July 12th, 1900

July 12, 1900


Mrs. Craig

Died at Cambridge on July 4th, 1900, Mrs. Mary Craig, widow of Deacon William Craig, who some twenty-two years ago preceded his wife to the better land.

Mrs. Craig was a daughter of Mr. Francis Tupper, and was born in Horton, not far from Kentville, on May 2nd, 1805, and was therefore at the time of her death in her 96th year. When she was but a child the family removed to Aylesford, where she spent over fifty years of her long life. At about the age of twenty she engaged in school teaching, which she followed for several years. In 1830 she went to Morristown and took charge of the first school organized in that settlement. Here she met Mr. Craig, then a young man, making a home in what was then almost an unbroken forest. In 1832 they were married and made their home in what is now one of the finest parts of our County. Mr. and Mrs. Craig were industrious, honest Christians. Their character and habits gave tone to the whole settlement, the influence of which still remains. In 1858 the family removed to Cornwallis, where the father and mother resided until removed by death.

Mrs. Craig was in many respects a remarkable woman. She possessed those qualities that made her the true woman, the faithful wife, the devoted mother, and the genuine home-maker. In some respects she might be considered a worldly woman in so far as to provide for the support and comfort of her family was concerned. But to any in need she gave generously for her means. "She stretched out her hand to the poor; yea she reached forth her hand to the needy." Indeed "her house was known to all the vagrant train," and food and shelter were always afforded.

Especially was she careful to care for any who professed to be laboring for the Saviour whom she loved. During the early years of her residence at Morristown her house was the home of the clergymen of all denomination while preaching there. With a small house and a numerous family she gave all a hearty welcome because of her love for the Master.

Naturally a lover of books she was a great reader, especially of the Bible, always finding time to read a chapter every day, and reading the Book through in course a great number of times.

She raised and equipped for life eight children, seven of whom were present at her funeral. One had preceded her to the better land. The four sons acted as pall-bearers, and with loving hearts and careful hands laid the remains of their venerable mother beside the dust of the husband for whom she had so long mourned.

The funeral was large, for although she had outlived her own generation her heart was comparatively young, and both young and old came and to show respect for the memory of "Grandma Craig."

Pastor Read conducted the funeral services assisted by Rev. Mr. Simpson and Rev. Mr. Morse.

Besides the seven surviving children there are now living thirty-two grandchildren and 35 great-grand-children.