January 2, 1913

The Register,

January 2, 1913

A Successful Kings County Boy.

Dear Register: -

In a book entitled "Chipmans of America," the following items respecting one of Berwick’s living boys may be of interest to the community: -

"Holmes Samuel Chipman, thirteenth son of Rev. William Chipman, was born in Pleasant Valley, Kings County, N.S., Dec. 22, 1850.

"Graduated from Normal School, at Truro, N.S., 1866.

"Taught School at Upper Cornwallis, in 1866-67 and at Port Medway in 1867-68. Went to Boston in 1866 and was graduated from Bryant-Stratton Commercial College, and taught the practical classes in that College for six months.

"Went to Detroit, Mich., in 1868-69 in the employ of a timber Company and later shipped by rail on his own account to New York and New England, being the pioneer in shipping timber by rail from the West to the Atlantic States.

"During 1869 went to Duluth, St. Paul and Minneapolis and engaged in the shipping of wheat.

"Later went to California and spent nearly a year with Bancroft Printing and Publishing Company.

"In 1870 went to Japan with Ito, now the celebrated Count Ito, Premier of Japan.

"Introduced in Japan the modern system of printing. Made the first type and printed the first newspaper in Japan. Established a Government printing office and paper mill.

"Remained in Japan until 1876, then returned to America. In 1879 went to Australia and began to carry on there a very extensive general merchant business."

I may add an item or two to the foregoing.

While still doing business in Sydney, Australia, as well as in several other cities and countries, he seems now to be arranging to make New York his headquarters and place of residence.

Early in his career he did his first clerking, in store of the late Thomas R. Harris, Aylesford, and after a short term of that experience, he pushed abroad and ahead without other capital than good habits and a good name.

He remains loyally attached to his kindred and his native land. Our father’s portrait in The Berwick Baptist Vestry is his gift to the Church he early joined (in 1863). A. CHIPMAN.