May 29th, 1902

Thursday, May 29th, 1902

Death of James T. Hamilton.

Mr. James T. Hamilton, for three years Mayor o Halifax, died at his home in that city on Friday morning last after a prolonged and painful illness.

Mr. Hamilton was born in Somerset in 1852, the second son of the late James T. Hamilton, Esq. His boyhood and school days were spent in Cornwallis. He then went to Halifax where he learned the business of a tailor and for a number of years conducted a large merchant tailoring establishment. Twelve years ago he entered the city council as an alderman, which position he filled for nine years. In 1899 he was chosen Mayor of the city and was twice re elected. The inroads of disease compelled him to retire at the expiration of his third term. His disease, cancer of the throat, had been pronounced incurable, and for the last few weeks the end has been awaited from day to day. The funeral took place on Sabbath and was the largest seen in Halifax since that of the late Sir. John Thompson.

Mr. Hamilton leaves a fortune of upwards of $50,000. In his will, which was probated on Tuesday, he directs that the whole income of the estate shall be paid to his mother during her lifetime. At her death the sum of $2,000 is to be paid to his brother Charles, of Prince Albert, N.W.T., who also receives the testator’s wearing apparel, Mrs. Effie Willets, of Granville, a sister, is to receive a similar sum, Mrs. Annie Topp, of New York, another sister, receives $5,000, the three daughters of the late Clarence Hamilton, $8,000 each, Rev. R. Laing and Mrs. Laing $1,000 each, and Jane Muir, the nurse who attended him in his last illness, the sum of $800. The residence of the estate is then to be paid to the Halifax Visiting Dispensary, to be applied to the relief of malignant disease of the poor and the purchase of scientific apparatus and medicines to assist in the alleviation of same and in the curing of said malignant diseases."