June 9th, 1915

The Register, Wednesday Evening,

June 9, 1915

Bucknam Pasha Dead.

The death of Buckman Pasha, admiral of the Turkish navy, or Ransford D. Bucknam, as he was known when he lived in America, a Nova Scotian, was announced in despatches received May 31st from Constantinople.

Bucknam Pasha, at one time marine superintendent and navigating officer for the Cramp Shipbuilding Company, of Philadelphia died in Constantinople on Thursday, June 3rd, after several weeks’ illness.

The funeral was held Monday, and was attended by most of the members of the American colony in the Turkish capital. Bucknam Pasha is survived by a widow, who is now in Constantinople. He was born in Halls Harbor, Nova Scotia.

He used to be Rans Bucknam until the Sultan of Turkey saw him and took a liking to him; then he became Bucknam Bey, and later Bucknam Pasha, admiral of the Turkish fleet. And through all the storms of Turkish politics Bucknam Pasha held his favor with all parties.

After the Sultan was ousted Bucknam did not get on well with the young Turks, so he retired to civil life, forming the Ottoman Anglo-American Company, of New York, representing great American firms for locomotives, ships, electric power and traction and military supplies. With the outbreak of the Italian war he aided the Ottoman government by successful expeditions of blockade running to the Tripolitan coast.