Newspapers - Vital Statistics, 1901

Newspapers - Vital Statistics, 1901
The Register, Berwick, Kings Co., Nova Scotia
The Outlook, Middleton, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia

The only reason for posting this is to help in genealogical research. Only 1901 and 1902 will contain vital statistics from the Berwick Register and the Middleton Outlook. Any further postings will likely be only of the Berwick Register. Both of these newspapers were and are vital to their communities. The staff of NSARM, Halifax, NS have been very helpful and all of the credit for posting should go to Phillip Vogler. We realize there may be errors and hope that corrections will be made but please include a source. In some cases abbreviations have been made: i.e. Mass. Or MA for Massachusetts; obit for obituary; the months, d/o daughter of, s/o son of , wid/o widow of, inf/s/o infant son of, and for births, to save space, and typing time, entries read like, "Smith, John, born at...". This seemed to be a convenient and efficient way to approach it. Please remember to check the original source for your own benefit. Please remember this was strictly a volunteer effort to provide more information for researchers looking for their roots. We hope it will lead to more researchers posting other newspaper statistics.

Register, Berwick, Kings County, Nova Scotia = BR; mfm# 4014NSARM, Halifax, NS; the 1901 Register was published on Thursday. [BR Issues: from 10 January, 1901 to 26 December, 1901]

The Outlook, Middleton, Annapolis Co., NS = OM; Published Friday 1901. OM skips from 19 July 1901 to 2 August 1901; also from 30 August 1901 to 13 September 1901; issue : 11 October 1901 missing.

NSARM, Halifax, NS, mfm# 1104 ; Issues: from 5 April 10-2 to 26 Jan 1901

Compiler and Indexer : John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S.(C)

Microfilm from NSARM, Halifax, NS. December 31, 2001
Address: Nova Scotia Archives & Records Management, 6016 University Ave., Halifax, NS, B3H 1W4

A - K - L - Z

Abbott, F.W., born to at Berwick, 19 May 1901, a daughter. [ BR 23 May 1901].

Aldred, John, born to at Rockville, 14 Nov 1901, a son. [OM 22 Nov 1901]

Aldrid, Charles, died at Rockville, 29 Sept. 1902, s/o John M. & Lizzie Aldrid. [OM, 4 Oct 1901]

Allan, Andrew, died at Montreal, Thursday, age 79 years. [BR 4 July 1901-paragraph].

Allen, Bertha B., married at South Maitland, Hants Co., NS, 25 Sept 1901 to J.F. Putnam. [OM 4 October 1901].

Allestine, Fred, married at Kentville, 6 April 1901, to Grace B. Moore, both of Kentville. [OM 12 April 1901].

Alley, Fred, born to at Hantsport, 20 Sept. 1901, a daughter.[OM 27 Sept 1901]

Alyward, John, died at Falmouth 22 Oct 1901, age 61 years. [OM 25 October 1901].

Anderson, Dr. A.L. see Balcolm, Miss L.E.

Andrews, Arthur, see Andrews, Lydia.

Andrews, Lydia, married at Nictaux West, 26 April, d/o Arthur Andrews, Williamston, to Fred A. Schafner. [OM 12 April 1901- write-up].

Anslow, Annie see Smith, Harris Stanley.

Anslow, James J. See Smith, Harris Stanley .

Anthony, W. see Bent, Vinnie.

Archibald, Annie Bradshaw, died at Wolfville, 15 Sept. 1901, w/o Rev. E. N. Archibald, 58 years, d/o Deacon Jos. Brdashaw, Bedeque, PEI. [OM 20 Sept 1901 obituary].

Archibald, Rev. Jos. see Archibald, Annie Bradshaw.

Armstrong, Burpee born to at Mt. Ha,ley, 3 Oct 1901, a daughter/[OM 1 Nov 1901

Armstrong, Cassie E., married at Grand Pre, NS, 17 Aug 1901, to Stephen G. Stewart, Grand Pre. [OM 13 Sept 1901].

Armstrong, Hallet C. see Eaton, Selfice? Inez.

Armstrong, Manning, died at Middleton, Friday last ( 9 Aug 1901), 63 years. [OM 16 Aug 1902, obit + notice].

Armstrong, Dr. Tremain, South Boston, Va., married at Middleton, NS, 30 Oct 1901, to Jamie Armstrong French. [OM 15 Nov 1901 write-up].

Atwell, Robert, Gaspereau, married at Wolfville, 27 Nov 1901, to Florence Monler, Halifax. [OM 6 December 1901].

Baker, Artemus, died at Bishopville, 30 Nov 1901, aged 24 years.[OM 6 Dec 1901].

Baker, Fred, born to at Melvern Square, 28 Sept 1901, a daughter. [OM Fri 4 Oct 1901].

Baker, Madge, married at Boston, 15 Oct 1901 to Dudley E. Cameron. [OM 25 oct 1901].

Baker, Wm. W. L., of NB, married at Kingston, 19 June 1901, to Lillian M. d/o Rev. E.C. Wall. [OM 5 July 1901].

Balcolm, Miss L.E. married at Wolfville, 1 May 1901 to Dr. A.L. Anderson, Brooklyn, NY. [OM 3 May 1901].

Ballantine, Rev Harian Judson, of Elgin, Ill., married at Warren, Ill.?, to Anna Walton Smith d/o John T. Smith, of Warren. [OM 13 Sept. 1901, write-up].

Balsor,William, born to at Arlington, Mass., 21 Aug 1901, a son. [OM 1 Nov 1901].

Banckman, Ada see Norman, Wallace.

Banks, David, died at Meadow Vale, 28 July 1901, 84 years.[Short Obituary + Notice].

Banks, Deacon E. C. see Banks, Kezia B.

Banks, Mrs. E. C., died 27 Mar. 1901, b. 67 years ago in Nictaux, maiden name Dodge, m. E.C. Banks in 1854. [BR 4 April 1901; see also, BR 28 Mar 1901-obituary].

Banks, E.C., Mrs., died Wednesday, age 72 years.[BR 28 Mar. 1901 see Banks, Mrs.].

Banks, G.N., born to at Morristown, 20 Nov 1901, a son. [BR 5 December 1901].

Banks, Henry see Banks, Lizzie M.

Banks, Kezia B., married "yesterday" at Waterville, NS, d/o Deacon E.C. Banks to Rev. Charles W. Rose s/o Capt. Robert K. Rose, Port Maitland, Yarmouth Co., NS [BR 11 July 1901-write-up ; see OM 19 July 1901 as well].

Banks, Lizzie M., married at Berwick, 18 Sept 1901, d/o Henry Banks to Enoch R. Pearson both of Union Square, kings Co., NS. [OM 4 Oct 1901].

Banks, William,Morristown, married at home of bride’s parents, Wednesday, to Minnie Kesner, Rural St., Virginia [as typed!]. [BR 24 October 1901 write-up].

Barkhouse, Abner, married at Waterville, 14 Sept 1901, to May Hayes, both of Canada Creek. [BR 19 September 1901].

Beals, John, died at Auburn, 8 June 1901, aged 84 years.[OM 14 June 1901 see also and note differences J. Howard Beals].

Beals, J. Howard, died at Wilmot, 44 years.[OM 5 July 1901-obituary ; see also John Beals and note differences in age and place of death].

Beals, Tracey see Feindel, Daniel.

Beardsley, Clara, Port George, married at Clementsvale, 10 April 1901, to Millege A. Floyd, Milford, Nova Scotia. [OM 12 April 1901].

Beardsley, Mary, Port George, married Middleton, 22 May 1901, to J.E. Hurley, Port George. [OM 24 May 1901].

Beardsley, Minnie, died at Port Lorne, 9 July 1901, w/o Thomas Beardsley, 26 years. [OM 19 July 1901].

Beardsley, Thomas, see Beardsley, Minnie.

Beck, Willis Roy, s/o Simon Beck, died at Berwick, in 8th year.[BR 17 Oct 1901 and OM 18 October 1901].

Beckwith, Estelle Maud, married at Halifax, NS, 18 Nov 1901, d/o R.N. Beckwith to W. Wallace Kenny. [ BR 21 Nov 1901].

Beckwith, R. Allen,of Amherst, married at Belcher St. 25 July 1901 to Bessie, d/o W.H. Marchant, Brooklyn St.,Cornwallis. [ BR 1 August 1901also OM 2 August 1901].

Beckwith, R. N. see Beckwith, Estelle Maud.

Bent, Ella L. See Smith M. Newton.

Bent, John, born to at Gates Mt., 4 Aug 1901, a daughter.[ OM 1 Nov 1901]

Bent, Milledge, born to at Torbrook Mines, 31 July 1902, a son. [OM 2 August 1901].

Bent, Ralph, see Smith, Newton M.

Bent, Vinnie, married at Bridgetown 12 June 1901, to W. Anthony, Port Lorne. [OM 14 June 1901].

Bentley, Andrew, at Northville,Cornwallis, 27 Dec 1900, age 89 years. [BR 10 Jan., 1901].

Bentley, N.N.? see Bentley, Theresa.

Bentley, Theresa, [very faint d/o N.N. Bentley?], died at Wolfville, 7 Sept 1901, 14 years. [OM 20 September 1901].

Berteaux, E. S., born to at Weston, 24 Sept 1901, a son. [OM 27 Sept 1901].

Berteaux, Henry S. see Clark, Nellie A.

Berteaux, Sadie, married at Nictaux Falls, 11 Sept 1901, to Ernest Gates, Middleton. [OM 13 September 1901].

Bezanson, Flora Ethel, at Garland, NS, d/o Isaac Bezanson to Albert Edwin Hird, 24 Dec., 1900, residence: South Boston, MA. [BR Thurs., 10 Jan. see 1901 write-up p.2].

Bishop, Bradford T. see Woodroffe, Lena Dell.

Bishop, Frank, s/o Horace Bishop, died at Bridgetown, 29 April 1901, aged 21 years. [OM 3 May 1901].

Bishop, George, born to at Bishopville, 20 Sept 1901, a daughter.

Bishop, Horace see Bishop, Frank.

Bishop, Mabel E., married at Lawrencetown, 16th [Oct], to E. C. Schaffner d/o Wm. Bishop, Williamston. [ 18 October 1901 write-up ].

Bishop, Osmond L., born to at Bricton, 27 June 1901, a son.[OM 28 June 1901].

Bishop, Wm. see Bishop, Mabel E.

Blackburn, Ernest A., of Newport, NS, married at Waterville, NS, 1 May 1901, to Ida May Ward. [ BR 2 May 1901].

Blanchard, John see Fraser, Rose G.

Blanchard, Rose G. see Fraser, Rose G.

Blenkhorn, Alice, d/o Isaac Blenkhorn, died at Arlington, Kings Co., NS, 28 Oct 1901.[OM 8 November 1901].

Blenkhorn, Isaac see Blenkhorn, Alice.

Boak, Andrew, see Murray, Dr. Charles Dickie.

Bond, Major E. L., of Montreal, died 4 Dec 1901, last week s/o Archbishop Bond. [BR 12 Dec 1901].

Bond, John E., died, s/o Henry Bond, Waterville (from the Cortland New York Evening Standard of Tuesday 30 July). [BR 8 August 1901].

Bowlby, Dimock Freeman see Gray, Jennie Laura.

Borden, Wm., born to at Canard, 15 June 1901, a son. [OM 12 July 1901].

Boyle, Nellie, Windsor, died at Middleton, 10 August, 31 years. The name may be Doyle. [16 Aug 1901, see obit. and notice].

Bradshaw, Annie see Archibald, Annie Bradshaw.

Bradshaw, Deacon Jos. see Archibald, Annie Bradshaw

Brock, Edith Constance, married at Woodstock, NB, 15 June 1901, d/o Rev. Canon Brock to Clifford Ashton Tufts, both of Kentville, NS. [ 13 June 1901].

Brock, Canon see Brock, Ruby Roberta.

Brock, Rev. Canon see Brock, Edith Constance.

Brock, Ruby Roberta, died Coldbrook, 26 March, 1901, w/o Canon Brock, age 69 years. [OM 5 April 1901].

Brown, Albert see Brown, William.

Brown, Capt. Fred see Brown, Geurdon.

Brown, Gordon Davidson see Brown, Guerdon.

Brown, Guerdon, of South Farmington, Annapolis Co., NS, married at Hortonville, 23 May, 1901, s/o Capt. Fred Brown, to Jessie Heartz d/o G.G. Curry. [BR 30 May 1901-p.3 col.2 write-up ; different spelling / notice see also OM 31 May 1901 for *spelling Gordon Davidson Brown ; Heartz added in Outlook write-up; Fred G. Curry in Outlook ].

Brown, Harry see Neily, Lucy.

Brown, Ida Maud, married at West Medford, MA., 18 June 1901, d/o Kinsman Brown, Aylesford, NS to Geo. Y. Hird, Charlestown, MA., formerly Grafton, NS. [BR 27 June 1901 see also OM 12 July 1901 -write-up].

Brown, J. H. see Brown, Jennie.

Brown, Jennie, married at Torbrook, 21 Aug 1901, d/o J. H. Brown to Benjamin N. Wheeler, Leominister, MA. [OM 30 August 1901, write-up].

Brown, Jessie, d/o Andrew Boak, see Murray, Dr. Charles Dickie. [possibly Boak surname].

Brown, Kinsman see Brown, Ida Maud.

Brown, Mabel see McConnell, Marion L.

Brown, Rev. W. C., died at South Farmington, MA.(?), Monday last.[BR 9 May 1901-obit].

Brown, Ralph see Gough, Louisa.

Brown, Stella May, Wolfville, married at Wolfville, 28 May 1901, to Harris Deighton Warren, Parrsboro. [OM 7 June 1901].

Brown, Wm. see Gough, Louisa.

Brown, William, died at Grafton, NS, age 17, 16 Apr. 1901, s/o Albert and Lizzie Brown. [ BR 25 April 1901see also OM 3 May 1901].

Browne, Mary Leonard, died at Hantsport, 28 May 1901, aged 83 years.[OM 31 May 1901].

Bruce, Harry W. see Marshall, Ora L.

Buckler, William, died at Dalhousie 17 March 1901, age 82 years. [OM 5 April 1901].

Burbidge, Henry see Burbidge, Maude.

Burbidge, Maude, Kentville, 23 Jan., 1901, d/o Henry Burbidge married to Levi A. Redden. [BR 7 Feb., 1901].

Burgess, Albert, born to at Burlington, 16 Sept 1901, a son. [OM 27 Sept 1901].

Burgess, C.R. see Burgess, Lina

Burgess, Lina, marrid at Wolfville 26 June 1901, d/o C.R. Burgess to Stilford F. Kirkpatrick of Kingston, Ontario.[OM 5 July 1901].

Burgess, Nellie J. See Congdon, Herbert J.

Burgess, Olie, of Somerset, NS, married at Cambridge, MA., 10 July 1901, to Bradford K. Daniels, Paradise, NS; couple will leave for Manilla. [BR 18 July 1901 write-up].

Burnham, Harry, Digby, married at Bridgetown, 27 April 1901, to Ella Riley, Bridgetown. [OM 3 May 1901].

Burrill, Rena M., married at Bridgetown, 12? Sept 1901, to Churchill L. Goodwin, Upper granville. [OM 20 September 1901].

Burton, H. P., see Burton, William T.

Burton, William T., s/o H.P. Burton, died Friday last week.[OM 15 Nov 1901-Friday]

Burton, Margaret, formerly of hantsport, married at Waialess, Honololu, 31 Aug 1901 to Clarence A. McDonald. [ OM 18 October 1901].

Cahill, James H., formerly of Harbourville, NS, married at Waltham, MA., 3 April 1901, to Alice A. Hallmore, Roxbury, MA. [BR 2 May 1901].

Calkin, B. H. See Calkin, Nellie H.

Calkin, Dorothy Belle, died at Spring Forge, PA., 6 Feb. 1901, age 5 years, 11 months, 4 days d/o W.S. Calkin. [ BR 28 Feb., 1901].

Calkin, Elias, died, at Greenwich, 31 Jan., 1901, age 88 years. [BR 7 Feb., 1901].

Calkin, Nellie H.married to W. Wylie Rockwell at Hazelwood, Kentville, NS., 16 Oct 1901, d/o B.H. Calkin, all of Kentville. [BR 24 Oct 1901 see also OM Fri. 18 Oct 1901].

Calkin, W. S. see Calkin, Dorothy Belle.

Campbell, William (and Ceclia), see Gordon, Mrs. Clara.

Cameron, Dudley E. see Baker, Madge.

Caswell, A. S. see Roney, Frank Eugene.

Caswell, Ethel Louuise see Roney, Frank Eugene.

Chambers, John W., of Lawrence, MA., born to at Wentworth, 13 Sept 1901, a daughter. [OM 27 September 1901].

Charlton, Charles M., Waterville, married at Bridgetown, NS, past week, to Annie Belle ? [BR 5 December 1901see also Om 6 December 1901].

Charlton, Edward D. see Elizabeth W. McKav(?).

Chase, Albert, see Chase, Hannah.

Chase, Hannah, died at Port Williams 18 Mar. 1901, age 52 years, d/o Albert Chase. [ BR 21 Mar. 1901].

Chase, John W., Bentville, died at Dartmouth, NS, 17 May 1901, age 64 years. [BR 23 May 1901see also OM 31 May 1901] .

Chesley, Annie Leanora see Palmer, Elmer Ellsworth.

Chittick, Beverly Mortimer, married at Hyde Park, MA., 5 June 1901, to Daisy Marion Forsythe, d/o Lucy Forsythe. [13 June 1901-additional information].

Collins, Stephen, Harmony, 17 Oct 1901, born to, a son. [22 Nov 1901]

Church, C.C. see Church, Myrtle.

Church, Myrtle, d/o C.C. Church, married at Kingston, 26 June 1901, to Thomas E. Holmes, of the DARy. [OM 5 July 1901].

Church, William Henry see Morris, Alice May.

Churchill, Ezra, born to at Hantsport, 22 Nov 1901, a daughter.[OM 6 Dec 1901].

Churchill, John see Churchill, Laura.

Churchill, Laura, married at Hantsport, NS, 12 June 1901, d/o John Churchill, to Dr. Rice, of Sydney, NS. [BR 6 June 1901 p.3 col. 3].

Churchill, S. L., see Longley, Mary F.

Chute, Annie C., died at Waterville, 30 Oct 1901, w/o Manning Chute d/o George Lyons, aged 49 years. [BR 7 November 1901 and see Om 8 Nov 1901].

Chute, Edward M., born to at South Berwick, 3 May 1901, a daughter. [BR 16 May 1901].

Chute, J. Burton, died at Bear River, 10 June 1901, 73 years. [OM 14 June 1901].

Chute, Luilla married at Hampton, 18 Dec 1901 to Morris Mitchill. [OM 27 Dec 1901].

Chute, Manning see Chute, Annie C.

Chute, Mrs. J.F., [Miriam Louise]died at Berwick, Friday, d/o Enoch L. Cogswell, Aylesford, b. 6 Dec. 1851, in her 50th year. [BR 24 Oct 1901- obituary and notice + OM 25 Oct 1901].

Chute, Rebecca L., died at South Berwick, 19 Oct 1901, d/o Richardson Chute, age 38 years. [BR 24 October 1901+ OM 25 Oct 1901].

Chute, Richardson see Chute, Rebecca L.

Clark, John G. see Clark, Nellie A.

Clark, Nellie A., married at home of bride, "yesterday", d/o John G. Clark to Henry S. Berteaux, residence, Boston, MA. [BR 26 Dec 1901write-up].

Cockerill, Capt. R. C., born to at Berwick, 23 Jan., 1901, a son. [BR 31 Jan., 1901].

Cochrane, Alice M. See Parker, William E.

Cochrane, David R. See Parker, William E.

Cochrane, Nancy, wid/o William Cochrane, died at Centreville, 7 Dec 1901, aged 74 years. [OM 20 December 1901].

Cochrane, William see Cochrane, Nancy.

Cogswell, Carrie L. See Nichols, Otis H.

Cogswell, Enoch L. See Chute, Mrs. J.F.

Cogswell, Maynard C. See Nichols, Otis H.

Cogswell, Miriam Louise see Chute, J. F .

Cole, Frank, Bridgetown, married at Upper Granville, 2 nd inst., Alida May [Hogan] d/o Mrs. Statira Hogan. [OM 12 April 1901see also OM 12 April 1901 ].

Conant, Harry W. See Harris, Bessie R.

Congdon, Herbert E., Bickerton, MA., married at Moument Beach, MA., 2 April 1901, to Nellie J. Burgess, Moument Beach. [ BR 11 April 1901].

Congdon, W. B., Scotch Village,formerly of Grafton, married at Windsor, NS, 3rd. inst., to Sarah Mabelle Wood, Rawdon, NS. [BR 11 April 1901].

Cook, Margaret L. see Margeson, Owen P.

Corbin, Raymond, born to at Berwick, 1 July 1901, a daughter. [BR 4 July 1901].

Cornwall, Mrs. George, died at Little River, Digby Co., NS, wid/o George Cornwall, age 80 years. [BR 23 May 1901 see p.3 col. 3].

Corser, Arthur, born at Concord, N.H., 6 June 1901, a daughter. [BR 20 June 1901].

Cousins, Capt. J.W. see Westhaver, A.J.

Cox, Cassie M. see Porter, Walter, H.

Cox, W.B., born to at Upper Dyke, 27 Oct 1901, a daughter. [OM 8 Nov 1901].

Cox, W.D., born to at Upper Dyke, 26th. inst., a daughter. [BR 31 Oct 1901].

Craig, Mary H., died Kentville, 25 September 1901, d/o Jos. & Frances Craig, 48 years. [OM 27 Sept 1901 obituary + notice]

Crane, James N. see Crane, Rebecca Allsion.

Crane, Rebecca Allsion, died at Halifax, 25th. inst., wid/o George H. Starr, Halifax, and d/o James N. Crane, Grand Pre, in 81st. year. [BR 30 May 1901].

Cross, Robert, died at White Rock, Thursday, [nearly] 103 years. [BR 9 May 1901-obit].

Crouse, Mrs. James, died at Lapland, 15 May 1901, aged 65 years.[OM 24 May 1901].

Crouse, Rufus, Nictaux, married at Middleton 13 April 1901, to Nellie Venot, Mahone Bay ( unreadable and torn section follows).[OM 19 April 1901- notice].

Crouse, Sophia, married at Middleton, 23 Nov 1901 to John M. Ross. [OM 29 Nov 1901]

Cummings, Mrs. Rebecca, died at Dalhousie, 24 April 1901, aged 76 years.[OM 3 May 1901].

Cunningham, Rev. Mr. see McLeod, Maggie

Curry, G.G. see Brown, Guerdon.

Curry, Jessie see Brown, Guerdon.

Daken, Thomas A. see Fitzgerald, Madora.

Daniels, Bradford K. see Burgess, Olie.

Daniels, Elwin [Elvin ?] J. See Daniels, Susie Lavinia.

Daniels, Elvin and Susie see Daniels, Laurie Leland.

Daniels, Hallett born to at Mt. Hanley 28 Sept 1901, a son.[OM 1 Nov 1901]

Daniels, Laurie Leland, died at Welsford, NS, 10 July 1901, age 2 months, inf/s/o Elvin [Elwin?] and Susie Daniels. [BR 18 July 1901].

Daniels, Susie Lavinia, died at Lawrencetown, 17 Oct. 1901, w/o Elwin J. Daniels , d/o A.H. Spicer, Welsford, age 21 years and 6 months. [BR 24 Oct 1901].

Davidson, David E., died at Aylesford, 19 August 1901, b.1844, Aylesford.[BR 5 Sept. 1901].

Davidson, G. A. See Davisdon, Rev. L.P.

Davidson, Rev. L. P., died at Manilla, s/o G.A. Davidson,Kentville, born at Cold Brooke [sic].[4 July 1901-paragraph].

Davis, T.M. born to at Kingston, NS, 17th.inst., a son. [ BR 24 Oct 1901OM 25 Oct 1901].

Day, Annie, died at Lake George, 3 Dec 1901, 23 years, d/o Isaac Day.[OM 20 Dec 1901].

Day, Isaac see Day, Annie.

DeBlois, Amey, died at Bridgetown, 15th. inst., w/o Dr. Louis D. DeBlois, 58 years. [OM 20 December 1901].

DeBlois, Dr. Louis D. see DeBlois, Amey

Dempsey, Mary, died at Bridgetown 11 June 1901, age 25 years.[OM 28 June 1901].

Dennet, Percy, Boston, married at Paradise 23 Oct 1901 to Vinnie Marshall d/o Ritson Marshall. [OM 25 October 1901].

Dennison, James A., married at Kentville, 27 Mar. 1901, to Maggie Blanche Ward, both of North Alton, NS. [BR 11 April 1901].

Devine, Mabel, Victoria Vale, married at Middleton, 10 Sept 1901 to Wm. Morris, Tupperville. [OM 13 September 1901].

DeWolf, Edwin see DeWolf, Francis Kirkland.

DeWolf, Eliza see DeWolf, Francis Kirkland.

DeWolf, Francis Kirkland, died 13th inst., s/o Edwin & Eliza DeWolf, Wolfville, age 53 years. [OM 28 June 1901].

DeWolfe, Elisha Whidden (and Lavinia) see MacLean, Mrs. Ellen Maria.

DeWolfe, Elisha, see DeWolfe, Grace.

DeWolfe, Grace, died at Scotts Bay, 13 Mar. 1901, w/o Owen Steele, d/o Elisha DeWolfe, age 39 years. [ Br 21 March 1901].

Dickey, Hugh L.Dr., born to, a son, Charlottetown, P.E.I., [BR Thurs, 10 Jan 1901].

Dickey, Karl Seymour, at Charlottetown,P.E.I.,4 Jan 1901, inf/o Dr. Hugh L. Dickey, age 3 days. [ BR Thurs. 10 Jan 1901].

Dickie, Auo[ra?] Beatrice see Harris, Howard G.

Dickie, Jas. B. see Harris, Howard G.

Doane, Capt. Harvey, died, last Sunday ( see paragraph). [Br 29 August 1901].

Dodge, Edwin, died at Middleton, ‘yesterday’, 81 years s/o Samuel Dodge ; he m.1. a daughter of Ambrose Dodge m2. Sarah Parker.[OM 19 April 1901 -obituary].

Dodge, Miss, see Banks, Mrs.

Dodge, Samuel see Dodge, Edwin.

Doleman, Lily, married at Avonport, 11 Dec 1901 to James H. Skinner.[OM 20 Dec 1901].

Douglas, Mary E., of Berwick, NS., married at Charlestown, MA., 26 Sept. 1901, to J.D. Tilley,of Quebec. [BR 24 Oct. 1901].

Downie, Abram M., died at Margaretville, 27 ult. [OM 4 Oct 1901 obituary p.2]

Downie, Deacon Jacob, see Downie, Susie Richie.

Downie, Susie Richie, d/o Deacon Jacob Downie, married at East Margaretville, NS, 18 Dec 1901, to J. Alonzo Howell, Linwood, MA.[BR 26 Dec. 1901;also OM 20/27 Dec 1901].

Doyle, Capt. M., see Doyle, Nellie. The name may be Boyle - see Boyle as well.

Doyle, Nellie, died , d/o Capt. M. Doyle, Windsor. See Boyle also [OM 16 Aug 1901,obit.].

Dunham, Jennie May, married at Cambridge, MA., 30 Oct 1901, d/o Mrs. Lizzie T. Dunham, to William W. Humphrey, East Boston. [BR 14 November 1901].

Dunham, Mrs. Lizzie T. see Dunham, Jennie May.

Dunn, Susie J. See Osborne, Norman J.

Dunnack, Lizzie Blanche, married at Charlestown, MA., 2 Oct 1901, to Andrew Russell Walls. [ BR 10 October 1901 write-up].

Durland, Jacob, died at Lawrencetown, 19 May 1901, in 80th year.[OM 14 June 1901 obit].

Early, Seale, Phinney’s Cove, married at Bridgetown, 1 Nov 1901, to DeForest Milbury, Hampton. [OM 15 November 1901].

Eaton, Annie, married at Canard, 6 Nov 1901, d/o James Eaton, Lower Canard to Thomas Kinsman. [BR 21 Nov 1901].

Eaton, Edward see Eaton, Selfice? Inez.

Eaton, James see Eaton, Annie.

Eaton, Selfice? Inez, d/o Edward Eaton, married at North Kingston, 23 October 1901 to Hallett C. Armstrong.[ OM 1 Nov 1901 write-up]

Edwards, Fred, s/o Joe Edwards, died at Annapolis, 20 April 1901, aged 28 years. [OM 26 April 1901].

Edwards, Joe see Edwards, Fred.

Elderkin, H. Brenton, died at Parrsboro(?), NS, Saturday. [ BR 25 April 1901- paragraph].

Ellis, Mabel Bernice, married at Berwick, Wednesday, d/o W.W. Ellis, Berwick, to Hugh Roderick Mckay, Truro. [BR 27 June 1901].

Ellis, Dr. J. F., of Sherbrooke, Guys. Co.. NS, married at Berwick, "yesterday afternoon", to Alice L. Stewart, Melrose, [MA.?]. [BR 25 April 1901, write-up].

Ellis, Wilhelmina see Parker, Samuel H.

Ellis, W.W. see Parker, Samuel H.

Ellis, W.W. see Ellis, Mabel Bernice.

Ells, E.M., born to at Scotts Bay, 26 Jan., 1901, a daughter. [BR 31 Jan. 1901]

Ells, Mabel B., married at Berwick, 26 June, to H.R. MacKay, Truro.[OM 28 June 1901 see also OM 12 July 1901].

Emery, Moses see Parker, Charlotte Fellows.

Ewing, Henry, Aylesford, NS, died at Millville, NS, 17th. ult., age 54 years. [28 Feb., 1901].

Fales, Mrs. W.H., died at Victoria Vale, 13 July 1901, aged 65 years. [OM 19 July 1901].

Fales, Mary E. see Stronach, Stephen.

Faris, D.C. see Faris, S. Peter.

Faris, S. Peter, s/o Rev.D.C. Faris, of Boston, MA., married, 5 Feb.1901, at West Barnet, Vermont, to Annie Laurie Morton, formerly of Somerset, NS [writeup. BR 7 Feb., 1901].

Fay, Mrs. Fred R., of Bridgetown, died 14 Nov 1901, age 38. [BR 21 Nov 1901].

Feener, Elica?, died at Clementsvale, 23 Sept 1901, aged 48 years. [OM 4 Oct 1901].

Feener, John , married Annapolis, to Theresa Rafuse, both of ClementsVale.[OM 1 Nov 1901]

Feindel, Daniel, died at Middleton Sunday, b. New Glasgow, 20 April 1835, aged 66 years he married Tracey Beals. [OM 25 October 1901 obituary].

Fenwick, Arthur see McKeen, Arthur Fenwick. May be a McKeen or Fenwick.

Fisher, Geo. W. see Frese, Georg.

Fisher, Henry see Franklin, Carrie.

Fitch, Frederic, born to at Greenwood, 23 May 1901, a son. [BR 30 May 1901].

Fitell, Azuba see Rumsey, Amon.

Fitell, Freeman see Rumsey, Amon.

Fitzgerald, Madora, married, 28 June 1901, to Thomas A. Daken, both of Wolfville. [OM 12 July 1901]

Floyd, Millege A. see Beardsley, Clara.

Foot, Hartley, Lakeville, married 24 Dec 1901 to Valerie Ogilvie, Burlington, NS [BR 2 Jan 1902]

Forsythe, Daisy Marion see Chittick, Beverly Mortimer.

Forsythe, Harding, died at Billtown, 5 August 1901, aged 63 years. [BR 22 August 1901].

Forsythe, Lucy see Chittick, Beverly Mortimer.

Forsythe, T. Harding, died at Billtown, 5 Aug 1901, 61 years.[OM 16 Aug 1901].

Foster, Dr. George, of Halifax, married at Canning, Janie Wickwire, d/o Mrs. Annie Wickwire. [BR 20 June 1901].

Foster, Rev. Geo. I., born to at Springhill, 21 st. inst., a daughter. [BR 30 May 1901,see also OM 7 June 1901 ].

Foster, Hennigar P., married at South Peabody, MA., 16 July 1901 to Maud A. McNeil, both of Lynn. [OM 2 August 1901].

Foster, Norman, born to at North Kingston, 23 Nov 1901, a son. [OM 29 Nov 1901].

Fox, Alzerena see Fox, Levi B.

Fox, Charles B. See Fox, Levi B.

Fox, Levi (?) B., died at Morristown, NS, 1 March 1901, inf/d/o Charles B. and Alzerena Fox, aged 1 years, 5 months. [BR 7 March 1901].

Franklin, Carrie, married at Somerset, 3 Dec 1901, d/o Mrs. Margaret Franklin to Henry S. Fisher. [BR 5 December 1901 see also OM 20 Dec 1901].

Franklin, Mrs. Margaret see Franklin, Carrie.

Franklin, Hattie S., married at Somerset, 3 Dec 1901, d/o Mrs. Margaret Franklin, to Phileman C. Woodworth. [BR 5 December 1901].

Franklin, Mrs. Margaret, see Franklin, Hattie.

Fraser, A. Mil[?], see Fraser, Rose G.

Fraser, Rose, G. died at Halifax, w/o A. Mil[?] Fraser, d/o John Blanchard, Kentville. [BR 21 November 1901].

Freeman, Ernest Somerville, Springfield, married at New Canada?, 28 Aug 1901, to Emma Ruth Webb d/o Rev J. Webb. [OM 30 Aug 1901 write-up].

French, Jamie Armstrong see Armstrong, Dr. Tremain.

Frese, Georg, died, at Berne, Switzerland; m. April, 1896 Mrs. May Hodge, d/o late Geo. W. Fisher, of Somerset, Kings Co., NS BR 24 Jan., 1901 [see obit BR 14 March 1901] .

Fuller, Dwight F., dies at Welsford, NS, 25 Mar. 1901, s/o Leander Fuller; b. 2 April 1871, and m. May 1895 to Miss McDougall d/o Danford McDougall,New Glasgow, NS. [ BR 4 April 1901 ].

Fuller, Leander see Fuller, Dwight.

Fuller, Meriam M., died, Sheffield Mills, 9 April ult., 76 years.[OM 3 May 1901].

Fulton, Rev. Justin, died at Somerville, MA., Tuesday last week. [BR 25 April 1901].

Furbish, J.H., married at Boston 4 June 1901, Abbie Young, Paradise, NS.[OM 14 June 1901].

Gardner, Eliza Jane, died, at Cape Forchu, Yar.Co., age 69 years, wid/o J. Nelson Gardner. [BR 21 Feb. 1901]

Gardner, J. Nelson see Gardner, Eliza Jane.

Gaul, Samantha A., died, 25th. ult., age 22 years, d/o William and Catherine S. Gaul. [BR 9 May 1901 - obituary].

Gates, A.M., born to at Melvern Square, 30 Sept 1901, a daughter. [OM 4 Oct 1901]

Gates, Anna M. see Starrat, Harry B.

Gates, Carrie, married at Linda Vista, 30 April 1901, tpo Frank Goucher, all of Melvern Square. [OM 3 May 1901].

Gates, Daniel see Gates, Mrs. Lavinia.

Gates, Ernest see Berteaux, Sadie.

Gates, Mrs. Lavinia, w/o Daniel Gates, died, Melvern Square, 20 April 1902, aged 65 years. [OM 26 April 1901see also OM 31 May 1901].

Gaul, William see Gaul, Samantha A.

Gehu, [Gehn?] Stephen see Sims, Elizabeth.

Gertridge, Er(...?..), born to at Hantsport, 12 May 1901, a son. [BR 23 May 1901].

Gesner, Capt. John H., died at Annapolis, 18 )ct 1901, aged 40 years.[OM 25 Oct 1901]

Giles, Rev.J.B., born to at Bridgetown, 15 June 1901, a daughter.[OM 28 June 1901].

Godfrey, Edmond see Godfrey, R. Albert.

Godfrey, R. Albert, died at Lequille, Annapolis Co., NS, 12 April 1901, s/o Edmond Godfrey, aged 35 years. [OM 26 April 1901].

Goodwin, Churchill L., see Burrill, Rena L.

Gordon, Mrs. Clara, died at Freemont, Sun. last, d/o Wm. and Cecelia Campbell, Newport, Hants Co., NS, w/o George Gordon, 27 years. [OM 4 Oct 1901 obituary p.2]

Gordon, George see Gordon, Mrs. Clara.

Goucher, Frank see Gates, Carrie.

Gough, Louisa, married at Lawrence, MA.?, "last evening", d/o Samuel Gough to Ralph Brown s/o Wm. Brown. [ OM 4 October 1901 ].

Gough, Samuel see Gough, Louisa.

Gould, Jane see Magee, Jane.

Gould, John see Magee, Jane.

Gould, Capt. William, Black Rock, see More, C.A.

Gowe, L.S., Amherst, married at Berwick, 26 Mar. 1901, to Kate, d/o D.A. Munroe, Wolfville. [BR 4 April 1901see also OM, 5 April 1901].

Graham, Robin, born to at Lockhartville, 7 June 1901, a son.[OM 28 June 1901].

Graves, Burpee see Patterson, Corena Seraphine.

Graves, Hedley V. See Patterson, Corena Seraphine.

Graves, Mary E., died at Claremont, N.H., USA, 16th. inst. [BR 1 August 1901].

Graves, Owen M., Aylesford, at Londonderry Station, "Christmas Day", to Sara E. d/o Samuel Lindsay. [Write-up BR, 10 Jan., 1901, p.2].

Graves, Wallace B., Harmony, NS, married, at Aylesford, NS, 24 Jan., 1901, to Helen I. Saunders, Harmony, NS. [BR 14 Fen., 1901].

Gray, D.E. see Gray, Jennie Laura.

Gray, Jennie Laura, married at Culloden, Tuesday, d/o D.E. Gray, to Dimock Freeman Bowlby, Aylesford,NS; will reside Aylesford. [BR 5 September 1901].

Griffin, Fenwick see McDonald, Mary.

Grimm, Stanley A., Springfield, married West Paradise, 21 September 1901, to Eva M. Daniels. [OM 27 September 1901].

Gullison, Alice May, d/o Benjamin Gullison, married at Beaver River, Yarmouth Co., NS, 18th inst., to Reuben M. Raymond, New York City. [OM 4 Oct 1901, write-up, p.2].

Gullison, Benjamin see Gullison, Alice May.

Hallamore, Alice A. see Cahill, James M.

Halliday, Percy, born to at Hillsburn, 15 June 1901, a son.[OM 28 June 1901].

Halliday, William, born to at Hillsburn, 26 Nov 1901, a son.[OM 6 Dec 1901]

Hamilton, Mary Frances see Hill, Mary Frances.

Hamilton, Samuel see Hill, Mary Frances.

Harvie, Private, of the R.R.O. [C?] L., drowned at Fredericton,NB, 29 June 1901, from NS. [BR 11 July 1901].

Harris, Bessie R., married at Auburn, NS, Thursday last, d/o T.R. Harris, to Harry W. Conant, of Cambridge, MA. [BR 5 September 1901 write-up].

Harris, Howard G., Kentville, married at Lower Canard, 3 July 1901, to Auo[ra?] Beatrice Dickie d/o Jas. B. Dickie, Lower Canard. [BR 11 July 1901].

Harris, James, born to at Halifax, 30 Dec 1901, a son. [BR 9 Jan 1902].

Harris, Mrs. Olivia R. see Starkweather, Walter B.

Harris, T. R. See Harris, Bessie R.

Hatt, Enos, 14 Nov 1901, born to at Tremont, a son. [OM 22 Nov 1901]

Hatt, Laura M., w/o Wm. R. Hatt, died at Nictaux, 22 May 1901, 48 years,early life Liverpool. [OM 31 May 1901 see also OM 14 June 1901- obituary].

Hatt, Wm. R. see Hatt, Laura.

Hayes, May, see Barkhouse, Abner.

Hayes, Walter Lawrence see Thomas, Alice Amelia.

Healy, Anderson, died at Bismark,North Dakota, 27 June 1901, age 58 years, formerly of Round Hill, Annapolis Co., NS.[OM 12 July 1901].

Hebb, Kenneth, born to at Paradise Lake, Dalhousie, 21 June 1901, a daughter. [OM 28 June 1901].

Hibbert, Lizzie, died at Yarmouth, Friday, 36 years, d/o Capt. W. Hibbert. [obituary - BR 4 April 1901].

Hibbert, Capt. W. See Hibbert, Lizzie.

Hicks, Budd see Hicks, Nellie.

Hicks, Herbert, married at Bridgetown 23 Oct 1901 to Lida Slocomb d/o Major Slocomb, [ 25 October 1901].

Hicks, John H., born to at Bridgetown, 20 June 1901, a son.[OM 28 June 1901].

Hicks, J. Minard see Hicks, J. Minard, Mrs.

Hicks, J. Minard, Mrs. ( Mary Elizabeth), died at Salem, MA., 2 Mar. 1901, age 24 years, 18 days. [ BR 14 March 1901].

Hicks, Nellie, w/o Budd Hicks, died at Round Hill, 25th inst., 18 years.[OM 7 June 1901].

Hill, Mary Frances, died at Windsor, NS, 22 Oct 1901, wid/o Leonard B. Palmeter, Grand Pre, d/o Samuel Hamilton, aged 91 years , 9 months. [BR 24 Oct 1901 + OM 25 Oct 1901].

Hird, Albert Edwin see Bezanson, Flora Ethel.

Hird, Geo. Y. see Brown, Ida Maud.

Hodge, Mrs. May see Frese, Georg.

Hodges, Mrs. Ralph, died at Morristown, NS., 5 November 1901, in her 74th. year. [BR 14 Nov 1901see Morristown col.].

Hogan, Alida May see Cole, Frank.

Hogan, Mrs. Statira see Cole, Frank.

Holland, Sadie L. see Parker, Morton [Merton] E.

Holmes, Thomas E. see Church, Myrtle.

Horsfall, James, died Tuesday, native of Rastrick, Yorkshire, England, aged 85 years. [OM 22 Nov 1901, Friday - obituary p.2].

Horsfall, W.H., born to at Upper Clements, 5 June 1901, a daughter.[14 June 1901].

Howell, J. Alonzo see Downie, Susie Richie.

Howell, James see Tupper, Martha Elizabeth.

Hudson, William , died Bridgetown,24 March 1901. [OM 5 April 1901].

Huff, Edna, died at Hampton Falls, N.H., 6 Oct 1901, w/o John Huff d/o Gideon Power, Grafton, NS. [BR 10 Oct 1901and OM 18 Oct 1901].

Huff, John see Huff, Edna.

Hulsman?, Oscar C. see Tufts, Bessie.

Humphrey, William W. see Dunham, Jennie May.

Huntly, Mary, died at Scotts Bay, age 19 years, 14 July 1901, [BR 18 July 1901-obit].

Huntly, William see Huntly, Mary.

Hurlbert, Emeline S. see Young, Herman L.

Hurley, J.E. see Beardsley, Mary.

Hutchison, Calla J. see Hutchison, Ralph.

Hutchison, E. A., born to at Morristown, 1 May 1901, a daughter. [ BR 30 May 1901].

Hutchison, Frank G. (and wife Calla J.) see Hutchison, Ralph.

Hutchison, G. E. See Hutchison, Loring Boyd.

Hutchison, John, died at Morristown, 24 August 1901, aged 74 years. [BR 29 August 1901].

Hutchison, Ralph E., died at Milton, MA., 23 Mar. 1901, age 4 weeks and 6 days, inf/s/o Frank G. and Calla J. Hutchison. [BR 11 April 1901].

Hutchison, Loring Boyd., died, at Morristown, 3 Feb., 1901, inf/s/o G.E. Hutchison, age 15 months . [BR 14 Feb., 1901].

Illsley, Annie Grace, died at Coldbrook, 9 Feb 1901, d/o Dea. B.H. Illsley, Kentville. [OM 5 April 1901].

Illsley, Dea. B.H. Illsley see Illsley, Annie Grace.

Illsley, Parker, born to at Lakeville, 10 June 1901, a daughter.[OM 28 June 1901].

Irvin, Gordon L., Baxter’s Harbour, married at Canning, 5 July 1901, to Edith G., d/o G.R. Thorpe, Delhaven,NS. [BR 25 July 1901].

Jackson, Eva Beatrice, d/o G.H. Jackson, married at Clarence, Wednesday to Henry D. Woodbury, Kingston. [OM 25 October 1901 and Om 25 Oct 1901].

Jackson, G.H. see Jackson, Eva Beatrice.

Jacques, George O. see Palmer, Clara Mabel.

James, G.W. see Taylor, Frank Spence.

Jefferson, Jessie M. see Steadman, Robert

Jess, B. C., born at Scotts Bay, 25 Feb. 1901, a son. [BR 28 Feb. 1901].

Jess, Cora, died at Scotts Bay, NS, 6 Mar. 1901, age 23 years, w/o B.C. Jess. [BR 14 March, 1901] .

Jewett, Ward, born to at Bridgetown, 17 Sept 1901, a son.[OM 20 Sept 1901].

Johnson, Abigail [Mrs.], died at Karsdale, 20 Oct 1901, aged 95 years. [OM 1 Nov 1901].

Johnson, Amy, died at Dartmouth. [BR 4 July 1901-paragraph].

Johnson, George, born to at Beech Hill Rd., 6 August 1901, a daughter. [ 22 August 1901].

Johnson, Minnie S., married at South Farmington, 25 September 1901, to Edward R. White, Harmony. [OM 27 September 1901 see page 3].

Keddie, Eliza Julia, Mrs., died at New Ross 7th. Inst., age 92 years.[obit- BR 28 Mar. 1901].

Keizer, Joseph, died at Billtown, 23 May 1901, aged 40 years.[OM 7 June 1901].

Kenny, W. Wallace see Beckwith, Estelle Maud.

Kesner, Minnie see Banks, William.

Kilcup, Frank, New Minas, married at Kentville, 10 Dec 1901, to Hattie May Thurlow, Kentville. [OM 20 Dec 1901].

Kinsman, Thomas see Eaton, Annie.

Kirkpatrick, Stilford F. see Burgess, Lina.

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