Newspaper - Vital Statistics 1905

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia

Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S ( C ) . Mfm# 4016 at NSARM, Halifax, NS. Posted through the effort of Phillip Vogler and for your personal use only. Please let us know about any errors, typos etc. so we can correct them. Abbreviations are used. See previous years for examples.

All information is from the Berwick Register, so the abbreviation previously used [BR] will be omitted for 1905. 19 Jan 1905 issue pages missing in mfm - no vitals. This paper was published on Thursday in 1905. Thursday 9 Feb 1905 also has pages missing - no vitals.

Algee, Garfield see Algee, Irene E.

Algee, Irene E., w/o Garfield Algee, d/o William Sullivan, Grafton, died at Bellington, Mass., 19 April 1905, 29 years. [27 April 1905].

Allen, Harvey W., Upper Cape, Westmoreland Co., NB, married at Grafton, 5 July 1905, to Mrs. Mary D. Congdon d/o Enoch Parker. [13 July 1905].

Anthony, George E., Lower Granville, married at Karsdale, Annapolis Co., NS, 28 June 1905 to Mrs. Louisa J. Lettery. [6 July 1905].

Anthony, Hazen, now of [B?]ankhead, Alberta, formerly of Berwick, married at Spokane, Washington, 24 May 1905, to Emma Lloyd Tuttle, d/o Rev. A. S. Tuttle.[8 June 1905 write up].

Anthony, Minard, of Butte, Montana, married at Seattle, 8 Feb 1905, to Anna King, of Seattle. [From a Seattle, Wash. Paper; Berwick Register 16 Mar 1905 write up].

Appleyard, James F., born to at Gloucester, Mass., 23 Sept 1904, a_____; wife’s name Wilhelmina Magee. Son / daughter needs to be checked add later. [12 Jan 1905].

Archibald, Elvira d/o E. E. Archibald, Wolfville, married at El Paso, Texas, 24 Dec 1904, to Dr. Fulton J. Harvey, Biabee, Arizona.

Archibald, E. E. see Archibald, Elvira.

Archibald, George Grassie, married at Cambridge, 16th inst., to Myrtle Caldwell d/o John Caldwell, Cambridge. [24 Aug 1905 write up].

Armstrong, Edward see Armstrong, Sarah Ann Currell.

Armstrong, Elma J. d/o George Armstrong, Sydney, formerly of Kingston, Kings Co., NS, married at Sydney, C.B., 18 Oct 1905, to Avard L. Davison, Halifax. [2 Nov 1905].

Armstrong, George see Armstrong, Elma J.

Armstrong, Hallett, born to at North Kingston, 14 July 1905, a son. [20 July 1905].

Armstrong, Hazen, married at Aylesford, 24 may 1905, to Gertrude M. Ogilvie d/o Isaiah Ogilvie. [8 June 1905 see Burlington].

Armstrong, Sarah Ann Currell, w/o Edward Armstrong, died 31 dec 1904, age 75 years; married, 31 March 1866, Lower Aylesford. [ 23 Feb 1905 obituary].

Armstrong, Wilber, born to at North Kingston, 15 July 1905, a daughter. [20 July 1905].

Arnold, Andrew, died at Harborville, 15 Sept 1905, age 44 years; burial Billtown. [21 Sept 1905 obituary].

Austin, Helen see Caldwell, Joseph F.

Balcom, Eva Louise, d/o Weston J. Balcom, Harborville, married at Los Angeles, California, 19 April 1905, to Robert Wood, Los Angeles. [4 May 1905].

Balcom, Weston J. see Balcom, Eva Louise.

Barkhouse, Abner, born to at White’s Corner, Kings Co., NS, 6 Apr 1905, a daughter. [13 April 1905].

Barkhouse, William, born to at Grafton, a son. [6 July 1905].

Beeler, Enoch F. see Palfrey, C. E.

Beeler, Estella see Palfrey, C. E.

Begg, William Alexander, Sydney, C.B., married at Windsor, 25 Oct 1905, to Lenora Black, d/o Dr. J. B. Black, Windsor. [2 Nov 1905].

Belcher, Stephen, died at Kentville, Thursday last, 67 years. [11 May 1905].

Bent, Douglas, died at Aylesford, 18 March 1905. [30 Mar 1905 obituary].

Best, Aubrey G., born to at Waterville, 15 Mar 1905, a daughter. [23 Mar 1905].

Best, Mrs. Hannah, d/o Gurdon Turner, Turner’s Brook, wid/o Henry Best, died at Burlington, Wed. last week. [24 Aug 1905 see p.3].

Best, Henry see Best, Mrs. Hannah.

Bezanson, a young man , residing near Chipman’s Corner, killed in Train accident. [21 dec 1905 see p.3 col. 3].

Bird, Frederick William, Boston, Mass., married at Everett, Mass., 15 Nov 1905, to Madeline Belle (Lena) Messenger d/o Mrs. Jennie & T.W. Messenger, formerly of Berwick. [16 Nov 1905 write up 22 Nov 1905].

Bishop, Ebenezer see Bishop, Mrs. Maria.

Bishop, Lovett, Greenwich, married at Grafton, 28 dec 1904, to Laura Burgess d/o George Bowles. [5 Jan 1905 write up + notice].

Bishop, Mrs. Maria, w/o Dr. Edward Young d/o Ebenezer Bishop, Horton, died at Washington, D. C., 25 Feb 1905, age 91 years, b. 1814, m. 1841. [ 9 March 1905 see also Register 16 March 1905].

Black, Dr. J. B. see Begg, William Alexander.

Black, Lenora see Begg, William Alexander.

Blakeslee, George Esty, Malden, Mass., married at Revere, Mass., 28 June 1905, to Anna Laura White d/o Henry White, Revere, formerly of Cornwallis, NS. [6 July 1905 write up].

Blanchard, Aubrey, s/o Dr. Blanchard, Charlottetown, died at Montreal, 26 June 1905. [6 July 1905].

Blanchard, Charles Melville see Blanchard, Emma.

Blanchard, Emma, w/o Charles Melville Blanchard, d/o Charles Dickie, Canning, died at Truro, 13 Nov 1905. [23 Nov 1905].

Blanchard, Dr. see Blanchard, Aubrey.

Blenkhorn, L. F., born to at Canning, 6 Jan 1905, a son. [12 Jan 1905].

Bligh, Abraham see Fisher, Samuel Kerr.

Bligh, Helena see Fisher, Samuel Kerr.

Boesel, Francis see Boesel, Rhein Hilda.

Boesel, Rhein Hilda, d/o Francis Boesel, North Grafton, Kings Co., NS, married at Saugas Centre, Mass., 18 Jan 1905, to Arthur S. Howard, Saugas. [2 Feb 1905, write up + notice].

Bond, Melbourne, married at Waterville, 8 Feb 1905, to Bertha Wolfe, d/o Charles L. Wolfe, all of Wolfville. [16 Feb 1905 write up + notice].

Borden, A. W., born to at Berwick, 19 Jan 1905, a daughter. [2 Feb 1905].

Borden, Frank see McIntyre, Andrew N.

Borden, Dr. Jonathan see Borden, Mrs. Mary.

Borden, Kathleen May see McIntyre, Andrew N.

Borden, Mrs. Mary, died at Canning, Tuesday, wid/o Dr. Jonathan Borden d/o John M. Caldwell, Kings Co., NS; married twice; m1. John B. Woodworth, Centreville, who d. March 1859. [2 Nov 1905 additional information - obituary].

Bourgoine, Gilbert, born to at Dalhousie, 11 May 1905, a daughter. [25 May 1905].

Bowlby, Howard, born to at Aylesford, 26 Dec 1904, a son. [26 Jan 1905].

Bowles, Bronson, died at Brooklyn St., 14 Aug 1905, s/o John Bowles, 34 years. [17 Aug 1905].

Bowles, George see Bowles, Jessie McDougall.

Bowles, George see Bishop, Lovett.

Bowles, John see Bowles, Bronson.

Bowles, Mrs. J. H. see Parker, Mrs. Eliza

Bowles, Jessie McDougall, married at Grafton, Wed. last week, d/o George Bowles to William Boyd Burgess, Woodville. [24 Aug 1905 write up].

Bowles, Laura Burgess see Bishop, Lovett.

Bowser, Eugene, Sackville, NB, married at Welsford, yesterday, to A. Winnifred Spicer, d/o A. H. Spicer - residence Sackville, NB. [5 Jan 1905 write up].

Bridge, William H., died at Malden, Mass., 3 Mar 1905, 80 years 3 months 3 days. [16 March 1905 paragraph].

Brown, Benjamin, died at Hardwood Hill, Pictou Co., NS, 25 Oct 1905, formerly of Blomidon, age 77 years. [2 Oct 1905].

Brown, Mrs. Hannah see Brown, William H.

Brown, Moses, died at Waterville, Monday, b. Black Rock, 74 years ago, m. Miss MacNutt. [12 Jan 1905 see Waterville col. + obituary].

Brown, Roy W., born to at Belmont, Mass., 7 July 1905, a daughter. [13 July 1905].

Brown, William H., married at South Berwick, 3 May 1905, to Mrs. Hannah Brown, both of South Berwick. [3 may 1905]

Burgess, Augusta Agnes , d/o J. Edwin Burgess, married at Lakeville, 18 Jan 1905, to James Manning Lamont, all of Lakeville. [26 Jan 1905].

Burgess, Charles Rafuse, s/o Stephen Burgess, died at Wolfville, Sat last, b. Lakeville, 1825, m. 1862 to Miss Dewar, PEI. [28 Dec 1905 obituary p.2c.1].

Burgess, C. R. see Burgess, Elinor McLeod.

Burgess, Elinor McLeod, d/o C. R. Burgess, Wolfville, married at Wolfville, [3?] June 1905, to George W. Lewis, Oneontia, New York. [29 June 1905].

Burgess, Freeman see Burgess, Mary Adelia.

Burgess, J. Edwin see Burgess, Augusta Agnes.

Burgess, Mary Adelia, d/o Freeman Burgess, Lakeville, married at Waterville, 18 Jan 1905, to John C. Kinsman, Centreville. [26 Jan 1905].

Burgess, Stephen see Burgess William.

Burgess, Stephen see Burgess, Charles Rafuse.

Burgess, William Boyd see Bowles, Jessie McDougall.

Burgess, William s/o Stephen Burgess, Cornwallis, died at Cambridge, Mass., 15 July 1905, age 83 years. [27 July 1905 obituary].

Burns, John see Redgate, Thomas E.

Burns, Susanna see Redgate, Thomas E.

Cahill, James, born to at Waltham, Mass., 11 Sept 1905, a daughter.[12 Oct 1905].

Caldwell, John, s/o Rupert Caldwell, died at Berwick, 22 Nov 1905, 24 years. [30 Nov 1905 obituary + notice].

Caldwell, John see Archibald, George Grassie.

Caldwell, John M. see Borden. Mrs. Mary.

Caldwell, Mary see Borden, Mrs. Mary.

Caldwell, Joseph F., died at Cincinnati, Ohio, 29 Dec 1904, business trip, buried in New York, Kisco Cemetery; widow the former Helen Austin. [12 Jan 1905 obituary see also 23 Feb 1905 obituary].

Caldwell, Myrtle see Archibald, George Grassie.

Caldwell, Rupert see Caldwell, John.

Calkin, Allison, s/o Elias Calkin, died at Berwick, 19 Jan 1905, age 42 years. [26 Jan 1905].

Calkin, Elias see Calkin, Allison.

Calkin, Mrs. Eliza, died at Church St., Sat last, wid/o Gordon A. Calkin (d. 1869), Welsford. [23 Nov 1905 additional information see Grafton + obituary p.2].

Calkin, Gordon A. see Calkin, Mrs. Eliza.

Carty, Lilly Blanche, North Andover, formerly of Grafton, NS, married at Danvers Centre, Mass., 11 May 1905 to Walter Roberts. [1 June 1905 see Grafton].

Charlton, Rose Ella, w/o William Charlton, Middleton, d/o Silas P. Chute, Berwick, died Monday. [21 Dec 1905 see p.3].

Charlton, William, see Charlton, Rose Ella.

Chipman, A. H., born to at St. John, NB, 29 May 1905, a daughter (Hope Howland). [1 June 1905].

Chipman, DeV. See Chipman William H.

Chipman, Fred A., Nictaux, s/o F. M. Chipman, married at Belleisle, 15 Nov 1905, to E. Maud Parker, d/o A. W. D. Parker, Belleisle. [23 Nov 1905 write up].

Chipman, F. M. see Chipman, Fred A.

Chipman, Hope Howland, see Chipman, A. H.

Chipman, William H., s/o DeV. Chipman, Kentville, died at New Orleans, Louisiana, Monday last. [27 April 1905 obituary].

Chute, Rose Ella see Charlton, Rose Ella.

Chute, Silas P. see Charlton, Rose Ella.

Clapp, Mrs. Annie H., married to Harry N. Rockwell. [write up 20 July 1905 (from Waltham, Mass., Daily Free Press-Tribune, of 6 July 1905)].

Clark, Mrs. Esther, wid/o Joseph A. Clark, d/o Charles S. Wallis, died at Halifax, Monday last, b. Halifax, 1822. [13 April 1905 obituary].

Clark, F. W., born to at Bridgewater, 27 April 1905, a son. [11 May 1905].

Clark, Ida B. see Morse, J. Lathern.

Clark, Jesse H. see Morse, J. Lathern.

Clark, Joseph A. see Clark, Mrs. Esther.

Clark, Ralph N., born to at Berwick, 3 Apr 1905, a son. [6 April 1905].

Clarke, Edythe L. see Killam, Harry B.

Clarke, Edward K., born to at Woodville, 2 July 1905, a son. [13 July 1905].

Cochran [no’e], David R., died at Pleasant Valley, West Grafton, 27 Dec 1904, 59 years. [5 Jan 1905].

Cogswell, Gideon see Reid, Ruth.

Cogswell, Luella, w/o William S. Cogswell, died at Medford, Mass., 6 Jan 1905. [26 Jan 1905].

Cogswell, Mary, wid/o Robert Cogswell, died at Grand Pre, 26 Oct 1905, age 86 years. [23 Nov 1905].

Cogswell, Otis see Steadman, Blanche.

Cogswell, Robert see Cogswell, Mary.

Cogswell, Ruth see Reid, Ruth.

Cogswell, William S. see Cogswell, Luella.

Coleman, John R. see Coleman Joseph William.

Coleman, Joseph William s/o John R. Coleman, died at Brooklyn St., Kings Co., NS, 31 July 1905, age 68 years. [3 August 1905].

Congdon, Mrs. Mary D. see Allen, Harvey W.

Cook, Capt. John see Douglas, Fred H.

Cook, Sophia see Douglas, Fred H.

Corbin, Alfred, Berwick, married at Scotts Bay, 18 July 1905, to Dora d/o Benjamin Legge. [3 August 1905 see Wedding Bells].

Covert, Dr. A. M., born to at Lakeville, 15 Feb 1905, a daughter. [16 Mar 1905].

Covert, Luke see White, Harry W.

Covert, Vandora see White, Harry W.

Cox, Emma, w/o J. Lewis Cox, died at Canning, 4 Apr 1905, 59 years. [6 April 1905].

Cox, Henry see Cox, Sophronia.

Cox, J. Lewis see Cox, Emma.

Cox, Sophronia, wid/o Henry Cox, died at Canning, 29 Mar 1905, d/o Rev. Jacob Norton, 84 years. [6 April 1905].

Crandall, Rev. D. W. see Crandall, Minetta.

Crandall, Minetta, d/o Rev. D. W. Crandall, married at Wolfville, 29 Oct 1905, to Dr. Leslie E. Eaton s/o Dr. S. W. Eaton, Canning; enroute to India. [2 Nov 1905 write up].

Craig, William, from Londonderry, Ireland, 1822, to Morristown, Kings Co., NS - see A Strange Bit of Family History 10 Aug 1905 - not a vital but may interest someone].

Crocker, Mrs. J. D., died at Roxbury, Mass., 8 Dec 1905, formerly of Morristown. [28 Dec 1905 p.2 c.2].

Crouse, Eva Alberta, Bridgewater, married at Kentville, 7 June 1905, to Ross MacDonald. [15 June 1905 write up + notice].

Crowe, George Fash, died 2 April 1905 81 years. [6 April 1905 obituary ; see 20 Apr 1905].

Crusselle, Hugo, Atlanta, Georgia, married at Boston, Mass., 26 Apr 1905, to Minna Longley Lockett, d/o Richard Lockett, formerly of Berwick. [18 May 19-5].

Daniels, Fred see MacInias, Hattie B.

Davies, Herbert Harry, London, England, married at Canada Creek, 20th. inst., to Jennet Alalia Dickie d/o Henry Dickie. [28 Sept 1905, write up].

Davies, Theresa, d/o Rev. Thomas H. Davies, died at Bridgetown, 27 Feb 1905. [16 March 1905].

Davis, Harry Carvel see Sedgwick, Ethel May.

Davis, Prue A., died near White’s Corner, North Mt., Thurs last, age 23 years. [9 Nov 1905 see p.2 Canady Creek].

Davison, Avard L. see Armstrong, Elma J.

Davies, Rev. Thomas H. see Thomas, Theresa.

DeAdder, Norine see Gaul, Thaddeus.

DeEll, Laura May see Veinot, Amos J.

DeEll, Sampson see Veinot, Amos J.

Dennison, Albert, born to at Aylesford, 21 Dec 1904, a daughter. [26 Jan 1905].

Dennison, George A. see Dennison, George.

Dennison, George, s/o George A. Dennison, North Alton, died at Sutherland’s River, Kentville, Friday, drowned, 32 years. [17 Aug 1905 obituary].

Dewar, Miss see Burgess, Charles Rafuse.

DeWinter, John see Frederick, Mrs. Harry.

Dickie, Charles see Blanchard, Emma.

Dickie, Emma see Blanchard, Emma.

Dickey, Dr. Edwin E., s/o Clement B. Dickey, married at Halifax, NS, 23 March, Upper Canard, to Annie Louise Tremaine, Halifax, d/o Richard Tremaine.[30 Mar 1905].

Dickey, Clement B. see Dickey, Dr. Edwin E.

Dickey, Clement B., died at Upper Canard, 3 March 1905, 55 years. [9 March 1905].

Dickie, Henry see Davies, Herbert Harry.

Dickie, Jennet Alalia see Davies, Herbert Harry.

Dickie, Martha see Newcombe, David VanSlyck.

Dodge, Stephen James, died at Aylesford, 19 Sept 1905, age 59 years. [5 Oct 1905].

Doe, Emily see Wheaton, Fred Borden.

Donaldson, Rev. L. J., born to at Halifax, 21 Feb 1905, a son. [2 March 1905].

Douglas, Ethel E., married last Thurdsay to Ernest W. Margeson. [6 April 1905 write up].

Douglas, Fred H., Olex, Oregon, married at Harborville, 10 Jan 1905, to Sophia Cook, d/o Capt. John Cook, Harborville. [12 Jan 1905 write up].

Dwyer, Edna M. see Dwyer, Stephen.

Dwyer, Stephen, s/o Thomas M. & Edna M. (Fisher) Dwyer, formerly of Somerset, died at Worchester, Mass., "yesterday", age 22 months. Burial Hope Cemetery.[19 Oct 1905 - Register - From Worchester (Mass) Telegram, 2 Oct 1905].

Dwyer, Thomas M. see Dwyer, Stephen.

Eaton, Benjamin see Eaton, Sophia.

Eaton, Dr. Leslie E. see Crandall, Minetta.

Eaton, Dr. S. W. see Crandall, Minetta.

Eaton, Sophia, w/o Benjamin Eaton, died at Sheffield Mills, 21 Oct 1905, d/o William Ells, 77 years. [2 Nov 1905].

Edwards, Cecil, died at Londonderry, 1 May 1905, s/o J. Plimsoll Edwards, Londonderry, 11 years. 11 May 1905 notice and see Bereaved].

Edwards, J. Plimsoll see Edwards, Cecil.

Ellis, Frederick S., "died last night... of this city", formerly of Berkeley; widow Mrs. Georgia M. Ellis. (Alameda, California Daily Argus - Register 9 Nov 1905 additional information obituary and Notice - d. at Alameda, California s/o William Ells, Grafton, NS].

Ellis, Mrs. Georgia see Ellis, Frederick S.

Ells, Lemuel, died at Scotts Bay, 1 Oct 1905, age 77 years. [12 Oct 1905].

Ells, Sophia see Eaton, Sophia.

Ells, William see Eaton, Sophia.

Ewing, Henry see Gates, Frank M.

Fancy, Enos M., married at Boston, Mass., 18 April 1905, to Edith M. Roscoe, both of Kings Co., NS. [28 Sept 1905].

Farris, Lewis, born to at Canada Creek, 11 June 1905, a son. [22 June 1905].

Fisher, Edna M. see Dwyer, Stephen.

Fisher, Samuel Kerr, Waterville, married at Kentville, 3 May 1905, to Helena Bligh d/o late Abraham Bligh, Lakeville. [18 May 1905].

Fitch, Handley, born to at Greenwood, 4 Aug 1905, a daughter. [17 Aug 1905].

Foote, Rev. W. R., born to at Wonsan, Korea, 10 Jan 1905, a daughter. [16 Feb 1905].

Ford, A. A. see Jones, Martha Roberts.

Ford, Martha Roberts see Jones, Martha Roberts.

Ford, Arthur H., of Worchester, Mass., s/o James M. Ford, Milton, Queens Co., NS, died at New York, 19 July 1905. [27 July 1905 additional family information- se Personals].

Ford, James M. see Ford, Arthur H.

Foster, Edward C. see Foster, Harriett Belle.

Foster, Rev. George I., born to at Lockport, NS, 30 July 1905, a son. [10 Aug 1905].

Foster, Harriett Belle, died at Coldbrook, Saturday, d/o Miner T. Foster, Halifax, granddaughter of Edward C. Foster, Berwick. [13 July 1905 burial Berwick].

Foster, Miner T. see Foster, Harriett Belle.

Frazee, J. C. P., did at Dartmouth, Sat last, 67 years. [18 May 1905 p.2].

Frederick, Mrs. Harry, d/o John DeWinter, South Alton, died at South Waterville, 3 May 1905. [18 May 1905].

Gaul, C. E., born to at Dalhousie East, 16 Nov 1905, a son. [23 Nov 1905].

Gaul, Thaddeus, Dalhousie East, married at New Ross, 26 Sept 1905, to Norine DeAdder, New Ross. [12 Oct 1905].

Gates, Ashel see Gates Frank M.

Gates, Emma see Gates, Frank M.

Gates, Frank M., s/o Asahel & Emma Gates, died at South Easton, Mass., 22 May 1905, age 26 years 7 months; grandson of late Henry Ewing, Morristown.[8 June 1905].

Gates, George see Gates, William Harvey.

Gates, William Harvey, s/o George Gates, Nicholsville, died at Millville, 8 Sept 1905, age 19 years 5 months. [5 Oct 1905 obituary].

Gould, Lealon B., born to at Aylesford, 18 Jan 1905, a son. [26 Jan 1905].

Graves, Clarence, s/o Thompson Graves, Billtown, married at Welsford, Wed last, to Lizzie Lloyd Spicer d/o A. H. Spicer, Welsford. [15 June 1905 write up].

Graves, Thompson see Graves, Clarence.

Griffin, Stephen, died at Kingston, 23 Sept 1905, in 84th year. [28 Sept 1905].

Hall, Azuba S., d/o John H. Hall, Middleton, married at Los Angeles, California, 21 Sept 1905, to George Herbert Spooner, Los Angeles. [2 Nov 1905].

Hall, John H. see hall, Azuba S. Hall.

Hall, Mrs. Samuel, died at Halifax, Wednesday last, a native of Annapolis. [16 Mar 1905 obituary].

Hamilton, Robert, died at Canada Creek, 1 Mar 1905, a son. [23 March 1905].

Hardaker, Norman, Grand Pre, died at Winnipeg, Tues last week, age 22 years. [21 Sept 1905 see Local Register col.].

Harris, W. E., born to at West Somerville, Mass., 5 Frb 1905, a son. [9 March 1905].

Harvey, Dr. Fulton J. see Archibald, Elvira.

Hawkesworth, Belle Blanche see Parrish, Lamert Stevens.

Hayes, Mrs. Janet E., married at Lower Granville, 16 April 1905, to Archibald B. Kendall, Bridgetown. [20 April 1905].

Hazel, Henry, died at Arlington, Kings Co., NS, 31 May 1905, 25 years. [8 June 1905].

Hiltz, Benjamin see Hiltz, Elsie.

Hiltz, Elsie, d/o Benjamin Hiltz, Malden, Mass., age 4 years, died at Dalhousie, 19 Aug 1905. [31 August 1905].

Hird, Colin A., born to at Welsford, 7 July 1905, a son. [13 July 1905].

Hird, George, died at Boston, Mass., Wed. last, formerly of Nicholsville. [29 June 1905].

Hodges, Annie Laura see Smith-Jeffrey, C. J.

Horsnell, Stailing, see Sanford, Addie.

Houghton, Harrington, a native of Cornwallis, died at Windsor, 22 Nov 1905.[30 Nov 1905 obituary + notice].

Howard, Arthur S. see Boesel, Rhein Hilda.

Hudgins, Burpee M. see Hudgins, Lucy A.

Hudgins, Lucy A., w/o Burpee M. Hudgins, North Kingston, d/o Mrs. Emerson Illsley, now of Berwick, died 13 July 1905, age 25 years. [27 July 1905 obituary].

Hughson, Sadie, d/o William Hughson, married at Aylesford, 17 Aug 1905, to William H. Ray ( left for Lethbridge, Alberta). [24 Aug 1905 see m. in Aylesford].

Hughson, William see Hughson, Sadie.

Huntley, Alma, d/o Manson Huntley, Kingsport, married at Look Off [Kings Co.], 22 Nov 1905, to George C. Winter, Blomindon, formerly of Dawson City, Y.T. [30 Nov 1905 write up ].

Huntley, Daniel see Huntley, Emma.

Huntley, Emma, d/o Daniel Huntley, Scotts Bay, married at Canning, 18 Apr 1905, to Daniel Shaw, Providence, RI. [27 April 1905].

Huntley, L. A., born to at Scotts Bay, 11 July 1905. [20 July 1905].

Huntley, Manson see Huntley, Alma.

Hutchison, D. see Walton, Anna Belle.

Hutchison, Thomas E. see Walton, Anna Belle.

Illsley, Mrs. Emerson see Hudgins, Lucy A.

Jodrey, Burpee O., of Gaspereaux, died at Newtonville, Mass., 11 Sept 1905, 30 years.[14 September 1905 see Personals].

Jones, H. M. see Jones, Martha Roberts.

Jones, Martha Roberts, w/o H. M. Jones, d/o A. A. Ford, died at Berwick, 4 Sept 1905, age 39 years. [14 Sept 1905].

Kaizer, Edson, born to at Centreville, 31 May 1905, a daughter.[8 June 1905].

Kaulbach, Freeman, born to at Dalhousie, 12 July 1905, a son. [27 July 1905].

Keddie, Mrs. A. A. see Keddie, Bertie Rhubenia.

Keddie, Bertie Rhubenia, d/o Mrs. A. A. Keddie, married at Kingston Station, 11 July 1905, to Avard Wellington Downie, Margaretville.. [3 August 1905 write up].

Keddy, H. M., born to at Berwick, 27 July 1905, a son. [3 Aug 1905].

Keizer, Mrs. Jane, wid/o Nelson Keizer, died at Brookline, N.H., 23 April 1905, age 73 years 6 months b. Chester, NS. [13 July 1905 obituary].

Keizer, Nelson see Keizer, Mrs. Jane

Kendall, Archibald B. see Hayes, Mrs. Janet E.

Kennickle, James E., died at Port Williams, 4 Oct 1905, age 72 years. [12 Oct 1905].

Kilcup, David B. see Kilcup, Susan.

Kilcup, Susan, w/o David B. Kilcup, d/o John Ward and Olive Ward, North Alton, Kings Co., NS, died at Falmouth, 2nd. inst., ; b. 10 June 1835; in 71st years; burial at Falmouth. [23 Nov 1905 obituary].

Kinsman, Dwight P., formerly of Welsford, married at Middleboro, Mass., 18 Oct 1905, to Mabel J. McLean, formerly of Rawdon, Hants Co., NS. [26 Oct 1905 write up].

Kinsman, Joseph see Lyons, Twining R.

Kinsman, Laura see Lyons, Twining R.

Killam, Harry B., Hamilton, NY, married at Tryon, PEI, 30 Aug 1905, to Edythe L. Clarke, of Augustine Cove, PEI. [14 Sept 1905].

King, Anna see Steadman, Nellie B.

Kinsman, John C. see Burgess, Mary Adelia.

Kirby, Mrs. Catherine, died at Medford, Mass., Mon last week, formerly of Chipman Brook. [23 Nov 1905 additional information see Grafton].

Lamont, James Manning see Burgess, Augusta Agnes. [26 Jan 1904].

Lee, John, born to at White’s Corner, Kings Co., NS, 8 May 1905, a daughter. [11 May 1905].

Lee, John R., Everett, Mass., married at Charlestown, Mass., 14 March 1905 to Nellie B. Steadman, Charlestown. [16 Mar 1905 write up].

Legge, Benjamin see Corbin, Alfred.

Legge, Daniel, born to at Scotts Bay, 14 Feb 1905, a son. [9 March 1905].

Legge, Dora see Corbin, Alfred.

Lettery, Mrs. Louisa J. see Anthony, George E.

Lewis, George W. see Burgess, Elinor McLeod.

Lloyd, Robert, Waterville, married at Berwick, 8 Nov 1905, to Jessie Etta Mahaney, Cambridge. [16 Nov 1905].

Lockett, Minna Longlry see Crussella, Hugo.

Lockett, Richard see Crussella, Hugo.

Lockwood, Tobin Starratt see Margeson, Theresa May.

Lohnes, Orbin, born to at East Dalhousie, 8 July 1905, a daughter. [27 July 1905].

Long, Agnes, Dalhousie East, married at Dalhousie East, 25 Sept 1905, to Charles Russell, New Ross. [12 Oct 1905].

Lowe, Allister see Lowe, Lois.

Lowe, Lois, died at Dalhousie 22 Aug 1905, w/o Allister Lowe. [31 Aug 1905].

Lightizer, Outhit, born to at Greenwood, 9 Mar 1905, a daughter. [30 Mar 1905].

Livermore, Mrs. Mary A., died at Melrose, Mass., Tuesday. [25 May 1905].

Lydiard, George E., died at Berwick, 26 May 1905, believed of PEI ; his mother d/o Hon. John Morton, 62 years. [1 June 1905 Notice + obituary].

Lynch, Daniel see Strong, Melbourne.

Lynch, Ellen see Strong, Melbourne.

Lyons, Twining R., Waterville, married at Kentville, 14 Sept 1905, to Laura d/o Joseph Kinsman, West Cornwallis. 21 Sept 1905].

MacDaniel, Edison Bertram, Springhill, NS, married at Bridgetown, 6 Sept 1905, to Carolyn Stowe Piper d/o Henry S. Piper, Bridgetown. [14 Sept 1905].

MacDonald, Ross see Crouse, Eva Alberta.

MacGregor, Charles see MacGregor, Ella May.

MacGregor, Ella May d/o Charles MacGregor, married at Tremont, 27 Sept 1905 to George Clifford Ward. [5 Oct 1905].

MacInias, Hattie B., d/o James MacInias, Steam Mill, married at Steam Mill, 7th., to Fred Daniels, of Lawrencetown. [15 June 1905 write up].

MacInias, James see MacInias, Hattie B.

MacIntosh, Mrs., died at Kentville, Thursday last week. [16 Mar 1905 see Local Register].

MacKenzie, John L., s/o Thomas W. MacKenzie, Somerset, died at Fitchburg, Mass., 3 Nov 1905, age 27 years 9 months; int. Mount Auburn. [16 Nov 1905 Notice see p.3 c5].

MacKenzie, Thomas W. see MacKenzie, John L.

MacKinley, Mrs. Ann, died at Victoria Harbor, 29 May 1905, age 93 years. [8 June 1905 see Victoria Harbor].

MacNutt, Miss see Brown, Moses.

Magee, George H., died at Somerset, 25 Nov 1905, age 74 years. [30 Nov 1905 obituary + notice additional information].

Magee, Wilhelmina see Appleyard, James F.

Mahar, Burpee, born to at White’s Corner, Kings Co., NS, 20 Dec 1904, a daughter. [BR 5 January 1905].

Mahaney, Jessie Etta see Lloyd, Robert.

Margeson, Edna Grace see Penhollow, Harry Benton.

Margeson, Ernest W. see Douglas, Ethel E.

Margeson, Isaac R. see Penhollow, Harry Benton.

Margeson, Theresa May, d/o T. A. Margeson, married at Waterville, 26 Apr 1905, to Tobin Starratt Lockwood. Will reside Port Williams. [27 April 1905].

Margeson, T. A. see Margeson, Theresa May.

Marshall, Eliza see Porter, Mrs. Eliza.

Marshall, Lucy May, Weymouth, married at Digby, 11th. Inst., to Percy R. Saunders, Digby, NS. [21 Sept 1905].

Marshall, Samuel D. see Porter, Mrs. Eliza.

McDonald, W. D., born to at East Dalhousie, 1 Nov 1905, a son. [9 Nov 1905].

McElhiney, James see McElhiney, Sarah.

McElhiney, Sarah, relict/o James McElhiney, died at Springhill, 22 Apr 1905, formerly of Windsor, 72 years. [27 April 1905].

McGarvey, George, died Thursday. [16 Feb 1905 - nothing further].

McGill, G. B. see McGill, Jessie May.

McGill, Jessie May, d/o G. B. McGill, married at New York City, 27 Nov 1905, to Clifford B. Story s/o Duncan A. Story, Halifax; reside NY.[7 Dec 1905 write up p.2].

McIntyre, Andrew N., Revelstoke, BC., married at Portland, Maine, 29 Aug 1905, to Kathleen May Borden d/o Frank Borden, formerly of Berwick ; residence will be in Revelstoke, BC. [7 Sept 1905 write up + notice].

McLean, Mabel J. see Kinsman, Dwight P.

McKay, A. A. see Shaw, Percy, J.

McKay, Miss see Shaw, Percy J.

McKenna, J. D., Sussex, NB, born to at St. John, 14 Sept 1905, a daughter. [21 Sept 1905].

McNeil, William P., died at New Glasgow, 19 Mar 1905. [23 Mar 1905 paragraph].

Meister, Mrs. Lincoln, died at New Ross, 24 Nov 1905. [14 Dec 1905].

Messenger, Madeline Belle (Lena) see Bird, Frederick William.

Messenger, Mrs. Jennie see Bird, Frederick William.

Messenger, T. W. see Bird, Frederick William.

Moreau, Jason M., Annapolis, married at Victoria Beach, Annapolis Co., NS, 22 Feb 1905, to Lizzie M. Taylor. [30 Mar 1905].

Morse, J. Lathern, Somerset, married at Berwick, 6 Dec 1905, to Ida B. Clark d/o Jesse H. Clark, Welsford. [14 Dec 1905].

Morrison, Capt. James see Tedford, Lawrence W.

Morrison, Myra A. see Tedford, Lawrence W.

Morton, Allen see Morton, Emma Louise.

Morton, Emma Louise, d/o Allen Morton, Woodville, married at Bedford, 21 Nov 1905, to Dr. D. T. Watson, Jamaica, BWI, now of Halifax. [30 Nov 1905 write up].

Morton, Ray, born to at Dorchester, Mass., a son. [8 June 1905].

Mulhall, Dr. William H., Middleton, married at Bridgetown, 2 Nov 1905, to Annie Edith Young, Middleton. [7 Dec 1905].

Murphy, Elizabeth see Taylor, Abner.

Neily, Mrs. Ann Woodbury, relict of late Robert Neily, died at North Kingston, 1 Feb. 1905, in her 90th year. [23 Feb 1905].

Neily, Robert see Neily, Mrs. Ann Woodbury.

Newcombe, David VanSlyck, s/o Martha Dickie and late Leonard Newcombe, died at Sheffield Mills, 9 March 1905, 24 years. [16 March 1905].

Newcombe, Leonard see Newcombe, David VanSlyck.

Nichols, Daniel, s/o John Nichols, died at Corning, Iowa, 28 Jan 1905, in his 70th year, m. a d/o Thomas White, Cornwallis. [Reprint Corning Newspaper; Register 16 March 1905].

Nichols, Flossie M., d/o S. J. Nichols, died at Boston, Wednesday, 18 years. [6 July 1905 see Death of ...].[ see also 13 July 1905.

Nichols, Jeremiah, born to at Nicholsville, 25 Aug 1905, a son. [31 Aug 1905].

Nichols, John see Nichols, Daniel.

Nichols, S. J. see Nichols, Flossie M.

Norton, Rev. Jacob, see Cox, Sophronia.

Norton, Sophronia see Cox, Sophronia.

Ogilvie, Gertrude M. see Armstrong, Hazen.

Ogilvie, Isaiah see Armstrong, Hazen.

Oigle, Arthur, died at Cherryfield, 14 July 1905, s/o William & Minnie Oigle. [27 July 1905].

Oigle, Minnie see Oigle, Arthur.

Oigle, William see Oigle, Arthur.

Outhit, Frank, born to at Parrsboro, 18 July 1905, a son.

Palfrey, C. E., late of Berwick, married at Berwick, Monday, to Estella Beeler d/o Enoch F. Beeler. [14 Dec 1905 p.2c.2].

Palmer, George see Patterson, Sophie Lavinia.

Palmer, Lilah B., Morristown, married at Aylesford, 12 Dec 1905, to Henry G. Wentzell, Berwick. [21 Dec 1905].

Palmer, Samuel, died at North Grafton, 8 June 1905, age 71 years. [15 June 1905].

Parker, Archibald, late of Brooklyn, Hants Co., NS, married at Aylesford, 13 Dec 1905, to Mrs. Maud Woodman, Cambridge, NS. [21 Dec 1905].

Parker, A. W. D. see Chipman, Fred A.

Parker, E. Maud see Chipman, Fred A.

Parker, Mrs. Eliza, died Friday last, at home of her sister, Mrs. J. H. Bowles; interment Robinson Burying Ground. [29 June 1905 see Brooklyn].

Parker, Enoch see Allen, Harvey W.

Parker, Dr. Fred H., died at New Glasgow, Friday last, s.o D. B. Parker, Harbourville, NS. [2 Feb 1905 obituary p.3].

Parker, Harry A., formerly of Canning, married at Bridgeport, Connecticut, 27 June 1905, to Eunice M. Pearl d/o James & Emma Pearl, Somerset, NS. [6 July 1905].

Parker, Otis A., born to at Maitland, Hants Co., 4 Dec, a daughter. [7 Dec 1905].

Parrish, Lamert Stevens, Rockland, married at Waterville, 25 mar 1905, to Belle Blanche Hawkesworth, Scarsdale, Lun. Co., NS. [6 April 1905].

Parrish, George L., born to at Scotts Bay, 5 mar 1905, a daughter. [16 Mar 1905].

Patterson, Alexander see Patterson, Frank A.

Patterson, Deborah see Patterson, Frank A.

Patterson, Frank A., s/o Alexander & Deborah Patterson, Aylesford, died at Prince Albert [NS], 9 May 1905; interment Victoria Vale. [15 June 1905 obituary].

Patterson, Sophie Lavinia, d/o Samuel Patterson, married at Millville, 1 Feb to George Palmer, Berwick. [9 March 1905 write up + notice].

Patterson, Samuel see Patterson, Sophie Lavinia.

Pearl, Emma see Parker, Harry A.

Pearl, Eunice M. see Parker , Harry A.

Pearl, James see Parker, Harry A.

Pelton, A. L., born to at Berwick, 22 Mar 1905, a son. [6 April 1905].

Penhollow, Harry Benton, married at New York, 20 Dec 1904, to Edna Grace Margeson d/o Isaac R. Margeson, formerly of NS. [12 Jan 1905 ].

Peters, F. C. see Peters, Violet Avis.

Peters, Violet Avis, d/o F. C. Peters, of PEI, died at Victoria, BC, 10th., 6 years. [16 Nov 1905 p.3].

Piper, Carolyn Stowe see MacDaniel, Edison Bertram.

Piper, Henry S. see MacDaniel, Edison Bertram.

Porter, Ada Maria, d/o Mrs. Eliza Porter, married at Lakeville, 18 Oct 1905, to Byron Schofield, Amherst; reside in Amherst. [26 Oct 1905 write up].

Porter, Augusta, w/o William D. Porter, died at Auburn, 8 Dec 1905, 56 years. [14 Dec 1905].

Porter, Benjamin see Porter, Margaret.

Porter, Mrs. Eliza, wid/o Henry A. Porter, Grafton, died at Lakeville, Friday last, age 66 years d/o Samuel D. Marshall, Grafton. [20 April 1905].

Porter, Mrs. Eliza see Porter, Ada Maria.

Porter, Henry A. see Porter, Mrs. Eliza.

Porter, Maggie, died at Woodville, Thursday. [1 June 1905 see Grafton].

Porter, Margaret, d/o Benjamin & Wealthy Porter, died at Woodville, 25 May 1905, 47 years. [8 June 1905].

Porter, Reuben, born to at Berwick, 19 May 1905, a son. [25 May 1905].

Porter, Wealthy, see Porter, Margaret.

Porter, William D. see Porter, Augusta.

Porter, Mrs. W. D., formerly of Berwick, died at Auburn, Fri. last. [14 Dec 1905 obituary].

Powers, Owen, born to at North Grafton, 7 June 1905, a daughter. [22 June 1905].

Prestwood, Herbert Barnard, s/o Roy J. W. Prestwood, died at Springhill, 24 May 1905, 2 years 6 weeks. [1 June 1905 Notice + see Grafton].

Prestwood, Roy J. W. see Prestwood, Herbert Barnard.

Ray, William H. see Hughson, Sadie.

Read, Rev. James L., died at Aylesford, 23 July 1905, age 76 years. [27 July 1905].

Redgate, Thomas E., Morden, married at Woodlawn, 29 Nov 1905, to Susanna Burns d/o John Burns, Harborville. [7 Dec 1905 write up p.2].

Reid, Ezra W., born to at Welsford, 9 Mar 1905, a daughter. [16 March 1905].

Reid, Gideon E., see Reid, Ruth.

Reid, Ruth wid/o Gideon E. Reid d/o Gideon Cogswell, Cornwallis, died at Kentville, 31 May 1905, age 71 years. [15 June 1905].

Rice, Joseph H., died at Berwick, 21 Feb 1905, formerly of Sydney, 72 years.[23 Feb 1905 write up and Notice].

Robb, Rev. Alex., born to at Wonsan, Korea, 25 Dec 1904, a daughter. [16 Feb 1905].

Roberts, Walter, see Carty, Lilly Blanche.

Robertson, Charles E. see Tuttle, George E.

Robertson, Margaret Alma see Tuttle, George E.

Robertson, Rev. Mr., married at Milltown, NB, 18 Oct 1905, to Mrs. J. B. Sutherland; will reside in Toronto. [2 Nov 1905 see Waterville, additional information].

Robinson, Fred L., born to at Burlington, 7 May 1905, a daughter.[18 May 1905].

Rockwell, Charles N., died at Lakeville, Sunday. [23 Mar 1905 see 20 April 1905 also].

Rockwell, Harry N. see Clapp, Mrs. Annie H.

Rockwell, Mrs. Margaret died at Lakeville, 11 Mar 1905, w/o Charles N. Rockwell, 83 years. [20 April 1905 she d. the night after her husband, Charles N.].

Roscoe, Edith M. see Fancy, Enos M.

Russell, Charles see Long, Agnes.

Sanford, Addie , d/o Burpee Sanford, married at Aylesford, 3 may 1905, to Stailing Horsnell. [25 may 1905 write up].

Sanford, Burpee see Sanford, Addie.

Sanford, George W., died at Ludlow, Mass., 13 May 1905, formerly of Waterville, NS, 75 years 11 Months 6 days. [13 July 1905].

Sanford, James, died at Canning, 6 Sept 1905, former resident of Coldbrook, 93 years. [14 Sept 1905].

Saunders, Percy R. see Marshall, Lucy May.

Savage, Clement B., married at Lowell, Mass., 8 June 1905, to Florence J. Selfridge d/o John Selfridge, formerly of Kings Co., NS. [22 June 1905 write up + notice].

Savage, Fitch A., born to at Black Rock, 11 Sept 1905, a daughter. [14 Sept 1905].

Schnarr, Ainsley, born to at Canady Creek, 5 Oct 1905, a son. [19 Oct 1905].

Schofield, Byron see Porter, Ada Maria.

Sedgwick, Ethel May, married at Berwick, 25 Sept 1905, to Harry Carvel Davis, both of Boston, Mass. [28 Sept 1905 write up].

Selfridge, Florence J. see Savage, Clement B.

Selfirdge, John see Savage, Clement B.

Shaw, Christine C. see Stevens, Francis George.

Shaw, Daniel see Huntley, Emma.

Shaw, Percy J., Truro, formerly of Berwick, married at Dartmouth, 21 Jan 1905, to Miss McKay d.o A. A. McKay. [26 Jan 1905 write up + notice].

Skinner, Mrs. J. W., died at Weston, Sat last. [20 July 1905].

Simmons, Anna Hill see Simmons, Edward.

Simmons, Edward, s/o Rev. James and Anna Hill Simmons, died at Pacific Grove, California 27 June 1905, age 6 years. [6 July 1905].

Simmons, James see Simmons, Edward.

Spinney, Harding see Spinney, Helen.

Spinney, Helen, wid/o Harding Spinney, died at South Greenwood, 12 Sept 1905, in 73rd year. 28 Sept 1905].

Small, C. Roy, died at Halifax, 21 Aug 1905, s/o L. W. Small, 17 years.[31 Aug 1905].

Small, Charles see Small, Elenore Letitia.

Small, Elenore Letitia, inf/d/o Charles and Grace Small, died at St. Louis, Mo., 10 Feb 1905, age 3 months 7 days; Mr. Small formerly of Greenwood. [16 March 1905].

Small, Grace see Small, Elenore Letitia.

Small, L. W. see Small, C. Roy.

Smith-Jeffrey, C. J., of Jamaica, BWI, married at Tremont, 4 Aug 1905, to Annie Laura Hodges, Tremont, formerly of Morristown.

Smith, Nelson, died at North Kingston, 19 Dec 1904, in 60th year.[23 Feb 1905 see North Kingston].

Spinney, Josiah, died at Port La Tour, Shelburne Co., NS, Mon., abt 50 years. [12 Oct 1905].

Spicer, A. Winnifred see Bowser, Eugene.

Spicer, A. H. see Graves, Clarence.

Spicer, A. H. see Bowser, Eugene.

Spicer, Lizzie Lloyd, see Graves, Clarence.

Sponagle, J. E., Truro, married at Wolfville, 3 Aug 1905 to Vida Estelle Whidden, d/o D. G. Whidden, Antigonish, formerly of Halifax. [10 Aug 1905].

Spooner, George Herbert see Hall, Azuba S.

Steadman, Alvin, s/o Frederick Steadman and Nellie, died at South Berwick, 22nt. inst., age 10 years. [23 Feb 1905].

Steadman, Blanche, married at Sackville, NB, 28 Dec 1904, to Otis Cogswell, Port Williams, NS. [ 5 Jan 1905 - write up].

Steadman, Frederick, see Steadman, Alvin.

Steadman, Nellie B. see Lee, John R.

Steadman, Nellie see Steadman, Alvin.

Steele, Alexander, died at Scotts Bay, 6 Apr 1905, 67 years. [13 Apr 1905].

Stevens, Francis George, Lawrencetown, married at Berwick, 4 Sept 1905, to Christine C. Shaw, Berwick. [7 Sept 1905 write up + notice].

Stillman, Wilfred, born to at Waterville, 21 April 1905, a daughter. [18 May 1905].

Story, Clifford B. see McGill, Jessie May.

Story, Duncan A. see McGill, Jessie May.

Strong, Melbourne, Weston, married 27 Sept 1905, to Ellen Lynch d/o Daniel Lynch, Nicholsville. [5 Oct 1905 specific location not mentioned].

Sullivan, Iren E. see Algee, Irene E.

Sullivan, William see Algee, Irene E.

Sutherland, Mrs. J. B. see Robertson, Rev. Mr.

Swift, W. A., born to at Waterville, 10 Aug 1905, a son. [10 Aug 1905].

Taylor, Abner, Married at Berwick, 18 Oct 1905, to Elizabeth Murphy, both of Aylesford. [26 October 1905].

Taylor, Mrs. J. M., died at Melrose, Mass., 4 Oct 1905, age 71 years. [19 Oct 1905].

Taylor, Lizzie M. se Moreau, Jason M.

Tedford, Lawrence W., Salem, Mass., married at Karsdale, 28 Sept 1905, to Myra A. Morrison d/o Capt. James Morrison, Karsdale. [5 Oct 1905].

Thomson, A. A., born to at Berwick, 3 Sept 1905, a son. [7 Sept 1905].

Tobin, Arthur, died at Dalhousie, 26 Nov 1905. [14 Dec 1905].

Tremaine, Annie Louise see Dickey, Dr. Edwin E.

Tremaine, Richard see Dickey, Dr. Edwin E.

Trenholm, Maie see Tupper, Nelson, R.

Tupper, Eliakim see Tupper Eliza Jane.

Tupper, Eliza Jane, died at Weston, 4 May 1905, wid/o Eliakim Tupper, d/o James Woodworth, age 85 years. [11 May 1905 obituary + notice].

Tupper, Nelson R., Scotts Bay, married at Canning, 4 Feb 1905, to Maie Trenholm, Port Elgin, NB. [16 Feb 1905].

Tupper, William, born to at Scotts Bay, 9 Apr 1905, a son. [13 April 1905].

Turner, Gurdon see Best, Mrs. Hannah.

Turner, Hannah see Best, Mrs. Hannah.

Tuttle, Rev. A. S. see Anthony, Hazen.

Tuttle, Emma Lloyd see Anthony, Hazen.

Tuttle, George E., formerly of Berwick, married at Spokane, Washington, 11 Sept 1905, to Margaret Alma Robertson, d/o Charles E. Robertson, Charlottetown, PEI. [ 28 Sept 1905].

Vaughan, L. H., Berwick, born to at St. Martin’s, NB, 15 June 1905, a son. [22 June 1905].

Veinot, Amos J., married at Berwick, 5 Mar 1905, to Laura May DeEll d/o Sampson DeEll. [13 April 1905].

Viner, Amanda, died at Scotts Bay, 11 July 1905, w/o George Viner, age 58 years. [20 July 1905].

Viner, George see Viner, Amanda.

Wagner, Ada see Wagner, Arthur LeRoy.

Wagner, Arthur LeRoy, s/o Thomas & Ada Wagner, died at Cherryfield, 2 Oct 1905, age 7 years. [12 Oct 1905].

Wagner, Thomas see Wagner, Arthur LeRoy.

Wallis, Charles S. see Clark, Mrs. Esther.

Wallis, Esther see Clark, Mrs. Esther.

Walton, Anna Belle, Wolfville, married at Lockhartville, 20 Sept 1905, to Thomas E. Hutchison, Wolfville s/o D. Hutchison. [28 Sept 1905].

Ward, Elisheba, w/o Israel P. Ward, died at Lake Paul, 3 April 1905, 63 years. [13 April 1905].

Ward, George Clifford see MacGregor, Ella May.

Ward, Israel P. see Ward, Elisheba.

Ward, John see Kilcup, Susan.

Ward, Olive see Kilcup, Susan.

Ward, Susan see Kilcup, Susan.

Ward, Mr. & Mrs., Golden Wedding write up. [12 Oct 1905]

Ward, Percy, born to at North Alton, 3 Aug 1905, a daughter. [17 Aug 1905].

Watson, Dr. D. T. see Morton, Emma Louise.

Weaver, Earl Granville, s/o E. W. Weaver, died at Bristol, RI., 6 Apr 1905, age 10 months 18 days. [13 April 1905].

Weaver, E. W. see Weaver, Earl Granville.

Wentzell, Henry G. see Palmer, Lilah B.

West, Henry H. see West, Margaret Jane.

West, Margaret Jane, w/o Henry H. West, died at Aylesford, 11 Nov 1905, age 76 years 2 months. [23 Nov 1905].

West, Willie L., died at Waterville, yesterday. [10 August 1905 see Personals].

Wheaton, Fred Borden, East Hall Harbor, married at Canning, 10 April 1905, to Emily Doe, Greenwich, England. [27 April 1905].

Whidden, D. G. see Sponagle, J. E.

Whidden, Vida Estelle see Sponagle, J. E.

White, Anna Laura see Blakeslee, George Esty.

White, Harry W., Victoria Beach, married at Lower Granville, 15 mar 1905, to Vandora d/o Luke Covert. [ 30 March 1905].

White, Henry see Blakeslee, George Esty.

White, Herbert O., born to at Somerset, 22 Oct 1905, a son. [9 Nov 1905].

White, Thomas see Nichols, Daniel.

Williams, Fred, died at South Jacksonville, Florida, "last night". [from a Jacksonville Newspaper, 30 Nov 1905; Register 21 Dec 1905, see p.2 col.2].

Winter, George C. see Huntley, Alma.

Wolfe, Bertha see Bond, Melbourne.

Wolfe, Charles L. see Bond, Melbourne.

Wood, Robert see Balcom, Eva Louise.

Woodman, Mrs. Maud see Parker, Archibald.

Woodworth, Eliza Jane see Tupper, Eliza Jane.

Woodworth, Ermina, d/o Guilford Dudley Woodworth, died at Berwick, 9 Dec 1905, age 44 years. [14 Dec 1905 obituary].

Woodworth, Fred, born to at Berwick, 22 June 1905, a daughter. [29 June 1905].

Woodworth, Guilford Dudley see Woodworth, Ermina.

Woodworth, James see Tupper, Eliza Jane.

Woodworth, John B. see Borden, Mrs. Mary.

Young, Annie Edith see Mulhall, Dr. William H.

Young, Dr. Edward see Bishop, Mrs. Maria.