The Men of Western Kings

To the Memory of the Men of Western Kings Who Gave Their Lives in the Great War 1914-1918

Alcorn, Carlton S.

Gould, Norman C.

Pearl, Amos

Best, Harold J.

Hilton, H. Elthen

Pineo, Henry H.

Burgess, Rhuland

Hutchinson, Reg H.

Rafuse, A. Clyde

Blackburn, Max

Hudgins, Major

Redden, Raymond B.

Butler, Kenneth J.

Ilsley, C. Preston

Saltzman, Stanley

Beech, Gordon K.

Jones, Henigar

Small, H. Lambert

Beech, Herbert F.

Jones, Stewart

Seaton, Jefferey S.

Bishop, Harold F.

Keddy, William O.

Swift, Otis F.

Beals, Leslie L.

Keddy, Frank N.

Saunders, Edmund B.

Beals, Philip S.

Kennie, R. Melvin

Sanford, Kenneth L.

Beals, Howard L.

Kennie, E. Floyd

Tupper, Clarence

Barteaux, Ervine

McNally, Charles

Tupper, L. Murray

Borden, James D.

McLean, William B.

Tufts, Ralph D.

Chase, James R.

McNeil, Perry C.

Timmons, Earl H.

Charlton, Walter

McBride, Charles I.

Usher, Henry A.

Charlton, Roy W.

Murrs, Laurie

Veinott, Herbert O.

Coleman, Swithin

Middlemas, R. Somr'vle

Woodworth, Walter

Coleman, John H.

Norwood, Basil B.

Wilson, Vernon S.

Clark, Barry W.

Neaves, William L.

Wilson, Don C.

Davidson, Ronald H.

Ogilvie, Eno W.

Westhauer, Geo W.

Day, George A.

Pickavance, Albert

Wentzell, Joseph, H.

Felch, Dana W.

Patterson, Albert E.

Warhurst, James

Fancy, Joseph L.

Power, Hary S.

Spittle, John A.

Their Name Liveth Forever

Transcribed by P. Vogler, Oct. 6th/2000. From one of two War Memorial Plaques inside the Western Kings Memorial Health Centre. Once known as the Western Kings Memorial Hospital, Berwick, Nova Scotia.

Members of the Armed Forces who died, 1939-1945