August 6th 1930

August 6th, 1930:


175th Anniversary Of Expulsion Of Acadians To Be Celebrated August 20.

Among the thousands who are expected to gather at Grand Pre on August 20 to
celebrate the 175th anniversary of the expulsion of the Acadians from Nova
Scotia will be a party representing the Association of Louisiana Acadians.

The Acadians of Louisiana are direct descendants of the people who were
exiled from Nova Scotia in 1775. Invited to attend the celebration at Grand
Pre, the association at once planned a pilgrimage which will leave
Lafayette La., on August 13 and return on August 29. Three days will be
spent at Grand Pre, where the party will take an active part in the

In order to give recognition to the different sections of the Acadian
country of Louisiana the association has recommended that a girl be
selected to represent her community. These girls will participate in the
celebration at Grand Pre and will be dressed in Evangeline costumes with a
ribbon attached bearing the name of the town or parish she represents. It
is understood that Dudley J. LeBlanc, president of the association, will be
included in the party.

Plans for the celebration are progressing rapidly, and Hon. Justice A.T.
LeBlanc of the Supreme Court of New Brunswick, who will preside, recently
announced that he has been assured that the British Crown and the
Government of France would be represented. The Province of Nova Scotia will
have an eminent speaker and it is anticipated that the State of
Massachusetts which played such an important part in the pioneer days, will
be worthily represented. Many other speakers, from Louisiana, New England,
the Maritimes and Quebec, are already on the accepted list.

The celebration will provide a unique occasion for the English population
and the Acadians to fraternize with each other and exchange greetings on
the amicable relations existing between them.

The Land of Evangeline, a veritable summer paradise, rich in legend and in
history, an unspoiled playground of Eastern Canada, is being widely
advertised by the Dominion Atlantic Railway in an attractive booklet
recently issued and distributed. The booklet contains a brief recital of
fact, history and romance of "Canada's Greatest Historic Shrine,"
Evangeline Memorial Park.