Newspaper Vital Statistics 1902

Newspaper Vital Statistics
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The Register, Berwick, Kings County, Nova Scotia = BR; mfm# 4015 NSARM, Halifax, NS. The 1902 Register [ BR ] was published on Thursday. The last weekly vitals available in BR for 1902 were 18 December 1902.

The Outlook, Middleton, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia [ OM ] mfm#1104 NSARM, Halifax, NS was published on Friday unless otherwise stated. No vitals OM 21 March 1902. No vitals for OM 25 April 1902. There is one page in the issue of OM 14 Nov 1902 with 7 Nov 1902 showing; it appears to be very confusing for these 2 weeks ; please use your own judgement as they may have been combined when film was made mfm#1104 OM. This will be entered as 7/14 Nov. 1902 OM . I can only enter as to what I saw.

Please refer to the newspaper itself. Copies are available from NSARM, Halifax, NS : Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, NS, B3H 1W4. There will be a minimum fee. There may be errors but I have tried to avoid them. Please consider this a direction to help with your research. Also please help correct any errors but please supply the source for any change; there may be typos. In most cases the writer of the original would only use "Harmony" assuming the readers would know which "Harmony" i.e. which county. No effort has been made to change the spelling of a name. You must decide. Other abbreviations are used : obit = obituary; inst., Mass., MA. = Massachusetts; and for births the name of the father was used to reduce typing time. Many thanks to NSARM and their staff and to Phillip Vogler for posting these statistics.

Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.(C).

Ainsworth, Charles A., New Britain, CT., married at Springfield, Mass., 25 Mar 1902,to Annie Laura LeCain d/o Andrew LeCain. [OM 18 April 1902].

Alcorn, A. S., born to at Berwick, 1 Feb 1902, a son. [BR 6 Feb 1902].

Allen, Charles F., s/o G. R. Allen, died at Halifax, 19 Mar 1902, 24 years. [OM 28 March 1902].

Allen, G. R. see Allen, Charles F.

Amers, Alex S., South Range, married at Annapolis, 17th. inst., to Charlotte Hatfield, Waterford, Digby Co., NS. [OM 7 March 1902].

Anderson, Dr. F. S., born to at Bridgetown, 5 Jan 1902, a son. [ OM 10 Jan 1902 ].

Anderson, James, born to at Avonport, 29 April 1902, a son. [OM 9 May 1902].

Annis, Herbert, born to at Nictaux, 13 June 1902, a daughter. [OM 18 July 1902].

Apt, Mrs. Seretha, married at Victoria Beach, 14 June 1902, to Anthony Ellis.

Archibald, Dr. W. L., born to at Lawrencetown, 15 Aug 1902, a daughter. [OM 15 Aug 1902].

Armstrong, Flora Belle, died at Spa Springs, Sunday past, w/o Leslie F. Weaver, d/o

James Armstrong, North Kingston.[OM, 21 Feb 1902, obituary, p.1].

Armstrong, Howard E., Greenwood, married at Aylesford, 26 Nov 1902, to Ruby Grifton, Harmony, NS. [OM 19 Dec 1902].

Armstrong, James see Armstrong, Flora Belle.

Armstrong, S. W., Mt. Hanley, married at Port Lorne, 1 Oct 1902, to Myrtis M. Phinney, Port Lorne. [OM 10 October 1902 & see OM 24 Oct 1902 write-up].

Arnold, James W. see Dorhety, Mary Theresa.

Arnold, Julia, married at Chipman Brook, 12 Nov 1902, to Arthur M. Ruggles, Wilmot. [OM 28 Nov 1902].

Atchison, Jennie, d/o Mitchell Atchison, died 10 May 1902, Margaretville. [OM 10 May 1902, Friday, obituary, see also OM 16 May 1902 [it has d. 11 May]].

Atchison, Mitchell see Atchison, Jennie.

Austin, Mrs.[sic] Ingles, Belleisle, married at Granville ferry, 18 June 1902, to Helen Mills, Granville Ferry. [OM 27 June 1902].

Backman, George, died at Bridgewater, Christmas Day, drowned, age 10 years s/o James Backman. [BR 2 Jan 1902 write-up].

Backman, James, see Backman, George.

Bailey, Georgina Mence see Cochrane, Wallace Wilmington

Baker, A. Hilborn, died at Tremont, 17th., 22 years. [OM 24 Jan 1902 -obit]

Baker, Albert see Hutchison, Annie.

Baker, Charles O. see Marshall, Ethel.

Baker, Elerv?, born to at Melvern Square, 26 Dec 1901, a son. [OM 10 Jan 1902].

Baker, Leason, died at Melvern Square, 31 Dec 1901, age 82 years. [OM 10 Jan 1902].

Baker, Raymond, born to at North Brookfield, 17 Aug 1902, a daughter. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Ball, Stanley C., married at Caledonia, 19 Aug 1902, to Jessie Maud Foster, d/o Milton Foster. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Balsor, Austin, see Chute, Bessie.

Balsor, Bessie, see Chute, Bessie.

Baltzer, Byron A., died at Outram [?], 27 July 1902. [OM 29 Aug 1902 - obituary].

Baltzer, Dr., married to Lydia E. Waterman d/o J.? Waterman, June - this issue is torn and this may be of some help but please refer to microfilm for your own use.

Banks, Alexander see Hutchison, Annie.

Banks, Avery, born to at Harmony, 27 July 1902, a son. [OM 22 Aug 1902].

Banks, Dimock, born to at Harmony, 7 May 1902, a daughter. [OM 23 May 1902].

Banks, George, born to at Caledonia, 16 Oct 1902, a daughter. [OM 24 Oct 1902].

Banks, Henry see Banks, Idella Blanche.

Banks, Idella Blanche, d/o Henry Banks, married at North Williamson, 30 April 1902, to William Martin, Melvern Square. [OM 2 May 1902 write-up + notice].

Banks, John E., died at Torbrook Mines, 10 Mar 1902, 67 years. [OM 28 Mar 1902].

Banks, Louisa Blanche see Spinney, Theodore Harding.

Banks, Owen, born to at Nicholsville, 1 Sept 1902, a son. [OM 5 Sept 1902].

Barclay, James John, died at Kingman, Arazonia, 1 May 1902, of Shelburne, aged 57 years, 5 months and 10 days. [BR 19 June 1902].

Barker, Herbert, born to at Grand Pre, 21 Jan 1902, a daughter. [OM 7 Feb 1902].

Barkhouse, Albert, born to at Dalhousie, 28th., a daughter. [BR 13 Mar 1902; OM 7 Mar 1902].

Barkhouse, James, died at Lake Paul, NS, 24 April 1902. [BR 24 April 1902].

Barkhouse, Mrs. James, died at Lake Paul, 24 April 1902. [OM 9 May 1902].

Barkhouse, J.D. see Barkhouse, May.

Barkhouse, May, married at Canady Creek, NS, 22 Jan 1902, d/o J.D. Barkhouse, to Jotham W. Gould. [BR 30 January 1902, see notice + White’s Corner col.].

Barnes, Nelson, born to at Carleton Corner, 17 May 1902, a daughter. [OM 23 May 1902].

Barss, John W., died at Wolfville, 22 May 1902, 90 years. [OM 30 May 1902].

Barss, Nellie Mildred see Freeman, George.

Barss, W.D. see Freeman, George.

Beals, Ferona, Inglisville, married at Lexington, Mass., 11 Aug 1902, to John E. Rodgers, Malden, Mass. [OM 5 Sept 1902].

Beardsley, Gideon, died at Waterville, NS, Thursday, s/o Col. Samuel Beardsley, b. 15 Nov 1816, Hanley Mt., Annapolis Co., NS.[BR 22 May 1902-see also Waterville].

Beardsley, Col. Samuel see Beardsley, Gideon.

Benjamin, Lydia see Coldwell, John A.

Bennett, Mrs. John, died at Canning, 29 Mar 1902, 67 years.[OM 11 April 1902].

Bent, Ebenezer, died at Bridgetown, 26 Mar 1902, 73 years. [OM 11 April 1902].

Bent, James E., born to at Clementsport, 1 April 1902, son.[OM 11 April 1902].

Bent, Joseph see Bent, Sarah Jane.

Bent, Sarah Jane, w/o Frederick Gibson, d/o Joseph Bent, Port George, died at Gates Mountain, 24th. ult., 33 years, 9 months.[OM 11 July 1902 obituary].

Bent, Mrs. Walter (Cynthia Young), died at Granville Centre, 16 May 1902. [OM 23 May 1902].

Bentley, Chas. A., born to at Berwick, 17th inst., a son(George Lorimer).[BR 19 June 1902].

Bentley, P.R., born to at Sydney, NS, 27 June 1902, a daughter.[BR 10 July 1902].

Bessonette, Mrs. M. E., died at New York. [OM 10 Jan 1902 obituary p.2].

Best, Annie B., married at Boston, MA., 9 April 1902, d/o John Best, Grafton, NS, to John Jenkins, Collinsville, Conn. [17 April 1902 - notice + write-up].

Best, Bessie see Potter, Hilda Margaret.

Best, Daniel M. see Best, Eunice E..

Best, Eunice E., married at Prospect, NS, 16 July 1902 d/o Daniel M. Best to Clifford A. Greenwood, Halifax.[BR 24 July 1902 see also Register 31 July - write-up].

Best, Harry, see Potter, Hilda Margaret.

Best, John see Best, Annie B.

Bingham, Roy F. see Messenger, Lily B.

Bishop, Arthur see Bishop, Seraphina W.

Bishop, Arthur, born to at Somerset, NS, 17 Jan 1902, a son. [BR 30 January 1902].

Bishop, George see Halloran, Mary.

Bishop, J. L. see Poole, Rev. S. S.

Bishop, Mabel see Poole, Rev. S. S.

Bishop, Mary D., died at Washington City, formerly of Port Williams, NS, 27 Jan 1902. [OM 14 Feb 1902 see Local Matter].

Bishop, Seraphina W., w/o Arthur Bishop, died at Greenwich Hill, 10 May 1902, 75 years. [OM 23 May 1902].

Blanchard, Clara, d/o Judge G. A. Blanchard, died at Kentville, 13 April 1902. [OM 18 April 1902 see Local Matter].

Blanchard, Judge G. A. see Blanchard, Clara.

Blenkhorn, Isaiah, died at Canning, 10th inst., 65 years. [OM 21 Nov 1902].

Blenkhorn, Jacob see Blenkhorn, Josephine.

Blenkhorn, Josephine, married at Arlington, Kings Co., NS, 20 Aug. 1902, d/o Jacob Blenkhorn to Harvey S. Lockhart, formerly of North Mountain, Kings Co., now of Sydney. [BR 28 August 1902 see also OM 29 Aug 1902].

Boak, Mabel, married at Halifax, 11 June 1902, to Capt. G. A. Dodge, Kentville.

Borden, J. Burpee, died at Windsor, NS, 28 Aug. 1902, aged 22 years and 11 months. [BR 4 Sept. 1902].

Borden, Mary Ann, w/o Thomas Henry Borden, died at Santa Ana, California, 16th inst., formerly of Port Williams, Kings Co., NS. [OM 28 March 1902].

Borden, Thomas Henry see Borden, Mary Ann.

Bowles, Annie, w/o Thaddeus Bowles, died at Centreville, 20 Nov 1902, 60 years. [OM 5 Dec 1902].

Bowers, Mrs. Ellen see Annie Elizabeth Ray.

Bowles, Evelyn see Warrington, W.C.

Bowles, Harris see Warrington, W.C.

Bowles, Thaddeus see Bowles, Annie.

Bowlby, Blanche, born [sic] at Berwick, 1 July 1902 to S.B. Hicks, Berwick. [OM 25 July 1902 seems to be obviously a marriage and is in BR 24 July 1902 Thurs-write-up]. [BR 24 July 1902-write-up].

Bowlby, [?]. S. see Werner, Ethel.

Bowlby, Frank, born to at Margaretville, 28 Nov 1902, a son. [OM 5 Dec 1902].

Boyle, Cora see Lee, Edward.

Bradshaw, Frederica, d/o Prof. W. Bradshaw, Hantsport, married at Windsor, 17 July 1902 to B. S. Pearce, Sydney.

Bradshaw, Prof. W. see Bradshaw, Frederica.

Brooks, Norman, born to at Carleton’s Corner, 9 Oct 1902, a daughter.[OM 17 Oct 1902].

Brown, Amy R., d/o Bernaldo Brown, Unionville, Mass., married at Hopedale, Mass., 12 Mar 1902, to Austin L. McBurnie, Lockhartville, NS. [OM 9 May 1902].

Brown, Bernaldo see Brown, Amy R.

Brown, Ch____ A.William, s/o William Brown, died at Victoria Harbour, 8 July 1902. [this is a torn issue - first given name ? ?? OM25 July 1902].

Brown, Charles E., Kingston, married at Waterville, 4 June 1902, to Dora S. Sanford, of Grafton. [BR 12 June 1902 see also OM 27 June 1902].

Brown, Charles A., died at Victoria Harbour, 8 July 1902, s/o Wm. Brown, aged 32 years. [BR 17 July 1902].

Brown, Frederick W., Hillaton, NS, married at Woodville, 26 Feb 1902, to Jessie Whalen d/o Manley Whalen, Woodville. [BR 6 Mar 1902 - notice + paragraph].

Brown, G. D., born to at South Farmington, 11 June 1902, a daughter. [OM 13 June 1902].

Brown, Janet see Logan, Mrs. Janet.

Brown, John see Logan, Mrs. Janet.

Brown, William see Brown, Ch_____ A.

Bruce, Hallet, born to at Brooklyn, 10 June 1902, a son.[OM 18 July 1902].

Bruce, Minnie V., Granville, married at Lawrencetown, 4 Sept 1902, to Maynard R. Oakes, Albany. [OM 19 Sept 1902].

Buckler, Olive Blanche, d/o William Buckler, Paradise, formerly of Dalhousie, married at Paradise[?], Wednesday, to William A. Duncan.[OM, Friday, 12 Sept 1902- write-up].

Buckler, May, married 11 Sept 1902 at Granville Ferry to Archie Eaton. [OM 19 Sept 1902 see also 26 Sept 1902].

Buckler, William see Buckler, Olive Blanche.

Burbidge, Elisha, died at Kentville, 1 Oct 1902. [OM 10 Oct 1902].

Burgess, Frances, married at Woodville, 15 Jan 1902, d/o William Burgess, to Albert Elderkin, Wolfville. [BR 23 January 1902, write-up + notice ; see also OM 24 Jan 1902].

Burgess, William see Burgess, Frances.

Burgoyne, Benjamin see Burgoyne, Benjamin G.

Burgoyne, Benjamin G., s/o Benjamin Burgoyne, Mahone Bay, Lun. Co., NS, married at Kingsport, 10 March 1902 to Mabel Clara Hiltz d/o Ephraim Richard Hiltz, Medford. [OM 28 March 1902].

Burke, Harry see Burke, Mrs. Mary.

Burke, Mrs. Mary, w/o Harry Burke, died at Boston, MA., 20 Jan 1902, age 39 years. [BR 30 January 1902].

Burns, Edmond, died at [?Harbourville], Thursday.[BR 1 May 1902 - see Harbourville col.].

Burns, Edward DeLong see Pelton, Bertha.

Burns, Leander, born to at Melvern Square, 26 Feb 1902, a son. [OM 7 Mar 1902].

Burrill, Susie see Morine, George Edward.

Bush, Mrs. Annie, died at Lequille, 13 May 1902, 43 years. [OM 30 May 1902].

Burton, Capt. Avard, Port Lorne, married at Hampton, 1 Oct 1902, Jennie E. Templeman. [OM 10 Oct 1902].

Calder, Mrs. W. R., died at Bridgetown, Sunday past, former Miss Mack, Mill Village, Queens Co., NS.[ OM 16 May 1902 Friday obituary].

Calhoun, W. B. born to at Middleton, 10 July 1902, a son. [OM 11 July 1902].

Calkin, B.H. see Calkin, Mrs.

Calkin, Mrs., died at Kentville, Saturday last, wid/o B.H. Calkin, maiden name Pennington, native of England, 70 years. [BR 13 Nov 1902 see Local Register & OM 7/14 Nov 1902].

Cameron, Charles, born to at South Brookfield, 19 Feb 1902, a son.[ OM 7 Mar 1902].

Carew, Maud, New York, married at Boston, Mass., 3 March 1902, to G. W. Beckwith, Sheffield Mills, NS. [OM 14 March 1902].

Carey, Deacon Francis, died at Aylesford, 10 May, 1902, aged 73 years. [BR 22 May 1902].

Carey, Oscar, born to at Yarmouth, NS, 26 Dec 1901, a daughter. [BR 9 Jan 1902].

Carnahan, James, married last Saturday, [Trentham, Mo., News], Sylvia Rhodes? [Th[a/o?] des - difficult to read. [BR 24 July 1902, write-up].

Cassidy, Annie M.P., died at Vancouver, B.C., 30 Aug. 1902, wid/o Rev. John Cassidy, late of Bridgetown, NS; internment Bridgetown. [BR 4 Sept. 1902 see OM 12 Sept 1902].

Cassidy, James, born to at North Kingston, 24 Nov 1902, a son. [OM 5 Dec 1902].

Cassidy, Rev. John Cassidy see Cassidy, Annie M.P.

Cassidy, William Henry, Sydney, married at Lawrencetown, 16 Sept 1902 to Agatha Maud Franks. [OM 26 Sept 1902].

Castor, Paul see Moore, Maud P.

Chase, Oscar, born to at Church St., 13 Oct 1902, a son. [OM 17 Oct 1902].

Chesley, James, born to at Kingston, 11 Aug 1902, a son. [OM 15 Aug 1902].

Chipman, James A., died at Chipman Corner, 20 Jan 1902, 64? Years.[OM 24 Jan 1902].

Chipman, John A., died at Chipman Corner, 10 Feb 1902. [OM 14 Feb 1902].

Chipman, Col. L. DeV. see Moore, Nancy S.

Chipman, Mrs. Nancy S., see Moore, Nancy S.

Chipman, William A., died at Chipman’s Corner, 2 March 1902, 88 years. [14 mar 1902].

Church, Edward, died at Wolfville, Wed last week, of Falmouth. [BR 11 Dec 1902-obit].

Chute, Bessie, died at Grafton, NS, 8 Sept. 1902, w/o Austin Balsor, aged 58 years. [BR 18 Sept. 1902].

Chute, Elizabeth B. see Parker, S. C.

Chute, Essie Inez, married at Berwick, 8 Oct 1902, to Everett A. Roscoe, formerly of Berwick, now of Durango, Colorado; residence: Durango.[BR 9 Oct 1902 write-up + notice see also OM 10 Oct 1902].

Chute, S. B., born to at South Berwick, 2 Jan 1902, a daughter. [BR 9 Jan 1902].

Clark, Alexander see Clark, Isaline.

Clark, Daniel, died at Upper Granville, Monday. [OM 7 Feb 1902, obit; Friday].

Clark, Isline, d/o Alexander Clark, married at Stoney Beach, 26 June 1902, to Capt. Jacob V. Robblee. [OM 18 July 1902].

Clark, Raymond, see McLear, Alena.

Clark, Wallace, born to at New Rochelle, NY, 2 Sept. 1902, a daughter. [BR 11 Sept. 1902].

Clarke, A. K, see Foster, Jessie Winnifred.

Clarke, Edward Kingsbury see Foster, Jessie Winnifred.

Clem, Elias M., died at Somerville, MA., 18 June 1902, formerly of Weston, aged 44 years. [BR 26 June 1902].

Clerk, Arthur S., born to at Upper Canard, 10 Oct 1910, a daughter. [OM 17 Oct 1902].

Coates, Albert, born to at Hillsburne, 16 April 1902, a daughter. [OM 16 May 1902].

Cochrane, Wallace Wilmington, of Colborne, Ont., married at Berwick, 26 Mar 1902, to Georgina Mence Bailey, Berwick. [27 March 1902].

Cochrane, William B. see Parker, Minerva.

Coffin, Lorne, Annapolis, married at Bridgewater, 28 Nov 1902 to D’anora Hebb, Bridgewater. [OM 19 Dec 1902].

Cohoon, Rev. A. see Crosby, H. H.

Cohoon, Clara see Crosby, H. H.

Coldwell, John A., married at Gaspereaux, 18 June 1902, to Lydia Benjamin.[OM 27 June 1902].

Congdon, Elizabeth, died at Truro, NS, 2 August 1902, wid/o Capt. James McMullen, d/o Samuel Congdon, West Cornwallis. [BR 7 August 1902 & OM 8 August 1902].

Congdon, Samuel see Congdon, Elizabeth.

Congdon, W.H. see Congdon, Rachel P. and Congdon, Mrs. W.H.

Congdon, Mrs. W.H., of Grafton, died ; interred "here". [BR 22 May 1902, see Cambridge].

Congdon, Rachel P., died at Grafton, 16 May 1902, d/o W.H. Congdon, in her 64th year. [BR 5 June 1902-obituary].

Collins, James, died at Nicholsville, 13 Nov 1902, 50 years. [OM 21 Nov 1902].

Connor, Mrs. Peter see Morris, Fred H.

Conrad, Nettie see Foley, William.

Corbitt, Calvin, died at Centreville, Annapolis Co., NS, 9 Nov 1902, 75 years. [OM 7/14 November 1902].

Corkum, Augusta se Tupper, Harman.

Corkum, Freeman, of South Berwick, married at Berwick, 6 May 1902, to Theresa Hiltz, of Dalhousie. [BR 8 May 1902 see OM 9 May 1902].

Corkum, Newton see Tupper, Harman.

Corkum, Noble, died at Scotts Bay, 16 May 1902, aged 53 years. [BR 5 June 1902-write-up].

Covert, Rev. W. S. died at Digby, 16 Dec 1902, 69 years.

Cox, Annie E., married at Canning, 5 Nov 1902 to Rufus S. Eaton. [OM 7/14 Nov 1902].

Cox, Fred E., born to at Middleton, 4 July 1902, a daughter. [OM 11 July 1902].

Cox, John see Cox, John Newton.

Cox, John Newton, s/o John Cox & wife Ruth Woodworth d/o late Nathan Woodworth, Woodside, age 60 years, died at Northboro, Mass., 28 Oct 1902.[OM 21 Nov 1902]

Craig, E.A., born to at Bridgetown, 20 May 1902, a daughter. [OM 23 May 1902].

Craig, Eugene, died at Victoria Vale. [OM Friday 17 Jan 1902- obituary].

Craig, E. A., born to at Bridgetown, 20 May 1902, a daughter. [BR 22 May 1902].

Craig, Kempton B., born to at Cambridge, 6 Dec 1902, a son. [OM 26 Dec 1902].

Creighton, S. see Stevenson, Robert.

Crosby, H. H., Hebron, Yarmouth Co., NS, married at Wolfville, 3 Sept 1902, to Clara Cohoon d/o Rev. A. Cohoon. [OM 5 Sept 1902].

Cross, Oswald see Neily, Clara M.

Crispo, Charles Henry, married at Waterville, 10 Dec 1902, s/o Francis Crispo to May Belle Fitzgerald d/o Mrs. Harris Fulmer, all of Waterville. [BR 18 Dec 1902 & OM 26 December 1902].

Crispo, Francis see Crispo, Charles Henry.

Crispo, Fulmer wedding notice BR 11 Dec - see also BR 18 Dec 1902.

Crispo, Clara Louise see Shaw, Dr. Sydney Everett.

Crispo, Francis see also Crispo, Charles Henry.

Crispo, Francis see Shaw, Dr. Sydney Everett.

Cropley, Bamford, died at Nictaux, 4 May 1902, 72 years. [OM 9 May 1902].

Crouse, Aurrie May, Nictaux Falls, married 13 Sept 1902, Middleton, to Wm. L. Morse, Bloomington, Annapolis Co., NS.[OM 15 Aug 1902.

Crosby, Dr. L. M., Yarmouth, married at Wilmot, Wednesday, to Lavinia Morton Elliott d/o C/ A. Elliott. [OM 25 July 1902, Friday - write-up].

Cunningham, Arthur see Cunningham, DeBlois Muriel.

Cunningham, Margaret [w/o Arthur) see Cunningham, DeBlois Muriel.

Cunningham, Muriel DeBlois, died at Wolfville, 7th inst., d/o Margaret and Arthur Cunningham, aged 19 years. [BR 16 January 1902 also OM 17 Jan 1902].

Curry, Mary Alice see Fales, Dr. Alonzo C.

Curry, Robert H. see Fales, Dr. Alonzo H.

Dailley, Roland, born to at North Brookfield, 5 Feb 1902, a son.[OM 21 Feb 1902].

Daniels, Charles, born to at West Paradise, 8 June 1902, a daughter. [OM 13 June 1902].

Daniels, Norris E., born to at West Paradise, 23 May 1902, a son. [OM 30 May 1902].

Davidson, Amy M., 76 years, relict/o Mariner Davidson, died 21 Mar 1902 at Gaspereaux, [OM 11 Apr 1902].

Davidson, Jehiel, born to at Long Island, 19th inst., a son. [OM 30 May 1902].

Davidson, Lilla see Sterling, Lilla.

Davidson, Mariner see Davidson, Amy M.

Davidson, Maxwell, died at Greenfield, 12 April 1902, 69 years. [OM 16 May 1902].

Davison, E. D. see Davison, Martha.

Davison, Martha, wid/o E.D. Davison, Bridgewater, died at Liverpool, 29 Jan 1902, age 72 years. [OM 7 Feb 1902].

Davidson, Robert see Sterling, Lilla.

Deamond, Ephram, born to at North Brookfield Mines, 19 May 1902, a son. [OM 30 May 1902].

DeBallinhard, Lt. J. C. see Stewart, Jessie.

Delamere, John, died at Yarmouth, ‘last night’, 89 years, native of Annapolis County, NS. [3 June Yarmouth Herald - OM, 20 June 1902, Friday - obituary].

Delano, Archibald see Delano, Isabella.

Delano, Isabella, died at Randolph, MA., 26 July 1902, w/o Archibald Delano, d/o John A. Marchant, Coldbrook, aged 29 years. [BR 7 August 1902].

D’Orsay, Clara A. see Middlemas, Isaac N.

Dennison, James, born to at Kentville, 8 Jan 1902, a daughter. [OM 24 Jan 1902].

DeWitt, Mrs. W.N., died at Dorchester, MA., Monday last, formerly of this county, Harriet d/o Sydney Shaw, 61 years, burial Berwick. [BR 13 Nov 1902- see Local Register & OM 21 Nov 1902].

Dickens, Jonathan, died at Hantsport, 23 May 1902, a native of Amherst, age 49 years. [OM 30 May 1902].

Dickenson, Eliza J. P. see Reed, R. F.

Dickenson, Samuel D. see Reed, Reginald Fowler.

Dickie, Harry S., born to at Canard, 8 May 1902, a daughter. [OM 16 May 1902].

Dimock, Eunice A. see Skinner, Deacon Charles.

Dimock, Rev. George see Skinner, Deacon Charles.

Dodge, Aubrey see Rainforth, Elizabeth.

Dodge, C. C. see Redfern, Mrs. Harry S.

Dodge, Capt. G. A. see Boak, Mabel.

Dodge, Mr. & Mrs., born to at Kingston, 1 Feb 1902, a daughter.[14 Feb 1902]

Doherty, Henry see Doherty, Mary Theresa.

Doherty, Mary Theresa, died at Kentville, 23 Jan 1902, wid/o James W. Arnold and d/o Henry Doherty, Grand Pre, in 46th year. [BR 30 January 1902].

Donaldson, James see Donaldson, Mrs. Louisa.

Donaldson, Mrs. Louisa[e], died at Halifax, 19th inst., 76 years, wid/o James Donaldson, burial in Cornwallis, NS. [BR 27 Feb 1902- obituary contains further family information see also OM 7 March 1902].

Douglass, Mrs. Delia, married at Sydney, NS, 25 June 1902, to Howard Wambolt, both of Kentville. [10 July 1902].

Downie, Frank A., Margaretville, married at Cliftondale, Mass., 10 Sept 1902, Annie B.Woodworth d/o Capt. Elias Woodworth, Port George.[OM 19 Sept 1902- write-up].

Drew, John, died at Forest Glen, 16 Nov 1902, 71 years.[OM 21 Nov 1902].

Dukeshere, Mrs. Major, died at West Paradise, 2 Oct 1902, d/o Snow Smith, Kingston. [OM 10 Oct 1902].

Duncan, William A. see Buckler, Olive Blanche.

Duncanson, George M., died at Aylesford, 12th inst., 82 years. [OM 21 Feb 1902].

Dunham, Charles W., Seattle, Washington, married at Cedar Mountain, Kings Co., Washington, USA, 16 Oct 1902, to Edith McCoy, Cedar Mountain.[BR 30 Oct 1902].

Dunham, Lloyd Elderkin see Morton, Jennie Isabelle.

Dunn, Michael, died at Boston, Mass., 19 Nov 1902, formerly of Annapolis, 65 years. [OM 28 Nov 1902].

Durland, Norman L., New Germany, married at Hampton, 14 May 1902, to Edith B. Mitchell, Hampton. [OM 23 May 1902].

Durling, Egbert, married at Auburn, 3 Oct 1902, to Zilpa Seamon. [BR 16 Oct 1902 see also OM 24 October 1902].

Durling, Jacob see Durling, R. B.

Durling, R. B., s/o Jacob Durling, died at Lawrencetown, Friday, m1. widow Pierce; m2. Augusta Payson, Halifax who d. abt. 2 years ago.[OM 8 Aug 1902, obituary].

Eagleson, Samuel, formerly of Bridgetown, married 6 Aug. 1902,, to Maggie A. Keylor, Kentville, NS. [BR 21 Aug. 1902 and see OM 22 August 1902].

Earle, William, born to at Margaretville, 30 Jan 1902, a son. [OM 7 Feb 1902].

Easson, Mary Ann, died at South Berwick, 8 Feb 1902, wid/o Thomas Easson, FactoryDale, in 76th year. [BR 27 Feb 1902 see also 21 Feb 1902 it uses 7th.inst. ].

Easson, Thomas see Easson, Mary Ann.

Eaton, Archie see Buckler, May.

Eaton, Rufus S. see Cox, Annie E.

Eisner, Fredda see Hiltz, Sydney.

Elderkin, Archie J., born to at Falmouth, Hants Co., NS, 20 May 1902, a daughter. [BR 19 June 1902].

Elderkin, Albert, see Burgess, Frances.

Eldridge, Wallace see Potter, Hattie G.

Elliott, C. A. see Crosby, Dr. L. M.

Elliott, D. M. see Elliott, Giralda.

Elliott, Giralda, d/o D. M. Elliott, married at Lawrencetown, 22 Oct 1902 to Ernest Rice Whitman. [OM 24 Oct 1902].

Elliott, J.W., of Windsor, born to at Woodville, 29 Dec 1901, a son. [BR 2 Jan 1902].

Elliott, Lavinia Morton see Crosby, Dr. L. M.

Elliott, T. A., married at Paradise, ‘Wednesday morning", Ida Young d/o Hamilton Young. [OM 20 June 1902 - write-up].

Ellis, Anthony see Apt, Mrs. Seretha.

Ellis, Anthony see Ellis, Louisa A.

Ellis, Louisa A., d/o Anthony Ellis, married at Victoria Beach, 23 Dec 1901 to Hanley Everett. [OM 10 January 1902].

Ells, Alfred W., Boston, formerly of Canning, married at Canning, 7 Oct 1902, to Edith Hennigar d/o J.E. Hennigar, Canning. [BR 23 Oct 1902 & OM 10 Oct 1902 records Malden].

Ells, John E., died at Sheffield Mills, 17 Sept. 1902, in 84th year.[BR 25 Sept. 1902].

Ervin, John, s/o Robert Ervin, died at Wilmot, 5 July 1902, 65 years.[OM 8 Aug 1902].

Ervin, Robert see Ervin, John.

Esty, Herman, born to at Roxbury, MA., 25 December 1902, a daughter. [BR 30 Jan 1902].

Evans, Allsion Fenwick, s/o W. H. Evans, died at Wolfville, 29 Mar 1902, 3 years 4 months. [OM 11 April 1902].

Evans, W. H. see Evans, Allsion Fenwick.

Everett, Clarence, born to at Litchfield, 27 April 1902, a daughter. [OM 16 April 1902].

Everett, Hanley see Ellis, Louisa A.

Ewing, Henry see Gates, Fred G.

Fales, Dr. Alonzo C., Malden, Mass., married at Melrose Heights, Massachusetts, 29th ult., to Mary Alice Curry d/o Robert H. Curry.

Fancy, James Arthur, North Brookfield, married at Annapolis, 19 Nov 1902 to Mrs. May Judge, West Caledonia. [OM 28 Nov 1902].

Faris, S.P., born to at Boston, MA., 2 Feb 1902, a son. [BR 6 Feb 1902].

Fe[a?]sender, Laura G. see Jacques, Frank B.

Feener, Albert, born to at West Northfield, 4 Mar 1902, a son. [OM 14 Mar 1902].

Ferris, Mrs. James, died at Waterville, 15 Oct 1902, 65 years. [OM 24 Oct 1902].

Finch [Pinch?], Mary, died at Lower Wolfville, 11 May 1902, 48 years. [OM 23 May 1902].

Fisher, C. F., born to at Middleton, 12 April 1902, a daughter. [OM 18 April 1902].

Fitch, Mary, died at Aylesford, 1st., in her 80th year. [BR 27 Feb 1902;OM 21 Feb 1902].

Fitch, Samuel, died at Truro, 22 Mar 1902, 77 years, native of Canaan, Kings Co., NS. [OM 28 March 1902].

Fitzgerald, May Belle see Crispo, Charles Henry.

Foley, William, Bridgewater, married at New Canada, 15 Nov 1902, to Nettie Conrad, Cook’s Branch. [OM 21 Nov 1902].

Foot, Hartly, of Lakeville, married at Burlington, Kings Co., 24 Dec 1901, to Valerie Ogilvie, of Burlington. [ BR 2 Jan 1902].

Foote, Vesta Estella, married at Grafton, NS, 24 Sept 1902, d/o J.H.P. Foote to George Goodwin s/o Mrs. E.C. Goodwin, Upper Grandville, NS; residence: Chicago. [BR 2 Oct 1902 write-up].

Foote, J.H.P. see Foote, Vesta Estella.

Ford, Rollin, born to at Tremont, 5 Sept 1902, a daughter. [OM 26 Sept 1902].

Forsythe, Rebecca, died at Gaspereau, 28 Feb 1902, w/o Rufus Forsythe.[6 Mar 1902].

Forsythe, Rufus, see Forsythe, Rebecca.

Foster, Arch, born to at North Kingston, 23 Nov 1902, a daughter.[OM 5 Dec 1902].

Foster, Benjamin, born to at Farmington, Mass., 2 Oct 1902, a daughter. [OM 24 Oct 1902].

Foster, Edna S., married at [unnamed location], 20 August 1902, to Perley Parker Lyon s/o O. H. Lyon. [16 Sept 1902 write-up].

Foster, Eva A. see Jacques, Eva A.

Foster, G. L., born to at Halifax, 2 April 1902, a son. [OM 11 April 1902].

Foster, Harris, died at Bridgetown, 28 May 1902, 87 years. [OM 30 May 1902].

Foster, James, died at South Waterville, 2 Nov 1902, aged 79 years. [BR 30 Nov 1902].

Foster, J. C. see Jacques, Eva A.

Foster, Jessie Maud see Ball, Stanley C.

Foster, Jessie Winnifred, d/o W.B. Foster, married at Woodville, NS, 1 Jan 1902, to Edward Kingsbury Clarke s/o A.K. Clarke,Woodville, Centre Clarence, Annapolis Co.; she has resided with her grandparents in Waterville, NS since early childhood. [BR 9 Jan 1902].

Foster, Laura, died at Hampton, 25 Sept 1902, . [OM 10 Oct 1902].

Foster, Lizzie Ann, married at Hampton, 25 Dec 1901, to Frank Bernard Messenger. [ OM 3 January 1902 ].

Foster, Milton see Ball, Stanley C.

Foster, W. B. See Foster, Jessie Winnifred.

Foster, Willis see Walker, Mrs. Aldin.

Frail, Daniel, died at Westfield, 16 August 1902, 74 years. [OM 29 Aug 1902].

Franey, Ada see Franey, Wilfred.

Franey, Albert see Franey, Laura E.

Franey, Laura E., w/o Albert Franey, died at Kentville, 22 March 1902, 28 years. [OM 28 Mar 1902].

Franey, Wilfred, s/o William & Ada Franey, died at Dalhousie, 7 Feb 1902, 3 years.[ OM 14 Feb 1902].

Franey, William see Franey, Wilfred.

Franks, Agatha Maud see Cassidy, William Henry.

Fredericks, Clara see Hubley, Anthony H.

Freeman, F. J. C., of Liverpool, NS, died at Clarendon Hills, Mass.(no date). [OM 20 June 1902].

Freeman, George, married at New Germany, 7 Jan 1902, to Nellie Mildred d/o W.D. Barss. [BR 16 Jan 1902].

Freeman, Salome see Shaw, Mrs. Salome.

Freeman, Zoheth, see Shaw, Mrs. Salome.

Frest, Mrs. Burpee, died at Little River Digby Co., no date. [OM 17 Oct 1902].

Fuller, Bessie, w/o Howard Fuller, died at Hortonville, 18 Nov 1902. [OM 28 Nov 1902].

Fuller, Elisha, died at Burlington, 4 March 1902, formerly of Horton, 82 years. [OM 14 Mar 1902].

Fuller, Howard see Fuller, Bessie.

Fullerten [sp. ?], Carrie see Nickerson, A. M.

Fullerton, Aubrey Willoughby, married at Digby, 17 Sept. 1902, Journalist of Toronto, to Jenny Louise Holdsworth, Digby. [BR 25 Sept. 1902].

Fulmer, Mrs. Harris see Crispo, Charles Henry.

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