December 30th, 1909

The Register, Berwick, N. S.

December 30, 1909.

An Old Farm Sold

As we noted last week, Mr. John A. Newcombe has sold his farm at Grafton to Mr. Colin A. Hird. This farm has been in the possession of one family since the latter part of the eighteenth century. Mr. Jonathan Newcombe having taken up his residence upon it about 1800. At that time the location was in the midst of an unbroken forest, there being no other settler within five miles, and no roads. Mr. Newcombe lived on the farm for some fifty years, dying in 1851. He had previously sold the west side of his farm, which now constitutes the farms of Mr. Rufus G. Power and Mr. Albert R. Jordan, and had conveyed the south half to his son, Mr. Hugh R. Newcombe, whose son, Mr. Jonathan Newcombe, is now its owner. In 1859 the remaining part of the original farm was divided between Messrs. John C. and Daniel Newcombe, sons of the first-named Jonathan. The western half, assigned to Mr. Daniel Newcombe, is now owned and occupied by Mr. James M. Hird, whose son, Mr. Colin A. Hird, has just purchased the eastern half from the son of Mr. John C. Newcombe. The price paid, we understand, was $10,000. The purchase, however, includes a tract of mountain land, known as the Rodick Farm, which was purchased by Mr. John A. Newcombe some years ago.