August 9th, 1900

August 9, 1900

Reunion of the Jefferson Family.

On Saturday evening last at their residence in Moschelle, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Barteaux gave a most unique dinner party to a large number of their relatives and friends, the occasion being the reunion of the Jefferson family, who had not all met together before in thirty-five years. The sisters present were Mrs. D. Nichols, Welsford; Mrs. G. A. Barteaux, the hostess; and Mrs. T. P. Healy, Minneapolis. The brothers were, H. E. Jefferson, Berwick; W. E. Jefferson, Moschelle, R. G. Jefferson, Clements; S. T. Jefferson, Lawrencetown, and J. L. Jefferson, of Annapolis. The consorts of five of the family were present, those unavoidably absent being D. Nichols, T. P. Healy, and Mrs. S. T. Jefferson. Among the guests was Miss Dora Healy, daughter of Mrs. T. P. Healy.

The united ages of the eight children present reached nearly five hundred years. They can all boast of their grey hairs, and each, with one exception, has the proud distinction of being a grand parent. After the dinner was disposed of toasts and speeches were next in order, after which came pleasant reminiscences of early days. Before dispersing Frank Jefferson took flash light pictures of the different groups, and as the goodnights were being said, each one voted it a very enjoyable evening. – Spectator.