March 9th, 1927



MARCH 9, 1927


It is announced by the Department of Education that the Sixtieth Anniversary of Confederation will be duly observed in all Nova Scotian schools. As Dominion Day falls within the holiday period, it is probable that, for this year, the Education Office will designate Empire Day as the date for the national celebration.

It would seem to be especially fitting that the two be associated, because the organization of the British Commonwealth is based on the Dominion type of government – a form first made manifest in the Canadian federation. This is the distinctive contribution of Canada to the Empire’s political evolution, and, seen in that light, the significance of Confederation transcends even the national interest, important as that interest is.

It may be truly said that the constitution development, exemplified in the Canadian federal system, made possible in its present form the "family of nations known as the British Commonwealth." For these reasons, Empire Day and Dominion Day may well be celebrated together this year.

Further announcement of details will be made to the teachers through the Inspectors and the Journal of Education.

Demonstration Train To Tour Province

To Assist Farmers In Solution of Rural Problems – Tour Will Start April 15th.

Representatives of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources, the Canadian national Railways and the Dominion Atlantic Railways, have completed arrangements for the 1927 Demonstration Train, which will visit the various parts of Nova Scotia during the present year.

The train which will be more extensively equipped than last year’s train, will start from Truro on April 15th and will follow the same route taken in 1926, the tour being completed on May 31st at Truro. The schedule is now being drafted and will be announced within a short time.

There will be eight cars in the train this year, including the following:

1. Feeds and Supplies; 2. Seed Cleaning Outfit; 3, Seed and Fertilizer; 4, Poultry and Dairy; 5, Dairy Cattle and Sheep; 6, Swine; 7, Women’s Institutes and Public Health; 8, Residents’ Car.

A special feature of the 1927 Demonstration Train will be in the car containing the seed cleaning equipment, which will be used to clean seeds for farmers at the different stops. Special emphasis will be laid this year on the importance of good seed and fertilizer; on the value of agricultural life and the use of lime in Nova Scotia agriculture, as well as our need for producing more home grown feeds for live stock.