January 11th, 1899

January 11th, 1899

A Message from the sea:

Capt. Percy Crosby, of Port Maitland, picked up on the beach at that place last week a bottle containing a message, as follows: "Nov. 28th 1898. Our ship is in shoal water, 2 or 3 miles off Yarmouth cape: The wind is blowing a hurricane. Our ship is fast breaking up. In a few minutes we will be no more. Captain and wife are very sick. He says for me to write farewell to his folks. Mrs. Stewart is past speaking. They belong to Nova Scotia. Oh, we are going down now. Farewell - Thos. Hiking, 1st officer." - Yarmouth Herald.

Wednesday, January 11, 1899

Sad Fatality at Yarmouth.

Last week the sad news came from Yarmouth that Victor Baker, second son of Hon. L. E. Baker, aged 19 years, was accidentally shot dead while returning from a hunting expedition.

The Herald says: - "The news of the accidental shooting of Victor Baker, near Kempt Village, twenty-four miles up the Tusket River, from Yarmouth startled the community. The deceased, accompanied by his brother Seymour, Principal George H. Cain, of the North End school, and Arthur Bower, as guide, went off with their guns a week ago to enjoy a holiday camping out in the forests. The time had come for their return and they were on their way back in a team when the accident happened. Mr. Cain, the guide, and Seymour Baker were riding in the wagon, and Victor, who had got out, was walking behind the vehicle. He seems to have noticed that a gun in the bottom of the waggon wanted adjusting, and stepping forward he seized the weapon by the muzzle. It was loaded and was discharged almost close to his breast. He fell to the ground at once, dead, shot through the lungs. His companions picked the body up and hurriedly conveyed it to the hotel at Kemptville. Others there only confirmed what they were already assured of, that the young man must have died instantly."

The deceased was a young man of great promise and was a great favorite in social circles. The most sincere sympathy for the bereaved parents is expressed on all sides.