July 12th 1933

July 12th 1933


Written for The Register

By S.M. Parker, Truro, N.S.

We climbed the crooked and steep ascent
That led to the mountain crest
There to behold a picture rare
To thrill a poet's breast.
The glory of the sunset flared
In colors orange and grey,
While shadows of a distant shore
In mystery trailed away.

The tintings of that lovely sky
No artist yet has learned,
As orange and grey at water's edge
A soft, rich crimson burned;
And lo! From out of this satin sea
With twinkling eye looked on
Enthroned amidst these changing hues
A star of evening shone.

There, on the placid water's breast,
Serenely seemed to float,
Gaunt, rugged shore line, red and steep,
Arose the Isle Au Haute;
And as the shades of evening leaned
To catch the breath of night,
Across the wide-spaced, shadowed blue
Flung its revolving light.

The storied pages of the past,
The old Bay's far-flung fame,
Has stirred the young romantic heart
And set the soul aflame;
Well may this hamlet point with pride
To her seafaring men,
But lovely sunsets still remain
To stir the brush or pen.

We gazed on that inspiring scene
(The salt night-breeze slipped by)
And knew within our naked souls
The Hand of God was nigh.
Dear friends of mine, search out the truth,
And wander where you will,
You'll find few sunsets to compare
With those of Harborville.

July 2nd, 1933.