June 12th, 1940

Wednesday Evening,

June 12, 1940

Burlington Baptist Church Observes 90th Anniversary

Historical Sketch By The Pastor Reveals That This Church Was Formally Organized June 12th, 1850.

The observance of the ninetieth anniversary of the organization of the Burlington Baptist Church commenced on Sunday when a roll call service was held in the evening. The guest speaker was Rev. Milton C. Munn of Aylesford and special music was provided by the choir of the Berwick Baptist Church.

The service was conducted by the pastor, Lic. A. L. Murphy, who read the roll of membership which included thirty resident and 40 non-resident members. Rev. Mr. Munn based his discourse on the question, "Why Join the Church?" and gave specific reasons, some of these being the need for moral and spiritual aid; the church has need of members to proclaim the evangel, and the church will become obsolete without members, with the result that all community life would deteriorate.

The musical program included a duet "Come Holy Spirit," by Mrs. Clifford Bishop and Mrs. F. J. Baltzer; a solo, "The Voice of One Crying in the Wilderness," by Norman Clark and two anthems, "Praise ye the Lord’ and "I Lift Up Mine Eyes," by the full choir.

Pastor Murphy read a brief sketch of the history of the church in which he stated that the earliest pioneers settled in the section then known as Long Point. The first Baptist preaching in the district was by Elder Wm. Chipman in 1836 and the services were held in the various homes and barns. In 1842 meetings were held in a schoolhouse just west of Turner’s Brook and in 1848 at the Barley Street corner called the Baptist Bethel. The church was formally organized on June 12th, 1850 and was known as the Fourth Cornwallis Church and continued under the ministry of Wm. Chipman for many years.

The present church building at Burlington was erected in 1860 and was dedicated in October of that year. The church building at Victoria Harbor was dedicated in March 1884. During the past thirty years the church has been ministered to by student pastors in the summer and in the winter by pastors of Valley churches. Last winter Pastor Murphy maintained the services and is continuing during the summer.

The anniversary celebration is continuing with a birthday party and church supper at Victoria harbor this (Wednesday) afternoon.