June 4th, 1941

Wednesday Evening, June 4, 1941


A wild gale lashed the Bay of Fundy shore last Thursday, carrying destruction to fish weirs, stake nets and lobster traps. No less than ten weirs were swept away along a forty mile section from Margaretsville to Scotts Bay. The financial loss is a serious setback to the fishermen, the construction of the weirs being estimated from five to seven hundred dollars apiece, and only a few tides have been fished. The run of salmon is about to begin and there will be no time to reconstruct the weirs that have been totally destroyed.

At Harborville the fish weir of Fred and Emerson Spicer, which had only been fished once, was totally destroyed. Stake nets and lobster traps of Bernard Morris, Lester Finlay and Bill Kenneally were carried away. Lester also lost a valuable cache of live lobsters which had been anchored near the end of the wharf.

At Black Rock the fish weir of J. H. Rawding was totally destroyed and that of George Dickie badly damaged. Charles Sabean and Howard Schnare lost their stake nets.

Several weirs located between Canady Creek and Halls Harbor were destroyed or damaged. Included were those of Maxim Parker, William Keddy, Ray Bennett, Tom Roscoe, Leonard and Robert Houghton and George Parker.