May 1st 1918

May 1, 1918

Death of Rev. Dr. Chipman

In the passing of the Rev. Alfred Chipman, D.D., who was suddenly called hence on Wednesday of last week, the community has lost a resident who will be long remembered and sincerely mourned. In his removal, a kindly neighbor and loved and loving friend has been taken from us; the nation loses an earnest and patriotic citizen, and the Baptist Church surrenders to a higher service one of its oldest and most honored pastors.

Dr. Chipman was born at the Chipman homestead, Pleasant Valley, Cornwallis, on August 11, 1834, one of the twenty-one children of the Rev. William Chipman, then pastor of the Baptist Church of West Cornwallis. His early years were spent in this County. In 1856 he graduated from Acadia College. For some years he did the work of an evangelist throughout the province and was for a time settled as pastor of a church in Pictou County. He afterward removed to the United States where he had pastoral charge of a church at Springfield, Vermont. When advancing years compelled his retirement from the active work of the ministry he took up his residence in Berwick, where the declining years of his life have been spent.

Dr. Chipman was married in 1862 to Miss Alice Shaw, daughter of the late Mr. Isaiah Shaw, of Berwick. She has been, through nearly fifty-six years of wedded life a most worthy helpmeet for her beloved husband, and with their two sons, has the sincere sympathy of unnumbered friends in her sad bereavement.

The funeral on Saturday afternoon from the Baptist Church, was very largely attended. The Rev. J. W. Manning, D.D., and the Rev. M. P. Freeman, both aged ministers of the Church spoke of the earlier life and work of their departed brother. The Rev's . Mr. Raymond and W. A. Robbins spoke appreciatively of their association with him during their pastorates of the Berwick Church.

Letter From Mrs. Chipman

My Dear Friends, The Readers of The Register:

My heart turns to you, at this time, scattered as you are, over mountain, vale and sea. You have ever kindly received my little verses. I now feel assured of your loving sympathy. Time and change have proved your faithful friendship. God bless and reward! More than the cool refreshing cup of water you have held to my parched lips, for love is more than life. Many the faces, love-lighted, in fancy now beam upon me. Many the spoken and written words, refreshing as the dew, I hear, I see. The flowers in fragrant beauty smile. The clock ticks loud, and I am not alone. But, "O for the touch of a vanished hand, and the sound of a voice that is still."

He passed so suddenly from me! Our last active day together was beautifully calm and happy, the last half being spent in the direct service of God, in His house on Monday, with the Quarterly Meeting in which he took an active part, chairman on a committee, etc. After about thirty hours of severe suffering and semi-delirium, he "Was not, for God took him." In the early morning of Wednesday, April 24th, his life-long wish granted, that he might not know when he was going to die. A few times he murmured "The great command." Near the last he said: "And you hath He quickened." Yes, I said made alive in Christ Jesus. You are complete in Him. I said, You know me? "Yes, thank God for that," his last words. Then he lay as if in a reposeful sleep. The sweet songs of the robins floated in, and early sunbeams lighted a suffering world. "But the sunshine of heaven beamed bright in his waking And the song that he heard was the seraphim' song."

The lines below express what I may feel that he is now saying to me.

Alice Shaw Chipman.

Alawama, Berwick, N.S.
May 1, 1918.

A Voice From Heaven

I shine in the light of God,
His likeness stamps my brow,
Through the shadows of death my feet have

And I reign in glory now;
No breaking heart is here,
No keen and thrilling pain,
No wasted cheek, where the frequent tear
Hath rolled and left its stain.

I have found the joy of heaven,
I am one of the sainted band
To my head a crown is given,
And a harp is in my hand;
I have learned the song they sing,
Whom Jesus hath made free,
And the glorious walls of heaven still ring
With my new-born melody.

No sin - no grief-no pain -
Safe in my happy home-
My fears all fled - my doubts all slain -
My hour of triumph come -
Oh! friends of my mortal years,
The trusted and the true,
You're walking still in the valley of tears,
But I wait to welcome you.

Do I forget? Oh! no:
For memory's golden chain
Shall bind my heart to the hearts below
Till they meet and touch again;
Each link is strong and bright,
And love's electric flame
Flows freely down like a ray of light
To the world from whence I came.

Do you mourn when another star
Shines out from the flittering sky?
Do you weep when the voice of war
And the rage of conflict die?
Then why should your tears roll down,
And your heart be sorely riven,
For another gem in the Saviour's crown,
And another soul in heaven!