Newspaper - Vital Staistics, 1900

The Register, Berwick, Kings County, Nova Scotia
1900 Vital Statistics

Compiled and indexed by John Parker, B.A., B.Ed., G.R.S. ( C ) ; copyright. Posted through the efforts of Phillip Vogler for your own personal use only please. The Register of 1900 was published on Thursday. See other years for abbreviations as examples, etc. Thanks to the Register and NSARM, Halifax, NS mfm # 4014.

** Not a full year : 4 Jan 1900 to 27 Sept 1900**
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Allen, Capt. George see Allen, Lelia May.

Allen, Lelia May, d/o Capt. George Allen, Port Greville, married at Port Greville, Cumberland Co., NS, 5 March 1900 to R. W. Walsh, Gaspereaux. [29 March 1900].

Anthony, Rev. J. P., married at Berwick, Tuesday last, to Gertrude Borden, d/o Benjamin Borden, Berwick; will reside Port Maitland, Yarmouth Co., NS. [5 July 1900 write up].

Armstrong, Alfred, married at Cambridge, 9th inst., to Mabel Caldwell. [16 Aug 1900 write up p.2 c.3].

Atkins, Mrs. Jessie B., Halifax, married at Medford, mass., 8 Aug 1900 to Alonzo Daniels, Paradise. [23 Aug 1900].

Avery, Rev. Richard, died at Kentville, Sunday past, in 85th years; burial Auburn. [10 May 1900 obituary p.3 c.3].

Baker, Loran E., died at Boston, Sat. last. [4 Jan 1900 obituary].

Ballou, Arch see Ballou, Ella.

Ballou, Ella, d/o Arch Ballou, Morden, married at Rockland, Mass., 27 June 1900, to John J. Lannin, Rockland, Mass. [19 July 1900 write up p.2].

Balcom, Leo W. see Spinney, Dora H.

Barker, Mrs. Harriet, West Acton, Mass., married at her home, 14 march 1900, to Willard Rudolph, formerly of Burlington, Kings Co., NS. [12 April 1900].

Barteaux, Eloise, w/o Judson A. Barteaux, died at Nictaux West, 30th ult., d/o Emerson Gates, Millville, age 28 years. [7 June 1900].

Barteaux, Judson A. see Barteaux, Eloise.

Baxter, John A., died at Sheffield Mills, 13 April 1900. [19 April 1900 obituary p.2 c.3].

Belcher, Matilda Burbridge, see Miller, Mrs. G. S.

Bent, Leonard M., died at Princetown, Mass., 26 May 1900, age 40 years 4 months 20 days, a native of Berwick. [21 June 1900].

Bentley, Asahel, died at Delhaven, 21 Feb 1900, aged 86 years. [1 March 1900].

Bishop, Percy Allen see MacMillan, Bessie Anne.

Blenkhorn, L. F., born to at Canning, 25 April 1900, a son. [3 May 1900].

Borden, Andrew, died at Grand Pre, 28 Mar 1900, in 85th year. [12 April 1900].

Borden, Benjamin see Anthony, Rev. J. P.

Borden, Gertrude see Anthony, Rev. J. P.

Bowlby, Ada M., died at Canady Creek, 2 Feb 1900, w/o Solomon Bowlby, 45 years. [8 Feb 1900].

Bowlby, Edson, born to a son, 1 April 1900, a daughter. [5 April 1900].

Bowlby, Solomon Edwin see Zwicker, Bessie J.

Bowlby, Solomon see Bowlby, Ada M.

Bowles, Addie A., Grafton, married at Grafton, 8 May 1900, to Alden Strong, Portland, Maine, formerly of New Minas. [17 May 1900].

Bowles, Dr. Edwin P., Wolfville, married at Shelburne, 12 June 1900, to Evangeline d/o George W. Durfee, Shelburne. [21 June 1900].

Brennan, Jessie, d/o William Brennan, married at Lake George, 31 Jan 1900, to Leander N. Kendall, Nictaux. [15 Feb 1900 p.2 col.3].

Brennan, William see Brennan, Jessie.

Brenton, Laura, w/o Minard Brenton, d/o William Hicks, died at Berwick, 17 Apr 1900, age 26 years. [19 April 1900].

Brenton, Minard see Brenton, Laura.

Brown, Allison Garfield, died at Waltham, Mass., Thursday last, buried At Billtown. [31 May 1900 obituary].

Brydon, John R., married at Seattle, Washington, 14 May 1900, formerly of Somerset, to Metta Meadows, Seattle. [14 June 1900 see also 21 June 1900 issue].

Buckley, Eliza, died at Brooklyn St. kings Co., NS, 19 Dec 1899, age 83 years. [5 April 1900].

Bullerwell, w/o Capt. George, died at Cambridge, 24th inst., in her 6[4?] year. [26 April 1900].

Burns, John, Harborville, died at Harborville, 28 Aug 1900, age 68 years; burial Woodville Cemetery. [6 Sept 1900 obituary].

Campbell, George B., died near Kentville, Saturday last, late of Waterville. [2 August 1900 write up p.2 c.3].

Carver, Mrs. Cornelia A., Windsor, married at New Glasgow, 13 June 1900 to Rufus Curry, Windsor. [21 June 1900].

Chadbourne, Rev. J. P. see Chadbourne, Margaret.

Chadbourne, Margaret w/o Rev. J. P. Chadbourne, Franklin, Mass., d/o A. Stanley Fisher, died at Factorydale, Aylesford, 12 Feb 1900, age 32 years. [15 Feb 1900 obituary see 15 Feb as well p.3 c.5, Morristown].

Chase, Albert see Chase, Edwin.

Chase, Edwin, s/o Albert Chase died at Church St., Cornwallis, Tuesday last. [18 Jan 1900 obituary p.2].

Chipman, Margaret, w/o William A. Chipman, died at Chipman's Corner, 29th ult., in 73rd year. [5 April 1900].

Chipman, Rev. William see Parker, Mrs. D. O.

Chipman, William A. see Chipman, Margaret.

Chute, Edward Manning, South Berwick, married at Steam Mill, Wed past, to Emma Jennette MacInias. [26 April 1900 write up p.2 c.4].

Chute, Elizabeth see VanBuskirk, Nelson.

Chute, J. M. see Chute, Mrs. Lucy Warren.

Chute, Lovinia, wid/o Wm. H. Chute, died at Somerset, Thursday last, d/o Wm. H. Skinner, aged Awithin a month of 87 years. [11 Jan 1900].

Chute, Mrs. Lucy Warren, w/o J. M. Chute, died at Manistique, Michigan, age 61 years. [Insert from a Letter to the editor by Wm. E. Chute 28 May 1900 "Died in a Foreign Land"; 7 June 1900 Register].

Chute, Wm. H. see Chute, Lovinia.

Caldwell, Mabel see Armstrong, Alfred.

Clark, I. W., New Rochelle, N.Y., formerly of Berwick, married at New York City, 25 June 1900, to Bessie L. Crosby, Yarmouth, NS. [12 July 1900].

Clark, Mrs. Mary A., Halifax, married at Halifax, 26 April 1900 to Dr. Mason A. Sheffield, of St. John. [3 May 1900].

Clarke, Ella May, Annapolis, married at Waterville, 25 July 1900, to John Rafuse, Berwick. [2 Aug 1900].

Clarke, Richard L. see Savage, Marguerite.

Coffil, Lamont, married at Scotts Bay, 5 Sept. 1900, to Priscilla Huntley. [13 Sept 1900].

Coleman, Cornelius see Coleman, Rupert.

Coleman, Elizabeth, married at Aylesford, 4 June 1900 to Robert Wagstaff, both of Fairview, kings Co., NS. [ 14 June 1900].

Coleman, Rupert s/o Cornelius Coleman, died at Chipman's Brook, 17 March 1900, 15 years. [22 March 1900].

Cook, Capt. Isaac see McClellan, Mrs. D.

Corkum, David, died at Scotts Bay, 16 Apr 1900. [26 April 1900].

Corkum, George, died at Scotts Bay, 12 April 1900. [19 April 1900].

Craig, Mary, wid/o William Craig, died at Cambridge, 4 July 1900, age 72 years. [12 July 1900 obituary p.2 c.2].

Craig, William see Craig, Mary.

Crosby, Bessie L. see Clark, I. W.

Curry, Rufus see Carver, Mrs. Cornelia A.

Daniel, Mrs. Louisa S., wid/o T. W. Daniel, died at St. John, Sunday. [12 July 1900 obituary].

Daniel, T. W. see Daniel, Mrs. Louisa S.

Daniels, Alonzo see Atkins, Mrs. Jessie B.

Daniels, Elwin J., Lawrencetown, married at Welsford, 15 Aug 1900 to Susie Lavinia Spicer d/o Andrew H. Spicer, Welsford. [16 Aug 1900].

Davidson, Jennie see Mills, Mrs. H. L.

D[imock?], David see D[imock?], Helen M.

D[imock?], Helen, M., d/o David D[imock?], died at Windsor, 6 May 1900. 28 years. 10 May 1900].

DeAdder, __?, New Ross, Kings Co., NS, married at Diligent River, 3 Sept 1900, to Laura Welton, Diligent River. [20 Sept 1900].

DeWolf, Harry C. see Woodroffe, Lena Maud.

Dodge, T. L. see Dodge, Wilhelmina.

Dodge, Wilhelmina, d/o T. L. Dodge, died at Kentville, 24 April 1900, 55 years.[3 May 1900].

Dunn, Rev. Norman B., died at Deerfield, Yarmouth Co., NS. [15 March 1900 see Poisoned p.3 col. 1 Paragraph].

Durfee, Evangeline see Bowles, Dr. Edwin P.

Durfee, George W. see Bowles, Dr. Edwin P.

Earle, Mrs. Mary, d/o John Foster, Aylesford, died at Halifax, 13 Apr 1900, in her 78th year. [26 April 1900].

Eaton, Ada, Waterville, married at Waterville, 25 April 1900 to Henry Mason, County Harbor, Guysboro Co., NS. [3 May 1900].

Eaton, Ward, died at Centreville, Friday. [1 March 1900 obituary p.2, c.3].

Elderkin, Capt. John K., died at Amherst, 31st ult., age 82 years. [6 Sept 1900 obituary; see Sudden Death].

Elliott, J. W., born to at Grafton, 7 Aug 1900, a son. [16 Aug 1900].

Ellis, Rev. William, died at Berwick, 19 Sept 1900, in 69th year ; b. Brighton, England. [20 Sept 1900 obituary + notice [obit records age as 68].

Ervin, Harmon, born to at Scotts Bay, 29 Mar 1900, a son. [19 April 1900].

Farrell, Miss, died at Sydney, C. B., Sat last, housefire, age 16 years. [22 Feb 1905].

Fisher, A. Stanley see Chadbourne, Margaret.

Fisher, Mrs. Belle see Fisher, Wallace W.

Fisher, Fred S., born to at Somerset, 1 July 1900, a daughter. [12 July 1900].

Fisher, Margaret see Chadbourne, Margaret.

Fisher, Wallace W., died at Kentville, 17 May 1900, s/o William H. Fisher, Somerset, m. Belle Lynch d/o John Lynch, Shubenacadie; burial Berwick.[24 May 1900].

Fisher, William H. see Fisher, Wallace W.

Fitch, Handley, born to at Morden, 25 July 1900, a son. [9 August 1900].

Foote, William H., born to at Weston, Mass., 8 April 1900, a son. [12 April 1900].

Foote, Rev. W. R., born to at Wonsan, Corea, 10 June 1900, a daughter.[19 July 1900].

Forsythe, E. N., born to at Hantsport, 6 April 1900, a daughter.[ 19 April 1900].

Foshay, Rev. Milford R., married at Yarmouth, 18 July 1900, to Luedna Redding d/o George Redding. [26 July 1900].

Foster, Eva C., d/o J. C. Foster, Berwick, married at South Boston, Mass., 28 March 1900, to Arthur H. Jacques, Boston. [12 April 1900, write up, p.2].

Foster, J. C. see Foster, Eva C.

Foster, John see Earle, Mrs. Mary

Foster, Mary see Earle, Mrs. Mary.

Foster, Rev. M. R., born to at Kingston, 27th ult., a daughter. [14 June 1900].

Foster, William E., born to at Berwick, 17th ult., a daughter. [1 March 1900].

Fraser, Annie see Sutherland, Arthur C.

Frese, Georg, born to at Berne, Switzerland, 26 Aug 1900, a daughter. [13 Sept 1900].

Gates, Eloise see Barteaux, Eloise.

Gates, Emerson see Barteaux, Eloise.

Gilliatt, Mrs. Mary, died at Centreville, Annapolis Co., NS, 80 years. [19 April 1900].

Gould, Andrew M., Harborville, NS, married at Charlestown, Mass., 7 March 1900, to Clara Belle Heather, d/o James & Clarissa Heather, Pugwash Jct., Cumberland Co., NS. [22 March 1900].

Gould, Leander, married at Aylesford, 3 Apr 1900, to Eleanor V. West, d/o C. J. West, all of Aylesford. [5 April 1900].

Haines, Lyman, born to at Freeport, 19 June 1900, a daughter. [2 Aug 1900].

Haley, Dr. Allen, died at Russell House, Ottawa, M.P. for Hants Co., native of Yarmouth. [26 April 1900 obituary].

Hall, Minnie d/o Rev. W. E. Hall, died at Halifax, 22 July 1900. [26 July 1900].

Hall, Rev. W. E. see Hall, Minnie.

Hardacre, Norman, died at Grand Pre, 10 May 1900, 81 years. [17 May 1900].

Harvey, John William, died at Blomidon, 17 April 1900, 73 years. [3 May 1900].

Heather, Clarissa see Gould, Andrew M.

Heather, Clara Belle see Gould, Andrew M.

Heather, James see Gould, Andrew M.

Hicks, Laura see Brenton, Laura.

Hicks, William see Brenton, Laura.

Howell, Charles B., married at Weston, Mass., 22 Mar 1900, to Mrs. Carrie Sanford, both of Weston. [19 April 1900].

Hue, Gordon Phillip, died at Oxford, 26 July 1900, s/o S. E. Hue, formerly of Kentville. 2 August 1900].

Hue, S. E. see Hue, Gordon Phillip.

Huntley, Joshua, born to at Scotts Bay, 19 June 1900, a daughter. [5 July 1900].

Huntley, L. A., born to at Scotts Bay, 15 June 1900, a son. [5 July 1900].

Huntley, Priscilla see Coffil, Lamont.

Hutchison, J. Watson, Millville, married at Windermere, 3 Jan 1900, to Minnie MacKenzie d/o Alexander MacKenzie. [18 Jan 1900 write up p.2].

Illsley, Augusta Adelia see Parker, Augusta Adelia.

Illsley, C. P. see Parker, Augusta Adelia.

Jacques, Arthur H. see Foster, Eva C.

Jacques, Hebat[?], F., native of Kings Co., NS, died at Moston, Mass., Thursday last, burial Aylesford. [2 Aug 1900 write up p.2 c.2].

Jefferson, Jesse L. see Jefferson, Maud M.

Jefferson, Maud M., d/o Jesse L. Jefferson, died at Annapolis, 11 April 1900, 20 years. [19 April 1900].

Joudrey, Phebe Blanche see Lutz, Nelson Edwin.

Kendall, Leander N. see Brennan, Jessie.

Kenneally, James, Harborville, died at Morden, 22 Aug 1900, s/o James Kenneally, Harborville. [30 August 1900 obituary p.2c.3].

Killam, Amy see Stephens, Amy.

Killam, Daniel see Stephens, Amy.

Kinsman, J. E., born to at Centreville, 9 Aug 1900, a daughter. [23 Aug 1900].

Lannin, John J. see Ballou, Ella.

Lee, B. H., born to at South Berwick, 10 July 1900, a daughter. [12 July 1900].

Loveless, George H., s/o Joseph W. Loveless, South Berwick, died at Hardwood Lake, South Aylesford, age 23 years. [26 April 1900 obituary p.2 c.3].

Loveless, Joseph W. see Loveless, George H.

Lutz, Nelson Edwin, married at Burlington, 25 Dec 1899, to Phebe Blanche Joudrey, of New Cornwall, Lun. Co., NS [11 Jan 1900].

Lynch, Belle see Fisher, Wallace W.

Lynch, John see Fisher, Wallace W.

Lyons, Archibald L., born to at Nicholsville, 2 March 1900, a son. [8 March 1900].

MacInias, Emma Jennette see Chute, Edward Manning.

MacInias, James see Wright, John H.

MacInias, Margaret see Wright, John H.

Mack, J. Thomas, died at Dalhousie East, Kings Co., NS, 5 Apr 1900, 66 years. [26 April 1900]

MacKenzie, Alexander see Hutchison, J. Watson.

MacKenzie, Minnie see Hutchison, J. Watson.

MacMillan, Bessie Anne, Lorway Mines, Inverness Co., NS, married at Berwick, 13 Feb 1900 to Percy Allen Bishop. [22 Feb 1900 p.3 see Local Register, Personals].

Magee, James T., died at Welsford, 14 April 1900, 73 years. [19 April 1900].

Maling, Emma L. wid/o William A. Maling, Halifax, married at Roxbury, Mass., 30 April 1900 to Jonathan Parsons, Halifax. [10 May 1900].

Maling, William A. see Maling, Emma L.

Marchant, Mrs. J. H., died at Grafton, 24 Aug 1900, age 33 years. 30 Aug 1900 obituary].

Marchant, John, born to at Grafton, 14 Aug 1900, a daughter. [16 Aug 1900].

Margeson, George see Margeson, James Albert.

Margeson, James Albert, s/o George Margeson, died at Halifax, 23 July 1900, age 7 years 11 months. [26 July 1900].

Marsters, George see Marsters, Louisa.

Marsters, Louisa, w/o George Marsters, died at Kentville, 5th inst., age ___ years. [15 Feb 1900].

Mason, E. A., born to at Kingston, 30th ult., a son.[14 June 1900].

Mason, Henry see Eaton, Ada.

Masters, James E., died at Canning, Friday last, formerly of St. John. [4 Jan 1900 p.3].

McCellan, Mrs. D., d/o Capt. Isaac Cook, died at Watertown, Mass., 26 Feb 1900. [15 March 1900 p.3 col. 5].

McDonald, Geo. T., married at Shelburne, NS, to Josie Eloise Murray d/o Rev. Jos. Murray. [11 Jan 1900].

Meadows, Metta see Brydon, John R.

Meynell, E. D. see White, Harold Wenman.

Meynell, Marion Jane see White, Harold Wenman.

Miller, G. S. see Miller, Mrs. G. S.

Miller, Mrs. G. S.., w/o G. S. Miller, died at Dartmouth, 22 Jan 1900, formerly, Matilda Burbridge Belcher, Canning, 43 years. [25 Jan 1900 p.3 col. 2 ; p.3 col. 6].

Mills, Mrs. H. L., died at Boston, Mass., 1 Jan 1900, formerly of Aylesford, maiden name was Jennie Davidson; burial Aylesford Methodist. [18 Jan 1900 obituary p.2].

Moore, Private D. L., died at Belmont, also of AB Company, London, Ontario. [22 Feb 1900 see p.3 c.6].

Morris, Capt. Lewis, born to at West Bay, Cumberland Co., NS, 18 Jan 1900, a son. [25 January 1900].

Morton, Dr. Angus McDonald Morton see Reid, Bessie Amelia.

Morton, Thomas C., died at Belmont, Mass., 29 Jan 1900, 73 years 6 months. [8 Feb 1900].

Murray, Josie Eloise see McDonald, Geo. T.

Murray, Rev. Jos. See McDonald, Geo. T.

N[______?], J. E., died at Hantsport, 22 Apr 1900, 79 years.[Not legible 26 Apr 1900].

Neily, Emily G., w/o George Neily, died at Somerville, Mass., 1 march 1900, age 73 years. [8 March 1900].

Neily, Everett, born to at Greenwood, 28 May 1900, a son. [31 May 1900].

Neily, George see Neily, Emily G.

Newcombe, E. G. see Newcombe, Lucy Ann.

Newcombe, Lucy Ann, died at Upper Dyke, 13 Jan 1900, d/o E. G. Newcombe, 32 years. [18 Jan 1900].

North, Isaac, Berwick, married at Halifax, 4 July 1900, to Adelaide Oakes, Halifax. [12 July 1900].

Oakes, Adeliade see North, Isaac.

Oram, Rev. David, died at Brooklyn, Yarmouth Co., NS, 22 Aug 1900, age 90 years. [30 Aug 1900].

O'Connor, Edmund see O'Connor, Margarette.

O'Connor, Margarette, wid/o Edmund O'Connor, died at St. John, NB, 13 March 1900, 83 years. [29 March 1900, obituary, p.3 c.3].

Oxley, George H., born to at Berwick, 22 Apr 1900, twin sons ( one stillborn ). [26 April 1900].

Parker, Augusta Adelia w/o S. C. Parker, died at Berwick, 13 Aug 1900, d/o C. P. Illsley, aged 36 years. [16 August 1900].

Parker, Mrs. D. O., died 7 May 1900, at Dorchester, Mass., d/o Rev. William Chipman, age 63 years. [10 May 1900 obituary p.2 c.1; see also Letter 17 May 1900].

Parker, S. C. see Parker, Augusta Adelia.

Parker, S. C., born to at Berwick, 9 Aug 1900, a son. (stillborn). [16 Aug 1900].

Parrish, G. L., born to at Scotts Bay, 2 July 1900, a daughter. [5 July 1900].

Parsons, Jonathan see Maling, Emma L.

Patterson, Harry W., born to at Lexington, Mass., 31 Jan 1900, a daughter. [15 Feb 1900].

Patterson, James, died at Millville, 30 Apr 1900, 75 years. [17 May 1900].

Payson, Aldolphus see Payson, Rev. G. B.

Payson, Rev. G. B., Fredericton, married at Fredericton, Thursday past, to Louise Payson d/o Adolphus Payson, Halifax. [27 Sept 1900 p.3c.2].

Payson, Louise see Payson, Rev. G. B.

Pineo, Bryon H.,Waterville, died at Clementsport, Annapolis Co., NS, Sunday last. [19 July 1900].

Pope, Dr. Rev. Henry, died at St. John, 9 Feb 1900, native of NS.[15 Feb 1900 p.2 col.3].

Porter, Clark N., s/o Kinsman Porter, died at Lakeville, 20 May 1900, age 51 years. 31 May 1900].

Power, Eleanor, wid/o John Power, died at Weston, 30 Mar 1900, age 87 years 2 months. [19 April 1900].

Power, John see Power, Eleanor.

Power, John C., died at Weston, 31 July 1900, 59 years. [2 Aug 1900].

Prince, Rev. John, died at Moncton, NB, Wed last, b. Moncton, 11 June 1820, 80 years. [20 Sept 1900 obituary].

Prouty, Dr. Ira J. see Sanford, Emma S.

Prouty, Emma S. see Sanford, Emma S.

Purcell, Private J. J., died at Orange River, native of Halifax, AB Company, Royal Canadian Regiment. [22 Feb 1900 p.3 c.3].

Rafuse, John see Clarke, Ella May.

Rafuse, Mrs. Lucy, died at Chester Road, Hants Co., NS, 31 May 1900, age 91 years. [7 June 1900].

Rand, Alfred see Rand, Ruth.

Rand, Leander, died at Canning, Monday night. [15 Feb 1900 obituary p.2 c.4].

Rand, Margaret see Young, William.

Rand, Ruth, died at Weston, 22 May 1900, wid/o Alfred Rand d/o Eliakim Tupper, 82 years. [24 May 1900].

Read, Dr. E. Allison, funeral service at Wolfville, Prof. at Kalamazoo College, Michigan, was held Saturday.[Write up see Waterville 27 Sept 1900].

Read, Dr. W. F., born to at Berwick, 6 Jan 1900, a son. [11 Jan 1900].

Redding, George see Foshay, Rev. Milford R.

Redding, Luedna see Foshay, Rev. Milford R.

Reid, Bessie Amelia, d/o Mrs. Reid, married Monday, Dr. Angus McDonald Morton. [27 Sept 1900 write up p.3 c.4].

Robinson, Benjamin, died at Morristown, 9 May 1900, age 82 years. [17 May 1900].

Robinson, George Outhit s/o Mrs. Robinson, died at Berwick, 16 Apr 1900, 15 years.

[19 April 1900].

Robinson, T. R., born to at Kentville, 17 Apr 1900, a son. [26 April 1900].

Rockwell, Asahel Sr., died at Lakeville, 13 April 1900, 81 years. [19 April 1900].

Rogers, Rev. Thomas, formerly of Berwick, died at Rupert, Vermont, Arecently; born Bedeque, PEI, aged 56 years ; a son Thomas Rogers , Plattsburg, NY. [29 March 1900 obit ].

Rogers, Thomas, see Rogers, Rev. Thomas.

Rudolph, Willard see Barker, Mrs. Harriet.

R[uss[?, [Ross?] C. B., born to at Berwick, 22 Dec 1899. [4 Jan 1900].

Russell, Lee, born to at Truro, 15 Jan 1905, a son. [8 Feb 1900].

Sanford, Mrs. Carrie see Howell, Charles B.

Sanford, Emma S., w/o Dr. Ira J. Prouty, died this morning, age 32 , born Berwick, [From Kenne, N. H., Sentinel, 25 April 1900; Register 17 May 1900 obituary p.2].

Sanford, Mrs. Mary H., died at Aylesford, 29 April 1900, 18 years. [10 May 1900].

Sanford, Starratt W., married at Black Rock, 29 July 1900, to Jennie R. Vaughan, d/o Nathan Vaughan, Harborville. [2 Aug 1900].

Savage, Marguerite, d/o J. Harvey Savage, Billtown, NS, married at St. Augustine, Florida, 14 Feb 1900, to Richard L. Clarke, Jacksonville, Florida. [15 March 1900].

Savage, J. Harvey, see Savage, Marguerite.

Shaw, Anna B., died at Scotts Bay, 8 Feb 1900, w/o J. Reid Shaw, 43 years. [15 Feb 1900].

Shaw, Charles see Tupper, George Edward.

Shaw, Fred M., born to at Denver, Colorado, 5 March 1900, a son ; (Principal of Columbia School) . [22 March 1900 ].

Shaw, Frederic M., s/o Isaac Shaw, died at Denver, Colorado, 17 March 1900, age 32 years. [29 March 1900 obituary].

Shaw, Isaac see Shaw, Frederic M. and Fred M.

Shaw, Isaac, s/o Sydney Shaw, died at Wesyon, Monday last, .[1 March 1900 obituary p.2].

Shaw, J. R., married at Canning, 5 Sept 1900, to Mrs. Selina Thrope, all of Scotts Bay. [13 Sept 1900].

Shaw, J. Reid see Shaw, Anna B.

Shaw, Lydia Jane see Tupper, George Edward.

Shaw, Sydney see Shaw, Isaac.

Sheffield, Dr. Mason A. see Clark, Mrs. Mary A.

Shepherd, Dr. A. F., born to at Windsor, 20 Jan 1900, a son. [1 Feb 1900].

Simson, F. A. see Simson, Mildred.

Simson, Mildred, w/o F. A. Simson, died at Halifax, Saturday past, age 21, formerly of Wolfville, NS. [14 June 1900 see p.3].

Skinner, Lovinia see Chute, Lovinia.

Skinner, Wm. H. see Chute, Lovinia.

Somerville, Bessie see Somerville, Susie Moffitt.

Somerville, John D. see Somerville, Susie Moffitt.

Somerville, Susie Moffitt d/o John D. and Bessie Somerville, died 18 Sept 1900, age 19 years 10 months. [20 Sept 1900 obituary + notice].

Spicer, Andrew H. see Daniels, Elwin J.

Spicer, Sisie Lavinia see Daniels, Elwin J.

Spinney, Dora H., d/o Freeman Spinney, Kingston, married at Kingston, 18th inst., to Leo W. Balcom. [26 April 1900].

Spinney, Freeman see Spinney, Dora H.

Steele, Jonathan, died at Scotts Bay, 8 April 1900, 70 years. [19 April 1900].

Steele, Miss, died at Sydney, C. B., Sat last, housefire. [22 Feb 1900].

Steele, Sherman, born to at Scotts Bay, 24 Dec 1899, a son. [25 Jan 1900].

Stephens, Amy, w/o James Stephens d/o Daniel Killam, Cornwallis, died at Montreal, 7 June 1900, 60 years.

Stephens, James see Stephens, Amy.

Stewart, Elizabeth M. wid/o Robert L. Stewart, died at Grand Pre, 21 May 1900, age 75 years. [24 May 1900].

Stewart, Robert L. see Stewart, Elizabeth M.

Strong, Alden see Bowles, Addie A.

Sutherland, Arthur C., married at Fraserville, Quebec, formerly of Windsor, to Annie Fraser. [20 Sept 1900].

Thompson, Lily J. S., w/o James Taylor Thompson, Halifax, d/o H. B. Webster, Kentville, died at Black point, St. Margaret's Bay, 21 June 1900. [26 July 1900].

Thompson, James Taylor see Thompson, Lily J. S.

Thorpe, Mrs. Selina see Shaw, J. R.

Trahan, James A., born to at Berwick, 21 June 1900, a son. [28 June 1900].

Trenholm, Mary, wid/o William Trenholm, died at Grand Pre, 12 April 1900, age 75 years. [19 April 1900].

Trenholm, William see Trenholm, Mary.

Tufts, Mrs. J. F., former Marie Woodworth, d/o Levi Woodworth, Canning, died at Wolfville, 9th., age 50 years. [16 Aug 1900 write up + obituary].

Tupper, Eliakim see Rand, Ruth.

Tupper, George Edward, North Kingston, married at North Williamston, 17 Jan 1900, to Lydia Jane Shaw d/o Charles Shaw. [25 Jan 1900].

Tupper, Ruth see Rand, Ruth.

VanBuskirk, Garrett, Millville, died. Funeral Thurs last. [1 March 1900 paragraph p.2 and see also Morristown].

VanBuskirk, Lawrence A. see VanBuskirk, Nelson.

VanBuskirk, Nelson, died at Flint, Michigan, 25 May 1900, age 100 years; b. Morristown, NS, m. Elizabeth Chute who d. Nov 1886 age 87 years; descended from Lawrence A. VanBuskirk.[7 June 1900 further genealogical information].

Vaughan, Jennie R. see Sanford, Starratt W.

Vaughan, Nathan see Sanford, Starratt W.

Wagstaff, Robert see Coleman, Elizabeth.

Walsh, R. W. see Allen, Lelia May.

Ward, Benjamin H. see Ward, Ella.

Ward, Ella, d/o Benjamin H. Ward , died at Weston, 15 Apr 1900, in 19th year.[19 Apr 1900].

Ward, Burpee, born to at North Kingston, 17th ult., a daughter. [1 March 1900].

Webster, H. B. see Thompson, Lily J. S.

Webster, Lily J. S. see Thompson, Lily J. S.

Welton, Laura see DeAdder, __?.

West, C. J. see Gould, Leander.

West, Eleanor see Gould, Leander.

West, George W., died 26 April 1900. [3 may 1900 see p.3 Aylesford].

White, Harold, Wenman, Grand Pre, married at Halifax, 18th inst., to Marion Jane Meynell, d/o E. D. Maynell, Derbyshire, England. [25 Jan 1900].

White, Herbert O., born to at Malden, Mass., 15 Feb 1900, a son. [1 March 1900].

White, Naomi see White, Ronald and Wilhie.

White, Ronald, died at Waterville, 8 April 1900, age 5 months, s/o Silas & Naomi White. [17 May 1900].

White, Silas see White, Ronald and Wilhie.

White, Wilhie, died 8 April 1900, at Waterville, 4 years, 21 days s/o Silas & Naomi White. [17 May 1900].

Wile, Millage, born to at Lake Paul, 25 April 1900, a son.[3 May 1900].

Williams, Benjamin R. see Williams, Bessie M.

Williams, Bessie M., died Saturday, d/o Benjamin R. Williams. [20 Sept 1900 ; picked up from Yarmouth Light, p.3 c.6 Register].

Wilson, George B., formerly of Berwick, died at East Milton, Mass., 30 June, age 36 years 2 months 21 days. [12 July 1900].

Woodroffe, Charles see Woodroffe, Lena Maud.

Woodroffe, Lena Maud d/o Charles Woodroffe, married at Rockingham, 12 June 1900, to Harry C. DeWolf, Halifax. [21 June 1900 write up + notice].

Woodworth, Benjamin, born to at Church St., Cornwallis, 16 June 1900, a son. [12 July 1900].

Woodworth, Douglas Benjamin, died at Oakland, California, Tues past, formerly of Kings Co., NS, age 58 years. [11 Jan 1900 long obituary p.2].

Woodworth, J. A., born to at Scotts Bay, 12 Jan 1900, a son. [25 Jan 1900].

Woodworth, Levi see Tufts, Mrs. J. F.

Woodworth, Marie see Tufts, Mrs. J. F.

Wright, John H., Lexington, Mass., married at Steam Mill, 7 June 1900, to Margaret MacInias, d/o James MacInias, Steam Mill. [14 June 1900].

Young, William died at Chipman's Corner, 30 Dec 1899, 33 years, m. Margaret Rand in 1888. [4 Jan 1900 obituary vitals record Fairview, Kentville].

Zwicker, Bessie J., Bridgewater, Lun. Co., NS, married at Berwick, 12 Sept 1900 to Solomon Edwin Bowlby, Black Rock. [20 Sept 1900].

Insert of Marriages in the 27 Sept 1900 issue for 1835 from Acadian Recorder :


1.Granville, 1 Aug 1835, William Chipman, Wilmot, to Eliza Fisher, Digby

2.Aylesford, 11 Aug 1835, Alexander Jakes, junr. To Margaret Pearce d/o Capt,. Wm. Pearce

3.Horton, 25 Aug 1835, John Mitchell to Mrs. Rebecca Kerr

4.Cornwallis, 8 Sept 1835, Samuel Robinson to Lydia read.

5.Horton, 1 Sept 1835, Thomas P. Crane , merchant at St. john to Margaret Ann d/o Simon Fitch of that place.