years 6 months. [19 July 1906 obituary + notice].

Beals, G. F. see Beals, Arthur Clifford.

Beals, George F. see McCorkle, John.

Beals, Laura E. see McCorkle, John.

Benjamin, James, died at Brooklyn St., 20 Dec 1905, burial Uxbridge, Mass. [4 Jan 1906 see Grafton p.2].

Benjamin, Luther, H., Berwick, married at Waterville, 7 Sept 1906, to Mary E. Sarsfield of Chipman Brook. [20 Sept 1906].

Benjamin, Melvin see Benjamin, Sadie.

Benjamin, Sadie d/o Melvin Benjamin, died at South Berwick, 16 mar 1906, age 5 years. [22 March 1906].

Benjamin, William A., died at Berwick, 23 Mar 1906, age 75 years.[29 Mar 1906].

Benson, Harding, married at Bear River, 27 Dec 1905, to Grace Ray d/o Capt. John Ray, Bear River. [4 Jan 1906].

Best. Mrs. Edna see Bishop, Ernest C.

Best, Emma J. see Bishop, Ernest C.

Best, Dr. Frederick see Bishop, Ernest C.

Best, Lillian G. see Hallam, W.T.

Bezanson, Joseph A., Garland, married at North Grafton, 5 Sept 1906, to Ethel Catherine Bryden d/o Eben Bryden. [13 Sept 1906 write up + notice].

Biglin, Mamie, married Sat, Lewiston, Montana[?], to Eaton McLean, s/o Daniel McLean, Weston, NS. [Married in Montana; Kendall, Montana Miner 6 April] [3 May 1903 Outlook].

Bill, Gordon, Wolfville, married at St. john, 15 Aug 1906, to Lucy E. Vanwart, d/o John W. Vanwart, St. John, NB. [23 Aug 1906 write up p.2].

Bishop, Ernest C., married at Somerset, 21 Aug 1906, to Emma J. Best, d/o Mrs. Edna Best, wid/o Dr. Frederick Best. [23 Aug 1906].

Bishop, George L., born to at Greenwich, 22 Jan 1906, a daughter. [1 Feb 1906].

Bishop, J. Lovett, died at Greenwich, 23 Aug 1906, age 74 years. [30 Aug 1907].

Blackburn, Ernest A., born to at Scotch Village, 23 Sept 1906, a daughter.[11 Oct 1906].

Blackburn, James F., Newport, Hants Co., married at Berwick, 13 Aug 1906 to Lillie Usher of Waterville. [16 Aug 1906].

Blenas, T. H., died at Jacksonville, Florida, Sun last, b. Church St., Cornwallis, 55 years ago. [12 July 1906 p.2 c.3].

Bligh, James Loran, Berwick, married at Harborville, Tues last, to Esther Spicer, d/o Capt. William Spicer. [8 March 1906 see also 15 Mar 1906; notice; diff. Pl.m.]

Bligh, Leverett R., Lakeville, married at Grafton, 24 Oct 1906, to Lucy Marjorie Pineo, d/o George E. Pineo. [1 Nov 1906 write up].

Boates, Isaac S. see Spicer, Amy A.

Bond, Joseph Blackburn, New York, formerly of Yarmouth, married at New York, 24 Oct 1906 to Jennie Louise Robinson, d/o Mrs. Mary Robinson & Capt. John H. Robinson, formerly of Berwick. [1 Nov 1906].

Borden, Benjamin see McNeill, Mrs.

Brennan, Julia I. See Downie, David A.

Brown, Alice E., d/o Stephen Brown, died at Halls Harbor, 23 June 1906, 21 years. [26 July 1906 p.3 obituary].

Brown, Bertie L., d/o Thomas & Sarah Brown, died at St. John, 22 Feb 1906, age 28 years. [1 March 1906].

Brown, Margaret, wid/o Moses Brown, d/o Israel Moody, formerly of Black Rock, died at Somerset, 18 Aug 1906.[6 Sept 1906].

Brown, Moses see Brown, Margaret.

Brown, Sarah see Brown, Bertie L.

Brown, Stephen see Brown, Alice E.

Brown, Thomas see Brown, Bertie L.

Bryden, Eben see Bezanson, Joseph A.

Bryden, Ethel Catherine see Bezanson, Joseph A.

Bullerwell, Delos, s/o Capt. William Bullerwell, age 15 years, died at Cambridge[?], Monday. [26 April 1906 see Cambridge col.].

Bullerwell, Capt. William see Bullerwell, Delos.

Burgess, Fenwick, born to at Lakeville, 5 Nov 1906, a son. [22 Nov 1906].

Butler, Mrs. Annie K., wid/o John K. Butler, died at Halifax, ‘Thurs’.[1 Feb 1906] - [Yarmouth Herald; Register 1 Feb 1906 see p.2 col. 2].

Butler, John K. see Butler, Mrs. Annie K.

Caldwell, A. M., born to at Fresno, California, 10 Mar 1906, a son. [22 Mar 1906].

Caldwell, Edith Alberta, d/o Edwin Caldwell, married at Garland, 31 Oct 1906, to Charles Howard Thomas, Weston. [8 Nov 1906 write up].

Caldwell, Edwin see Caldwell, Edith Alberta.

Caldwell, Mrs. Helen, wid/o late Hibbert Caldwell, d/o Lot Church, died at Gaspereaux, 10 Nov 1906, age 83 years. [15 Nov 1906 obituary ; additional family information].

Caldwell, Hibbert see Caldwell, Mrs. Helen.

Carter, Alice, d/o Thomas Carter, Woodville, married at Canning, 19 Apr 1906, to Herbert N. Rockwell, Lakeville. [3 May 1906].

Carter, Frank, born to at Crossburn, Anna. Co., 2 Dec 1906, a daughter.[20 Dec 1906].

Carter, Thomas see Carter, Alice.

Chipman, Annie C. see Parker, Mrs. T. H.

Chipman, Samuel see Parker, Mrs. T. H.

Chittick, Rebecca, wid/o Thomas Chittick, died at Greenwood, 22 Nov 1906, d/o Guy Morton, West Cornwallis, age 74 years. [6 Dec 1906].

Chittick, Thomas see Chittick, Rebecca.

Church, Helen see Caldwell, Mrs. Helen.

Church, Lot see Caldwell, Mrs. Helen.

Chute, Joseph F. see Rood, Judson Gordon.

Chute, Lottie DeWolfe see Rood, Judson Gordon.

Clark, John G, Aylesford, married at Berwick, 31 Jan 1906 to Mrs. LaLeah Coggins, Westport, Digby Co., NS. [1 Feb 1906].

Clark, John G. see Nichols, Bertina M.

Clem, Agnes see Patterson, Lambert L.

Clem, Mrs. Elias see Patterson, Lambert L.

Coffill, Lamont, born to at Scotts Bay, 27 Oct 1906, a daughter. [8 Nov 1906].

Coggins, Mrs. Laleah see Clark, John G.

Cogswell, Daniel see MacDonald, Margaret Ellen.

Cogswell, Margaret Ellen see MacDonald, Margaret Ellen.

Congdon, Mrs. Benjamin, died at Easton, ‘yesterday’, age 60 years, former resident of Berwick. [Brockton Daily Enterprise Feb 7th., Register 15 Feb 1906 obituary p.2].

Congdon, Mrs. Nancy (Nancy Steadman), wid/o Wells Congdon, died at Young’s Cove, 30 Sept 1906, age 79 years 9 months. [11 Oct 1906].

Congdon, Wells see Congdon, Mrs. Nancy.

Cook, Capt. Isaac, died at Harborville, 1 Dec 1906, age 68 years 6 weeks.[6 Dec 1906- obituary p.3].

Corbin, Rev. P. G., born to at West LaHave, 3 Oct 1906, a daughter. [11 Oct 1906].

Corbin, Raymond Arthur s/o Raymond Corbin, died at Berwick, 19 Feb 1906, 1 year. [22 Feb 1906].

Corbin, Raymond see Corbin Raymond Arthur.

Corbin, Raymond, born to at Berwick, 12 Nov 1906, a son. [15 Nov 1906].

Corkum, D. A., born to at Scotts Bay, 15 Oct 1906, a daughter. [25 Oct 1906].

Corkum, James, died at Scotts Bay, 15 Oct 1906, age 92 years. [25 Oct 1906].

Cox, Alena V., d/o Edwin Cox, Berwick, married at Aylesford, 28 Nov 1906, to Amos H. Smith, Aylesford. [29 Nov 1906].

Cox, Edwin see Cox, Alena V.

Craig, Adelia see Baltzer, Aubrey.

Craig, Laura T. see Stolar, Rudolph

Craig, T. T. see Stolar, Rudolph.

Creamer, George Ernest see O’Connor, Susie Laura.

Crowe, James E. see King, Arthur M.

Crowe, Janice Blanche see King, Arthur M.

Cumming, Melissa K. see MacDonald, J. Parker.

Curtis, George W. see Henshaw, Mary Emma.

Daizell, Mrs. Sarah, wid/o William Daizell, South Berwick, died at Aylesford, 16 Nov 1906, age 72 years. [29 Nov 1906].

Daizell, (Dalzell?) William, died at South Berwick, 10 Mar 1906, age 87 years. [22 Mar 1906 see Correction [95] 29 Mar 1906 Register p.3c2].

Daizell, William see Daizell, Mrs. Sarah.

Daniels, Mary, d/o Nathan Daniels, Somerset, married at Berwick, 19 Dec 1906, Walter Lightfoot, of Waterville. [27 Dec 1906].

Daniels, Nathan see Daniels, Mary.

Daniels, Alice L., Bridgetown, married at Bear River, 2 Jan 1906 to John E. Trimper, Clementvale. [11 Jan 1906].

Dawson, Arthur Bruce, s/o Rev. H. S. Dawson, died at Halifax, NS, 31 Aug 1906, age 6 years. [13 Sept 1906].

Dawson, Rev. H. S. see Dawson, Arthur Bruce.

Dixon, John F., Portland, Maine, married at St. Croix, NS, 20 June 1906, to Minnie A. Mosher, St. Croix. [5 July 1906].

Douglas, Alberta see Kelton, David H.

Douglas, Olive see Patterson, Herbert.

Downie, David A., Margaretville, married at Auburn, 25 Sept 1906 to Julia I. Brennan. [27 Sept 1906 write up].

Dukeshar, T. E., born to at Litchfield, Anna. Co., 22 Nov 1906, a son. [6 Dec 1906].

Eaton, Benjamin, died Monday[?], at Sheffield Mills, age 80 years, brother of G. W. Eaton, Berwick and his wife a sister of late Joseph Ells, Berwick.[26 Apr 1906 see p.3c6].

Eaton, G. W. see Eaton, Benjamin.

Ellis, Bernice see Park, Richard.

Ellis, Dr. C. C. see Park, Richard.

Ells, Georgiana, w/o Richmond M. Ells, d/o Wm. A. Rockwell, formerly of Woodville, died at West Somerville, Mass., 14 Jan 1906. [25 Jan 1906].

Ells, Joseph see Eaton, Benjamin.

Ells, Nina see Morton, Charles.

Ells, Richmond see Ells, Georgianna.

Fancy, Douglas, died at Harmony, 13th , in 22nd year. [22 March 1906].

Faulkner, William, died at Walpole, Mass., Sunday, age 53 years.[20 Dec 1906 obituary].

Felch, James, died at Morristown, 4 Mar 1906, age 41 years. [15 Mar 1906 p.2 obituary].

Fisher, George W. see Fisher, Mary.

Fisher, Mary, wid/o George W., d/o late Deacon Abel Parker, Berwick, died at Somerset, 21 Feb 1906, age 83 years. [22 Feb 1906 notice + obituary see also Somerset].

Foote, M. Grant, born to at Brooklyn St., 18 Sept 1906, a son. [20 Sept 1906].

Forbes, Cathelia see Payzant, Cathelia.

Forbes, Capt. W. J. see Payzant, Cathelia.

Ford, Theodouis, did at Milton, Queens Co., NS, 12 July 1906, 95 years.[26 July 1906].

Forrestal, James, of Lakeview, died, age 78 years.[20 Dec 1906 see Dalhousie East].

Foshay, Annie May see Parker, Fred A.

Forsyth, Andrew L. see Rockwell, Maria L.

Forsyth, Maria L. see Rockwell, Maria L.

Forsythe, Mrs. Eunice see Forsythe, Harriet A.

Forsythe, Harriet A., d/o Mrs. Eunice Forsythe, formerly of Waterville, married at Whitman, Mass., 8 Nov 1906, to Edwin Otis Reid, Springvale, Maine, formerly of Cornwallis. [15 Nov 1906 write up].

Fuller, Douglas B. see Medcalfe, Edith Evelyn.

Fuller, Harvey R., born to at Somerville, Mass., 1 Dec 1906, a son.[6 Dec 1906].

Fulmer, Harris, died 31 Dec 1905, merchant of Waterville, 70 years. [4 Jan 1906].

Guest, Rev. Douglas G. see Allen, Mabel E.

Grontlund, Rev. Oskar, died at Calgary, Alberta, 4 Jan 1906, 42 years.[11 Jan 1906 obituary p.2].

Hallam, W. T., (wife Lillian G. Best) born to at Cannington, Ontario, 15 Nov 1906, a son. [29 Nov 1906].

Hart, Jarius, died at Halifax, Friday, age 88 years. [1 Nov 1906 obituary].

Hart, Woodford Bushnell see Anderson, Susie May.

Heales, J. S., married at Calgary, 12 June 1906, formerly of Wolfville to Kisboro Evelyn Illsley d/o George H. Illsley, Port Williams. [9 Aug 1906].

Henshaw, Mary Emma, d/o William Henshaw, Bear River, married at Bear River, 3 Jan 1906, to George W. Curtis.

Henshaw, William see Henshaw, Mary Emma.

Herbert, Emma, wid/o William Herbert, formerly of Waterville, died at Newport, RI, USA, 18 June 1906, 81 years. [5 July 1906].

Herbert, William see Herbert, Emma.

Herrick, D. M., married at Portland, Maine, 26 Sept 1906 to Stella M. Parker, Portland, d/o A. J. Parker, formerly of Berwick, now of Cambridge.[11 Oct 1906, write up].

Holden, Rev. Philip, died near Kentville, Fri last, RC priest, 77 years. [8 Feb 1906 see p.3]

Howell, John, died at Weston, 2 Jan 1906, 75 years.[25 Jan 1906 obituary].

Hudson, Fred, born to at Greenwood, 26 Nov 1906, a daughter.[6 Dec 1906].

Huntington, Perry, born to at Coldbrook, 10 Aug 1906, a son. [23 Aug 1906].

Hutchins, Rev. W. N., born to at Truro, 30 Apr 1906, a daughter. [3 May 1906].

Illsley, Charles, married at Auburn, 19 Dec 1906, to Ethel M. Smith, both of North Kingston, NS. [27 Dec 1906].

Illsley, Brenton H. see Illsley, Charles E.

Illsley, Charles E., Weston, married 4 Dec 1906, to Edith B. Illsley d/o Brenton H. Illsley, Coldbrook. [13 Dec 1906].

Illsley, Edith B. see Illsley, Charles E.

Illsley, George H. see Heales, J. S.

Illsley, Kenneth, formerly of Port Williams, married at Lacombe, Alberta, 14 may 1906 to Helen W. Neilson. [9 August 1906].

Illsley, Kisboro Evelyn see Heales, J. S.

Jacques, Flora May see Kirkpatrick, Alfred G.

Jacques, James D. see Kirkpatrick, Alfred G.

Jefferson, Elmer, G. see Neily, Lucy L.

Jenner, Rev. J. H., born to at Halifax, 9 Mar 1906, a daughter. [29 Mar 1906].

Joudrey, R. E., born to at Lake George, Aylesford, 19 Aug 1906, a daughter. [23 Aug 1906].

Keddy, Amos, born to at Millville, 29 Dec 1905, a son. [11 Jan 1906].

Kelley, Allison inf/d/o Lemuel Kelley, died at South Berwick, 27 Feb 1906, 1 year 4 months. [1 March 1906].

Kelley, Lemuel see Kelley, Allison.

Kelton, David H., Charlestown, Mass., married at Charlestown, Mass., 21 April to Alberta Douglas, formerly of Berwick. [26 April 1906].

Kerr, Hugh, died at Melvern Square, 1 Feb 1906, 88 years. [8 Feb 1906 see p.3 c.2].

Kerr, William Sommerville Stewart, Melvern Square married at Yarmouth, 14th inst., to Annie Reid, New York. [26 April 1906].

Killam, George D., born to at Lynn, Mass., 29 Nov 1906, a son. [27 Dec 1906].

Killam, H. B., born to at Hamilton, New York, 9 Oct 1906, a son. [18 Oct 1906].

Killam, H. E., born to at Weston, 22 Dec 1906, a daughter. [27 Dec 1906].

King, Arthur M., married at Annapolis, 14 Nov 1906, to Janice Blanche Crowe, d/o James E. Crowe, Annapolis. [22 Nov 1906].

King, George G. see Allen, Mrs. Arthur.

King, Nettie see Allen, Mrs. Arthur.

Kinsman, Lee, died at Centreville, 20 Mar 1906, 77 years.[22 March 1906].

Kirk, John, died at South Berwick, 16 Feb 1906, age 34 years.[15 Feb 1906].

Kirkpatrick, Alfred G., Morden, married at Auburn, 21 April 1906 to Flora May Jacques d/o James D. Jacques. [26 Apr 1906 write up p.2].

Laird, Margaret, died at Kentville, 2 Feb 1906, w/o George Swanson, d/o Sinclair Laird of Quarryside & West Canisbay, Caithness, Scotland, age 58 years.[8 Feb 1906].

Laird, Sinclair see Laird, Margaret.

Lightfoot, Walter see Daniels, Mary.

Little, Mrs. James B., died at South Waterville, 3 Jan 1906, formerly of Margaretville. [11 Jan 1906].

Lydiard, George Howard, formerly of Berwick, married at Winnipeg, Manitoba, 2 Nov 1906, to Jacobine Isabel Munroe, Lorne Valley, PEI. [22 Nov 1906].

MacDonald, J. Parker, Crossburn, Annapolis Co., married at Middleton, 27 Feb 1906, to Melissa K. Cumming, Sunny Brae, Pictou Co., NS. [8 March 1906].

MacDonald, Margaret Ellen, wid/o William A. MacDonald, Grand Pre, died at Lockhartville, 16 Sept 1906 d/o Daniel Cogswell, formerly of West Cornwallis, 84 years. [20 Sept 1906 obituary + notice].

MacDonald, William A. see MacDonald, Margaret Ellen.

Marchant, Gracie F. see Shewfelt, Gracie F.

Marchant, John A. see Shewfelt, Gracie F.

Marchant, Julia see Shewfelt, Gracie F.

Margeson, Christopher, died at South Berwick, 4 Sept 1906, age 92 years; b. 23 Sept 1813. [6 September 1906 see notice and obituary].

Mealy, Charles Vernon see Swindell, Ella May.

Mealy, J. W., born at Berwick, 12 Feb 1906, twin daughters. [15 Feb 1906].

McConnell, Frank, born to at Welsford, 14 Sept 1906, a daughter. [20 Sept 1906].

McCorkle, John, married at Boston, Mass., 28 Nov 1905, to Laura E. Beals d/o George F. Beals, Factorydale, Aylesford, NS. [4 Jan 1906].

McGregor, Charles, died at Kingston, 20 Sept 1906, 86 years 1 day.[4 Oct 1906].

McIntyre, Jennie, d/o William McIntyre, died at Aylesford, 1 Nov 1906, age 45 years. [8 November 1906 obituary].

McIntyre, Wiliam see McIntyre, Jennie.

McLean, Daniel see Biglin, Mamie

McLean, Eaton see Biglin, Mamie.

McLeod, Arthur James, s/o James B. McLeod, Brookfield, died at Clementsport, 17th inst., In his 77th years b. 1829 ; m. Eunice Waterman; Harvard law.[25 Oct 1906 obituary].

McLeod, Eunice see McLeod, Arthur James.

McLeod, James B. see McLeod, Arthur James.

McNeill, Rev. Hubert C. see McNeill, Mrs.

McNeill, Mrs., w/o Rev. Hubert C. McNeill, Shubenacadie, died at Shubenacadie, 9 Dec 1906 d/o Benjamin Borden, Berwick; m. 15 Aug 1895.[13 Dec 1906 obituary + notice].

Medcalfe, Edith Evelyn, d/o John Medcalfe, Waite, Maine, married at Waite, Maine, 28 Nov 1906, to Douglas B. Fuller, Welsford, NS. [13 Dec 1906 write up].

Medcalfe, John, see Medcalfe, Edith Evelyn.

Miller, Ernest F., born to at Waterville, 1 Sept 1906, a son. [11 Oct 1906].

Miller, John see Pineo, Mrs. Samuel.

Miller, Sophia see Pineo, Mrs. Samuel.

Minniss, Archibald see Minniss, Lottie Annie.

Minniss, Lottie Annie, d/o Archibald Minniss, married at Morden, 25 Sept 1906, to Charles P. Orpin, Victoria Harbor.[4 Oct 1906].

Moody, Israel see Brown, Margaret.

Moody, Margaret see Brown, Margaret.

Morris, Capt. James, wife and family, died in hurricane, Gulf of Mexico. [4 Oct 1906 p.2]

Morse, Reuben, born to at Berwick, 22 Oct 1906, a son. [1 Nov 1906].

Morton, Charles, Halifax, formerly of Somerset, married at Sackville, NS, 18 Sept 1906, to Nina Ells, of Grafton. [20 Sept 1906].

Morton, Eliza, died at Aylesford, 23 Sept 1906, in 94th year. [4 Oct 1904p. 2 + notice].

Morton, Guy see Chittick, Rebecca.

Morton, Rebecca see Chittick, Rebecca.

Mosher, Charles L., born to at White’s Corner, 14 Dec 1906, a son. [20 Dec 1906].

Mosher, Minnie A. see Dixon, John F.

Muirhead, Stuart, born to at Halifax, 22 Mar 1906, a son. [29 Mar 1906].

Munn, Annie see Rice, Mrs. J. F.

Munn, Capt. George see Rice, Mrs. J. F.

Munroe, Jacobine Isabel see Lydiard, George Howard.

Neilson, Helen W. see Illsley, Kenneth.

Neily, Lucy L., married at Greenwood Square, 6 Feb 1906, to Elmer G. Jefferson, Tremont. [15 Feb 1906].

Newcombe, Edith M., d/o Newton H. Newcombe, died at Belcher St., Cornwallis, 12 Jan 1906, age 16 years 6 months. [25 Jan 1906].

Newcombe, Edward see Newcombe, Rosanna.

Newcombe, Newton H. see Newcombe, Edith M.

Newcombe, Rosanna, w/o Edward Newcombe, died at Greenwood, 4 Jan 1906, 66th year. [11 Jan 1906 see Greenwood + notice].

Nichols, Bertina M., Aylesford, married at Boston, 24 Oct 1906, to John G. Clark, Berwick. [1 Nov 1906].

Nichols, G. Elburn, born to at Lawrencetown, 10 Oct 1906, a son. [25 Oct 1906].

Nichols, May Winnifred, d/o S. J. Nichols, Berwick, married at Yorkton, Saskatchewan, last Wednesday to W. E. Pinkerton. [20 Dec 1906, write up; Yorkton, Sask., Enterprise 6 Dec].

Nichols, S. J. see Nichols, May Winnifred.

Nixon, Thomas, native of Ireland, died at Margaretville, 11 July 1906, 89 years. [19 July 1906].

O’Connor, Susie Laura, married at Berwick, 4 Oct 1906, to George Ernest Creamer, Burlington, Kings Co., NS. [11 Oct 1906].

Ogilvie, M. N., born to at Ogilvie, 19 Oct 1906, a daughter. [1 Nov 1906].

Orpin, Charles P. see Minniss, Lottie Annie.

Palmer, Edgar, born to at Millville, 19 Jan 1906, a son. [25 Jan 1906].

Palmeter, Arthur Emmerson, Billtown, married at Falmouth, 27 June 1906, to Maud Cadella Armstrong d/o Lewis Armstrong, Falmouth. [5 July 1906].

Park, Richard, Chattanogga, married at Chattanogga, Tennessee, married 14 Dec 1906, to Bernice Ellis d/o Dr. C. C. Ellis, formerly of Berwick.[27 Dec 1906 write up + notice].

Parker, Annie C. see Parker, Mrs. T. H.

Parker, A. J. see Herrick, D. M.

Parker, Deacon Abel see Fisher, Mary.

Parker, Rev. David Otho, died at West Springfield, Vermont, 22 Jan 1906, in 76th year. [1 Feb 1906, obituary + notice].

Parker, Rev. D. O. see Parker, Mary Alberta.

Parker, Fred A., married at Berwick, 18 July 1906, to Annie May Foshay.[19 July 1906 notice + write up].

Parker, Lois see Read, Margaret Catherine.

Parker, Margaret Catherine see Read, Margaret Catherine.

Parker, Mary Alberta d/o Rev. D. O. Parker, formerly of Berwick, married at Springfield, Vermont, 10 Oct 1906 to Arthur Tretheway, Boston. [1 Nov 1906].

Parker, Mary see Fisher, George W.

Parker, Stella M. see Herrick, D. M. Parker, T. H. see Parker, Mrs. T. H.

Parker, Mrs. T. H. (Annie C.), w/o T. H. Parker, d/o Samuel Chipman, died at Berwick, 9 Dec 1906, age 75 years. [13 Dec 1906 obituary + notice; notice records 10th ].

Parker, Rev. Willard G. see Read, Margaret Catherine.

Parrish, George, born to at Rockland, 3 Aug 1906, a son. [16 Aug 1906].

Parsons, Howard M. s/o W. R. & Lillie Parsons, died at Yorkton, Sask., 3 Oct 1906, age 2 years 7 months 16 days. [11 Oct 1906].

Parsons, Lillie see Parsons, Howard M.

Parsons, W. R. see Parsons, Howard M.

Patterson, Herbert (Douglas, Olive) born to at Charlestown, Mass., 16 Jan 1906, a daughter. [25 Jan 1906].

Patterson, Lambert L., married at Aylesford, 19 Sept 1906, to Agnes Clem d/o Mrs. Elias Clem. [27 Sept 1906 write up + notice].

Payzant, Dr.. E. N. see Payzant, Cathelia.

Payzant, Cathelia, d/o Dr. E. N. Payzant, Wolfville, wid/o Capt. W. J. Forbes, Liverpool, NS, died at Boston, 13 Apr 1906.

Pelton, Miner F., born to at Berwick, 21 Feb 1906, a daughter. [22 Feb 1906].

Pineo, Albert see Pineo, Bessie.

Pineo, Bessie, d/o Albert Pineo, married at Waterville, 28 Nov 1906, to Floyd R. Spicer, Welsford. [6 Dec 1906 write up].

Pineo, George E. see Bligh, Leverett R.

Pineo, Lucy Marjorie see Bligh, Leverett R.

Pineo, Mrs. Samuel, died 14th , in 81st year, wid/o Samuel Pineo d/o John Miller, Aylesford; (born Sophia Miller), teacher. [22 March 1906 obituary p.2].

Pineo, Samuel see Pineo, Mrs. Samuel.

Pinkerton, W. E. see Nichols, May Winnifred.

Prestwood, Rev. Paul, died at Berwick, Tuesday.[5 July 1906].

Ray, Grace see Benson, Harding.

Ray, Capt. John see Benson, Harding.

Read, Rev. E. O. see Read, Margaret Catherine.

Read, Margaret Catherine, w/o Rev. E. O. Read, died at Bear River, 24 June 1906, age 65 years d/o Rev. Willard G.[d. 1879, Middleton] & Lois Parker. [5 July 1906 notice + long obituary].

Reid, Annie see Kerr, William Sommerville Stewart.

Reid, Edwin Otis see Forsythe, Harriet A.

Rice, Annie Munn see Rice, Mrs. J. F.

Rice, Joseph F. see Rice, Mrs. J. F.

Rice, Mrs. J. F., (Mrs. Annie Munn Rice), died 26 March 1906, no pl. recorded, w/o Joseph F. Rice d/o Capt. George Munn, North Sydney; she was b. North Sydney, 19 Oct 1835. [29 March 1906 obituary].

Richardson, Charles A. see Richardson, Ella.

Richardson, Ella d/o Charles A. Richardson, died at Morristown, 15 Oct 1906, formerly of Sydney, C. B.. [25 Oct 1906 obituary].

Robart, Elva Belle, d/o J. H. Robart, Lake George, married at Springfield, 3 Oct 1906, to Hennigar J. Allen. [18 Oct 1906 write up].

Robart, J. H. see Robart, Elva Belle.

Robblee, Capt. Jacob see Robblee, Mary F.

Robblee, Mary F., d/o Capt. Jacob Robblee, married at Lower Granville, 20 Nov 1906, to Fred Whitman, Aylesford. [29 Nov 1906].

Robinson, Jennie Louise see Bond, Joseph Blackburn.

Robinson, Capt. John H. see Bond, Joseph Blackburn.

Robinson, Mrs. Mary see Bond, Joseph Blackburn.

Rockwell, Georgianna see Ells, Georgianna.

Rockwell, Herbert N. see Carter, Alice.

Rockwell, Maria L., died at Newport, Hants Co., 3 Nov 1906, w/o Mayhew B. Rockwell, d/o Andrew L. Forsyth, Cornwallis, 79 years 10 months. [8 Nov 1906].

Rockwell, Mayhew B. see Rockwell, Maria L.

Rockwell, Wm. A. see Ells, Georgianna.

Rodrick, James, formerly of Grafton, died at Halifax, Sun last, burial Grafton.[4 Jan 1906 see Grafton p.2].

Roland, A. E. see Roland, Florence.

Roland, Florence, ado/d/o A. E. Roland, died at Factorydale, 25 Feb 1906, age 7 years 6 months. [1 March 1906].

Rood, Harvey Doane, married at Halifax, 12 Sept 1906 to Bertha L. Stay, Halifax. [20 Sept 1906].

Rood, Judson Gordon, Halifax, married at Berwick, 27 June 1906, to Lottie DeWolfe Chute, d/o late Joseph F. Chute, Berwick. [5 July 1906].

Ross, Major David, died at Aylesford, 29 Oct 1906, age 72 years. [1 Nov 1906 obituary].

Ruggles, Mrs. Charles, died at Deep Brook, 2 Aug 1906.[9 Aug 1906 obituary additional family information].

Saltzman, David see Saltzman, Priscilla.

Saltzman, Priscilla, w/o David Saltzman, died at Berwick (Pleasant Valley), 14 Sept 1906. [20 Sept 1906].

Sanford, James, born to at Chipman’s Brook, 23 April 1906, twin sons. [3 May 1906].

Sanford, N. S., Springhill, born to at Wolfville, 24 Jan 1906, a daughter. [1 Feb 1906].

Sarsfield, Mary E. see Benjamin, Luther H.

Saunders, E. H., born to at Dalhousie East, 28 June 1906, a daughter. [5 July 1906].

Schnare, Ernest, born to at White’s Corner, 16 Nov 1906, a son. [22 Nov 1906].

Schofield, Eva, d/o William Schofield, North Alton, died at Berwick, 29 Nov 1906, age 23 years. [6 Dec 1906 obituary p.3].

Schofield, William see Schofield, Eva.

Schurman, Rev. S. Walter, born to at Lunenburg, 30 Jan 1906, a son.[ 8 Feb 1906].

Shaffner, W. P., born to at Kentville, 14 Mar 1906, a daughter. [29 Mar 1906].

Shaw, Albert see Mrs. R. M. Sipple.

Shaw, Lillian see Mrs. R. M. Sippel.

Shaw, Sydney see Sippel, Mrs. R. M.

Shaw, William C., died at Berwick, 9th inst., age 75 years.[11 Jan 1906 obituary p.2].

Shewfelt, Albert E. see Shelfelt, Gracie F.

Shewfelt, Gracie F., w/o Albert E. Shewfelt, died at Kingsley, Man., 5 Apr. 1906, age 25 years 10 months d/o John A. & Julia Marchant, Coldbrook, NS.[26 Apr 1906].

Silver, John A., Northfield, Lun. Co., married at Waterville, 7 Nov 1906 to Beatrice Smith, Coldbrook, Kings Co. [15 Nov 1906].

Sippel, Mrs. R. M., Upland, California, died at Upland, former Lillian Shaw, d/o Albert Shaw, granddaughter Sydney Shaw, Waterville; m. 7 Oct 1800 R. M. Sippel. [13 Dec 1906 obituary].

Smith, Amos H. see Cox, Alena V.

Smith, Beatrice see Silver, John A.

Smith, Ethel M. see Illsley, Charles.

Smith-Jeffrey, C. C. , born to at Toronto, 26 Nov 1906, a son( Charlie Webster). [20 Dec 1906].

Smith-Jeffrey, Charlie Webster see Smith-Jeffrey, C. C.

Smith, H.[?] S., born to at Windsor, 3 Dec 1906, a daughter.[6 Dec 1906].

Smith, Perley A., married at Aylesford, 28 Nov 1906, to Lilla Tufts d/o Albert Tufts, Kingston.[ reads " at the same time and place" referring to m. of Amos H. Smith; 29 November 1906].

Spicer, Amy A., d/o Robert Spicer, married at Wolfville, 31 Jan 1906, to Isaac S. Boates. [8 Feb 1906].

Spicer, Esther see Bligh, James Loran.

Spicer, Floyd R. see Pineo, Bessie.

Spicer, Robert see Spicer, Amy A.

Spicer, Capt. William see Bligh, James Loran.

Stay, Bertha L. see Rood, Harvey Doane.

Steadman, Nancy see Congdon, Mrs. Nancy.

Stewart, Annie M., w/o John Stewart, died at Coldbrook, 25 April 1906, 46 years. [3 May 1906].

Stewart, John see Stewart, Annie M.

Stolar, Rudolph, Somerville, married at Somerville, Mass., 26 June 1906, to Laura T. Craig, d/o T. T. Craig, Cambridge, NS. [12 July 1906 write + notice].

Sullivan, Gladys R., d/o Millage H. Sullivan, married at South Berwick, 12 Dec 1906, to Molyneux H. N. Wright, Dunbarton, Scotland.[20 Dec 1906 see 27 Dec 1906 also write up].

Sullivan, G. Forrester, born to at South Berwick, 19 Jan 1906, a son. [25 Jan 1906].

Sullivan, Millage H. see Sullivan, Gladys R.

Swanson, George see Laird, Margaret.

Swanson, Margaret see Laird, Margaret.

Sweeney, Joseph Lacey Lincoln, inf/s/o William Sweeney, died at Aylesford, 5 Oct 1906, 11 weeks. [18 Oct 1906].

Sweeney, William see Sweeney, Joseph Lacey Lincoln.

Swindell, Ella May d/o William Swindell, Burlington, married at Somerset, 16 Jan 1906 to Charles Vernon Mealy, Somerset.[18 Jan 1906 write up + notice p.3].

Taylor, A. S., born to at East Dalhousie, 6 Jan 1906, a daughter. [25 Jan 1906].

Taylor, Mary, died at Brooklyn, Queens Co., 10 Oct 1906, age 34 years.[18 Oct 1906].

Thomas, Charles Howard see Caldwell, Edith Alberta.

Tretheway, Arthur J. see Parker, Mary Alberta.

Thorpe, Cora May, died at Centreville, 11 Aug 1906, age, 14 years, 6 months. [30 Aug 1906 obituary].

Trimper, John E. see Daniels, Alice L.

Tufts, Albert see Smith, Perley A.

Tufts, Lilla see Smith, Perley A.

Usher, Lillie see Blackburn, James F.

Vanwart, Lucy E. see Bill, Gordon.

Vanwart, John W. see Bill, Gordon.

Walker, Thaddeus H., Kingston, married at South Berwick, Sat, to Emma G, Woodworth. [26 July 1906 p.3 c.2].

Wallace, William J., died at Canaan, 17 Feb 1906, age 80 years.[1 Mar 1906].

Waterman, Eunice see McLeod, Arthur James.

Welton, Aubrey, born to at Aylesford, 23 Oct 1906, a daughter.[25 Oct 1906].

Wentzell, Henry G., born to at Factorydale, 18 Oct 1906, a daughter. [29 Nov 1906].

West, George O., born to at Morristown, 7 Sept 1906, a son.[20 Sept 1906]

White, Samuel, died at Church St., Cornwallis, Sat last, former resident of Berwick, then Boston, 1902, return to Berwick 1904, removed to Church St. [12 July 1906 p.2 c.3].

Whitman, Fred see Robblee, Mary F.

Wilson, Avard J. see Wilson, Hattie E.

Wilson, Hattie E., w/o Avard J. Wilson, died at Clarence, 8 Aug 1906, age 31 years. [23 Aug 1906 obituary p.2].

Wood, Harding see Wood, Vera.

Wood, Vera d/o Harding Wood, Lakeville, died at Garland, 26 Oct 1906, 16 years. [1 Nov 1906 obituary].

Woodworth, Andrew see Woodworth, Anna.

Woodworth, Anna, d/o Andrew Woodworth, died at Berwick, 30 Jan 1906, age 82 years. [1 Feb 1906 obituary + notice].

Woodworth, Eliza, wid/o John S. Woodworth, died at Windermere, 2 March 1906, age 86 years. [8 March 1906 notice + obituary].

Woodworth, Emma G. see Walker, Thaddeus H.

Woodworth, John S. see Woodworth, Eliza.

Wright, Molyneux H. N. see Sullivan, Gladys R.

Young, George F., s/o O. P. Young, Lake Paul, died Saturday, age 37 years, funeral Morristown. [Worcester, Mass. papers, of Nov. 4th 5th; see Register 8 Nov; 15 Nov 1906].

Young, O. P. see Young, George F.

Zwicker, Archie, inf/s/o Enoch J. Zwicker, died at Lawrencetown, 25 Apr 1906, 9 weeks. [3 May 1906].

Zwicker, Enoch J. see Zwicker, Archie.


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