July 27th, 1911

Thursday, July 27, 1911

Base Ball.

The Berwick A.A.A. team defeated the Independents on Tuesday evening in the first game of a series of five games by a score of eighteen to three. The winners had a very strong battery and supported it in good style.

The losers were weak in spots but will be heard from before the series is over.

The teams lined up as follows:


W. Card, c.
R. Caldwell, p.
T. Thomas, 1b.
Walker, 2b.
H. Robinson, 3b.
G. Savage, s.s.
F. Kinnie, r.f.
H. Thomas, c.f.
B. Norwood, l.f.


B. Palmer, c.
C. Caldwell, p.
R. Clark, 1b.
B. Woodworth, 2b.
M. Kinnie, 3b.
W. Bligh, s.s.
H. Morse, r.f.
D. Chute, c.f.
Boyd Woodworth, l.f.

Umpires W. Thomas and A. S. Alcorn.
Scores K. Morse and C. G. C. Coombes.

These two teams will meet again at 6.30 this evening and an exciting game is expected.