December 6, 1951

The Register,

December 6, 1951

Charge Laid In Fatal Shooting

MIDDLETON, Nov. 26 – Murray George Pineo, Wilmot, was committed for trial on a charge of manslaughter arising out of the fatal shooting of William Crouse, 28, who died in Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, October 24, six hours after he was wounded by a bullet near Wilmot Station.

Pineo had his preliminary hearing before Magistrate H. B. Dickey on a charge that "he did unlawfully kill and slay William Martin Crouse, contrary to Section 268 of the Criminal Code". At the conclusion of the evidence Magistrate Dickey ordered the accused for trial at the Spring session of the Supreme Court to be held in Annapolis Royal.

Bail was set at $4,000.

At the inquest Pineo and a companion, Gerald Zwicker, referred to the incident as "shooting to scare". Evidence indicated that a number of shots had been fired by Crouse before he was shot.

Crouse was fatally shot on the property owned by Pineo, but details of the shooting are vague. Discrepancies in the story resulted in an intensive investigation being conducted by RCMP.