July 30th, 1903

July 30, 1903

Married in Maine.

A very pretty wedding took place on Tuesday evening, May 26th, at the home of W. L. Carr, 108 Forest Ave., Portland, Maine. The contracting parties were Mr. N. H. Carr, of Portland, and Miss Carrie Corkum, of Scotts Bay. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Louis Malvern.

The rooms were handsomely decorated with evergreen and flowers. The wedding march was played by Miss Mildred Bickford and to its strains the bridal party entered the parlor. The charming bride was richly dressed in white, beautifully trimmed. She wore a bridal veil and carried a bouquet of bridal roses.

Miss Ethel Small, of Maine, dressed in white silk, and carrying a bouquet of pinks, attended her as bridesmaid. Mr. Bert Corkum, brother of the bride, supported the groom.

After the ceremony, a repast was served. A. P. Whalen, of Spring Street Bakery, was the caterer. The guests of whom about one hundred and fifty were present, were waited on by Misses Julia Murphy, Jennie Dixon, and Susie Williams. Music of all kinds was enjoyed. Among the vocal performances was a solo by Mr. E. O. Leaman.

The happy couple left on the night express for New York; the bride then attired in a travelling suit of light grey, trimmed with white silk and all over lace. Returning from their bridal tour they were at home to their friends after June 1st.