Town Officers for the Municipality of Kings County,

March 1, 1900

Death of Mr. Isaac Shaw died at his home, Weston, on Monday morning last, after a prolonged illness.

Mr. Shaw was a son of the late Sydney Shaw, Esq., and was one of the pioneers in the fruit growing and nursery businesses in this valley. In the days of the free school law, he was brought into considerable prominence. He then resided in Waterville. Acting as Secretary to Trustees, he was compelled to defend a case which was carried t the decision of which, in favor of the trustees, did much to settle the disputes which attended the inception of free schools.

Mr. Shaw afterwards removed to Berwick, and later to Weston, where he has resided for the past twelve years. He has always been prominent in church work, an earnest and faithful member of the Baptist Church of which he has been for twenty years a deacon. Two of his sons are ministers of that church, the Rev. M. B. Shaw, formerly a missionary in India, now in charge of a church in California, and Rev. A. A. Shaw pastor of the Windsor Church. Of his other sons, Carl is government physician at St. Kitts, West Indies, Harlan P. is head teacher at the Normal Hall, Bridgewater, Mass., and Fred M. is engaged in teaching Denver. One daughter, Mrs. S. V. Sanford, also survives him as also an adopted daughter Miss Flora McL Shaw now in California.

The funeral of Mr. Shaw takes place today.

Thursday, March 1, 1900. - Vol. IX. No. 3

Town Officers for the Municipality of Kings County, 1900.

Warden, W. E. Roscoe, Deputy Warden, Fred G. Curry, County Clerk, L. DeV. Chipman, Treasurer, B. H. Dodge, Auditors, A. S. McDonald, S. C. Parker.


1. J. W. Hubbard, R. W. Kinsman. 2. Chas. A. Campbell. 3 W. E. Roscoe. 4. Jos. A. Kinsman. 5 T. H. Morse. 6 Ainsley Bishop, Harry Caldwell. 7. W. E. Anderson. 8. R. F. Reid. 9. F. G. Curry. 10. P. N. Balcom, M.D. 11. Laurence Gaul. 12. Stephen Taylor. 13. M. B. Anthony. 14. C. O. Cook.

Clerks of License - L. DeV. Chipman, Kentville; A. F. Chipman, Berwick; N. H. Patterson, Aylesford. Inspector Under Nova Scotia License Act. - A. D. Nichols.

Overseers of Poor.

Cornwallis. - H. H. Kinsman, Willard Illsley, J. M. Lamont Horton. - Sydney DeWolfe, Marshall Coldwell, Albert Forsythe Aylesford. - N. P. Spurr, Spurgeon Bishop, David Donnelan.

Clerks and Treasurers to Overseers of Poor.

Cornwallis. - E. Whitfield Coffin. Horton. - Harry Neary. Aylesford. - G. O. Jacques.

Town Clerks.

Cornwallis. - E. Stanly Eaton. Horton. - W. C. Hamilton. Aylesford. - N. P. Spurr.

Trustees School Lands.

Cornwallis. - C. B. Dickey, P. M. Brecken, Wm. C. Shaw. Horton. - James Leard, E. L. Gould, Robt. Palmeter. Commissioners for clearing obstructions on West River under Chap. 69th, 5th Series - John S. Woodworth, Adolphus Bishop, W. J. Wallace. Commissioner for clearing obstructions on Gaspereau and Black Rivers from Simpson Bridge to mouth of Black River, thence up said River to the north branch of the Forks River near the Rogers' Meadow, thence up said river to Ten Island Lake. - Albert Brown.

Scales of Tolls on Black River from Gaspereau River to Ten Island Lake shall be as follows: - Logs 5 cents each, wood per cord 15 cents, shingle logs 5 cents each, poles per 1000 25 cents each, and the said tolls to be sued for and collected by any one of the commissioners of the Gaspereau and Black Rivers in his own name, before any justice of the Peace for Kings County as a civil debt.

P.S. - Above enacted, so far as this Council has jurisdiction, by the Council, on January 16th, 1890, and continued and published.

Committee Appointed under Local Act Relating
to Lunatics.

Township of Cornwallis. - Thos. Craig, Joshua Chase, W. Smith.
" " Horton. - Geo. Harvey, E. R. Bishop, Rupert Forsyth.
" " Aylesford. - Wm. Magee, Nelson H. Patterson.

A.D. 1896. Resolved that the Regulation constituting the County of Kings "One Police Division" be repealed and that the County be divided into three Police Divisions - one comprising the Township of Aylesford and to be known as the Police Division of Aylesford.

Another comprising the Township of Cornwallis, and to be known as the Police Division of Cornwallis.

Another comprising the Township of Horton, and to be known as the Police Division of Horton.

Stipendiary Magistrates.

Justices of the Peace in Cornwallis. - T. T. Craig, John E. Dunham, Jas. Northup, E. M. Beckwith, Jos. A. Northup, Edw. G. White, S. W. Bligh, Simon Wood, H. E. Jefferson, Wm. Smith, A. G. Masters, C. C. H. Eaton, H. G. Robinson, John H. Dennison.
Horton. - Geo. Harvey, E. R. Bishop, W. C. Hamilton, Jehiel Davidson, John H. Dennison.
Aylesford. - A. D. Nichols, Timothy Phinney, Stephen Taylor, S. G. Baker, Thos. A. Wilson, A. J. Ewing.


Public Accounts and Finance. - Gaul, Cook, Morse.
Public Property. - Bishop, Campbell, Jos. A. Kinsman.
Licenses, - Curry, Balcom, Anthony.
Roads and Bridges. - Campbell, Morse, Caldwell.
Assessment. - Balcom, R. W. Kinsman, Cook.
Lunatics. - Reid, Taylor, Jos. A. Kinsman.
Law Amendments. - Bishop, Taylor, Anderson.
Poor. - Anderson, Gaul, Hubbard.
Jails. - R. W. Kinsman, Reid, Curry.
Tenders and Public Printing, - Anthony, Caldwell, Hubbard.

Committee on Visiting Poor Farms.

CORNWALLIS, Campbell, Morse, Cook. HORTON. Reid, Bishop, Caldwell. AYLESFORD, Balcom, Gaul, Taylor.

Board of Revision and Appeal.

Edw. J. L. Bishop, Geo. R. Pineo,
Jehiel Davison.

Boards of Health.

Ward 1, Chairman, Councillor
Kinsman; C. H. Huntly, W. H.
Steele, John Nicholson, C. R. North-
up, Sanitary Inspector H. M.
Jacques, M.D.

2. Chairman, Councillor Camp-
bell; Wm Smith, C. B. Dickey, M P
Wood, E P Armstrong, Sanitary
Inspector, W Y Fullerton, M D.

3. Chairman, Warden W. E.
Roscoe; Harding Sweet, Thad
Bowles, Stephen Burgess, A S
McDonald, Sanitary inspector, W S
Woodworth, M D.

4. Chairman, Councillor Jos A
Kinsman; W S Sweet, W J Bur-
gess, J M Marchant, Leonard New-
combe, Sanitary Inspector, A M
Covert, M D.

5. Chairman, Councillor T H
Morse; Chase E. Parker, Leonard
Best, C R Calkin, H J Chute, Sani-
tary Inspector, Fred S. Fisher.

6. Chairman, Councillor Cald-
well; N E Bishop, Wm Roy, J J
McDonald, Sanitary Inspector Bur-
pee Wallace.

7. Chairman, Councillor Ander-

son; S. J. Baker, Jehiel Davison,
Adelbert Coldwell, I N Coldwell,
Sanitary Inspector, E A Davison.

8. Chairman, Councillor Reid; J
L Bishop, Geo Hunter, James Simp-
son, Harry Roscoe, Sanitary Inspec-
tor, R R Duncan.

9. Chairman, Councillor Fred G.
Curry; Andrew Borden, A McN
Patterson, J B North, R Shaw, San-
itary Inspector, H Chipman, M D.

10, 11 and 12. - Chairman,
Councillor Stephen Taylor; P N
Balcom M D Lawrence Gaul, Bus-
by McMahon, Geo West, James
Gates, Sanitary Inspector, G W
Bell, M D.

13. Chairman, Councillor Anth-
ony; Dr. March, C I Wolf, N T
Bowles, Dr Reid, Dr Harvey, Sani-
tary Inspector, Frank Middlemas, M D.

14. Chairman, Councillor Cook;
W Balcom, C B Pelton, H Rawding,
Sanitary Inspector, Chas E Morris.

Presiding Officers under the In-
corporation Act.

Ward 1, J A Northup, 2, Wm
Smith, 3, W Edwin Harris, 4, W S
Sweet, 5, Chas H Parker, 6, Burpee
Wallace, 7, I N Coldwell, 8, R R
Duncan, 9, James Leard, 10, A G
Morse, 11, Thomas Mack, 12, H V
B Farnsworth, 13, H E Jefferson,
14, C B Pelton


WARD 1, E C Borden, J H Wood.
2, Levi R Clark, Jos E Healey.
3, G A Burgess, Walter Reid.
4, A K Clark, Almon Congdon.
5, Williams Baker, C H Parker.
6, B W Wallace, A E Ward, (Cornwallis) Thos Griffin.
7, Freeman Coldwell, R Schofill.
8, Avery Boswer, Alex Forsythe.
9, Wm Borden, L P Dennison.
10, A D Whitman, S Bowlby.
11, Freeman Kaulbach, Carman Wilson.
12, Freeman Meister, Hennigar Neily.
13, A L Morse, R A Webster.
14, A C Hall, F Basil.


WARD 1, Ernest Newcombe,
2, C F Beckwith,
3, Chas E Beckwith,
4, Owen H Parker,
5, Frank Kinsman,
6, Edgar Webster,
7, Fred G Fielding,
8, Chas E Bishop,
9, John S Taylor,
10, Herbert McNeil,
11, James Franey,
12, J S Marshall,
13, G R Nichols,
14, Isaac Bryden.


WARD 1, M O Bennett, Frank Kennedy, J Reid Shaw, Geo O'Blenus, Fletcher McBride, C L Hubbard, C H Borden.
2, Wm Lockwood, R O Harris, Geo Holt, Wm Norton, Arthur Lockwood.
3, John L Lyons, Wells E Rockwell, Spurgeon Roscoe, Gordon Irving, John McLeod, Jos Fraser, Jas McRae, Delaney S Sheffield, R W Reid, C E Beckwith, Chas E Porter, Allen Coleman, Asaph Bolsor, A S Boyle, J E Coleman, Perry Wheaton.
4, John H Bowles, F T Robinson, Marchant Clark.
5, E T Withers, Seldon Sanford, J H Clark, Grant Bowles, Wm Hazlewood, Shannon Morse.
6, Leonard Bishop, Ezekiel Bishop, John Coleman Sr., Rupert Davis, Jabez Walker, Frank Doyle, Gerald Ward,
7, Jas Ells, Ernest Schofield, Gideon Davison, Ira Schofield, James Gertridge.
8, Rufus Forsythe, Freeman Griffin, Chas O'Leary, Jas Eagles, Alonzo Harvey.
9, Wm Stewart, Ed Manning, F C Dennison, T N Patton, Arthur Buchanan, Otis Parker.
10, Ed Foster, John Harris, Wm Lewis, L M Creamer, Obediah Young, Sydney Goucher, Stanley Patterson, Wm McGregor, Jas D Jacques, L A Reid, Albert Tufts, Geo Sheriff, James Lutes, Elmer Foster, S B Brennan.
11, James Franey, Henry Mathews.
12, John Brennan. Wallace Armstrong, Wm E Selfridge, James S Marshall, William Lee, Thad Walker.
13, A M Thomas, J W Johnson, Thos Durling, Judson Sawler, Alex DeEll, Chas Charlton, Harry Frederick, Nathan Best, Anthony Rafuse, Henry VanBuskirk, John Spittal, H R Nelson.
14, Wm Thomas, John White, Albert C Hall.

Fence Viewers:

Ward 1, John Jordan, E A Lewis, Owen Steele, Owen Strong.
2, Fred Thomas, James E Eaton, Ed Armstrong.
3. Edwin Newcombe, Francis Lyons, R H Illsley, Albert Bennett, W E Harris, W H Roscoe, Simon Wood, Nathaniel McDonald, Joseph Harris.
4, J M Marchant, Colin C Porter, Jeremiah Foote, senr, Abijah Pearson, A K Clar.
5, Wm Benjamin, R S Spicer, Albert Brown, Watson Gould, Havelock Clem.
6, E Seaman, Tupper Whitter, Jas A Bishop, John Johnson, Frank DeWinter.
7, Robt Schofield, Fred Fielden, John Coldwell.
8, Geo Trenholm, Elijah Neary, Fred Wescott.
9, Walter Hutchinson, W K Rathbun, David Fuller.
10, Robert Nichols, Edgar Palmer, John Gordon, Wm Lutes, Geo Meister.
11, Martin Franey.
12. Ed Brennan, John Redgate.
13, Daniel Best, A McKenzie, A V Parker, Perry Borden, Geo Nichols, Geo Foster.
14, Wm Armstrong, Wm, Calkin, Benj Morris.

Harbor Masters

Ward 1, N H Loomer, C E Lockwood, T E Bigelow, Robt Newcombe.
2, Wm Smith, Andrew Bishop.
3, John Neville, Wm Irving.
4, James Meisner.

Surveyors of Cordwood

Ward 1, Jos E Beckwith, J D Ells, W L Jackson, Harding Schofield, Daniel Huntley.
2, G H Illsley, John Borden.
3, John Neville, Wm Irving, Rufus Thorpe, Thad S Bowles, John L Kinsman, Geo Thurlow, Stephen Burgess, R S Thorpe, Henry Bowles.
4, Simeon Brown, Jeremiah Foote, Sr, Almon Condon, Thos Lawson.
5, A S Alcorn, Fred Sanford, O P Congdon, Grant Bowles.
6, Geo Roy, Jas A Bishop.
7, Judson Millett.
8, Rupert Forsyth, Harris Forsyth Wm Watson.
9, A McN Patterson, Robert Shaw
10, Chas Nichols, Leander Palmer
11, David Donnellan, William Wright
12, G W Eaton, DeF Minnis, Frank Ray.
13, C O Cook, R Harlow, E E Porter, E F Graves, J B Chute, H VanBuskirk.

Surveyors of Lumber

Ward 1, David Jess, N H Loomer, J M Rogers, J E Bigelow, J A Melvin.
2, C H Borden, I F Masters, Sydney Borden.
3, John Baxter, Fred Woodworth, Stephen Brown, Robt Illsley, Henry E Eaton, Henry Garrett, Geo Thurlow, Ezekiel Palmer.
4, Jas Beech, Fred Wood, Almon Congdon.
5, George Kinsman, Fred Bennett, C R Ross, Pope Foote.
6, N E Bishop, Robt Patterson, Jr.
7. Allen Vaughn, Owen Davison, Etter Millett.
8, Gustavus Bishop, Jos Joudry.
9, A McN Patterson, Robt Shaw, Stephen Duncanson.
10, Jeremiah Hutchinson, A. A. McNeil, Frank H Lowe, John Eldridge, Hardy Ward, John Craven, Milledge Wylde, Chas. Blackburn, Guy Swallow, Geo Gordon, Geo Sheriff, Geo Lutes.
11, David Donnellan, Wm Wright.
12, Heber Magee, Chas Dorey, Chas Blackburn.
13, E T Graves, C O Nichols, Harry Lloyd, L R Margeson, R Harlow, P Middlemas, Hanley Palmer.
14, C E Morris.

Pound Keepers

Ward 1, Jos H Wood, John Munroe, Harding DeWitt, A G Donald.
2, Dexter Collins, Newton Newcombe, Robt Power, J R Starr, H D West, Neville Holland.
3, Jas R Blanchard, Robt Martin, Thad Harvey, Stephen Brown, Alfred J Newcombe, David Burgess, Elisha Harris, Chas E Porter.
4, R D Bentley, John Hiltz, Harry Clarke, Harry Porter, Arthur Rockwell.
5, Holmes Morton, Benjamin Elliott, John Skinner, Burpee Marchant.
6, Everett Forsyth, F Bishop, Chas Eaton, Chas Jones, Jr, B H Illsley, James Lockhart.
7, Egbert Card.
8, Oscar Harris.
9, B Shaw, Albert Mitchell.
10, James Collins, John Gordon, F Spinney, Stanley Patterson, Wm Hodges, James Hudgins, Geo Lutz, Robt Nichols, Clark Spinney.
11. Wm. Wright.
12. S J Parker, Alfred Sturke, Melbourne Neily, E P Brennan.
13, H H Best, J S Woodworth, Edward Woodworth, C W Skinner.
14, Wm Calkin, Burton Best.

The last half of the list was transcribed by Carol Crouse, Thank you very much Carol :-).

Weighers of Coal.

Ward 1: Wm. L. Jackson, Sidney Blenkhorn, C.H. Huntley
2. Wm Smith, C.H. Borden
3. Rufus Kinsmen
4. Thomas Carter, Theodore Loomer
5. Geo Bowles, W.H. Clem, Edward Bertaux
6. Geo. Roy
8. Ralph Fuller
9. Martin Duncanson, W.D. Patterson, A.H. Patterson
12. Fred E. Harris, Geo. W. Eaton, W.E. Piggott
13. C.O. Cook, S.J. Nichols, Everet Potter

Inspectors and Weighers of Green Crops, Grain and Flour.

Ward 1: T.E. Bigelow, H.E. Bennett, John West
2. A.C. Starr, J.B. Dickie
3. Thad S. Bowles, Sherman Belcher, Rowland Chase
4. W.S. Sweet, W.R. Lawrence, Thos Lawson, Ross Clarke
5. James White, Arthur Bishop, Percy Kinsman, Marcellus Tupper, T.M. Davis
6. Geo DeWolf, Geo Forsythe
7. E.A. Davison
8. Geo Hunter, Gus Bishop, W.A. Watson
9. W.C. Hamilton, W.D. Patterson
10. C.W. McHahon, Parker Ward
11. Carman Wilson
12. A.C. VanBuskirk, G.W. Eaton, Fred E. Harris
13. Moses Brown, S.P. Chute, J.B. Chute, N.T. Bowles

Surveyors of Casks.

Ward 1: J.A. Melvin, E.W. Fox
2. James McGowan, Silas Gates
3. E. Keizer, Nelson Keizer
4. Wm H. Killam, W.J. Chase, Andrew Wood
5. Caleb Salaman, David Salsman, Floyd Ross
6. Fred Redden
8. Joseph Joudry, Harris Forsyth
10. G.O. Jacques, H.D. Woodbury.
12. C.J. West, A.C. VanBuskirk
13. Alex DeEll, A. Rafuse, Joseph Sawler, A. Russell, J. Palmer

Sealers of Leather:

Ward 1: G.W. Parker
4. J.E. Dunham, Wm Chase
5. W.M. Rand, Leonard Best
6. Alonzo Dodge
7. Freeman Caldwell
8. D.B. Shaw
9. Calvin Wheelock
12. C.A. Williamson, Wm Hodges
13. S.H. Nichols, J.W. Healey

Weighers of Hay:

Ward 1: C.R. Dickie, Wm Jackson, C.H. Huntley
2. J.R. Chipman, W.Y. Fullerton, Leonard Rockwell, C.B. Dickie, Lorn Borden,
Herbert Stairs, Geo Illsley
3. Eden Keizer
4. Thos Lawson, J.E. Dunham, Wm Newcombe
5. Fred S. Fisher
6. E. Seaman, J.S. Ward
8. Aubrey Bowser, Fred Forsythe,
9. Martin Duncanson, W.D. Patterson, A.H. Patterson
10. Geo MacMahon, Parker Ward
11. Elton Saunders
12. G.W. Eaton, F.E. Harris, W.E. Piggott
13. S.J. Nichols, C.O. Cook, E.E. Porter

Inspector of Apples, Stock and Apple Trees:

Ward 1: J.A. DeWolfe, D.B. Sanford
2. E.P. Armstrong, Wm H. Hardwick
3. C.M. Roscoe, Alfred Newcombe, C.R. Bill Jr, Joseph Burgess, G.F. Reid
4. Henry Robinson, Albert Clark, J.M. Lamont, Hamilton Morris, Geo D. Skinner
5. W.A. Skinner, Andrew Spicer, W.A. Kinsman, E.T.Withers, Rufus Power
6. H.B. Whitter, E. Seaman, Leander Schofield
8. Avery Bowser, Rupert Forsyth, Ed. Manning
9. W.V. Stewart, W.K. Rathburn, Brenton Borden
10. Watson Hutchinson, Wm Neily, L.A. Reid, Leander Tufts, Spurgeon Bishop, James Gates, L.R. Whitman
11. Nathan Franey
12. Spurgeon Selfridge, Abner Roach, H.V.B. Whitman
13. Rupert Banks, H.C. Masters, G.L. Webster, Samuel B. Chute, A.L. Morse, F.A Parker
14. Benj Gould

Inspectors of Fish:

Ward 1: J.M. Rogers, Jas. Woolaver, W.H. Baxter
3. John Neville, Sam Caldwell, Jas. Houghton
4. Jas. Meister, Edward Snare
6. Burbidge DeWolf, G.L. Roy
7. I.N. Coldwell
8. Alex Fullerton, J.L. Bishop, Ed Manning
12. A.C. VanBuskirk, C.J. West, John Redgate
13. C.I. Wolf, J.B. Chute

Hog and Cattle Reeves:

Ward 5: A.J. Turner, Chas Jarvis, Fred Bishop Jr
6. Edwin Bishop, Joshua Hiltz, Emery Jones
7. Arthur Neary, John Scofield, Owen Knowlton, Geo Davis, Adelbert Coldwell
9. Joseph King, Otis Parker, John Barron
10. Kinsman Brown, Robt Nichols, John H. Hodges, John Gordon, Edgar Palmer, Avard Banks, Daniel Lonergan
12. Wm Schofield, Freeman Meister, Vroom Balcome, Hebron Roach


January Term, 1889: Resolved that when county money is voted to build pounds, the treasurer shall only pay the grant to the commissioner, upon his filing with the treasurer a sworn account of his expenditure of said grant in building said pound, and a lease to the Municipality for a term of ten years of the ground upon which said Pound is built, and said lease to specify said land shall be used as and for Pound purposes only.

P.S. - The about resolution is still in force.

Inspectors for Destruction of Black Knot:

Ward 1: A.B. North
2. Chas F. Beckwith
3. Chas E. Beckwith
4. G.W.F. McLean
5. David Berteaux
6. Arthur Eisenhauer
7. E.J. Fielden
8. C.Y. Johnson
9. John S. Taylor
10. Eri Neily
11. James Franey
12. W.E. Selfridge
13. H.E. Jefferson
14. Isaac Bryden

Surveyors of Brick and Lime:

Ward 5: James Pirl
6. Chas Turner
4. Frank George
12. Geo Smith
13. O.A. Margeson

Surveyors of County Lines:

Prof. Albert Coldwell, J.S. Woodworth, Archibald Foster, Hennigar Neily

Canning Fire Department:

Under Chap. 68, R.S. 5th Series
Bounds of District - On south Canning River, on east by Hennigar Brook, on west by L.C. Woodworth’s west line.
1st - The members of the Canning Fire Co. are exempt from Highway Labor - except over $1,000.

Firemen, Canning:

Capt H.G. Martin, 1st Lieut. E.B. Eaton, Alfred Porter, H. Everett Bennett, Samuel Bigelow, Wm Melvin, Geo W. Parker, Malcom McBride, M.S. Easton, Chas Miller, Fletcher McBride, J.E. Hennigar

Assessors Fire District, Canning:

H.G. Martin, J.E. Beckwith, F. Northrup

Firewards, Canning:

C.E. Lockwood, E.B. Eaton, Fred Northrup

Assessors Fire District, Berwick:

John D. Sommerville, Geo Eaton, S.W. Bligh

Firewards, Berwick:

A.S. Magee, F.A. Parker, S.H. Nichols

Berwick Fire Department:

Under Chap 68, 5th Series.
Bounds of District - On north by the Cornwallis River, on the west by Buchanan bridge and Dead Book, on the east by Morse’s Brook, and the south by the old post road.

Firemen, Berwick:

Capt J.M. Patterson, 1st Lieut. H. C. Masters, S.C. Parker, Arch Beckwith, Raymond Corbin, Minard Nichols, A.M. Thomas, A.L. Morse, Wm Sommerville, H. Anthony

Caretakers Lower Horton Bridge and Port Williams Bridge:

Lower Horton - John R. Steward
Port Williams - W. Lockwood

Supervisors of Public Grounds, &c:

Cornwallis - P.M. Brecken, Ross Chipman, F.B. Chute
Horton - Frank Graham, Geo C. Johnson, Geo Roy
Aylesford - Beriah Spinney, Karn Wilson, Spurgeon Selfridge

Committee on Adjustment With Wolfville and Kentville:

The Warden and Councillors Taylor, Reid, Morse, Anderson

Committee "Juries Act, 1899":

Councillors Jos A. Kinsman, R.F. Reid, S. Taylor and County Clerk