August 29, 1946



AUGUST 29, 1946

Four Robinson Generations Gather At Old Homestead

A family reunion of the Robinson family was held at Donnelan’s Brook, at the girlhood home of Mrs. Robert Robinson, whose maiden name was Ogilvie. The home is now owned by Douglas Chute, Berwick, a grandson.

Four generations were present and 35 were seated at the supper table in the large dining room. At the head of the table, as guest of honour, was Miss Claire Robinson, Factorydale, the only living member of the first generation.

Of the second generation there were Earle Palmer, Lewis Palmer, Miss Ola Palmer, from Melvern Square; Mrs. Harry Vaughan, Sheffield Mills; Mr. and Mrs. George Robland, Morristown; Earl Robinson, Nicholsville; Miss Hazel Robinson, R. N., New York; Miss Charlotte Robinson, Brookline, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy and Emerson Robinson, Attleboro, Mass.; Mrs. and Mrs. William N. Kinsman, Grafton; Miss Grace Chute, Berwick; Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Banks, Waterville; Mr. and Mrs. D. L. B. Chute, Berwick.

Representing third and fourth generations were: Garnet Palmer, Melvern Square; George Kinsman, Grafton; Mr. and Mrs. William Kinsman and infant son, David, Aylesford; Mrs. S. Porter and infant daughter, Aylesford; Jack Banks, Mrs. Gordon Banks and daughter, Sandra, Waterville; Misses Thelma, Shirley and Lillian Chute and Lewis Chute, Berwick.

The family history was reviewed. Mr. and Mrs. Robert had 14 children, the only living child, Miss Claire Robinson, being over 85 years of age.