May 11th 1911

May 11th 1911

Thursday, May 11, 1911:

Disastrous Fire:

Shortly after two o'clock on Monday afternoon the buildings of Wesley Taylor, at Aylesford, were seen to be on fire. A high wind was blowing and it was impossible to save them from destruction. The house, barn, and shoe shop were destroyed. The adjoining buildings, houses and barns, belonging to Mr. John Taylor, and to Mr. Chas Blackburn, the residence of Mrs. Frances Nichols, and the house and barn of Mr. Thompson, were burned in rapid succession. The fire then leaped across the railway track, and caught in the store occupied by Mr. Clarence Elliott (formerly owned by the late C. J. West), which was also destroyed. From there it caught in the store of Mr. L. H. Davidson, near the railway crossing, which, with the harness shop of Mr. C. B. McIntyre, a barn belonging to Mrs. Healy and one belonging to Miss Julia Foster were all swept away. It was only by great exertion that the store of Mr. L. R. Whitman and the house of Mr. Davidson were saved, though great damage was done to both buildings and their contents. Metal shingles saved the store of Mrs. Healy.

Help was sent from Berwick; from the Blackadar Bros.' mills at Millville, and by special train from Kentville.

The Railway Station building caught repeatedly.

The total loss is put at $25,000, which the sufferers will probably find is an under estimate.

It is alleged that the fire originated from a spark from the engine of a train which passed through Aylesford early in the afternoon.