Fisherman Series 1897

The Fisherman

There have been 4 entries found so far. There do not appear to be any more after the June 23rd, 1897 article, so if there were others (I think there were), they must have been printed prior to January 1897. I have no idea who the "FISHERMAN" was; a guess would be P.F. Lawson. Pete Lawson was a friend and an employee of John E. Woodworth and wrote with a similar style. Lawson spent a fair amount of time on the Bay of Fundy as well.

Written for the REGISTER.

An Extract from my Diary.


February 10th, 1897
A Short Sail In the Bay of Fundy

March 17th, 1897
In Cumberland Bay.

May 12th, 1897
At Apple River.

June 23rd, 1897
A Narrow Escape