The Register, vital statistics 1903

The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
2 April 1903 to 31 December 1903
NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia mfm# 4015
*No Vitals in 11 June 1903 Issue*

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Abbott, Dorothy Muriel, twin d/o F.W. Abbott, died at Berwick, 22 Aug 1903, aged 5 months 22 days. [BR 3 Sept. 1903 Thurs.].

Abbott, F. W., see Abbott, Dorothy Muriel.

Alcorn, Edith P., married Victoria, BC, "yesterday", [Victoria, B.C. Colonist, 1 May -At Royal Jubilee Hospita] to Dr. W. Brenton Burnett, Vancouver. [BR 28 May 1902 Thurs.].

Allen, Charles Eugene, married at San Bernardino, 8 Aug 1903, to Flora McLean Shaw (From News, Upland, California); will reside Upland.[BR 3 Sept 1903 write-up].

Archibald, wid/o John E., of Bible Hill, died at Sheffield Mills, aged 86 years, internment Truro.[BR 13 August 1903 see Local Register].

Arenburg, Edward, married at Waterville, 23 May 1903, to Ida Pelton, Somerset. [BR 28 May 1903].

Armstrong, Rev. R. O., born to at Weymouth Bridge, Digby Co., NS, 24 Sept. 1903, a son. [BR 1 October 1903].

Banks, Abram see Banks, Hannah.

Banks, Hannah, d/o Abram Banks, Morristown, died at Aylesford, [no date].[BR 17 Dec 1903, see Register 24 Dec 1903 as well; named Hannah Elizabeth d. Auburn, 9 Dec 1903 in the BR 24 Dec 1903, age 34 years, paper].

Banks, R.H., born to at Waterville, 6 Apr 1903, a daughter. BR 16 Apr 1903].

Barkhouse, Abner, born to at White’s Corner, 30 Aug 1903, a son. [BR 3 Sept 1902 Thurs.].

Barkhouse, Guy, married at Aylesford, 27 Oct 1903, to Alma Lowe, both of Lake George, Kings Co., NS. [BR 29 Oct 1903].

Beals, Mary see Weather, Manly Newton.

Bent, Israel A., died at Lincoln, MA., Monday last, formerly of Berwick, and his wife, both aged about 50 years, ; she was Sarah S. Coldwell, d/o Geo. W. Coldwell, formerly of Berwick. [BR 30 April, Thurs., - obituary].

Best, Ada Beatrice, d/o Burpee Best, Prospect, married to George K. Parrish, Rockland. [BR 31 Dec 1903 and see A Reception, write-up, and The Register 7 Jan 1904].

Bill, Wm. C., died at Billtown, Wed. past week, 71 years.[BR 21 May 1903, obituary].

Bird, Elizabeth M. see Weagles, John E.

Blenkhorn, Josiah, Arlington, married at Grafton, NS, to Jennie Edith Jordan, d/o A.R. Jordan. [BR 16 July 1903 Thurs. - write-up].

Brechin, H. H. see Brechin, Minnie Maud.

Brechin, Minnie Maud, d/o H. H. Brechin, married at Upper Canard, 28 Oct 1903, to Charley Gordon Foster, Berwick. [BR 5 Nov 1903, write-up + Notice].

Brechin, Major P. M., died at Upper Canard, 16 Nov 1903. [BR Thurs. 19 Nov 1903, see Local Register].

Brennan, Benjamin, died at Lesser Slave lake, Athabaska, 14 mar 1903, s/o William Brennan of Lake George, NS, aged 25 years 9 months.[BR 16 Apr 1903 see Local Reg. col. & Notice].

Brennan, William see Brennan, Benjamin.

Brown, Laura L., d/o Philip Brown, Habitant, married at Habitant, 22 Sept. 1903, to Harding Clifford Meek, Canning. [BR 15 Oct 1903, write-up].

Brown, Philip see Brown, Laura L.

Brown, Mrs. John, died. [BR 28 May 1903 see Victoria Harbour].

Brown, William I., Somerville, Mass., married at Yarmouth, 23 inst., to Grace Peterkin, d/o Fred N. Peterkin, Yarmouth. [BR 3 Dec 1903 Thursday].

Browne, Myrtle Gertrude, married at Lakeville, 15 Apr 1903, d/o S.F. Browne to Otis A. Parker, Grafton s/o Charles E. Parker, Berwick. [BR 23 Apr 1903 write-up].

Browne, S.F. see Browne, Myrtle Gertrude.

Burgess, Ada May Bell, Woodville, married at Waterville, 9 Dec 1903, to Robert W. Kinsman, Centreville. [BR 17 Dec 1903].

Burgess, Mrs. Stephen, died Sunday.[BR 2 July 1903 -see Sheffield Mills].

Burnett, Dr. W. Brenton see Alcorn, Edith P.

Cahill, James, b. Horton, 5 Nov 1825, died at Harbourville, 25 July 1903, married Mary Anne Matthews, d/o James Matthews, Port Wolfe, B.B.O., removed to Harbourville, 1855; Mrs. Cahill died 23 April 1891.[BR 30 July 1903 obituary].

Cahill, Mrs. Mary Anne see Cahill, James.

Caldwell, F.R. see Caldwell, J. Craig.

Caldwell, J. Craig d/o F. R. Caldwell, married 8th inst., to Renna G. Ratchford. [BR 2 April 1903 see Cambridge col.].

Carr, N.H., Portland, Maine, married at Portland, Maine, 26 July 1903, to Carrie Corkum, of Scott’s Bay. [BR 30 July 1903 write-up].

Chipman, A.H., born to at St. John, 15 July 1903, a son. [BR 23 July 1903].

Churchill, Elizabeth see Woodworth, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Churchill, Ezra see Woodworth, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Chute, Abram see Woodworth, Susanna.

Chute, Susanna see Woodworth, Susanna.

Clark, John Scott, died at Morden, 8th inst., aged 71 years, b. Margaretville. [BR 23 April 1903 - obituary].

Coffin, Rev. J. S. see Parker, Mary.

Coffin, Mary Parker, see Parker, Mary.

Cogswell, Daniel see Morris, Mrs. Mary Anne.

Cogswell, Eidson W., Morristown, married at Nicholsville, 16 Dec 1903, to Naomi E. Nichols, d/o Lindley Nichols. [BR 24 Dec 1903, write-up].

Cogswell, Mary Anne see Morris, Mrs. Mary Anne.

Coldwell, Geo. W. see Bent, Israel A.

Coldwell, Isaac, died at Gaspereau, 27 Sept 1903, age 70 years. [BR 1 Oct 1903].

Coldwell, Sarah S. see Bent, Israel A.

Coleman, Sherman B., s/o Warren E. Coleman married at Newton, Mass., 9 Sept. 1903 to Mabel B. Sullivan d/o William P. Sullivan, Grafton.[8 Oct 1903 Thurs., write-up + notice].

Coleman, Warren E. see Coleman, Sherman B.

Congdon, Mrs. Clark N., died at Dorchester, Mass., last week, burial Round Hill, Annapolis Co., NS. [BR 8 Oct 1903 Thurs.].

Congdon, Kempton Wheelock, married at Grafton, NS, 30 Sept. 1903, Katherine Capitolo Laurence d/o C.E. Laurence, all of Grafton. [BR 8 Oct 1903 Thurs, write-up + notice].

Cook, Ain[?]ey, (Ainsley?) died at Harborville, 22 Nov 1903, 68 years. [BR 26 Nov 1903].

Cook, Dellavine, died 24 Nov. 1903, age 13 years, d/o [?]mont Cook, "who was drowned some years ago in the Gulf Stream"; mother d. in Boston; adopted by grandparents, James Spicer. [BR 3 Dec 1903 see Harborville].

Corbitt, Guy T., died at Lakeville, 4th inst., aged 30 years, 10 months.[BR 9 Apr 1903].

Corkum, Carrie see Carr, N.H.

Costley, Moses, died at Windermere, 9 July 1903, aged 72 years. [BR 16 July 1903].

Coulter, Annie see Coulter, Ella.

Coulter, Ella, died at South Berwick, 29 July 1903, d/o John and Annie Coulter, 21 years. [BR 6 August 1903 see Local Register + Notice].

Coulter, John see Coulter, Ella.

Coyler, Mr. see Colyer, Charles W.

Colyer, Charles W., s/o Mr. Colyer, Halifax, died at Aylesford, 20 Sept. 1903, aged 5 years, 7 months. [BR 1 Oct 1903].

Daniels, Beatrice, d/o Zephaniah Daniels, Melvern Square, Annapolis Co., NS, ,married at Waterville, 26 Oct 1903, to T. H. Loomer, Grafton. [See Grafton + Notice].

Daniels, Zephaniah see Daniels, Beatrice.

Davidson, E. Russell, born to at Weston, a daughter.[BR 6 August 1903].

Davidson, Robert, formerly of Halifax and a native of Gaspereau, died at Silver Cliff, Colorado, 21 Dec 1903. [BR 24 Dec 1903].

Davis, Hattie M. see Redden, James D.

Davis, Henry, married at Windsor to Hattie O’Toole; reside Port Williams. [BR 23 April 1903 write-up and see Local Register].

DeEll, Mrs. Anne see Geyer, Almont S.

DeEll, Grace D. see Geyer, Almont S.

Dodge, Loring Alton, died at Bear River, 1 Sept 1903, aged 35 years. [BR 10 Sept 1903].

Dorherty, Patrick, married at Berwick, no date, to Mrs. L[?]la Neaves, both of Burlington. [BR 20 August 1903 - see Burlington + notice; notice spelling is O’Dorherty and Mrs. Lily Neaves and married at Burlington].

Douglas, Colin see Douglas, James C.

Douglas, James C. s/o Colin Douglas, died at Worchester, Mass., ; funeral Friday; interment in Massachusetts..[BR 10 December 1903 see p.2].

Douglass, Colin see Douglass, Olive.

Douglass, Olive, d/o Colin Douglass, Berwick, married at Roxbury, Mass., 26 Aug 1903, to Herbert Patterson, Aylesford. [BR 3 Sept. 1903 Thurs].

Dunklee, Sanford Chester, of Minnesota, married at Cambridge, 21 Aug 1903, to Myrtle Rudolph, Cambridge. [BR 27 August 1903 write-up + notice].

Dykens, Joseph, died at South Berwick, Wed. last week. [BR 16 July 1903 see North Kingston column].

Easson, W.A., born to at Factorydale, 2 July 1903, a daughter.[BR 9 July 1903].

Eaton, F.G., born to at Digby, 23 June 1903, a son.[BR 16 July 1903].

Ellis, Annie S. see Weatherbee, Elisha H.

Ellis, Joseph see Weatherbee, Elisha H.

Forsythe, Mary Eugenie, married at Enfield, 22 June 1903, to Frank A. Ronnan, Halifax. [BR 25 June 1903 -write-up + notice].

Foster, Charley Gordon see Brechin, Minnie Maud.

Gates, Ella Maud, Harmony, Kings Co., NS, married at Waterville, 18 Nov 1903, to Daniel Harris Sarsfield, Chipman Brook. [BR 26 Nov 1903].

Gaul, Annie see Gaul, Dorothy.

Gaul, Constantine E. (and Annie), see Gaul, Dorothy.

Gaul, Dorothy, died at Dalhousie, 25 May 1903, 4 years, d/o Constantine E. and Annie Gaul. [BR 4 June 1903].

Gaul, Hattie, died at Dalhousie, 26 May 1903, 12 years, d/o Laurence and Lucinda Gaul. [BR 4 June 1903].

Gaul, Laurence (and Lucinda) see Gaul, Hattie.

Gaul, Lucinda see Gaul, Hattie.

Geyer, Almont S., of Hyde Park, MA., married at Boston, 17 June 1903, to Grace D. DeEll, of South Berwick, d/o Mrs. Anne DeEll, of South Berwick. [BR 23 July 1903].

Graves, Alfred see Graves, Jessie Vivian.

Graves, Ellsworth T., married at Morden, 26 Aug 1903, to Jessie Evangeline Kirkpatrick d/o A. G. Kirkpatrick; will reside in Sharon, Mass. [BR 3 Sept 1903 Thurs., write-up].

Graves, Jessie Vivian, inf/d/o Alfred Graves, died at Aylesford, 25 Sept 1903, aged 11 days. [BR 1 Oct 1903].

Haley, J. W. see Haley, Gerald Arthur.

Haley, Gerald Arthur, died at Berwick, 4 years and 10 months, 12 June 1903, s/o J.W. Haley. [BR 18 June 1903].

Hall, Charles Henry, married at Los Angeles, CA., 14 April 1903, formerly of NS, to Etna P. Ogilvie of Harbourville, NS. [BR 30 April 1903]

Hartnett, Walter Leo see Schurman, Albania Belle.

Harriot, Mary E. see Harriot, William Haley.

Harriot, William Haley, died at Westport, Digby Co., NS, 30 Aug 1903, inf/s/o W. J. and Mary E. Harriot, aged 1 year, 3 months, 23 days. [BR 10 Sept 1903 Thurs.].

Harriot, W. J. see Harriot, William Haley.

Harris, Elijah see Parker, George.

Harris, Mary see Parker, George.

Harris, Richard, born to at Gaspereaux Mountain, Kings Co., NS, 15 Aug 1902, a son. [BR 10 September 1903].

Hatt, Thomas, died at Bear River, 16 June 1903.[BR 9 July 1903 see Local Register].

Hiltz, Nelson, s/o William Hiltz, Garland, died at North Grafton, 19 Oct 1903, in his 26 year. [BR 22 Oct 1903, notice and see also Grafton column].

Hiltz, William see Hiltz, Nelson.

Hutchinson, James, died at Millville, 28 June, formerly of Morristown, aged 64 years. [BR 2 July 1903].

Illsley, Mrs. Brenton Illsley, died at Medford, Kings Co., NS, Saturday. [BR 10 Sept 1903 see Local Register].

Illsley, E. K. see Kinsman, William A.

Illsley, Evelyn see Kinsman, William A.

James, H. E., born to at Everett, Mass., 30 Nov 1903, a daughter.[BR 24 Dec 1903].

Jordan, A.R. see Blenkhorn, Josiah.

Jordan, Jennie Edith see Blenkhorn, Josiah.

Keddy, Amos, born to at Millville, 31 Mar 1901, a daughter.[BR 9 April 1903].

Keezer (Keizer?], Edward, married at Black Rock, 22 April 1903, to Ida d/o John Snair, both of Canada Creek [BR 30 April 1903 -write-up + notice].

Keizer, Wallace R., Northville, married at Billtown, 19 Aug 1903, to Jessie Sanford d/o Wilson Sanford. [ BR 10 Sept. 1903 - write-up].

Kennealey, Mrs. Ellen, died at Harborville, 4 Oct 1903. [BR 8 Oct 1903 obituary].

Killam, Joseph W. see Mailhot, Arthur.

Killam, Maggie Grace see Mailhot, Arthur.[name may be Maggie Grace Rector -unclear]

Kinney, Anna C. see Morse, Dr. W.R.

Kinsman, Ernest Stanley, died at Grafton, 26 Aug 1903, s/o George Kinsman, aged 18 years 5 months. [BR 3 Sept 1903 Thurs.].

Kinsman, George see Kinsman, Ernest Stanley.

Kinsman, George, born to at Billtown, 8th inst., a son. [BR 16 Apr 1903].

Kinsman, Robert W. see Burgess, Ada May Bell.

Kinsman, William A., Upper Dyke, married at Atlanta, Cornwallis, 18 Nov 1903, to Evelyn Illsley d/o E. K. Illsley. [BR 26 Nov 1903 write-up].

Kirkpatrick, A. G. see Graves, Ellsworth T.

Kirkpatrick, Jessie Evangeline see Graves, Ellsworth T.

Lamont, Miss see Sanford, Mrs.

Laurence, C. E. see Congdon, Kempton Wheelock.

Laurence, Katherine Capitolo see Congdon, Kempton Wheelock.

Linton, Ada, w/o C. P. Linton, d/o late Edward Parker, Somerset, died at Truro, 7 Dec 1903, aged 46 years. [BR 17 Dec 1903].

Linton, C. P. see Linton, Ada.

Lohnes, Aubon, born to at Dalhousie, 27 May 1903, a daughter. [BR 4 June 1903].

Loomer, John G. see Loomer, Naomi Maud.

Loomer, Mary see Loomer, Naomi Maud.

Loomer, Naomi Maud, died at Sheffield Mills, 27 June 1903, d/o John G. and Mary Loomer, aged 64 years. [BR 2 July 1903].

Loomer, T. H. see Daniels, Beatrice.

Lowe, Alma see Barkhouse, Guy.

McColl, Adelene Vivia, married at Wollaston, MA., 16 April 1903, d/o Neil McColl to Fred Germaine Pettingill, Brockton, MA. [BR 30 April 1903 -write-up].

McColl, Neil see McColl, Adelene Vivia.

McConnell, Frank, born to at Welsford, 1 July 1903, a son. [BR 2 July 1903].

MacDonald, Capt. Thomas, died Sat last, of Mt. Denson [Hants Co., NS].[BR 2 April 1903].

MacDonald, John W. see Morris, Mrs. Mary Anne.

McGowan, John, born to at Dalhousie, 10 July 1903, a son. [BR 23 July 1903].

McKenna, J.D., born to at St. John, 18 July 1903, a daughter. [BR 30 July 1903].

McKenzie, Alexander see Parker, Melbourne R.

McKenzie, Rachel A. see Parker, Melbourne R.

McMaster, James see Woodworth, Sarah Anne.

McMaster, Sarah Anne see Woodworth, Sarah Anne.

Mailhot, Arthur, of Santsalie, Quebec, married at Berwick, 5 August 1903 to Maggie Grace Rector d/o Joseph W. Killam, Somerset. [BR 20 August 1903].

Matthews, James see Cahill, James.

Matthews, Mary Anne see Cahill, James.

Meek, Harding Clifford see Brown, Laura L.

Moody, Mrs. Perry, died at Harbourville?. [BR 14 May 1903 see Harbourville col.].

Morris, Capt. James E. see Morris, Mrs. Mary Anne.

Morris, Mrs. Mary Anne, died at Somerville, Mass., Sunday last, wid/o late Capt. James E. Morris, Harborville, at the home of son in law John W. MacDonald, d/o late Daniel Cogswell, Cornwallis; Capt. Morris died at sea in 1861 on a voyage from Harborville to the West Indies; interment Reformed Presbyterian Churchyard, near Grafton, NS. [BR 27 August 1903].

Morse, Dr. W. R., Ohio, Yarmouth, married at Somerset, 13 June 1903, to Anna C. Kinney, of Somerset. [BR 18 June 1903- notice and see Local Register].

Morton, Allan, died at Union Square, Kings Co., NS, 29 June 1903, aged 66 years. [BR 2 July 1903].

Morton, Helen, d/o Mrs. Mary A. Morton, married at Somerset, Wed., to Ernest Nichols, Welsford. [BR 29 Oct 1903, write-up].

Morton, Holmes E. see Morton, Unity Helen.

Morton, Mrs. Mary A. see Morton, Helen.

Morton, Unity Helen d/o late Holmes E. Morton, Somerset, married at Somerset, 28 Oct 1903, to Ernest A. Nichols. [BR 5 Nov 1903].

Mosher, W. H. see Mosher, Francis W.

Mosher, Francis W., married at San Francisco, Col.[CA.], s/o W.H. Mosher, 26 Mar 1903, to Carolyn Vera Pedlar, both of San Francisco.[16 April 1903].

Mosher, W. H. died at Avondale, Hants Co., NS, Tuesday last, aged 67 years.[BR 22 Oct 1903 obituary].

Neaves, Mrs. L[?]la (Lily) see Dorherty, Patrick.

Nichols, Addy G., born to at Kentville, 21 May 1903, a son. [BR 28 May 1903].

Nichols, Henry E., born to at Harborville, 3 Sept 1903, a son. [BR 10 Sept 1902 Thurs.].

Nichols, Ernest A. see Morton, Unity Helen. [BR 5 Nov 1903].

Nichols, Ernest see Morton, Helen.

Nichols, Lindley see Cogswell, Eidson W.

Nichols, Lindley see Cogswell, Eidson W.

Nichols, Sylvester, died at Aylesford, 3 April 1903, in 62nd year.[BR 23 April 1903].

Nickerson, G. W. see Webster, Nellie M.

O’Dorherty, Patrick, see Dorherty, Patrick.

O’Grady, Thomas, died at Kentville, Monday last week, no date, [BR 31 Dec 1903 Thurs. see Death of ...].

O’Toole, Hattie see Henry Davis.

Ogilvie, Etna P. see Hall, Charles Henry.

Parker, Ada see Linton, Ada.

Parker, Bertha O., married at Charlemont, Mass., 8 Dec 1903, to Frank R. Wood, Canning, Nova Scotia; residence Charlemont, Mass. [BR 24 Dec 1903 write-up].

Parker, Charles E. see Browne, Myrtle Gertrude.

Parker, Church M. see Parker, Mrs. Lydia.

Parker, Edward see Linton, Ada.

Parker, George see Parker, George.

Parker, George, died at Welsford, Saturday last, s/o George Parker, about 70 years, married Mary, d/o Elijah Harris. [BR 30 July 1903, obituary].

Parker, J. A. see Parker, Mrs. Lydia.

Parker, Mrs. Lydia, w/o late Church M. Parker, died at Morristown, at the residence of her son, J. A. Parker, 10 Nov 1903, age 84 years.[BR 19 Nov 1903 and 26 Nov 1903].

Parker, Mary, married at Annapolis, 9 Sept 1903 to Aubrey H. Sperry, Petite Riviere d/o Rev. J.S. Coffin. [BR 17 Sept 1903 - surname may be Parker or Coffin not clear].

Parker, Melbourne R., Brooklyn, Annapolis Co., NS., married at Berwick, 14 Oct 1903, to Rachel A. McKenzie, d/o Alexander McKenzie, Windermere. [BR 22 Oct 1903, Notice].

Parker, Otis A. see Browne, Myrtle Gertrude.

Parry, Rev. Horatio N., Gaspereau, died; ordained 1877; funeral Friday at Port Maitland. [BR 26 Nov 1903, Thursday, obituary].

Patillo, Alice Starr, died, Easter Sunday, aged 3 years, d/o T.S. Patillo. [BR 16 Apr 1903 see Local Register].

Patillo, T.S. see Patillo, Alice Starr.

Paton, Mary Eunice, died at Somerset, aged 63 years, 4 July 1903, d/o Matthew Paton. [BR 9 July 1903].

Paton, Matthew see Paton, Mary Eunice.

Patterson, Herbert see Douglass, Olive.

Payers, John B., born to at Windermere, 13 June 1903, a son. [BR 18 June 1903].

Pedlar, Carolyn Vera see Mosher, Francis W.

Pelton, Ida see Arenburg, Edward.

Peterkin, Fred N. see Brown, William I.

Peterkin, Grace see Brown, William I.

Peterson, Fred Wilbur, married at Fells, MA., 29 April 1903, to Esther Love Spicer d/o James Spicer of Harbourville; reside in Charlestown, MA. [BR 7 May 1903-write-up].

Pettingill, Fred Germaine see McColl, Adelene Vivia.

Power,, C. L., born to at Halifax, 19th. inst., a daughter.[BR 24 Sept 1902].

Prestwood, Rev. J.W., born to at Berwick, 11 Apr 1903, a son.[BR 16 Apr 1903].

Purdon, J.T., born to at Wolfville, 13 April 1903, a son. [BR 30 April 1903].

Rafuse, George, see Veino, Mrs. Amos.

Rafuse, William, born to at Somerset, 7 June 1903, a daughter. [BR 18 June 1903].

Ratchford, Renna G. see Caldwell, J. Craig.

Rector, Maggie Grace see Mailhot, Arthur.[may be Maggie Grace Rector Killam].

Redden, James D., married at Windsor, 15 Apr 1903, to Hattie Davis, Windsor. [BR 23 April 1903].

Reid, Ruth A., died, at Burlington, 13 Apr 1903, aged 44 years.[BR 26 Apr 1903].

Rogers, Emeline, died at Dartmouth, 17 August 1903, w/o James Rogers, Scott’s Bay, aged 45 years. [BR 20 August 1903].

Rogers, James see Rogers, Emeline.

Ronnan, Frank A. see Forsythe, Mary Eugenie.

Roscoe, C. M. see Roscoe, Miner.

Roscoe, Miner, s/o C. M. Roscoe, died aged 4 years. [BR 17 Dec 1903, see Centreville column].

Roscoe, Everett A., born to at Mancos, Colorado, 22 Nov 1903, a son. [BR 10 Dec 1903].

Ross, R. H., born to at Yarmouth, 5 Nov 1903, a son. [BR 12 Nov 1903].

Rudolph, Myrtle see Dunklee, Sanford Chester.

Sanford, James, died at Waterville, Sunday, age 78 years. [BR 17 Sept 1903-obituary].

Sanford, Jessie see Keizer, Wallace R.

Sanford, Rev. Rufus see Sanford, Mrs.

Sanford, Mrs., died at Vizianagram, Madras, India, w/o Rev. Rufus Sanford, both natives of Kings Co., NS, ; she was formerly a Miss Lamont. [BR 23 July 1903 obituary].

Sanford, Selden V., born to at Weston, 12 Oct 1903, a daughter. [BR 15 Oct 1903 Thurs].

Sanford, Wilson see Keizer, Wallace R.

Sarsfield, Daniel Harris see Gates, Ella Maud.

Schofield, Mrs. Charles, died at Halifax, VGH, Subday, aged 27 years, of Kentville. [BR 13 August 1903].

Schurman, Albania Belle, Middleton, married at Somerset, 19 Nov 1903, to Walter Leo Hartnett, Kentville. [BR 26 Nov 1903].

Shepherd, William, born to at Berwick 9 May 1903, a daughter.[BR 14 May 1903].

Short, Fred Manning see Spicer, Bertha Maud.

Smith, Edward see Smith, Lizzie G.

Smith, Capt. H.A., born to at Yarmouth, NS, 6 July 1903, a daughter. [BR 9 July 1903].

Smith, Capt. Henry A. see Smith, Lizzie G.

Smith, Lizzie G., died at Yarmouth, 10 July 1903, w/o Capt. Henry A. Smith and d/o Edward Smith, 33 years.[BR 16 July 1903 see also Letter, 23 July 1903, Register + obituary].

Snair, Ida see Keezer (Keizer?), Edward.

Snair, John see Keezer (Keizer?), Edward.

Shaw, Flora McLean see Allen, Charles Eugene.

Shaw, Dr. S. E., born to at Waterville, 23 Oct 1903, a son. [BR 5 Nov 1903].

Smith, Capt. Henry A. see Smith, Lizzie T.

Smith, Elizabeth G. see Smith, Lizzie T.

Smith, Lizzie T., inf/d/o late Elizabeth G. and Capt. Henry A. Smith, died at Yarmouth, 10 Sept 1903, aged 2 months. [BR 24 Sept 1903].

Sperry, Aubrey H. see Parker, Mary.

Spicer, Bertha Maud, Berwick, married at Lowell, MA., to Frank Manning Short; no date. [BR 21 May 1903 write-up].

Spicer, Esther Love see Peterson, Fred Wilbur.

Spicer, James see Peterson, Fred Wilbur.

Spicer, James see Cook, Dellavine.

Sprague, Estella Margaret, died at Halifax, 14 April 1903, d/o Dr. H.S. Sprague, aged 2 years 1 month. [BR 23 April 1903].

Sprague, H. S. see Sprague, Estella Margaret.

Steele, M. W., born to at Scotts Bay, 22 Oct 1903, a daughter. [BR 29 Oct 1903].

Steele, Norman, born to at Scott’s Bay, a daughter. [BR 13 August 1903].

Sullivan, George Forester, South Berwick, married at Kentville, 23 Dec 1903, to Mary P. Venot, Stanburn, Lun. Co., NS. [BR 31 Dec 1903, write-up].

Sullivan, Mabel B. see Coleman, Sherman B.

Sullivan, William P. see Coleman, Sherman B.

Sweet, Leander see Sweet, Lorainey.

Sweet, Lorainey, died at Country Harbor, Guysboro Co., NS, 20 Aug 1903, w/o Leander Sweet. [BR 10 Sept 1902 - obituary].

Swift, Alden, see Swift, Verle A.

Swift, W.A., born to at Waterville, 26 July 1903, a son. [BT 30 July 1903].

Swift, Verle A., d/o Alden Swift, died at Waterville, 26 Sept. 1903, age 2 months. [BR 1 Oct 1902].

Taylor, Benjamin see Taylor, Henry C.

Taylor, David, died at Dalhousie East, 24th. [BR 31 Dec 1903 see Dalhousie East].

Taylor, Henry C., s/o Benjamin Taylor, died at Waterville, Friday; interment Halifax. [BR 1 Oct 1903, Thursday, obituary].

Veino, Amos, born to at Berwick, 5 Nov 1903, twin daughters ( one stillborn). [BR 12 November 1903].

Veino, Mrs. Amos, died at Berwick, 5 Nov 1903, d/o George Rafuse, age 25 years. [BR 12 Nov 1903].

Venot, Mary P. see Sullivan George Forester.

Ward, Joseph L., died at Weston, 9 Dec 1903, age 91 years, 13 days.[BR 17 Dec 1903].

Warren, Capt. see Warren, Ethel Majorie.

Warren, Ethel Majorie, inf/d/o Capt. Warren, South Berwick, died Saturday.[BR 3 Sept. 1903 Thurs. - see Local Register column].

Weagles, John E., married at Auburn, 1 Oct 1903, to Elizabeth M. Bird. [BR 8 Oct 1903].

Weatherbee, Elisha H., died at Haverhill, MA., last week, aged 58 years ; widow, Annie S. Ellis d/o Joseph Ellis, Berwick.[BR 23 April 1903 obituary + notice].

Weathers, Manly Newton, Welsford, married at Bridgetown, 12th. inst., to Mary Beals, Middleton. [BR 19 November 1903].

Webster, G. L. see Webster, Nellie M.

Webster, Nellie M., d/o G. L. Webster, married at Cambridge, 26th. inst., to G. W. Nickerson, Silver Lake, N.H. [BR 1 Oct 1903 Thurs. write-up + notice -notice records place as from Madison, N. H.].

White, James H., born to at Grafton, 15 Dec 1903, a son. [BR 24 Dec 1903].

Wood, Frank R. see Parker, Bertha O.

Woodworth, Douglas B. see Woodworth, Mrs. Elizabeth.

Woodworth, Mrs. Elizabeth, wid/o late Douglas B. Woodworth, died at Boston, Thursday last, aged 62 years, d/o late Senator Ezra Churchill, Hantsport.[BR 12 Nov 1903, Thursday see Local Register].

Woodworth, Hathron see Woodworth, Sarah Anne.

Woodworth, Sarah Anne, w/o Hathron Woodworth, formerly of Weston, Kings Co., NS died at Wollaston, Mass., 20 August 1903, d/o late James McMaster, Burlington, NS. [BR 27 Aug 1903 Thurs.].

Woodworth, Richard see Woodworth, Susanna.

Woodworth, Susanna, wid/o late Richard Woodworth, died at Rockland, Cornwallis, 3 Dec 1903, d/o late Abram Chute, age 94 years. [BR 10 Dec 1903].

Young, Harris, born to at Lake Paul, 1 Dec 1903, a daughter. [10 Dec 1903].