September 11th, 1929

September 11, 1929

Boston’s Champion Swimmer Is Granddaughter of Berwick Resident

(Boston Daily Post)

Boston will carry off all the swimming honors at the next Olympic games if the prediction of Myles P. Boyle, trainer of Miss Erema Millett, L St.’s undefeated swimming champion, comes true.

This girl of 16 has defeated everyone in her class from all Boston beaches in the last four years.

She holds 17 trophies – five cups and twelve medals – all first prizes; "and lots of swimming certificates."

"I love the water as much as a fish does," she said. "I have been swimming at L St. since I was five or six years old, and lived in the water all day until this year, when I went to work,"

"Here is the list of races she has won for the last four years: The 50 yard dash for girls under 15; 100 – yard dash, freestyle, for girls under 18; 100 – yard breast stroke for all under 18; 440 – yard dash and diving contest.

"She has wonderful leg movement. The driving power of the legs counts 80 per cent in swimming. I hope she will take my advice and remain what I want her to be – a speedy, spectacular swimmer.

Miss Millett is a brunette of French parentage. She is five feet, five inches in height, and weighs 127 pounds.

"I wish I only weighed a hundred," she sighed.

She lives with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Millett at 46 H St., South Boston, and has two brothers and three sisters, none of whom is a swimmer.

(Miss Millett is a granddaughter of Mrs. A. D. deLong, of Berwick.)