May 5, 1910

Thursday, May 5, 1910

A Heroic Rescue

On Saturday afternoon last, Mr. Henry Dickey, of Canady Creek, and his son James were out in the Bay of Fundy in an open boat. Anxious watchers from the shore could see that they were in distress. There was no craft at the Creek that could go out after them. A telephone message was sent, by "Farmers Line", to Harborville. The only craft there afloat was the little Aggie Curry, 21 tons, and she was awaiting repairs, having a hole stove in her bottom a foot square and covered with canvas.

The knowledge that two lives were in grave danger in the Bay overcame all other considerations, and, in a very few minutes the Aggie Curry, manned by her owner, Capt. E. L. Curry, Capt. I. B. Morris, Ingram Connors and Freeman Marshall, sailed into the Bay and disappeared in the storm.

About six o’clock, the storm cleared for a little and it could be seen from the hill at Sea Side Park that the Aggie Curry was taking something on board. The drifting boat had been found, almost ready to sink, and the Messrs. Dickey were soon rescued from their dangerous position.

Towards morning the Aggie curry reached Harborville, entering the harbor when the tide permitted. The telephone conveyed the glad tidings of the rescue to the anxious ones at Canady Creek, and the rescuers went to rest ignoring the fact that they were heroes: feeling thankful that the performance of their duty, as they saw it, had not been fruitless.

Those who remember the sort of day that last Saturday was, and who in a storm, will appreciate the courage of Capt. Curry and his associates.