January 10th, 1934

Wednesday Evening, January 10, 1934

To Hunt For Kidd's Buried Gold

Oak Island Again In Limelight As New Group Will Undertake Search For Treasure.

When Captain Kidd buried his loot on Oak Island he buried it deep. And that, if you want to believe the old timers, is why no one has ever found the fabulous hoard of gold and jewels which, legend relates, lies buried somewhere on this little island.

There is no doubt, they will tell you, that the treasure is there. But it is well guarded for Kidd took no chances when he buried the booty he plundered on the Spanish Main. Perhaps that is the reason why scores of treasure trove expeditions have failed to locate the legendary cache.

Now the lure of the fabled wealth has struck again, and this time a western company has been organized to go after the treasure. Capitalized at $150,000, its head office is at Victoria, B. C. And soon, it is expected, the noise of machinery will again sound over the spot where treasure is supposed to lie.

For some reason, all recent excavations have centred about this particular spot. Those who believe in the treasure's existence say definite indications of the hoard have come to light there. According to one story, excavators there once brought up flakes of gold and a piece of gold chain on the end of their drill. But they found nothing more. Water flooded the shaft before they could get much deeper. Those who have worked there say the water came through a passage to the sea constructed by Kidd to prevent searchers from getting below a certain depth.