September 25th. 1952

Thursday, September 25, 1952

Many Pictured In School Group, 1895, Still Living

Alfred Fuller, Hartford, Conn., who was a recent visitor to his brother, Douglas Fuller, and Mrs. Fuller, Welsford, has been greatly interested in an old school group taken in 1895, when the late George Power, of Kingston, was the teacher.

Although, faded by time, the features of the young boys and girls are quite distinguishable and, in some cases, these have been retained throughout the years.

Included in the group are: - Bruce Palmer, California; Frank Kinsman, deceased; Harry Fuller, Hillaboro, Oregon; Edwin Reid, British Columbia, deceased; Roy Moody, Welsford, deceased; Harvey Moody, Boston, deceased; Clare Kinsman, Welsford; Gordon Calkin, deceased; George Lovelace, Calgary, deceased; Nina Palmer, deceased; Cora Lovelace (Mrs. Rufuse Margeson), Welsford; Sadie Kinsman (Mrs. Kenneth Brown), Nictaux; Effie Spicer (Mrs. Albert Coleman) Brookline, Mass., deceased; Laura Palmer (Mrs. John Dodge), Middleton; Millie Kinsman (Mrs. Harford) Maine; Ella Palmer (Mrs. Jack Lovelace) Calgary; Mary Kinsman (Mrs. Chester Hobart) Wollaston, Mass; Beatrice Hirtle, address unknown; Elmer Reid, retired teacher, British Columbia; Ernest Nichols, Welsford; Judson Spicer, Welsford; Ina Clark, (Mrs. Andrew Morton), Welsford; Rachael Parker (Mrs. Ralph Robinson), Viewmount; May Reid (Mrs. Alphonse Sullivan) Delhaven, deceased; Blanche Lovelace (Mrs. Colin Hird) Boston; Budd Spicer, Berwick; Floyd Spicer, Welsford; Alfred C. Fuller, West Hartford, Conn; Susie Spicer (Mrs. E. J. Daniels) Lawrencetown, deceased; Lizzie Spicer (Mrs. C. E. Graves), Billtown, deceased; Georgie Fuller (Mrs. C. R. Calkin) deceased; Bessie Nichols (Mrs. David Jeffrey) PEI; Ella Palmer (Mrs. Rufus Power) Welsford, deceased; Abbie Spicer, R.N., Brookline, Mass; Jennie Fuller (Mrs. Ashley Partridge) Portland Maine; Winnie Spicer, Mrs. H. E. Bowser, Brockton, Mass., deceased.

Mr. Fuller was so intrigued with the old picture that he had several enlargements made from it and there are several in the community.