January 4th 1899

January 4th 1899


At Wolfville, on Thursday, Dec. 2oth, to Mr. and Mrs. Howard Pineo, a son.

At Scotts Bay, Dec 30th, to Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Tupper a son.


At the residence of W.E. Masters Esq. Wilmot, Dec. 28, by Rev. L.J. Tingley, Arthur B. Stronach of Melvern Square, N.S., and Grace D. Masters, of Wilmot, N.S.

At the same time and place by the same, Eugene C. Masters and Nellie L. Stronach, of Kingston, N.S.

At the residence of the bride's uncle, Hennigar Ewing, Morristown, on Dec. 14th, by Rev. J.B. Morgan, B.A., Frederick U. Fitch of Greenwood and Laura A. Baker of Morristown.

At the Parsonage, Dec 29th by the Rev. G.W.F. Glendenning S.T.R., Mr. Aubrey B. Tupper of Weston, to Miss Jennie M. Collins, of Harbourville.


Suddenly, at Yarmouth on Friday, Dec. 30th, to Mr. John W. Fisher, formerly of Somerset.

At Williamston on Monday, Dec. 27th, at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. William Bishop, T.R. Ilsley, Esq., aged 71 years.

At Cambridgeport, Mass., Dec 28th, Addie R. wife of Samuel C. Jordan, and eldest daughter of the late John N. Coleman of Aylesford, N.S., aged 46 years.

At Canning, on Friday, Dec. 30, Josey A., wife of John A. Dorman, and daughter of Thos. Muirhead, of Halifax.


A very pretty wedding took place at the home of the bride's parents, Weston, on Tuesday, Dec. 27th, the contracting parties being Capt. R. W. Rayne, of Onslow, Col. Co., and Isabella, youngest daughter of Mr. Jonathan Sanford. Rev. D. H. Simpson officiated.

At the hour appointed for the ceremony to the strains of Mendelssohn's wedding march played by Miss Annie Loomer, cousin of the bride, the bridal party entered the parlor preceded by little Miss Mabel Sanford daughter of F. H. Sanford, as maid of honor.

The bride looked charming in a costume of lavender silk trimmed with white satin ribbon and white silk lace, her veil fastened with a wreath of jessamine. She carried a boquet of bridal roses, white carnations and maiden hair ferns. Miss Mabel was dressed in a pale pink with white satin ribbon and white silk lace trimmings and a boquet of pink carnations and maiden hair ferns.

When the ceremony and congratulations were over the guests, to the number of forty, sat down to tea after which a very pleasant evening was spent.

The many presents were both elegant and useful and proved the high esteem in which the bride and groom are held.

On Thursday the 29th, Miss Mabel Collins and Mr. Aubrey Tupper were united in marriage. The very pretty, but solemn event took place at the home of the Rev. Mr. Glendenning, the bride's pastor. Miss Annie Spicer, cousin of the bride acted as bridesmaid and Captain Lewis Morris was groomsman. After the ceremony was performed the bridal party drove back to Harborville and partook of the wedding supper with a few intimate friends at the residence of the bride's parents. Later in the evening the young friends of the bride (both ladies and gentlemen) came to "salute"; the boys to make merry, the girls to get a peep at the bride and groom and to shower the rice, as well as to extend their congratulations.

The bride wore a very pretty green serge trimmed in plush and cream silk lace with a spray of orange blossoms in her hair. Miss Collins was one of Harborville's most esteemed young ladies and we very much regret that her future home could not have been with us. The many friends of the happy couple wish them all the joy and happiness that married life affords and as they go their new home in Lowell, Mass. may the blessings of God go and abide with them. - COM.

Sudden Death:

The Yarmouth News of Friday says: - John W. Fisher, of Bridgetown died suddenly this morning at the residence of his daughter, the wife of Capt. Welsh, on Forest street. Mr. Fisher and his wife had been visiting their daughter for about three weeks. Mr. Fisher was ill and a consultation between Dr. Fuller and Dr. Webster led to the conclusion he was suffering from cancer of the stomach, but the end was not expected so suddenly as it came. This morning Mrs. Fisher was startled to find him expired in bed without a moment's warning".

Mr. Fisher formerly resided in Somerset removing thence to Bridgetown some twenty years ago. The news of his death will be heard with regret by numerous friends in this county.

Died - Mr. T.R. Illsley, a brother of Messrs. C.P. Illsley and Stephen Illsley of Berwick died at his residence in Lawrencetown, on Monday of last week, aged 71 years. Dr. B.R. Illsley of Kentville is the son of the deceased.

Mrs. S.G. Jackson of Church St. died last week in New York while undergoing a surgical operation. Mrs. Jackson was formerly Miss Annie Pineo, daughter of A.A. Pineo, Esq., of Kentville.


Miss Bertie Taylor has been visiting friends in Nictaux.

Mrs. Langille of Springfield has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Major Tufts.

Mrs. Kate Graves and Master Eddie are visiting in Lawrencetown.

Miss Laura Parker, who is attending business college, St. John, spent Christmas with her mother returning on Saturday last to resume her studies.

Rev. and Mrs. J. L. Read who have been visiting in Wolfville returned home last week.

Miss Hattie Neily entertained a few of her friends on Tuesday evening.

Miss Angie Lee is visiting friends in Bridgetown.

Miss Mabel Lee and Miss Annie Patterson who have been attending Normal School are spending their vacation at home.

Miss Annie West returned from Halifax on Saturday.

Mrs. Edgar Warner and little daughter Bessie of Digby came to her father's Mr. S. Bowlby on Tuesday and on Saturday she received the news that their house and all its contents had been burned.

Mr. N. Lockhart, principal of Horton Academy, is visiting at Mr. A. D. Whitman's.

Mrs. Eleanor West is visiting in Halifax.

The Cantata given by the Junior Union was a great success and largely attended. The music and recitations by the children were particularly good, and gave evidence of careful training. The Cantata "The Sailer Boy's Return" was very fine.

More Serious than Fashoda:

The naval authorities have been officially notified of the intention of France to replace her obsolete war vessels engaged in the fishery protective service on the Newfoundland coast with modern cruisers. Great Britain will also put out of commission the obsolete gunboats Pelican, Buzzard and Cordelia and substitute for these vessels of sufficient power to cope with the Frenchmen.


Miss Hattie Rockwell spent a few days of last week with friends in Wilmot.

Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Bill and children of Shelburne have been visiting at Mr. Wm. C. Bill’s.

The Sunday School gave a Christmas Concert in the Baptist church here on Christmas evening which was much enjoyed by a large audience. Quite a number were present from Cold Brook, Lakeville, Woodville, Centreville and Canning.

Mrs. Kinsman of Somerset is visiting at her father’s, Mr. T. H. Forsythe.

The young people have been enjoying the good skating on the lake.

The friends of Rev. M. P. Freeman presented him with a donation on Tuesday, 20th amounting to $38.80.

The sewing circle held a Christmas tree on Friday evening Dec. 23rd. About $20.00 was realized.

Waldo Card of Kentville spent Christmas at his home in Billtown.


Christmas has come and gone and the snow has disappeared so that the sleigh bells have ceased to jingle in the frosty air.

Mr. A. E. McMahon and Mr. Edgar Horsnell passed through here on Dec. 21st, with a drove of oxen enroute for the valley.

Mr. O. Baltzer was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. William Brennen.

Misses Maude and Jessie Brennen have returned from their schools at Norwood and Hiltzborough and are spending their vacation with their parents.

Mr. Bruce and Miss Ella Ward of Weston and Miss Grace L. Parker of Medford spent Christmas with their uncle and aunt Mr. and Mrs. William Brennen.

A basket social was held at Lake George on Christmas Eve, the proceeds of which is to be awarded to the pastor Mr. John Anthony. The sum of twenty-two dollars was realized.

Mr. Jas. Crocker recently shot a loupcervier and two foxes.

Mrs. William Brennen sold this season 275 lbs. of turkeys, 193 lbs. of chickens and 110 lbs. of geese of his own rearing. If any one can beat this let us hear from them.