Cook Family History

Material is courtesy of Charles Cook (Great-great Grandson of William Cook)

My Cook family (Thomas Cook) originated in Morden and some found their way to Harbourville. I say originated because I cannot find any information to indicate how they got to Morden. William Cook son of Thomas married Margaret Ogilvie of Ogilvie's Wharf and they started a trade on the wharf in Harbourville. They had sons Charles, Isaac and John. Charles Cook was the father of Stan who was the father of Claude and then well, me, the end of the line. Isaac was Roscoe Cook's father. (Charles Cook)

Material is posted in chronological order

1845 Bond

Notes from Charles Cook: This is a bond between one Lewis Morris and his father Henry Morris, also mother Jane of Cornwallis for the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds. In return he is to look after them in their old age. Fulfillment of the conditions will allow Lewis eventual ownership.

signed by Wm. Chipman

Fourth Cornwallis Baptist Church - Date approx. 1859 - 1860
based on info from this article printed in 1939

Letter from Fourth Cornwallis Baptist church (presumably Burlington) to the Central Baptist Association in Halifax. They have no pastor and have had Pastor R.S. Morton for six months but could not retain him. Brothers W. Dewolfe (licentiate) who has been filling in the past quarter and Brother William Hall are being sent as delegates to the association.


Justice Hall (my gg-grandfather), Justice of the Peace. His commission dated 1860 signed by Charles Tupper - View

Picture of Harbourville. Thought to be around circa 1860 due to the condition of the bridge and the absence of buildings that appear in pictures dated 1875.

Letter from J. C. Ayer (date unknown)


Notes from Charles Cook: A letter from a J C Ayer to my G-Grandfather concerning a robbery in Harbourville. She mentions one bill is patched with blue paper and is drawn on the Halifax bank. Wants my G-grandfather to be on the lookout for these bills.

A bond dated Jan 29 1869 - between James Givan and Jonathan Spicer.

Court Ledger

Notes from Charles Cook: These are few pages of a court ledger or journal which begins around 1860 and ends around 1876. This ledger belongs to Charles W. Hall (my gg-grandfather.) He lived over in Burlington and was a magistrate. These judgments concern people who lived over on the north mountain at that time. (various pages and dates)

1869 Journal

Notes from Charles Cook: This is the earliest journal I have yet found for the Cooks in Harbourville. Hard really to make out the entries. Names of people entered are given in #3.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
Part 5 Part 6 Part 7  

Agreement - 1872

Notes from Charles Cook: This is an agreement between Thomas Chute and James Marshall witnessed by Charles Hall. James Marshall is to work on the farm of Thomas Chute. Mentions Marshall is to "cut and draw and lay up 400 poles for one year and do the same quantity of ploughing  next fall on the place. Also to plant and harvest crops and place "half of the crop in his barn and cellar". Other conditions as stipulated. I am assuming after which over a period of time the place will belong to Mr. Marshall.

1875 Bill of Sale

Notes from Charles Cook: A bill of sale for one roan horse between Albert Hall (my great grandmothers brother) and Benjamin Gould dated 1875

1875 Account book concerning The Givan Wharf company

1876 Letter from J. McBride

Notes from Charles Cook: This letter is from a J. McBride writing from Boston to my G grandfather. The year is 1876 July 17th. I attempted to translate this letter word for word. Not sure I got it right or if it makes sense.

July 17, 1876

Mr. Cook, Dear Sir:

As I am not coming home at present. You will do me favour by asking my wife for the money. And paying for 34 barrels of fish. I will send you a order for the amount. Also the account of sales they want 34 barrels in all. I cant tell how many each had but Conners and West and Ray and Spicer was all.
You will please try get it right and oblige

Yours very truly

J. McBride

1876 customs document - William Cook & Sons

Sch Lucknow

Berwick Methodist Camp Meeting Grounds?

Notes from Charles Cook: I discovered a picture which I think is an early snap of the Camp Meeting grounds in Berwick. The picture is very faded and I tried to darken it a little when I scanned it. On the back of this photo someone has written "Could this be early picture...Berwick Methodist Camp Meeting Grounds?"

1879 letter fom J. B. Snow

Mr. Cook, Dear Sir

We ? Have concluded to put the ...(bird, bid?) on the packet line between Harbourville and St John touching at Morden church vaults and Black Rock. We hope to do the public justice and respectfully solicit your influence and patronage. We shall leave Bridgetown for St John as soon as the ice will allow us down the river and will take freight to the above named parts and will run regularly. Will let you know when we arrive in St John or when we leave Bridgetown. If you see Paterson Foster please inform him of our intentions. Please write

Yours Respectfully

J B Snow

PS If you have the opportunity to see mesers Eaton and ....... I wish you would let them know.

Don't forget to write

1879 Mail Contract - Between Berwick and Harbourville

A letter to Charles Cook (great grandfather of Charles Cook). The author speaks of various vessels for sale ... dimensions, tonnage etc. Dec. 18th 1879

A letter from (Capt.) John Cook to his father, William Cook. The date is Sept. 8th 1880 (post date Sept. 13th 1880). He is writing from Cape Henry VA, saying he is bound for Sharpness dock in the Bristol channel


Florence Hall doc's 1880-1886

Florence Hall was I think, my G-grandmothers sister. Included here is a Memorandum Of Agreement between her and the trustees of Section #14 in the district of Clermont. The date is November 1880. The term ends in April 1881 and is for a sum of 35 dollars.

I include her picture and also an invoice dated July 1886 to Charles Cook for $15.00 for a gravestone to the memory of Florence Hall Thought I would put it all together. Life was short.

June 1881 Letter

Notes from Charles Cook: Letter from James Merritt (?) Lower Granville to my G grandfather having to do with a bill against the schooner Lucknow captained by a Capt Mussels.

Schooner G F Day documents 1884

Notes from Charles Cook: Charles Cook my g-grandfather either owned this vessel wholly or was part owner. Chandlery from Bickford and Sons of Boston

Notes from Charles Cook: This is an accounting of I think a particular voyage. Debits ... cost of goods ... cords of wood, wages (Richard Lee who was a Harbourville boy, who was John Cook's first mate for a time. He also was a sea captain in his own right) etc and credits ... sale of goods or freight ... payments received from passengers

1881 Ownership document

Sch G. F. Day Supplies Slip - Boston 1883

Sch G. F. Day and Owners 1884
amount owed to Wm Cook & Sons

The Harbourville Wharf

Notes from Charles Cook: This is all material I have found thus far on the Harbourville wharf. My great grandfather (C.O. Cook) was wharfinger for a time and there is correspondence with Public Works and the recording of wages etc.

1884 Customs Documents

Notes from Charles Cook: Documents having to do with Customs, Locals resented the intrusion of
Dominion Customs into a time honoured trade with US and points south.
Confederation, the railroad conspired to pinch this trade off.

The correspondence from 1884 is interesting, first the official letter from
Customs concerning smuggled goods and the draft letter of repudiation from
my gg grandfather.

1885 Teaching Agreement

Notes from Charles Cook: Document is faded but it is an agreement to fill a teaching position between Mary White (teacher) and James Northrup, Peter Mosher and Joshua Beardsley May 1885. Mary White is to be paid sixty dollars for the school term.

Notes between Isaac and Chas Cook

Notes from Charles Cook: These letters may be difficult to read but Isaac and Chas Cook worked together. Isaac transported everything from barrels of fish, bone meal fertilizer, lumber and coal. He is not a great speller so coal is "cole" here is "hear" etc. Gives one an idea of the type of trade that was carried on North/South. Gradually the trade alignment changed. The age of sale was ending and the valley railway was luring my grandfather to the valley. He moved everything to Waterville in 1894 or so.

Letter from C.R. Bill 1891

Notes from Charles Cook: This letter is from C.R. Bill. I have several of his letters to grandfather involving the political intrigue on Kings council. Charles Cook was a councillor, Bill  reveals in this letter he is  not in favour of the Borden government saying "Borden has failed to do a thing in Canning but for a few in Canning" He is encouraging my g-grandfather to rally support along the shore by getting delegates, three from each polling section.  Apparently there is to be an election. This is regarding Sir Frederick Borden.


1891 Letter from A.P. Welton

Notes from Charles Cook: Letter from A.P. Welton regarding highway maintenance and expenditure of public funds. Outlines the policy re expenditure of funds and problems with various wards regarding political partisanship. Mentions that grandfather and Mr. Parker seek only the public good.

Envelope Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

1891 letter from J.A. Balcom of Margaretsville

Notes from Charles Cook: An interesting letter from  J.A. Balcom of Margaretsville who is writing to my great grandfather about obtaining planks for his vessel which he is unable to obtain locally.

April 23rd 1891 - Notes from Charles Cook: I present a letter written from Hatheway Co in Boston on April 23 1891 to CO Cook regarding a cargo of meal to be delivered to Harbourville. The letter mentions customs papers which I include. I looked for an entry for this period regarding the Everet and sure enough the vessel arrived in Harbourville May 2 1891 with a cargo of flour.etc.

Polling District No. 28 - 1892

Ward 14, subdivision 2, Harborville, described as follows: Ward 14, subdivison2, Harborville, bounded beginning at east wharf, Harborville, thence westerly till it comes to the township line, thence southerly by the township line to brow of mountain, thence westerly till it comes to the brow of mountain to the Harborville road, and thence by centre of Harborville road to place of beginning. At or near D.B. Parker’s, Harborville.

Below are the actual handwritten pages. To verify or find names that are not legible click here for the transcribed version from another document (posted on this site.)

Letter from A.W. Ogilvie - 1893

Notes from Charles Cook: letter to my g grandfather about oxen he was purchasing from AW Ogilvie.


February 2nd 1895, Boston - Letter from Isaac Cook writing about his sailing plans.

Letter from Thomas Lawson - 1895

Notes from Charles Cook: I am also including an interesting letter from a Tom in Berwick to my g-grandfather written around the time grandfather was considering a move to the valley. He says the Berwick merchants particularly a Jim Nichols want to keep "Cook" from Berwick. Business is bad enough.

I think this is Thomas Lawson who is writing to grandfather. Grandfather bought the store in Waterville from Thomas Lawson. Lawson says the Berwick merchants think they would make "a rather strong team"  if they (Tom and Cook)  went into business together, Lawson being popular with the farmers. Interesting.

New Germany postcard 1905

Notes from Charles Cook: This is a postcard Roscoe Cook is sending to his father Isaac Cook June 30th 1905. Roscoe was a photographer and this is one of his. The picture of New Germany is interesting . I am not certain if this is one of a kind or if there were more sent. Nevertheless I am sure some people will find this glimpse as fascinating as I do.

Berwick United Church Camp postcard - date unkown

Waterville postcard - date unkown

Notes from Charles Cook: The Waterville photo is taken on what is now Maple Street looking east from about where Carl Best now lives. The house on the right belongs to Bob and Harriet (Best) Strong. The brown house in the foreground is still brown and is across from my parents, This photo was probably taken in 1910 -1920 era.

Berwick Commercial St. postcard - date unkown

Harbourville postcard - date unkown

Harbourville pictures 1930 - 1940'S

Notes from Charles Cook: Various Harbourville shots ... my mother is pictured sitting on my fathers boat .. Pic #5  Pocahontas late 30’s early 40’s

1972 Chronicle Herald article about John Cook
- from interview with Claude Cook