May 2nd 1912

May 2nd, 1912:


Great anxiety is felt about town today for the safety of Miss Emily Young, who was a passenger on the Titanic. Miss Young is the daughter of the late Rev. F.M. Young, who for a number of years was pastor of the Baptist Church here. For the past four months she has been in Europe with a wealthy New York family and they were returning on the ill-fated ship. Among the list of survivors appears the name of Miss Mary Young, which has given a ray of hope to her many anxious friends. Parsboro Cor. In Amherst News.

It is known that there were on the Titanic 36 Canadians, 21 men and 15 women. Of these 21 were drowned; 15 were saved. Of the saved; 13 were women; two were men. Of the lost 19 were men; two were women. Of the two drowned, one at least - Mrs. A_l_son (looks like Allison) - was urged to enter a boat, but preferred to go with her husband.