September 7th 1898

September 7th 1898

BMD'S: There are no listings for any births, marriages or deaths in this issue.


J. Scott Robinson, of the Weymouth Free Press, is in Berwick.

Rev. Mr. St. Clair, of Canard preached in Berwick on Sabbath last.

Rev. D. O. Parker arrived on Saturday evening.

Rev. and Mrs. A. a. Shaw of Windsor arrived in Berwick on Monday morning for a short stay.

Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Moffatt arrived on Thursday from a trip to Prince Edward Island.

Miss May Congdon of Kentville visited relatives and friends in Berwick last week.

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Greene and children left for their home in Boston on Monday.

Mr. and Mrs. James Hird, of So. Boston, with their children, Master Bertie and Miss Jean, left on Friday to return to their home.

Mrs. Robert Smith of Caledonia, Queens Co., arrived on Monday afternoon for a few days visit with her brother, Mr. Peter Middlemas.

Miss Lena Middlemas leaves this afternoon to return to her duties in the Victoria General Hospital Halifax.

Rev. H. S. Shaw, of Mahone Bay, who is visiting relatives in Berwick, occupied the pulpit of the Baptist church on Sunday morning last.

Mrs. Corey who with her children has been spending a few weeks with her parents Mr. and Mrs. John Lyons left on Thursday to return to her home in Prince Edward Island.

Miss Eunice Watts, F. R. H. S., has recently received her first class certificate having passed the Royal Horticultural Society Examination held in April last at Swanley College England.

Mr. H., E. Mosher, of the Commercial Bank left for Parrsboro on Wednesday, where he will have charge of the agency for a few weeks. Mr. F. D. Soloan is again in charge of the agency at Berwick.

Mr. Alex Grimes and wife, of Somerville, Mass who have been visiting relatives and friends in Kings Co., returned home last week. Their daughter, Miss Grace, who has spent the summer in Nova Scotia, returned with them.

Mrs. Henry White, of Chelsea, Mass., her daughter, Mrs. Droese, and her son James, arrived in Berwick last week and are now guests of Mrs. Edwin Pierce, Grafton. Mrs. James White has just completed a tour around the world in the interests of the Edison Electric Company.

Canady Creek:

We have greatly enjoyed the fine weather of the past week. There has been an unusually large number of visitors and tourists, but with the approach of the autumn we miss many familiar faces.

Mrs. Eaton Dickie and little daughter, of Hillaton, were visiting friends here last week.

Mrs. Yeadon, who has been spending a few days here, returned to Boston on Wednesday of last week.

Mrs. Charles Rawding and children left for Boston on Tuesday. They will remain there all winter.

Mrs. William Calkin is visiting friends and relatives in Boston.

Miss Etta Porter, of Waterville, is visiting friends at Harborville and Canady Creek.

Miss Fannie Calkin entertained a party of friends on Friday evening.

Our school has commenced again and the scholars express themselves as well pleased with their teacher.

Miss Ross, of Maitland, Mrs. Melbourne Cook and Mrs. McNeiley, of Boston, were visiting at Canning and Hillaton last week.

Capt. Chas. Morris is loading his vessel here with apples and fish, for Moncton.

Mr. Henry McKay was spending a few days in Canning last week, visiting his brother.

Miss Ina Balsor and her sister Eliza left for Boston last week.


Miss Ina Sweet, of Antigonish, is visiting relatives in Billtown.

Mrs. Arthur Rockwell, of Mass. is the guest of Mrs. T. H. Rockwell.

Miss Grace Forsythe, of Hyde Park, Mass., spent a week recently at her uncles T. H. Forsythe's.

Rev. J. Eaton, of Clementsport preached in the Baptist Church here on Sunday the 4th. He and Mrs. Eaton are visiting his sister Mrs. W. S. Sweet.

Miss Julia Sweet, daughter of W. S. Sweet, has been quite sick for the past two weeks. We hope soon to hear of her recovery.

Quite a number of the Billtown boys left on Tuesday for Aldershot.

Frank Sweet of Isaac's harbour spent a few days last week at H. P. Sweet's.

Mr. and Miss MacMillan, of Isaac's Harbour, and Miss Alice Lamont of Mass., spent Sunday at C. B. Lamont's.

Mrs. J. M. Card is in Wolfville this week caring for her daughter Ruby, who is very sick of slow fever at Mrs. B. O. Davison's.

New Minas:

Rev. David and Mrs. Price spent a few days last week with Mrs. Price's brother, Mr. Diaz, at Mrs. J. B. DeWolfe's. Mr. and Mrs. Price have been spending the past few weeks at her home in Parrsboro.

Miss Flora Bishop, of Boston, is spending a few weeks with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Bishop.

Mrs. Murray, from Boston, who has been spending the summer with her mother, Mrs. Strong, went to Halifax last week to join her husband. After visiting friends there they will return to their home by rail.

Miss Hattie Rockwell, of Billtown, was in New Minas last week, the guest of her sister, Mrs. Harry Fitch.

Mrs. Gould and Miss Emma Bishop arrived home on Thursday, being summoned on account of the serious illness of their father, Mr. Lucius Bishop.

Miss Elsie Bishop spent a few weeks in Dartmouth, with her brother and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Bishop.

Miss Woodroff spent Sunday with friends in Hantsport.

Master Ernest Twining who has been spending the summer with his grandmother, Mrs. W. H. Seaman, returned to his home in Halifax, last week.

Mr. and Mrs. C. Eaton spent a day last week with friends in Canning.

Miss Jessie Redden, who has been visiting her cousins, Misses Alice and Mildred Foote, returned to her home in Windsor last week.

Mr. Lionel Warden, who returned from South Carolina several weeks ago, is spending the summer and autumn in this place, at Mrs. S. E. DeWolfe's. At present he is thoroughly enjoying the hunting season which opened on the 1st inst.

Mrs. Varney and little daughter Bertie, of Norfolk Downs, are spending the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fuller.

Mr. Rose, who was formerly stationed at New Minas, spent a day last week with friends in this place.

Mrs. Horgan and children, of Boston, are spending the summer in New Minas, the guests of Mrs. Horgan's mother, Mrs. Jas. Bishop.

Our schools have re-opened for a new term, with Miss Woodroff, of Waterville, as teacher in the lower section, and Miss Young, also of Waterville, in the upper section. Both schools are well attended and doing good work.

We are glad to report that Mrs. J. B. Fuller, who has been quite ill for some weeks, is rapidly improving.

Miss Josie Seaman is spending the summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Seaman.

Mr. Alden Strong returned to Boston last week, after a short visit with his mother, Mrs. Strong.

Miss Daisy Tomlinson is spending a few weeks with her cousin, Miss Ina Balcom, at Lawrencetown. She will return shortly, after visiting friends and relatives along the line.

Miss Frances Burgess, of Woodville, who taught last year in New Minas, spent Sabbath with friends in this place.

Dr. Bradford Bishop, who has been studying at Toronto, is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Adelbert Bishop.

Miss Sarah Shaw, of Wolfville, is spending a few days in New Minas, the guest of Miss Nellie Bishop.

Master Frank Downey is quite ill with diptheretic croup.

Miss pearl Bishop, of Canaan, is visiting her cousin, Miss Nettie Bishop.

Picnics are now the order of the day. The Sabbath School enjoyed a most delightful trip to Evangeline Beach, a short time ago, and on Thursday last, some of our Division members had a beautiful drive to Blomidon, where they were met by members of sister divisions. A very pleasant day was spent and the drive home in the moonlight greatly enjoyed.

Mr. Lucius Bishop is seriously ill. At present writing, little hopes are entertained for his recovery.

Educational Notes for Teachers and Trustees:

1- Every teacher is required by law to send notice to the Inspector of Schools on the day of opening school. This must contain all the information required in the blank form given in the last April Journal. Any teacher failing to do this will receive no Provincial Grant for the time taught before such notice has been given in full.

As no notice has been received from the following schools, it will be understood that they have not yet opened school and are still in need of teachers. It will be in order for any teachers who has not a school to apply to the secretary of trustees of these sections for a situation:

Kings County : Lake Mills, Pleasant View, Windermere, Garland, Pereaux Mt. (East), Fair View and Black Rock Mt.

West Hants: Vaughan, South Waterville, Kennetcook Dyke, Five Mile Plains, Mt. Summerville, Mill Brook and Dawson Road.

East Hants: - East Uniacke, Renfrew, Enfield, Mill Village, Rhines Creek, Tennecape, Kennetcook Church, Five Mile River, Georgefield, Hillsdale, Whale Creek and Glencoe.

2.-Trustees are reminded of their duty to examine their teacher's license before signing an agreement. High School Certificates and M.P.Q. Certificates are not licenses, and are not equivalent to licenses. No one who has not a license can legally engage to teach.

3.-Teachers are reminded of their duty to make out a Time-table at the opening of their schools. If these are not made out and posted up as the law requires, before the Inspector's first visit, he will not be expected to approve of the school. And if any subjects are omitted from the time table which are required in the Course of Study, for the grades found in the school the teacher has no right (legal) to expect to be recognized as conforming to requirements.

Colin W. Roscoe,

Insp. of Schools.

The Olivette. - The hospital ship Olivette, which has been lying at Fornandina, Fla, near the quarantine station, through some mysterious agency, sank last Thursday morning. Aboard of her was an hospital corps of 35 and a crew of 45 persons, all of whom escaped without injury, but in scanty attire. The Olivette was formerly on the Plant Line between Halifax and Boston.

Belnut Wins - At the races in Bridgetown on Thursday last the 2 34 competition was won by Belnut, the well known horse owned by S. W. Bligh, Esq. of Berwick.

For Sale. - At a bargain, Two second hand Wheels Ladies and Gentleman's. Fred S. Bennett, Somerset.

Aldershot. - The 68th and 69th Battalions and the King's Canadian Hussars went into camp at Aldershot on Tuesday. Col. W. H. Belcher is in command of the 68th. Co. No 6, 68th, has been disbanded.