June 8th, 1905

Thursday, June 8, 1905

At Acadia

The closing exercises at Acadia College have taken place this week. The graduating class is as follows:

Edgar S. Archibald, Wolfville.
Henry H. Ayer, Moncton.
Eliza M. Bligh, Berwick.
Victor O. Chittick, Hantsport.
Loring A. Christie, Amherst.
Lalia Cogswell, Berwick.
Leon H. Curry, Amherst.
Elizabeth J. Elderkin, Wolfville.
Percy LeRoy Fash, Bridgetown.
Joseph E. Howe, Hillsdale.
Caius O. Howlett, Annandale, P.E.I.
Anna M. Johnson, Wolfville.
Gordon B. Keirstead, St. John.
Bessie King, Chipman, N. B.
Alberta McKinley, Charlottetown.
Ernest S. Mason, Springhill.
Allan A. McIntyre, St. John.
Lorne McMillan, Isaac’s Harbor.
Donald J. McPherson, Murray Harbor, P.E.I.
Maie I. Messenger, Wolfville,
Gifford H. Oakes, Kingston.
Annie L. Peck, Wolfville.
Elmer W. Reid, Somerset.
Milton Simpson, Belmont, P.E. I.
Clara M. Sterns, Charlottetown.
Edith B. Sterns, Charlottetown.
Ralph K. Strong, Kentville.
Bessie J. Thorne, Havelock, N. B.
James R. Trimble, Petitcodiac.
Arthur W. Warren, Tyne Valley, P.E.I.
Frank E. Wheelock, Lawrencetown.

Thursday, June 8, 1905

Base Ball,

Last Saturday the Berwick Junior Base Ball team travelled to Wolfville and played the Horton Academy team. Although the grounds were wet both teams put up a good game. Berwick won the toss for innings and chose the field. The Wolfville team failed to score while Berwick got one man home. Wolfville scored one in the third inning and six in the fourth. Berwick failed to score in the third but got three in the fourth, tying the score. Wolfville again jumped into the lead in the sixth and seventh innings, but Berwick overhauled them in the eighth, tying the score, and won the game in the ninth. The score was 15 to 13.

Score by innings,

Berwick, 3 1 0 3 0 0 0 6 2 – 15

Horton Acad’y, 0 0 1 6 0 3 3 0 0 – 13

The defeat of the Wolfville team came as a big surprise both to the public and to the team. No one expected the team that was so badly beaten at Berwick a couple of weeks ago to make such a showing against the Wolfville champions. However practice makes a big difference and the way the Berwick boys played on Saturday shows that the best teams around will have to hustle to beat them. The winning team were

Forrest Catcher
Caldwell Pitcher
Bailey First Base
Haley Second Base
Foshay Third Base
McLeod Short Stop
Robinson Left Field
Beck Right Field
Palfrey Centre Field
Umpire, Capt. McMillan, Acadia. – COM.