November 9, 1927

November 9, 1927

Ninety Years Ago

From the Journals of House of Assembly, 1837

The Members of the House of Assembly chosen at the General Election of November, 1836, met at Halifax on Tuesday, January 31, 1837. The "County of Kings County" was represented by Samuel Chipman and Thomas Andrew Strange DeWolfe; the Township of Cornwallis by John Morton, and Horton by Perez M. Benjamin. (John Morton was a great uncle of Mr. H. R. Morton, now of Somerset).

Among other members whose names are still remembered were Joseph Howe and William Annand, for the County of Halifax; William Young, for County of "Juste-au-Corps"; Herbert Huntington, for Yarmouth and Alexander Stewart, for Cumberland. The Counties of Digby and Victoria had not been organized. The County of Sydney is now Antigonish and "Juste-au-Corps" is Inverness.

Samuel George William Archibald, Member of the County of Colchester, was unanimously chosen as Speaker.

Mr. Rudolf, of Lunenburg County, moved that the Rev. Robert Fitzgerald Uniacke be the Chaplain to this House.

Mr. Howe moved an amendment to the effect that this House recognises no religious distinctions, but is bound to extend not only equal justice, but equal courtesy to all. This amendment was carried.

Mr. Sargeant, of the Township of Barrington, then moved "That this House recognises the Christian Religion as the only true one and, also, the necessity of God’s Blessing, in order to our labors becoming truly beneficial to the country" and that it be "Resolved, that the Rev. Gentlemen of this Town be requested to offer their prayers in their respective congregations to Almighty God for His blessing upon the labors of the House." On motion of Lawrence O’Connor Doyle, of the township of Arichat, the word Province was substituted for Town and the Resolution "passed in the Affirmative," 28 members voting for it, 18 against.

Mr. Doyle moved that the practice in the Legislative Council of excluding the public from deliberations of that body, is contrary to the spirit of the British Constitution and injurious to the interests and liberties of this country.

This motion passed unanimously.