March 1st, 1899



Basket Ball Notes.

The game played last evening between the 1st teams of the Somerset Start and the Berwick Gymnasium, resulted in a score of 12 to 20 in favor of the latter. Johnnie Clark played a splendid game for Berwick throwing seven Baskets throughout the game; two Baskets were also thrown by Margeson and one by Eakins. The scoring on the side of the Somerset team was done by F. Thomas – five baskets neatly thrown from the field, and two on penalty throws. The defence work on both teams was excellent.

The game played between the 2nd teams of Berwick and Somerset, on Thursday last, resulted in a victory for the Berwick team the score standing three to twelve at the end of the game. The Berwick team work was very neat, the Stars not appearing to play together as well as might have been expected – possibly they were then on the wane. If so they may soon regain their brilliancy.