Monitor - 1882

Weekly Monitor, Bridgetown, Annapolis Co., Nova Scotia
NSARM, Halifax, Nova Scotia mfm # 1031

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Extractions Bridgetown Monitor 7 June 1882 NSARM mfm#1031

Fullerton, Wm. S., (M.D.) married to Ida L. Moore, 31st. [1882], ult., Bear River.

Lydiard, George E., married to Ella Sanford, at Berwick, 24 May [1882], all of Berwick.

Mills, Susie see Wetherspoon, W. Herbert.

Mills, Robert, see Wetherspoon, W. Herbert.

Moore, Ida L., see Fullerton, Wm. S.

Neves, Joshua see Sabean, Malinda J.

Sabean, Malinda J., d/o Thomas Sabean, married to Joshua Neves, at Port Lorne, 4 June [1882], all of Port Lorne.

Sabean, Thomas see Sabean, Malinda J.

Sanford, Ella, see Lydiard, George E.

Wetherspoon, W. Herbert, married to Susie Mills, 2ndd/o, Robert Mills, at Granville Ferry, 31 May [1882].

Extractions Bridgetown Monitor 14 June 1882 NSARM mfm#1031

Bishop, William A., Williamston, married to Mary Illsley, only d/o T. R. Illsley, Lawrencetown, at Lawrencetown, 8 May [1882].

Brown, Chas. L., Mt. Hanley, married to Annie B. Healy, d/o Walter Healy, Havelock [Mass.??], at Havelock, [Mass.], 7 June [1882].

Crosby, Jenette E., married to Weston Crosby, at Annapolis, 31 May [1882], both of Bear River, NS.

Crosby, Weston see Crosby, Jenette E.

Foster, Norman B., born to, at Clarence, 8th inst. [1882], a son.

Healy, Annie B. see Brown, Chas. L.

Healy, Walter see Brown, Chas. L.

Illsley, Mary see Bishop, William A.

Illsley, T. R. see Bishop, William A.

King, Wm J. see Roach, Charlotte R.

Lent, Abram see Lent, Mary Ann.

Lent, Mary Ann, w/o Abram Lent, died at Clements West, 14 May [1882], age 58 years.

McLeod, J. A., inf/d/o John and Lizzie Runciman, died at Meadow Bank, Annapolis Co., 6th. [1882], age 18 months, measles. * Unclear –could be J. A. McLeod Runciman.

Roach, Charlotte R., d/o W. H. Roach, married to Wm. J. King, at Annapolis, 8th inst. [1882].

Roach, W. H. see Roach, Charlotte R.

Runciman, John & Lizzie see Mcleod, J. A.

Stailing, Susan, w/o George Stailing, died at Digby, 7th inst. [1882], in 55th year.

Ryerson, George see Ryerson, Mary.

Ryerson, Mary, wid/o late Geo. Ryerson, died at Upper Clements, 4th inst. [1882], age 79 years.

Extractions Bridgetown Monitor 21 June 1882 NSARM mfm# 1031

Bishop, Clara Evaline see Jones, Albert St. Clair.

Bishop, Wm. H. see Jones, Albert St. Clair.

Fenwick, Annie, w/o Geo. R. Grassie, Annapolis, died at Annapolis, 10 June [1882], in 82nd. Year.

Grassie, Geo. R. see Fenwick, Annie.

Jones, Albert St. Clair, Boston, Mass., married to Clara Evaline Bishop, 2nd d/o Wm. H. Bishop, Paradise, NS, At Paradise, NS, 14 June [1882].

Messenger, James, died near Yarmouth, 9th inst. [1882], 79 years.

Whitman, James H., born to, a son, at Lawrencetown, 11 June [1882].

28 June 1882 Bridgetown Monitor NSARM mfm #1031

Brown, Ada, w/o Capt. John Brown, died at Port George, consumption, age 32 years.

Carter, Susan A. see Sabean, Robert C.

Connell, Catherine see Scofield, Charles.

McKay, Annie, only d/o Norman McKay, died at Annapolis, 21 inst. [1882], age 19 years, of consumption.

Sabean, Robert C., West Dalhousie, married Susan A. Carter, Bridgetown, at Bridgetown, 20th. inst [1882] by Rev. W. H. Warren.

Scofield (as written), Charles, Dalhousie, married 26 inst. [1882], (place not mentioned), to Catherine A. Connell, Morse Road, by Rev. W. H. Warren.

5 July 1882 Bridgetown Monitor NSARM mfm#1031

Bailey, Elizabeth, relict of late Henry Bailey, died at Annapolis 27th ult. [1882], 94 years.

Brown, Jessie Joe Maud, youngest d/o William & Letitia Brown, died at Lawrencetown, 25th ult. [1882] age 3 years 18 days.

Copp, Albert J., Digby, married at Annapolis, St. Luke’s Church, 27 ult. [1882], to Lizzie Dennison, youngest d/o James A. Dennison, Digby.

Dennison, James A. see Copp, Albert J.

Dennison, Lizzie see Copp, Albert J.

Harris, Edith Aldrous, 3rd d/o Frederick C. & Mary Harris, Bridgetown, died at Bridgetown 3rd inst. [1882], age 5 years.

Lewis, Charles, died at Annapolis, 26th ult. [1882], age 89 years.

Miller, Rebecca see Rosencrants, William.

Rosencrants, William, Greenfield, married at Clementsport, 26th June [1882] to Rebecca Miller, Victory, all of Annapolis County.

12 July 1882 Bridgetown Monitor NSARM mfm #1031 no vitals

19 July 1882 Bridgetown monitor NSARM mfm #1031

Barteaux, Emma, y/d/o Freeman & Lucy Barteaux, died at Annapolis 13 inst. [1882], age 18 years.

Bowlby, Star [Lennie], Lawrencetown, married at Nictaux 12 July [1882] to Lillian Parker, d/o Col. Parker, Nictaux.

Brown, Jennie Zoe Maud, died at Lawrencetown, 25th inst. [1882], 3rd d/o William & Leticia Brown, Age 3 years 13 days.

Brown, William & Leticia see Brown, Jennie Zoe.

Delap, Lawrence, died at Annapolis, 16 July [1882], age 57 years.

Gidney, Henry, died at Mink Cove, Digby Neck, Digby Co., NS, 11th inst. [1882].

Hinton, Miller, born Annapolis, died at East Douglas, Mass., 5 July [1882], age 34 years.

Parker, Lillian see Bowlby, Star.

Parker, Col. See Bowlby, Star.

26 July 1882 Bridgetown Monitor NSARM mfm #1031

Copeland, Melissa G., see Kniffin, Stephen.

Copeland, Joseph, see Kniffin, Stephen.

Dodge, Sarah E., eldest d/o Arthur Dodge, Middleton, died at Halifax, 19th inst. [1882], 45 years.

Hardwick, George A., Annapolis, married at Kentville to Henrietta Lockwood, Cornwallis by Rev. R. A. Daniel, Methodist Church. [no date].

Hughins, Howard, age 7 years, died 3 July [1882], Arthur, age 18 years,died 5 July[1882], Fletcher, age 13 years, died 13 July [1882], Wilson, age 3 years, died 17 July [1882], all children of William H. & Angelina Hughins, of Margaretville, diphtheria.

Kniffin, Stephen, Bear River, married at Clementsport, 19 July [1882], to Melissa G. Copeland, d/o Joseph Copeland, Middlefield, Queens Co., NS.

Lockwood, Henrietta see Hardwick, George A.

Stailing, w/o [ no name recorded] William, died at Lequille, 17th inst. [1882].

2 August 1882 Brigetown Monitor NSARM, mfm. #1031

Berry, Mary, Victory, Annapolis Co., married at Clementsport, 25 July [1882], to John Buckler, Dalhousie West.

Brown, Ansley, died at Bridgetown, 25th ult. [1882], in 68th year.

Buckler, John see Berry, Mary.

Gestings, Edward W. s/o Wm. Gestings, died at Round Hill, 25th July [1882].

Hubbard, William A., Boston, married at Annapolis, 25 July [1882], to Mary M. Moore, d/o John Moore, Hillsburgh.

Marsters, Lizzie S., d/o Holmes C. Marsters, MD, Berwick, married at Berwick, 26 July [1882], to Albert J. Pineo.

Marsters, Holmes C. see Marsters, Lizzie S.

Moore, John see Hubbard, William A.

Moore, Mary M. see Hubbard, William M.

Pineo, Albert J. see Marsters, Lizzie S.

9 August 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor NSARM #1031

Long, Ephraim see Long, Jane.

Long, Jane, relect of Ephraim Long, died at Clemetsvale, 29 July [1882], age 63 years.

Healy, Eugenia, w/o Joseph Healy, St. Croix Cove, died 17 July [1882] age 28 years.

Healy, Joseph see Healy, Eugenia.

16 August 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor NSARM mfm #1031

Dodge, Harry Seelye, married at Kentville, 8th inst. [1882], to Agnes Louise Lovett, youngest d/o Henry Lovett.

Guy, Leander, Shelburne, married at Clementsport, 13 Aug [1882], to Thursey E. Ringwood, youngest d/o George Ringwood, Clementsport.

Lovett, Agnes louise see Dodge, Harry Seeyle. Lovett, Henry see Dodge, Harry, Seeyle.

Messenger, Leander C., s/o Major and Sarah A. Messenger, Centreville, Annapolis Co., died at Hancock, Michigan, 31 July [1882], age 27 years.

Ringwood, George see Guy, Leander.

Ringwood, Thursey E. see Guy, Leander.

23 August 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Hughins, Rupert, Margaretville, died 26 July 1882, age 10 years, s/o William & Angelina Hughins.

Hughins, Arabella, Margaretville, died 15 Aug. 1882, age 15 years, d/o Wm. and Angelina Hughins.

Palmer, Edgar, Upper Aylesford, married 19 August 1882, to Annie L. Newcomb, 3rd d/o Israel Newcomb, Kingston.

Watson, Hannah, age 6 years, died at Margaretville, 15 August 1882, d/oWm. & Mary Watson.

30 August 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Hamilton, Frances see McDonald, Norman.

Harris, Winnifred, 2nd d/o F. C. & Mary Harries, died at Bridgetown, 27 Aug. 1882.

Kerr, Hugh, Saint John, NB, married at Hillside, 24 Aug. 1882, to Maggie C. Outhit, 2nd d/o E.W. Outhit, Melvern Square, Annapolis Co., NS.

Kilpatrick, Jeannie, w/o Geo. Kilpatrick, died at Port George, 17 Aug.1882, age 82 years.

McDonald, Norman, Kansas, formerly of Falmouth, NS, married at Bridgetown, 20th inst., to Frances Hamilton, Bridgetown.

Mosher, Mary Bell, d/o George Mosher, died at Port George, 19th inst., 3 years.

Outhit, Maggie C. see Kerr, Hugh.

Outhit, E. W. see Kerr, Hugh.

6 September 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Balsor, Asa P., only son of Israel & Mary J. Balsor, died near Margaretville, 22 August 1882, age 3 years, 3 months.

Lewis, Charles Almon, of Annapolis married at Bridgetown, 31 August 1882, to Mary Emma Tyler, Inglewood.

Tyler, Mary Emma see Lewis, Charles Almon.

13 September 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Bartlett, John Hill, oldest s/o J. H. Bartlett, Annapolis, died at East Boston, Mass., in 27th year.[no date]

Carter, John A., Bridgetown, married at Annapolis, 24 August 1882, to Caroline Phinney, Phinney?s Cove.

Connors, Mary, died at Clarence, 31 August, age 88 years.

Gestings, Isabella, age 18 years, d/o Wm. Gestings, died at Round Hill, 23 Aug. 1882.

Hatch, Minnie K. see Piper, Henry S.

Hatch, Mrs. A. E. see Piper, Henry S.

Phinney, Caroline see Carter, John A.

Piper, Henry S., married at Dover, NH, 7 Sept. 1882, to Minnie K. Hatch, eldest d/o Mrs. A. E. Hatch.

20 September 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Armstrong, Whitman, died near Granville Ferry, 18th Sept. 1882, age 67 years.

Beals, William J. see Phinney, Atwood.

Phinney, Atwood, married at Bridgetown, 14th inst., to William J. Beals, both of Phinney Cove.

27 September 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Banks, Ada see Treeman, Atwood.

Banks, William see Treeman, Atwood.

Bishop, Everett Judson, Clarence, died 26th inst. 1882, in 18th year.

Chute, Fletcher see Chute, Rebina J.

Chute, Gilbert S., Bridgetown, died 23rd inst. 1882, in 77th year.

Chute, Rebina J., w/o Fletcher Chute, died at Inglewood, 22nd inst. 1882, 25 years.

Cleveland, Ada B., Margaretville, married at Margaretville, 13 Sept. 1882, to Isaac M. Stronach.

Gregg, Eva Bethiah see Purdy, Ernest.

Kent, William H., died at Round Hill, 7 August 1882, 53 years.

Miller, Eliza A. see Neily, Burton D.

Miller, William see Neily, Burton D.

Neily, Burton D., Bridgetown, married at Clarence West, 21st inst., to Eliza A. Miller, d/o Wm.Miller.

Pick-up, Samuel see Williams, Rev. Theophilus Lessey.

Pratt, Mary Blanche see Williams, Rev. Theophilus Lessey. [could be surname of Pick-up].

Purdy, Ernest, Clements, NS, married 19th inst.,1882, to Eva Bethiah Gregg, of Fairville, NB.

Spurr, Eugenia S., d/o C. E. & Margaret Spurr, died at Round Hill, 19th inst. 1882, 23 yrs 11 mos.

Stronach, Isaac M. see Cleveland, Ada B.

Treeman, [Trueman ?] Atwood, married to Ada Banks d/o Wm. Banks, 10 Sept. 1882, at Port Lorne.

Williams, Rev. Theophilus Lessey, Elgin, Albert Co., NB, married at Granville Ferry, 21st inst., to Mary Blanche Pratt, d/o Samiuel Pick-up, Granville Ferry.

4 October 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Baker, Lorenzo R., Somerset, Kings Co., NS, ,married at Clarence, 26 Sept. 1882, to Martha Angel Dodge, d/o E. Henry Dodge, Clarence.

Balcer, John, died at Margaretville, 24th ult. 1882, age 85 years.

Chute, Robert, died at Lower Granville, 30th ult. 1882, in 62nd year.

Dodge, Martha Angel see Baker, Lorenzo R.

Dodge, Henry see Baker, Lorenzo R.

Downing, Catherine, w/o P. Downing, died at Margaretville, 30th ult., 1882, age 88 years.

Franks, Claud, y/c/o Norman & Sarah Franks, died at Lawrencetown, 27 Sept. 1882.

Morton, Mrs. Edmund, died at Middleton, 9 Sept. 1882, 92 years.

Ray, Carle, d/o James Ray, died at Margaretville, 15th ult., age 24 years.

11 October 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Chesley, Edward, died at Clarence, 2nd inst. 1882, 62 years.

Morse, John A., died , [no place ? Bridgetown ??], 6th inst. 1882, 78 years.

18 October 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Beals, Arod W., formerly of Lawrencetown, NS, married at the residence of the bride's father, Randolph, Wis., 4th inst. 1882, Hattie B. Jones, d/o Rev. T. R. Jones.

Davies, L. Drew, 2nd d/o late Rev. Thos. Davies, died at Bridgetown, 10th inst. 1882.

Jones, Rev. T. R. see Beals, Arod W.

Jones, Hattie B. see Beals, Arod W.

Saunders, Effie, 2nd d/o Capt. Joseph Saunders, died at Centreville, 16th inst.1882, in 8th year.

25 October 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Armstrong, Maximilla, only d/o Oldham Armstrong, Granville, married at Joggin Bridge, 18th inst. 1882, to John A. Cosset.

Cosset, John A. see Armstrong, Maximilla.

Gordon, George see Tupper, Lily M. P.

Starratt, Millard F., Lawrencetown, died 17th October 1882, 32 years.

Tupper, Lily M. P., y/d/o Miner Tupper, married at Bridgetown, 19th inst. 1882, to George Gordon, Dalhousie, New Brunswick.

Tupper, Miner see Tupper, Lily M. P.

1 November 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Dodge, John B., died at Middleboro [Mass.??], 9 October 1882, 64 years. [1 Nov. 1882]

Frazer, Julia M. L., died at Wadeville, 27 October 1882, in 20th year. [1 Nov. 1882]

Grant, John Henry see Hudson, Mrs. Eliza. [1 Nov 1882].

Hudson, Mrs. Eliza, Phinneys Cove, married to John Henry Grant, Torbrook, at Bridgetown, 12 October1882. [1 Nov 1882]

Wheelock, James, Lawrencetown, died 28 October 1882, 72 years. [I Nov 1882]

8 November 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Bayard, Ethelinda, d/o late Lieut. Col. S. V. Bayard, died at Wilmot, 27 October 1882. [8 Nov 1882].

Gesting, Charles, s/o Samuel & Mary Gesting, died at Round Hill, 26 Oct. 1882, 23 years. [8 Nov 1882].

Hagerty, Jeremiah, died at Granville, 21 October 1882, 30 years. [8 Nov 1882].

15 November 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Randolph, Annie M. see Rhuland, A. A.

Rhuland, A. A., Bridgewater, married to Annie M. Randolph, d/o late John M. F. Randolph, Canning, NS, at Digby, 7th inst. 1882. [15 Nov. 1882].

Thorne, Stephen S., died at Bridgetown, 13 November 1882, 85 years. [15 Nov. 1882].

22 November 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Bishop, Mrs. Alice M. see Dunn, Edwin M.

Dunn, Edwin M., married at Bridgetown, 16th inst. 1882, to Mrs. Alice M. Bishop, both of Port Lorne. [22 Nov 1882].

Francherville, E. H. see Shaffner, Rev. H. B.

Francherville, Eugenia Marie see Shaffner, Rev. H. B.

Lapham, Ada L. see Troop, Wallace O.

Larsen, Zacharias, married to Elizabeth Orde, d/o John Orde, at Annapolis, 8th inst. 1882.[22 November 1882].

Munro, James Martin, died at Annapolis 15th inst. 1882, age 19 years. [22 Nov 1882].

O?Dell, C. see O?Dell, Fannie.

O?Dell, Fannie, w/o Norman Ritchie, d/o C. O?Dell, died at Annapolis 13th inst. 1882, age 20 years. [22 November 1882].

Orde, Elizabeth see Larsen, Zacharias.

Orde, John see Larsen, Zacharias.

Ritchie, Fannie see O?Dell, Fannie.

Ritchie, Norman see O?Dell, Fannie.

Shaffner, Rev. H. B., Annapolis, married at Point Pleasant, Guys Co., NS, to Eugenia Marie Francherville, y/d/o late E. H. Francherville, 16 Nov 1882. [22 Nov. 1882].

Sharp, Willie, only child of James & Lucy Sharp, died at New Germany, 8 months.[22 Nov 1882].

Shaw, William F., married to Laura A. Walsh, d/o Martin Walsh, Inglisville, at Bridgetown, 14th inst. 1882.[22 Nov. 1882].

Troop, Wallace O., Granville Ferry, married at Lower Newcastle, 15th inst. 1882, to Ada L. Lapham, Lower Newcastle, Northumberland Co., NB. [22 Nov 1882].

Walsh, Laura A. see Shaw, William F.

Walsh, Martin see Shaw, William F.

29 November 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Beardsley, Charles, married at Port Lorne, 15 Nov 1882, to Hannah Charlton, d/o Aron Charlton, Port Lorne. [29 Nov 1882].

Bishop, Etta May, inf/d/o Ingram & Mary Bishop, died at Williamston, 29 Sept. 1882, 1 year 10 months. [29 November 1882].

Charlton, Hannah see Beardsley, Charles.

Charlton, Aron see Beardsley, Charles.

Crowell, Annie, Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown, 25th inst. 1882, to Archibald Lowe, Dalhousie West. [29 November 1882].

Chute, Francis, died at Hampton, 28 Sept. 1882, 23 years. [29 Nov. 1882].

Dalton, Alice A., Port Lorne, married at Annapolis, to Harris B. Elliott, Port Lorne. [29 Nov 1882].

Easson, Annie d/o late John Easson, married at Bridgetown, 25th inst. 1882 to Capt. Millidge Munro. [29 Nov 1882].

Eldridge, John see Eldridge, Majorie.

Eldridge, Majorie, y/d/o late John Eldridge, Sandy Cove, Digby Co., NS, married at Karsdale, 22 inst. 1882, to Charles Henry Ellis, Lower Granville. [29 Nov 1882].

Elliott, Harris B. see Dalton, Alice A.

Ellis, Charles Henry see Eldridge, Majorie.

Greenwood, Robert J., Bridgetown, married at Bridgetown, 23 inst. 1882, to Nancy E. Rice, Bridgetown. [29 November 1882].

Lowe, Archibald see Crowell, Annie.

Munro, Capt. Millidge see Easson, Annie.

Rice, Nancy E. see Greenwood, Robert J.

Snyder, John F., died at Mahone Bay, 21 inst. 1882, in 26th year. [28 Nov 1882].

6 December 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Feindell, Ingram B., y/s/o Daniel Feindell, died at American House [Middleton ??], 21 Nov. 1882.

Halliday, Francis see Haynes, Stephen.

Halliday, Rachel see Haynes, Stephen.

Hamilton, James T. see Hamilton, Mary Effie.

Hamilton, Mary Effie, d/o late James T. Hamilton, married at Halifax, 29th [Nov. 1882?], to Edward K. Willett.

Hannan, John, married at Bridgetown 30th ult. 1882 to Sytira Jane Hughes, both of Dalhousie West.

Haynes, Stephen, married at Granville, 23 Nov. 1882, to Rachel Halliday, y/d/o Francis Halliday, all of Granville.

Hughes, Styria Jane see Hannan, John.

Parker, Carrie, only d/o Guilford W. & Ada Parker, died at Dorchester, Mass. age 6 years. [no date].

Ruggles, Gerty F., only d/o Josiah J. Ruggles, Upper Clements, married at Clementsport, 23 Nov. 1882 to Cameron S. Whitman, Upper Clements.

Ruggles, Josiah J. see Ruggles, Gerty F.

Slocomb, Willie D., eldest s/o Capt. Israel Slocomb, Liverpool, England, died at Waco, Texas, 5th inst. 1882, in 27th year. [6 Dec 1882].

Whitman, Cameron S. see Ruggles, Gerty F.

Willett, James K. see Hamilton, Mary Effie.

Worthylake, Adelia, died at Clements West, 26 Nov. 1882, age 22 years.

13 December 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Bishop, Emeretta Adelaide see Ricker, Geo. E.

Bishop, W. H. see Ricker, Geo. E.

Hardwick, Geo. H., Milton, Mass. formerly of Annapolis married at Lynn, Mass. 30 Nov. 1882, to Elizabeth McNeill, Lynn, Mass. [13 Dec. 1882].

Hughins, Rice [?], died at Margaretville, 5 Dec. 1882, age 41 years.

McNeill, Elizabeth see Hardwick, Geo. H.

Ramey, Louise, Morse Road, married at Bridgetown, 2nd inst. 1882, to Dowe Woodland, Annapolis.

Reagh, Eleanor, d/o Capt. Joseph Reagh, died at Margaretville, 5 Dec. 1882, age 54 years.

Ricker, Geo. E. married at Wakefield, Mass. 29 Nov. 1882 to Emeretta Adelaide Bishop, eldest d/o W. H. Bishop, Paradise, Nova Scotia.

Titno, Addie Bell, Hampton, died 23 Nov. 1882, member of the East Baptist Church, Lynn, Mass.

Woodland, Dowe see Ramey, Louise.

20 December 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Balcom, Charles S., married at Lawrencetown, 14 Dec. 1882, to Lalia A. M. Balcom.

Balcom, Lalia A. M. see Balcom, Charles S.

Beamish, George T., Halifax, married at Seaview Cottage [Dartmouth?] [no date] to Carrie R. Dart, 2nd d/o Christopher Dart, Dartmouth.

Daniels, Nelson, Horatio [ Horatia ??], wid/o Zachariah Daniels, died at Lawrencetown, Dec.__ 1882, [no date], age 84 years. [this announcement was rather convoluted so please check ].

Dart, Carrie R. see Beamish, George T.

Dart, Christopher see Beamish, George T.

Neily, Ward, died at Prince Albert [Annapolis Co., NS ??], 3 Dec. 1882, age 75 years.

27 December 1882 Bridgetown Weekly Monitor mfm#1031 NSARM

Beals, Henry, married at Inglisville, 20 Dec. 1882, to Freelove Callahan, both of Inglisville.

Callahan, Freelove see Beals, Henry.

Condon, Thos. Bine, married at Granville, 14 Dec. 1882, to Mary Hayilah [?] Van Blarcom, y/d/o
John Van Blarcom, all of Granville.

Gesner, Phoebe B., w/o G. P. Gesner, Belleisle, died at Annapolis, 21st inst. 1882, age 64 years.

Grassie, Addie, d/o George R. Grassie, died at Annapolis, 24th Dec. 1882.

Longmire, Annie M., eldest d/o John Longmire, Hillsburn, married at [no place given], 20 Dec. 1882, to John W. Sproul, Litchfield,

MacDonald, Hedley V. see Wheelock, Alice M.

Spurr, John & Agnes see White, Mrs. George.

Ricketson, Ella Elvira, relict of Walter Ricketson, die at Bridgetown, 25 Dec. 1882, in 57th year.

Ruggles, Samuel M. & Olivia, children, of died at Springfield, Annapolis Co., NS: 13 inst. 1882,

Ruggles, Minnie, age 2 years 2months 13 days; Guilford, 18th inst. 1882, in 11th year; also on the 18th inst. 1882, Fremont, 12 years, and on the 22nd inst. 1882, Annie E., 7 years.

Sproul, John W. see Longmire, Annie M.

VanBlarcom, John see Condon, Thos. Bine.

VanBlarcom, Mary Hayilah [?] see Condon, Thos. Bine.

Wheelock, Alice M., Nictaux, married at Nictaux, 25 Dec. 1882, to Hedley V. MacDonald, Ste. Criox, Hants Co., Nova Scotia.

White, Mrs. George, d/o John & Agnes Spurr, died at Lequille, 19 Nov. 1882, age 22 years.